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PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:43 pm
by Pacino86845
The AICN @$$hole gave it a scathing review!

I'd liked it, as I wrote above, the only thing I can add is that I appreciated the more "abstract" (for lack of a better term) elements: for instance demon Gideon, and Scott and Ramona disappearing into bright light at the end.

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From Newsarama:
After Pilgrim, O’Malley Comes Back For Seconds
It’s been a year since the release of Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, and finally the question “So, what’s Bryan Lee O’Malley doing next?” has been answered: He’s working on a new graphic novel to be released in 2013. It’s called Seconds, and it’ll come not from Oni Press (O’Malley’s publisher for not just the Scott Pilgrim series, but also Lost At Sea), but mainstream publisher Villard Books. The news comes from Publishers Weekly, but that’s all we’re getting for now:
While the announcement of a new title coming from O’Malley will be met by excitement in the graphic novel and comics community, the cartoonist has declined to provide any more information than title and publisher for the forthcoming graphic novel.

If 2013 seems a long time away, well, there’s always O’Malley’s spectacular Twitter account to keep you entertained…

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:19 pm
by TheButcher
From CBR:
ECCC12: Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" - In Color!
Kiel Phegley wrote:CBR News:
Bryan, let's talk about the origin of these new "Scott Pilgrim" editions. Had you been thinking about a color version of the series for a while, or is this a result of you having some room in your schedule before your new "Seconds" graphic novel comes out next year?

Bryan Lee O'Malley:

It's something we've talked about, and there are so many possibilities for repackaging. People are always asking, "Are you going to do a big omnibus edition?" and things like that. Initially, I was resistant to color because the books were always intended for black and white. That was part of the manga aesthetic I was going for. But we found the colorist Nathan Fairbairn who's really good. He works on "Batman Inc.," and he's amazing. We actually had a few people try out, and he just nailed it. He sent pages in and said, "I didn't have much time, so I just did these in an afternoon," and they were great. That's kind of what you need when you're looking for someone to color 1,200 pages of comics – someone who's really fast and has the right style off the bat. I was really, really impressed with that, and it made me much more enthusiastic for the process now. Then someone at Oni decided to make the books hardcovers at a larger trim size, so I think they're going to be really cool.

And this isn't just a simple coloring job. I know you've been working to clean up some of the art and prepare it for this whole process. Did you end up redrawing any of the pages, or did you go through and just clean up the lines a bit?

I didn't do too much redrawing in the first book. There's literally one page at the very end that I completely crapped out when I was in a super hurry to finish the book. So I went back and redrew four panels and turned them into six panels instead. I don't know if anybody will really even notice that that's different, but I did it. I didn't want to go the George Lucas route and change everything, but in terms of cleaning up the art, when you're going to have a guy color a bunch of pages you drew eight years ago, you kind of want to make sure he can understand what he's looking at. [Laughs] I mean, when you're doing a black and white book on a deadline, there's a lot of times where you just crap out some of the background elements and stuff like that. You just scribble stick figures in the background. So there are some spots where I've tightened up things like that.

You've been answering a lot of questions and posting a lot of art on Tumblr of late, and I noticed one post where a fan was asking what color Ramona's outfit was supposed to be in one of the books, and you said, "None. It was in black and white." Are there instances now where you're having to rethink how some of this stuff looks for the first time because of the colorization?

Yeah. That's been hard, actually. We're still going back and forth on some stuff as we're not quite locked in on the first book. And I'll say that since the movie came out, it's kind of locked in a lot of these colors in people's minds. So when we started working on this stuff, I felt that especially in the first book, we're kind of beholden to the pallet of the movie. Fortunately, it's this really nice, harmonious pallet. So in the first book, we know how pink the hair on Ramona is, and the outfits are all colored similarly, and I think we'll just go from there. I think that'll help me decide on the whole thing, and it's already what's in the reader's mind at this point. It'd be weird to go and color things all different at this point.

The other big part of this is some bonus features in each book. Like I said, you've been going through a lot of your old concept work and other sketches online of late. Has that just been part of the preparation for this project, or are you going through and scanning your old art in general to clear out all that paper from your life?

No, that's is all just stuff that's just been sitting on my hard drive. I've been all digital pretty much since the beginning of "Scott Pilgrim," so most of that is me going through old folders on my computer to clean stuff up. The part of the book that we're doing is kind of like a "DVD extras" section at the back. It's turning out pretty cool. But otherwise, I'm just going through and picking out stuff on my computer that I haven't looked at in years and putting it on my blog. The extras in the books are largely unpublished. There are a few pictures and sketchbook things I've published over the years, but a lot of it is new stuff, and there's commentary on all of it. I wrote an essay on how I started the book, and that kind of thing will continue on all the new volumes.

What's it been like to get back into all this art? I think people are excited to see "Seconds" as it'll be the first long form non-Scott thing you've done in eight years or so, but has the coloring and remastering been cathartic at all? Are you going to do this and be ready to not draw any Scott Pilgrim for a few years?

Well, I'm going to be working on these reprints for the next two years probably. We're doing two a year, and I've cleaned up the art on the first two volumes so far. I'll have to do more as we get closer to each new one and I do the extras for them. So I'm really constantly revisiting, which is fun. Obviously, I'm self-obsessed and like doing this stuff. [Laughter]

"Seconds" comes out next year. Are you wrapped on that book or working on these two concurrently? Has there been any ways in which one project feeds off the other?

I'm nowhere near wrapped on "Seconds." It's set for next summer, but I'm still working on I guess what you'd call "pencils." I work that phase on a computer now, so there's really no penciling involved. But I don't think there's a lot of cross-polination. It's been going pretty well. I'm trying to do all the covers for the "Scott Pilgrim" reprints at the beginning so they all look the same before I get into my "Seconds" style...whatever that ends up being. I find that my work always mutates from year-to-year. So I want them to all look the same when they come out.

Overall, after working on this with Nathan, do you think working in color is going to become a regular part of your comics moving forward, or will you stick to black and white for most things?

I think it'll vary from project to project. The process of coloring can be incredibly expensive, and it wouldn't have even been an option at the start of "Scott Pilgrim." But it feels good as a project with a collaborator. I don't think I'd ever want to color my own comics. It's a lot of work. But Nathan's been great, and I'd love to work with him on future stuff.

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by TheButcher
'Scott Pilgrim' Levels Up to Full-Color Hardcover Reprints [ECCC]
Andy Khouri wrote:This evening at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington, Bryan Lee O'Malley announced that his hugely acclaimed and best-selling Scott Pilgrim, a six-volume black and white graphic novel series from Oni Press, will be reissued as a deluxe, resized, full-color hardcover series beginning this year. The new coloring comes courtesy of Nathan Fairbairn, known to ComicsAlliance readers for his excellent work with Chris Burnham on Batman, Incorporated, among other high profile titles. The original black and white digests will not be discontinued.

"Everybody loves Bryan's black-and-white artwork," series editor James Lucas Jones explained in a press release, "but after seeing the few color stories he did with Scott and the gang, it was hard to avoid imagining a 'what if?' scenario. Now those wild dreams have come true. And to have one of the best colorists in the industry at the helm, that just seals the deal."

"It's been eight years since the first Scott Pilgrim book was published," Oni marketing director Cory Casoni added. "Since then, the series has seen over twenty first reprints of the original format, with over a million copies of the first volumes sold. Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 1 takes the familiar story from the original Scott Pilgrim series and gives it a new look. Plus it includes previously unpublished extras and bonus materials making this mighty tome one that's required reading for Scottaholics everywhere!"

Each new Scott Pilgrim hardcover measures 6" x 9", features a new cover by O'Malley, and comes with supplemental and never-before-published materials. Volume 1, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, will go on sale in August with volume 2 to follow in October. The Scott Pilgrim hardcovers will be published bi-annually and retail for $24.99.


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by TheButcher
Bryan Lee O’Malley answers questions on breaking in, Seconds, more
Q. When you finished Scott Pilgrim did you have a concrete idea of how Seconds would play out? Or do you have a vague idea of a concept then make it concrete along the way? I guess I’m really asking: what is your thought process when coming up with a new story?

A. To be honest, I came up with the basic idea of Seconds in 2004, a few months after finishing the first scott pilgrim book. There were moments during the series when I wished I could quit scott pilgrim and go off and do Seconds, this other unrelated book, but I was good & patient & I waited until I was finished.

Anyway, over those years (like 6-7 years thinking about it before I started really writing it), the idea grew and evolved along with me. I don’t think I could have done it properly at any time before now, but it’s still the same basic idea from 2004.

My actual process is to have 1 idea, write it down somewhere, then have idea 2, 3, 4, etc (all stemming from the first idea?) and write them all down, and then go back over everything i’ve written and try to figure out what i was trying to say. What is the point? What’s the core of the idea, what are all these little ideas orbiting around? Once you figure that out, that’s kind of the first real step.

Q. I loved Scott Pilgrim and am equally excited about the next series you are working on, but considering how big SP has got recently (arguably the most popular it’s ever been) were you never tempted to just tell a new story with the same old characters that everyone is now growing to love? And is this something that you plan to come back to in the future?

A. I have to be honest, if I was doing a new scott pilgrim book in 2012 I could make a LOT of money and get a LOT of tumblr notes (lol). But listen, I’m really married to the idea that stories have beginnings, middles and ends. I set out to make a story that had an ending. I’m always bummed out by manga that goes on for 30+ volumes and just seems to be going nowhere. I set out to tell the story of Scott and Ramona in this limited scope. I think I was only like partially successful all-around, but I at least accomplished my goal.

If I do more Scott Pilgrim stories in the future, it would have to be a ‘new saga’ that had a different focus. I’ve had a few ideas for that, but I don’t have any specific plans to return to SP anytime soon, because I want to start a whole new unrelated series. That’s my plan for immediately after “Seconds” (which is a stand-alone book).

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by TheButcher

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life: The Evil Edition

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by TheButcher
Bryan Lee O'Malley Brings Exclusive 'Scott Pilgrim Evil Edition,' 'Seconds' Art to SDCC
Andy Khouri wrote:Among the multitudes of publisher and creator exclusives being offered at this month's Comic-Con International in San Diego are two limited edition releases from cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley. With Oni Press, O'Malley will release at the San Diego show a special "Evil Edition" of volume one of the new Scott Pilgrim full-color hardcovers, featuring evil ex-boyfriend Matthew Patel on the cover along with a signed book plate, five prints, stickers and more. With Random House, O'Malley will bring an extremely limited number of Seconds prints, in anticipation of his next graphic novel project releasing in 2013.

First announced earlier this year at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, O'Malley's hugely popular Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series will be reissued in color. Each new Scott Pilgrim hardcover will measure 6" x 9", feature a new cover by O'Malley, and come with supplemental and never-before-published materials. Volume 1, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, will go on sale in August with volume 2 to follow in October. The remaining Scott Pilgrim hardcovers will be published bi-annually and retail for $24.99.

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life: The Evil Edition will be available for $40 from the Oni Press booth on its own or as a $100 deluxe collector's edition package (limited to 1,000) which includes the following:

    * A numbered book plate signed by Bryan Lee O'Malley
    * Five art prints featuring both versions of the cover, along with three of volume 1's biggest moments--each measuring 9x12
    * Eleven vinyl stickers featuring some of O'Malley's favorite panels from the book
    * Two scout-style embroidered badges featuring Pilgrim and Patel (not pictured)
    * A hand-crumpled setlist from Crash & the Boys drummer Trasha
    * A two-inch metal Scott Pilgrim 1-up coin
    * A code for the digital edition of SCOTT PILGRIM VOLUME 1 COLOR EDITION from ComiXology

Available for free but in even more limited quantities will be O'Malley's Seconds print, celebrating what he's called the negative-one-year anniversary of the forthcoming graphic novel about which nobody yet knows much of anything beyond cryptic hints on the cartoonist's tumblr. Measuring 9"x12" and printed on heavy cardstock paper, the new artwork (colored by Kristen Faber) is limited to just 200 pieces. O'Malley published instructions on his blog:
    1. Hurry to the Random House booth on FRIDAY MORNING.
    2. Pick up a ticket for a Seconds print (LIMITED TO 100 FOR FRIDAY!)
    3. Return FRIDAY 4 PM to pick up your Seconds print and have it signed by meeee!

    1. Hurry to the Random House booth on SATURDAY MORNING.
    2. Pick up a ticket for a Seconds print (LIMITED TO 100 FOR SATURDAY!)
    3. Return SATURDAY 1 PM to pick up your Seconds print and have it signed by meeee!

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by TheButcher
Nathan Fairbairn Brings Color to "Scott Pilgrim's" World
Ryan Ingram wrote:The chance to color Scott Pilgrim's precious little life -- and his much-beloved black and white universe -- was an opportunity colorist Nathan Fairbairn wanted in on as soon as he was introduced to the series.

"I read all four volumes in one night. And the next day, instead of working on the pages I was supposed to be working on, I actually scanned a bunch of pages in and I colored them," said Fairbairn, who then sent the pages off to publisher Oni Press, expressing interest in coloring the book, if the opportunity ever arrived.

As the "Scott Pilgrim" movie adaptation moved closer to reality, so did rumblings of Oni releasing colored versions of the six-volume series. Fairbairn was one of the colorists contacted by the publisher for a try-out, and after two auditions over the course of a couple years, he officially landed the coveted gig, coloring Bryan Lee O'Malley's critically-acclaimed series. "Scott Pilgrim" will be re-released at next week's re-mastered, full-color hard cover edition filled with bonus material, on sale in stores August 8.

Fairbairn invited CBR News over for a... uh... colorful interview not just about all things Scott Pilgrim, but also his frequent artistic collaborators Yanick Paquette and Chris Burnham, and how the role of a colorist is recognized differently from publisher to publisher.

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explorerofthisworld asked:

today is scott pilgrim's birthday, right? (september 27th) how old is he turning?

he’s turning 5 :)

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Bryan Lee O'Malley wrote:(Yes I’ll Be At NYCC Signing Once Per Day At 11 AM At Oni Press)

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KIEL PHEGLEY wrote:After unleashing "Scott Pilgrim" on the comics world, Bryan Lee O'Malley needed a break. But even he didn't know it would take him three years to release his follow up.

The cartoonist behind the blockbuster comic series turned cult film set out to create a standalone graphic novel more than three years ago. And though he knew the story would take longer than the typical "one book a year" turnaround for the "Pilgrim" series, O'Malley didn't expect to be delayed from drawing by an injury. Still, the wait is now officially over as today marks the release of "Seconds" from Ballantine Books.

Set in a restaurant built into a 100 year-old Canadian mansion, the story of "Seconds" follows cook/co-owner Katie who, in a move to take control of her own life, ends up making major waves thanks to her relationships with a quiet co-worker and a capricious house spirit. The book marks a new level of collaboration for O'Malley who teamed with art assistant Jason Fischer, colorist Nathan Fairbairn and letterer Dustin Harbin for the final product, and it also represents some significant departures from "Scott Pilgrim's" fast-paced pop culture stylings. CBR News spoke with the artist about the long road to the book, how "Seconds" is and isn't like his most famous comics creation, what close collaboration brought to the table and how restaurant life and time warps helped set the story apart.