(Almost) Free Comics - BACK IN BUSINESS

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(Almost) Free Comics - BACK IN BUSINESS

Postby DennisMM on Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:53 am

This is what I call (Almost) Free Comics and Books. They're almost free because if you want something, you will pay only to get the comics from here in Colorado, USA, to wherever you are in the world. Last time I did this I sent comics to the UK and China as well as a number of spots in the USA and I believe everyone was satisfied. If you were involved in the first (A)FCaB program and were not satisfied, please let me know. I really do want people to be happy with these comics.

The terms:

1. You pay shipping costs, including materials. Let me know if you want USPS (media mail, first class, or priority) or UPS (ground, 2nd day air, next day air). UPS is a bit more. I may lose a little or gain a little on the shipping, but I will not knowingly charge you for my time (significant) in preparing this list and processing the mailings. Costs to locations outside the USA will be higher, especially to Europe and Asia.

2. PM me if you want an item. I'll check pms a couple of times a day. The first person who asks for an item gets it, unless a long time passes without that person making the payment for shipping. Items claimed will be marked as such on the list. If an item becomes available again I'll remove the claim notice. When I receive payment for an item I'll take it off the list.

3. One reason these items are (almost) free is that most are not valuable and those you might think might be pricey have sustained some damage through heavy reading or water. I've had some of these for 30 years, and they get a tad battered. Most, however, are Very Fine or above. I don't know how that translates to the 100-point CGC scale, but I'm guessing VF is around 8.0 I’ll try to note those with significant problems. Some items are listed as parts of a package; these should be obvious because they‘ll show long runs or multiple volumes of a title grouped into a single paragraph.. I will not break up packages. I’m sorry, but that’s how I’m doing things.

I lost everybody's email and mailing addresses from last time when I accidentally deleted all of my PMs (damn buttons are too close together). If you haven't contacted me in the last few months, I don't have your off-Zone contact info. Thank you for your patience.

Have fun, tip your wait staff and bartenders, and drive safely.

Adventure Comics # 357 - Legion of Superheroes in “Ghost of Ferro Lad;” #479 - Dial H for Hero (second series - first appearance?) Both well-read and worn.

Alpha Flight v.1 #1-28, 89-92; v.2 1, 3. John Byrne introduces Canada’s national super team. Nice art, sloppy storytelling at times. 89-92 bring back Alpha’s original leader. V.2 story deal with rebuilding Alpha.

The Atom v.1 #34; DC ‘67, Fox/Kane (cover repaired by previous owner with tape); The Atom Specials #1,2. Tom Peyer/Steve Dillon/Luke McDonnell.

Avengers Annual #10, '81. Claremont/Golden. Water damaged; Ms. Marvel, Mystique, first Rogue.

Batgirl #1, DC -"Girlfrenzy!" event one-shot flashback story.

Big Bang Comics #1; Image; GA pastiches - Mighty Man, Knight Watchman

Birds of Prey #1-4, first miniseries. Birds of Prey: Manhunt #1-4, second mini

Bizarre Heroes #1; Kitchen Sink, ‘90; Don Simpson; fairly serious. Bizarre Heroes #1-15, 17 (missing #16); Fiasco; played largely for laughs, Megaton Man crossovers

Black Hood #1-3; Red Circle, ‘83; update of ‘60s Mighty Comics characters; Morrow/Boyette/Toth; Toth covers on all. Blue Ribbon Comics #2; Red Circle; features Mr. Justice; Dubay/ Nino/ von Eeden

The Blair Witch Project #1; Oni, ‘99; stories based around the “myth” in the film; not an adaptation.

Captain Atom v. 2 1-11, 18-19, 24;. origin and early appearances ('86-89) of the DC version of the Captain, by Bates and Broderick.

Captain Confederacy ms v.2 #1-4; Epic, '91; international heroes meet in a world where the CSA won the civil war and as a result history has been altered in subtle and not so subtle ways. Continues self-published comic of the same title.

Clonezone Special #1; Dark Horse/First '89; reptilian comedian from Nexus does a telethon; by Baron and Neil Vokes.

Coyote #1-15; Epic, '84-85; the Native American trickster spirit's avatar fights an Illuminati-type conspiracy; by Englehart and Chas Truog; also features The Djinn by Englehart/Ditko and Scorpio Rose.

Crossfire #2-4,8.9,11, 16,18,21-23; Eclipse, '80s; LA bail bondsman takes on costumed identity of criminal to fight crime and develop contacts in the underworld; spinoff from DNAgents; by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegel; wonderful text pieces in the back about Evanier's work in TV.
Danger Unlimited ms #1-4; Dark Horse '94; Byrne does a sorta-kinda FF pastiche set in a future where aliens rule the Earth.

DC Comics Presents Annual #1, 4: DC '80s; in #1, Golden and Silver Age Supermans battle their equivalent Lex Luthors; in #4 Supes and the time-traveling Superwoman battle Luthor and minions. (I want minions!)

DC versus Marvel ms #1-4, Preview with ballot; '96; major heroes from the companies battle; readers were allowed to pick the winners of several of the biggest fights; by Marz/David/Jurgens/Castellini.

The Demon ms v. 2 #1-4; DC, '87; Jason Blood tries to free himself of Etrigan; plays off appearances in Moore's Swamp Thing; by Matt Wagner.

PACKAGE: The Man of Bronze
Doc Savage #3; Marvel, '72; "Death in Silver" by Englehart and Andru.; bent somewhat
Doc Savage ms #1-4; DC, '88; brings DS and his aides into the '90s, along with Doc's grandson; by O'Neil and the Kubert brothers.
Doc Savage #1, 11-14, Annual 1; DC, '88-'89; continues from miniseries, features return of pulp villain John Sunlight; by O'Neill, Barr/ Whigham.
Doc Savage: Curse of the Fire God ms #1-4; Dark Horse, '95;back to the '30s; by Steve Vance and Broderick.
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze #1; Millennium, '91.

E-Man #1-25; First, '80s; energy being from space fights crime, alien invaders, monsters of all sorts; revival of '70s Charlton title; by Joe Staton/Martin Pasko/Nick Cuti.
The Original E-Man and Michael Mauser ms #1-7; First, '85; reprints all original Charlton E-Man stories together for the first time; by Staton/Cuti.

Fury #1; Marvel, '94; the origin of SHIELD; by Barry Dutter/M.C. Wyman.

Grimjack: Killer Instinct ms #1-6; IDW, '05; prequel to '80s series shows us John Gaunt as a Cynosure cop, intros elements seen there.

PACKAGE: Hawkman/Hawkworld
Hawkworld v.2 #1-32, Annual 1,2; DC, '90-'93; follow up to reboot miniseries by Tim Truman; by Ostrander/Truman/Nolan/Kwapisz.
Hawkman v.3 #1-6, 9-27, 29-33, Annual 1,2; DC, '93-96; continuing from Hawkworld but with more of a mystical superhero slant; by Ostrander/Loebs/Priest/Lieber.

The Jam: Super Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure From Hell (one shot); Comico, '88; working-class hero The Jammer spends a day out of costume dealing with the entertaining mundanities of life; by Bernie Mireault.

Journey into Mystery #2; Marvel, '72; adapts Robert Bloch's "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"; by R. Goulart/G. Kane/R. Reese.

[Just a Pilgrim ms #1-5; Black Bull, '01; after a solar expansion, the world is burned dry and a crazed military man shepherds a caravan in search of water and safety; by Ennis and Ezquerra.
Just a Pilgrim: Garden of Eden ms #1-4; Black Bull, '02; years after the first series, the Pilgrim aids the survivors of a genetic research facility who are planning a new, lush world.

Justice Riders one shot; DC, '97; in the old west, Sheriff Diane Prince and her posse face down the magic of Felix Faust and futuristic machines of Maxwell Lord; by Dixon/J.H. Williams.

Legionnaires 3 ms #1-4; DC ‘86; the founders of the Legion - Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy - face down the Time Trapper to rescue LL and SG’s son; by Giffen/Newell/Colon/Kesel.

Machine Man ms #1-4; Marvel, ‘84; in 2020, X-51 is reassembled by technolooters and tries to reconstruct what’s happened to him; all this and Iron Man 2020!; by DeFalco/Trimpe/Windsor-Smith.

Adventures of the Mighty Crusaders; #1,2; Red Circle, ‘83; the ‘1960s Archie Comics Heroes - Black Hood, Comet, the Shield, the Fly, the Web, the Jaguar - come together to fight crime; this time it’s played relatively seriously, not as a semi-parody of Marvel; by Buckler/Giacoia.

normalman #1-3, 5-9, 11-12; Renegade, ‘84; child sent from the dying planet Levram lads on a world where everyone has super powers; each issue parodies a specific comic book company or genre; by Jim Valentino; includes 3-D glasses for issue 12’s unprecedented color 3-D center spread.
normalman vs. Megaton Man one shot; Imagine, ‘94; no real fighting, just an examination of the state of comics as Valentino saw them.
normalman twentieth anniversary special; one shot; Image ‘04; ten years later, norm takes another look at the comics world, accompanied by Captain Everything.

Ocean ms #1-6; Wildstorm, ‘04; a U.N. weapons inspector is called to a space platform orbiting Saturn to study a previously unknown situation; someone doesn’t want the U.N. butting in; by Ellis/Sprouse/Story.

Open Space one shot #0; Marvel/Wizard giveaway, 99; prints Alex Ross’s first Marvel story, purchased for OS #5 (1989; book was canceled after #4); pleasant but lacks the sureness of technique seen in his modern work.

Power & Glory ms 1-4 and Holiday Special; Malibu, '94; the government turns an industrial spy into an all-American superhero but has to put a CIA agent on his tail to handle the real work; by Howard Chaykin.
Psycho Killers #3; Comic Zone, '92; the story of Ed Gein.

The Punisher v.4 #20-22; Marvel, '03; in "The Brotherhood" Frank is forced to deal with wife-beaters, a cop in hock to the mob and a warehouse full of confiscated coke that's going to save everybody; by Ennis and Dillon.

Robin Plus Impulse #1; DC, '96; on a ski trip, Tim Drake meets a big-footed, big-haired speedster and the two go after an anti-government extremist; by Waid/Augustyn/Royle.

Sergio Aragones Destroys DC one-shot; DC '96; desperate for cash, Sergio tries to break into superhero art; written by Mark Evanier.

Shaman's Tears #5-8; Image, '95; Native American forest service worker fights Indian-related crime; in this story he visits NYC and encounters Jon Sable, Freelance; by Mike Grell.

Shazam! and the Shazam Family! Annual #1; DC, ‘02; there never was a 1953 Captain Marvel annual, but what if there had been? DC presents its version of what might have made the cut; by Binder/Raboy/Beck/Swayze.

Shock Rockets ms #1-6; Image, ‘00; highly specialized aircraft battle would-be world conqueror in the grim aftermath of a war with extraterrestrials; not, it’s not like Thunderbirds; by Busiek and Immonen.

Simon Spector one shot; Avatar, ‘04; a Doc Savage like figure searches for an insane kidnapper and murderer whose path he has crossed many times; part of the Apparat project; by Ellis/Burows.

Soulsearchers and Company #1-5, 7-25; Claypool, '93; a motley group of paranormal investigators battles sorcery with its own mystic skills including the assistance of a hell genie.

Space Ghost one shot; Comico, '87; a mysterious type frees Zorak and other SG rogues from prison; SG, Jan and Jace go after the fugitives; very much in the spirit of the cartoon, but a bit more adult; by Evanier/Rude; includes a short text piece on creating the show.

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in ... Brain Drain!; Marvel/OfficeMax/National Education Association giveaway, '06; part of the Teachers Count promotional program; features real life teachers joining the heroes to defeat Doom; by Defalco/Lim.

Strange Adventures #219, 230; DC, '69; science fiction reprint anthology includes Atomic Knights, Adam Strange and work by Infantino/Kane/Fox/Broome. Rather worn from the stress of nearly 40 years.

Superman for the Animals one-shot; DC, 2000; giveaway from the Doris Day Animal Foundation tells the story of a kid who has to go against friends to stop animal abuse; by Millar/Grummett/Giordano.

Swords of Texas ms #1-4; Eclipse, '87; after the breakdown of the United States, mercenaries take what work they can find and wind up doing some good; a Scout spin off bridging the first and second series; by Dixon/Dunn/McKenna and Smith/Henry.

Timber Wolf ms #1-5; DC, '93; transported to the 20th century, transformed into a feral beast, Timber Wolf must protect a young woman of awesome power; by Gordon/Phillips.

Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct ms#1-5; ABC, '05; no Moore, no Ha, no Cannon; in their places Paul Di Filippo (who?) and the very able Jerry Ordway; decent enough tale of the Top 10 crew facing bureaucratic shakeups and robot rebellion, plus personal stories of the cops, but it doesn't even live on the same planet as the original.

Underworld Unleashed ms#1-3, Underworld Unleashed: Patterns of Fear one shot; DC, '95; Demon Neron offers villains great power in exchange for their souls, heroes' greatest desires for same - temptation takes its toll; by Waid/Porter/Stern/Williams/Lanning.

WaRP Graphics Annual #1; WaRP, '86; sampler of WaRP material featuring "Panda Khan" by Sharp/Garcia; "Elfquest" by Pini/Pini; "Mythadventures" by Asprin/Foglio/Valentino; "A Distant Soil" by Doran.
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"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky
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Postby DennisMM on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:40 pm

Bumping to front page and for PayPal announcement.
"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky
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Postby Chairman Kaga on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:52 pm

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Postby DinoDeLaurentiis on Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:02 pm

DennisMM wrote:Please, let's try to keep discussion of this offer to PMs and emails. Putting responses in the thread just clutters things up. Thanks.

Chairman Kaga wrote:neat. I'll check through this whole thing tonight when I get home from work.

Kaga, you goddamn putz! What part of a the "keep a the discussion of a this a to PMs anna emails" anna "Putting of a the responses inna the thread, she just a clutters uppa the things" dinna you unna'derstand, eh?

Anna now a the Dino, he's a gotta to clutter uppa the things even a more just a to scold a you for a being a the putz, eh? It's a not a like a you gotta to post uppa your EVERY goddamn thought, eh?

Holy crappa...

Anna yes... the Dino, he HADDA to scold a you.
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Postby DennisMM on Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:47 am

BUMPING to highlight the announcement and bring my poor customers up to date. I'm trying, folks.
"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky
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Re: (Almost) Free Comics - BACK IN BUSINESS

Postby DennisMM on Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:23 pm


I'm back. Anybody want some freakin' comics?
"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky
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Re: (Almost) Free Comics - BACK IN BUSINESS

Postby sweetsuicide1 on Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:41 pm

i would love that whole line of thunderbolts you have just let me know what the shipping is
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