Best Comic Books of the '00s

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Re: Best Comic Books of the '00s

Postby Pacino86845 on Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:43 am

Al Shut wrote:
Pacino86845 wrote: Tony Harris is amazing though, that's for sure.

Not so sure about that. I still have issue with the gesturing, pulls him down to pretty good in my opinion.

I know exactly what you mean, the theatrical poses w/ his more realistic style sometimes makes his stuff look like it's out of a "photo comic."
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Re: Best Comic Books of the '00s

Postby Seppuku on Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:54 am

I agree that Runaways isn't some kind of modern classic. The characters were generally far more vivid than those in most comics, but the storylines weren't all that amazing. It's definitely worth checking out for anyone wanting a Buffy kick, though. BKV obviously wrote a checklist of Buffyisms and incorporated them into the comic: telegraphing that one character isn't who you think they are ages in advance; having one superhero far less super than the others and making up for it with a surfeit of wisecracks; showing the consequences of taking your power too far; accidentally killing a good person/mortal; totally oblivious parents turning evil. I could go on but I've run out of semi-colons. Very fun, though a little too young adult for me. I'm just saying that it's funny that Whedon came onto what was practically the perfect vehicle for him and did a pretty lukewarm job of it.

Ex Machina I also like, though having the same fractured flashback opening every issue got a little grating. Also- and I know this was a conscious decision and it's a very personal peeve- I find it hard to admire a lead character who's like the poster boy for bipartanism. There isn't really much tension driving the series on, either. I suppose there's the 4-year deadline until Hundred's term runs out and there's the origin story, but really I didn't give much of a shit about why Hundred managed to speak to machines. Aliens from the future or another dimension? Cool. It's not something that keeps a series afloat for dozens of issues. Fortunately, there are a ton of pretty smart ideas worked in there; enough to make most issues well worth reading.

The trouble with BKV, for me, is he's not a gonzo genius like some of the Limey writers like Morrison and Moore. In order to make true art, you've gotta make a journey to the netherworld like Orpheus and come back again to tell your tale. Or something. BKV is fun, occasionally insightful and mostly writes really good characters, but he leaves you with a warm, pleasant feeling afterwards, rather than branding your psyche like cats like Gaiman and Ellis often do. I guess I'm being kind of unfair to BKV, as Y is often genuinely inspired, and he's probably even more consistent than those other writers.
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Re: Best Comic Books of the '00s

Postby Leckomaniac on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:18 pm

Runaways was a fun comic. It was really engaging from a character perspective. You just REALLY liked this kids and rooted for them (at least I did). And I think part of the love stems from a "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!?" premise. I mean, "what if your parents were supervillains?" just was so obvious and yet I hadn't really seen it executed as well as BKV was able to.

It was a comic that was awesome for all ages, races and genders. You could be just about anyone and dig that comic. What was even more impressive, to me, is that it was firmly set in the Marvel U. I just really dig that it was new characters, brought into an old universe that were instantly awesome.

As for BKV, I think he is obviously not as brilliant as Grant Morrison or even Jonathan Hickman. Both of those guys really blow your mind when they write. What BKV offers is solid characters, and most importantly, the ability to present a concise premise (ie What if all the men died and women took over? or What if your parents were supervillains) and see it executed brilliantly. It may not be the most revolutionary stuff in comics, but it is told well. That is why many gravitate towards BKV so much.
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Re: Best Comic Books of the '00s

Postby Al Shut on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:17 pm

Pacino86845 wrote:
Al Shut wrote: I still have issue with the gesturing, pulls him down to pretty good in my opinion.

I know exactly what you mean, the theatrical poses w/ his more realistic style sometimes makes his stuff look like it's out of a "photo comic."

It looks pretty unnatural when two people talking to each other are doing it at the same time. But on the other hand every now and then it's incredible effective
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