Has anyone read The Dresden Files?

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Has anyone read The Dresden Files?

Postby DDMAN26 on Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:56 pm

And if so are they worth my time? It sounded cool.
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Postby Brocktune on Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:29 pm

my gf likes the Dresden Dolls.....

i realize that this has bupkis to do with the topic, but i just didn't want to see the thread go down in flames.
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Postby Tyrone_Shoelaces on Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:35 pm

I just borrowed the first three books. I'll get back to you when I read them.
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Postby LordTwinkie on Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:18 am

I bought the first one on a whim after watching the series a few weeks back, lets just say i finished the 9th in the series a couple of days ago.

I really really liked the Dresden Files, its Detective Noir, its got some cool magic crap in it thats explained fairly well, damn witty dialogue with some nice pop culture inclusions like the evil overlord list. The books build on each other which i like alot. Lots of action and oh shit moments. Its a definite good read.
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Postby Bob Samonkey on Sun Nov 11, 2007 7:48 pm

Just started reading these now and so far I am enjoying them...
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Postby CeeBeeUK on Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:22 pm

I read the first one and found it a pleasant enough book to pass the time with.

Now I just need to borrow more off the guy in the office.
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Re: Has anyone read The Dresden Files?

Postby TheButcher on Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:31 pm

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Re: Has anyone read The Dresden Files?

Postby Wolfpack on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:52 pm

I listened to the audiobook of the first book in the series - Storm Front. I found it to be just okay. Although most of the books rate very highly on the all-time customer rating in Audible. Changes was #2 for the longest time.
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