Rules: Official Spoiler Policy!

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Rules: Official Spoiler Policy!

Postby stereosforgeeks on Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:48 pm

Point of Clarification Regarding Spoilers in this Forum:

1) any spoilers gleaned from other sites, "next episode previews", advance screenings, etc., are tiny texted up to the date of first general public release or airing anywhere in the world.

2) Upon first general public release or airing anywhere in the more tiny texting and no bitching allowed if someone stumbles in and is spoiled.

3) No information that could be seen as a spoiler should be used in avatars or signatures.

4) Tiny texting or spoiler tags/warnings in reviews are still encouraged.

For a spoiler tag use
Code: Select all
[spoiler]spoilery stuff (DO NOT MODIFY THE TEXT IN HERE)[/spoiler]
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