a whole slew of "Extended Cut" DVD's

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a whole slew of "Extended Cut" DVD's

Postby sonnyboo on Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:20 pm

I saw a rack at BEST BUY of DVD's that were "Director's Cuts" as well as 'Extended Cut" movies. I only bought one, but I was curious enough to rent several more.

BLACK HAWK DOWN - EXTENDED CUT, I bought it. I was yearning to see this and I own the old one (not the 3 disc, because that had no extended cut, so it wasn't worth it to me). They added allegedly several minutes to it, but I could only see some very very minor additions at the head & tail of the movie. Not much else. it's a great film so i think it was worth it, but I wish I had never bought the original single disc version.

ENEMY OF THE STATE - DIRECTOR's CUT - Rented it from Blockbuster online. Again, maybe 3-4 minutes max was added & nothing earth shattering. Some extra Jack Black improv for a line of two. I was particularly pissed because I just bought the original a few months ago to go with my disc of THE CONVERSATION. Then again, I don't think the new disc warrants purchasing.

CON AIR - EXTENDED CUT - I think there's maybe 1-2 minutes added to it with Colm Meany that allegedly adds character depth. It didn't make this turd float any higher in the bowl.

CRIMSON TIDE - EXTENDED CUT - If they added anything I couldn't tell. Obviously whatever they put back in didn't spark anything important to me. Save your $$$.

coming soon to my cue

TEARS OF THE SUN, a director's cut with close to 20 minutes added. Maybe that will actually be apparent, becuase these other ones with 2-5 minutes added didn't really do squat. I thought this movie was "eh, okay", so maybe this will be better.

now these are older, but I want to see, but not necessarily own..

DAREDEVIL - DIRECTOR's CUT because I wanted to like it, but didn't.

MR. & MRS SMITH UNRATED because I hate those two, but I love Doug Liman and this is supposed to be his cut after the release made him unhappy.

UNDERWOWLD - DIRECTOR's CUT because I'm having trouble seperating UNDERWORLD, it's sequel(s), AEON FLUX, BLOODRAYNE and some other movie that looked so similar you'd think there'd be a law against ass kicking women in tight leather movies that suck.


As a consumer, I'm against Double Dipping, and I love seeing alternate versons of flicks, even mediocre ones, but if it's not significantly different, than these are attempts to get my money.

Opinions? Other "extended cuts" and "director's cuts" pissing anyone off?
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Postby Starks on Wed Jun 28, 2006 9:13 pm

I'm of the opinion that "Extended Cuts" are simply a grab for more cash by the Studios.

"Directors Cuts" on the other hand can be great if the director was not able to bring their original vision to the cinema for what ever reason. Director Cuts that I rate highly:

- Almost Famous

- Blade Runner

- DareDevil - A big improvement on the theatricle release. Alot is added and weaker elements are removed.

- Kingdom of Heaven - How the studio fucked up and released the butchered version last year I will never know. Will go down as a future classic much in the same way The Shawshank Redemption wasn't a hit on release but built a fan base over teh next decade.
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Postby sonnyboo on Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:20 pm

A lot of times they have to contractually call a longer edit "extended cut" or "special edition" because contractually the director has final cut on the theatrical release.

See JAMES CAMERON for that. All of his extended cuts are called "special edition" because he will always have final cut on his movies.
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