Unthinkable starring Samuel L Jackson

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Unthinkable starring Samuel L Jackson

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Released by E1 Entertainment on Monday 13th September 2010

Unthinkable is a gripping new thriller which is released exclusively on DVD and Blu-Ray through E1 Entertainment on Monday 13th September 2010.

Somewhere in the United States three nuclear bombs are about to detonate – and only one man knows where they are. With the terrorist (Michael Sheen – Twilight New Moon, Damned United) already captured, FBI agent Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss – Disturbia, Matrix Trilogy) and ruthless former black-ops interrogator H (Samuel L. Jackson – Pulp Fiction, The Other Guys, Die Hard: With a Vengeance) start a race against time to get the information they need.

With the clock ticking, Brody and H have to decide how far they will go to save millions of lives in this action-packed thriller that will take you to the brink and beyond.

Unthinkable is directed by Gregor Jordan and written by Peter Woodward and is available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday 13th September 2010.

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All Rights Reserved.

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