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Postby Peven on Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:14 pm

TheBaxter wrote:i'm not sure what exactly the point of all that was, but one thing i'd say... this whole idea of a "common cultural language" because people had less choice of tv channels is, at best, a myth (how much of that common cultural language was adopted by minority communities?)... at worst, it marginalized non-white, non-male, non-straight groups of people, and reinforced a "common cultural language" that was almost entirely created and dominated by white male hegemony. that's the same "common cultural language" that the trumpkins are so desperate to recreate.

how do you think native americans, inner city blacks, LGBTQ people, abused housewives etc felt about a "common cultural language" in which they either didn't exist, were written as stereotypes, or portrayed by white people in makeup and funny accents? should we take away BET so that black communities can go back to having a single token black comedy to represent their role in society? let's take away Logo while we're at it, so Dumbledore teenagers can feel even more isolated and alone, because their suicide rates aren't high enough yet already. and don't forget to get rid of all those spanish-language channels. that's an idea the retrumplicans can certainly get behind.

seems pretty silly to blame the current divided state of this country on having too many tv channels. or too many websites. the problem isn't the technology; the problem is us. humans have never had a problem finding excuses to divide from and fight each other, it's in our nature. it's pretty much the only constant in human history. if things seemed more united, or like we had more in common, 50 years ago, it's only because so many people who didnt fit into the dominant culture were so much more powerless and invisible. we only seem more divided because their are more voices being heard now than ever before.

it seems pretty silly because you are so immersed in it you lack the perspective to see. the fact that you think it is silly shows how utterly ignorant you are of the current discussion among sociologists and other academics on the erosion of cultural cohesiveness in relation to the almost exponentially greater number of information and entertainment choices that have become a reality within a couple generations. your blithe attitude is right out the WALL E prologue, it is easy to draw a direct line from it to the helpless blobs we are shown in the movie. the amount of time and energy you are spending on choosing your "tv" entertainment service is greater exponentially than anyone spent on such trivial matters a few decades ago. and why? so you can self-segregate your life, your experiences, to have everything catered to your own particular special sensibility. you don't want to be tied to what other people are watching. you want it all to revolve around YOU. selfishness and narcissism is good, right? like greed? I was more aware of other cultures and regional attitudes and points of view than young people are now, as were most people my age. ask an average 20 or 30-something about the Lakota Sioux or the Spanish American War or the Panama Canal or where Jazz came from or what happened at Haight-Ashbury or who came up with the polio vaccine, or even ask them what IS polio and watch the blank stare you get back. they likely don't know shit, because they have been able to only watch and learn about what they choose. they'll tell you all about some youtuber, but that isn't exactly having a greater awareness is it? unless you think going to Japan to mock suicide corpses is a more inclusive, accepting culture being spread. you have NOTHING to back up your flippant take on this issue, NOTHING, except your gut. same thing those Trump supporters use to form their views. you have this arrogant view that you know more and are more aware simply because you are younger, when you are basing your view on ignorance. you show no idea at all of societal events and progress that took place. the civil rights movement succeeded in changing the laws of the land. the environmental movement was able to get landmark legislation passed again and again, protecting species and bodies of water and promoting land reclamation. the interstate system was built. a national speed limit was set to help preserve resources. when Norman Lear produced shows like "All in the Family" or "Good Times" or "The Jeffersons" they had a REAL impact on society, the country experienced those shows together, they played a real part in helping to make positive change. there are no shows like that anymore, not that there aren't good shows, it is just that they are lost in a sea of flotsam and customized entertainment packages. and we didn't have a problem with people not getting their kids vaccinated in the 70's when I was a kid. we didn't have people who thought the world was flat holding conventions. we didn't have mass shootings every day somewhere in the country. (and gun control wasn't more strict then), and we didn't have someone like Trump elected president. i'm pretty sure there were less hate crimes per 1,000, too. so you can cling to this fabricated idea that the way things are now are the best way they could be and there has been no down side to certain technological advances in our society and you'll fit right in with the rest of the consumer herd that has been raised by corporations to ingest as much as you can as a way of life.

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Re: Random Coaxial

Postby TheBaxter on Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:51 pm

thank god for "all in the family" and "the jeffersons" or we wouldn't have an interstate highway system or a civil rights movement. :roll: considering both those things came into existence well before those shows existed, before most people even had a tv even, norman lear must've had some insane time-travelling skills. oh wait, those things were probably thanks to the fact that everyone listened to the same radio shows back then, so we should probably just ditch tv altogether and go back to radio. AM radio, to be safe.

i wonder if you have even an ounce of self-awareness to realize how stupid and pompous you sound every time you go off on one of your diatribes, but it's pretty obvious by now you haven't a clue, so go ahead and do your superior dance, i'll be over here in the corner laughing at you.

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Re: Random Coaxial

Postby caruso_stalker217 on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:49 pm

I don't know what is happening.
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