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Postby so sorry on Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:38 pm

so sorry wrote:
TheBaxter wrote:so i finished up watching Cobra Kai Season 2. another really strong season, probably not quite as good or as focused as season 1, but close enough. season 3 is already greenlit, which is good, because this season leaves so many threads hanging that you could swing across them like Donkey Kong Jr.

can't really go into too much detail, since i don't even know if anyone else here is watching this, but should note that the show will be made available for free (with ads) later this year in the fall for those who don't want to pay the subscription.

one of the funniest things about this show is how they keep teasing the audience with the idea of Daniel and Johnny becoming friends, only to pull the rug out from beneath them romantic-comedy style. i'm probably not the only person watching who keeps "'shipping" these dudes, not in a romantic way but in a buddy-buddy, male-bonding way... it's almost like the sexual tension on shows like Cheers (Sam and Diane), Friends (Rachel and Ross), Big Bang Theory (Penny and Leonard), X-Files (Mulder and Scully), Moonlighting (David and Maddie) etc etc etc... except, like i said, instead of being star-crossed lovers who everyone's waiting to finally get together, they feel like they're destined to become buddies and team up, but every time they get close, something happens to drive them further apart. it's a fun twist on the formula, and it's been amusing up to this point, but hopefully they don't keep repeating the same formula every season... sooner or later you've got to pay it off, and where this season leaves off, you can definitely see the opportunity for that to occur in season 3.

Hmmm, for free with ads? I'll have to remember this come the fall.

Cobra Kai Season 1/2 moving to Netfix, season 3 coming too

I'm pretty excited about the move... I only got to watch the first two episodes on Youtube when they were free. Now I can binge both seasons when it hits Netflix.
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Postby Maui on Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:07 pm

Just finished season 1 of Trapped aka as Ófærð (Icelandic). Crime/thriller/mystery/beautifully shot and well written. Loved it, now on Season 2.

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