Pulse (BBC Show)

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Pulse (BBC Show)

Postby papalazeru on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:43 pm

Saw the pilot tonight...

Available Here until it gets taken off

A review wrote:
They say start as you mean to go on – and horror hospital drama Pulse (BBC 3, 9pm) was barely seconds in before the characters were being sprayed with blood.

From there it was but a hop and a skip to seeing dead people walking the wards, murky hospital "experiments" on patients and even a zombie attacked with a saw. Grand.

It's not often enough that horror is given a whirl and for that alone Pulse was worth a watch.

Better still, though, it was a proper suspense plot full of genuine, creepy menace and strong, believable characters.

Against a backdrop of shadows and flickering lights we meet medical student Hannah (Claire Foy) who has returned to hospital life after dropping out when her mother, also a doctor, died of cancer.

It's not long before she starts seeing her dead mum in the corridors and – eek! – something LIVING, Alien-like, inside a patient.

Hannah, or "crazy Hannah" as she's soon known by her colleagues, starts investigating.

It seems to centre on a patient Charlie Maddox, who is supposed to have stomach cancer and is being given dodgy, unrecorded, injections by her ex, ace surgeon Nick Gates.

That's not good, because Dr Nick is infected with something Very Nasty Indeed. After cutting himself during an operation on Charlie his hand swells up, blistering into one of the most horrible pus-filled boils committed to camera – and something starts moving inside him, too. Urgh.

Anyone who is the slightest bit squeamish about hospitals or operations should probably steer clear of this, especially the sequence when Charlie's operation goes horribly wrong. Firstly, he wakes up in the middle of it and is naturally not best pleased to discover he's being operated on.

Then, there's more red sauce being chucked about than in a tomato ketchup factory, as the interns all get splashed.

But Mr Maddox isn't done yet – as Hannah's investigations continue she finds him turned into a zombie, chasing her through the morgue. What's a girl to do? Saw his head off with – yep – quite a lot more blood.

As Nick comes to try to save her, he reveals the hospital has been conducting some secret tests: "They said we were going to make breakthroughs...it wasn't cancer. We put it into him..."

The storyline zipped along for nearly an hour, until it came to an abrupt ending. Er, was that it? Hope not.

This is one of three short dramas commissioned by BBC 3 which could be turned into a series. I'm not sure where they would go with it, but it could be fun to find out.

Quite impressive. It started out a bit weak and I was expecting it to go downhill but it ended up being quite adventurous, a bit like 'being human' was.

I'm liking the look of it and I hope it gets commissioned.

P.S to all who can't see it, it's well worth finding a way of watching it. It so far seems akin to zombie flicks but with a deeper meaning.
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