Portlandia on IFC

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Portlandia on IFC

Postby TheBaxter on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:34 am

this is a new skit-comedy show on IFC by carrie brownstein (ex-guitarist from sleater-kinney) and that guy from SNL who plays obama. i saw the first episode last friday and it was pretty funny. it's no kids in the hall or mr. show (which, coincidentally, gets shown right after this on IFC, and it's odd too because they haven't censored it, yet it still has commercials which kind of breaks up that awesome flow of one skit into another that mr. show perfected... but anyway, back to portlandia...) but the first episode was still pretty good. better than snl, at least. the humor, at least in the first episode, is mainly making fun of northwestern hipster stereotypes, especially vegans and the hipster music scene and hippies and stuff. and really, the only reason i watch it anyway is because it has carrie brownstein, ex-guitarist from sleater-kinney. i'd probably watch any show with carrie brownstein, ex-guitarist from sleater-kinney, in it.
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