Breakout Kings (w/ 100% more T-Bag)

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Breakout Kings (w/ 100% more T-Bag)

Postby DerLanghaarige on Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:40 pm

So apparently this is an action series about two ex-cons, who hunt down fugitives. It doesn't look and sound too special for me, except that at least one episode (maybe the pilot?) will be about out favourite one handed serial rapist and killer:

Not the rubber hand! Apparently it's not Robert Knepper playing another con, but another appereance of T-Bag instead, which is for me reason enough to tune in!

Here is a longer trailer that explains more about the show and has a fart joke.

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Postby TheButcher on Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:22 pm

From Collider:
Serinda Swan Exclusive Interview BREAKOUT KINGS

Mike Tyson races pigeons for Animal Planet, while A&E jumps into scripted fare.
Let's get one thing straight before taking a look at A&E's plunge back into scripted material with Breakout Kings. It does not -- repeat, not -- take a con to catch a con. That is by now a very tired television cliche and one that's embraced by Kings. But the series overcomes this crutch to become a mostly interesting diversion from going to work five days a week.

Kings has a redemptive story behind its creation, killing and ultimate resurrection in developing the pilot. Pitched at Fox, which looked like it was going to lock on to the drama from Prison Break writers Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, the network passed and allowed the pilot to be shopped. It ended up at A&E, with a 13-episode order.

There's also a bit of redemption in the content, in that Kings quickly overcomes the cliche that drives the pilot by adding a twist or two and focusing on character development. Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) stars as Ray, a cop with issues who posits an idea to the U.S. Marshals about using inmates to track down escaped felons. He's eventually given the green light despite the skepticism of his boss, Charlie (Laz Alonso), an analyst at the Marshals' office who has been stuck behind a desk because of a heart problem. While Charlie doesn't agree with Ray that the cons will be effective, it's Charlie's first chance at fieldwork.

He takes on Ray's crop of cons: Lloyd (Jimmi Simpson), a child prodigy and behavioral expert-turned-gambler serving 25 years for something the rest of the cons can't figure out; Shea (Malcolm Goodwin), a gang member-turned-stolen-goods trafficker; and Erica (Serinda Swan), a bounty hunter's daughter who has anger-management issues, as illustrated by the fact she tracked and killed the five thugs who murdered her father.

Kings is also mostly closed-ended with snippets of each con's past revealed in the episodes, so there's enough interest to keep the show moving. The leads' backstories might have some meat on the bone as well. But Kings works mostly as an hour during which you turn off your brain and just go with it. It's not The Wire or The Shield but falls comfortably within that basic-cable safe zone where a little edge and bountiful entertainment pass the time just fine.
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