The X Factor

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The X Factor

Postby TheBaxter on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:52 am

yeah. i watched it. goddammit.

so basically this is american idol v2.0 except there's an audience present for the auditions. simon and paula are back (but with more eyeliner.... for both of them), and they replaced randy with someone who actually knows something about music and can communicate in the english language, and the fourth chick who started out british but then turned into an american halfway through.

i don't know if i will watch this as much as i once watched AI. i guess it depends on whether they get any entertaining performers, or if it will just be another show full of people with sappy sob stories. judging from the premiere, it's mostly the latter (and they REALLY play up the sappiness, with all the slo-mo, the dramatic music before and after the auditions, the crowd and judge reaction shots, the editing, the family members backstage watching the audition on tv, etc.).... and man is this show sappy and hokey. i mean, i've seen clips of the british version, so i knew it would be hokey. but seeing a full show, it's even more hokey and seemingly staged than i even imagined. that first girl who started off the show didn't seem like a real person, she was either a paid actress, or a robot like Small Wonder. and of course there were the typical bad singers, deluded egomaniacs, and people just trying to get on tv. i'm also pretty sure there was at least one sex offender on the show... at least, if that one guy was really showing what the show implied he was showing (they had to cover it up for tv, obviously) then that guy is gonna have to start registering with the police as a child sex offender whenever he moves to a new city. i'm pretty sure there were children in that audience.

anyway, the only person who gave me hope for entertainment was some guy named Evolution or something like that who was like a cross between prince and sanjaya. i mean, that guy's hair would even put sanjaya's faux-hawk to shame. given that this is the same show whose british version produced this:

there is hope after all.
but, since this is scheduled to run again on Thursday, the same night as EVERY SINGLE OTHER SHOW ON TV, i'll have to miss the next episode. oh well.
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Re: The X Factor

Postby Nice Marmot on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:40 am

I'll admit, I was sucked into Idol for quite a few seasons in the past. Gave it up and won't watch this. Even my wife is sick of it all, which amazes me.

Technically, this is the American version of American Idol v1.0. :wink:

Please tell me Paula is still a glorious train-wreck . . .
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Re: The X Factor

Postby SilentScream on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:09 pm

TheBaxter wrote: given that this is the same show whose british version produced this:

There is something genuinely odd about these guys. In the UK they have been on and off our TV screens for the past year or so and besides being VERY annoying and VERY childlike for their age (19 I think) they seem to be, well, I think I'll leave it there.....
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