Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (OH NOES SPOILEROES)

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (OH NOES SPOILEROES)

Postby bastard_robo on Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:10 am

So the movie came out today.

And i've gotten compleatly assfucked on obtaining a copy.

I went to (i kid you not) 15 diffrent stores, ALL SOLD OUT!

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Postby AtomicHyperbole on Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:23 am

Not in the UK...

...even as a fan I think it's a crappy film...

Good luck though!
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Postby EWS on Mon May 01, 2006 1:41 pm

Ok, so I finally got around to buying and watching this second offering from Square Enix about Final Fantasy VII. Hopefully, most of you will have heard of the Final Fantasy series, quite possibly one of the most successful and greatest series of Games to exit the mind of the Japanese (Tetsuya Nobura to be precise), with Final Fantasy VII being one of the current favourites in this series (arguably the best for some). The story of VII was amazing, and linked many themes that are still as current as they were back when the game was released, and even some that I didn't realise were there in the past, but are there now (Mako=Oil?).

Anyway, after VII was released, it caused ripples in the Game Universe with it's level of majesty, it's depth, it's characters and it's story, and for some it was all over a bit too quickly. A few years ago saw rumours surface of a second installment for VII, and when X-2 was released, saw these rumours come to a forefront, and gamers demanded a second VII game.

It wasn't long after that Square Enix (Squenix) announced that they were indeed creating a second installment for the VII story, but it would not be in the form of a game, but as a CGI Movie. Opinion was divided, a chance to see Cloud, Tifa (with breasts!!) in glorius CGI yet the chance to replay as these characters gone. So what of the decision?

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children opens with the telling of the lifestream, and the problem of Geostigma, a counter balance for what happened at the end of VII when Sephiroth was vanquished and the world saved. The world was punishing all the bad and evil and getting it's own back on the inhabitants.

The first scene you get is of Red XII running towards what I assume is Midgar 240 years in the future, and you instantly get hit by the CGI and how utterly fantastic it is. This is cutting edge CGI for an animated feature. Although nothing on Kong, Squenix have surpassed their previous offering and created a world that is beautiful and impressive.

It is quickly established that the movie is going to be based around the search for "Mother" (Jenova) in the hope of cleansing the world, and Geostigma is a side-effect of the Sephiroth Clone, Jenova Seed or whatever, being in the life stream and this is what is bringing them all together. A pretty basic story, but one that you would expect from a video game, and it actually transfers well over to the movie.

The set pieces in this are wonderful, the fights are fantastic (as well as being fantastical) and the ending is superb. The whole movie builds up to two moments - the re-union of the original gang (minus Aeris) against the might of Bahamut (although never named as such) and the final fight between Cloud and Sephirioth - yes, he returns in all his glory and his 63 foot Masamune sword for a excellent battle that is the highlight of the movie.

Unfortunatly, some of the battles beforehand just seem out of place, and there just for the sake of having a battle - and garner no real point indeed. For example, right at the start, barely 5 minutes in and we have a great motorcycle chase between Cloud and the 3 Sephiroth Lookalikes with some cool monsters. However, just as Cloud is about to lose and get pounced on, Kadaj (the leader) calls the monsters back and they leave Cloud to get away, leaving no point for the battle, except to leave Cloud alive for future plot points.

Another problem was the reluctance to kill characters - Reno and Rude apparently committed suicide to help Cloud and co, and kill two of the Sephirtoh clones, but no - they survive a massive blast, along with the two clones to serve a plot point at the end. I don't see why they just couldn't have killed them then and there.

Although I see a problem in them, I will forgive it because the movie is just damn too cool. Having watched both the Japanese and the English voiced versions, I can say that they nailed the cast of the English voices perfectly, especailly Barrat who I always expected to be some sort of Mr T wannabe (he even says "Get out ma way foo'" when he bursts on to the scene - pure brilliance.

Which brings me on to the characters. The main character here is Cloud - VII was his story, and so is Advent Children, and as such the others take a back seat except when comedy relief is needed, handy hints, or helpful advice. Hell, even Reno and Rude get more screen time then Cid, XII, Barrat, Yuffie, Vincent, Tifa and Cait Sith which I found hurtful. They could have done so much more with these characters, and maybe they will, I would certianly like to hear more of why Cait Sith has a strong Scottish Accent (yet is voiced by an Englishman) and Cid and his adventures on his new airship.

But, what makes the movie for me is the excellent music created by Nobuo Uematsu. He blends original music created for VII with new, re mixes of original music, with his own bands Rock versions. Look out for J.E.N.O.V.A (from album Battle Music) and a new version of One Winged Angel that will just blow you out of the water. Music has always been a big part of the FF universe, I own most of the soundtracks, and love every single song I hear. That said, my favourite album is VII, with it's delicate balance of love, happiness and industrial sounding music, and it's catchy Boss Theme (which never made it into here) you cannot help just enjoy the whole expierience. Each chosen piece of music helps to enhance the scene and draws you in in anticipation - and when Aeris Theme plays, you cannot help but shed a tear for her.

Speaking of Aeris, she is in this, and does play a role in helping Cloud vanquish his hatred of himself.

So what do I think of this movie? Was it needed? Definatly not. Is it welcome? Very much so. Squenix has created a movie that fans will enjoy, and understand. They will get most of the humour, and understand parts that newbies just won't. It doesn't mean that if you are new to the VII universe that you won't enjoy it, but I would suggest you tread carefully and would reccomend a rent before a buy. But even if you do buy it, watch the re-cap that comes free with it, it will bring you up to speed, and help with the understanding process. It also contains the most pivitol moment ever in video game history.
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Postby Al Shut on Tue Aug 08, 2006 6:03 am

I saw this one yesterday and liked it a lot.

Plotwise it kind of suffers the same problems as a book adaptation, you just can't have the same amount of story in a 100 minute movie than a book or viedeo game. The movie tries to avoid this be focusing almost solely on Cloud and although it's a pity we don't se more of the other characters it's probably the right thing to do. I agree with EWS that some points didn't seem to make sense but that it didn't matter.

The action is wonderfully over the top but almost never too much, it's an natural continuation of the abilities the characters gainend at the end of the game. I only was a little disappointed because I was secretly hoping for some crazy Jenova mutatoin or Bizarro-Sephiroth.

Overall 8 out of 10
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Postby Icarus on Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:09 am

I liked it - it has its flaws...but mostly only in that same quirky anime way that I recognise (like the seeming lack of purpose to that opening fight).

I always liked Final Fantasy VII and still rate it as the best one of the series - but a part of that could be that it impacted unlike the others having had no precedent in terms of the gameplay it offered (none that I had played, anyway).

My experience of the film was marred, however, by a fuck-off big scratch on the DVD.....right where all the characters join the fight. Yup, one of the biggest FUCK YEH! moments and I couldn't watch it - jumping straight from Barratt appearing to just after the fight ends.

I'm going to buy it though - the music alone was just heart-breaking in places.....simple, innocent and beautiful all at once.

And if you did love the game there's a great extra on the disc that retraces the game's storyline, abridged, from start to finish. I felt quite nostalgic watching that.

I miss Aeris :cry:
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Postby magicmonkey on Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:51 am

Nice detailed review EWS. Good to see FFVII rocking in the zone. Am I right in thinking there is a pseudo game sequel in the works too?

I saw the movie, loved the image quality. But, alas, wasn't too pulled into the story, perhaps its a case of too much action as you pointed out, which in my case probably means another watch. However, it seemed a bit too much surface rather than content to me, something that "The Spirits Within" suffered from too. Its a pity, as I loved the game and was prepared to invest in some truly mind altering cinema. Times and political climates change I guess and investors are scared. Shame. Still, it was nice to see all the characters again and worthwhile at least for the mobile phone in-joke, classic.
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Postby MisterCynic on Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:58 am

this movie is awful. battle scenes are nice though, bahamut takedown is pretty kickass.
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Postby Doc Holliday on Wed Aug 09, 2006 7:46 am

MisterCynic wrote:this movie is awful.

Come on - you can do better than that.

Can't you?

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Postby Ribbons on Wed Aug 09, 2006 12:00 pm

magicmonkey wrote:Nice detailed review EWS. Good to see FFVII rocking in the zone. Am I right in thinking there is a pseudo game sequel in the works too?

There are these weird little mini-games that they're making right now. I'm not sure what they're about or what console they're for, but I do think I remember hearing that one of them involves Vincent Valentine, which is kinda cool. Based on his screentime in Advent Children, I guess the guys at Square Enix realize he's a cult figure.

There have also been some rumblings about FFVII being re-released for the PS3 with all new graphics. Square Enix has discouraged this rumor, so it's probably not true.

EDIT: there are two sequels. One is called "Dirge of Cerberus" and is available for PS2. Vincent Valentine's the main character. Then there's some game available for your mobile phone called "Dirge of Cerberus: the Lost Episode." It's all right here in this informative pamphlet.
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Postby magicmonkey on Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:15 pm

You da man Ribbons! Cheers.
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Postby AtomicHyperbole on Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:15 pm

This film is wank, looks nice though. I had more fun watching the game replayed on the DVD than the collective CG jizz masquerading as a movie that comprised the feature.
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