"Paths of Hate" from Platige...

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"Paths of Hate" from Platige...

Postby Keepcoolbutcare on Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:43 am

an animation studio out of Father Poland.

yeah yeah, who cares, right?


stunning imagery, no? It's only a short (they haven't made a feature...yet) but hey, dogfights can only last so long.

too bad the only thing I can think to say beyond that are trite and cliche Polack jokes :cry:

speaking of which,

Q: How do you know if a Polak has been using a computer?
A: There's whiteout on the screen.
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Postby Pacino86845 on Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:52 am

It doesn't look too bad visually, but the animation seems a bit stiff from that trailer... also, I guess finally someone's begun copying Clint Eastwood's suicide-inducing style of film scores. :D

ETA: Although I have to say that this commercial of theirs looks awesome.
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