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Postby Fievel on Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:28 pm

Anyone watch this? I just downloaded part 1 of the pilot free from iTunes. The animation appears to be CGI made to look like traditional hand-drawn (??). So far, so cool. I'm intrigued.
I'm guessing from the 5-second prevew that preceeded the show that it airs on Nickelodeon?

Synopsis from wikipedia:
200 years in the future, the Earth has shattered into millions of blocks, known as Skyland, which orbit around the core, and a new kind of human has emerged, Sejins, who absorb sunlight to fuel their telekinetic abilities. There is also a prophecy, but those are fickle things.

The Sphere, a dictatorship, has risen to power by controlling what has become the most precious resource; water. The Sphere's power is enforced by the Guardians, an elite corp of Sejins who are taken from their families at a young age and trained. The leader of the Guardians is Oslo, a Sejin who exposed himself to constant light until he could use his powers in both light and dark, with obvious repercussions on his health. He himself went through the Guardian Academy, training alongside an equally powerful Sejin, called Mila.

A rebellion has also emerged, opposing the Sphere. Rebel pirates steal water to keep the citizens of Skyland alive. One young pilot, wanted for publicly stealing water from right under the Sphere’s nose, is captured by a young Guardian on her first mission. Her name is Mila.

Shown the world from the pirate’s point of view, Mila finally comes to realize what the Sphere is, and joins the rebellion. She falls in love with Marcus, the pirate, and together they take the rebellion from strength to strength, turning it into a real threat against the Sphere.

But something goes horribly wrong while the Rebels are liberating a Sphere controlled block. Many pirates are killed, Marcus vanishes, and the rebellion is all but destroyed.

Mila takes their two young children, a son named Mahad and a Sejin daughter called Lena, and escapes to Babylonia, in the heart of the Sphere controlled zone. She stays there for 12 years, hiding both her daughter’s and her own Sejin abilities for twelve years as she raises her children on a small farm.

But Olso never forgot her, or his fascination with the prophecy, and in the year 2251 his Guardians finally locate her. Mila fights back, and sends Mahad and Lena away in a stolen Sphere ship, telling them to join the pirates, before she is taken away to Karzhem, Skyland’s most secure prison, location unknown.

Mahad, a cocky but clumsy 17 year old pilot, and Lena, 12 years old and already a powerful Sejin, are shot down and then rescued by a small group of pirates, lead by the indomitable Captain Cortes. They join the resistance, determined to find their mother, free Skyland, and learn more about the father they barely remember.

Oslo has plans of his own.
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Postby Al Shut on Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:30 pm

I don't know about other parts of the world but in Germany it starts in a few days. I'm planning to check it out.
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