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The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:16 am
by Nachokoolaid

You should all know the drill by now. This is where we catalog the films we see during the year, and then DISCUSS THEM later in the thread (please don't neglect this part).

Don't know what the hell is going on? See the following (and how I see fewer and fewer films each year.

2007 Zone Movie Journal
2008 Zone Movie Journal
2009 Zone Movie Journal
2010 Zone Movie Journal

Please allow the first page for those saving their spots for the journals, in other words, don't clutter up the first page with multiple posts, and only post once on the first page.

Nachokoolaid's 2011 Movie Journal

New films in blue

Repeat viewings in CAPS.


1. Vanilla Sky - I had never seen this, and it was on the Showtime free preview, so I checked it out. It wasn't as bad as some people have said. I thought it was a little exposition heavy at the end. I think we got it without it being explained so much. It was like The Matrix, without the cool action. Not terrible, but not really good either. 6/10 for me.

2. Pay It Forward- Not great, and I thought it was sort of cheesy at parts. Spacey was a bit overacting here, it felt like. Osment was good though. Where did he go? 6/10

3. Brothers - I think it's really cool that the Gyllenhaal and Maguire roles were originally cast opposite of what they ended up as onscreen. Both did great work here, and Portman was good too. Not the greatest film, but all the acting was top notch. There really wasn't a weak link in the cast. Although something really irks me about the little girl that played Isabel. Bailee Madison is her name I think. She always fucks shit up. And that scene with the balloon, she acted it well, but damn, I just dislike her. 8/10.

4. How to Train Your Dragon - Dreamworks' best film. The cast was great, the animation was exciting. The story was good. Really really fun film that has a good message for older kids too. 9/10.

5. HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS - If for no other reason, this film should be appreciated for its creature work alone. Great job creating a character that can actually emote. But there's also one of my favorite Lithgow performances here. Don't lie and tell me you didn't cry when he slap Harry at the end and is like, "JUST GO. WE DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE!" 8/10.

6. THE DARK KNIGHT - It's hard for me to imagine a version of Batman I'll enjoy more than the one Nolan has established with this film and BATMAN BEGINS. I hope RISES is good, and I hope it's not Nolan's last crack at Batman. 10/10.

7. DEATH TO SMOOTCHY - A real underrated gem. There are some really funny lines here. Yeah, a lot of this is cheesy, but that's part of the allure. Safari, mother fuckers, SAFAAAAARI !!! 8/10.

8. MEN IN BLACK - What a great film. Awesome concept. Awesome execution. A really fun sci-fi action comedy. Jones and Smith were good here, not the parodies of themselves that they became in the later films. The only bad thing was Smith's ghetto black wardrobe from early in the film. Ridiculous. 8/10.


9. Grown Ups - Sandler and company have finally lost their edge. This was just 90 minutes of them riffing on each other, with a sad excuse for a coherent plot. The only part where I laughed was when Spade popped a deer head up and started pretending it could talk, and that was a one second bit. This was one of Sandler's worst films. 3/10.

10.He's Just Not that Into You - Not as bad as I had heard. Some neat little relationship stuff. Some was a bit contrived, but this is one of the first things I've actually tolerated Jennifer Anniston in. Bradley Cooper is a lucky fuck, by the way. ScarJo and Jennifer Conolly in the same film? Lucky bastard. 6/10.

11. Ray - Ok, I liked this, but it seemed like it was six hours long. A bit too long, but it was awesome to hear some of the music, and Foxx certainly deserved the Oscar. I feel bad for Joaquin Phoenix, because I thought his Johnny Cash was damn good too, but they didn't want to give an Oscar for the same role two years in a row. 8/10.

12. AIRPLANE! - A comedy classic. Everyone was on their A game. So many of the jokes still hit home. Very high percentage of working jokes here. Most thanks to Nielson, but everyone did a great job. I forgot about the "But their on instruments" line, and I nearly spit at the screen this time. 9/10.

13. BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA - The Coppola one. I watched the special features and saw what a dick Oldman was to work with. Pretty shitty. But Coppola was felating himself about how close this version is compared to the book. I just read the book. GTFO with that noise, Coppola. This is a raping of the book, and Stoker wishes he was undead so he could come slap you for saying that stupid shit. Nice tits throughout this, though. And Reeves is the worst British accent ever, neck and neck with Costner's Robin Hood. 7/10.

14. THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - I absolutely love the score to this film. It's soooo good. My favorite part of a stellar film. Everyone was good in this. Weird that HBO was showing a standard def version of this though. I know and HD version is out there. 9/10.

15. Shrek Forever After - I hated the beginning of this, but as it settled in, it got much better, and I ended up liking it better than part 3. It's closer to part two. But it's nowhere near the first one. Nice ending to the tale though. 7/10.

16. UP- Still a powerful movie. Pixar is so good at what they do. I love the opening to this film. One of the bests, even if the entire thing doesn't quite stand up the entire time. 9/10.

17. Red I like films where old guys beat people up, like Gran Torino. So this was an awesome film for me. I like all the actors in it. Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. 8/10.

18. DUMB AND DUMBER - Not ashamed to say this is my favorite comedy of the 90s. This is lightning in a bottle. Will not be captured again for a long time. 10/10.


19. Battle:L.A. This should have been called "Battle:Cliche." It was cliched all the way through. In fact, the cliche thread in the zone should be dedicated solely to this film. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't really a movie. It's like they got some documentary cameras to follow around these marines and films them fighting, but not edit anything out. It was tiring and only somewhat entertaining. 5/10.

20. The Social Network Pretty well written film. I'm sort of glad Sorkin won the Oscar. Zuckerberg is portrayed as an asshole. And I really feel bad for that Eduardo guy. He really got shafted. And this most certainly was NOT the best score of the year. I had at least three I liked much more. 8/10.

21. GHOSTBUSTERS - Fucking perfection. 10/10


22. Due Date- Better than I expected. Galifinakas and Downey Jr have pretty good chemistry. I'm glad they didn't go too ridiculous with the gags. It was a more grounded comedy than I expected, and I liked it for that. 7/10.


23. . Your Highness- Not as terrible as I was expecting. And there was actually some semblance of plot here, and I just thought it was going to be a bunch of weed jokes. 6/10.


24. Fast and Furious - I saw this in preparation of the new one with the Rock, which I've heard good things about. This was okay, but it never lived up to the opening scene with the fuel theft. It was enjoyable though, although I thought Letty's death would have been more effective onscreen, and the fact she was working with O'Connor when she died was sloppily handled. 7/10.

25. FINDING NEMO - I really enjoyed this more than I did the first time I watched it. Maybe fatherhood has mellowed me some, and this, deep down is a simple story about a father and son. Pixar just does no wrong. 8/10.

26. Thor - Great summer flick, but the best thing was Hemsworth as Thor. I was worried about him, because I wasn't really sure if he'd be up to the task, but he was awesome. I thought that he might be overshadowed in the Avengers, but that won't be the case anymore. He totally owned this film, and the filmed lulled a bit when he wasn't on screen. Marvel continues to impress. 7/10

27. The Switch - Jason Bateman is a pretty solid actor. He was certainly the best thing about this film, which I thought was pretty well cast. It wasn't the best film, but it was likable. 6/10.

28. LIAR LIAR - Jim Carrey at the height of his popularity. I love when Elwes sees that Carrey bought his son a glove, and he goes, "Great gift, dad!" And Carrey deadpans, "Thanks, son." Good stuff. 8/10.

29. Role Models - Paul Rudd's best performance? This is a pretty fun film. I like the way the relationship built between the characters. It was fun. 7/10.


Saw a bunch in June, but didn't really keep track. Here's what I saw that I can remember.

Fast and Furious
The Shootist
The Searchers
El Dorado
Dumb and Dumber
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Marley and Me
Green Lantern
Be Kind, Rewind
The Dark Knight

I feel like there's more, but I think that's all I can recall.


Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:51 am
by caruso_stalker217

This shit juss got real...

























































































































































HAMLET (1996).





















TRUE GRIT (2010).










































































KING KONG (2005).




[u]STRAY DOG[/u].











Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:13 am
by justcheckin
Justcheckin's Movie Journal 2011
FIRST TIME VIEWS ONLY - 2010 or 2011 unless stated

****=see it twice
***=worth a rental
**=meh... meh
*=come on... really?


1. Black Swan***** The best movie of 2010
2. Tron***** The bet Tron movie eva!
3. Shutter Island**** DiCaprio is taking some good roles
4. Dinner for Schmucks**** actually funnier than I thought it would be
5. Legend of the Guardians**** liked it more than I thought I would
6. Get Him to the Greek**** also funnier than I thought it would be
7. The A-Team*** fun movie
8. The Losers** seems like an A-team ripoff with less nostalgia and less funny
9. Zathura (2005)***
10. Watership Down (1978)*** never saw it until now and I just read the book
11. Whip It (2009)****
12. Red**** all the fun things that couldn't happen in Die Hard, happen in this movie
13. Public Enemies (2009)****
14. The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)***
15. Salt****
16. The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)*** I liked it but its really slooooow
17. Welcome to the Rileys***
18. Machete**** mwhahahahahahaha
19. Nowhere Boy**** Coming of age/John Lennon story
20. The Social Network****
21. Robin Hood**** I really liked this version and mmm MMM mmm Mr. Crowe
22. Bottle Rocket (1996)** not going to be on my favorite list
23. The Frisco Kid (1979)***
24. Changeling (2008)****
25. The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)***
26. Get Low (2009)**** wow, great movie
27. Cop Out***
28. You Again***
29. Love and Other Drugs****
30. Megamind***
31. Wild Target***
32. Morning Glory****
33. Inside Job**** documentary about economic meltdown, interesting
34. Scott Pilgrim vs The World**** really cool
35. Vertigo (1958)***
36. Start the Revolution Without Me (1970)****
37. Freakonomics****
38. Skyline*** whip out the crackers for this cheesy ending, hahahaha
39. Unstoppable***
40. Adam (2009)***
41. Life As We Know It****
42. Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)****
43. Burlesque***
44. Diary of a Wimpy Kid**
45. Paul**** fun, fun, fun...
46. The Switch***
47. Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009)*** disney animation documentary
48. Sex and the City 2*** this is a good place to end the series
49. Nanny McPhee Returns*** very cute
50. How Do You Know***
51. Water for Elephants**** liked it more than I would have because I've read the book
52. It's Kind of a Funny Story***
53. The King's Speech**** I can see why it got so many awards
54. The Tourists****
55. Gulliver's Travels... in progress
56. I Heart Huckabees (2004)** not my thing but kinda funny
57. Me and Orson Wells (2008)***
58. Pi (1998)***
59. Garden State (2004)****
60. The Dilemma***
61. Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage of the Dawn Treader*** better than the second one
62. New in Town (2009)***
63. No Strings Attached****
64. The Illusionist***
65. Little Fockers***
66. The Mechanic***
67. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides***** It's a really good stand on it's own film
68. Love Actually (2003)***
69. Gnomeo and Juliet***
70. 500 Days of Summer (2009)****
71. Killers****
72. True Grit****
73. I Am Number Four*** storyline is superficial but it was fun to watch
74. The Rite****
75. Tangled... in progress
76. Winnie the Pooh*** very cute
77. Beastly*** this is really made for TV quality
78. Rango**** cute
79. H@rry Potter***** WHOOOOOOO! :)
80. Cowboys and Aliens***** YEEEEEE Haaaaaaaaa!
81. Battle: Los Angeles**** slow start but pretty good
82. Just Go With It*** cute
83. Red Riding Hood***
84. The Help**** pretty good, so was the book
85. Arthur***
86. Green Hornet****
87. Your Highness***
88. Rubber*** interesting to say the least
89. Jane Eyre****
90. Thor*** high cheese factor
91. Transformers: Dark of the Moon***** best one of the series
92. Mansfield Park (1999)*** I felt like having a chick flick night
93. Ethan Frome (1993)***
94. Wuthering Heights (2009)***
95. Doctor Zhivago (2002)***
96. Priest*** really shallow plot but cool concept and look
97. Sense and Sensibility (1995)***
98. Halloween (2007) ***
99. X-Men: First Class*** about 45 minutes too long
101. Bad Teacher*** thought it would be funnier
102. Captain America: The First Avenger*** also a little long, maybe I am having a pessimistic month
103. Cars 2*** wasn't impressed
104. Something Borrowed***
105. Just Like Heaven (2005)***
106. Super 8***** really good
107. Green Lantern*** hmmm nice super hero suit
108. Sense and Sensibility (2008)***
109. The Hangover 2**** the pictures at the end were the best
110. Holes (2003)****
111. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1** yes i saw it and it was just really bad
112. J. Edgar**** i liked it
113. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo**** good book and good movie
114. Larry Crowne***
115. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 - Swedish Version)*** interesting the takes of the two films against the book
116. Season of the Witch***

116 is my final count... can't believe I ended it on a Nicolas Cage film. ARRGGGG!

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:30 am
by magicmonkey

My documentary methods got a little weak this year, mayhaps it be righted.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:49 am
by Bloo
July I failed you, I know
    1) Iron Man
    2) Iron Man 2
    3) Captain America
    1) The Muppet Movie
    2) Conan The Barbarian (original)
    3) BASEketball
    4) Johnny Be Good
    1) Transformers
    1) Memphis (live on stage)
    2) Empire Records
    3) The New Guy
    1) Paul
    2) Your Highness
    1) Idiocracy
    1) Shanghai Noon
    2) Shanghai Knights
    3) The Warriors Way
    1) Bad Boys 2
    1) Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    1) Grandma's Boy (unrated)
    1) The Mist
    1) X-Men: First Class
    2) X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    1) X-Men
    1) The Town
    1) Doubt
    2) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    1) Mama Mia
    2) South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
    1) Kung Fu Panda 2
    2) Oceans 11
    1) Blues Brothers 2000
    2) Jackie Brown
    1) Out of Sight
    1) Hot Wet American Summer
    2)The Other Guys
    1) The Hangover
    1) Thor
    1) Thor
    2) Blind Fury
    1) Young Guns
    1) The Green Hornet
    1) Thor: Tales of Asgard
    2) Lipstick and Dynamite
    1) Four Brothers
    2) Waiting...
    1) Troy (Director's Cut)
    1) The Devil's Advocate
    2)Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    1) Hudson Hawk
    2) Canadian Bacon
    3) From Paris with Love
    4) The Great Brain
    5) A Christmas Carol (2009)
    1) Almost Heroes
    1) Fanboys
    2) Galaxy Quest
    1) Operation; Endgame
    2) Predator
    3) Predator 2
    1) Predators
    1) Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
    2) Red
    1) Colin & Brad: Two Man Group
    1) Gnomeo and Juliet
    1) Lords of Dogtown
    2) Dogtown and the Z-Boys
    1) Death at a Funeral
    1) Young Sherlock Holmes
    2) The Fast and the Furious
    1) 2Fast2Furious
    1) Fast and Furious
    The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift
    1) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    1) The Joneses
    1) Paul
    1) Zombieland
    1) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    2) Howard the Duck
    1) Insomnia
    1) Othello (1995)
    2) Richard III (1995)
    3) Hamlet (MST3K)
    4) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
    1) The A-Team
    2) WWE: Bobby "The Brain" Hennen
    1) Machete
    2) Mystery Team
    1) Cars
    1) McBeth (2010)
    1) Fast Five
    2) The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

    1) A Prairie Home Companion
    1) Equilibrium
    2) Undertow
    1)Mr. Saturday Night
    2) Gulliver's Travels
    3) Time Bandits
    1) The Sunset Limited
    2) The Color of Money
    1) Radioland Murders
    2) You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush
    3) Tenure
    1) Redbelt
    2) The A-Team
    3) Taken
    1) The Mechanic (2011)
    1) The Shipping News
    2) Whip It
    3) The Forbidden Planet
    1) The Fighter
    1) Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
    2) Clerks
    3) Mallrats
    1) Big Trouble in Little China
    1) Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology
    2) The 50 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time
    3) The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
    5) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    6) Alien Trespass
    1) Matinee
    2) Mars Attacks
    3) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
    4) The Rise and Fall of WCW
    1) Super Size Me
    2) Super High Me
    3) Fast Food
    4) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    1) Battle in Seattle
    2) RoboCop
    1) Robocop 2
    1) Ghostbusters

    1) The Social Network
    1) Groundhog Day
    1) Kevin Smith: Too studly for Forty
    2) The Day The Earth Stood Still
    1) They Live
    2) Tremors
    1) 300
    2) Outlander
    3) The Blues Brothers
    4) Blues Brothers 2000
    5) A Mighty Wind
    1) A Mighty Wind
    2) School of Rock
    1) Hamlet 2
    2) Brick
    1) The Producers (2005)
    1) For Your Consideration
    1) Best In Show
    2) Kick-Ass
    3) Tron: Legacy
    1) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
    2) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    1) Julie & Julia
    2) Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Live on Stage)
    3) Company (Live on Stage)
    1) Walking Tall (2004)
    3) Best In Show
    1) Bi The Way
    1) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition)
    2) Jackie Brown
    1) Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth
    1) Invictus
    1) Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
    1) The Haint
    1) Were The World Mine
    2) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    3) The Rookie
    4) The Avengers
    1) Machine Gun McCain

    1) IRON MAN
    2) IRON MAN 2
    3) The Incredible Hulk
    1) The Punisher
    2) Punisher War Zone
    1) Assassination of a High School President
    2) The Bank Job
    1) Pressure Cooker
    2) Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
    1) Little Fockers
    2) Snatch
    1) The Tailor of Panama
    2) Crank:High Voltage
    1) The Complete History of America Abridged (Live on Stage)
    2) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    3) In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
    1) The Transporter
    2) El Dorado
    1) The Transporter 2
    1) Transporter 3
    1) Working (live on stage [not really live on stage, but don't know how else to describe it])
    2) Collateral
    1) The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
    2) The Expendables
    1) Catfish
    2) The Rocketeer
    3) Death Race 2
    4) Death Race
    1) Megamind
    2) The Shadow
    3) Crank
    1) CSA: Confederate States of America
    2) Chaos
    1) The Italian Job
    1) War
    1) Surfwise
    2) Cellular
    3) The Special Relationship
    4) Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam
    1) Revolver
    1) Easy A
    2) 13
    1) Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
    2) Appaloosa
    3) London
    1) Silverado
    2) MST3K: Santa Claus
    3) The One
    4) Ghosts of Mars
    1) Mean Machine
    1) Turn It Up
    2) Red
    1) Red
    2) The Pink Panther
    3) Walk Hard
    1) The Mechanic (1972)
    2) Swimming Pool
    1) The Green Hornet
    2) Enter The Dragon
    1) Monster Camp
    2) Smokey and the Bandit
    1) Big Fish
    2) Field of Dreams
    3) Machete

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:58 am
by Tyrone_Shoelaces

17 Black Swan (2010)


7 Real Genius (1986) (DVD)

3 Suckerpunch
14 Hanna
18 Happy Together (1997) (Blu-Ray)
Dog Soldiers (2002) (Blu-ray)
So I Married An Axe Murderer (1993) (Blu-ray)
24 Easy A (2010) (Netflix)
Mystery Team (2010) (Netflix)

1 Fast Five
12 Thor
22 Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

4 X-Men: First Class
10 Tree of Life
19 Green Lantern
21 Super 8

3 Cars 2
18 Transformers: Dark of The Moon (3D)

4 Cowboys and Aliens
13 Crazy, Stupid, Love
14 Captain America: The First Avenger
21 30 Minutes or Less

18 Drive
21 Colombiana

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:55 am
by DerLanghaarige


    #00001 Unforgiven (DVD/1st time viewing)

Seriously good movie. Oozing of atmosphere and great performances, with a script that lets you never know in which direction it will go. And I just love how it spends the whole runtime on deconstructing old Western myths, just to go all badass and myth making in the end.



    #00002 The Great Escape (DVD/1st time viewing)

Nearly three hours of awesomness, with a great cast (who is often a little bit too well known for their bit parts, which is the only real problem I have with that movie) and without one boring minute. It's also in some parts surprisingly funny.

    #00003 Poltergeist (DVD)

This is only the second time ever that I watched it and the last time was over 10 years ago. Not remembering anything about it really helped. I'm not saying it's a bad movie, but to me it seems like it loses lots of its intensity, when you know what's gonna happen next. Some scary movies can scare you after the Xth viewing but this one is so dependent on spectacle, that I just can't imagine it to hold up that much. It's good spectacle though. Well made, with some good timing. So that semi-first viewing was very enjoyable to me.



    #00004 Enter The Dragon (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Seriously badass mix between James Bond-ish adventure and martial arts, but who am I telling this? I'm sure you all know and love it.



    #00005 The Fantastic Mr Fox (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Very, very enjoyable without being great. The greatest thing about it is possibly how Wes Anderson found a visual style, that 100% fits his writing style. The rural simplicity of it seriously accompanies his dry humor and quirky dialogue. I don't think the movie would have the same effect if it was CGI or even hand drawn animation.



    #00006 C.H.U.D. (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Ugh, what a snorefest. And even worse: Everytime I thought it gets interesting, it didn't.



    #00007 Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Sue me, but I really enjoyed the first half. It was too goofy to not enjoy it! Come on, a whole town, full of insomniacs, including Roseanne and Tom Arnold! And a pissed off clown, smoking a cigarrette? And the dreams...okay, they pretty much destroyed the last bit of credibility that Freddy had left after his studly Boys collaboration from the last movie, but I really enjoyed Freddy go all silly! Unfortunately as soon as the protagonists leave Springwood, it gets less interesting and more serious, but unfortunately not smarter. If they hadn't left the self-parodistic (deliberate or not) road for the finale, it would have been a way more enjoyable movie.



    #00008 Wall-E (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

I'm a little bit torn about this one. It's brillant from a technological point of view and I admire it for its ambition, but something felt weird to me. I think I can't wrap my head around some stylistic choices, like Wall-E himself, who seems to a garbage robot that was designed to look cute. Also he wasn't interesting enough as a character to me. In every other Disney movie, he would be just the comic relief sidekick. Y'know, the horse, monkey or squirrel that falls on its ass all the time and gives the hero a weird look, whenever he talks about how much he loves the princess. And I got no idea why the "old" humans are seriously live action actors (!!!), but the current humans are cartoony looking CGI people. And most of all, the movie was in parts too preachy, which is always a good way to piss me off. But apart from that it was an engaging and very entertaining SciFi adventure.



    #00009 Blade 2 (DVD)

The only good BLADE movie and it still holds up very well, with its energetic action scenes and surprisingly scary villains. Okay, the Blood pack is underused, but all in all it's still a very re-watchable fantasy action movie.



    #00010 Crimewave (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Knowing that Sam Raimi and the Coen Brothers both disowned this movie, I didn't expect anything, but it turned out to be very enjoyable, although seriously rough. The biggest surprise is possible how well it fits into everybody's filmographies. It's full of respective trademarks from Raimi and the Coens and even makes me wish that some of their broader dark comedies, like BURN AFTER READING would have been directed by Raimi (even though I really love BURN).



    #00011 The Ladykillers (Coen version) (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

As expected not nearly as bad as its reputation, although it does feel oddly flat and out of place within the Coen's filmography. I wonder if this was their try at a low brow comedy.



    #00012 Scooby Doo And the Curse Of the Vampire (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

An okay, extended SCOOBY DOO episode. And yes, that means it doesn't deserve its lengths of more than 3 normal episodes, because although I, as the shameless Scooby fan that I am, was entertained by it, it had seriously no memorable parts, except for the end where Velma sings the theme song and the resolution of the case, which is probably the first time thatthe culprits seriously wore masks underneath their masks! Visually it was also nothing more than an episode of WHAT'S NEW, although the characters all had their old designs and I liked that the score consisted of melodies from the classic WHERE ARE YOU show. But yeah, that's it.



    #00013 Flesh + Blood (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

I think it was awesome. Great characters, great acting and a script that has either something deep to say about religion, guilt, blind faith and the Christian damnation of sex, or is completely fucked up pro-rape shit. But even then it's a still way too engaging movie to just dismiss it. Plus: The medieval tank is awesome!



    #00014 Up (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

No pun intended (which means it's totally intended!), but UP was a real downer.After the lifetime montage I was already so depressed that I couldn't really focus on the more fun and adventurous aspects of movie anymore. And every time I just warmed up to it, they reminded me that I was in fact watching a depressing drama, which took me again right out of the movie. Maybe I should watch it again, so that I can appreciate it more, but it scarred me so much, I doubt I won't even think of touching the DVD again.
No rating



    #00015 Police Academy - Mission To Moscow (DVD)

Haven't seen it since it came out on VHS back in the days and I hated it back then. Now I don't hate it anymore, but strongly dislike it. It has some funny parts, like the running gag with Lassard's "new family" and of course Ron Perlman, who was without a doubt the greatest thing about the movie! But all in all it feels really tired. They should have cancelled the movie as soon as they weren't able to get most of the crew together. I already got used to Police Academy without Mahoney or Zed, but no Hightower or Hooks? Dammit, even Captain Harris isn't that funny without Proctor! But our childhood heroes seemed to lack everything that made them likeable anyway. It's not that they became unsympathetic douchebags, they were just boring, without anything to do. But the biggest crime is that the movie doesn't end with a stunt loaded chase, like every other movie did since part 3!



    #00016 Police Academy 6 -City Under Siege (DVD)

That was more like it! The characters acted like they were supposed to and there were plenty of jokes that were dumb and silly, but most of the time seriously funny (if you are into low brow slapstick like I am.).



    #00017 Police Academy 5 -Assignment: Miami Beach (DVD)

This is my favourite movie in this series, because it doesn't hold back with its silliness. It's way more over the top than the series already is. And of course it has Rene Auberjonois, who, while being known for being a little bit ashamed of it, is bringing 100% to the game and becomes the official scene stealer.



    #00018 Police Academy 4 - Citizens On Patrol (DVD)

Fun, and it also has an awesome theme song and some very impressive airplane and hot air balloon stunts at the end. And who could forget its random use of Ninjas? I wish Zed and Sweetchuck had gotten their own spinoff.



    #00019 Police Academy 3 - Back In Training (DVD)

One of the weaker parts, mostly because none of the new recruits is really memorable, apart from Zed and Sweetchuck, but we already knew them from part 2. Also the scenes with those two are by far the best and crack me up every time.



    #00020 Police Academy 2 - Their First Assignment (DVD)

This is maybe the only one in the series, that at least pretends to have a real story. It introduces the antagonists very early in the movie and also adds a romantic subplot about Tackleberry



    #00021 Police Academy (DVD)

So much fun. Full of great characters, that are all perfectly cast. And the beginning of the last act is a masterpiece. :lol:

    #00022 Anaconda 3 (DVD/1st time viewing)

Oh wow, I expected nothing and got even less. Everybody who thinks that the first ANACONDA is the worst film ever, should really watch this one. Typical boring and uninspired ultra-low budget DTV crap. How can you make a movie about a genetically altered giant snake, that has a sword thingy on its tail and bites people heads off so boring? One of the characters is even introduced as former box champion, but then he doesn't even punch the snake! I thought at least the Hoff would make a funny badass, but he was lame too.



    #00023 Zack & Miri Make A Porno (DVD/1st time viewing)

I finally decided to swallow my hate for Seth Rogen and watch ZACK & MIRI. And despite the two badly miscast leads and an a little bit way too corny (thanks to the overdone sex-changes-everything cliche) 3rd act, I really enjoyed it. Especially the whole porn crew had a very good chemistry with each other and I wouldn't mind seeing them in a sequel. As long as Zack and Miri either don't appear or get recast.



    #00024 Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins (DVD/1st time viewing)

Very, very enjoyable. It starts a little bit wobbly and isn't really becoming the most awesome thing in the world either, it's also maybe 15 minutes too long, but it's a lot of fun and I wish the adventure hadn't ended here.



    #00025 Hackers (DVD)

Wow, this movie is so fucking 90's, it melts my brain and draws a smiley with the gooey leftovers on the inside of my skull. It's also an unbelievable dumb movie, but on the other side totally fucking awesome! And young Angelina Jolie with a Pixie haircut is surprisingly cute.



    #00026 Critters 2 - The Main Course (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

I gotta admit, I like it even better than the first! It's so much more fun and crazier and gorier and it has boobs. Also the German dubbing is insane, because every time you see the Critters, sometimes even when they are still eggs, you hear them in this version crack stupid jokes and silly rhymes! It's definitely a love-it-or-hate-it-situation, but I'm mostly on the "love" side.



    #00027 Miller's Crossing (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Fucking awesome. Probably a little bit difficult to understand at times, thanks to the constant double-double-double-double-crossing, but it all comes together in a beautiful, Coen typical way. And they even found a way to inject some awesome gags into this otherwise pretty dark movies (Mike Starr and the chair :lol: ). It's a Tarantino movie for adults!

    #00028 Man On Wire (TV/1st Time Viewing)

I'm not sure if it really deserves its documentary Oscar. It's an interesting subject and a hilarious story, but the way it's told is neither very remarkable and also drags a little bit at times. I still enjoyed it, but like I said, more for the story, than for the way it was told.



    #00029 Used Cars (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

What a hilarious piece of film! When you watch comedies from 20/30 years ago, that were considered raunchy and/or pretty clever back then, it's very likely that they don't really work anymore today, but USED CARS holds up seriously well. Yeah, nudity and swearing isn't as amoral as it was in 1980, but it still works within the context of the story, which is btw very clever drafted and full of satisfying payoffs. And Al Lewis is fucking hilarious!




    #00030 Tron: Legacy (Theatre/1st Time Viewing)
Nails perfectly the atmosphere of part 1 (even if it's mostly because of the same pacing issues). I liked it, without loving it. But it was nice to finally see a pure Science Fiction movie again, that takes us into a whole different fantastic world. Stuff like that was lacking from the last decade.



    #00031 The Phantom (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Not nearly as bad as its reputation. Yes, I can see why it wasn't a smash hit in theatres, but come on, what's wrong with a movie that is not just not ashamed of being good old fashioned pulp fiction (the real pulp fiction, not the Tarantino one), but also does that with such a cheerfulness, without going wink wink nudge nudge for one second?



    #00032 The Expendables (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Fun b-action, that is - just like THE PHANTOM - not afraid of what it is. Well, okay, maybe during the action scenes. Otherwise Sly would have let us see what the fuck was going on. With better action scenes, this could have been awesome, so it's just good.



    #00033 Micmacs à tire-larigot (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
One of Jeunet's weaker efforts, but very enjoyable anyway and of course highly imaginative. I would love to see a sequel with those characters, too.



    #00034 Alien (2003 Cut) (DVD)
I gotta admit, it's not really that scary if you remember it too well, but it's still the ultimate godfather of dark and claustrophobic Horror movies.

    #00035 Boardwalk Empire (Pilot) (TV/1st Time Viewing)
It failed to sell me 100% on the series yet and is especially for a Martin Scorcese directed movie low on awesome, memorable scenes, but Nucky is an interesting character and it kept my interest enough to watch the next few episodes too.



    #00036 Bai fa mo nu zhuan (The Bride With White Hair) (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Y'know, I like Ronny Yu. He puts so much energy into his movies, even if he just does a teenyslasher sequel that nobody was really waiting for. And I heard for years how awesome this movie is supposed to be, but I didn't like it. Yes, it has some nice visuals, but - and I'm willing to admit that it's maybe only my fault - it just didn't work for me. The story was too generic and lacked any kind of interesting character or dramatic element I could care for. But that I don't get Asian storytelling is something I already know for years.



    #00037 Dreamscape (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I hear for years that this is supposed an underrated gem of the 80's, but I would call it a boring stinker on 80's TV Pilot level. It has an interesting concept and some nice ideas, but they mostly come too late (to be more specific: The whole dream assassination plot doesn't kick in before one hour has gone by) or just don't work (So the monster, that is scary enough to drive people insane, looks like a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE actionfigure? Nice try. Not.). Which is a shame, because it has a good cast (von Sydow and Plummer! And David Patrick Kelly of WARRIORS and COMMANDO fame!) and while the dream sequences are seriously cheesy, they have good ideas.



    #00038 Speed Racer (DVD)
I liked it when I saw it the first time and I LOVED it on 2nd viewing. It's the anti-MOULIN ROUGE, because while Baz Luhrmann's film was also chockfull of pretty colours, crazy ideas and ambitious visuals, it lacked any kind of focus and was very hard to sit through. The Wachowksi's on the the other hand knew exactly what they wanted. Yes, I can see how someone could not like the mix between pathos filled racing drama and surreal cartoon humor, but they found a way to make it work.



    #00039 Cliffhanger (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A seriously good movie and one of Harlin's best. Okay, the whole subplot about Sly's & Rooker's broken friendship was useless, but at least it didn't distract from the straight forward action story. I wonder why it didn't get an Oscar nomination for its cinematography. There was some stunning stuff in it.



    #00040 The Long Kiss Goodnight (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I liked it. Especially because unlike almost every other movie, it didn't become boring, as soon as the big secret was revealed.



    #00041 Lethal Weapon (DVD)
Still holds up pretty well, despite having the maybe dumbest action movie showdown of all times. (Gibson Vs Busey just for the sake of macho-ism and then he gets gunned down anyway.)



    #00042 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Of course not the masterpiece that the internet made it out to be, but I didn't expect that. It was very enjoyable though. It had style AND substance, Michael Cera gave a fuck for the first time since ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and was a lot of fun to watch. Okay, it was also the most misogynistic movie I've seen in years, because every female character was either an unsympathetic asshole or lacked any real character. (Hint: Letting a woman color her hair every few weeks does NOT equal depth or something like that!) The exception was Knives, but she was so likeable, that they decided to make her look like a nut job stalker, that nobody wants to hang out with, in the trailer.

    #00043 The Other Guys (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Another awesome Ferrell/McKay collaboration. If I have only one complaint, then it's maybe that the first action scene is awesome in its idea, but horrible to look at! Seriously, this must have been the worst filmed action scene of the last few years. It was like all original footage was destroyed and because they had no time or money to shoot it again, they had to use what unrelated onlookers accidently filmed. At least the two other action scenes in the movie were much more eye pleasing.

    #00044 Lethal Weapon 2 (DVD)
Still a lot of fun to watch. Some nice action, lots of fun and Riggs going all berserk at the end. Okay, the villains are a little bit too stereotypical, but hey, at least they are threatening and that way it's more fun to see them die.




    #00045 Lethal Weapon 3 (DVD)
This is the weakest of the series. It's still very entertaining, mostly because of how everybody grew into their characters and it's also nice to see how this time Roger has to fight some personal demons, while Riggs' life is getting better and better, but the script is all over the place and the villain is, despite a very nasty Just-how-evil-is-he scene, pretty boring.



    #00046 Lethal Weapon 4 (DVD)
Y'know, for a movie that was rushed into production with an unfinished script, it's seriously good and feels more complete than part 3. And Jet Li is a great villain. He is not just dangerous and seems to be superior to our heroes, but also has believable motivations. Chris Rock works very well as new addition to the ever growing cast, it's just a little bit irritating, when the movie stops cold three time, to let him do a stand up routine. (At least it's funny.)



    #00047 Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army (DVD)
If you don't like it, you don't have a heart and hate movies, especially when they are full of imagination. Okay, it has some flaws, like the way too MIB-esque scene in the beginning, a pretty predictable for-which-side-will-you-fight subplot and the story of the villain is way too much of a re-hash of BLADE 2 (right down to the use of the same actor!), but damn, it's a fucking awesome movie!



    #00048 Hellboy (DVD)
This one holds up seriously well. It's a little bit darker and less over the top than its sequel, but it's not a bad thing. And Ron Perlman is da man!



    #00049 The Last Boy Scout (DVD/1st time Viewing)
This might be one of Shane Black's weirdest scripts, but it's also one of Tony Scott's best movies.



    #00050 Idle Hands (DVD)
I loved that one when it came out and it still holds up pretty well IMO.It's a silly movie, but it knows it and also that the audience knows it. Plus: Jessica Alba looked never cuter



    #00051 100 Feet (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
This is not a perfect movie, but it's a very effective and entertaining one. Lots of atmosphere, some good scares, gets fucking violent when it has to be and not earlier and it puts Famke Janssen in a Snow White costume.
7/10 (Normal rating)
8,5/10 (Slightly pervy Famke-Janssen-in-a-Snow-White-Dress rating.)



    #00052 The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Do you know those nights, when you are hanging out with your friends, it's already 3am, You all are tired, some of you maybe even drunk or high, then someone farts and you all start laughing, then someone makes a dumb joke that doesn't make any sense and you continue to laugh, then someone makes another stupid joke and suddenly you spent over an hour with laughing your ass off, until someone asks: "Dude, why are we laughing?" and then you realize that there is no reason? That's pretty much what this movie is like.



    #00053 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
For a 2 1/2 hour movie, it really knows how to keep its tempo up. It was only after the money was retrieved, that it started to feel a little bit unnecessarily stretched out, but at least it ended with a hilarious action scene, that still keeps me giggling, just from thinking about it.



    #00054 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I'm not saying that it's a good movie. It's way too inept, boring and undercooked for that. But at least it wasn't nearly as annoying as everything that I saw from the series so far.



    #00055 Night Of The Hunter (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Great movie and seriously ahead of its time in more than one aspect. Unfortunately it suffers from heavy 3rd act issues. As soon as the kids run away it feels like a whole different film and unfortunately one, that isn't as good as the previous one. Also the ending is a huge letdown. But Robert Mitchum is awesome and makes you forget all flaws the movie might have!



    #00056 Bringing Out The Dead (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Awesome. It's totally devastating and depressing, but at the same time very entertaining, thanks to a high, nightmarish tempo and lots and lots of dark gallows humor. It's like an HBO drama version of SCRUBS!



    #00057 After Hours (DVD)
Probably my favourite entry in the "all in one night" subgenre. I just love how it starts really boring, but then explodes into a shitstorm of absurdity and hilarity. Also it has a very simple message: Don't be a dick! As soon as Paul acted like a dick, everything went downhill for him. That's a message I can get behind.



    #00058 The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
And again, Terry Gilliam delivered the goods, with this highly original fantasy drama. I just think that the 3rd act was rushed and that Ledger and Law were miscast. But it gets bonus points from me, for using Verne Troyer as an actor and not just as a visual gag.



    #00059 Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño (a.k.a. The Baby's Room) (TV/1st Time Viewing)
This is not one of Alex de la Iglesia's best movies, mostly because it doesn't tell the most original ghost house story. Too many twists feel familiar and are therefore too easy to figure out, but this made for TV movie totally delivers in the scare and suspense section, so I approve with a happy smile!



    #00060 The Aristocats (VHS)
It's not the best Disney animated movie, but still one of the most enjoyable and definitely one of my top 3 favourites. I just love cats and the soundtrack is great. Not to mention all those eccentric supporting characters (The band, the geese, the dogs...).

    #00061 Three O'Clock High (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Very amusing, but could use a little bit more energy. Especially towards the end. Although the situation escalates, I never felt the "Oh shit, it's on" feeling, that I should feel. But it has some nice camera work!



    #00062 X-Men (DVD)
Still holds up very well. Yeah, it still feels like a (admittedly awesome) TV pilot, but it totally works as an introduction to the universe and its characters.



    #00063 X-Men 2 (DVD)
Best comic book movie sequel ever. Period. It's so much more awesome on every level, not to mention that it's at times dark as shit, but still very entertaining. And it delivers its real world message much better and less ham fisted than THE DARK KNIGHT. So there.



    #00064 Flightplan (TV/1st Time viewing)
Not bad. Nothing special and overall pretty forgettable, especially because the whole second act mostly consists of Jodie Foster running through the plane and yelling "Where is my daughter!?!", but in terms of gimmicky thrillers about Jodie Foster and her daughter in peril, it's much better than PANIC ROOM.



    #00065 Death Race 2 (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
It's pretty entertaining...until the Death Race starts! But only because it's shot in completely incomprehensible post action style. At least the last 15 minutes make up for that, by showing some of the dark humor, that made the 1975 original so popular!



    #00066 Cat's Don't Dance (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Nice, little animated screwball musical. Nothing too special, but with the right amount of energy and insanity and also some beautiful animation.



    #00067 X-Men - The Last Stand (DVD)
I always thought that it's better than its reputation among angry nerds. And after my second viewing within six years, I like it even more. Yes, I do acknowledge that it suffers from two major flaws: 1.) It squeezes two epic stories, that could and should have been handled in each one movie, into one single piece of 90 minutes. 2.) It has the most emberassing wirework that I can remember in a modern multi million blockbuster! But it brings pretty satisfying closure to many storylines and even ends with a huge, exciting mutant civil war! Okay, after the brillant 2nd part, it's a huge step backwards, but it's a more satisfying ending, than most other series, movie or TV, get these days.



    #00068 Smokin' Aces 2 - Assassins Ball (DVD/1st time viewing)
Nice, little DTV sequel, that feels pretty forced at times and totally lacks the slow boiling atmosphere of part 1, but it's short and entertaining.



    #00069 Lord Of Illusions (DVD/1st time viewing)
Seriously awesome mix between film noir and horror movie! Clive Barker might not be a great director (in terms of story flow and stuff like that), but he knows how to tell a great, disturbing and suspenseful story on the big screen.



    #00070 Ratatouille (DVD)
When I saw it for the first time, I enjoyed it, but put in in the league of "lesser" Pixar movies, like CARS or A BUG'S LIFE. Mostly because of the messy script. After I watched it for the second time, I still see lots of script issues (Like the whole last act, which feels pretty much tacked on and also despite the film's message "everybody can cook", Linguini still don't know how to cook by the end. And I hated that they gave the whole kitchen crew a backstory and then they never do shit in the movie!), but I liked it much, much better!



    #00071 The Incredibles (DVD)
Still holds up damn well. Fuck THE DARK KNIGHT, this is the best superhero movie of the last decade! Full of cool characters, exciting adventure and awesome action!

    #00072 Lifeforce (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Wow, that movie didn't make any sense at all! But gotta admit that it keeps a high tempo from the beginning to the end and is full of cool ideas. So while I won't call it a good movie as in "Wow, that was a good movie", it was at least one, that was a lot of fun to watch.



    #00073 Life (TV)
I love that movie. One of Eddie Murphy's best, criminally underrated, touching and sad without becoming corny, funny without sacrificing the drama. It doesn't add anything really new to the prison movie genre, but damn it plays its cards right.

    #00074 Quantum Of Solace (TV/1st Time Viewing)
I'm already known for hating CASINO ROYALE for being dumb, having a completely miscast Bond and being an overall bad movie. But QUANTUM is even worse! I got no idea what the fuck this piece of shit was about and why anybody did something! Bond wants to avenge the death of the girl from last movie, but then he instead hunts a villain who sells water to a dictator, who this movie's Bondgirl wants to kill, while Felix Leiter gets drunk and M doesn't trust Bond anymore, until he punches a group of her agents unconcious. At least CASINO ROYALE had some nice looking action scenes, but those were so confusingly filmed and edited, that I just wanted to poke my eyes out. Fuck that, man. The Bond movies are dead to me until the next reboot. I hope they get better writers and a better star.



    #00075 Evan Almighty (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Not a very good movie, but one of those sequels, that are better than their predecessors. Even if it's this time only because you wonder what the fuck will happen in the end. It's still a very mediocre movie, not to mention that they again make working parents look bad, but I was entertained enough.



    #00076 Wayne's World (DVD)
Not THAT hilarious anymore, but after almost 20 years still worth watching.



    #00077 Wayne's World 2 (DVD)
Same as part 1. I laughed hard, but not as hard as when I saw it the first time years ago. But I would totally do the chick who looks like Garth.Schwing!

    #00078 Small Soldiers (TV)
Not Joe Dante's best, but very entertaining.




    #00079 Iron Man 2 (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I don't know. It was okay. I'm glad it lacked the questionable moral of part 1 and I don't mind a 2 hour superhero movie with only two big action scenes, but the story was all over the place and failed to really engage me. And Scarlett Johansson is even bland, when she kicks ass in a catsuit. It was still an entertaining piece of film and all in all I liked it more, that I didn't.



    #00080 Enchanted (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Cute movie, that seemed to be afraid of making something really interesting out of its premise. The film ends with a fight against a dragon, only that the dragon doesn't do anything. It's still the best and least cringe inducing RomCom that I've seen in a long time.



    #00081 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (DVD)
This movie is so well made, it even entertains on its xth viewing.



    #00082 Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (DVD)
I only have two problems with it: 1.) I hate films that are shot back to back with their sequel(s) and can't work as film on their own. I wish they had gone the BACK TO THE FUTURE way, where #2 first wraps up its own story, before the cliffhanger leads to a brand new one, instead of the way of the MATRIX. And 2.) The movie is at times unable to find the right tone. Part 1 was such a light hearted funride, with nothing more than the occasional swashbuckling action violence, but this film is so fucking dark and at times way too violent to enjoy it. It's like they desperately tried to get the more cynical teen audience, who would never watch a Disney movie, into the seats. But well, apart from those flaws, it's still very enjoyable. Especially because Gore Verbinsky managed to make the last half hour, which is a convoluted over the top action scene, that leads to another convoluted over the top action scenes, so engaging and awesome to watch. There aren't many other filmmakers who could manage to do something like that.



    #00083 Pirates Of the Caribbean: At World's End (DVD)
Underrated. Very, very underrated. Yes, the film drives its plot forward without remorse and has the reputation of being too complicated or not making any sense, but to be honest, if you can't follow it, you are just stupid or missed the first half hour, in which every character very clearly states what they are trying to achieve. And from then on, they never leave their path. It's not a perfect conclusion to the story, but it's a very satisfying one, if you are willing to not just watch it for the FX and Depp alone.



    #00084 Machete (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I like it. It's one of those rare movies, that are purposely silly and not meant to be taken seriously, but play it straight faced enough to not become a parody.



    #00085 The International (TV/1st Time Viewing)
I gotta admit that I didn't understand all of it. There where too many people involved in too many crimes. Okay, all in all they all worked for the same bank and had the same goal, but it was still pretty complicated. On the other hand it was a pretty suspenseful story and as you can expect from a Tykwer movie, masterful directed.



    #00086 Road Games (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Seriously good! Full of humor, suspense and nice pay offs.Only the last scene sucks, but that one was forced into the movie by the producers, so it doesn't count.



    #00087 Pixelschatten (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Very well made movie. The story didn't really work for me, but as a whole, the movie was very watchable.



    #00088 UHF (DVD)
It's still a huge laugh riot and a masterpiece of inspired lunacy.



    #00089 Un long dimanche de fiançailles a.k.a. A Very Long Engagement (DVD)
I love this one. It's the anti-UP. While UP was on paper a fun adventure, that depressed the shit out of me, this one could have been depressing, but is despite all the death and suffering a real feel-good movie. It might be Jeunet's best, but I'm careful with things like that.




    #00090 Blade Trinity (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Well, it was...okay, but it felt too much like a TV pilot for Reynolds' and Biel's characters.All in all it felt pretty clueless. But I love the scene where Dracula discovers, that he became a popculture joke.

    #00091 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Just like BLADE TRINITY it was okay, but felt too much like a TV pilot. This should have been at least 2 1/2 hours long, with the first hour dealing how Wolvie and Sabrie fight in war after war. And the rest shouldn't have been so generic. But all in all I enjoyed it. Not too much, but It was okay.



    #00092 Blade (DVD)
It's been more than 10 years since I saw it the last time. didn't like it back then, like it even less now.



    #00093 Half Baked (DVD)
This one on the other hand is still seriously hilarious. And I don't even smoke weed.



    #00094 Jaws 2 (TV/ 1st Time Viewing)
Of course not as good as part 1, but surprisingly well made and picks up lots of steam in its last act.



    #00095 The Fog (Remake) (TV/ 1st Time Viewing)
As boring and generic as expected. It does have two or three (mostly visual) cool ideas and a scene with Selma Blair's ass. But it's really forgettable.



    #00096 Jumper (TV/ 1st Time Viewing)
I kinda liked it. It has some huge plotholes (like why is nobody surprised when the guy, who everybody saw dying as a kid, suddenly shows up again) and also feels weirdly undercooked on a storylevel, but has the right amount of insanity to be enjoyable. Doug Liman somehow managed to make something like teleporting look visual interesting! And I love how the film plays with expectations early on. Like when we see how the hero sees a live report from a flood in the news and decides to not help the people, just because he is a selfish Struggling Background Artist and when we see Samuel L. Jackson first, he seems like the "cop, who just does his job, but isn't necessarily evil" until we see him brutally murder another jumper. It's nothing special, but I would watch a sequel, when it's on TV.

    #00097 Jaws 3 In 2D (TV/ 1st Time Viewing)
Pretty lame if you ask me. It has all those great set up's, but never delivers. To see all the scenes in 2D, that were obviously shot for 3D, was fun on a bizarre level though. Every few minutes you suddenly saw a senseless scene of a tentacle popping at the screen or slow motion water skiers or shit like that. But apart from that the film was boring. Oh well, I give bonus points for the pretty gruesome scene, where we see from inside his mouth, how the shark chomps on one of his victims.



    #00098 Eureka (Pilot) (TV/ 1st Time Viewing)
Nice, well made, but not outstanding pilot for a show, that promises to be lots of fun.



    #00099 Road House (DVD)
Still very enjoyable, although the middle part drags a lot.




    #00100 Transformers - Dark Of The Moon (Cinema/1st Time Viewing)
I really liked the first two movies. Yes, even the 2nd one. But the 3rd bored me to death, although I got the suspicion that it had something to do with the 3D, which forced me to stare blankly at the middle of the screen until I fell into some kind of trance. It's also pretty interesting that I enjoyed the first half more than the second, mostly because I love that weird parallel universe where the movies take place, in which apparently 90% of the earth population is insane! But as soon as they started to pay fanservice to the nerds, who think that SciFi/Fantasy films with a high bodycount and lots of 9/11 imagery are awesome, it started to bore me. I do appreciate though, that Michael Bay continued his plans to turn the TF series into the first Robosplatter ever, by letting the robots now even bleed when they get hit or dismembered.



    #00101 Piranha 3D in 2D (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Lean, mean, gory fun that exactly knows what it wants to be. I don't know if it planned to be a "homage movie" (like MACHETE or HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), but it hits all the right beats of several 80's splatter films, but also works as a modern film, which is maybe the reason why it succeeds in terms of being a homage more than anything Tarantino and Co have tried to do so far.



    #00102 Inception (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Seriously well made, with a clever execution of a not-as-clever-as-it-thinks concept. My problems were just that the Characters were absolutely boring and the heist left me surprisingly cold. Also the last ambigous shot of the spinning top cheapened the movie a little bit. And the whole subplot about Leo's dead wife just annoyed the shit out of me and felt unnecessasry tacked on. I would say it's Nolan's weakest Bat-less movie, but still a watchable one.



    #00103 Tangled (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
One of those movies, that have absolutely nothing new to say, but do it in a very entertaining way. It has everything you expect from an animated Disney fairy tale, right down to the singing and the funny animal sidekicks. They also added some modern, fast paced slapstick moments this time around, but without going Dreamworks-esque over the top. But the end result turned out to be very enjoyable. The gags work, the characters are sympathetic the animation is seriously beautiful and all in all I had a huge smile on my face from the beginning to the end.



    #00104 Wonder Woman (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
The only thing that really kept me away from totally enjoying that DTV cartoon, was that the writing felt seriously restrained and more like a low budget TV pilot. They gave us a story involving Gods and then do nothing with it. It was very entertaining though.



    #00105 Drive Angry (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Nice B-movie, that despite its goofiness never becomes too jokey. And whenever "The Accountant" was on screen, the film got fucking awesome!



    #00106 Jurassic Park (DVD)
Lost some of its magic during the years, but is still very watchable. Especially in the FX department.



    #00107 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (DVD)
Wow, I liked it a lot better when I was 15. Holy shit is this movie bad! Absolutely nothing makes sense and even Ian Malcolm became an unlikable moron.



    #00108 Sherlock - A Study In Pink (TV Recording/1st Time Viewing)
Seriously entertaining, although when the audience is able to solve the case long before Sherlock AND the police, the script might have a problem or two.

    #00109 Jurassic Park 3 (DVD)
Does everything the first two movies do in 30 minutes less, but without the annoying preachiness or turning all characters into brain dead morons. It's some nice fun.



    #00110 Wild At Heart (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Wow, that was even for David Lynch difficult to watch. Especially because every single actor in is was horrible! But because everybody gave a wooden performance here, I think it was the way Lynch intended it to be, to give it a surreal touch or something. The thing is, I don't regret that I have seen the movie and I wouldn't call it "bad". It was a very intense experience. But I don't think I will ever watch it again.



    #00111 The Hole (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Not Joe Dante's best work, but not bad either. The problem is, that it was clearly intended for a kids audience. And we are talking about an audience, who probably has never seen any horrorfilm, that came out before 1999, which make all the cliches seem new and interesting to them. But despite knowing in every second where the story was about to go, I was entertained. With a better script, this could have been awesome, but now it's just a very entertaining, family friendly scary movie. And it has a creepy clown doll! Creepy clown dolls make everything better!




    #00112 The Mighty Ducks (TV/1st Time Viewing)
I didn't expect anything else than a harmless and pretty bland underdog movie for the whole family and that's what I got. I was surprised though how choppy the whole movie felt in its first act. Also the movie fails to give any of the kids a memorable personality. It wasn't bad, but I prefer LITTLE GIANTS.



    #00113 Sherlock: The Blind Banker (TV Recording/1st Time Viewing)
Pretty much like part 1. Very enjoyable, but Sherlock seems to be dumber than the audience at times. (Duh, he came through the window!)

    #00114 The Magnificent Seven (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I was slightly disappointed. It has so many badass actors, but most of them never do anything badass. And to be honest, I think it was a mistake that we didn't get to learn more about each character of the seven, until the film was half over. That way it was pretty difficult to relate to any of them. At least the movie ended in a satisfying showdown.



    #00115 Rush Hour 2 (DVD)
Still very entertaining, despite some serious awkward racism and several plain dumb jokes.



    #00116 Sherlock: The Great Game (TV Recording/1st Time Viewing)
The first half of it was great, but the second half fell apart, especially when the last act revealed that the whole episode was more or less about nothing. They didn't even bother with giving us a real ending! I know, it's technically a TV series, but fucking Cliffhangers.



    #00117 Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Seriously awesome. Great actors, a script that is more clever than it seems and doesn't shy away from becoming pretty dark at times, but without spoiling the fun and a confident first time director. What else do you want?



    #00118 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (DVD)
I remember seeing this one in theatre as a kid! And you know what? It holds up surprisingly well. It takes its premise serious, without forgetting that it's supposed to be fun and the Turtle suits look surprisingly convincing. Not really realistic, but you the performers manage to move surprisingly natural in them and NOT like, well, performers in suits.




    #00119 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze (DVD)
This one doesn't hold up that well. The script feels seriously rushed and even the turtle suits look worse. At least David Warner is in it. He makes everything better.



    #00120 Hudson Hawk (DVD)
I should like this movie, but it is too random for me. Some single parts work very well, but as a whole it just falls flat.



    #00120 Super (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I love it! It's brillant. Yes, it's also a very depressing movie and I might like it a little bit better if it would be played more serious, but I think that this is my favourite movie of the year so far.



    #00121 Firefly: Serenity (Pilot) (DVD)
I hated it the first time, but watching it for a second time, it was good enough to give the rest of the series a try.



    #00122 The Straight Story (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Many people say that this is an untypical David Lynch film, but they are wrong. Already the first scene is pure Lynch and the Lynch-ness doesn't stop here (Remember the deer woman?). Apart from that it's a nice little movie, well put together, touching and entertaining.



    #00123 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (DVD)
There is not much excitement in this one, but it's slightly better than part 2. Mostly because the story is more focused. It's also nice that they gave Elias Koteas two roles, since they forgot to put him in part 2. But the new Turtle suits, that were made without Jim Henson's Creature Shop, look awful!



    #00124 Serenity (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
An okay movie of an okay TV show. It has some gaping plotholes though, but all in all it's enjoyable and looks pretty nice for its low budget.



    #00125 Josie & The Pussycats (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Some people recommended that to recently and they were right. It's more fun as expected and also surprisingly clever (and dark) in its use of product placement. It's no masterpiece, but a lot better than its reputation. I guess it was just misunderstood. Oh, and it has lots of jiggling, if you know what I mean.



    #00126 Das Gasthaus an der Themse (TV Recording/1st Time Viewing)
One of the legendary German Edgar Wallace movies from the 60's. As far as I know, it was the commercially most successful one, but for me it didn't work. The script was all over the place and I prefer my Edgar Wallace movie with killers in crazier costumes than just a wetsuit.



    #00127 Der Zinker (1931 version) (TV recording/1st Time Viewing)
This was the first Edgar Wallace movie ever and supposed to be lost until 1999, when a copy of it was discovered somewhere by someone. Now the fully restored version was for the first time on TV, but I think they did a horrible job with the sound. The score, which was an all new recording, was so fucking loud, that I couldn't understand what was going on most of the time. But from a film historic p.o.v., it was interesting to watch.



    #00128 Die 1000 Augen des Dr Mabuse (TV recording/1st Time Viewing)
After an interesting start it started to drag, because the movie focused too much on a love story, but as soon as it became clear, what it had to do with the main plot, it became seriously awesome! And great job in hiding the identity of the main villain!




    #00129 Phineas & Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension (TV recording/1st Time Viewing)
I slowly warmed up to the show over the last few months, but even for me as a casual fan, the movie is a minor disappointment. For something that is supposed to be their biggest adventure, it feels pretty undercooked at times. There are some nice touches, like when Perry tries to keep Phineas & Ferb from fixing Dr Doofenschmirtz's -inator, while trying to not blow his cover or when Candace briefly mentions that she constantly tries to bust her brothers, because she wants to protect them and not because she's a mean bitch. But I don't know, man, it lacked much of the insane fun of the series and the inevitable cop out ending drags the whole thing down a little bit more. Before the movie, the channel aired SUMMER BELONGS TO YOU, which is a 40 minutes long special, but despite being only half as long as 2ND DIMENSION, works much better as special event within the series, thanks to a high fun factor and a bigger scope in terms of story and characters.

    #00130 Step Up 3 (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
The same people who recommended JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS to me, also recommended this one and they were right again. It's a stupid movie, that uses way too many lame cliches of this subgenre, but its insanity and brillantly staged dance scenes made totally up for that. I had a smile on my face for at least 2/3 or its runtime and man, I wish I would have seen this in its theatrical 3D version. I heard it looked great!



    #00131 Deep Blue Sea (DVD)
So much fun. One of my favourite people-trapped-in-building-with-one-or-more-deadly-creatures B-movies. Sure, the FX are sometimes a little bit dodgy and you can't tell me that even the most intelligent shark could come up with such a great plan, just to lower a fence, but that's just part of the fun!



    #00132 Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Well, I liked it, but not as much as I liked the first three. I pretty much kept thinking all the time "I wonder how much cooler this scene would have been, if Gore Verbinski had directed it". Oh well, it was okay for an entertaining afternoon view, but if you would ask me for any memorable scenes, I had to think for a few seconds.

    #00133 Fast Five (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I don't get it. The F&F series should by now be in crappy-DTV-sequels-with-pretty-but-untalented-first-time-actors land, but instead it decided to finally become really good and has added an impressive cast! I think I liked part 4 a little bit better, but part 5 is definitely a good one.



    #00134 Hoffa (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
It always amazes me what a great and most of all visually inventive director Danny DeVito is. This sticks out of his directorial filmography, for being a serious biopic, but it's nonetheless a good one. Full of great performances and engaging to the end. It has some dramaturgical flaws, though. It's never clear how much time passed by. If the characters wouldn't end up grey and old in the end, it all could have take place within less than two months. But yes, here we have another great Danny DeVito joint. (With the weirdest Tim Burton cameo ever!)



    #00135 Robocop (DVD)
I don't think I have to say anything further about it. So much better than any movie with such a title has the right to be.



    #00136 Centurion (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A nice, little men-on-the-run movie. It could have been a little bit more suspenseful, but for what it was, it was good enough.



    #00137 Slap Shot (TV/1st Time Viewing)
While there is lots of stuff to like (the Hanson Brothers, pretty much every ice hockey scene), I don't think it has aged that well. There is way too idling between the good and most of all the movie is so fucking 70's that it hurts. I mean, this is supposed to be a badass comedy about a rough men's sport, but it's stuffed with a horrible Disco soundtrack and in one scene Paul Newman wears horrible checkered old man golf pants and it is supposed to make him look cool! It doesn't! The 70's fashion seriously managed to make Paul Newman look uncool! I heard there is a remake coming up and I'm not against it.

    #00138 Sudden Death (TV)
In my opinion the best DIE HARD rip-off, thanks to its professional directing, awesome camera work and weird humor.



    #00139 Niagara (TV recording/1st Time Viewing)
I didn't know anything about it when I watched it and it was a pretty rewarding experience, even though some twists were way too easy to figure out. But come on, an tightly paced minutes long simple-murder-gone-wrong movie with Marylin Monroe, a great Joseph Cotton and an exciting finale. What's not to like about it?

    #00140 Vampire In Brooklyn (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Not s bad as its reputation, but not very good either. Murphy makes a surprisingly good villain, but the movie never lives up to its potential. Also too many things in this, smell of re-shoots. Especially the parts where Murphy plays a preacher and an italian gangster. I like they they justified the use of the typical Murphy make-up showcases this time, by having his character transform into other people, but those 10 minutes feel like out of a completely different movie.



    #00141 True Grit (Coen Version) (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I liked it. It was entertaining and touching. Not one of the best Coen efforts, but I wouldn't be surprised if I learn to like this one even better after repeated viewing.



    #00142 Scooby Doo - Legend Of The Phantosaur (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Y'know, the current animated DTV output of SCOOBY DOO is seriously good! After ABRACADABRA-DOO and CAMP SCARE this is now the 3rd one that convinces through some nice animation and most of all a good script, that plays and extends the typical formula, but also treats it and the characters with respect.



    #00143 Dance Of The Vampires a.k.a. the Fearless Vampire Killers (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Not bad. It takes a while till it gets started, but then it works pretty well. I'm not sure what to think about the out of the blue downer ending, though. But it's a good movie.

part 2

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 6:17 am
by Al Shut
Finally no longer under construction with a lot of revised ratings and in some kind of ranking order

47. How to Train Your Dragon (07.04 DVD 5/5): Wow! I know I read a lot of positive things about this but holy cow that was good.

2. La reine Margot (02.01 TV 4.5/5): Looses a lot of steam after the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre.

19. The Bank Job (24.01 TV 4.5/5)

23. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (31.01 DVD 4.5/5): Now that's a movie I'd want to see in 3D

33. Shutter Island (08.03 DVD 4.5/5)

39. District 9 (22.03 DVD 4.5/5): Usually I'm not fond of pseudo docu style, not this time though. Maybe I liked the first half hour even better than the rest.

41. OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions (26.03 TV 4.5/5): Arch-moronic and hilarious

73. Gran Torino (27.06 TV 4.5/5)

Somewhere between Excellent and Good
25. Ip Man (02.02 TV 4/5): If I had known Ip Man was a Chinese name and not a superhero name I probably would have seen this earlier :oops:

27. L'emmerdeur (05.02 TV 4/5): Liked it a lot more than the premise let me to believe.

28. Seraphim Falls (07.02 TV 4/5): Pierce Brosnan warms his hands in the guts of his enemies. I like it.

34. RocknRolla (15.03 DVD 4/5): Tasty soup

35. Das Weiße Band (19.03 DVD 4/5)

44. Le petit Nicolas (02.04 DVD 4/5): I kind of missed the breathlesness(?) of the source material, still highly entertaining

61. The Butterfly Effect (02.06 TV 4/5): Aston Kutcher doesn't annoy me when he's not playing a doofus. Who knew?

63. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (04.06 TV 4/5)

87. True Grit (09.09 DVD 4/5): Left me with the desire for a Coen Brothers directed Treasure Island. :?

100. Valkyrie (01.11 TV 4/5)

104. Sucker Punch (08.11 DVD 4/5)

109. Nanny McPhee (19.11 TV 4/5): Incest? :lol:

117 Thor (08.12 DVD 4/5)

123. Hanna (17.12 DVD 4/5)

129. Vertige (25.12 TV 4/5): Does for acrophobia what The Descent did for claustrophobia

133. State of Play (29.12 TV 4/5)

136. Tideland (31.12 DVD 4/5)

Liked it/Good
1. Nordwand (01.01 TV 3.5/5): Florian Lucas might well be one of my favourite German actor

11. Micmacs à tire-larigot (14.01 DVD 3.5/5)

12. The Green Hornet (14.01 Cinema 2d 3.5/5)

14. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (20.01 DVD 3.5/5)

20. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (27.01 TV 3.5/5)

29. The Tournament (10.02 DVD 3.5/5)

32. Thank you for Smoking (06.03 TV 3.5/5)

36. Burn After Reading (20.03 DVD 3.5/5)

40. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (24.03 TV 3.5/5)

45. Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (02.04 DVD 3.5/5)

51. Wanted (24.04 TV 3.5/5)

62. The Book of Eli (03.06 DVD 3.5/5)

66. Princess (09.06 TV 3.5/5): Points deducted for the ending. :?

67. Saw IV (12.06 TV 3.5/5): Given the benefit of the doubt that it would play better if I could actually remember part 3

68. Saw V (13.06 TV 3.5/5): This time my memory was way clearer but this movie was less interesting.

71. In Bruges (23.06 TV 3.5/5)

74. Touch of Evil (11.07 TV subtitled 3.5/5)

76. In Drei Tagen bist du Tod 2 (14.07 TV 3.5/5)

77. Mikro eglima (21.07 TV 3.5/5)

79. Push (30.07 TV 3.5/5)

84. Michael Clayton (25.08 TV 3.5/5)

85. How to steal a million (28.08 TV 3.5/5)

86. The Hangover (04.09 TV 3.5/5)

89. Woochi (17.09 DVD 3.5/5)

91. Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse (23.09 TV 3.5/5): Did the don't waste a nanosecond editing of the beginning stop or did I just stop noticing? Anyway I liked that a lot.

93. After the Sunset (01.10 TV 3.5/5)

96. Astroboy (08.10 TV 3.5/5)

97. Fool’s Gold (22.10 TV 3.5/5)

101. X-Men: First Class (04.11 DVD 3.5/5)

107. Neue Vahr Süd (14.11 TV 3.5/5)

108. The Duchess (17.11 TV 3.5/5): Not to sound insensitive but can the fact that Ralph Fiennes isn't shagging Keira Knightley 24/7 be considered a plot hole?

111. Sherlock Holmes (22.11 DVD 3.5/5): Solid entertainment. The French henchman distracted me because I thought he looked like Franck Ribery (famous soccer player, nevermind)

112. Il Divo (28.11 TV 3.5/5)

113. Autoreiji (30.11 DVD 3.5/5): Not for the squeamish. Let Takeshi Kitano shoot a yakuza movie and no finger is safe.

116. Iron Man 2 (06.12 DVD 3.5/5)

119. Out of Time (10.12 TV 3.5/5)

121. Myrin (13.12 TV 3.5/5)

124. Die Päbstin (19.12 TV 3.5/5)

125. Tri orisky pro Popelku (24.12 TV 3.5/5): Cinderella was a crossbow marksman. Who knew?

127. The Man Who Would Be King (24.12 TV 3.5/5): Featuring a ruby the size of a tangerine. Nice

132. Slumdog Millionaire (29.12 DVD 3.5/5)

134. Race to Witch Mountain (30.12 TV 3.5/5)

135, The Secret of Moonacre (31.12 TV 3.5/5)

Good in parts
9. Inkheart (13.01 TV 3/5): Suffers a good deal from I liked the book better syndrome

13. Restrisiko (18.01 TV 3/5)

16. The Turn of the Screw (2009) (21.01 TV 3/5)

18. Tropic Thunder (23.01 TV 3/5)

21. Cargo (28.01 DVD 3/5)

22. Le déclin de l'empire américain (30.01 TV 3/5)

24. Schloss Vogeloed (31.01 TV 3/5)

26. Lucky Luke (2009) (04.02 DVD 3/5): Only on occasion catches the spirit and tone of the comics. Not exactly what I wanted but not that bad on it's own.

30. Kick Ass (17.02 DVD 3/5)

42. Twilight (2008) (27.03 TV 3/5): Not in a million years I would have thought that all that talk about sparkling vampires was literal.

43. Cry Wolf (01.04 TV 3/5)

52. Krabat (25.04 TV 3/5)

53. Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (25.04 TV 3/5)

55. Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kaspar (10.05 TV 3/5)

57. Combien tu m'aimes? (17.05 TV 3/5)

58. Puen yai jon salad (20.05 TV 3/5)

59. The International (22.05 TV 3/5): Not good but not as bad as a lot of people seemed to have found it.

65. Machete (05.06 DVD 3/5)

69. Shallow Ground (15.06 DVD 3/5)

70. My Name is Bruce (21.06 3/5)

72. Banlieu 13: Ultimatum (25.06 TV 3/5)

78. Château en Suède (2008) (22.07 TV 3/5)

80. Der Schatz der Azteken (31.07 TV 3/5)

81. Die Pyramide des Sonnengottes (31.07 TV 3/5)

82. Das schwarze Schaf (13.08 TV 3/5): Listed despite the nagging feeling that I've seen it years ago.

83. Free Rainer (20.08 TV 3/5): A bit disappointing. Or as one of the characters put it 'TV makes dumb. Huge revelation.'

94. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (02.10 TV 3/5): Certainly looked gorgeous.

99. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (23.10 TV 3/5)

102. St. Trininan’s (06.11 TV 3/5)

105. Kaw (12.11 TV 3/5)

110. Wall-E (20.11 TV 3/5): The 3 is given kind of grudgingly for the visuals, after all the praise I'm seriously disappointed.

114. Awake (03.12 TV 3/5)

115. Public Enemies (05.12 TV 3/5)

120. Leatherheads (11.12 TV 3/5)

122. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (15.12 DVD 3/5)

126. Der Eisenhans (24.12 TV 3/5)

128. The Town (25.12 DVD 3/5)

131. Captain America: The First Avenger (27.12 DVD 3/5)

Why am I watching this?
3. La putain du roi (06.01 TV 2.5/5)

5. The Haunting of Molly Hartley (08.01 TV 2.5/5)

6. Kill Theory (08.01 TV 2.5/5)

7. Hancock (09.01 TV 2.5/5)

8. La veuve de Saint-Pierre (10.01 TV 2.5/5)

38. Bangkok Dangerous (20.03 TV 2.5/5)

46. 21 (03.04 TV 2.5/5)

48. Vivace (15.04 TV 2.5/5)

54. Bella Martha (08.05 TV 2.5/5)

64. Barnyard (05.06 TV 2.5/5): Is much funnier as a TV show

88. What just happened (11.09 TV 2.5/5)

92. Das Gasthaus an der Themse (26.09.11 2.5/5)

95. Isenhart- Die Jagd auf den Seelenfänger (03.10 TV 2.5/5)

98. Transporter 3 (23.10 TV 2.5/5)

103. Angels & Demons (06.11 TV 2.5/5)

106. Knowing (13.11 TV 2.5/5): I've seen more movies in my life than I can count but this must be the first time I saw a burning moose. Somehow stuck with me.

118. Die Stunde des Wolfes (09.12 TV 2.5/5)

37. Eagle Eye (20.03 TV 2/5): Most of the movie made my bullshit sense tingle

50. Quantum of Solace (24.04 TV 2/5)

60. Lesbian Vampire Killers (28.05 TV 2/5)

130. Taken (26.12 TV 2/5): I don't know what it is I didn't like about this :?

17. Prophecy (22.01 TV 1.5/5)

56. Paksa wayu (14.05 TV 1.5/5)

90. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (19.09 TV 1.5/5): I've been warned I'd hate this if I didn't like the first one, but of course I didn't listen. Half a point better than the Spirit because I like the score.

Absolute Shit
49. The Spirit (23.04 TV 1/5): Good grief! :shock:

31. There will be Blood (04.03 DVD 0/5): Imagine this movie was a milkshake. I don't like milkshakes.

75. Shamo (14.07 DVD 0/5): I honestly don't know how to rate this. On it's own I'd say slightly positive, mainly for Francis Ng and Bruce Leung, with lots of wasted potential to be a better movie. As an adaptation the wasted potential ways more heavily, rarely it reaches the bite of the original manga that I quite enjoyed and culminates in an ending that contains a story change that send me into a spastic fit of anger. Seriously DON'T change everything that defines the main character and that set the work apart from others in the first place. edit: I came to the conclusion that my wrath is justified.

Don't know hot to rate this
4. Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem (07.01 TV ?/5): Defies rating as it freely oscillates between intentionally awful and coincidentally brilliant, when it's not both at the same time. Early contender for my weirdest movie I've seen all year award.

10. 00 Schneider - Jagd auf Nihil Baxter (13.01 TV ?/5): See my comments for movie 4, only a bit stronger which makes the movie either better or worse.

15. Praxis Dr. Hasenbein (20.01 TV ?/5): Lord have mercy with everyone who dares to watch this. Mercy, mercy popercy.

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by Fried Gold
Banana hammock.


The Phantom Menace
Tron Legacy
The King's Speech

Days of Heaven
True Grit
Never Let Me Go


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by stereosforgeeks

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by darkjedijaina

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:21 pm
by Pacino86845
Damn it I got down-graded from 2nd to 11th!

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:26 am
by bastard_robo


First time views in Technicolor Blue

January 1st:
January 2nd:
Back to the Future
January 4th:
Easy A
January 7th:
Season of the Witch
January 9th:
Country Strong
January 11th:
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Complete
January 12th:
Speed Racer
O Brother Were Art Thou
January 13th:
The Big Lewbowski
January 14th:
Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
January 15th:
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
January 16th:
The Thing
The Dilemma
Planet of the Apes
January 17th:
January 18th:
The Green Hornet
January 20th:
American Graffitie
Animal House

January 26th:
Wild at Heart
True Romance
January 29th:
It's Kind of a Funny Story
January 30th:
Sukiyaki Western Django
Godzilla Final Wars
The Seventh Curse
February 13th:
Alice in Wonderland (2010)
The Mechanic
The Castle of Cagliostro

February 20th:
February 25th:
Drive Angry
Summer Wars
February 27th:
Kung Pow
I Am Number 4
March 1st:
Drive Angry
March 6th:
Adjustment Bureau
Legend of the Fist
March 11th:
Battle Los Angeles
March 12th:
March 13th:
March 20th:
March 25th:
Sucker Punch
March 27th:
Lincoln Lawyer
This Is Spinal Tap
March 28th:
Sex Drive
April 1st:
Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair
April 3rd:
Alien vs Ninja
April 7th:
The Twilight Zone movie
April 9th:
April 10th:
Your Highness

April 12th:
Mystery Team
April 13th:
Prey for Death
April 14th:
The Howling
Hunter Prey
True Legend
Hobo With A Shotgun

April 16th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
April 17th:
Omega man
April 20th:
April 21th
April 24th:
April 30th:
Fast Five
May 1st:
Fast Five
May 2nd:
May 3rd:
Troll Hunter

May 4th:
Fast Five
May 7th:
May 10th:
O Brother Were Art Thou
May 15th:
I Saw the Devil

May 18th:
May 19th:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Water for Elephants
May 22nd:
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
May 25th:
May 26th:
Muay Thai Giant (Som Tam)
The Hangover Part 2

May 28th:
Transcendent Man
Ultraman Zero: The Movie

May 29th:
Hangover Part 2
May 30th:
Defending Your Life
June 3rd:
X-Men First Class
June 5th:
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
June 7th:
Hangover Part 2
June 12th:
Jackass 3D
Take Me Home Tonight

June 13th:
June 16th:
13 Assassins
June 19th:
Super 8
June 20th:
Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit
June 21st:
Karate Robo Zabogar
June 22nd:
American Grindhouse
The Goods
June 25th:
Escape from New York
Green Lantern
June 26th:
The Rocketeer
June 28th:
Robo Geisha
Transformers Dark of the Moon

June 30th:
Bad Teacher
X-Men Fist Class
July 3rd:
July 5th:
Green Lantern
July 10th:
Horrible Bosses
July 15th:
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt 2
July 22nd:
Howls Moving Castle
July 25th:
Captain America: The First Avenger
August 1st:
Ghost and the Darkness
Ausust 2nd:
Cowboys and Aliens

August 6th:
Rise of the Planet of the Apes

August 7th:
The Change Up
August 10th:
The Dark Knight
August 16:
I Love you Phillip Morris
August 20th:
Attack the Block
August 21st:
Conan the Barbarian (2011)
War of the Gargantuas
War of the Gargantuas

August 25th:
Raising Arizona
August 26th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
August 27th:
August 28th:
Godzilla vs Megagirius
Everything Must Go

September 2nd:
Batman Under the Red Hood
King Kong vs Godzilla
September 9th:
September 11th:
September 13th:
September 18th:
Red State

September 23rd:
Conan O'Brian Can't Stop
September 28th:
October 1st:
October 6th:
Killer Elite
The Hills Have Eyes 2

Ocotober 12th:
Real Steel
October 15th:
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
The Last Exorcism
Mayor of the Sunset Strip

October 16th:
Money Ball
October 18th:
Funny Games
Superman/Batman Apocalypse
Paranormal Activity 2
October 19th:
The Thing (2011)
October 20th:
Superman/Batman Public Enemies
October 21st:
Paranormal Activity 3
October 23rd:
The Three Musketeers
October 30th:
Rum Diary
November 8th:
Tower Heist
Cars 2

November 10th:
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
November 13th:
Godzilla vs Gigan
November 17th:
Jack and Jill
November 19th:
Tower Hiest
November 25th:
Dyan Dog: Dead of Night
November 26th:
The Big Lebowski
November 27:
Captain America The First Avenger
My Week with Marylin
November 29th:
The Muppets
December 2nd:
December 4th:
The Descendants
December 9th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
December 10th:
Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie
December 11th:
The Sitter
December 14th:
Fright Night (2011)
December 16th:
Pearl Jam 20
December 18th:
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
Young Adult

December 25th:
Rare Exports
Bart Got A Room

December 26th:
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
December 90th:
Super Troopers
December 31st:

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:55 pm
by Leckomaniac
I am going to try and actually keep up with it this year. I did so well previous years, but 2010 was a disaster.

Blue Valentine

Jane Eyre
Super 8
X-Men: First Class

POTC: On Stranger Tides

Green Lantern


Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:20 pm
by Retardo_Montalban

Sons of Perdition (Documentary) - 8/10
The Fighter (Sports/Drama) - 9/10
127 Hours (Survival/Drama) - 7.5/10

It's been a dry month for action and comedies.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:52 pm
by so sorry

I hearby decree that I will watch 10 movies this year, thus doubling my movie intake from 2009 :oops:

Inception 7/10
Bad Lieutentent (Nic Cage version) 6/10
GI JOE, Rise of Cobra 3/10
Tokyo Gore Police 1/10
District 9 8/10

Iron Man 2 6/10
Ong Bak2 4/10 (10/10 if viewing fight scenes alone)
A Prophet 7/10
Expendables 4/10

The Outsiders (special/extended edition) 8/10
The Social Network 7/10
Red Dawn 7/10

Valhala Rising 5/10
Avatar 4/10 (unless I need to fall asleep fast, in which case 10/10!)

The Other Guys (6/10)

Captain America (6/10)

True Grit (7/10)
The Fighter (7/10)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (7/10)

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:56 pm
by Maui
Maui's Movie Madness 2011


Jan 1: Never Let Me Go
Jan 2: Black Swan
Jan 8: MegaMind
Jan 10: The Fighter
Jan 14: The King's Speech
Jan 15: 127 Hours
Feb 2: Let Me In
Feb 4: True Grit


Jan 30: Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Feb 1: Mean Girls 2


Feb 5: The Green Hornet

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:12 pm
by Bayouwolf
Here be the film journal of the one they call Bayouwolf

First time views imbiggened and bolded...


Valhalla Rising / Visually visceral. The film just never lets up. (8/10)
Heavy Metal / Most of this is forgettable except for the gratuitous nudity...which will never be forgotten. (6/10)
Exit through the gift shop / After watching this, I gotta wonder if any street artist will ever have credibility again. (9/10)
Deep Star Six / I honestly thought this was Leviathan, and Leviathan was this one. It was the lack of Peter Weller that clued me in. (5/10)
Outbreak / With so many reasons to be right (all star cast, huge budget, great story line), it has to be one of the worst thrillers ever made (3/10)
Chicago / Catherine Zeta-Jones, you had me at Cicero...Rene Zellwegger, um...well, lets just keep focus on Mrs. Douglas, shall we... (8/10)

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:32 am
by BuckyO'harre
Project A-ko
Crystal Triangle
The Gauntlet
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
12 Angry Men (1957)
Miller's Crossing
The Rookie (1990)
Brain Donors
Barton Fink
Cutter's Way
Shaun of the Dead
Blood Simple
How to Steal a Million
Shock Corridor
Blade Runner (Final Cut)
Valdez Is Coming
One,Two,Three (1961)
Asterix The Gaul
Psycho (1960)
The Social Network
Get Low
Blue Velvet
Jackie Brown
A Clockwork Orange
Aguirre,the Wrath of God
Days of Heaven
Gone with the Wind

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Double Indemnity (1944)
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Great Dictator
A Fish Called Wanda
Black Swan (2010)
Winter's Bone
The Black Swan (1942)
Rancho Notorious
Major Dundee
The Stranger (1946)
Unfaithfully Yours (1948)
The Illusionist (L'illusionniste)
Port of Shadows (Le quai des brumes)
A Single Man
Apocalypse Now Redux
All Star Superman
The Big Country
Easy Virtue
Roman Holiday
The King's Speech
Blackboard Jungle

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The Last Picture Show
The Hurt Locker
Seven Samurai
The Deer Hunter
The Five Pennies
127 Hours
Henry V (1944)
At War with the Army
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Is Paris Burning?
Dial M for Murder
The Ruling Class
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
The Big Sleep
Ed Wood
The French Connection
Howl's Moving Castle
Dog Day Afternoon
The Hudsucker Proxy
All That Heaven Allows
The Age of Innocence
Notorious (1946)
Jane Eyre (2011)
The Graduate
Aliens (Special Edition)
National Lampoon's Animal House
Alfie (1966)
The Importance of Being Ernest (1952)
Funny Face
Heaven Can Wait (1943)

Source Code
Lonely are the Brave
Cape Fear (1962)
White Heat
The Brothers Bloom
The Ox-Bow Incident
Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest
Come Back,Little Sheba (1952)
Anatomy of a Murder
The New World
Doctor Zhivago (1965)
The Flowers of St. Francis
A Boy and His Dog
Pirate Radio
The Good Earth
The White Ribbon (Das weiße Band)
House (Hausu)
Angel's Egg
The Red Badge of Courage
The Shooting Party
A History of Violence
Rebecca (1940)
Win Win
College (1927)
The Entertainer (1960)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
The Harder They Fall
The China Syndrome
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Bad Company (1972)
The Grapes of Wrath

Glenngary Glen Ross
Modern Times
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
The Man Who Laughs
Going My Way
Hard Boiled
On the Waterfront
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Mulholland Dr.
Meek's Cutoff
Straw Dogs (1971)
Das Boot (Director's Cut)
To Be or Not to Be (1942)
Annie Hall
Reservoir Dogs
Once Upon a Time in China
Family Business
Sling Blade
Attack the Block
Fire and Ice (1983)
Run Lola Run

Barry Lyndon
Le Samourai
X-men: First Class
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
Altered States
Bubba Ho-tep
The Old Man and the Sea (1958)
The Long Riders
The Killers (1946)
Super 8
The Hustler
They Might Be Giants
Chasing Amy
You Can't Take It With You
Singin' in the Rain
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)
Green Lantern
Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Donnie Darko (Director's Cut)
City Lights
Eyes Without a Face
The Lady from Shanghai
The Tree of Life (2011)
Wings of Desire
Faraway,So Close!
Faust (1926)
Murder By Death
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête -1946)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Wait Until Dark
Strangers on a Train
Midnight Cowboy
Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Sunset Boulevard
Withnail & I
Hobo with a Shotgun
Anna Karenina
Midnight Run
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
True Romance
Let the Right One In
Let Me In
Hudson Hawk
Joe Kidd
The Shining
Two Mules for Sister Sara
El Topo
Captain America: The First Avenger
Easy Rider
Full Metal Jacket
The Evil Dead
The Last Temptation of Christ
Light Years (Gandahar)
The Mosquito Coast
Metropolis (2001)
Cowboys and Aliens
The Defiant Ones
Escape from New York

The 400 Blows
Mad Max
Simon of the Desert (Simón del desierto)
The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Every Which Way but Loose
Bad Day at Black Rock
In the Heat of the Night
El Cid
In Cold Blood
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Do the Right Thing
Say Anything
Body Double
Treasure Island
Planes,Tranes,and Automobiles
Tokyo Story

The Fallen Idol
V for Vendetta
Rear Window
The Reader
The Leopard (Il gattopardo)
Executive Suite
Blood and Sand
The Wages of Fear
Black Orpheus
Black Rain (Kuroi ame)
The Furies
As You Like It
Bright Young Things
East of Eden
Erik the Viking (Director's Son's Cut)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Run Silent, Run Deep
Ray (Extended version)
Slap Shot
The Debt (2011)
Rocky Balboa
The Scarlet Empress
The Thief of Bagdad
The Letter (1940)
Bull Durham
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

An American Werewolf in London
Jack Goes Boating
The Guard
The Life of Emile Zola
The Black Hole
Fish Tank
Black Widow (1954)
Doctor Faustus
Destry Rides Again
Brideshead Revisited
The Taming of the Shrew
Hannah and Her Sisters
Ip Man
Batman: Year One
Red Cliff 2
The Boys From Brazil
How Green Was My Valley
Blithe Spirit
For a Few Dollars More
This is Spinal Tap
The Last Emperor
High Plains Drifter
The Aviator
The Jazz Singer
Halloween (1978)

Rosemary's Baby
Bonnie and Clyde
Body Heat
The Rum Diary
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Thin Red Line
Grand Hotel
Von Ryan's Express
Fatal Attraction (1987)
The Great Gatsby (1974)
J. Edgar
Mrs. Henderson Presents
Anastasia (1956)
Gigi (1958)
Blue Valentine
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Battleship Potemkin
Where the Wild Things Are
Mean Streets
The Muppet Movie
The Great Muppet Caper
The Muppets
The Muppets Take Manhattan
A Star is Born (1937)
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Bringing Up Baby
Sidewalks of London
Sita Sings the Blues

Martha Marcy Mae Marlene
Arthur (1981)
The Godfather
The Godfather Part II
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
The Birth of a Nation
Design for Living
The Good,the Bad and the Ugly
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Wicker Man (1973)
Johnny Dangerously
Revolutionary Road
La Vie En Rose
My Neighbor Totoro
The Four Feathers (1939)
Plague Dogs
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
A Farewell to Arms (1932)
The City of Lost Children
Ninja Scroll
Cannibal! The Musical
War Horse
Breakfast at Tiffany's
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Adventures of Tintin
Midnight in Paris

Films watched=379

* Titles missing due to accidental list deletion

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:47 am
by buster00
Why mess with tradition? Here's mine:




Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


Inception (7/10)


Thor (10/10)

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:05 pm
by Hermanator X

Curse of the were-rabbit (Wallace and Gromit, caught it on TV. Couldnt take my eyes off it, and laughed from start to finish.)

Total Recall - You should never go back. Some nice effects work but a woeful movie.

The Shield Season's 2 and 3 - Picked up the first couple of boxsets for these as they are fairly cheap now. Really enjoying it so far, and while it has bugnuts time issues, its a nice fast paced show. Interesting characters, and nice story progression.

The Social Network - I loved it, and im long since past expecting any movie to be a worthy historical document. We have documentarys for that. Engrossed all the way through, and surprisingly a score to give TRON Legacy a run for its money.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:12 pm
by King Of Nowhere
fuck it

DVD (purchase, rental or stream)

Highlander: The Search For Vengeance Best Highlander since the 1st, but that's not saying much.
Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story 10 years to late
Stalker Quite good, I got Roadside Picnic (the book it was based on) for xmas as well & finished it before i watched the movie.
Two For the Money It was a rental, i'm not that stupid.
A New Hope (special edition)
The Empire Strikes Back (special edition)

Mighty Ducks 1,2 & 3 Fucking brilliant movies. The second one is a lot more like Rocky 4 than i remembered.
Drawing Flies
Cop Out
Mystery, Alaska

Ghostbusters II Better than i remembered it being, but the guy from Dracula: Dead & Loving It and Ally McBeal still gets on my tits.
Drawing Flies
Zack & Miri Make a Porno

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (in 2D) Was surprisingly good. Wrapped up Costas Mandylor's story quite well.
The Last Exorcism Low budget, semi-original idea & more religious imagery than you can shake a stick at. Maybe the best of the recent "found footage" movies. I did ask my self "why the fuck would they shoot filler shots of the moon when they're supposed to be sleeping" so maybe not a 10 out of 10, but close.
Alien 3 (900 hour long version) Better than i remembered it being. That last bit with Ripley falling into the fire looks a bit iffy in 1080p.
Let Me In Should've ended once the kid got his revenge. Never seen the original, i don't think i'll bother.
Sorority Row Another remake. Stupid as fuck, but the 5 mins where Carrie Fisher runs around with a shotgun kick ass.
A Nightmare on Elm Street Another remake. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad. I liked the main characters, which is more than i can say for any of the other Platinum Dunes movies. They fucked up Freddy by taking the "let's make him look like a burn victim, but not too much like a burn victim" path. For a man who was burned to death via a gallon of petrol, it's safe to say the flesh would be long gone. They did go full pedo with the character, but by the time you find out, it has no effect on the events to come.
M. Night Thingy presents: Devil A shitty remake of Die Hard. They have Satan instead of Hans Gruber & stereotypes instead of everything that made Die Hard good.
Wes Craven's My Soul To Take Wes Craven's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (his least favourite Elm Street movie). He should've extended that hiatus.
Scream Plays more & more like a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street every time i see it. He replaced Freddy with two teens & tries to pass it off as a send up of the genre. When it works, it's good. When it doesn't, i begin wondering if this was when Craven ran out of ideas.

The Good The Bad & The Weird Second viewing. I wish more movies were like this.
Die Hard With a Vengeance I've watched this more than the original. reminds me of playing Die Hard Trilogy on the playstation (fifteen years ago? fuckin hell). I like it because it's not a re-tread of the original at all. It continues the story, but it doesn't repeat things (like Die Harder tried to). Simon is a great bad guy, but for different reasons than Hans was. As far as enjoyment goes, I'd say it's on par with the original.
The Social Network You know what everyone was saying about Scot Pilgrim? All the characters were assholes, you can't root for anyone because you can't relate to them... That's what's going on with this. The only person who doesn't come off as an asshole is Garfield. He comes of as incompetent (a business man who does not have his own lawyers read contracts before he signs them? Even worse, he's not sure who his own lawyers are).
I don't rate movies because it's ridiculous comparing something like SAW 3D to this, I'm watching them for different reasons.
But this and Let Me In are two movies im not sure if i like or hate. They were worth watching, and i've thought about them both quite a bit afterwards, but i'm still not sure i enjoyed them.
Cube 2: Hypercube
Cube Zero
Untitled (the 4 hour long cut of Almost Famous)

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Black Dynamite
The Expendables

Nothing but good movies this month.
H@rry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Human Centipede: First Sequence
Fuck this film. Seriously, fuck it. Ruined an almost perfect month of movies. If i ever find the thread for it, i'll go fucking mental thinking about how bad it was in order to write a review.

Doomsday I wanted to like it a lot more than i did.
The Prestige Good, but still doesn't beat Insomnia for the title of "fav Nolan film". Actually, it could've done with some Pacino.
Family Business Not half as good as it should have been. Great cast though & let's not forget this line
Dune Fried Gold said it'd be better to watch it in parts now & then, it isn't. Showcases almost everything i hate about Sting, so it does have some value. Maybe i'm biased, I only like Kyle MacLachlan in movies with strippers who kill people.

Scream 4
In the Mouth of Madness
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
Conan the Barbarian
The Day The Earth Stood Still & Said "Whoa, Dude, Awesome Nanobots!"
Sucker Punch

Game of Death

Interview With a vampire
Die Hard
Die Harder
Die Hard With a Vengeance
Die Hard 4.0
Source Code
Short Circuit
Project X
Christmas Vacation
Planet of the Apes
X-Men: First Class
Going the Distance
Star Trek 5
Star Trek 6
Teh Blob

Deathly Hallows 2: Deathlier Hallowier Not enough Luna
Shaun of the Dead
Predator (plastic Ahnold version)
The Green Mile
Poltergeist 2

Fist of Fury
First Blood


The Acid House
Winona is insanely hot when she's turning into a vampire. The score is worse than i remember it being & Annie Lennox's song could've done with some more synths.
Tron Legacy
Office Space
London Boulevard
Blade Runner
The Shining
Sleepaway Camp
Fright Night
(the original one)
Season of the Witch
Friday the 13th Part 3





RaulMonkey's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:14 pm
by RaulMonkey
Title (Year released) Director - Date viewed - Format i.e. Cinema, TV, DVD - Rating out of 10
Repeat viewings in italics.

Ghostbusters (1984) Ivan Reitman - Jan. 2nd - Blu-ray - 9/10
My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film (2007) Karen Hines - Jan. 9th - HDTV - 7/10
A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) Siu-Tung Ching - Jan. 15th - DVD - 8/10
American Graffiti (1973) George Lucas - Jan. 18th - TV - 8/10
Gallipoli (1981) Peter Weir - Jan. 19th - DVD - 9/10
Greenberg (2010) Noah Baumbach - Jan. 23rd - HDTV - 7/10
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) George Clooney - Jan. 25th - HDTV - 8/10
The Good Thief (2002) Neil Jordan - Jan. 27th - DVD - 7/10

Wo hu cang long (2000) Ang Lee - Feb. 2nd - DVD - 8/10
127 Hours (2010) Danny Boyle - Feb. 6th - Cinema - 8/10
Troy (Director's Cut) (2004) Wolfgang Petersen - Feb. 9th - Blu-ray - 7/10
The Sunset Limited (2011) Tommy Lee Jones - Feb. 13th - HDTV - 8/10
Robin and Marian (1976) Richard Lester - Feb. 15th - HDTV - 7/10
Let Me In (2010) Matt Reeves - Feb. 19th - Blu-ray - 8/10
The Harvey Weinstein Project (2011) Barry Avrich - Feb. 23rd - HDTV - 7/10
Teenage Paparazzo (2010) Adrian Grenier - Feb. 27th - HDTV - 8/10
MacGruber (2010) Jorma Taccone - Feb. 27th - HDTV - 7/10

Days of Heaven (1978) Terrence Malick - Mar. 1st - TV - 9/10
Up in the Air (2009) Jason Reitman - Mar. 9th - HDTV - 8/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Michel Gondry - Mar. 12th - Blu-ray - 9/10
12 Monkeys (1995) Terry Gilliam - Mar. 16th - HDTV - 10/10
The Big Lebowski (1998) Joel Coen - Mar. 19th - DVD - 9/10
The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009) Daniel Alfredson - Mar. 27th - HDTV - 8/10

The Fighter (2010) David O. Russell - Apr. 11th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Die Hard (1988) John McTiernan - Apr. 12th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Die Hard 2 (1990) Renny Harlin - Apr. 22nd - Blu-ray - 7/10
Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) John McTiernan - Apr. 23rd - Blu-ray - 9/10
About Schmidt (2002) Alexander Payne - Apr. 27th - DVD - 7/10

Thor (2011) Kenneth Branagh - May 8th - Cinema - 8/10
Unthinkable (2010) Gregor Jordan - May 12th - TV - 6/10
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Edgar Wright - May 16th - HDTV - 8/10
Cinema Verite (2011) Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini - May 17th - HDTV - 8/10
Soul Kitchen (2009) Fatih Akin - May 21st - DVD - 8/10
Too Big to Fail (2011) Curtis Hanson - May 24th - HDTV - 7/10
Repo Man (1984) Alex Cox - May 25th - TV - 7/10
How to Die in Oregon (2011) Peter D. Richardson - May 29th - HDTV - 8/10
The Social Network (2010) David Fincher - May 29th - HDTV - 9/10

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) Steven Spielberg - Jun. 2nd - DVD - 8/10
Inception (2010) Christopher Nolan - Jun. 3rd - DVD - 9/10
Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (2009) Michael Haneke - Jun. 4th - HDTV - 9/10
X-Men: First Class (2011) Matthew Vaughn - Jun. 11th - Cinema - 8/10
Fight Club (1999) David Fincher - Jun. 25th - MPEG4 (PSP) - 9/10
Hot Coffee (2011) Susan Saladoff - Jun. 28th - HDTV - 8/10

When Strangers Click: Five Stories from the Internet (2010) Robert Kenner - Jul. 3rd - HDTV - 6/10
Midnight Express (1978) Alan Parker - Jul. 8th - HDTV - 9/10
The Town (2010) Ben Affleck - Jul. 11th - HDTV - 7/10
Lost in Translation (2003) Sofia Coppola - Jul. 31st - DVD - 9/10

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Joe Johnston - Aug. 1st - Cinema - 8/10
No Contract, No Cookies: The Stella D'Oro Strike (2010) Matthew Alpert & John O'Neill - Aug. 2nd - HDTV - 7/10
Apollo 13 (1995) Ron Howard - Aug. 3rd - HDTV - 8/10
Internal Affairs (1990) Mike Figgis - Aug. 6th - DVD - 6/10
Superheroes (2011) Michael Barnett - Aug. 9th - HDTV - 8/10
The Practice of the Wild (2010) John J. Healey - Aug. 13th - DVD - 7/10
Enter the Void (2009) Gaspar Noé - Aug. 14th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Koran by Heart (2011) Greg Barker - Aug. 15th - HDTV - 9/10
Top Ten Monks (2010) Dana Heinz Perry - Aug. 20th - HDTV - 7/10
Jurassic Park (1993) Steven Spielberg - Aug. 21st - DVD - 8/10

Zoolander (2001) Ben Stiller - Sep. 7th - HDTV - 8/10
Marie Antoinette (2006) Sofia Coppola - Sep. 13th - HDTV - 6/10
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009) Werner Herzog - Sep. 27th - Blu-ray - 8/10

Moneyball (2011) Bennett Miller - Oct. 2nd - Cinema - 9/10

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) Quentin Tarantino - Nov. 5th - DVD - 10/10
The Adjustment Bureau (2011) George Nolfi - Nov. 12th - Blu-ray - 8/10

My Sister's Keeper (2009) Nick Cassavetes - Dec. 1st - Cinema - 7/10
Speed (1994) Jan de Bont - Dec. 2nd - Blu-ray - 9/10
8 Mile (2002) Curtis Hanson - Dec. 17th - DVD - 7/10
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) Brad Bird - Dec. 18th - Cinema - 8/10
Boogie Nights (1997) Paul Thomas Anderson - Dec. 24th - DVD - 9/10
Midnight in Paris (2011) Woody Allen - Dec. 26th - Blu-ray - 8/10
The King's Speech (2010) Tom Hooper - Dec. 27th - HDTV - 8/10

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Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:18 pm
by Nachokoolaid
Well, it looks like that might be everyone that is playing along with us this year. I think 20 days or so is plenty of time to get in here. So feel free to start discussing some films.

I'll start this by saying I recently watched four films in one day. That's the first time that's happened since (check's old movie journals) July 3, 2008. I think this run was a bit more enjoyable than Fire in the Sky, Edward Scissorhands, Galaxy Quest, and Man of the House. The wife and I just had a lazy Saturday and we sat around and watched movies all day.

In case you were wondering, I saw PAY IT FORWARD, BROTHERS, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS. The first three were first time viewings. Pretty solid. I almost watched LEON:The Professional that night, which would have put me at five, which I don't think I've ever done before.


Correction, on February 16, 2007, I watch the following five films, and had these comments:

45.Date Movie - (4/10) A couple of laughs, but most of the jokes are tired and even hot chicks can't save this one.
46.Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - (8/10) A good finish to a great series, even with ghost Hayden at the end.
47.Jarhead - (8/10) Gyllenhaal gives a great performance and Foxx is likeable as the black Gunnery Sgt. Hartman.
48.Scream - (7/10) Even though this may have started as a parody of slasher flicks, it turned out to be one of the better ones in a decade.
49.Spies Like Us - (7/10) Chase and Akroyd are really on the top of their game here, but a little "more" of Vanessa Angel could have raised the score... along with other things.


Damn. Two days later, on Feb 18, 2007 I watched FIVE more films and had this to say.

50.American Splendor - (7/10) Yes, Giamatti was robbed of an Oscar nom for playing Harvey Pekar.
51.Tommy Boy - (8/10) Farley's best and most memorable, as well as the only time that Spade wasn't totally unwatchable.
52.Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - (8/10) Probably the best of the Star Wars flicks, and that classic line still gets me.
53.Simply Irresistible - (6/10) A romantic comedy about food, and Gellar actually didn't annoy me so much (like she normally does).
54.Mean Girls - (7/10) A pre-skeleton Lohan does a nice job here and makes us all wonder what might have been if she hadn't become a cracked out ghost of a whore.

I was obviously watching a lot more films back them. (No wife... curious).


Five more on May 12 of that same year:

125. Finding Comedy in the Muslim World - (6/10) You'll probably like this if you're a Brooks fan, but like the character in the film, a lot of this seemed flat.
126. Twister - (8/10) Even though it's cheesy, I lived through a tornado, and they've always fascinated me. This is a fun film.
127. United 93 - (10/10) I orginally had this as a 9/10, but it's so gripping that I feel as if I HAVE to watch it every time it's on TV.
128. Smokin' Aces - (8/10) A fun shoot-em-up action cop/mafia/hitman movie that keeps it's foot on the gas pedal and the funny bone.
129. Dragonslayer - (7/10) For it's time, the effects weren't too bad. Enjoyable as a whole, and some of the dragon shots are still convincing by today's standards.

And FIVE more on June 26.

163. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - (8/10) A satifying ending to a great trilogy, even if it's ALF to have little teddy bears fighting storm stroopers.
164. The Wedding Crashers - (8/10) This has grown on me a bit. You motor-boating son of a bitch!
165. The Ghost and the Darkness - Not bad, but I kept thinking that they should have hired a gruffer actor to play Douglas's role.
166. The Hudsucker Proxy - (8/10) Robbins proves he can be a leading man. I miss him.
167. Robots - (6/10) Nice animation, but this seemed sort of hollow. And once again, Robin Williams gives us a variation on his black preacher.

I guess I just don't have time for that anymore. Oh well, I guess there are more important things in life.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:43 pm
by caruso_stalker217
I've watched THE SOCIAL NETWORK five times since I bought it a week ago. That film is dominating my life at the moment.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:27 pm
by Pacino86845
What might be a neat discussion for here is how our ratings for films changed (if at all) after a couple of years have passed since first viewings. Many of us will have records that go back 3-4 years thanks to the movie journals (and other threads in here, of course). Maybe we'd rate some films higher, other lower... probably the latter will be more common. I know it would be in my case.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 5:01 am
by DerLanghaarige
Am I the only one who thinks that UP is the most depressing animated adventure comedy ever? It was very hard for me to focus on anything that happened after the first 10 minutes, because judging by how much the script asked you to suspend your disbelief (which I'm perfectly fine with, because it's some kind of fairy tale after all.) I even expected that the movie would end with the authorites wanting to pick up Carl in his house, but then find him sitting dead in a chair, so that everything in that movie was just some kind of pre-death coma fantasy. Okay, that didn't happen, but seriously every time I got in the mood to enjoy it, it bummed me out again. Mostly just by something subtle, like when Carl talks to his dead wife (again) or we see her photo and don't get me started on her adventure album!
Sheesh, I seriously hate this movie and will never watch it again.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:18 am
by DerLanghaarige
Can we finally pin this thread? I'm sick of scrolling down for so long, whenever I wanna edit my journal.

EDIT: Thank you.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:41 pm
by justcheckin
DerLanghaarige wrote:Am I the only one who thinks that UP is the most depressing animated adventure comedy ever? It was very hard for me to focus on anything that happened after the first 10 minutes, because judging by how much the script asked you to suspend your disbelief (which I'm perfectly fine with, because it's some kind of fairy tale after all.) I even expected that the movie would end with the authorites wanting to pick up Carl in his house, but then find him sitting dead in a chair, so that everything in that movie was just some kind of pre-death coma fantasy. Okay, that didn't happen, but seriously every time I got in the mood to enjoy it, it bummed me out again. Mostly just by something subtle, like when Carl talks to his dead wife (again) or we see her photo and don't get me started on her adventure album!
Sheesh, I seriously hate this movie and will never watch it again.

Yes, very depressing but I really liked it. I haven't seen it again though either. :) All fairy tales have a sad or horrible thing that happens though.
101 Dalmations - The crazy bitch is going to skin the puppies
Finding Nemo - Child fish separated from parent fish
Cinderella - Dead parents, evil life ruining stepfamily
Lilo and Stitch - Stitch is yelling "I'm Lost" in the woods so his non-existent family will come and find him
Have you ever seen Brother Bear... jeesh!

Up just has this element of reality because it deals with the ending of dreams and adventure and loss that comes with age.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:43 pm
by The Vicar
I think those elements in Up, and the way they were handled, make it worthwhile and set it apart from the majority of the genre.
Sure it may be depressing, but its a warning shot for the younger viewers - dreams can slip away, and slip away so quickly.
I have no burning desire to see it again, but I'm glad I saw it the first time and recommend it to those who haven't seen it.
Strange set of circumstances there, but so it goes.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:08 am
by Nachokoolaid
From reading a few of your comments, I think I saw the film a tad differently than some of you. For me, it wasn't so much about how dreams can slip away so quickly. Yes, he was chasing this crazy dream of getting the house to whatever that place was called. But eventually he comes to the realization, looking back, that he already lived his dreams, and it was the experiences together with his wife that were fulfilling, not just doing something they promised to do one day.

I love Up. It's not my favorite animated film, or even my favorite Pixar film, but it's strong.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:45 am
by Cpt Kirks 2pay
RIGHT!!! That's it!!!

This darn cartoon is going STRAIGHT on my Lovefilm list, High Priority.

See? I DO watch a film based on people's views on it, IF I deem the story and themes vital to me. Do you see? Do you SEE?!!?!?! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:45 am
by justcheckin
Cpt Kirks 2pay wrote:RIGHT!!! That's it!!!

This darn cartoon is going STRAIGHT on my Lovefilm list, High Priority.

See? I DO watch a film based on people's views on it, IF I deem the story and themes vital to me. Do you see? Do you SEE?!!?!?! :evil: :evil: :evil:

My eyes make pictures when they are shut.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:02 am
by Bloo
damn, I watched 64 movies in one month, averaging about 2 a Statham month helped with that. I'm not sure what the best movie was, but I can tell you all that Little Fockers was the worst movie I saw all month, and that includes a month where I watched In the Name of the King

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:50 am
by Al Shut
January was a pretty good month with a total of 25 movies, way above my target but not enough to make me feel like a complete nut (Hey Bloo)

Best was The Bank Job which beat The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus so narrowly that it might depend on my daily mood.

Worst was The Prophecy

As in my actual journal I'm not counting the Helge Schneider movies, with whom I finally caught up, because the purposely awful and beggar all description.

Single most awesome thing were the dancing clothes at the end of Micmacs. What a wonderful note to end your movie on

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:54 am
by DerLanghaarige
You know I don't do these best/worst things and especially not now, after a month full of awesome movies! (Hey, I started with UNFORGIVEN and ended with USED CARS!) But the two worst are without a doubt ANACONDA 3 and C.H.U.D., with UP being the most traumatic movie I've seen in ages.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:40 am
by caruso_stalker217
C.H.U.D. is pretty lousy but the commentary is fucking awesome.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:15 am
by Spandau Belly
DerLanghaarige wrote:UP being the most traumatic movie I've seen in ages.

Man, I went up against everybody on this film. I can't really think of a film that sat worse with me in recent years in terms of actually feeling offended. And it's so universally and enthusiastically loved. People still gush all over it. I was kinda hoping it was one of those movies where people love it at the time and then see again and think a little more critically but I guess not.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:45 am
by DerLanghaarige
caruso_stalker217 wrote:C.H.U.D. is pretty lousy but the commentary is fucking awesome.

It's unfortunately not on the German DVD, so I got nothing from it.

Spandau Belly wrote:
DerLanghaarige wrote:UP being the most traumatic movie I've seen in ages.

Man, I went up against everybody on this film. I can't really think of a film that sat worse with me in recent years in terms of actually feeling offended. And it's so universally and enthusiastically loved. People still gush all over it. I was kinda hoping it was one of those movies where people love it at the time and then see again and think a little more critically but I guess not.

Oh don't get me wrong, I think it's a good movie (despite lots and lots of logical inconsistences [which I'm willing to swallow within the context of a modern fairytale]), I just don't ever wanna watch it again, unless I earn lots of money from it or need a reason to take bath with a plugged-in toaster.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:01 am
by Nachokoolaid
For those that haven't been participating in the journal, we always do a "best and Worst of" at the end of each month.

For me the best of January was:


I really wouldn't mind if this won best score. It was really good. But the film was just solid all around. This is certainly Dreamworks' best work.

The worst of the month:

A tougher decision, since I didn't see anything utterly terrible, but I guess I'll got with PAY IT FORWARD. It's just so cheesy and melodramatic in places.

So what is everyone's best and worst for January?

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:20 am
by Bloo
I watched a lot of solid flicks this month, so picking a best of is going to be difficult. THE BANK JOB is up there. I had a lot of fun with THE GREEN HORNET. EL DORADO is my favorite John Wayne movie. So a good solid month of flicks for me where it was easier picking the worst then the best.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:34 am
by caruso_stalker217
I saw a lot of old stuff this month, but a lot of it was new to me. Best John Wayne flick I watched was THE COWBOYS. Actually, the first movie I watched this year. It's pretty damn good and features the best Wayne performance I've ever seen.

I also saw STAY HUNGRY, with Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold not only plays a non-superhuman dude, but he also seems to be giving an actual performance and also he plays the fiddle. He plays the fucking fiddle. This movie is awesome.

Saw both 2001 and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. 2001 I hadn't seen since I was a kid. Looks fucking incredible on Blu-Ray. A great slow film that never gets boring. CLOCKWORK ORANGE was nowhere near the dark and disturbing film I had expected after hearing about it for years. I thought it was actually pretty lighthearted considering the subject matter and funnier than fuck.

Watched the first three ALIEN pictures back-to-back, which I hadn't done in a while. ALIEN still being the best, ALIEN³ still being my favorite. I watched the theatrical cut of ALIENS for the first time in years. It works so much better without the stuff with Ripley's daughter. After watching ALIEN I really don't buy her as a mom. The woman in ALIEN does not have a fucking kid waiting for her at home. If she does then she's a lousy goddamn mother. In fact, I don't think any of the crew members in ALIEN have families. Why else would they be doing this shit? I think my love and admiration for ALIENS is beginning to wear off. The movie just feels more and more dated to me, whereas the first and third films don't. And I just love Scott's and Fincher's visual sense. Cameron's film is just too plain for me.

Best movie for the month for me would have to go to THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Can't believe I skipped this during it's theatrical run. I love this fucking film. I will make love to it, I bet.

Worst of the month was JU-ON. No question. I thought the American remake was shit, but at least they realized the film should have a protagonist so people might be more inclined to give a fuck.

That's it. I'm done with ya.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:08 pm
by DerLanghaarige
Y'know, THE PHANTOM is pretty enjoyable. Don't know what everybody was bitching about. Yes, it's nothing special and the hero wears a purple jumpsuit, but come on, it's very watchable, old fashioned pulp, with some cool stuntwork.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:04 pm
by Ribbons
caruso_stalker217 wrote:Worst of the month was JU-ON. No question. I thought the American remake was shit, but at least they realized the film should have a protagonist so people might be more inclined to give a fuck.

Also Ted Raimi

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:41 pm
by Cpt Kirks 2pay
caruso_stalker217 wrote:I also saw STAY HUNGRY, with Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold not only plays a non-superhuman dude, but he also seems to be giving an actual performance and also he plays the fiddle. He plays the fucking fiddle. This movie is awesome.

I never heard about this film. When was it made? Tell me more about it.

caruso_stalker217 wrote:Watched the first three ALIEN pictures back-to-back, which I hadn't done in a while. ALIEN still being the best, ALIEN³ still being my favorite. I watched the theatrical cut of ALIENS for the first time in years. It works so much better without the stuff with Ripley's daughter. After watching ALIEN I really don't buy her as a mom. The woman in ALIEN does not have a fucking kid waiting for her at home. If she does then she's a lousy goddamn mother. In fact, I don't think any of the crew members in ALIEN have families. Why else would they be doing this shit? I think my love and admiration for ALIENS is beginning to wear off. The movie just feels more and more dated to me, whereas the first and third films don't. And I just love Scott's and Fincher's visual sense. Cameron's film is just too plain for me.

Yeah I think people should get an update on themselves and reconsider Aliens. Technically and even acting and character wise, it's not as strong as the other 2 films. More I watch it, the more I think it succeeds because of it's high adrenalin, high stakes concept.

Tell me why Alien 3 is your favourite? Please.

caruso_stalker217 wrote:Best movie for the month for me would have to go to THE SOCIAL NETW

You lost me here.


Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:53 pm
by The Vicar
You're having a period?
This explains much.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:30 am
by caruso_stalker217
Cpt Kirks 2pay wrote:
caruso_stalker217 wrote:I also saw STAY HUNGRY, with Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold not only plays a non-superhuman dude, but he also seems to be giving an actual performance and also he plays the fiddle. He plays the fucking fiddle. This movie is awesome.

I never heard about this film. When was it made? Tell me more about it.

It came out in '76. Bridges plays a rich kid whose parents recently died, so he's living in the mansion by himself. He gets into this real estate deal with some shady characters (including Joe Spinell) and the plot is basically him trying to buy this gym where Arnold works out in a luchador outfit. Bridges ends up becoming friends with Arnold and Freddy Krueger and even puts his dick in Sally Field, so he doesn't really want to buy the place for this real estate deal. So it's about relationships and stuff and there is humor like bodybuilders posing in the street and shit. And then this happens:

Arnold won a Golden Globe for like best debut in a motion picture or something, even though he'd starred in HERCULES IN NEW YORK in 1970. Anyway, I highly recommend the movie.

Cpt Kirks 2pay wrote:
caruso_stalker217 wrote:Watched the first three ALIEN pictures back-to-back, which I hadn't done in a while. ALIEN still being the best, ALIEN³ still being my favorite. I watched the theatrical cut of ALIENS for the first time in years. It works so much better without the stuff with Ripley's daughter. After watching ALIEN I really don't buy her as a mom. The woman in ALIEN does not have a fucking kid waiting for her at home. If she does then she's a lousy goddamn mother. In fact, I don't think any of the crew members in ALIEN have families. Why else would they be doing this shit? I think my love and admiration for ALIENS is beginning to wear off. The movie just feels more and more dated to me, whereas the first and third films don't. And I just love Scott's and Fincher's visual sense. Cameron's film is just too plain for me.

Yeah I think people should get an update on themselves and reconsider Aliens. Technically and even acting and character wise, it's not as strong as the other 2 films. More I watch it, the more I think it succeeds because of it's high adrenalin, high stakes concept.

Tell me why Alien 3 is your favourite? Please.

I think ALIENS does a good job of building tension and also blowing shit up. I love that nothing really happens until an hour into the film when the shit goes off. But everything has a very '80s feel, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But like in ALIEN I never got a '70s vibe. In ALIENS you've got Ripley wearing Reeboks. Paul Reiser looks like he just stepped off the set of "My Two Dads." Seems lazy to me. It's not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels kinda vanilla next to ALIEN.

As for ALIEN³ being my favorite, well that's kinda hard to explain. I think as an ALIEN film it fails. The alien itself isn't scary. There is no real tension during the action scenes, no real threat. I think using a rod puppet was kind of a cool idea that unfortunately never really worked, except for the "Bambi-burster" scene in the assembly cut when it runs down the hallway. The film is a mess. Fox pretty much fucked it from the start. But the shit that really works for me is the character stuff. Clemens might be my favorite character in the entire series. He's Charles fucking Dance for Christ's sake. I love Charles S. Dutton, Brian Glover, Ralph Brown, Paul McGann and David Webb. Most of the prisoners, unfortunately, are just faces without names. But I think Holt McCallany was great as Junior, and he doesn't even have any lines in the theatrical cut and only one in the assembly.

For the record, I think the assembly cut is a great unfinished film. The theatrical cut is a not so great unfinished film. You gotta take the bad with the good. In this case, the bad was not having a fucking finished script when they shot the thing. The good is the shit that works, which I think is a lot of it, but I can see how as a sequel to ALIENS it is a disappointment and also as an ALIEN film in general. As a drama set in space I think it's pretty fucking good.

Also, I'm not one of those wieners who bitches about Newt and Hicks getting killed off-screen in the first five minutes either.


Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:40 am
by Cpt Kirks 2pay
I pretty much agree with you there. Alien 3 falls on action and as an Alien sequel but as a character drama it's brilliant stuff to watch. I was watching the extended cut the other day and was really taken with the prisoner who basically falls in love with the Alien, his astonishment at it, to which he leaves the safety of his ward to go find it, even slicing the throat of a prisoner in a blink of an eye as he's so furiously infatuated with getting to see it again. He alone could have his own story with the Alien. (NO, I DIDN'T MEAN ALIEN 5!)

The characters here have more to them than any of the other movies and damn classly acted. Cameron doesn't hold a candle to them.

It's also the themes of Doom, Death, Defeat, God, the Beast and Hell that makes it a film worth paying attention to, and helps it work as a stand alone film.

You should come over here to the UKunt, meet what's left of the London Zoners, colonel_lugz has had many a fight with people in the bar backed into the corner with a stool over this film, notably with Papalazeru, who you're glad to destroy with us as well in this civilized 'debate'. Also another Zoner, Proinsias, might be working on Promestheus (Shit, same name sound. Is that a sign?!) as an animator/FX dude, so you're in all familiar company and taste here. We can also plot the throwdown of the Mods and let you OLEGers take over. People like Pacino don't pull their weight anymore. Don't worry about john-Locke, he'll submit to our might.

What say you?

Jeff Bridges and Arnie together? Never would have heard of it. I thought Arnie was gonna intervene in that fight. Arnie - a Golden Globe winner. Shit, that puts so many so called Hollywood thesps to shame. Have you got a Golden Globe, Harrison Ford?

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:11 am
by Spandau Belly
For the most part I agree with Caruso's assessment of the ALIEN series.

I think a lot of the brilliance of ALIENS is probably lost on audiences now (which is my way of agreeing with Caruso that the film is becoming dated) but Cameron broke a lot of ground with that one and did things that have since become worn out by other guys. At the time, simply the idea of doing an action movie as a sequel to a suspense movie was genius in itself. How many suspense movies have good sequels? Almost none because suspense is all based on unknowns and keeping the same things unknown to both the characters and the audience. n ALIEN, we discover the Alien and its nature along with the characters. So with most suspense/horror sequels you usually get the problem of a new cast of characters who are discovering what we the audience already know and so they just feel like fodder and there's no tension or sympathy.

I give ALIEN 3 even more credit because the obvious answer to a sequel to ALIENS would be bigger Aliens, more guns and the result would be something like STARSHIP TROOPERS.

But to follow a suspense film with an action film and then with a character drama is what makes the series fascinating to me.

Hence PROMETHEUS being my most anticipated film of the future.

Re: The Zone's 2011 Movie Journal

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:19 pm
by Cpt Kirks 2pay
You do point out one of the biggest silly mistakes of Alien 3 there too, in regards to suspense and new people having to discover the terror all over again that the previous films did. There's too much build up and explaining to the new characters what this thing is that's killing them and them not believing her and all that stuff. Also too much time for Ripley to figure out that 'there was an Alien' there all along, a lot of ground that took half the film could have been done in 5 minutes really. The cast have to find out what the audience already knows all along, no suspense just boredom.

Alien 3 vs Aliens brings up a theory that I've had in my mind for a while now. On repeat viewings, what works best, action or human drama? Aliens and other action movies after a while they do nothing for you (I turned off 2/3rds through Die Hard 2 on TV the other night as "Meh, seen it all before, does nothing for me now, I may as well not be watching"), but tension and heaps of drama through acting and people working out dilemnas etc., I swear that stuff can hold up on repeat viewings and pull you in.

Alien 4 has some great rich moments like this. And man, does Fincher know how to frame his actors. Lovely shots of Ripley in the foreground up close gazing over or through us hopelessly into the distance, while the other dudes stand back there, blurred in the background or not, contemplating what the fuck they're gonna do.

Guess you could sum it up best with...

Acting IS action!