Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters

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Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters

Postby DerLanghaarige on Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:11 am

Okay, this is something I discovered last night by randomly typing stuff into the Napster search engine. In this case it was "Zelda" and it came up with an album called "It's Time For Revenge...Let's Attack Aggressively". The cover looks like an NES Cartridge and the music are rock/metal versions of old videogame music. (More specific: NES games)
Well, playing old game themes on electric guitars isn't new or original but always worth a listening and so is this one, although I gotta admit, that they sound pretty amateurish from time to time and the tunes from games like "Mega Man 3", "Battle Toads", "A Boy And His Blob" or even "The Legend Of Zelda" aren't always 100% recognizable, but hey, they are good enough for my MP3 player. 8-)
If you don't have Napster, check out their MySpace profile for some of their songs.
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