Nascent Noise (Nostalgia Thread No. 16,278)

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Nascent Noise (Nostalgia Thread No. 16,278)

Postby Seppuku on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:10 pm

What did you listen to growing up- and would it make you cringe today, or do you still give some of those records the occasional spin?

My paps had hardcore Asperger's Syndrome, which meant he didn't just not like music, but he heard each instrument separately, and all of them sounded like strangled alleycats to him (I think "twangy" was the word he used). So instead of going through the whole chart music phase most kids go through, I was stuck with my mum's vinyl collection. The Beatles, a bunch of weird-ass psychedelic LPs, and practically every reggae record ever cut were what got me through my childhood, before I realised it was the '90s and discovered Nirvana. The rest is history.

(Just so's you know, I'm still alive by the way).
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Re: Nascent Noise (Nostalgia Thread No. 16,278)

Postby Lord Voldemoo on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:17 pm

I was surrounded on all sides by Country music, but (luckily) not in my own home. My mom's tastes were essentially completely drowned out by my dad's. He was a rock guy, and I grew up with the Stones, Cream, The Who, all of the 60's and 70's rock mainstays (except the Beatles, he couldn't stand The Beatles). He also really liked Dire Straits, The Allman Brothers and some southern fried rock.

I still love all of it.

I think mom liked Crystal Gayle or something...and she's an enormous Jimmy Buffett fan.
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Re: Nascent Noise (Nostalgia Thread No. 16,278)

Postby The Vicar on Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:05 pm

The first record I ever heard was Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. Pretty dark subject matter for a three year old.
The only album of my mom's that I ever heard was Gene Pitney's Greatest Hits. Loved Town Without Pity, 24 Hours to Tulsa and Looking Through the Eyes of Love. Ronnie Montrose did a fairly rocked out cover of TWP.
Then suddenly it was 1969 and King Crimson's Court of the Crimson King was in my big brother's collection.
I said "shit".
Really. Out loud.
Never looked back.
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Re: Nascent Noise (Nostalgia Thread No. 16,278)

Postby Peven on Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:22 pm

"Mercedes Benz" was one of the first songs i ever sang along with my brothers, with my Dad being the director. he loved Janis. "Pistol Packing Momma" was another song i remember singing as a youglin', but i forget who sings it. also a lot of Beatles, from the early stuff to the White Album, i was born in '67 so i also remember the early seventies peace and love music like "I Can See Clearly Now", and "Lean On Me" and "Black and White", and the anti-war album with "What the World Needs Now" on it. loved that song, love it today. no wonder i am a bleeding heart liberal, eh? :wink: by the late 70's i had started listening to my older brothers' records and became a Pink Floyd disciple by the time i was 13. still am.

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