Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping)

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Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping)

Postby tfactor on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:04 pm

OK so I recently cam accross a ton of records and was hoping someone could tell me if any of these Older Albums are worth anything? I have; some Janis, Peter Paul & Mary, Mama Cass, Three Dog Night, plus some older movie Soundtracks (Sound of Music, Oliver Twist, etc) and I can't help but think some of this stuff may be valuable. Would any of our Music experts (looking at you Mods) and get any feedback I could on what I've got here.

Here is the full list:
Records on hand 1950-1970:
20 Great Oldies I'll always remember (by request) Vol 4
Mama Cass Elliot – Make your own kind of music
Olivia Newton John – Soul Kiss
“” - Greatest Hits
The Donnie Osmond Album
DO to you with love
Osmonds – Homemade
Gary Pucket & the Union Gap's – Greatest Hits
The Righteous Brothers – Souled Out
Johnny Rivers – I know you want to dance
Dianna Ross – 1980 (Dianna)
John Sebastian – Real Live
Bobby Sherman (?)
Paul Simon (?)
Sly & the Family Stone – Stand
Cat Stevens – tea for the tillerman
Rod Stewart – Every Picture tells a story
Barbara Streisand - Guilty
The Supremes – were did our love go
“” A go go
James Taylor – Mudslide Slim
BJ Thomas – Raindrops keep fallin on my head
Three dog night – naturally
“” - Suitable for framing
“” - captured Live at the forum
“” - Golden Bisquits
“” - Harmony
“” - it ain't easy
the young rascals – groovin
TYR (self titled)
“” - Collections
Chuck Mangione – Feels so good
Melanie – Gather Me
“” - Candles in the rain
“” - Born to be
“” - the four sides of melanie
Jay & the Americans (self titled)
The James Gang – Yer Album
The Hassles
The Association - Greatest Hits
“” Live
Joan Baez – Blessed are
Chubby Checker – Limbo Party
“” Your Twist Party (with the king of twist)
Donavan's - Greatest Hits
Electric Light Orchestra – OLE ELO
Emerson Lake & Palmer – Tarkus
The Fifth Demension – Individually & collectively
“” Live
Humble Pie – Smokin
“” Performance – Rockin the Filmore
Best of Herman's Hermits
At the Hop Volume 1
Conway Twitty – I'm not through loving you yet
Brenda Lee – To many river
Ray Conniff & his Orchestra – Memories are made of this
the Blackwood Brothers – on tour
The Dixie Echoes – Living by faith
“” with Hal Kennedy – sing songs of faith
This is just what heaven means to me – Featuring Jimmy Swaggart & his golden gospel piano with the nashville sounds
The Happy Gospel of the Happy Goodman's
“” HG family – bigger & better
Jim Reeves - And some friends
Billy Swan – I can help
Blackwood Brothers Quartet – Hymn sing
Biggest Hits of 1957 Vol 1
Joe Fingers O'shay - plays honky tonk piano
Wayne King & Orchestra – Lets dance
Percy Faith & Orchestra – Shangri-la
Glen Frey – No Fun Allowed
The Oak Ridge Quartet
Narvel Felts Greatest Hits Vol 1
Billy Crash Craddock – Rub it in
Jene Binco & his group – Stringin the standards
The best of Gordon Lightfoot
GL Don Quixote
Janis Joplin – Pearl
Floyd Cramer – Last Date
Stuart Hamblen – Beyond the Sun
Eddy Arnold – Eddy's Songs
Glen Miller Orchestra – The Era of Glen Miller
Avon Valentine Favorites 1986 (maybe)
Paul Mauriat Orchestra – Prevailing airs
Yes – Fragile
Mountain – flowers of evil
“” - Climbing
Nazz – Three (Roman Numeral)
Romeo & Juliet – Sound Track
Lawrence Welk – Hits of our Time
Original Golden Country Greats Vol 1
Love Story Sound Track
Man of Lamancha – a new musical play
Henry Mancini – academy award songs vol 2 (special collectors edition)
Tchaikovski - Greatest Hits Vol 1
Saturday Night Fever Sound Track
Billy Joel – The Stranger
Don McLean – American Pie
Barry Manilow – Live
“” - Even Now
“” - One Voice
“” - Trying to get the feeling
“” - This ones for you
BM One
BM Two
The Momma's & the Pappa's – Self titled
Gospel Classics
The Monkeys – Just the Monkeys
“” more of the monkeys
“” headquarters
Joni Mitchell – Blue
Peter Paul & Mary – 10 years together
Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
Greatest Hits of the Golden Groups
Wolfman Jack Presents 15 of the best 45's
Man's incredible adventure to the moon – Apollo 11 (Unopened)
The Incredible Years (CBS news) 1968
The Carpenters – self titled
“” - close to you
Bee Gees – Trafalgar
“” - two years on
Neil Diamond – Stones
“” - Gold
“” - I'm glad you're here with me tonight
“” - Moods
John Denver – Back home again
“” - Rocky Mountain High
Jethro Tull – Thick as a brick (Cleve Cronicle News Paper cover)
Sunny & Cher – all I ever need is you
Cher – Gypsies tramps & thieves
A Christmas Carol (Narrated by Lionel Barrymore)
The Brightest stars of Christmas 1974
A Christmas Song Book – Living Voices
Happy Holidays Album 10
A very merry christmas volume 4
30 favorite songs of Christmas with Chimes & Chorus (Disneyland Records) 1963
Christmas with Nat King Cole & Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians (collectors limited edition)
That Christmas Feeling
Readers Digest – Family Album of Christmas Music (together at Christmas) 5 discs
Readers Digest – an old fashioned Christmas (6 discs)
The Fantastic Allman Brothers
Elton John – Self titled
“” Tumble Weed Connection
Carole King – Writer
Kinks – Kink's Kinkdom
Ray Parker Jr. - The Other Woman
Hair – Original Broadway Cast Recording
Oliver Movie Soundtrack (Original)
The Sounds of Music Soundtrack
Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
Who's that Girl Soundtrack
Arlo Guthrie – Alice's Restaurant

Others records which are mostly Singles from 1970-1980s:
Irene Cara – anyone can see
Noel – Giant 45 Single (Silent Morning)
“” - Like a Child
Pam Russo – Giant 45 Single (It works for me)
Al B. Sure – Single (Rescue me)
Tolga – Leave it all behind (single)
Sweet sensation – (single) take it while its hot
Judy Torres – (single) come into my arms
Heat Wave – (double) always & forever and the groove line
The World Class Wrecking Crew – Turn off the Lights
Bad Boy Orchestra – (single) Do you want to dance
Trilogy – (single) Latin Love
Royal House – (double) Party People & Key the Pulse
Nocera – (Single) Lets go
Monet – My heart gets all the breaks (single)
“” - come on to me (single)
Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls need love to & I surrender (double)
Pretty Poison – Night time (single)
Stevie B – Dreamin of Love (single)
Salt n Pepa – Hot Cool Vicious

BTW when you see this ---> " " it just means that the artist is the same band as the previous record on the list.

Anyway not sure if anyone else has ever looked to The Zone for guidance on this type of thing, but I imagine (if this Thread is made Sticky perhaps) it could be used for people to talk specifically about this dated form of music storage (Vinyl Records). Or for other people to use, if only to check and see if they have anything that should be considered to be put up on eBay or whatever? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & hope to see others share. If anyone wants any of my Records - just let me know. I need to make space and rarely get a chance to enjoy these. So I'm wide open to selling nearly any of them. Except for Alice's Restaurant - since that one will likely go to my father for Christmas (unless that Record is worth a lot of money, in whch case - Dad can get another tie from Santa this year :? )

I'll check back soon but am I wrong in remembering that a couple of the Mods work in Music Stores or own stores or something? I can't seem to remember who but I am nearly certain one of the Zone mods was a Music Professional of some sort.

OK so thanks again for your time and hope to hear feedback (of any kind)...
Later yall
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Re: Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping

Postby Ribbons on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:43 pm

Seppuku, stereosforgeeks and KCBC probably know the most about this subject. Out of those three I think I've only seen Seppuku around lately, and even then only sporadically. I have very little knowledge of vinyl or pricing old LPs, but it looks like you've got a few gems buried in there.
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Re: Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping

Postby tfactor on Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:43 pm

Thanks Ribbons! Do you know if Brock is still lurking about because I think he worked in a music shop or maybe at the mall. Regardless I seem to remember that he was a huge music buff, though honestly I did Not know that about the others you mentioned.

I thought KCBC was mainly our resident expert on all things Literature, isn't he like a real life Professor?

Anyway I'll set aside that Salt N Pepa jam that I know you want, plus I was going to set aside the Oliver Soundtrack for DennisMM, the Sound of Music soundtrack for Kirk's 2pay & all the Niel Diamond stuff for Flumm. Though Papalazeru & MW are going to have to fight to the death (with large glowing dildosabers) - for me to decide who of them deserves the full Barry Manilow collection (because you know you want to see that epic battle).

BTW its nice to see the Zone isn't just for the work week anymore, weekend Zoning - woo hoo! :D

Later brother
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Re: Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping

Postby Ribbons on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:40 pm

Everybody knows that papa is the biggest Fan-ilow
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Re: Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping

Postby minstrel on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:52 am

Interesting. When I was nine or ten, my older sister had the Osmond albums on this list, along with Bobby Sherman and Neil Diamond's Stones. I remember all of them. I wonder if she'd have a fit of nostalgia if I gave them to her for Xmas.

But I don't think so. I think she'd throw them back in my face. Besides, who has a turntable these days? Not me, and not her.
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Re: Vinyl Records I have to sell (now with 93% less skipping

Postby Fievel on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:33 am

BJ Thomas to Al B. Sure..... that is a really cool and diverse collection!
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