Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Postby SilentBobX on Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:06 am

I've seen the commercials for this game and I was wondering if it's been played by anyone here. It's been touted as 'free', but with special features of course costing extra. I have totally never played online before(not counting yahoo and the poker games on pogo), and if anyone knows if it's worth it or not, discuss. I've always loved Pirates types of games, but was loathe to involve myself in the POTC version since I'd heard those games didn't exactly blow anyone away. Not that the thought of 999,999 Jack Sparrows all fighting doesn't appeal to me. I'd always wished for a decent Pirate sim that was sort of open sandbox variety via GTA, but with the playability and simplicity of Oblivion. Might be too much to ask for, but one can dream.........


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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Postby magicmonkey on Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:38 pm

I'd be interested to hear about this too. In terms of other old piratey games , I can recommend;

The Monkey island series. 'nuff said.
Redguard - Pre-Oblivion style, third person, RPG that had plenty of swashbuckling action and a atmospheric locale.
Ultima - These games got the pirate thing right with the buccaneers den areas.
Pirates! - Sid Meir's old skool classic.
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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Postby Spandau Belly on Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:51 pm

I've never played any of these massive online sim games. They even made one that was based on The Matrix, but it looked crappy and got so-so reviews so I didn't bother, despite being a huge Matrix fan.

But I dunno, even though I like the idea of having this alternate fantasy life in a videogame where I live in some crazy Star Wars world, but from what I hear there's lots of crazy guys who just have all the time in the world and master these games in the first week they're released, and so regular casual gamers like me just get bullied around by these pros.

That's why I don't sign up for this XBox Live. I know I'd just get whipped.

But Pirates does have a good setup since there are constantly shifting alliances and no end of goals to be striving for. You can always be after some treasure, or trying to steal it back or get revenge or something.
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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Postby Lord Voldemoo on Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:38 pm

I've never played it either, but I have played other MMORPGs, and I'm playing WoW right now (and have been forever).

If you can play for free (and don't need any of those "upgrades" to start), I think I would give that a shot before you actually pay anything. Good MMO games are a pretty enormous undertaking and pretty much any MMO game that has been completed in a half-assed manner ends up being beyond horrible. Also, when a company stops becoming innovative with its MMO and updating it, it can become stale very, very quickly.

This, to me, just kinda sounds like something that was done to support the films and to take advantage of their popularlity, so I wonder if Disney is going to really keep supporting and updating the game going forward, especially if people can play it for free? I could be totally wrong about that. But I've seen the commercials too and for some reason it just smacked of being done on the cheap to me.

Anyway, that's completely not helpful. So if anyone actually has played the game, please chime in. If it is actually good I might give it a shot too...
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