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Dead Rising 2

Postby papalazeru on Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:16 am

Footage of the new Dead Rising 2 has appeared on You tube.

Dead Rising 2

The game which was one of the sole reasons for buying the Xbox. The zombie hack, slash, lawnmower and shower head 'em up is back.
The first game was stonkingly good and this appears to be continuing on that front.

Bring on more bitey, bitey.

The trailer is a little rough but I love the giant hamster ball, that looks like fun. I'm expecting a barage of seemingly useless weaponary which all adds to your photo totals in Humour, and more 'erotic' shooting.

Anybody else fired up by this?

From Gerald at Gamespy wrote:
Gerald: Let's choose two locations that are symbolically representative of consumerism and our decadent, capitalist culture, the kind of fodder that zombie movies have traditionally used as venues for social commentary.

The first and easiest choice would be the mega-sized shopping mall, the setting for the original Dead Rising. George A. Romero explored this theme in the 1978 horror classic "Dawn of the Dead" to great effect.

The second? You have to give it to the Las Vegas-styled casino. There's something surreal and almost magical about the ostentatious displays, and the carefully manufactured lights and sounds that keep people happily throwing their money away night and day. This is the setting unveiled in the "leaked" trailer, and if we're to believe its authenticity, will be where Dead Rising 2 takes place.

If you've ever visited Las Vegas, you'd know that it provides almost limitless potential for exploration and variety in level design. One can conceive of casino themes that would vary as wildly as the types of stores in a mall, making it the ideal backdrop for a Dead Rising sequel.

My guess is that the video is legitimate. The production values of the trailer and the game footage look too authentic to be a hoax.

My biggest hope for Dead Rising 2 is that the developers take a serious look at the original game's save system, and come up with a new way to create meaningful decision-making situations without feeling the need to bring back the unintuitive and extremely limiting single save file.
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