insider info on the Startrek Online beta

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insider info on the Startrek Online beta

Postby Zeitgeist on Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:34 pm

This was on the STO boards for a very short period of time. If interested take a look.

First off this is a legit post; everything in it is true as far as I could comprehend while watching the game and the very little I played( like 30 seconds). As such you should copy and paste this as soon as possible before the devs close it, and trust me they will. I’m personally not trying to get into the beta so it is no skin off my back to expose this info to you guys waiting. Oh and if you don’t want anything spoiled for you like the tutorial and other story and game play mechanics then don’t read anything below. *spoiler warning*

So I was at a friend of a friend’s and just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see about 3 hours of the beta. This is going to be lengthy so get ready to read a lot. Starting out the character creation was very deep much like Cryptic is known for and it doesn’t disappoint. From putting scars on the character to making them studly (yes you can make a studly out of shape Starfleet officer). You get six choices for races to choose from, Human, Vulcan, Bolian, Bajoran, Andorian, and the other which is to create your own. There was no option for Ferengi. Only stats that I could recall were that Bolians had some kind of poison resistant, and Vulcan’s had a bonus to strength and melee. The player run through it kind of quick and wanted to jump right into playing.
Now onto the good stuff!

This may bother some people but the tutorial is center around the reappearance of the Borg. That is right they throw the Borg right at you from the start of the game. Don’t worry, the Borg in this opening I think are being played to grab the players attention, they are weak here but I have the feeling that when you encounter them again, which could be a long time game play wise, they will be really tough. So you start being beamed on the bridge of a ship and are asked to speak to a captain. The HUD is set up very much like World or Warcraft, only with a sci-fi skin. There is a big blue “Welcome” bar on the side. You click on it and it shows you how to move. I’m sure this can be changed to a different setting but you move the character around the same way you swim or fly in WOW, by holding down both the left and right mouse buttons. The welcome bar wants you to move around then you can talk to the Captain, by either right clicking on her or pressing the “F” key. The captain (some alien) tells you about the Borg attacking Delta Vega( I could be wrong about the name) and wants you to scan for survivors. When you talk to an npc or get hailed, the character’s face appears in a large image on the screen. For some reason it reminded me of StarFox whenever you’d be conversing with other characters.

This is a basic teaching how to interface with the environment part. So the console lights up and is highlighted and you go to it and right click or press F and start scanning. Of course there are survivors and guess who gets to go rescue them. At any rate I can’t remember if you beam to another ship or if you are still on the same ship but you go to scan some hurt startfleet crew members and then are asked to set up some Borg to be beamed off the ship. After that you are asked to blow up 6 Borg nodes, there are plenty of Borg in this part but they don’t attack you until start blowing up the nodes. It is pretty standard fair as far as attacks. You click on the enemy and then start clicking the icon or number of that ability. The player was never in any real danger at this part but it was also a more interesting beginning then killing some space rats or something like other MMOs.

Once that part is done you are sent to your own ship and have to grab your first bridge officer, you get 3 choices, one for tactical, engineering, or science. The player chose some alien chick that was tactical. I don’t know if these characters are static or random every time a player gets to this part. Once you select your BO you beam to your ship. Now you start to learn how to control ship movements. Ship movement is similar to your avatar controls. You also have translucent bars around your ship that represent your shields. This is also on your HUD so I don’t know if you can cut off the ones that appear around your ship as well as other ships. So then you learn how to fight with your ship by blowing up damaged Borg spheres. Once you killed X number of those (can’t remember the number) you then start heading to other ships to search for survivors. After that I think you all group together, you and npc ships, and warp to the Planet being attacked. I could be wrong about that, either way, warp or no warp you head to the planet.

Now on the planet you do some more Borg fighting, after you talk to some npcs, and get your first kit. Kits are determined by your class, i.e., Tactical, Engineering, or Science. The kit the player picked up was some type of shield recharge. Once you have it you open up your inventory and have to place it on your character screen. Nice it is on your HUD like your other abilities. This is also the first time the player got any weapon besides a phazer, it was some type of rifle, which also came with an ability to do a sniper shot which could one shot of the Borg at this level. There were a lot of players running around this section of the game, and some were picking up different types of guns. You have to go destroy these pylon things and then you are done with the tutorial and sent to the sol system and go to this station by earth. You can’t go to earth in case you are wondering.

This station (can’t remember the name) was a big hub area with lots of other players running around. In this place you could pick up quest, buy equipment for your ship, edit the look of your ship (you could even put Maquis decals on it), but stuff for your character, and even recruit/buy Bridge officers. Again this was really deep and had a ton of options. Once the player was done here they beamed to their ship and started exploring the different systems in the game. This took the player to the star map part of the game allowing them to warp around the different systems and such. It looks more flat almost 2D and your ship is far smaller than when you are flying around an actual system. The only system I saw that I knew the name of was the P’jem system. Also a note for the RPers, some of the names I saw of players and their ships were typical silly MMO ones, like a character named Riker Jr. and a character named Grim, and his ship was called Reaper. So if you were hoping that this MMO would be free of silly names, I don’t think you should hold your breath.

So finally the player got a distress call from station 24 and went to that system. There is a way to auto set your ship to fly to certain systems so you can take a break while you are heading there, think of it kind of like the flight path in WOW. Once there the player entered the system and had to kill 50 Klingon Duj-class fighters. Now here was an interesting part. While there were a lot of players in the area the player I was watching was not grouped with any of them yet all of the kills the players made counted. So even though the player I was watching needed 50 other players kills were counting towards this goal as well. There was also the goal of killing 8 Klingon Battle Cruisers but I guess this was optional because once the 50 kills were met it allowed the player to move on to the next part of the mission.

Now the player beamed to Station 24 and had to rescue scientist from the Klingons. And this is where the player finally started dying. Once on the station there was only the player, the Bridge officer, and 3 red shirts, no other players where there. Heading down the hall there were tons of Klingons to fight. The sniper shot still did a great deal of damage to the Klingon warrior mobs but it was no longer one shooting any of them. There was also Klingon Officers and my favorite Swordmen. The Swordmen could attack from cloak with their bat’leth, or dual wielding pistols. On to death and respawn, so once the player went down they would be beamed back to an earlier part of the stage but any mobs they had killed were gone, and they didn’t have to resave any scientist. It just beamed the player away from danger and further back in the stage. Also as far as the npc pets they handle well for the most part. There was a couple of times they just stood around doing nothing while the player was being jacked by the Klingons, but most of the time they did what they were suppose to do, shoot!

During this part the player also got several new weapons, including a disruptor rifle and some kind of minigun. While using this weapon the player no longer had the sniper shot ability but the gun would fire a high rate of low damage and could even hit multiple targets at one time. I saw some players running around with these earlier in the game and it is by far the least Star Trek like thing in the game. It felt more like something that should be in Starship troopers or Starwars.

Well there you have it. Sorry it is so long and that I forgot a lot of details. Also sorry it is so poorly written and misspelled but I don’t have time to really check it. I would stick around and answer questions for you guys but I’m sure I’ll be banned after posting this. Hope you guys enjoy!
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