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Lady and the Tramp

Postby Theta on Sun Mar 12, 2006 12:47 am

Okay, hands up, folks, who's admitting to buying or at least loving this one?

I just saw it again (my fiancee bought; she actually beat me to it) and I have to say...holy shit, what a movie. Of course, the animation is gorgeous, and thankfully not as overly stylized as some of the other Disney movies from the fifties. I love how it's crammed with period detail.

I'm impressed by the story though. I think you could get a thesis out of comparing "Lady and the Tramp" and "Bambi", the basic story is the same but the differences are very, very striking.

The set is, of course, typical Disney: the feature's wonderfully restored and there are a whole bunch of really informative and in-depth extras...accompanied by a bunch of useless, shameless cross-promotional crap. I wish Disney would just give up this promotional shit; they could rival Warner Brothers in their classic releases if they just would stop recycling Disney Channel programming.

Still, a must-buy for any film/animation geek.

Your opinions?
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Postby monorail77 on Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:14 am

Really like this film too. Its a love letter for dog owners, especially the whole first 15 minutes or so as Lady is raised, and then replaced by baby. Its spot on from that perspective. And Tramp is a great character, and holy moly is that ugly rat frightening. I like the way they trick the beaver. And who doesn't love the Italian restaurant scene?

Haven't checked out the DVD yet, but I hear the restoration is impressive.
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Postby Flumm on Sun Mar 12, 2006 3:16 am

I was just thinking about this movie lately, I was even researching it on imdb earlier, and you're telling me it's due for a rerelease too? :o

I remember it was one of those ones that I would watch and rewatch as a kid, I could very easily sit down and wallow in some childhood memories for an hour or two. From what I can remember it was genuinely good, finely crafted movie. You know, I actually went to look for the VHS yesterday, searched high and low and I couldn't find it. I felt like a a little helpless puppy.

Here's something somebody may be able to help me out with. Apparently the voice of Tramp, Larry Roberts, never did a picture before or after this... does anyone know why? Who was he?! There has to be an interesting story there... I could always hunt around for it, but that wouldn't be very gracious of me, now would it? Perhaps one of you putzes with the DVD or something could fill me in on this? :)
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