The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

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The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:31 pm

If you're completely lost, refer to last year's thread:

And as per previous years, try to only post once on the first page or so. This will allow more people to have journals.

Also, I'd like to see more discussion this year, a la the "What are you watching now" thread. In fact, this thread could totally take the place of a thread like that since both threads are similar.

If you're not going to participate, don't post. PM me any questions.

Let the games begin.



Bloo wrote:I should probably look at last years is this any movies (in theatres, on DVD, TCM, HBO, etc) or just in the theatres

Everyone does it differently, but I list all films I see (theatre, DVD, TV, whatever). And I usually differentiate first time viewings from the others, by making them bold (although this year, I think I'll make them a different color altogether, because the "new" Zone's bold font sucks.

*** Also, don't forget to list your best/worst of each month and give us a little reason as to why you chose what you did.


Nachokoolaid's 2009 Movie Journal

First time viewings in BLUE all others in GREEN.


1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - I can't think of a better way to start the year. Sure, there are flaws here, but I'll put this film against any created, ever, and there would at least be a good argument over which was better. And thank GOD Connery turned down the role of Gandalf. McKellan was perfect. Jackson's masterpiece, and certainly the best of the three LOTR films. 10/10.

2. Jumper - Not as bad as I had heard. Any film that uses a double-decker bus in a HAND TO HAND fight is pretty damn cool. Yeah, I think Anakin struggles to carry a film, but I loved the concept, and the execution wasn't terrible. 7/10

3. Step Brothers - Ferrell and Dewey Cox are funny, but this wasn't as good as Anchorman (as I had heard). The line that had me rolling the most was a exclamatory "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" from the dad. I guess it was really the first time anyone cussed in the film, and it was great comedic timing. Funny, but not amazing. 6/10.

4. Shrek - I love this movie. It clicks on a lot of levels, and I honestly think that the absence of John Lithgow's character hurt the other films. Absolutely love the scene between him and the Gingerbread man. 9/10

5. Man on Wire - I don't see a lot of documentaries, but this was entertaining. It was cool to see someone so passionate and dedicated about something and it was neat how they pulled it off. And the nudity at the end didn't hurt the score. 7/10

6. The Evil Dead - You can tell Raimi was just a young perverted kid trying to make a film, and it grew into a cult thing. I love the last shot of the film, but other than that, I don't get what all the fuss is about. Maybe it was the scene where the chick is raped by the trees. :roll: The sequels are enjoyable, so I'm glad this exists, but it's pretty damn cheesy. 6/10

7. Southland Tales - It was interesting just to set there watching this, but it didn't feel like a movie at all. It was like some quasi news-documentary-cumstain. I don't even know where to begin. The Rock has great screen presence, but damn this thing sucked. If anyone could shed some light on the shit I'm missing that made this better than a pretty turd, I'd like to hear it. Way too much repetition and damn, whoever edited this should never work in film again. 2/10.

8. 300 - I still love this film like the first time I saw it. It's one of the most visually pleasing films I can remember. Snyder has a great eye, and I'm a fan of Miller, so this is like chocolate covered pussy juice for me. 9/10


9. The Wedding Crashers - You motorboatin' sunofabitch! Wilson and Vaughn do their thing here. Walken and Ferrell are funny as hell here too. I think Ferrell is always better in supporting roles than as a lead. The ending (that kiss in the church) is the only thing that rings false for me. 8/10

10. The Ringer - Johnny Knoxville trying to be ALF. A bit offensive, but funny. 6/10.

11. Taken - Liam Neeson kicks ass. This movie was kickass. Lots of ass kicking. The greatest thing that there were only a few times that you had to suspend your disbelief, and that's rare in movies today. It was all believable, and I miss balls to the wall, no excuse films like this. I had a great time. Better than I expected. 8/10.

12. Coraline (in 3D) - Very sweet. The 3D was awesome and added a ton to the overall effect of the film. That being said, I felt it sort of lacked some dramatic punch or something. Very good, but not as great as I was hoping. One really funny part, but not enough to make it great. 7/10.


13. Watchmen - Snyder did a damn fine job. Even though there was no squid, I thought the themes of the novel were there, and I loved it for the most part. Great job all around, especially by Haley, Crudup, Morgan and Wilson. Snyder didn't let me down. 9/10.

14. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - Tony Jaa kicks ass. This was my first time seeing this. People have compared him to Bruce Lee. I don't know about that. He feels more like a young Jackie Chan to me, but it was entertaining. 7/10.

15. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny - This makes me laugh every time I see it. You either love it or hate it, usually. If the opening with a kid that looks exactly like a young Jack Black, Meatloaf, and Ronnie James Dio don't do it for you, stop the movie. If you love that, you'll dig the rest of the film. 7/10.


16. Madagascar - I like to move it move it. I like to movie it move it. I like to move it move it. MOVE IT! Ok, but I mainly watched it because my fiance had it on. 6/10

17. Shrek - One of the best animated films of recent years. There are so many things a love about this movie. The sequels may have diminished this one's greatness a bit, but not much. 9/10

18. Shakedown - Peter Weller and Sam Elliot team up to take down corrupt cops. It was pretty badass, and I got the suggestion to watch it in the OLEG thread. Certainly worth the time, and it's actually not terribly dated. It still kicks a lot of ass. And it has one of my favorite things in action films that you will never see anymore -- an obvious shot of a stuntman performing a stunt that was too dangerous for the actor. Good stuff. 8/10.

19. The Ten Commandments - Charlton Heston will always be Moses in my mind. And that parting of the Red Sea is still powerful. A classic to me. 9/10.

20. Heavy Metal - Fucking weird. Although I have to admit that the makers of this should have sued the shit out of the folks that made THE FIFTH ELEMENT. There was a whole section of this that Fifth Element just seemed like the live action version of. Characters, design, plot, everything. And the animated tits were cool. 6/10.

21. The Wrestler - Holy shit. Yeah, I teared up a bit. Who didn't? What can I say that hasn't been said? Rourke and Tomei were EXCELLENT in this. A great slice-of-life film. One I'll revisit quite a bit, I bet. 9/10.


22. My Name is Bruce - Saw this on my Xbox 360 Netflix thing. Not bad. It's trying hard not to be too good, you get the feeling. It's like it wants to be bad. And there was something "Girl Nextdoorish" about the female lead, Grace Thorsen. I kind of have a crush, I think. But it was funny, although the main kid was really annoying, and a pretty poor actor. And when he stands out as that poor in a film with subpar acting, he's gotta be pretty bad. 6/10.

23. The 40 - Year Old Virgin - What a great comedy. My favorite one from recent years. The characters seemed so genuine, and it was really really funny. 9/10.

24. Vicky Christina Barcelona - Didn't quite live up to the hype for me, but it wasn't bad. The lesbian scenes weren't anything at all, but Cruz earned the Oscar. But I kept picturing Cigur and I was waiting for him togo psycho on people. 7/10.


25. Star Trek - Holy Shit. Awesome experience. I don't want to be pessimistic about the rest of the summer, but I think it's going to be hard for anything to top this. One point deduction for all of the damn lense flare and glare. It was like assholes kept taking out their cell phones or something. Shit. 9/10.

26. The Wrestler - I actually picked up a lot more of the humor this time around. Still an awesome flick that holds up on a second viewing. Rourke really did transform himself in this. Awesome. 9/10.

27. Requiem for a Dream - Still powerful. That climax is still as gripping as the first time I saw it. What a powerful film, that's totally focused on conveying a singular emotion. Bravo. 9/10.


28. Born to Be Wild - This is the kind of shit that my fiance makes me watch. We had the choice to watch this, Taken, Valkyrie, or the Assassination of Jesse James, and of course we watch this. It was good to see Biff again from Back to the Future, but that's about it. She loves mediocre films. It's like her calling. They're not those films that are so bad they're good. They just are lifeless, and are really boring. 3/10.

29. Under the Tuscan Sun - Likeable enough, and my fiance makes me watch it whenever it's on. I've seen worse. 5/10

30. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - How come there wasn't more buzz about this come awards time. This might be one of the more beautifilly shot films I can remember. And for a film with so little action, it was intense as hell. You could seriously feel the tension. Great film. 9/10.

31. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls - Not even a shadow of the original, but it's still funny. It reuses most of the jokes from the original without bringing a lot of new laughs to the table. 7/10

32. Terminator Salvation - Not amazing, but not terrible either. Kind of cool to see Arnold again. I loved the character of Marcus. Yelchin as Reese didn't annoy the shit out of me like I thought he would (after his terrible performance in STAR TREK). But honestly, Bale's John Connor didn't feel like the same character that was played by Furlong and Stahl. I liked his character, but he just felt different to me. And I don't know how to explain that. Could have been worse. Great effects though. 7/10.

33. Because I Said So - Run of the mill rom com crap. Diane Keaton was so annoying in this that I yelled at my fiance to turn it off. We compromised. She turned it down and I read some more of The Waste Lands by Stephen King. 2/10.

34. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Not a bad drama. The last 10 minutes or so are terrific. It has a slow build, but I thought it was fairly well done for a film about Germans that's entirely in English. 7/10.

35. Valkyrie - Not as "suspenseful" as the marketing made it out to be. But it was well crafted, and all the performances really were strong. Much like THE USUAL SUSPECTS, this really shines at the very end. The editing, diretion, and sound are excellent at the end of this when the conspirators are revealed/caught. 7/10.

36. Never Back Down - Djimon Hounsou was actually pretty good in this in the "Mr. Miagi" role. There was actually a little drama when he was onscreen. Everything else was pretty shitty. If you're over 18, this film probably bored the shit out of you. But if you're young and full of testosterone, you might dig it. The final "Beatdown" section was pretty entertaining, because it felt like Bloodsport or something, but too much of this felt like a soap opera. 5/10.

37. Gran Torino - CLINT EASTWOOD IS A MOVIE GOD. How many badass scenes are in this?! You know you're badass when you're 80 and still command every second of screentime. Every punk in this film is exactly that - a punk- compared to Clint. A lot has been made of the "get off my lawn scene," but I really liked the scene where he totally punked those three black guys and where he beat down the lone Asian kid. Excellent. 9/10.

38. Spider-Man 3 - The worst of the Spidey films. Too emo. And Sandman should have been the only villian. But forcing Venom into the pic, two villians were wasted. 7/10.

39. Unbreakable - M. Night's best film. I absolutely loved this. As I watch it now, I realize how amazing the job that M. Night did. There are some awesome parallels between Dunn and Elijah, and some really clever nods to comics. 10/10.

40. Taken: Unrated - I loved this film in theatres, but I really couldn't discern a difference between the theatrical version and the unrated one. Anyone know what the differences are? Still a great film regardless. 8/10.

41. Enemy of the State - A fun, stupid movie. Will Smith is always likable, and the supporting cast looks like they were having a blast. Once again, Gene Hackman proves he has the ability to elevate anything he's involved in. 7/10.

42. The Dark Knight - Awesome. First time I've seen it in a while, and it still kicks ass. Poor Heath. I really would have liked to have spent more time with his Joker. 10/10.

43. Saving Silverman - A pretty funny comedy that I enjoy. Steve Zahn (who I don't always like) and R. Lee Ermey steal the show. Jack Black isn't terrible either. 6/10.

44. The Bucket List - Not bad. It wouldn't be a movie without Morgan Freeman narrating, right? Both actors have been stronger, but it was good enough to distract me for a couple of hours. 7/10

45. Forrest Gump - Solid. This film is really enjoyable. Quotable and engaging. Hanks was strong, but I really felt like Robin Wright anchored the film. 9/10

46. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Not as irritating as I expected. Pretty hollow, but James was entertaining enough to make this enjoyable. And the female lead was cute. If I wasn't stuck on an airplane, this might have never been seen though. 6/10.

47. Jaws - Still one of the best films ever. And the perfect one to watch on your plane to the Hawaiian Islands for your honeymoon. Okay, maybe not. But still amazing. 10/10.


48. Race to Witch Mountain - Sue me, I like The Rock. He's always fun to watch. This was pretty dumb, but it was fun. But the Rock needs some kickass Rated R action films. Soon. 6/10.

49. As Good as It Gets - Finally, a movie that my wife and I both really like. We watched it together tonight off of my Xbox 360 Netflix. In my opinion, this may be Jack's best performance. I just love this film so much. It doesn't hit a wrong note for me anywhere. 9/10.

50. Bonnie and Clyde - Solid performances all around. It seemed as if the tone was a little off. Some of it was jovial, and some completely serious. It surprises me to hear that Hackman's bitch of a wife won and Oscar for this. She was annoying, and not exactly in an intended way. I liked the ending. It seemed very sudden and appropriate. And my wife's grandmother was Clyde Barrow's cousin, so that's cool. 7/10.

51. Wall-E - Can Pixar make a bad film? Granted, I haven't seen Cars or the new one, UP, but everything they make seems to really push the right buttons for me. A great film, and it's funny that two robots can seem like the most human characters I've seen in a film in a long time. 8/10.

52. Postal - Damn. I've finally seen a Uwe Boll film. Yeah, it was pretty bad. There were a couple of chuckles to be had, like the two old guys sitting around talking outside the coffee house. But for the most part, it was badly paced, lowest common denominator type of stuff. 3/10.

53. Ghostbusters - We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!!! Yeah, this film really never gets old. Great great chemistry from all involved. 9/10

54. Ghostbusters 2 - Not quite as solid as the original, but honestly, this is still really enjoyable. In fact, I think it's better than I remember it being. I hope they make part 3, and it's also good. 8/10.

55. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - God, these films should be soooo much better. What a waste. And as bad as Alba is miscast, this isn't her worst miscasting job. Sin City, anyone? 5/10.

56. The Dark Knight - Awesome. What else needs to be said that hasn't been said before. 10/10.

57. Jaws - One of the best films ever. Spielberg's best. Shaw is awesome. Honestly, all three leads are great. 10/10.

58. Back to the Future Part 2 - Not as cool as the first, but damn good. I love all of these films. 8/10.

59. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - My favorite of the Potter films at this point. Cuaron just got it, and Gambon's Dumbledore was really good in this (and terrible in GOF). I haven't seen the new one, so I may have to amend my previous statements. 8/10.

60. The Replacements - Hackman is always fun to watch. And even though he's not particularly strong in this, he elevates the film. And Keanu didn't totally ruin the film. A solid football film. 7/10.

61. Burn After Reading - The Coen's are damn fine filmmakers. To go from something like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN to this is remarkable. And each film they do has it's own distinct feel to it. I liked this a lot. It was sort of screwball, but it had some suspense too, and the characters were great. 8/10.

62. Last Action Hero - This film got a really bad rap when it opened, but I really think it was misunderstood. I think people just didn't get the joke. They thought it was a serious Arnold action movie, but it was a competent comedy. I enjoy it a lot. Especially the cheesiness, which is actually what turns a lot of people off. 8/10.


63. Showdown in Little Tokyo - Lundgren and Jason Lee beat up the Yakuza. While cheesy, this was actually fairly entertaining. And there was some nice tit shots. They don't really make them like this anymore. 6/10.

64. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - The acting was so much better in this. Rickman as Snape absolutely ruled (although he still didn't get enough screen time). And most of all, it was so good to see Gambon return to his form from POA. That portrayal of Dumbledore was the best of the series, and he's captured that again, for the most part. But it's good to see the younger actors doing so well. Although it's odd to admit that I think Emma Watson has become one of the weaker players, since I thought she was one of the stronger ones towards the beginning of the series. My second favorite film after POA, I think. 7/10.

65. Armageddon - Fuck it. Bay made a great film here. I know it's fashionable to hate on him, but I love this film. The characters are so fun, and the action (of course) is great. Everyone is solid and plays their part, and although it's a bit cheesy sometimes, it really seems like it has a heart. I cried in the theatre, and it still gets me sometimes. 9/10.

66. Coyote Ugly - What ever happened to Piper Perabo? She's adorable in this, but she sort of disappeared. Nice combo of a film to grab an audience - scantily clad chicks for the guys, and soppy love story for the ladies. It results in sort of a lukewarm middle ground. 5/10.

67. Righteous Kill - Two great actors. One bad movie. This was okay in parts, but it seems like things fell apart. This could have been so much better. Honestly, I thought Wahlberg and Leguizamo were better in this than the leads. 6/10.

68. Superbad - Still not as good as I heard it was. I think people were taken with Jonah Hill when he first appeared, but now they're figuring out he's a one trick pony. 6/10.

69. Rachel Getting Married - Oscar worthy performance from Anne Hathaway? Perhaps. She was pretty good. There was only once when she seemed to be false. But this movie was just weird. And depressing. Watch this and Requiem for a Dream back to back and you'll kill yourself. 6/10.

70. Serendipity - Nice little romantic comedy from Cusak and the always sexy Kate Beckingsale. I remember seeing the trailer for this a long time ago and I thought it looked intriguing. Good for the most part, but the payoff could have been a little better. And this was from that period where Jeremy Piven always had to squeeze in his far too overtly Dumbledore impression. Not bad. 7/10.


Not one damn movie. Been really busy at work.


71. Batman (89) - Still a classic in my eyes. I know a lot of folk have fallen in love with Nolan's vision, and I agree with them, but I still think there's a lot to love here. The Prince music is really the only thing that sort of dates this. 9/10.

72. Batman Returns - Not as good as Batman, but still solid. And they made the story line with multiple villains work. And Michelle Pfeiffer was hot as hell. 8/10.

73. Vacancy - An ok thriller, but mainly because Beckinsale is smoking hot. I'm glad there wasn't a supernatural explanation, because that would have been stupid. But I'm not a huge Luke Wilson fan. 5/10.


74. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - This felt like an 80s action film. As an X-men fan from the comics, I hated it. But as a film fan, I thought it was a fun romp. Mindless fun, and I hope there's another. But did the only people in the farmhouse have to die? That was a step too far for a film that seems sort of lighthearted action fun. 6/10.

75. In Bruges - Enjoyable, but also thoughtful. But not as great as some have said. It seemed to be a bit up it's own ass, like it was trying too hard to be clever. I chuckled a couple of times, but also rolled my eyes some too. 6/10.

76. A Christmas Carol (in 3D) - Zemekis, while I wish he would go back to live action films, has made his best animated one with this adaptation. Technically, this is AMAZING. Very little "dead" eyes, and there is a lot of impressive stuff here. Carrey also does very well here, but I disliked his ghost of Christmas Past. His Scrooge was great though, and I agree with Harry that if this was prosthetic, Carrey would probably be in consideration for an award. Worth seeing if you like the story, but don't expect to be surprised, because honestly, it's a new coat of paint on a familiar tale. 8/10.

77. The Blind Side - Not "Sandra Bullock's Best Performance" as the ads would like you to believe. But it's not terrible either. I would love to know exactly which scenes were fabricated for the film, because Bullock facing down the armed crack heads at the end seemed a bit much. But it was likable enough and it's heart seemed to be in the right place. And it was good to see that this thing was sold out for three straight days at my theatre when stuff with vampires is ruling the box office. Not great, but it's just good to see someone in Oher's position in life actually make it. 6/10.


78. Avatar - My two word AVATAR review: I came. My slightly longer review: The best compliment that I can give AVATAR is that it all seemed so real. I can't think of one shot that rang false. Everyone raved about Gollum a few years ago. This is SO much better than that. It's not even fair to Avatar to compare them. Avatar doesn't even compare with any film before, because this seems like something new. Like it's the first of its kind or something. This is now the gold standard for effects films. It was like there really is a place called Pandora somewhere, and that crazy bastard Cameron figured out a way to get his crew there to shoot this. This is, without the slightest doubt, the best experience I've ever had in a movie theater. I saw it on the largest screen in Texas, and it was so immersive and amazing. And Neyteri is my favorite film character in a long time. Looks like I'm going to have to go modify my TOP 10 FILMS OF THE DECADE post from a few days ago. I can't wait to go back and visit Pandora again. 10/10

79. The Proposal - Yes, Sandra Bullock was sort of hot in this, but it was by the numbers for the most part. But Reynolds and Betty white were likable enough to give this a pass. Should have showed the wedding and Betty White getting plastered at the reception though. Points deducted for that. 5/10.

80. Inglourious Basterds - Totally different from what I was expecting. Not in a bad way, but different. Hans Landa and Archie Hicox are two of my favorite cinematic characters from the last few years though. Both actors really brought their A game in those roles. I would have liked to have seen more of the Basterds at work, and in fact, I think there's a whole other film still there if QT wanted to pursue it, but this was one of the best of the year. 8/10.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby caruso_stalker217 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:58 pm




INTOLERABLE CRUELTY. I got off work at midnight and popped this fucker in. As always, I feel like this is the Coens' most underrated film. It's got a lot of great funny moments and also some pretty touching ones, such as Clooney's "love speech" at the convention. The Cloonster is excellent in this, Mrs. Douglas is incredibly sexy and turns in one of the two performances of hers I actually like (the other is AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS), and the two of them have some great chemistry. When it comes to good looking people in the movies, I suppose you could do worse. These fuckers just ooze sex appeal. I could watch them all day if, I don't know, I was snowed in and there was nothing else to do, I guess. Add in Roger Deakins' stunning cinematography (it's like I'm watching some old timey Technicolor shit, yo) and Carter Burwell's wonderful score and you've got, uh, well you've got this movie. And it's a good one, in this asshole's opinion. 8/10.

DEATH PROOF. This shit just gets worse every time I see it. I had to watch it with my brother because I can't get through it without having somebody there to tear it to pieces with. I think the film looks fantastic, it's the script that is shitty, and most of the actors. Anybody who knows me knows I hate Rosario Dawson. I think she's one of the top worst human beings, like maybe co-Hitler. I can't explain it, everything about her just rubs me the wrong way. She's awful. I think I keep watching this looking for shit to like. Kurt Russell is great in one of the best roles of his career... but he doesn't have nearly enough screen time! It's infuriating, you've got a badass like Kurt Russell and he's playing second or possibly third fiddle to Sydney Poitier and fuckin' Vanessa Ferlito! Most of the good shit is buried under so much fucking talk. It's talk talk fucking talk. For the first time I skipped through the conversation in the car with Zoe Bell and Co. and also the scene around the table that follows it. Holy fuck was that liberating. Honestly, that felt fucking good. There's nothing else to say. 3/10.


HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY. I hadn't seen this since its theatrical run, so I thought I'd pick it up the DVD. This movie is a visual feast. I watch this stuff and I think that this is what the STAR WARS prequels could've been, at least with the critters and effects and whatnot. It's so great to see puppets and shit again. Del Toro knows how to marry CGI and motherfuckin' puppets and the set and character design is just beautiful. I like that they expand on the first film by showing us more of the magical puppets and whatnot and it's not so much of a "weird shit in the real world" but more of a "look at all this weird shit and also there are some normal people here." I also enjoyed all the scenes of the puppets and various beasts talking about their feelings and having relationships and so on. I really wanted Abe to hook up with that creepy elf lady and that Barry Manilow scene with Hellboy was pretty good. Ron Perlman is badass as always, Selma's haircut kinda blows and I think I need to pick up Danny Elfman's score on compact disc. A very different but enjoyable follow up to the first film. 9/10.

DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG. First saw this on the damn iTunes and recently got this on DVD and still thought it was great the second time around. I'm not the biggest fan of musicals, though I can get up on a MOULIN ROUGE! or SWEENEY TODD, but I think this shit was pretty good or whatever. Normally I don't care for this Joss Whedon person, but occasionally he makes something I like. And anything with Nathan Fillion is worth watching. Except maybe WHITE NOISE 2. 10/10.

HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY. Wasn't really planning on watching this again less than 24 hours after the first viewing... but what can you do?

NATURAL BORN KILLERS. First viewing for me. This is a pretty stupid movie, a complete wankfest by Oliver Stone, cinematic diarrhea and I predict will be high in the running for Worst of the Month. Tommy Lee Jones is pretty funny, like Two-Face with mutton chops, and that part when those cops did a Rodney King on Woody made me laugh, but everything about this movie is just... irritating. THE HAND is better than this shit. 2/10.


SHAFT (2000). First time viewing. This movie is badass with a capital Sam Jackson. Christian Bale plays a great douche, Busta Rhymes is surprisingly good as Shaft's sidekick, Vanessa Williams has real perty eyes, and Jeffrey Wright steals the show every chance he gets. 10/10, muthafucka.


BLADE II. I really didn't like this one the first time I watched it, but it has grown on me since. I'm a sucker for a "good guys and bad guys join forces" plot, even in movies I don't care for, like X2. Snipes is kickass as usual (his first scene with the Bloodpack is a highlight). But I still prefer the gritty "real world" of the first BLADE to del Toro's comic book action stuff here. Also, you'd think that Blade would have gained an understanding or at least a new perspective on vampires after having a boner for that Nyssa chick, but in BLADE TRIO he hasn't learned dick. What the hell, man? I still think the first is the best, but you can't go wrong with BLADE II. 8/10.

SWEENEY TODD. I fuckin' know I already added these, but apparently this computer contraption is fucking with me. Anyway, I've seen this, it's good, Depp, etc. 10/10.

TROPIC THUNDER. Watched the unrated version. Too long, funny stuff, Tom Cruise. Pretty good. 7/10.


TROPIC THUNDER. This worked more for me the second time around. I wasn't as annoyed by the drug lord kid and Matthew McConaughey is the shit. 8/10.


SHAFT (2000). Still badass.


A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. OLEG Club selection. This one kinda surprised me by not being shitty and I enjoyed it quite a bit. 7/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.

MICHAEL CLAYTON. Caught this on television and felt compelled to sit and watch. It's still as good as I remember, with a fantastic performance from Tom Wilkinson. Clooney is in top form here. I don't understand why some people have a problem with the guy. The final confrontation between him and Tilda Swinton is like electric dynamite. 9/10.


MEN OF WAR. This is always a good one and probably the best riff on SEVEN SAMURAI ever. Even better than BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Dolph Lundgren leads a team of mercenaries (including Catherine Bell and Tiny "Motherfucking Zeus" Lister) to strong arm some simple native folks into signing over their island to some guy and fuckin' Dharma and Greg, minus Dharma. But after Dolph nails Charlotte Lewis (of THE GOLDEN CHILD and also that vampire movie where she did stuff to Alyssa Milano), he decides he'd like to help the islanders and maybe some of the mercenaries aren't cool with that so there's the big third act where some mercenaries stay to defend the island and the rest pledge their allegiance to fucking Kevin Tighe and Kano from MORTAL KOMBAT. This is a real oddity. A B-movie with nice cinematography, actually shot on fucking location with real assholes in the jungle and shit, a script co-written by John Sayles, Charlotte Lewis' boobies, various characters falling in love, homosexual undertones, all adding up to something magical: an action picture that kinda gives a shit about its characters, with stuff about Dolph finding himself and some emotions and shit and also there's a scene where a kid jumps off a roof and lands on Tiny Lister's balls. 23/10


SUPERCOP. Just picked up the new Dragon Dynasty DVD because I'd only seen the English dub and also it totally kicks ass. Lotta laughs and explosions and Michelle Yeoh doin' her thing. I really like that Yeoh. 9/10.

GRAN TORINO. I was really happy with this one. Clint is the most badass motherfuckin' 78 year old ever. Nobody fucks with Clint. I got a lot of laughs out the scenes of him trying to mingle with his immigrant neighbors and shit. The kids playing Thao and Sue aren't the best actors in the world, but I found them pretty likable so it was easy to overlook their shortcomings and whatnot. I'll give this shit 9/10.

THE LAST BOY SCOUT. I'd only seen this once on television, so I figured I'd rent it. The script is a fucking mess, but Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are entertaining as hell. The scene where Wills catches Wayans doing drugs in his bathroom is actually some pretty good dramatic shit, which further proves my theory that comedians have a leg up on regular actors in that they're much more capable at doing comedy and drama. Just look at John Candy. The motherfucker could act. The movie also features one of the two best things about HALLOWEEN 4, Danielle Harris. When people talk about great child actors, they're talking about that motherfucker. It's a shame she isn't more well-known. At least she didn't go all Natalie Portman on us, giving one good performance before going all mediocre and shit. Harris is pretty fuckin' good in this movie, is what I'm saying. What the hell she doing playing second fiddle to whatserfuck in Zombie's HALLOWEEN? Anyway, I'll give this thing an 8/10.

THE MACHINE GIRL. This one's always a hoot. Just about as stupid as a movie can get, but entertaining as hell. CITIZEN KANE it's not, but then CITIZEN KANE didn't have a drill bra. 9/10.


BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. I caught most of this on television, even though I'd had no prior interest in it. But it surprised me and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I didn't care for it so much after it turned into a slasher movie at the end, but the documentary stuff made me laugh my ass off. 7/10.


RE-ANIMATOR. This is one of those '80s cult horror movies that I never seemed to get around to watching, which is a shame because this is a real treat. Not much can be said really. Jeffrey Combs kicks ass in this, not a hero or a villain, just a crazy motherfucker. I also appreciated the nudity. '80s ruled. 10/10.


DEATH RACE. I bought this one kind of on a whim and on the recommendation of my OLEG brothers. I really dislike Paul W.S. Anderson, especially after that AVP bullshit, but this one almost redeems him for me. I honestly loved the shit out of this movie, which surprised me. An Anderson movie that I truly enjoyed. Amazing. It gets no points for originality, but it's well-executed and Joan Allen gets to say "cocksucker." Pure, shameless fun. 9/10. FULL REVIEW HERE

HENRY FOOL. I just about laughed until I shit myself. Possibly the greatest film ever made. 47/10.

A PERFECT WORLD. This was probably the very first Clint Eastwood movie I ever saw, probably around the time it first came out on video. Great performances from Costner and the kid and some nice cleavage from the waitress. 9/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


BRINGING OUT THE DEAD. Caught this on television and really dug it the second time around. Ving Rhames is hilarious in this and Cage yells and flips out at moments that are actually appropriate. 10/10.


LETHAL WEAPON 2. I've pretty much been watching this my entire life, so I really can't say anything that I haven't said a hundred times before. One of the greatest sequels of all time and superior to the original. 94/10.


DUANE HOPWOOD. This is one of my favorites. Alcoholic David Schwimmer trying to clean up and keep visitation rights with his kids. A nice little movie and Ross drops the F-bomb a few times. 9/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


HENRY FOOL. Gotta buy this one eventually.

DEATH RACE. Bought this one already and, boy, am I glad I did.


CHERRY 2000. This is a charming little futuristic western Melanie Griffith Tim Thomerson Larry Fishburne cameo romantic action robot sex drama. Not exactly the greatest movie ever made, but like I said it's charming. And a pretty nifty Basil Pouledoris score to boot. 8/10.


ZODIAC. Every time I watch this I think about how the Academy can go fuck themselves and whatnot cuz this was the motherfucking Best Picture of 2007 goddamnit not even one fucking nomination fuck you Michael Bay, etc. And it's true. There's that fantastic opening sequence with "Hurdy Gurdy Man" playing and shit. The first hour and a half or so moves pretty slowly, Zodiac killing folks, the cops trying to get through the jurisdictional clusterfuck, Robert Downey Jr. and so forth. That great scene with Edwards, Koteas and Ruffalo interviewing John Carroll Lynch. So much great shit it makes me sick that there was no recognition, bullshit Oscars, what have you. Then the last hour picks up when Gyllenhaal starts his investigation, Roger Rabbit, and what I think is a perfect ending. After all this shit, the only thing you get is a guy saying, "That's the man who shot me." Cue Donovan. Cut to black. End credits. Fuck you and goodnight. 10/10.

THE DIRTY DOZEN. Best "men on a mission" movie ever. Uh, that is all. 10/10.



TAKEN. This is a pretty good way to start the month, with Liam Neeson killing a lot of people. Fox screws us out of the R-rated content we love so much (necks should make a sound when they are broken, for example) but I had such a good time that I didn't care. This is probably the only time we'll see Neeson dodging automatic gunfire and diving through windows and doing some pretty impressive Seagal shit, so I'll take it in any form I can get. I'm sure we'll see an unrated DVD release in the future, though, so that's something to look forward to. 9/10.


BRINGING UP BABY. This was part of a TCM four movie Katharine Hepburn DVD pack thingie I picked up at work. I wasn't too into this at first until the leopard showed up and the real fuckin' hijinks ensued. Love the scenes with Cary Grant and the dog. Overall I thought this was a pretty charming movie and I laughed a lot more than I thought I might maybe. Anyway, good work all you dead people in this movie. 8/10.


THE PHILADELPHIA STORY. "I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives. You know, at one time I think I secretly wanted to be a writer." I think I'm beginning to guy-love Cary Grant a little. This is a great fucking movie with very funny performances by Grant, Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart (in an Oscar winning role). Man, I love these old fucking movies. 10/10.


ADAM'S RIB. My exploration into the world of Katharine Hepburn continues in this 1949 comedy, starring Hepburn and long-time naughty not-very-secret lover Spencer motherfucking Tracy. Hepburn and Tracy play a married couple, both attorneys (he's the assistant D.A. and she is a strong independent woman lawyer person) who end up on different sides in an attempted murder trial that makes big headlines and maybe there's some women's rights shit or whatever. Then the battle of the sexes begins, hilarity ensues, hijinks, etc. I'm not sure how funny this movie actually is. I didn't laugh very much, but I thought it was a charming movie and I enjoyed it. Tracy and Hepburn have such great chemistry and are so obviously in love it's no surprise everybody knew they were knocking boots off-camera. Even if the movie doesn't always stack up, Tracy and Hepburn are excellent and it's worth a viewing just to see them together. The gay guy across the hall who is inexplicably in love with Hepburn is a tad annoying, but in an amusing Sean Hayes from "Will & Grace" kind of way (not that I watch that show or anything, so go fuck yourself). I was surprised Tracy didn't beat the shit out of the guy for hitting on his wife through the entire movie, though. 8/10.


FULL CONTACT. OLEG Club selection. Chow Yun-Fat is not to be fucked with in this ridiculously awesome revenge picture from Ringo Lam. 10/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


FACE/OFF. This one never gets old. Travolta and Cage are perfectly cast in this and are able to use their powers of hammy overacting/real genuine acting for good instead of evil for a change. I mean Cage is just so fucking ridiculous in almost every scene and then he busts out some real emotions in the scene where he convinces Joan Allen (in über-suburban MILF mode here. Sweet Jesus) that he's actually Vinnie Barbarino. I swear I tear up a little every time. John Powell's score is fantastic, falling somewhere between Hans Zimmer and Jerry Goldsmith a lot of the time and it fits this ridiculous film perfectly. Truly John Woo's best Hollywood film. I still think they should've cut the scene where they show the actual surgery, because it's probably easier to accept this stupid fucking premise without having to see the latex Travolta face floating in a jar or whatever. 9/10.


CHRISTINE. This is pretty goddamn underrated by a lot of people, in my opinion. Personally, I think this is one of John Carpenter's best movies and definitely one of my favorites. J.C. was on fire in the early '80s. I would also rank this as one of the best Stephen King adaptations and I'd say it kicks the book's ass. 10/10.


PREDATOR. Nothing can be said that hasn't been said already,but I tried anyway. 10/10.

BLACK BOOK. I grew up on the stuff like ROBOCOP and TOTAL RECALL. Verhoeven is a master. And this movie is pretty fuckin' good. Not the dreary WWII picture I had imagined, but rather a kickass revenge story with tits and sadness. I thought it dragged a little the first time I saw it, but it went by at a brisk pace this time around. I like that the line between the good and evil, she is blurred. The Nazi who collects stamps and isn't all bad, the guy who seems like the good guy but turns out to be the biggest piece of shit in the movie, and Carice van Houten looks very nice without the clothes. 10/10.


ROMANCING THE STONE. I'd only seen bits and pieces of this on television and I heard it was kind of a classic or something and maybe some stuff about Kathleen Turner being hot. Now Turner being hot was no news to me. I know how hot 1984 Kathleen Turner is, as opposed to current scary Kathleen Turner and what a goddamn shame that is. Anyway, this movie is a lot of fun with the chemistry between Douglas and Turner and all, which would later be used to full effect in one of my all-time favorites THE WAR OF THE ROSES. Things kinda fizzle a bit at the end and Silvestri takes the slap bass and saxophone way too fucking far in some places, but overall I think this is a great movie and it's a shame the soulless fucks in Hollywood are planning a remake. I mean that opening alone is a classic (and also sweaty and erotic). 9/10.


AFTER HOURS. I continue my journey into the world of Martin Scorsese, a filmmaker I claim not to be a fan of even though out of the four or five movies of his I've seen there's only one I don't like. Maybe one and a half if you count TAXI DRIVER, since I don't know if I like it or not. This is a bizarre comedy in which Griffin Dunne runs into a series of whackos who I'd definitely bang (Linda Fiorentino, Rosanna Arquette, Teri Garr, Catherine O'Hara and John Heard. Okay, that last one was a lie. Heard isn't a bad looking guy, but he's not actually crazy in this, he's a normal person and also he's a guy so I wouldn't bang him. Catherine O'Hara, now, I'd hit that. I'd hit it like Rocky hit those slabs of beef. I'd hit it like Ike hit Tina. I'd hit it like I'd hit John Heard in a dark alley, with me dressed as Ronald McDonald and Heard in a school girl outfit. And by John Heard I mean Linda Fiorentino. But, hey, if John wanted to watch that's his business. He could bring Will Patton along, it could be a pretty good time, who knows?) and gets into various adventures and runs into Cheech and Chong and yells at Rosanna Arquette about paper weights and gets hunted by a violent mob and Catherine O'Hara in an ice cream truck. Also, he doesn't pay for a lot of stuff because he doesn't have any money and also he gets encased in paper-mâché, which is pretty fucked up if you asked me. But it's all in good fun and also you get to see Linda Fiorentino's boobies. Probably the best Scorsese movie I've seen yet. 10/10.

THE PAPER. I finished AFTER HOURS and decided to watch some television and it happened that Encore was showing this Ron Howard picture so I thought I'd check it out. This is a pretty good dramedy about a day in the life of a tabloid newspaper with Michael Keaton dropping f-bombs and flailing around like Beetlejuice and Marisa Tomei is his hot pregnant wife. There's good supporting players like Robert Duvall and Randy Quaid and a few shots of Clint Howard and also the freakish man-women like Glenn Close who I'd bang, but only if I had a couple dozen paper bags to cover up that twelvehead of hers. I don't mind the face so much, but goddammit I am not making sweet Ronald McDonald love to Glenn Close with that fucking twelvehead staring down at me, taunting me. Also, I hate "Damages." Fuckin' repugnant shit. But this movie is good and I thought the scenes where Robert Duvall is like, "Gimme all ya got! Gimme all ya got!" and everybody is sitting in his office and throwing out story ideas and I've never visited a newspaper before but this seemed pretty realistic and also Robert Duvall coughed really hard and it was pretty funny, even though he's obviously suffering from some sort of cancer-related ailment which never gets resolved thank God because I hate it when movies end with the guy saying "I've got six months to live" or some shit like "Hey, I'm in remission" or some garbage like that. So congratulations, Ron Howard. This is one of the ones that doesn't suck. Thank you for giving us Bryce. I love her. 9/10.

MALLRATS. Bought this a few days back and figured I should probably watch it or something, since I hadn't seen it in years. The Kevin Smith movies, they tend to get worse the more I watch them, but this one I think I liked a little better this time. The game show stuff doesn't work too well, but the rest I think she is solid. She's good to go. Shannen 90210 is cute and sexy in this and the Chasing Amy, she shows her boobs. Boobs always score points. Claire Forlani tries desperately not to be English but she has a pretty face and is generally bangable. But she is not in the movie enough! How do I connect Claire and her boyfriend Tough Shit when she gets three scenes in the whole movie. The London character, I don't remember which London he is. Is he the DAZED AND CONFUSED London or was he the one who wrote WHITE FANG? Anyway, I thought this guy was likable. He doesn't get to "bring da funny" like Dave from ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, but I think the kid is likable enough. Everybody seems to have trouble reciting Smith's dialogue. There are a lot of words in there and sometimes the actors have trouble spitting them out. And Alec Guinness thought he had it bad when he had to say "That's no moon... it's a space station!" Fuckin' amateur. Meanwhile Beverly Hills Dougherty is reciting entire novels at breakneck speed! Obi-Wan wouldn't last a day in this fucking mall. Kevin Smith needs to write dialogue that people can actually say. You're not in books school, Kevin Smith of this movie. Affleck is a tubby fuck in this. 8/10.


MANIAC COP 2. I never saw MANIAC COP 1. This movie is pretty stupid and I'm giving it a lowish rating, but I kinda liked it anyway. 5/10. A REVIEW HERE.


CASINO ROYALE. Daniel Craig kicks plenty of ass and even gets to love up on Eva Green in Jimmy 007's twenty-first adventure. This was the first Bond movie I ever saw in the theater. It's also the first one I ever liked. Not as fast-paced as my personal favorite QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but a damned good fucking movie. With plenty of punching and Eva Green cleavage. Golly, she's pretty. 10/10.


THE GOLDEN CHILD. I love this fucking movie. This one is a huge part of my childhood, like BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA or ROBOCOP or any of those fucking movies. This thing ain't perfect. The script ain't, you know, the tightest around or whatever. Eddie Murphy is funny though and that's what counts. I miss funny Eddie. Charles fucking Dance plays the heavy, but it's mostly a thankless role. But he's Charles fucking Dance so he makes the most of it. Charlotte Lewis is real nice to look at. God, is she ever. And this movie is just fucking crazy. I hadn't seen this in years, so I never really thought too much about the dream sequence with the horse and the applause sign and shit. How the hell does a scene like that make it into a movie? You couldn't do that today. That is some crazy (and awesome) shit. Anyway, this movie is pretty flawed overall but the nostalgia does the trick. I'm gonna give the shit a 9/10.


CLOVERFIELD. I don't really get the hate for this. I saw it in the theater when it first came out and I've seen it a couple times since. It's not, you know, great or anything. I could do without the "Felicity" romance stuff with Rob and Beth. It would be better if that shit was a little more realistic, but I still enjoy the movie. Also, it's bullshit that Marlena dies, man. I got me some love for that Lizzy Caplan. Damn. 8/10.

BAD SANTA. This shit never gets old. Goddamn if this ain't the funniest Christmas movie about a drunken horny Santa ever made. Great supporting work by Tony Cox, Bernie Mac, and John Ritter. Billy Bob is funnier than shit and even manages to turn out some good dramatic work in a couple scenes while still being funny, notably his attempted suicide by car exhaust and the scene at the end when Tony Cox betrays him. The kind of movie I can watch any time no matter what mood I'm in. 10/10.



THE DEPARTED. From a technical standpoint, this thing is a fucking mess. Christ, the continuity errors. Jesus. But overall it's a movie I still dig the shit out of and it never gets old. Nicholson hits about a 9.5 on the ham-o-meter. Leo and Will Hunting turn in good performances, while Marky Mark and Billy Baldwin's brother are ridiculous and/or tubby and also awesome. I've been a fan of Vera Farmiga since DUMMY and also she was in that show "Roar" that I used to watch when I was a kid but I didn't know that for a long time. Anyway, she's good-looking. 9/10.


LAST ACTION HERO. Hadn't seen this since I was a kid. Much better than I expected it would be years later and funnier than shit. 9/10.

HORTON HEARS A WHO! Already seen most of this in bits and pieces, first-time viewing all the way through. A nice kid's movie or whateverthefuck. 8/10. FULL "REVIEW" HERE.


WATCHMEN. I enjoyed this one. 10/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


THE DELTA FORCE. Chuck Norris uses his mullet to combat plane hijackers in this action melodrama. Lee Marvin is there, too. 8/10.


SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK. First time viewing, will NOT be the last. I'm not sure what I watched, but I liked it. Funny, heartbreaking, infuriating, bizarre, weird, weirdly bizarre, fucking crazy, insane, hilarious, ass-fucking hilariously, tragically depressing and nudity. This is a description of the film, I think. 10/10.

WATCHMEN. Overall, a more enjoyable experience the second time around.


FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. Hadn't seen this in many years. A hell of a lot more enjoyable than I remember. Love that nothing supernatural happens until an hour in, so you get a lot of time to know the main characters. It's no surprise Clooney became a movie star. He's fucking dynamite in this (and pretty easy on the eyes, if I may be so bold) and handles the physical stuff like it ain't no thang and Tarantino's dialogue seems tailor-made for him. Even ol' Quinty turns in a good performance as the batshit fucking crazy Gekko brother with a (surprise, surprise) major foot fetish. Juliette Lewis remains forever weird-looking but nonetheless bangable. 10/10.

THE WRESTLER. So it's true. This movie is great and Rourke is fucking excellent. Marissa Tomei does terrific work with her breasts, but I'm not sure how that equals an Oscar nomination. She was good, but not exceptional. The body, on the other hand, that's another story. We need a fucking award for that. 10/10.


FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. Not only an EVIL DEAD for the nineties, it also has a great Carpenteresque vibe.


PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. So this is about as fucking stupid as a movie can get, but it's also pretty damn awesome. Stevenson is a terrific punisher who actually kills people, instead of framing them with fire hydrants and shit. In fact, I think Ray Stevenson kills more people in his first scene than Tom Jane did in his whole movie. This movie is good pure stupid fun. Doug Hutchison and Dominic West overact their hearts out. I love their scenes together. 9/10.


WATCHMEN. Yet again.


POOL PARTY. A guy I know at work has a part in this movie, so I was compelled to watch it. Low-budget, stupid, but I laughed and ended up liking it quite a bit. 7/10. FULL REVIEW HERE


QUANTUM OF SOLACE. My favorite Bond film, motherfuck! 10/10.


DEATH TO SMOOCHY. I love the shit out of this movie. Fuck the haters. 9/10.


JCVD. I thought the movie was okay. Van Damme is excellent in it, though. 8/10.


THE DARK KNIGHT. My favorite Batman movie, tied with RETURNS. 10/10.


WALL-E. This is pretty much as fucking great as everybody said it was. Robots are neat. 10/10.



THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. Only Sam Raimi could've unleashed this wacky western onto the world and God bless him. Hackman like a motherfucker. 9/10.

JACKIE BROWN. Tarantino's best film and still pretty goddamn unappreciated. Max fucking Cherry, okay? 10/10.

FULL TILT BOOGIE. Very cool that this behind the scenes making of a film documentary situation is included with the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN DVD. If you're a motherfucker like me who enjoys the movies and shit and the filmmaking process and also watching people like George Clooney fucking around and having fun making movies while not being an OCEAN'S ELEVEN situation where you're supposed to be watching an actual movie but instead you're just watching a bunch of movie stars enjoy the smell of their own shit no worries this isn't a fictional film or anything this is a documentary so it's okay that everybody is having fun they don't actually have to tell a story then maybe that is a little sad but this documentary is entertaining and you can't fuck with that kind of thing. 9/10.


PLANES TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES. You can never ever ever go wrong with this motherfucking classic buddy road movie. Martin and Candy are goddamn magic. "Four fucking wheels and a seat!" 10/10.


HALLOWEEN (1978). Classic Carpenter. A wonderful film that I'm afraid has not aged as well as it could have, but good nonetheless. Donald Pleasance like a motherfucker. Jamie Lee Curtis may in fact be a man, but that is a man I would fuck. There are more fucking palm trees in Illinois than you would think. 9/10.

HALLOWEEN (2007). I am going to Hell for preferring this version. I never wanted to watch this. I never wanted to like it. At least I never thought I'd like it. It has really grown on me. Zombie's best film so far, make of that what you will and fuck yourself if you can't see it. 9/10.


NIGHTBREED. Hadn't seen this in years. Truly an epic mess of a movie, thanks to the douchebags who cut it to shreds, but it is an interesting mess. So many scenes from this film are burned into my brain from childhood. The woman at the motel dropping her pastry and spending what seems like five fucking minutes picking it up, that weird-looking cat/dog/Bambi motherfucker that turns into a little red-headed girl, the heavy-set dude with the eel/worm things coming out of his stomach, Cronenberg running around in that crazy fucking mask, and most importantly the naked smoke lady. Yeah baby! Anyway, I'd like to see those 25 minutes put back in the movie so maybe there will be a coherent third act and a film that makes sense in general. Gleaming smokey tits, baby! 7/10.


ROCKY. First time viewing, thanks to the OLEG Movie Club. Really good fuckin' movie about going the distance and being an underdog. I don't know if Rocky has a mental disability or what, but he is seriously fucked up in this movie. Carl Weathers is surprisingly likable as the complete douche Apollo Creed and Talia Shire is super cute as Rocky's lady friend/future wife/eventually-dead wife Adrian. 10/10. A REVIEW HERE.


THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Well, this is pretty much a goddamn classic. It always manages to get me a little misty-eyed. It's just too fucking awesome! 10/10.

SECRET WINDOW. Hadn't watched this in about five years. Not bad, not super great. Great funny performance from Depp. Overall, not as good as Koepp's previous effort STIR OF ECHOES but perfectly enjoyable. Maria Bello is crap as usual, though. 8/10.


ROBIN HOOD (1973). I had not seen this children's cartoon featuring singing animals in many years. Typical of this era in Disney the animation is nowhere near the quality of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and PINOCCHIO and shit and a lot of the animation has been cannibalized from other Disney movies (recognized Marion's dancing as Snow White's immediately) but it still has that Disney quality that I really fucking miss where all the characters just really seem alive. Just the way they move is so much fucking better than the later Disney cartoons and shit. Or something. Anyway, maybe the fucking PRINCESS AND THE FROG will bring back that good old fashioned racist Disney magic. 8/10.


THE FUGITIVE. This is a classic. Ford is not one to be fucked with, Jones will punish your nuts, etc. 10/10.



BATMAN & ROBIN. Been years since I've seen this... and I loved it! 10/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


BATMAN FOREVER. I'm really starting to really enjoy these Schumacher Batpictures. 9/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.

THE WRESTLER. This movie gets me all misty-eyed. Also there are boobs.

APPALOOSA. A good low-key western with solid performances by Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons. Plus the usual shitty performance by Renée Zellweger. 8/10. FULL REVIEW HERE.


NETWORK. This movie was kind of a let-down. 7/10. READ MORE HERE!


GOJIRA. I fell asleep several times.



CAPE FEAR (1991). I'm not really sure where I stand on this. Can't give it a rating at this time. My full "thoughts" HERE.


THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. I'm glad I skipped this one when it played theatrically, because this shit made me cry and it would be a shame if that sort of thing had happened with an audience. That being said I think this is a well-made picture, feels very different from other Fincher films, and the youngified Blanchett is both hot and creepy. Jared Harris is pretty funny as the tugboat captain. 10/10.

STAR TREK GENERATIONS. First time I watched this in its entirety in many years. Feels like a T.V. movie a lot of the time, Malcolm McDowell is good as the villain but doesn't really have much to do. There's some good shit in there about getting older and such and life and shit, but the whole Kirk thing still feels like a plot device. Anyway, not bad but not great. 7/10.










CAT PEOPLE. A strange and nifty sort of film about cat people and shit. Kinda sad and overall satisfying or something. 8/10.

FIREFOX. Not bad, not great. 7/10. AND A FUCKING REVIEW.


A lot different from CAT PEOPLE. Crazy shit, man. 9/10. FUCKING REVIEW HERE.


THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (2008). Thoroughly pointless. 5/10.

THE WAY OF THE GUN. A complicated but cool modern western with the Benicio and shit. Pretty damn enjoyable. 10/10.


DRIVEN TO KILL. A tubby Steven Seagal with a dubious Russian accent getting revenge. Pretty good for DTV. Third act drags like a motherfucker, but a lot of enjoyable fight scenes and it's kind of amusing to see how much footage they can reuse. 7/10.




THE IRON GIANT. What a magical fuckin' experience with the big robot and whatnot! Made me laugh, almost made me cry! 10/10.


THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. Pretty good sci-fi Nazi mystery thriller Olivier crazy Greg Peck shit and a very good but repetitive score by Jerry Goldsmith. 8/10.


FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. This shit'll put hair on your chest. 10/10.



BAD SANTA. Always good for a laugh.


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. This shit'll blow your balls off. 10/10.


KILL BILL VOL. 2. I re-warming up to this, I guess. 9/10.





















EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE. Good wholesome ape fun with punching and wackiness. 9/10. A GODDAMN REVIEW





ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN. Not as good as the first, but enjoyable. 7/10. FUCKIN' REVIEW



DIRTY H@RRY. I hear this is a classic. I enjoyed it. 10/10. AND A REVIEW

THE SPIRIT. I heard this was shit. I loved it. 9/10. REVIEW HERE









PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. Not sure how I feel here. REVIEW!


































EL DIABLO. Solid made-for-cable western comedy. REVIEW MOTHERFUCKER.














































































































































































48 HRS.









































































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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Chris a.k.a StuntMike on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:12 pm


All movies I've watched in 2009. Previously seen or not.


01/01/09-Strange Days
01/02/09-The Poughkeepsie Tapes
01/02/09-The Misfits
01/02/09-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
01/02/09-Cocaine Cowboys
01/04/09-Quantum of Solace
01/04/09-Batman Begins
01/05/09-The Man With the Golden Gun
01/06/09-The Wrestler
01/06/09-Shaun of the Dead
01/07/09-Air Force One
01/08/09-The Thing(1951)
01/08/09-Punisher: War Zone
01/08/09-A League of Their Own
01/08/09-Twelve Monkeys
01/09/09-Zack and Miri Make a Porno
01/10/09-Seven Pounds
01/10/09-The Road Warrior
01/11/09-Clerks 2
01/14/09-The Running Man
01/15/09-The Apostle
01/15/09-Blood Simple
01/18/09-Red Dragon
01/20/09-The Untouchables
01/20/09-The Terminator
01/21/09-The Wrestler
01/21/09-Resident Evil: Apocalypse
01/22/09-Duane Hopwood
01/23/09-Starship Troopers
01/24/09-Wyatt Earp
01/24/09-Death Race
01/25/09-What Just Happened
01/25/09-Training Day
01/26/09-The Replacement Killers
01/27/09-The Dirty Dozen
01/28/09-Star Ballz
01/31/09-The Notorious Bettie Page
01/31/09-The Ringer
02/01/09-Red Dawn
02/01/09-An American Werewolf in London
02/01/09-Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
02/01/09-Beverly Hills Cop
02/02/09-2001: A Space Odyssey
02/02/09-The Jackyl
02/03/09-The Terminator
02/04/09-Apocalypse Now
02/05/09-Full Contact
02/05/09-Die Hard with a Vengeance
02/06/09-Under Siege
02/06/09-Walking Tall(2004)
02/07/09-Rear Window
02/07/09-Planet of the Apes(2001)
02/07/09-Underworld: Evolution
02/07/09-Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
02/08/09-Smokey and the Bandit
02/08/09-The Dukes of Hazzard
02/08/09-Hollow Man
02/08/09-Resident Evil: Apocalypse
02/09/09-Get Carter(2000)
02/10/09-Sin City
02/10/09-Cape Fear(1991)
02/11/09-Forrest Gump
02/12/09-Predator 2
02/13/09-Layer Cake
02/16/09-Enemy at the Gates
02/18/09-Dead Ringers
02/19/09-Dynamite Warrior
02/20/09-Robocop 2
02/20/09-Robocop 3
02/21/09-The Descent
02/21/09-The Terminator
02/21/09-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
02/24/09-Gangs of New York
02/26/09-Delta Force
02/26/09-Total Recall
02/26/09-Starship Troopers
02/27/09-The Fast and the Furious
02/27/09-Hard Candy
02/27/09-Top Gun
02/28/09-Ocean's Twelve
02/28/09-Face Off
02/28/09-Cannibal Ferox
03/01/09-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
03/01/09-Lord of War
03/04/09-Terminator 2
03/04/09-Boiling Point
03/05/09-Iron Monkey 2
03/05/09-Predator 2
03/06/09-Sin City
03/06/09-From Dusk Till Dawn
03/07/09-The Day the Earth Stood Still(2008)
03/07/09-X2: X-Men United
03/08/09-The Manchurian Candidate(2004)
03/09/09-Blade Trinity
03/10/09-Lethal Weapon 4
03/11/09-The Bourne Supremacy
03/12/09-El Dorado
03/12/09-Mad Max
03/12/09-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
03/13/09-The Last House on the Left(2009)
03/13/09-The Last House on the Left(1972)
03/14/09-The Untouchables
03/14/09-Sin City
03/15/09-The Departed
03/16/09-The Game
03/17/09-Owning Mahoney
03/17/09-The Deer Hunter
03/17/09-Naked Gun
03/20/09-They Live
03/20/09-The Thing
03/21/09-Lethal Weapon 3
03/21/09-The Burbs
03/25/09-Rising Sun
03/27/09-G.I. Jane
03/27/09-Spirited Away
03/27/09-The Last Boy Scout
03/28/09-Boogie Nights
03/29/09-Saving Private Ryan
03/29/09-The Ringer
03/29/09-Diamonds are Forever
03/31/09-Death Race
04/02/09-The Replacement Killers
04/03/09-Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
04/04/09-Fast and Furious
04/04/09-Not Quite Hollywood
04/05/09-Under Siege
04/05/09-Exorcist 3
04/06/09-Secret Window
04/07/09-Snake Eyes
04/11/09-The Ten Commandments
04/14/09-Deep Blue Sea
04/15/09-On Deadly Ground
04/16/09-Ben Hur
04/18/09-Crank: High Voltage
04/19/09-Crank: High Voltage
04/19/09-Lethal Weapon 4
04/21/09-The Thing
04/21/09-They Live
04/23/09-The Fugitive
04/25/09-Crank: High Voltage
04/28/09-The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3
05/02/09-The Burbs
05/02/09-Anvil: The Story of Anvil
05/03/09-Marley and Me
05/03/09-Little Children
05/08/09-Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
05/09/09-The Bourne Ultimatum
05/09/09-Eastern Promises
05/09/09-Rocky Balboa
05/14/09-Red Dawn
05/16/09-There Will Be Blood
05/16/09-The Wrestler
05/17/09-Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
05/17/09-The Machinist
05/19/09-Driven to Kill
05/19/09-Lethal Weapon
05/21/09-Terminator: Salvation
05/22/09-In Bruge
05/23/09-Terminator: Salvation
05/24/09-For a Few Dollars More
05/24/09-Rocky Balboa
05/24/09-Demolition Man
05/29/09-The International
05/31/09-Drag Me To Hell
06/03/09-The Punisher
06/07/09-Every Which Way But Loose
06/11/09-The Taking of Pelham 123(1974)
06/12/09-Lethal Weapon
06/12/09-Lethal Weapon 2
06/13/09-The Taking of Pelham 123(2009)
06/14/09-Any Which Way You Can
06/17/09-The Devil's Advocate
06/20/09-Star Trek(2009)
06/21/09-Saving Private Ryan
06/21/09-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
06/25/09-Charlie's Angels
06/26/09-Rachel Getting Married
06/27/09-My Best Fiend
06/27/09-The Hurt Locker
06/28/09-Friday The 13th(2009)
07/01/09-Public Enemies
07/05/09-Red Dragon
07/06/09-Beverley Hills Cop
07/06/09-Beverley Hills Cop 2
07/11/09-48 Hours
07/11/09-Another 48 Hours
07/12/09-The Last House on the Left(2009)
07/12/09-Blade 2
07/17/09-The Replacement Killers
07/17/09-Hard Candy
07/18/09-Terminator: Salvation
07/19/09-Love the Beast
07/24/09-Get Carter(2000)
07/24/09-The Thing
07/25/09-Terminator: Salvation
07/28/09-L.A. Confidential
08/01/09-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
08/03/09-The Exterminator
08/06/09-The Terminator
08/06/09-Terminator 2
08/07/09-Observe and Report
08/08/09-Get Carter(1971)
08/11/09-The Boys Next Door
08/13/09-Vice Squad
08/13/09-They Live
08/15/09-Miami Vice
08/15/09-Conan the Barbarian
08/16/09-The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
08/21/09-Citizen Kane
08/22/09-Inglourious Basterds
08/22/09-Gun Crazy
08/23/09-Inglourious Basterds
08/25/09-Robocop 2
08/30/09-Inglourious Basterds
08/30/09-The Kid Stays In The Picture
09/02/09-Rebel Without A Cause
09/05/09-District 9
09/05/09-Die Hard With A Vengeance
09/05/09-Sweeny Todd
09/07/09-X-Men: The Last Stand
09/07/09-Harsh Times
09/10/09-Bad Lieutenant
09/12/09-Planet Terror
09/13/09-Death Proof
09/15/09-The Road Warrior
09/17/09-The Limey
09/19/09-I Love You Man
09/20/09-I, Robot
09/20/09-American Psycho
09/21/09-For a Few Dollars More
09/26/09-District 9
09/29/09-Cape Fear
10/05/09-The Rock
10/07/09-Smokin' Aces
10/10/09-Ghost Rider
10/10/09-The Hangover
10/10/09-Beverly Hills Cop 2
10/17/09-The Rock
10/19/09-Angels and Demons
10/19/09-Rocky Balboa
10/24/09-The Hunted
10/25/09-Paranormal Activity
10/25/09-Public Enemies
10/25/09-Dead Snow
10/26/09-The Keeper
10/27/09-Silence of the Lambs
10/27/09-Black Hawk Down
11/05/09-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
11/07/09-Global Metal
11/07/09-Crank 2: High Voltage
11/08/09-Live Free or Die Hard
11/08/09-Soylent Green
11/14/09-The Day After Tomorrow
11/17/09-Once Upon A Time In The West
11/22/09-Black Dynamite
11/22/09-Inglourious Basterds
11/22/09-Funny People
11/26/09-Night on Earth
11/28/09-My Winnipeg
11/29/09-Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
12/01/09-Cocksucker Blues
12/02/09-Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
12/03/09-Belle du Jour
12/05/09-The Dark Knight
12/12/09-Saw 6
12/12/09-Bad Boys
12/12/09-Resident Evil: Extinction
12/13/09-Law Abiding Citizen
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:35 am


in a time tested AICN tradition, all DVD links are to Amazon, where I WON'T make a damn dime

1st:HARD BOILED(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEW: I kicked off my year this morning with HARD BOILED. I've never seen any of John Woo's Hong Kong movies, so I could never understand why people jumped on him for movies like HARD TARGET,BROKEN ARROW AND PAYCHECK or even the more 'accepted' work like MI:2 & FACE/ though, now I know and as GI Joe used to say, knowing is half the battle. I'm going to track down other Hong Kong Woo movies, suggestions?

1st/2nd:THE MISFITS(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEW-OLEG MOVIE CLUB SELECTION: grreat movie featuring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.FULL REVIEW HERE

2nd:SLACKER(Hulu)-1ST TIME VIEW: Day 2, and watched Richard Linklater's SLACKER. I was a little late to the 90s indie 'scene' first exposure was CLERKS followed by the usual suspects of RESEVIOR DOGS (for some reason kept trying to type 'GODS' instead of 'DOGS'), PULP FICTION, and EL MARACHI. This beast is a beast of a different color. In one of the Special Features on REDBELT David Mamet says that film is a visual medium and things should be seen, theatre is an audiable medium and things should be said, I guess Richard Linklater never got that memo because it seems like all SLACKER is is TALK, TALK, TALK...if my buddy caruso thought all they did in DEATH PROOF was talk, he should check this movie out. It's slow, it's talky, it's mundane. And while CLERKS represented ME more as I was in the 90s (endless debates about Star Wars, Star Trek, porn, comic books, etc whilst working in a minimum wage paying customer service job), I could see how this would appeal to other people in that time frame. It's a good movie, just not something I don't think I could watch over and over and over again.

2nd:ROCKY(AMC): While waiting for my beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders to play (and ultimatly lose--sorry spoiler warning) in The Cotton Bowl, I caught Rocky on AMC. This movie still holds up today and is fricking brillant. It's just a movie that works and clicks on all levels.

3rd:SONNY BOY(TCM)-1ST TIME VIEW: This flick from 1989, I don't know if you classify it as late grindhouse, explotive flick or something else but it's certainly one of a kind, I commented over in the OLEG thread that this movie is like David Lynch and Rob Zombie decided to collobrate on a version of Frankenstien. A demented tale of a young boy abused by his parents (Paul L. Smith and a cross dressing David Carradine), a small town crime boss father who wants to turn him into a monster and a "mother" (either a cross dresser or TG) who generally seems to lvoe him and care for him but has no real maternal insticnts. Brad Dourif and Syndy Lassick (reunited from ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO's nest) are the Father's cohorts, Alexandra Powers as the white trash girl who falls for Sonny Boy, Conrad Janis (Mork and Mindy) as a drunk surgoun and a habit of sewing on monkey parts, and Micheal Griffen, giving a really good performance, as Sonny Boy. Music is outstanding adn the direction looks to be really good too. Don't know if this deserves a full big screen 2 disc special edition DVD but a release would be nice. Don't know if I'd ever watch it again, but I THINK I'd like to own it, maybe not, I don't know. I do really get the impression that Rob Zombie saw this and really wanted to remake i when offered Halloweent, because it bears alot of resemblance to his take on Halloween. (white trash family, abuse, gender issues, killer kid)

3rd:CHARIOTS OF FIRE(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING: I know I know I must be some kind of heathen for never having seeing CHARIOTS OF FIRE, but I hadn't even though I've owned the movie for ages. This is a very slow moving movie about the true life friendship between a devout Christian (Eric Lidell) and a Jewish man (Harold Abrahams) who are both competing in the Olympics in the 1920s. Very good acting and directing.

3rd:THE ICE HARVEST(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING: This is a fun little film with Harold Ramis channeling the Coen's. Not great, not bad. But I have to say as someone living in Kansas, it doesn't FEEL like Kansas, looks like Kansas, espically the last scene with the wind whiping at John Cusak, but doesn't feel like Kansas. Good though. And I'm really glad they didn't go with the 2nd Alternate Ending, that ending felt too much like WILD THINGS.

3rd:MAMMA MIA!(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING: a fun little musical with a really REALLY poor performance from Pierce Brosnon. Not a bad rental, not a great musical. Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth, Christine Branski all turn in good performaces. A really silly credit sequence.

3rd:AUGUST RUSH(DVD): This was probably the 6th or 7th time I've seen this movie and it still stays good with me. A magical musical fairy tale based off of Dickens' OLIVER TWIST. Robin Williams in "crazy" mode, Terrance Howard in "sympathtic" mode, Keri Russell is cute, and Jonathan Rhys Myers is fun as an Oasis type singer, only not like crazy. Movie hinges on Freddie Highmore though, and although it makes no sense that the son of Irishman and an American who grew up in an orphanage speaks in an English accent, he's really good. The music is excellent. And the story good too with a good message about the importance of music.

4th:STARDUST(DVD): I saw this movie and fell in love with it when it came out in theatres, after watching now for the first time on DVD it still holds up and is still an amazing film. Great direction, great production. Pretty good acting (Claire Danes accent is a little spotty at times). Minor complaints, I'm not sure WHY Tristan's Wall companions show up at the end of the movie at his coronation. and I loved the end of the book where afterwards, they tell the kingdom that his mother is in charge and they are going on an adventrue. This ending is good though too. Ian McKellan's narration works really well for me too. DVD SF complaints, no commentary, would love a commentary on this film.

5th:DIE HARD(DVD): I don't know how many times I've seen this in the 19, 20 years it's been out, but I've seen it alot. It's easily the best of the series. I love it's low key start, I love Alan Rickman, I love that McClane uses his head and his intelligence. It's just overall a great movie.

5th:VANTAGE POINT(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING: I enjoyed this multi viewpoint thriller. Oh sure it has it's moments of unbelivability (Dennis Quaid crawling out of the car after being T-Boned, some of the tech), but overall it's enjoyable. A good car chase to close off the film, though not as good as THE FRENCH CONNECTION or RONIN. Enjoyable movie

6th:INTOLERABLE CRUELTY(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING: I watched this on the recommendation of my good friend caruso, and while few could argue that this is the Coen's best film, it is enjoyable. A nice throwback/homage to the screwball comedies of the 40s and50s with the same kind of feel from music, to customes and set design. Everyone shines. Standouts include Billy Bob Thorton who talks all the time, and Cedric the Entertainer as a sleazy PI who will "nail yo ass". A little sachrinne in parts but they redeem themselves and look for a small cameo from The Bruce. Thanks caruso buddy.

6th:THE ROAD TO ZANZIBAR(DVD): After watching INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, I was in the mood for some more screwball comedy, and it doesn't get better then Hope and Crosby. The anti-Blood Diamond, as Bob and Bing travel across as Africa looking for a "lost" diamond mine. Beautiful black and white photography, gret song and dance numbers, hilarious bits, it a true classic.

6th:MUPPETS FROM SPACE(HULU): I hadn't seen this one in a long time saw it on the Hulu and thought I'd check it out. While there are some good things in this movie (Kermit trying to keep the house togather on his vaction, the use of 70s songs, and Gonzo, Rizzo and Pepe) most of it doesn't work. The attempt to interject "modern" humor espically doesn't work, Rizzo working out to impress the "Mice Girls" might have worked if the poster wasn't an exact replica of a Spice Girls poster, Hollywood Hulk Hogan "I'm a bad guy now", and a few other things. Some puns really work and others don't (may the fish be with you in particular). Also trying to interject Clifford the Catfish(?) doesn't work. Still it's a heart warming story, but i really want the Muppets to return in good form ala The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and A Muppet Christmas Carol. I don't normally give out a rating but if I did, this one would be like 4.5/10

7th:MYSTERY SCIENCE THREE 3000: THE MOVIE (featuring This Planet Earth)(HBO FAMILY): It's been years since I've seen this and while some of the jokes are dated or just plain don't work, it's still laugh out loud funny more times then not.

7th:DUNE (Lynch version)(HBO FAMILY): followed MST3K with one of the strangest, and yet beautiful looking films ever. I've read the first 2 or 3 Dune books and the movie departs radically. And Yet...yet...I love the movie.

7th:THE WRESTLER(currently in theaters)-1ST TIME VIEWING: Darren Afronsky strips down his style for this story of a washed up professional wrestler trying to capture his past glory. This movie rests on the shoulders of Mickey Rourke, still showing that he is a great actor. A highlight for me (besdies the Tormi nudity) was the use of 80s glam metal music. From the opening licks of "Mental Health (Bang Your Head)" to the music Randy The Ram listens to in his van. Highlight scenes for me were the deli scene and when the kids, early in the movie, wake up Randy when he's sleeping in his van and despite his pain and late night, gets up and plays around with them. Both just awesome scenes. Great Great Great movie.

8tht:A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN(DVD)-Oleg Movie Club Selection: Not an instant classic but fun. Full review in the OLEG thread

13th:THE WRESTLER-2nd viewing and I think it gets better

14th:THE KINGDOM(DVD)-This may be my favorite movie by Berg, certianly his most mature. Heart breakinig, pulse pounding, thought provoking. Some may claim this is the most "American" of the recent Middle east war movies, but I think it shows the Americans and the Saudis in a good light, depecting attitudes held by both sides. The final line(s) send shivers up my spine everytime

15th:REVENGE OF THE NERDS 2: NERDS IN PARADISE(HBO FAMILY)-Like most sequels in th 80s, this one follows the same plot, only slightly more outragous. Anthony Edwarrds makes some weird cameos, an 1987 Courtney Thorne-Smith is yummy. I also watched about 5 mintues of Revenge of the Nerds 3, but that one really doesn't hold up and feels like a made for TV movie, so I turned the channel.

16th:THE APOSTLE(DVD):an OLEG movie club selection,full review in the OLEG thread. Overall, a great movie

16th:ET(HBO FAMILY)-gosh I hadn't seen this movie in yyears, I'm not sure if it's the Spielberg 'walkie-talkie' cut or not because there are some scenes with walkies that seem strange (when Elliot and Micheal steal the van, the escape at the playground) but for the iconic scene where ET launches them over the police cars and they fly to the landing spot, there is a close up of a shotgun and then they pull back and two cops have shotguns. Stuff that made me laugh, the US gov't cars all say on the door "property of the United States Goverment", the gov't showing up in spacesuits at the house, then radition suits. Stuff I hadn't noticed before, other then Dee Wallace you don't really get a good look at any adult's face until ET dies then there are closeups on the doctors ripping off masks, gov't agents taking off their suits, but at that point the kids hats, sunglasses, skimasks, hoodies all go up. I had also forgotten how heavy handed the Jesus motif is, espically when Micheal's friends see ET for the first time coming out of the van with the white robe and redheart (I'm surprised that Micheal and Elliot didn't have 10 friends who liked to fish). Also forgot how many Star Wars refrences (and one or two Star Trek) are in it. Overall the film holds up the kids feel like kids, the story timeless, almost a perfect movie. Didn't care for Williams score (except for the ET theme which is timeless). I also have to wonder if it could be made today (even by Spielberg) and still be as dark, emotionally involving, funny, real and timeless.

16th:JURRASIC PARK(DVD)-This is another movie it's been forever since I've watched it, but like ET it holds up, but not nearly as good as that ovie. Im fact I've got to wonder what the Steven Spielberg that directed ET, JAWS, and CET3K would say to the Spielberg that directed JP? There are some really good tense scenes; the sheer wonder when you first encounter the Brachiosaurses, the tense moments when T-Rex first appears, and the 'Raptors first appearance is a great jump scare. But I just realized that this is probably one of the first movies where Spielberg begins his PCness (which climaxes with his radical altering of previous journal entray ET-i.e. walkie talkie no terrorist edition) he not just age changes Tim and Lex but makes Tim the helpless one and Lex the stronger one. Tim is weaker studing only dinos in books, Lex is the older more protective one. tim has several scare moments and one heroic (by accident instead of on purpose like in the book) moment. Tim shines in the park but doesn't really do anything, Lex is scared in the park but shines in the control center and does much more. I also don't understand why they felt the need to make Grant a kid-hater except that it's easier from a storytelling perspective by having the annyoing kid like the kid in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN bug Grant (and give an excuse to set up the raptors, which Muldoon does later anyways). Their are also some big continuity errors; exhibit a-Tim knows that the dinos are all supposed to be girls despite not being on the automated tour where that piece of info is given, I also don't remember seeing Hammond know that Grant is back and yet he answers the phone "Grant"?. Good points though are some great acting from everyone. Attonbourgh of course is fantastic and is locked in my mind as Hammond, same with Wayne Knight as Nedry (known at that point as Newman). I also have to give props to Spielberg for casitng Sam Jackson and BD Wong (both at that time smal independent mostly char. actors). A good film, yes. An enjoyable film of course.

16th:THE LOST WORLD:JURRASIC PARK(DVD)-ok so since my dumbass won't get to sleep no matter how tired I am, I went ahead and watched JP 2: The Lost World. I think I've got it figured out. on the making of Jurrasic Park, Spielberg said he was inspired by the classic films THE LOST WORLD (where a group of explorers find a dino island) and KING KONG so he made JP...well I think he just continued that by making JP 2 which shares a LOT of similarities with both movies. then he turned it into a satire, the whole time, Ian is talking about how all this has happened before, they need to listin to him, that the current InGen head is just like Hammond and everyone is like nonononono but then The 'Berg repeats the exact same beats and themes and almost scenes in JP2, only amped up...kinda like Rami did in Evil Dead 2. Another indicator to this theory is the scene of the Japenese running away from the T-Rex in San Deigo. I also noticed a flash of the King Lear poster in the video store, which I thought was funny because really JP2 can almost be looked at as Lear...with Dinosaurs. so while I enjoyed it a lot more this time, it was from the perspective of "Spielberg finally pulled off a true satire" and he did by playing it completely stright. I did like that just like with the first one he employed little known actors in various roles who went on to do big things, like Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore.

16th:JURRASIC PARK 3(DVD)-Finished off my day by watching JP3. One of my best friends loathes this movie, I mean flat out hates it, me not so much. I like Joe Johnston as a director, but really nothing about this movie screams out that this was made from the same man who made THE ROCKETEER and OCTOBER SKY (two of my favorite movies). Also one of the cool things watching JP1 and JP2 was the number of small char. actors (many of whom have gone on to bigger and better things) aside from MIcheal Jeter. I like Tea Leoni but she seemed out of place in this movie and William H Macy was just kinda there, he was good but Macy is always good. I did enjoy seeing Sam Neil as Grant again and Laura Dern as Ellie. Another aspect I liked was that this was basically a chase movie, but the chase wasn't any different then from JP2 only it was raptors instead of the T-Rex after her babies. The dino effects were really good.

17th:TRADING SPACES(DVD)-Another movie I hadn't seen part of my Sat night pizza/beer/movie night some friends and I have. A fun movie and a little shocking in it's racism but Don Ameche is a hoot. Kind of a different role for Ankryod and Eddie Murphy when he was REALLY funny. A comedy like they don't make any more.

19th:FLETCH(DVD)-One of my favorite movies of all time. I have fond memories of my dad and I watching this movie on VHS when we couldn't find anything else to watch. I had it memorized I watched it so much. It still holds up and is still funny. Space on this thread purchased by Mr. Underhill's American Express card.

19th:FLETCH LIVES[/i](DVD)- Mr. Underhill's American Express continues to purchase the good times with FLETCH LIVES. Not based on Gregory McDonald's work hurts it a little as do lack of '89 Gena Davis, but Chevy makes it worthwile as does other '89 hotties, Phil Hartman and Richard Belzer. A good, not great, sequel.

22nd:MYSTERY MEN(AMC)- This movie is fun, not mindblowing, not ROTFLMAO, but it's fun. and it has Geoffry Rush as a supervillan named Cassanova Frankenstien, you can't CANNOT beat that. And while I'm not a huge Dane Cook fan, but it was fun seeing him walk-on/cameo whatever you want to call it

22nd:DUANE HOPWOOD(DVD) 1st TIME VIEWING- David Schimmer plays an alcholic Atlantic City pit boss whose life plays out like a bad country music song. Jeanne Garafalo is his ex-wife, Judah Friedlander his best friend, John Krasenski as Garafalo's douchebag boyfriend. Apperances from Dick Cavett (playing gay) and Jeff Garlin. An Oleg Movie Club Selection.

22nd:GRAN TORINO(theatres) 1st TIME VIEWING-Wow,a good fucking movie (I had to put fuck in there, I think only South Park and Kevin Smith use it more). Sure there is some...unpolished acting (frorm thteHmong well as the kid who played the priest and the cops at the end)...sure Clint overacts a little (the punching the cabinets scene), there are parts of the story that they could have trimmed (the whole part with his son and his bitch wife felt really Hollywood fakey. But the end, even though I saw it coming, that ending, brought this OLEGer to tears even with the Clint as Jesus imagery.

23rd:THE PROMOTION(DVD)1st TIME VIEWING- A nice little comedy, not great, not bad. Jenna Fisher is hot, John C Rielly is a hoot. A nice one time viewing, no desire really to see it again. My highest compliment, it was better then Dane Cook's EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

24th:OUT OF SIGHT(TV)- My favorite Soderberg movie and my favorite Leonard adaption, a perfect marriage of director, actors, writer, material, music, etc. A great movie, even edited for television.

28th:TWILIGHT(THEATRE) 1st TIME VIEWING-better then I expected and marginally better then the book, though Edward and Bella have to be the DULLEST couple ever

30th:THE DUKES OF HAZZARD:THE BEGINNING(DVD) 1st TIME VIEWING-why...why does this movie exist and why did I waste a spot on my Netflix Que on this...why?

30th:THE DIRTY DOZEN(DVD)-A OLEG movie club selection a great fucking movie

31st:GET SHORTY(TV)-Is Scott Frank the only person the properly adapt Leonard, I think so. Probably the 2nd best adaption behind OUT OF SIGHT, but truthfully you could switch those around without arguement, kinda like TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES/CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER debate with STAR TREK:TOS best ever ep


2nd:ROBOCOP(DVD)-It's been forever since I've seen this but damn is it great one of the all time great movies and I have no idea how they are going to remake it, but I'll be damned if I'm not curious.

3rd:THE BIG LEBOWSKI(DVD)-I love this movie, I used to watch it every day and rewatching it again after awhile I can see way. Quoteable and funny and perfect

6th:LIL ABNER(TCM)-This is one of those silly kitchy goofy ass musicals from the heyday of Musicals. Interestingly, Andy Griffth was considered for the title role. A good movie but not a great movie. a good way to pass time

7th:CRIMSON TIDE(TCM- I can't remember the last time I saw this, but it is a really goo tight taunt thriller. A little Tom Clancyish at times, but overall just a great movie. And I had forgotten how big the cast was and how loaded with talent. In addition to Denzel and Hackman, you've got George Duzanda, Viggo Mortenson, Steve Zahn, Rick Shroder. Easily Tony Scott's best film.

7th:PREDATOR(HBO)-OLEG movie club selection (about a week early but hey, it was on) a great film from McT. And you know it makes me wonder what kind of ALIEN flick McT could make, a lot of people have speculated about a Xenomorph vs Marines (ala Aliens) ALIEN flick, if they ever do, or ever even incorprate the Colonial Marines into the AvP universe and try and tie everything from Predator (1) to Alien Rez into the AvP universe, I think McT would be the perfect choice...or Russell Mulchay.

8th:TRAILER PARK BOYS;THE MOVIE(Comedy Central) 1st TIME VIEWING-this is coming from someone who LIKES almost all stoner movies including THE STONED AGE and ROLLING KANSAS. This movie was stupid and pointless and not funny. What the hell Canada.

8th:DEMOLITION MAN(HBO2)- I love this movie. Snipes as an unrepentant villian. Stallone as a just as violent cop. Bullock and Bratt dumb as fuck. Leary being Leary. Funny, violent, great death scene. And the 3 shells. Not prefect though, going to bring that up as a discussion point.

8th:BEE MOVIE(HBO)-This isn't even close to Pixar greatness, but it's fun with some funny bit.

9tht:MUSIC AND LYRICS(HBO)-1ST TIME VIEWING-This is a totally forgettable romantic comedy. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore do work well togather though, some catchy pop songs, and a nice performance from Brad Garrett keep it from being a total waste.

10th:JUNO(HBO)- I've blasted this movie to people, in TalkBacks, over in the OLEG thread...based on seeing in one time. This was the 2nd time I've seen it, and the things that bug me and I hate, I still hate, but the things that I liked and thought worked actually overcame the negative and I enjoyed it much more this time around. I don't think it'll ever be a favorite of mine, but I'm beginning to see why some people love it.

12th:FULL CONTACT(DVD) 1st TIME VIEWING- An OLEG movie club selection. I'm a week late and a dollar short on this viewing but it was a great movie. Violent and good and strange all in one. Great movie

12th:PREDATOR(DVD)-2nd time this week I've watched this movie and it's still good

12th:PREDATOR 2 (DVD)- a good sequel but not as good. They move two quickly into the Predator's kills and killing Danny Glover's team methinks, but the presence of Gary Busey kind of makes up for it. A good movie that because of a joke spawned the unfortunate AvP movies.

14:IRON MAN(DVD)-I saw this twice in the theatres, I saw it twice on DVD back in October, but I haven't watched it since then. Decided today to watch it and it's still a really good film. Probably the film I enjoyed the most in 2008, at least in Comic Book movies. Downy Jr. is really good. I enjoyed Howard in this, maybe because he's wearing a different costume and is a different char. then he was in 4 Brothers, The Brave One, and August Rush. Bridges is wonderfully over the top. Just a really good, fun film.

14th:THE INCREDIABLE HULK(DVD)-I continued my Valentine's Day Marvel Marathon with another film I haven't seen in months that holds up good too. Not nearly as good as IRON MAN, and much more...stright forward then Ang Lee's attempt, but still good. I like Norton as Bruce Banner, perfer Sam Elliot as Thunderbolt, Liv or Jennifer, for me could really go either way. It's still a good film nonetheless.

16th:DEMOLITION MAN(HBO)-I was bored at work and it was either this, LADY IN THE WATER, or something on my Netflix que, no problem. Sly and Snipes wins every time. And somehow last week when I watched this, I blinked and missed that Jesse Ventura was in this movie for like half a second as one of Snipes' henchmen.

16th:THE ONE(Netflix online)- A great cast, an interesting premise, but something just doesn't click. Is it that Jet Li was shoehorned in after The Rock did something else? Just a faliure of execution? Lack of experience for the director? I don't know, lots wrong, but I still had fun watching Statham explain the multiverse, Delory eat scenes like me in a deli, Li fighting himself (kept thinking, "quit hitting yourself") and Carla Gugino being...Carla Gugino

19th;DYNAMITE WARRIOR (Netflix Online)-1ST TIME VIEWING-OLEG Movie Club selection- Ok this was a fun goofy ass strange as hell and good movie.

21st:WALK HARD (DVD)- Great music,dirty as hell, lots of fun

26th:JUMPER (HBO)- Hayden's char is a douche, the other jumper is cool, SLJ isn't totally over the top, what the hell is Diane Lane doing in this movie, Jamie Bell is cute, in an Ellenn Page but better way. The movie seems like a series of shots designed to sell the movie in a trailer, no real thought or reason given to devolping char. Linman's a good director, but I think he'd do better to adapt a work again (ala Bourne)

26th:ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIM (HBO)-1ST TIME VIEWING-shitty just not as shitty as AVP. The directors show some skills, but much like Russell Mulchaly on the 3rd RE movie and the 3rd Mummy movie, when you're building on a foundation of shit, it's not likely to stand

26th:RENT:LIVE ON BROADWAY[/i] (DVD) 1ST TIME VIEWING- I've seen bits and pieces of the RENT movie with most of the original cast so now I've seen the musical musical of it adn it's not bad, but you can tell the audience is full of musical geeks who squeal and wet their panties anytime someone makes a first appearance, which is kind of distracting. I'm also not a big fan of the little Han Solo headset mics in stageshows, espically if it's filmed, I notice shit like that.

27th:APPALOOSA (DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING-This may be my favorite western since TOMBSTONE (which makes me think more badass actors need to direct Westerns [Russell really did the directing on TOMBSTONE btw if you didn't know that,Rambo guy just got the credit it's a weird story]). I'm not a Renee hater because I've seen her do good work but she was totally wrong for this movie, I don't know how could pull off the girl next vulnerable and yet slutty enough to sleep with 3 fugly dudes (Irons, Heneriksen, Harris). And speaking of that this has to be the ugliest movie in history, the prettiest faces are the kid that testifies against Irons and Viggo's squeeze. Harris could be subbing for Skelator, Viggo's got that weather beaten face, Renee's just looks off, and well we all know what Henriksen and Irons look like, but there's also the rat dude from H@rry Potter (and was also Rickman's boytoy The Beddle or wahtever they called him Sweeny Todd) and a bunch of other recognizable faces, which I always love seeing. Music was fantastic, and I liked the decision to at times have no music. The highest praise I can give this, I could easily watch this and EL DORADO back to back and not be disappointed, wonderful movie with a few minor flaws.

27th:DELTA FORCE (DVD)-an OLEG movie club selection. Fun badass movie

27th:DOGMA (DVD)-one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies, though in my opinon it begins the descent into more "outragous" realms that Mallrats only hinted at. Fun though.

27th:CLERKS 2 (DVD)- Continued the Smith night with this. When I saw Clerks in the 90s, I was working in a low level customer service job where I had lots of conversations about movies, books, comics, D&D, and Star Wars, so it spoke to me. When I saw Clerks 2, I was just coming out of working in the fast food industry, so this one spoke to me in the same way. Have I "grown"? Not really I still feel like Randell and Dante in jail, that the world has passed me by, sometimes. It continues to speak to me. And it's fun

28th:JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER[/i] (DVD)- this may be my favorite of the DC animated movies released so far. Mature, thought provoking, wella cted, well animated.

28th:WORLD'S FINEST: THE BATMAN/SUPERMAN MOVIE[/i] (DVD)-the best Superman/Batman movie ever released. Dini, Timm, Burnett, with Hamill, Conroy, Brown, et al doing a great job.

28th:ULTIMATE AVENGERS (DVD)-not a bad animated movie but right now Marvel's animated feature doesn't hold a candle to DCs

28th:DR STRANGE (Cartoon Network)
see above review for UA for my thoughts on these

1st:LORD OF THE RINGS:THE TWO TOWERS (TNT)-it probably takes the most librities with the book, but it's also really freaking good, even if all they do is walk :wink: :lol:

4th:SEX DRIVE (DVD) 1st time viewing- pretty funny movie

5th:WAITING...(DVD)-yeah it's a Clerks clone, it's still funny

5th:STILL WAITING...(DVD) 1st time viewing-it's a weird weird sequel in that it's DTV so obviously Ryan Rynolds isn't it and it follows (for the most part) a whole new slew of waiters/ress BUT they get enough of the original cast it's not say a Meatballs 2. It's shit though, except for John Micheal Higgins who is fucking awesome.

6th:GI JOE: THE [animated] MOVIE (thank you torrents)- No matter what Sommers does with this summer's live action release it's gotta be better then this, alhtough it's so cheesily awesome bad, I kind of want a full DVD release with commentary and what not (ala theTransformers animated movie coming out just before TRANSFORMERS came out). Mind numbing

7th:IRON MONKEY 2(DVD)-1st time viewing-OLEG movie Club selection-not great not horrible

10th:BLACK DOG(TV)-I remember when this was in production, reading about it on AICN it was supposed to star Kevin Sorbo, but Patrick Swayze fills in for him. I can hear the pitch now, it's CON AIR with semis. It's not bad, you've got Meatloaf as a bible thumping redneck trucker trying to steal a load of weapons from innocent patrick Swayze who's just transporting the merch because he's mob boss boss needs him to. You also have Randy Travis as a country western wanna be. I'm surprised there hasn't been a Black Dog DTV sequel because that's the kind of stuff meatloaf and Randy Travis would do

12th:21(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING- well it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either, it just was. And is it me or does it seem like Spacy is just kind of coasting?

13th:EL DORADO(DVD)-OLEG MOVIE CLUB SELECTION-probably my favorite John Wayne movie, hands down period, I love this movie, it's great.

13th:RIO BRAVO(DVD)-I know it's supposed to be the classic but I perfer El Dorado over this one. It's good just not my cup of tea. As my good buddy caruso says, there are Rio Bravo people and El Dorado people. I'm an El Dorado person.

13th:ZACH AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO(DVD)-I haven't seen this since it came out in theatres, I liked it then, I like it now.

13th:MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND(F/X)- pretty crappy though Eddie Izzard was funny. I want Eddie Izzard and Ricky Gervais to do something togather sometime


17-18TH:THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, THE TWO TOWERS, THE RETURN OF THE KING(DVD)-it had been awhile since I watched all 3 of these and my sister wanted to borrow them for a slumber party (having only seen parts on TV), so her and her friend, my brother and I made a night out of it and managed to crank out all 3 in one sitting. However in all fairness sake I will say that my good friend from Kentucky called me and we chatted for a while, so I missed from Moria to the final battle of FELLOWSHIP.

20TH:THE UNTOUCHABLES[/b](DVD)-1st time viewing-OLEG MOVIE CLUB SELECTION- I'm surprised I've never seen this through. It's long, at times it seems like DePalma has a "mob movie" checklist he inherited from Coppola, DeNiro, Connery, and Costner really aren't doing any spectular acting, but it's good and enjoyable. Full Review Here

ok I've kind of fallen behind here and don't remember the dates so I'm not going to go into full details but since the 20th I've watched:
SUPERBAD-liked it
DORM DAZE 2-not a complete waste of time, but not great either
PARIS, JE T'AIME-brillant
ONCE UPON A MATTRESS (Disney verison)-forgettable
TRY TO REMEMBER:THE STORY OF THE FANTASTICKS-no connection if you haven't been in the show or seen the show but if you have memories of it, it's great. Neat story of the longest running off Broadway musical in history

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, I gotta keep up on this, I really do I don't know what happened this week

ack another week wehre I forgot to post what I've watched, I'll try and hit the dates correctly

25th:PINAPPLE EXPRESS-(DVD) 1st time viewing-this was a lot better then I thought it was going to be

26th:THE DEER HUNTER:(DVD) 1st time viewing-OLEG MOVIE CLUB SELECTION-an amazing film

27th:QUANTUM OF SOLACE:(DVD) 1st time viewing- Not as good as Casino Royale and I need to watch it again as i had some spots where I wasn't sure what was going on but overall a really good movie

30th:DEATH RACE:(DVD)1st time viewing-good fun

31st:HAPPILY N'VER AFTER 2(DVD) 1st Time Viewing-ok the only reason i'm admitting to watching this is so I can put it on my worst of list. Jesus this was a wretched movie

2nd:MONSTERS VS ALIENS (theatre)-1st time viewing-lots and lots of fun. I know a lot of people hate Rogan but I thought he is funny and sweet and charming in this. Dr. House was good too. Reese just didn't really work for me

2nd:SPIRITED AWAY(DVD)-1st time viewing-Oleg Movie Club Selection-I really enjoyed this fantastical animated take on Alice in Wonderland from Miayzaki. Probably my 2nd favorite from him

5th:THE FANTASTICKS(DVD)-1st time viewing- So I did this musical in college and for years heard about this on DVD. I know they filmed it in like 95, 96 and it didn't get released for years. I'm not sure but I don't think it got released for years afterwards. Somehow Francis Ford Coppola got into the editing room on this as well. I'm not sure if the version relased on dvd was Micheal Ritchie's version or Coppola's edited version. It's slick it's funny, it's whimsical and magical and I'm sure people don't know what to make of it. I enjoyed it even the changes they made from the stage version to the film version works for me. That all said, my 12 year old sister hated it and thus forced upon me...

5th:MAMMA MIA! (DVD)-this is the 2nd time I've seen this movie and while it has it's moments. Meryl DOESN'T work for me in this movie, and Bronson less so. I'm not sure what they were thinking. Also I think that Colin Firth should have been cast in Brosnon's role, and Rickery Gervias in Firth's.

6th:STRIPPED (Netflix Online)-1st time Viewing- a really poorly made docu on strippers. And the strippers aren't good looking, then it gets really sad and you're reminded that these strippers are human. Not worth the hour and 15 minutes

6th:BEHIND THE MASK:THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON-(Netflix Online) 1st time Viewing- in the TalkBacks long ago, Vern and...Quint or Massa one of those guys, they both offered to send me their copies of this PoS if I really wanted to watch it. I'm glad I didn't take them up on the offer or I would have had this movie in my collection and it's really shitty. I like the idea behind it, but the execution, not so much.

7th:THE AVIATOR-(DVD)-1st Time Viewing-It's not a classic Scorecese movie, but it's good. I'm curious though why Kate Beckinsale is listed before John C Rielly and Matt Ross in the credits and why Gwen Stefani and Jude Law are even listed at all. And I was halfasleep when I watched it and thought I was dreaming when DeFoe shows up. And I didn't realize that Mann produced this. Enjoyable.

8th:PUNISHER WAR ZONE (DVD) 1st time viewing- in some ways this is better then previous attempts in other ways not as good. Enjoyable though, just a little more cartoony then I think I would have liked

8th:IRON MAN (DVD)-while it may not be as "good" or "thought provoking" or something as THE DARK KNIGHT, I think I perfer this over that one, I know I've watched it more

9th:THE SPIRIT (torrant)-1ST TIME VIEWING- crap...crap crap crap...I've seen porn with more of a plot

9th:THE INCREDIABLE HULK-(DVD)-I get enjoyment out of this movie

10th:PLANET TERROR-(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING- enjoyable fun, certainly not a classic, but good

11th:AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS THE NAKED MILE-(DVD) 1ST TIME VIEWING- my brother/roommate's pick to watch, why oh why

11TH:THE FANTASTICKS (w/Director's commentary)-(DVD)-I'm not sure when this was recorded or even for what, probably LaserDisc as director Micheal ritche is no longer with us and passed right around the time DVD was coming out, but interesting to listen to and consider his changes from the stage show to the screen

:DEATH PROOF (DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING- a cool villian does not a movie make. Kurt Rusell is awesome the rest of the movie blows

16th:SPEED RACER(DVD) 1ST TIME VIEWING-this isn't a GREAT film, I certainly wouldn't put it as one of the best films, but it is a good film, or at least sober it is, I can't imagine what it's like when your stoned.

16th:WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM(netflix online) 1ST TIME VIEWING- to be honest I'm pretty ignorant of Hunter Thompson, I've read FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and have seen the movie. I don't know how this compares, I know Thompson himself hated it though. Personally I enjoyed the episodic nature simply because I watched it at work and it made it easy to jump in and out of the movie. Murray's performance as Thompson is right up there with Depps, in some ways it may be better.

17th:BEN-HUR(DVD)-OMC selection-great great great movie

18th:STARSHIP TROOPERS 3:MARUDER(TV)1ST TIME VIEWING-a fun movie that has the same spirit as the first movie, but not nearly as well executed. fun though and it was great seeing the Battle Suits (even if they did look a little...Gundum inspired)

18th:LORDS OF DOGTOWN(DVD) 1ST TIME VIEWING-probably Cathrine Hardwicke's best movie, top notch acting from Nikki Reed, Heath Ledger and Emile Hirsh. good movie

23:THE FUGITIVE(Netflix online)OMC-great film, still holds up. Tommy Lee Jones is great. I understand why Sela Ward gets such high billing but not Juilanne Moore, I don't know how well known she was at this time and she's listed right after Sela in the opening credits. Anyways, a great film.

[24th:IN THE NAME OF THE KING:A DUEGON SEIGE TALE:(DVD) 1ST TIME VIEWING- for a total LOTR knock off that makes no sense, it was really enjoyable. Didn't recognize Claire Florani, and thought that both Burt Rynolds and Matthew Lillard were TOTALLY miscast, but it was fun and I guess that's all that really matters. Not bad for my first Uwe Boll film

24th:MONSTERS VS ALIENS 3D(in theatres)-2nd veiwing of this for me but first in 3D, and it was just as good and maybe even more fun in 3D, highly recommended

26th:YES MAN(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING- A whole lot better then I thought, expected, or really should be. Just a really sweet movie that I have to chalk up to Peyton Reed. This guy can really direct, and I wish someone somewhere would give him a big movie he could go wild on. You could tell he was hampered somewhat by Carrey wanting to be "Carrey" even pulling out a "Cable Guy/Ace Ventura" face at a couple of points. Zooey though was great and Reed needs to make her his "go to gal"

27th:MINI'S FIRST TIME(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING- a well acted, well directed movie but certainly not one that was going to set the world on fire and it didn't. It's basically a thriller riff on WILD THINGS, a little more noirsish with thirteen/Lords of Dogtown/Twilight actress Nikki Reed doing a great femme fatale. Alec Baldwin, Carrie Anne Moss Jeff Goldblum and Luke Wilson pull in some solid work as well.

27th:DOGTOWN AND THE Z-BOYS(DVD)-1ST TIME VIEWING-the documentary that inspired the previously wtched LORDS OF DOGOTWN. Much more in depth then the movie and interesting. And looking at the old pictures of the Z-boys and then seeing pictures of the actors that played the Z-Boys...well it's kind of scarey how well they caputred their look...and Heath Ledger captured the true Skip Englomb's voice. A sad tragic and interesting tale.

29th:BATMAN(Netflix Online)-it's still a good movie even with Bassinger's vapid acting and Nicholson's hammy acting. I also realized that Viki Vale is a shitty reporter/photographer, Robert Whul does all the legwork and Batman steals her pictures

30th:NETWORK(Netflix Online)1ST TIME VIEWING-O.M.C. selection-a great great great flick. Love ther circular nature of the movie and the Altmasesque feeling to it.

30th:WAL-MART:THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE(Netflix Online)-very interesting heartbreaking doc

30th:FAST AND FURIOUS (in theatres)1ST TIME VIEW-stupid great fun


1st:X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE(in theatres) 1ST TIME VIEW-more stupid fun. quite enjoyable with serious attention paid to the first 2. Gavin Hood directs with a solid hand. Better then X3, but only marginally because of a lame 3rd act devolpment

2nd:EVIL DEAD 2(TCM)-shocked the hell out of me that I stumbled across this on TCM of all places. part of their "Underground" series on Friday nights. One of the greatest horror films of all time, and a series or genre "the cabin in the woods" genre of horror that gets little to no attention in the homage/satire/spoof genre that comes out


I fell behind last month, but I'll try and keep up better this month, even it's just a list and no review

5th: KILL BILL 2
6th: 1941- Who else but Spielberg would cast Ankryod, Belushi, Toshiro Mufine, and Mickey Rourke...can't say it's a classic but it's not as bad as some have made it out to be
in here I watched PAINT YOUR WAGON, FIREFOX and A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, all Oleg Movie Club selections
11th:EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE-Oleg Movie Club Selection
13th: ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO-still cute and funny and delightful
16th: Pan's Lybraith-great movie
16th:SOMEONE UP THERE LIKES ME: An even better movie, can you really beat Newman, Wise and boxing? Probably my new favorite boxing movie
18th:HEARTBREAK RIDGE: Clint as a Marine getting guys like Mario Van Pepples in shape, great flick
both were awesome!, first time seeing Jules and Jim
19th:ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN: Oleg Movie Club Selection-Clint, Geoffry Lewis and an orangutan part 2, equally strange and totally different then it's predecssor, still fun though
PREDATOR 2: Gary Busey FTW
HITMAN-strange and sucky
27th: PLAY MISTY FOR ME: OMC selection, awesome as all get out, Clint vs crazy bitch while trying to get with Miss Bliss

1st:PREDATOR--action movie perfection
13th: WAITING...
18th: HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE--pretty good not great
19th: GI JOE: RESOLUTE--good but weird hearing Duke say "hell"

dropped the ball somewhere along here but I know I watched THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, LAKEVIEW TERRACE, DREAMGIRLS

fell off again in here but I'm going to try and recreate some--I know I've caught parts of MALLRATS, APPALOOSA, and others on HBO but here's what I remember
13th- HOT ROD
18th- MAMA MIA! (I've caught parts of thi a bunch on HBO as well I think this was the only day I watched it from beginning to end)
I don't know what's gotten into me this month

13th- YOURS, MINE, AND OURS -- crap

in no particular order

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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby havocSchultz on Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:03 am

Running Total (so far): 113 New Movies Watched This Year...

Here Lies havoc...

They will be listed (and could change rankings at any given time do to afterthought/coming down...)

So far, I've only decided to do the few that I watch for the 1st time...
And I'll update randomly here and there...
And if I decide to write a review for it - I'll probably do it in the "What have you been watching" thread, but I'll link to it here...

The higher up on the list a film is listed - the higher the quality/rating of it.

(from the best...)

HAVOC Level Event (rating between 9 & 10)

- Star Trek
- Up
- City of Ember

Fuck CHAOS (rating between 7 & 8)

- Coraline
- Drag Me To Hell
- The Hurt Locker
- District 9
- G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
- Let The Right One In
- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
- The Tournament
- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
- Russel Peters: Red, White & Brown
- Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger
- The Hangover
- Ghost Town
- Valkyrie
- My Bloody Valentine 3D
- Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who
- Terminator: Salvation
- Taken
- Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder
- Role Models
- I Love You, Man
- Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D
- Assassination of a High School President
- Adventureland
- Push
- Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
- Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
- Bolt
- Hamlet 2
- Pineapple Express
- Step Brothers
- Observe & Report
- Time Crimes
- Knowing
- The Rocker
- The Proposal
- Bee Movie
- The Ugly Truth
- Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
- Zack & Miri Make A Porno
- Trick 'R Treat
- Watchmen
- Juno
- Mirrors
- Yes Man
- Fast & Furious
- 17 Again
- Friday the 13th
- Inkheart
- Race to Witch Mountain
- He's Just Not That Into You
- The Notebook

Could you describe the RUCKUS (rating between 5 & 6)

- Wolverine
- Land of the Lost
- G-Force
- Surrogates
- The Goods
- The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)
- Outlander
- Baby Mama
- Fired Up
- I Love You, Beth Cooper
- Death Race
- Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
- Imagine That
- Babylon A.D.
- Rogue
- Good Luck Chuck
- Dance of the Dead
- Igor
- The House Bunny
- Prom Wars
- Wyvern
- The Day The Earth Stood Still
- Angels & Demons
- The Heartbreak Kid
- Miss March
- All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
- The Tale of Despereaux
- Quarantine
- Year One
- Donkey Punch
- The Unborn
- Evan Almighty
- Paul Blart
- Blindness
- Last House on the Left (remake)
- Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead
- Max Payne
- Splinter
- Day of the Dead (remake)
- Eden Lake

I sense a minor ANNOYANCE in the force (rating between 3 & 4)

- Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
- Crank 2: High Voltage
- Aliens in the Attic
- Bangkok Dangerous
- Passengers
- The Break-Up Artist
- The Grudge 3
- Blood & Chocolate
- Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins
- The Cell 2
- End Game
- Wedding Daze
- Never Cry Werewolf
- Open Season 2
- The Chair

Fucking DINER (rating between 1 & 2)

- The Spirit

'07 Movie Journal...
'08 Movie Journal...

I claim this spot for havoc...

Right under the OLEG'ers...hope they know straight to DVD movies don't count as part of the journal...

Just kidding...any and all movies work...some people mark down everything they watch, even if they've seen it before...and some of us just put new movies/1st viewing of any particular movie down on the list...
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Tyrone_Shoelaces on Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:06 am

Staked! Get off my lawn!

1 Spider-Man 3 (2007) (DVD)
Transformers (2007) (Blu-ray)
2 Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) (TV)
3 Bad Boys (1995) (TV)
Cat Dancers (2008) (TV)
5 Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953) (TV)
Soylent Green (1973) (TV)
7 Indiscreet (1958) (TV)
Escape To Witch Mountain (1975) (TV)
11 The Big Sleep (1946) (TV)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
12 Phffft! (1954) (TV)
13 Mister Roberts (1955) (TV)
14 My Sister Eileen (1955) (TV)
16 Three for the Show (1955) (TV)
23 The Out-of-Towners (1970) (TV)
You Can't Run Away From It (1956) (TV)
24 Fire Down Below (1957) (TV)
25 Brighton Rock (1947) (TV)

2 Redbelt (2008) (DVD)
3 The Foot Fist Way (2008) (DVD)
4 Taken
26 Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

7 Watchmen
Army of Darkness (1992) (TV)
The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) (TV)
8 Real Genius (1985) (DVD)
10 August Rush (2007) (TV)
11 Over Her Dead Body (2008) (TV)
12 This Christmas (2007) (TV)
Enchanted (2007) (TV)
The Deep (1977) (TV)
14 Career Opportunities (1991) (DVD)
22 Made Of Honor (2008) (TV)
Vantage Point (2008) (TV)

3 Date With An Angel (1987) (TV)
5 Semi-Pro (2008) (TV)
Private Lessons (1981) (TV)
7 The New World The Director's Cut (2005) (DVD)
12 21 (2008) (TV)
Heckler (2007) (TV)
15 Observe And Report
16 Adventureland
19 Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982) (TV)
22 Fast And Furious

7 Star Trek
8 Never Back Down (2008) (TV)
16 Bananaz (2008) (internet)
17 Return From Witch Mountain (1978) (TV)
25 Bell, Book and Candle (1958) (TV)
Delta Farce (2007) (TV)

1 TrusT Me (2008) (DVD)
2 My Best Friend's Girl (2008) (DVD)
4 Thank You For Smoking (2005) (DVD)
Gods And Monsters (1998) (TV)
5 Quick Change (1990) (DVD)
10 The Hangover
23 The Proposal
24 Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

12 The House Bunny (2008) (TV)
19 Public Enemies
28 Rambo (2008) (TV)

3 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
6 Funny People
13 G.I. Joe
17 District 9
24 Inglourious Basterds
28 The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

13 Chungking Express (1994) (Blu-ray)
14 Zodiac (2007) (Blu-ray)

14 Remember The Titans (2000) (VHS) 2
15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) (VHS)
Toy Story 2 (1999) (VHS)
20 Where The Wild Things Are

20 Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen (2009) (DVD)
26 Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981) (DVD)
Blade Runner Final Cut (1982) (Blu-ray)

2 The Bride Wore Black (1968) (TV)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967) (TV)
14 The Man With The Golden Arm (1955) (DVD)
15 The Corpse Bride (2005) (Blu-ray)
21 Alfie (1966) (TV)
28 Cactus Flower (1969) (TV)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) (TV)
29 The Lionshare (2009) (internet)
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Fried Gold on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:07 am

The Recruit ***
Hunger ****1/2
Top Gun ***
Wolf Creek *
Frost/Nixon ****
Cast Away ***1/2
Unbreakable ****
Some Kind Of Monster ***
In Bruges *****
Enemy at the Gates **
The Wrestler ****1/2
Good Night, and Good Luck ****
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind **
Bloody Sunday ***
Valkyrie *****

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy **1/2
Close Encounters of the Third Kind ****
Moonraker **
Terminator 2: Judgement Day *****
The Happening *
Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision *
Anvil! The Story of Anvil *****
From Hell *
Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder **
Under The Tuscan Sun **
The Shawshank Redemption *****
Twelve Monkeys *****+

Watchmen ***+
First Blood *****
First Blood Part 2 ***

Fast and Furious ***

Star Trek ****1/2
The Terminator
Terminator 2

Battle of Britain ****
Terminator 3 **
Drag Me To Hell ****
Terminator Salivation ***
Signs ****
Predator ****
Valkyrie ****
Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut) ****

Forgot about the journal and can't remember what I saw in July.

Grande Rojo Potter 6 ****
GI Joe ***
Watchmen ***
Inglourious Barstewards ***
The Hurt Locker **

District Fockin 9 *****
The Right Stuff ****
Das Leben der Anderen *****

Toy Story 3D****
In The Loop *****
State of Play ***
Up ****1/2
Taking Woodstock **1/2

The Men Who Stare At Goats ***
2012 - **1/2
Fantastic Mr Fox *****

Avatar *****
Where The Wild Things Are **
The Ninth Configuration ****
Exorcist 3 - ****
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Al Shut on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:05 am

As usual only first viewings and everything dubbed in German unless I say otherwise

Category labels may follow later, as of now Poseidon is pretty much the definition of mediocre. Everything above is at least slightly positive, below not.

Crank (TV)
Monster House (TV)
A very long Engagement (TV)
Magicians (TV)

Sweeney Todd (DVD, Songs in English)
Battle of Wits (TV)
Banlieue 13 (TV)
A Scanner Darkly (TV) .............. newly added

The Sentinel (TV)
Mission Impossible 3 (TV)
Der müde Theodor ('57 TV)
Unknown (TV)
Skirt Day (TV)
The Cave (TV)
The Brain (TV)
From China with Love (TV)
Saw III (TV)
Star Trek (2009)
Anything else (TV)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (TV)
Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master (TV)
Severance (TV)
Beerfest (TV)
Influence Peddling (TV)
What no one knows (TV)
The Bourne Ultimatum (TV)
Arthur and the Invisibles (TV)
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (TV Version)
The Kingdom (TV) ................newly added
The Triplets of Belleville (TV) ............... newly added
Iznogoud (TV) .............newly added
TMNT (TV) ............. newly added
Mesrine: Public Enemy No1 (DVD)............... newly added
Mesrine: Killer Instinct (DVD) ............... newly added
Speed Racer (DVD) ................ newly added

Fragiles (TV)
W (TV)
Beowulf & Grendel (TV)
The Eiger Sanction (TV)
El Cid: The Legend (TV)
Body of my enemy (TV)
Shadows and Fog (TV)
The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (TV)
Night falls on Manhattan (TV)
Blueberry (TV)
Catacombs (TV)
Superman Returns (TV)
Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann (TV)
Oceans 13 (TV)
Raumpatrouille Orion - Rücksturz ins Kino (TV)
Behind the Wall (TV) .
Where the Truth Lies (TV) ...................... newly added
Sissi (TV).................. newly added
Vacancy (TV)............. newly added
The Illusionist (TV)........... newly added

Poseidon (TV)
Eragon (TV)

Gonger - Das Böse vergisst nie (TV)
DOA: Dead or Alive (TV)
Transformers (TV)
Jumper (TV).............. newly added

The Death and Life of Bobby Z (DVD)
Return to Cabin by the Lake (TV)
Amityville: Dollhouse (TV)
Kill your Darling (TV)
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby so sorry on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:32 am

I declare this spot So Sorry's... maybe this year I'll break the 40 movie barrier :oops:


The Little Mermaid - DVD - 7/10
I'm not going to fill my list with movies that my 3 year old watches, but I think this Disney film deserves a spot. Back in the early 90s, this movie helped put Disney movies back on the map. And gave us the hot young thing Ariel, the clamshell wearing mermaid with a raging libedo.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby darkjedijaina on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:35 am

Clerks II
Jurassic Park
The Goonies
Star Wars: ANH
Star Wars: ESB
Star Wars: RotJ

Across the Universe
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Freddy Vs. Jason
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Black Snake Moan
The King and I
Garden State
Sweet Home Alabama
Gone With the Wind
Pan's Labyrinth
Zombie Strippers

Napoleon Dynamite
The Mist
The Puppet Masters
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
The Untouchables
The Golden Compass

The Phantom of the Opera
Be Kind, Rewind
Ocean's Thirteen
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Mission to Mars
Alvin and the Chipmunks
I Am Legend

Return to House on Haunted Hill
The Heartbreak Kid
The Eye
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Bayouwolf on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:39 am

Bayouwolf's Movie Journal

First time viewings BOLDED
Theater viewings in BLUE

->Jan 10th: The Goonies /No matter how many times I see it, I love it all over again.
->Jan 10th: Star Wars V /My favorite film of the entire 6 part series. Hands down.

->Jan 1st: Clerks II /Kevin Smith wraps up his "Jersey Trilogy" nicely. For fans of the man, this is his magnum opus. For everyone else....well, piss off.
->Jan 2nd: Jurassic Park /Still one of my favorite films of all time. Doesn't quite hold up like it used to (for me anyway), but it's still a breathtaking bit of cinematography.
->Jan 9th: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back /I love almost every second of this. My obsessive dislike of Will Ferrel is the only reason this isn't ranked at the top.
->Jan 10th: Star Wars IV
->Jan 10th: Star Wars VI
->Jan 11th: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone /Chris Columbus captures the tone of the book wonderfully. One of the best films in the Potter series.
->Jan 24th: Tenacious D and the pick of destiny /Schlocky stupid testosterone fueled enjoyment dressed in kick-ass rocktacular apparel.
->Jan 22nd: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban /New director=better film.
->Mar 7th: Watchmen /Beautifully done, but lacked that something to make it phenomenal. Haley OWNS the role of Rorschach.
->Mar 8th: Fanboys /It's everything I ever wanted in a fan flick. And Kevin Smith. And Kristen Bell dressed as slave Leia. OMFG...

->Jan 2nd: Be Kind, Rewind /It's got heart. It's got Danny Glover. Too bad it's also got Mos Def.
->Jan 3rd: Oceans 13 /This kind of heist switcharoo flick is right up my alley. but it just didn't click in all the right places for me. Not as good as 11, but loads better than 12...
-> Jan 10th: The Mist /Good sociological terror flick. The end was a little abrupt, but what else would you expect from a Stephen King story.
->Jan 18th: Sunshine /Fantastic visuals and amazing sound work. It had my attention right up until the third act. Then I felt it lost focus (pun intended).
->Jan 16th: Freddy vs. Jason /I wasn't blown away, and I wasn't overly impressed. To many "lol" moments made this just another average slasher flick. (I was rooting for the Vorhees win, BTW)
->Jan 17th: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets /Not bad. But the tone of the books changed and Columbus didn't. Swing and a miss...

->Jan 9th Across the Universe /A singing, dancing circle jerk that fails to include a pivot man. Far to often did I have to ask WTF was going on. Given the massive library of Beatles tunes to choose from, I only counted 4 times that this flick got the song/style for the scene right.
(NOTE) Demerited from MEH... status for the inclusion of Bono and the blatant ripoff of Monty Pythons visual style during Eddie Izzards song...

3P1C F41L
->Jan 1st: The Heartbreak Kid /Even the copious amount of nudity couldn't keep me interested in this crapfest of epic proportions...
->Jan 2nd: Return to House on Haunted Hill /Utter shite. A hodge podge mess of too many other horror (term used verrrrrrry loosely, I lol'ed more than I was frightened) flicks.
->Jan 23rd: The Eye /By far the worst ported Japanese horror film I've ever seen. "God Awful" doesn't begin to describe this flick.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Pacino86845 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:29 pm

2007 Zone Movie Journal
2008 Zone Movie Journal

Sort've dropped the ball halfway through 2008, but... RESERVED!


1. Gran Torino ***
2. The Unborn **
3. Ghost Town **1/2
4. Let the Right One In ***
5. My Bloody Valentine 3D **1/2
6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ***
7. Milk ***
8. The International *
9. The Reader **1/2
10. Quantum of Solace **
11. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) **
12. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People **1/2
13. Watchmen **1/2
14. Observe and Report ***1/2
15. Wolverine **
16. Star Trek ***
17. Taken **
18. The Death of Mr. Lazerescu ***
19. Angels & Demons **
20. Terminator Salvation *1/2
21. Beowulf **1/2
22. Drag Me to Hell ***
23. Bruno **1/2
24. H@rry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ***
25. Up ***1/2
26. Transformers 2 *
27. Moon **
28. Public Enemies **1/2
29. Funny People ***1/2
30. District 9 ***1/2
31. Being There ***1/2
32. Inglourious Basterds ****
33. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra *
34. 2001: A Space Odyssey *****
35. In the Mood for Love ***1/2
36. Zack and Miri Make a Porno **
37. Chaplin **1/2
38. The Informant! ***
39. Zombieland **1/2
40. Requiem for a Dream ****
41. The Rocketeer ***
42. Wall Street ***1/2
43. The Break Up **
44. A Serious Man ***1/2
45. Paranormal Activity **1/2
46. Bronson **
47. Where the Wild Things Are ***
48. Trick 'R Treat **
49. Observe and Report ***1/2
50. Le Roi et l'oiseau ***
51. Amreeka **1/2
52. Taqwacore ***1/2
53. The Box **1/2
54. Capitalism: A Love Story ***
55. Hot Fuzz ****
56. The Fantastic Mr. Fox ****
57. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans ****
58. Last House on the Left (2009) **
59. Matchstick Men ***
60. Planet Terror ***
61. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ***1/2
62. Death to Smoochy ***
63. Sherlock Holmes **
64. Avatar 3-D **1/2
65. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus ***
66. Coraline ***
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RaulMonkey's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby RaulMonkey on Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:06 pm

Title (Year released) Director - Date viewed - Format i.e. Cinema, TV, DVD - Rating out of 10
Repeat viewings in Italics.

Superman II (1981) Richard Lester - Jan. 1st - HD TV - 7/10
The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) Joel Coen - Jan. 1st - HD TV - 8/10
Superman III (1983) Richard Lester - Jan. 2nd - HD TV - 6/10
A Man for All Seasons (1966) Fred Zinnemann - Jan. 2nd - 9/10
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) Richard Donner - Jan. 2nd - HD TV - 8/10
Pulp Fiction (1994) Quentin Tarantino - Jan. 4th - DVD - 10/10
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) Richard Donner - Jan. 5th - HD TV - 7/10
Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) Richard Donner - Jan. 7th - HD TV - 6/10
Stand By Me (1986) Rob Reiner - Jan. 7th - HD TV - 10/10

Little Caesar (1930) Mervyn LeRoy - Jan. 10th - TV - 7/10
Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) Joe Dante, John Landis et al - Jan. 13th - HD TV - 7/10
The Guns of Navarone (1961) J. Lee Thompson - Jan. 17th - TV - 9/10
North by Northwest (1959) Alfred Hitchcock - Jan. 18th - TV- 8/10
Death Proof (Theatrical Release) (2007) Quentin Tarantino - Jan. 20th - HD TV - 8/10
My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) P.J. Hogan - Jan. 24th - HD TV - 7/10

Frost/Nixon (2008) Ron Howard - Jan. 25th - Cinema - 8/10
Sunset Boulevard (1950) Billy Wilder - Jan. 28th - TV - 8/10

The China Syndrome (1979) James Bridges - Feb. 1st - TV - 5/10
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) Woody Allen - Feb. 1st - TV - 7/10
Semi-Pro (2008) Kent Alterman - Feb. 7th - HD TV - 6/10
Annie Hall (1977) Woody Allen - Feb. 8th - TV - 8/10
Gran Torino (2008) Clint Eastwood - Feb. 8th - Cinema - 8/10
Goldfinger (1964) Guy Hamilton - Feb. 9th - HD TV - 8/10
The Wrestler (2008) Darren Aronofsky - Feb. 14th - Cinema - 9/10
Blue Collar (1978) Paul Schrader - Feb. 14th - TV - 7/10
Revolutionary Road (2008) Sam Mendes - Feb. 15th - Cinema - 6/10
Be Kind Rewind (2008) Michel Gondry - Feb. 19th - HD TV - 7/10
Bernard and Doris (2008) Bob Balaban - Feb. 19th - HD TV - 9/10
People Who Do Noise (2008) Adam Cornelius - Feb. 21st - DVD - 9/10
Untitled (200?) Shon Anderson - Feb. 21st - DVD - 7/10
Tarantino's Mind (2008) 300ml - Feb. 22nd - YouTube - 7/10
Diner (1982) Barry Levinson - Feb. 22nd - HD TV - 5/10
Risky Business (1983) Paul Brickman - Feb. 25th - HD TV - 7/10
Five Easy Pieces (1970) Bob Rafelson - Feb. 26th - HD TV - 8/10
Roadkill (1989) Bruce McDonald - Feb. 27th - HD TV - 7/10

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Tony Scott - Mar. 1st - DVD - 6/10
Watchmen (2009) Zack Snyder - Mar. 7th - Cinema - 10/10
Crimson Tide (1995) Tony Scott - Mar. 8th - DVD - 8/10
The Visitor (2008) Tom McCarthy - Mar. 10th - HD TV - 7/10
Walter and the Tigers (2009) Jason Perryman - Mar. 11th - DVD - 8/10
The Sugarland Express (1974) Stephen Spielberg - Mar. 11th - DVD - 6/10
The Monster Squad (1987) Fred Dekker - Mar. 12th - DVD - 8/10
Detour (1945) Edgar G. Ulmer - Mar. 13th - TV - 7/10
Licence to Kill (1989) John Glen - Mar. 14th - HD TV - 6/10
Watchmen (2009) Zack Snyder - Mar. 15th - Cinema - 10/10
Casino Royale (1967) Val Guest, Ken Hughes et al - Mar. 16th - HD TV - 4/10
Sanjuro (1962) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 20th - DVD - 8/10
The Warriors (Director's Cut) (1979) Walter Hill - Mar. 21st - DVD - 4/10
Get Shorty (1995) Barry Sonnenfeld - Mar. 21st - HD TV - 6/10
Iron Man (2008) Jon Favreau - Mar. 29th - HD TV - 7/10
Phil the Alien (2004) Rob Stefaniuk - Mar. 29th - TV - 2/10
Walter and the Tigers (2009) Jason Perryman - Mar. 30th - DVD - 8/10
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) Peter Hunt - Mar. 31st - HD TV - 8/10

Dogfight (1991) Nancy Savoca - Apr. 1st - TV - 7/10
Fugitive Pieces (2008) Jeremy Podeswa - Apr. 2nd - HD TV - 8/10
Magnum Force (1973) Ted Post - Apr. 4th - Blu-ray - 7/10
Death Wish (1974) Michael Winner - Apr. 5th - DVD - 6/10
Volver (2006) Pedro Almodóvar - Apr. 6th - HD TV - 8/10
The Empire of the Sun (1987) Stephen Spielberg - Apr. 11th - HD TV - 7/10
Gosford Park (2001) Robert Altman - Apr. 12th - DVD - 8/10
Across 110th Street (1972) Barry Shear - Apr. 12th DVD - 7/10
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) Guy Hamilton - Apr. 14th - HD TV - 6/10
The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) William Dieterle - Apr. 14th - TV - 8/10
Black Rain (1989) Ridley Scott - Apr. 17th - HD TV - 7/10
The Hunt for Red October (1990) John McTiernan - Apr. 18th - HD TV - 8/10
Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) Takashi Miike - Apr. 18th - HD VOD - 6/10
Au revoir les enfants (1987) Louis Malle - Apr. 18th - TV - 8/10
A Night at the Opera (1935) Sam Wood - Apr. 22nd - TV - 9/10
Americana (1983) David Carradine - Apr. 26th - DVD - 6/10
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Steven Spielberg - Apr. 28th - HD TV - 6/10

The Terminator (1984) James Cameron - May 2nd - Blu-ray - 9/10
THX 1138 (1971) George Lucas - May 2nd - DVD - 5/10
God Told Me To (1976) Larry Cohen - May 2nd - DVD - 6/10
From Russia with Love (1963) Terence Young - May 2nd - HD TV - 8/10
Braindead a.k.a. Dead Alive (1992) Peter Jackson - May 7th - Cinema - 8/10
China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province (2009) John Alpert & Matthew O'Neill - May 9th - HD TV - 8/10
State of Play (2009) Kevin MacDonald - May 9th - Cinema - 4/10
Star Trek (2009) J.J. Abrams - May 9th - Cinema - 7/10
China's Stolen Children (2007) Jezza Neumann - May 11th - HD TV - 9/10
1776 (1972) Peter H. Hunt - May 13th - TV - 7/10
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Jonathan Mostow - May 18th - DVD - 7/10
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Peter Weir - May 18th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Tango & Cash (1989) Andrei Konchalovsky - May 19th - HD TV - 7/10
The Lady from Shanghai (1947) Orson Welles - May 21st - TV - 8/10
The Devil's Advocate (1997) Taylor Hackford - May 22nd - HD TV - 7/10
Eagle vs Shark (2007) Taika Waititi - May 23rd - TV - 6/10
Terminator Salvation (2009) McG - May 24th - Cinema - 6/10
Mad Max (1979) George Miller - May 27th - DVD - 7/10
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (2008) Marina Zenovich - May 28th - HD TV - 8/10
Harsh Times (2005) David Ayer - May 30th - TV - 6/10
Collateral Damage (2002) Andrew Davis - May 31st - HD TV - 5/10
The Sandlot 2 (2005) David Mickey Evans - May 31st - DVD - 4/10
Into the Storm (2009) Thaddeus O'Sullivan - May 31st - HD TV - 8/10

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) Stanley Kramer - Jun. 1st - HD TV - 8/10
Kid Vengeance (1977) Joseph Manduke - Jun. 4th - DVD - 7/10
Drag Me to Hell (2009) Sam Raimi - Jun. 7th - Cinema - 8/10
The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) Tony Scott - Jun. 14th - Cinema - 7/10
Sneakers (1992) Phil Alden Robinson - Jun. 23rd - TV - 8/10

Sideways (2004) Alexander Payne - Jul. 1st - DVD - 9/10
Reservoir Dogs (1991) Quentin Tarantino - Jul. 3rd - MPEG4 (PSP) - 9/10
Paths of Glory (1957) Stanley Kubrick - Jul. 13th - MPEG4 (PSP) - 10/10
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) James Foley - Jul. 19th - Sony UMD - 10/10
Brüno (2009) Larry Charles - Jul. 19th - Cinema - 7/10
Death Proof (Extended) (2007) Quentin Tarantino - Jul. 19th - DVD - 9/10
The Foot Fist Way (2006) Jody Hill - Jul. 19th - DVD - 8/10
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2009) David Yates - Jul. 20th - Cinema - 8/10
π (1997) Darren Aronofsky - Jul. 23rd - MPEG4 (PSP) - 8/10
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) James Foley - Jul. 26th - Sony UMD - 10/10
The Hangover (2009) Todd Phillips - Jul. 26th - Cinema - 6/10
Election (1999) Alexander Payne - Jul. 27th - Seatback - 9/10
Lakeview Terrace (2008) Neil LaBute - Jul. 31st - HDTV - 6/10

Se, Jie (2007) Ang Lee - Aug. 3rd - TV - 8/10
Pickup on South Street (1953) Samuel Fuller - Aug. 3rd - DVD - 8/10
Duel (1971) Steven Spielberg - Aug. 5th - TV - 8/10
11:14 (2003) Greg Marcks - Aug. 10th - DVD - 7/10
Il grande duello a.k.a. Storm Rider (1972) Giancarlo Santi - Aug. 11th - DVD - 6/10
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) Kevin Smith - Aug. 13th - HDTV - 6/10
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Frank Lloyd - Aug. 14th - TV - 9/10
Serpico (1973) Sidney Lumet - Aug. 15th - HDTV - 8/10
District 9 (2009) Neill Blomkamp - Aug. 16th - Cinema - 8/10
Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut) (2005) Ridley Scott - Aug. 19th - Blu-ray - 8/10
From Dusk 'Til Dawn (1996) Robert Rodriguez - Aug. 20th - TV - 7/10
Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - Aug. 21st - Cinema - 9/10
Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - Aug. 23rd - Cinema - 9/10
Insomnia (2002) Christopher Nolan - Aug. 26th - TV - 8/10
The Departed (2006) Martin Scorsese - Aug. 29th - HDTV - 8/10
The Wrestler (2008) Darren Aronofsky - Aug. 29th - HDTV - 9/10
The Final Destination (2009) David R. Ellis - Aug. 30th - 3-D Cinema - 7/10

Il mio viaggio in Italia (1999) Martin Scorsese - Sep. 2nd - DVD - 9/10
My Winnipeg (2007) Guy Maddin - Sep. 3rd - HDTV - 9/10
The Late Shift (1996) Betty Thomas - Sep. 3rd - TV - 9/10
Starman (1984) John Carpenter - Sep. 5th - TV - 7/10
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) Orson Welles - Sep. 5th - TV - 8/10
Shane (1953) George Stevens - Sep. 5th - TV - 8/10
Extract (2009) Mike Judge - Sep. 6th - Cinema - 8/10
Appaloosa (2008) Ed Harris - Sep. 7th - HDTV - 6/10
Det sjunde inseglet a.k.a. The Seventh Seal (1957) Ingmar Bergman - Sep. 8th - TV - 9/10
Fury (1936) Fritz Lang - Sep. 8th - TV - 9/10
Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - Sep. 12th - Cinema - 9/10
MASH (1970) Robert Altman - Sep. 13th - DVD - 8/10
Città Violenta (Definitive Cut) (1970) Sergio Sollima - Sep. 14th - DVD - 8/10
Bee Movie (2007) Simon J. Smith & Steve Hickner - Sep. 20th - HDTV - 6/10
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) John Hughes - Sep. 22nd - TV - 9/10
After Hours (1985) Martin Scorsese - Sep. 23rd - HDTV - 8/10
Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Sidney Lumet - Sep. 26th - HDTV - 8/10
Saving Private Ryan (1998) Steven Spielberg - Sep. 27th - DVD - 8/10

Francesco, giullare di Dio a.k.a. The Flowers of St. Francis (1950) Roberto Rossellini - Oct. 3rd - TV - 8/10
Observe and Report (2009) Jody Hill - Oct. 4th - HD VOD - 9/10
Valkyrie (2008) Bryan Singer - Oct. 4th - HD VOD - 8/10
Joy Division (2007) Grant Gee - Oct. 5th - HDTV - 7/10
Control (2007) Anton Corbijn - Oct. 7th - HDTV - 8/10
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1966) Sergio Leone - Oct. 10th - HDTV - 10/10
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985) Tim Burton - Oct. 11th - HDTV - 8/10
Where the Wild Things Are (2009) Spike Jonze - Oct. 18th - Cinema - 9/10
The Dead Zone (1983) David Cronenberg - Oct. 19th - HDTV - 8/10
Taxi Driver (1976) Martin Scorsese - Oct. 23rd - HDTV - 10/10
Tian xia di yi quan a.k.a. Five Fingers of Death (1972) Chang Chang Ho - Oct. 26th - DVD - 7/10
The Meaning of Life (1983) Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones - Oct. 27th - TV - 8/10
And Now for Something Completely Different (1973) Ian McNaughton - Oct. 28th - TV - 9/10
Ôdishon a.k.a. Audition (1999) Takashi Miike - Oct. 29th - Blu-ray - 8/10

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1973) Martin Scorsese - Nov. 4th - HDTV - 9/10
Fanboys (2008) Kyle Newman - Nov. 6th - HDTV - 7/10
Blue Thunder (1983) John Badham - Nov. 8th - HDTV - 7/10
Night of the Creeps (1986) Fred Dekker - Nov. 8th - Blu-ray - 7/10
Passchendaele (2008) Paul Gross - Nov. 11th - HDTV - 5/10
Five Fingers (2006) Laurence Malkin - Nov. 13th - HDTV - 5/10
Doubt (2008) John Patrick Shanley - Nov. 14th - HDTV - 8/10
Animal Crackers (1930) Victor Heerman - Nov. 18th - DVD - 7/10
Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) Takashi Miike - Nov. 26th - HDTV - 6/10
Friday the 13th (2009) Marcus Nispel - Nov. 28th - Blu-ray - 6/10
Redbelt (2008) David Mamet - Nov. 28th - HDTV - 8/10
Murderball (2005) Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Adam Shapiro - Nov. 28th - DVD - 7/10
For a Few Dollars More (1965) Sergio Leone - Nov. 29th - HDTV - 9/10
Friday the 13th (1980) Sean S. Cunningham - Nov. 29th - HDTV - 5/10

Burn After Reading (2008) Joel Coen & Ethan Coen - Dec. 5th - HDTV - 8/10
The Inglorious Bastards (1978) Enzo G. Castellari - Dec. 7th - DVD - 7/10
Trial and Error (1997) Jonathan Lynn - Dec. 13th - TV - 7/10
You Only Live Twice (1967) Lewis Gilbert - Dec. 13th - DVD - 7/10
Being John Malkovich (1999) Spike Jonze - Dec. 15th - TV - 8/10
Before Sunrise (1995) Richard Linklater - Dec. 16th - TV - 8/10
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) Francis Coppola - Dec. 17th - HDTV - 7/10
Deliverance (1972) John Boorman - Dec. 19th - HDTV - 8/10
GoldenEye (1995) Martin Campbell - Dec. 19th - DVD - 7/10
Avatar (2009) James Cameron - Dec. 20th - 3-D Cinema - 8/10
Pontypool (2009) Bruce McDonald - Dec. 21st - HDTV - 8/10
Before Sunset (2004) Richard Linklater - Dec. 23rd - TV - 8/10
Man on Wire (2009) James Marsh - Dec. 25th - DVD - 9/10
Up in the Air (2009) Jason Reitman - Dec. 26th - Cinema - 8/10
The Straight Story (1999) David Lynch - Dec. 26th - TV - 8/10
Star Trek (2009) J.J. Abrams - Dec. 27th - Blu-ray - 7/10
Phffft! (1954) Mark Robson - Dec. 27th - TV - 8/10
Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - Dec. 28th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Quantum of Solace (2008) Marc Forster - Dec. 29th - HDTV - 7/10

RaulMonkey's 2007 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2008 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2010 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2011 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2012 Movie Journal
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby MacTheMovieguy on Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:29 pm

Red= First Time Viewing, Blue= Not First Time Viewing

January 1st
Gran Torino- 68/100- There's a review on my website, if you're dying to know how I felt.

21- 51/100- Since I didn't review it, I'll just say it never really pulled me in. I was always only half interested. That being said, it was a very non-threatening movie, and didn't break enough rules to be considered really bad. Just average.

January 2nd
Waiting- This was a rewatch for me. I think the third time I've seen it.

January 3rd
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Amazing film. Stunning performances. Taraji P. Henson better not be forgotten by the Oscars. She was great. Way better than Viola Davis in Doubt.

Wall E- God I love this movie. Third time I've seen it. It holds up on every repeat viewing, and I saw it late at night after having just watched a three hour Button. Fantastic. Easily the best movie of 2008, and one of my favorite movies of all time.

January 4th

Step Up 2 The Streets- It has a little less heart and soul than the first one, but makes up for it with better dancing, which kind of evens it out. It's a fun movie to watch, if you like this style of dancing (which I do), and the cast is easy on the eyes, but in no means is it an Oscar winner.

Severance- What a cool little horror movie. The sequence where they shoot down the plane instead? That was awesome. It's chock full of laugh out loud moments, and by having multiple killers ir really does the genre justice.

January 5th

Defiance- Just so-so. Liev Schreiber is fantastic though, so kudos to him. Daniel Craig is so wooden. I'm not really sure he knows what emotions are, or how to express them on screen. His style of acting works perfectly as Bond, but not here. Full review on my site.

College Road Trip- Oh Martin Lawrence. I remember a time when you used to be funny. And when Raven Symone used to be skinny. I have a limit as to how much "Osmond" I can take in a day, and this movie went too far. Way too much Donny Osmond for anyone to handle.

The Wrestler- Awesome Awesome Awesome performance by Mickey Rourke. He should win, hands down. Of course, he's Mickey Rourke so he probably won't, but a nomination is a nice consolation prize for one of the best performances ever.

January 6th

House Bunny- It was OK. Anna Faris is playing Anna Faris, I think. She's really good at playing dumb, so it's just a movie about her being dumb. But she's really good at it, so the movie isn't awful.

Walk Hard- Pretty funny. Not rolling around on the floor or anything, but some parts of it made me laugh out loud, so that's something.

January 7th

Hancock- Not that great of a movie. Charlize Theron's character really ruins it.

January 9th

The Unborn- Wow, what an awful film. Whoa. Holy shit. I feel like...killing someone.

Bride Wars- I watched this after Unborn, so naturally it was leaps and bounds better. Still not amazing. Awful script. What's going on, Casey Wilson?

January 10th

Death Race- Mindless fun. Not really GREAT mindless fun, but it was almost OK.
January 11th

Semi Pro- I'm a Will Ferrell fan and all, but this really wasn't that funny of a movie. It wasn't a bad movie persay, I was never bored. I just never really laughed out loud, except in the bear scene.

Untraceable- I actually thought this was pretty good. Not great, but good. I liked that it wasn't a mystery about who the killer was, but how it all linked together.

January 12th

Bolt 3D- Went on a date... this is what she chose. It was good the second time around too.

January 15th

Not Easily Broken- What a really draining film and totally depressing.

My Bloody Valentine 3D- AKA Gore The Movie, which is great for Gore fans, but bad for anyone expecting a coherant plot.

January 16th

Hotel For Dogs- Cute and harmless.

Last Chance Harvey- Really amazing performances from Hoffman and Thompson. Heartbreaking. I enjoyed their performances more than the story.

January 18th

Stuck On You- Rewatch. Second time. It was on Comedy Central while I was eating breakfast.

January 19th

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2- Not as good as the first,but not bad either.

January 22nd

Notorious- A solid film. Not great, but good. Very sugar coated look at a hardcore lifestyle. What did they leave out?

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans- Better than the second, not better than the first.

January 23rd

Inkheart- Decent. Watchable.

January 24th

City Of Ember- Pretty Good.

Repo! The Genetic Opera- Disappointing and Bizarre.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby justcheckin on Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:08 am

Justcheckin's Movie Journal 2009
FIRST TIME VIEWS ONLY - 2008 or 2009 unless stated

*****=awesome - own it
****=pretty good - see it
***=average - worth a view
**=slighty better than meh
*=barely worth it
:@=sucks lawn gnomes


1. Wanted*** are you serious? Binary Code in weaving... cool movie but the plot... wtf
2. The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor**** I missed Rachel Weisz but Maria Bello did well
3. The Andromeda Strain (1971)*** nice blast in the futuristic past
4. Mr. Rice's Secret (2000)** um, this was very hallmark channel
5. Bedtime Stories**** good times, like I expected
6. Stepbrothers**** teabaggin the drum set... need I say more
7. Hogfather (2006)***** Cross between Harry Potter and Nightmare before Christmas
8. The Other Boleyn Girl***** This was really good, I loved the Elizabeth movies too...
9. Emma (1996)***
10. Death Race**** what I wouldn't give for 10 mins alone with that body... DAYUM! Good Flick bty
11. Pineapple Express**** I expected it to be funnier but it had its moments
12. Postal (2007):@ sorry Uwe Boll, couldn't get through it...
13. The Duchess**** very good if you like period dramas
14. Jane Eyre (1996)*** I have seen better adaptations
15. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)***
16. Wuthering Heights (1992)***
17. Leatherheads*** fun movie
18. City of Ember**** Chronicles of Narnia meets The Golden Compass and dates The City of Lost Children
19. Burn After Reading** this wasn't as good as I was expecting
20. Grand Torino**** This was a great movie... Eastwood was great!
21. Inkheart*** typical Brendan Fraser movie
22. Babylon A.D.***sorta like Riddick without the scifi
23. The Thing From Another World (1951)***
24. The Bank Job**** mmmm Jason
25. Kung Fu Panda*****
26. Zack and Miri**** hahaha... wow
27. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back****
28. Animal Crackers (1930)*** meh, not my thing but I appreciate it
29. Taken*** good but nothing new - girl gets kidnapped, guy kicks ass and saves girl
30. Blazing Saddles (1974)**** lol
31. War of the Worlds (1953)*** I just wanted to see it
32. Speed Racer*** very awesome visual movie
33. Rose Red (2002)*** Stephen King is the pizza man... mwhahahaha
34. Piece by Piece (2004)*** documentary about graffiti artists
35. Visions of Light (1993)*** documentary about film photographers
36. Australia****
37. Appaloosa**** enjoyable shootem' up film
38. The Princess Bride (1987)**** epic
39. Miss Potter (2006)***
40. Steep (2007)**** great cinematography in this documentary for extreme skiing
41. It Happened One Night (1934)*** cool
42. History of the World (1981)*****
43. Psycho (1998) pretty cool that it is really close to the original
44. The Watcher in the Woods (1980)** watched this when i was little and couldn't remember what it was like
45. The Forgotten (2004)***
46. Dreamcatcher (2003)* one of the worst Stephen King adaptations that I have ever seen and most are bad
47. Claim (2008)***** Wow... beats Steep for cinematography, hard to find - Matchstick Productions
48. A Clockwork Orange (1971)**** wow, I know I just haven't gotten around to seeing it
50. Quantum of Solace ****
51. Desperation (2006)*** Pretty good King adaptation
52. Star Trek***** HELLZ YEAH!
53. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)*** funny
54. Coraline*****
55. Duel (1971)*** pretty good... Spielberg's first movie
56. Paul Blart Mall Cop***
57. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button*****
58. The Hangover**** very funny
59. On a Clear Day (2005)****
60. The Big Lebowski (1998)**** hehehehehe
61. He's just not that into you***
62. HP - The Half Blood Prince**** honestly think it was as close to the book as they could get
63. Bruno**** just so wrong, so wrong
64. Up***** loved it... made me cry - stupid cartoon movie
65. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans*** ok
66. I Love You Man**** funny
67. Bride Wars***
68. Confessions of a Shopaholic** meh
69. Knowing**** it went from intense psychic paranormal to close encounters
70. Marley and Me**** Damn movie made me cry about a dog
71. All About Steve***cute
72. Crank2*** first one was better but this was an interesting gore fest
73. Welcome to Macintosh**** very interesting documentary, especially if you love mac
74. 9**** I liked this... cool dark animation
75. Year One*** meh, thought it would be better
76. Land of the Lost*** meh, thought it would be better
77. Ghost of Girlfriends Past***cute, better than I thought
78. Where the Wild Things Are**** loved it!
79. The Notebook (2004)**** very good
80. American Pie: The Naked Mile (2006)** fun
81. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen**** loved it
82. The Proposal***
83. The Ugly Truth**** fun
84. GI JOE*** meh I really wasn't all that impressed
85. Nothing Like The Holidays*** it was good but I really thought it would be funnier
86. Mad Max: The Road Warrior 1981*** just got around to seeing it, pretty cool
87. Coco Chanel*** The story was good but I didn't really enjoy watching it.
88. A Christmas Carol in 3D****fun
89. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian****
90. Four Christmases*** fun
90. Angels & Demons**** I liked it, reminds me of National Treasure meets the Vatican
91. Walter and the Tigers**** very good documentary about Tiger sharks, happy I could see it - hard to find
92. The Maiden Heist*** pretty good... thought it would be funnier
93. Where the Heart Is (2000)***caught part of it on tv so i rented it
94. District 9*****AWESOME!
95. Terminator: Salvation****better than 3!
96. Julia & Julia****good but I thought it would be funnier
97. Funny People***

Grand Total 97... pretty sad.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby instant_karma on Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:17 am

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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby bastard_robo on Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:14 am



January 1st
The Wrestler

January 2nd:
Slumdog Millionair
January 3rd:
January 4th:
Transporter 3
The Happening

Gran Torino
January 6th:
January 11th:
January 12th:
Repo Genetic Opera
January 17th:
January 18th:
The Salton Sea
January 21st:
Pineapple Express
January 22nd:
Tokyo Gore Police

January 23rd:
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
January 25th:
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3
Van Helsing
February 1st:
Superhero Movie
February 7th:

February 9th:
My Name is Bruce
February 13th:
Jason X
Friday the 13th (09)
February 14th:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
February 15th:
Tropic Thunder
February 19th:
February 22nd:
Super Troopers
March 1st:
March 5th:
Leathal Weapon
March 6th:
Return of the Living Dead
March 8th:
March 10th:
March 13th:
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
March 14th:
Nick and Norahs Infinate Playlist
The Blob

Speed Racer
March 15th:
Iron Man
March 24th:
March 25th:
March 28th:
Speed Racer
April 11th:
Fast & Furious
April 12th:
Dragonball Evolution
April 14th:
Monsters Vs. Aliens
April 18th:
Crank High Voltage
April 25th:
TMNT 2 The Secret of the Ooze
April 26th:
Dark City: Directors Cut
April 30th:
The Soloist
May 1st:
XMen Origins: Wolverine
Xmen Origins: Wolverine
May 9th:
Star Trek
May 10th:
May 14th:
May 16th:
Let the Right One In
Crank: High Voltage
Bigger Faster Stronger
May 21st:
Terminator Salvation
May 24th:
Cannonball Run
Jackie Chans First Strike
May 25th:
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi
May 29th:
Drag Me to Hell
May 30th:
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guamtanimo Bay
May 31st:
June 11th:
The Hangover
June 14th:
The Taking of Pelham 123
June 19th:
Crank 2 High Voltage
June 20th:
June 21st
The Brothers Bloom
June 24th:
Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen
June 26th:
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
June 27th:
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
July 2nd:
Public Enemies
July 5th:
Detroit Metal City
July 9th:
The Good The Bad and The Weird
Detroit Metal City
July 18th:
The Devils Rejects
July 19th:
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
July 30th:
O Brother Were Art Thou
August 2nd:
Ong Bak 2
August 8th:
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra
August 9th:
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra
August 15th:
August 16th:
District 9
Step Brothers
August 20th;
Land of the Lost
August 23rd:
Ingorious Basterds
August 26th:
September 5th:
Halloween 2
September 6th:
Plauges and Pleasures of the Salton Sea
September 10th:
Spetember 17th:
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
September 25th:
District 9
September 27th:
October 1st:
Shanks the Clown
October 3rd:
Gonzo: Life and times of Hunter S Thompson
October 4th:
October 6th:
October 8th:
Couples Retreat
October 11th:
The Hammer
Fantastic Four Ext Cut

October 15th:
Not Quite Hollywood
October 16th:
Where The Wild Things Are
October 18th:
Law Abiding Citizen
October 19th:
Godzilla vs Destroyah
Mothra (1996)
In Bruges
Be A Man: Samurai School
Mercury Man

October 24th:
Frazetta: Painting with Fire
October 25th:
Black Dynamite
November 1st:
The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day
November 3rd:
Paranormal Activity
November 6th:
The Forth Kind
November 8th:
The Men Who Stare At Goats
November 13th:
November 15th:
Big Man Japan
November 21st:
Worlds Greatest Dad
November 23rd:
The Hurt Locker
November 25th:
Ninja Assassin
November 26th:
The Fantastic Mr Fox
November 28th:
November 29th:
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
December 10th:
December 11th:
The Princess and the Frog
December 12th:
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Jenifer's Body
War of the Gargantua s
December 14th:
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
December 18th:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
December 23rd:
Astro Boy
December 26th:
Sherlock Holmes
December 27th:
Sherlock Holmes
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby buster00 on Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:55 pm

Look on my 2009 Movie Journal, ye Mighty, and despair!


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (7/10)

My Bloody Valentine 3D (6/10)

Underworld: RIse of the Lycans (2/10)


Religulous (7/10)


Johnny Guitar (4/10)

Watchmen (8/10)


John Q (6/10)

Pineapple Express


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (4/10)

Star Trek

Terminator Salvation (1/10)


Kung Fu Panda (7/10)

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (7/10)

Get Smart (7/10)

Baby Mama (6/10)

In Bruges (5/10)

What Happens in Vegas (5/10)

The Long, Long Trailer (8/10)


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (9/10)



Peter's Friends (10/10)


H@rry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (7/10)


The Men Who Stare at Goats (8/10)


Christmas in Connecticut (6/10)

Avatar (story 5/10, 3-D visuals 11/10)

Up in the Air
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Vegeta on Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:53 pm


BOLD RED CAPS = Films seen in the theatre
Blue = Films first seen on DVD or TV
White = Repeated viewing

As is customary all ratings will be on the Vegeta Punch Scale:


12/26 The Dark Knight
12/27 Iron Man
12/29 The Hunt for Red October


1/4 Waitress
2/14 Brick
2/15 My Cousin Vinnie
3/8 WATCHMEN (review)


1/10 Accepted
1/24 Pineapple Express
2/15 Burn After Reading



12/25 Mama Mia!
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Chilli on Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:15 am

First-time viewings in bold, everything else in normal font.

1. Streetfighter The Movie (1st Jan)
(Three nonsenicals out of five.)
2. The Spirit (2nd Jan)
Two batshits out of five
3. Big Trouble In Little China (3rd Jan)
Four trucks out of five.
4. Big (4th Jan)
Five chopsticks out of five.
5. The Holiday (4th Jan)
Three saccharines out of five.
6. The Dark Knight (4th Jan)
Four coins out of a possible five.
7. Jingle All The Way (5th Jan)
Two and a half turbo men out of five.
8. Escape From New York (6th Jan)
Four and a half Dukes out of five.
9. TMNT (2007) (7th Jan)
Three and a half pizzas out of five.
10. Batman Returns (8th Jan)
I give it five lives out of five.
11. Norbit (9th Jan)
0 eggs out of 5.
12. Knocked Up (9th Jan)
Two births out of five.
13. Accepted (9th Jan)
Three acceptance letters out of five.
14. Superbad (9th Jan)
Three McLovin's out of five.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Kutulhu on Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:44 am

I have wanted to do this for a while, so, now, I guess I will.

Kutulhu's Journal of Film/Movies/etc/Cinema

So these are all the films I have watched, including those that I may have seen before. I may or may not denote those in my comments, but the vast majority of them should be new. Also, I work at a large video store and we have several sections by director (several hundred directors), so I am going to watch at least one film from each (more if I choose) starting from 'Z'. This is going to be at random and take much longer then a year. I don't know why I just told you that, I doubt you care/read anything at all. Well, I suppose I told you because I will probably make note of them for my own benefit, but I didn't want you to feel left out. This will start with Fred Zinnemann. Also don't expect stellar writing.

Spoiler Alert.


1. 1/1 Wild Beasts (VHS 1984) What do you get when you combine PCP, newfangled electric cages that just don't work and a metric shit-ton of animals? Why, you get a pretty badass Italian animalsploition film. Dr. Rupert Berner just doesn't get it. The animals at his zoo are acting all looney tunes...even the little tiger cub is biting his mother's nipples. What he doesn't know is that somehow PCP has gotten into the water supply. Its a real shame too because the aforementioned metric shit-ton of animals has escaped and are on a wanton crusade of murder across some German city. Lots of nice shots of animals running all over the place and crashing through windows. Animals were definitely hurt in the making of this motion picture, mostly rats, and mostly with fire. Top shelf exploitation. There is even a nice 'twist' ending that I saw coming, but still admired. Grade: A

2. 1/1 Interface (VHS 1984) There is a whole genre of computer themed movies that came out in the early eighties, most spurned on by the success of Wargames. Computers were new and hot, and could practically do anything. Like make a phone ring and then explode. Well, at least in the this movie they can. A group of nerds in Julie Tamor outfits sit in a basement of a college and praise logic likes its the bomb and they are in Beneath The Planet of The Apes. Apparently they take turns picking out elements of society they don't cotton to (drug dealers, hookers, etc) and they shoot paint at them. Really. One such adventure accidentally turns fatal and Team Interface is bitten with the murder bug. They upgrade to assault rifles and let fate and a sweet PASCAL program choose their victims. Can the nebbish professor and the jilted wife figure it out while falling in love? Probably. Overall, not bad. The costumes the 'Computer Club' members wear are cool, and they have nicknames like Modem, Xardon and Manborn. Lou Diamond Philips makes a quick cameo as a paint/bullet victim. Super secret spoiler: Manborn is actually a woman....whoa!!!! Grade: C+

3. 1/1 The Killer Likes Candy (VHS 1968) Super Spy Mark Stone is up against the best assassin in the world, Oscar Snell, in the fight to keep a certain king alive. Something like that anyway. Standard 'hip' Italian spy thriller akin to Secret Agent Super Dragon. And when I say standard, I mean boring. Sure, it has an okay soundtrack. Yeah, there is a little sex. WTF, an ice bullet! But, ultimately, I didn't care. Not an outright disaster, but a better title would be, The Killer Likes To Litter. Grade: C

4. 1/1 Freakshow (VHS 1995) I watched this because I wanted to watch an anthology film and this one had Gunnar Hansen on the cover. If you don't know who that is, kill yourself....hard. Oh, I am just kidding. He starred in Texas Chainsaw Massacre The First Real Movie as Leatherface, and in numerous shitty horror films thereafter. It is now mathematically impossible for Fox to eat all the dicks because some dicks are being eaten by this film. I am probably being too hard on it, but I love anthology films. The wrap around story here is a teen couple on a date at a fair. They go to a freakshow and Leatherface tells them a story for each of his exhibits. You got a story about a witch's revenge, a story about a kid adopted by a strange rural couple, a story about a grocery store clerk who literally sells his body for 10,000 dollars, and a story about a mummy that seemed to go on for fucking ever. This may be the worse anthology film in the history of everything. Grade: Sucks

5. 1/2 The Sting (DVD 1973) Well, not really much to say about this movie. Its just a great stylish con. Everyone is good. You all know this already. I love the title cards that divide the film into the different phases of the con. If I have any complaints, it would be the way the film cheats you, so the ending will be surprising. Its not a major complaint, but its just something I don't like in know, like 99% of Haute Tension (although I DO like that movie, but I hate the ending). Grade: A

6. 1/3 Night Of The Living Dead (DVD 1968) I've seen this a bunch of times, but I watched it again with the lady I am dating because she is a novice when it comes to zombie films. A great, great film; it is still effective and tragic. Grade: A

7. 1/4 Pineapple Express (DVD 2008) I am a fan of pretty much everything David Gordon Green has done. I was looking forward to this for a while, but when it came out theatrically, I was out of the country and didn't get to see it when I came back. So I finally sat down and watched it. A lot of my friends liked it, but felt the action was out of place or too violent. I disagree, while the action is more extreme then most comedies, it keeps it comic. Sure some people get shot straight in the face, but whatever. Sure Seth Rogan gets a huge ashtray chucked at his head, but whatever. Its still funny and I didn't feel like the film was schizophrenic at all. Although seemingly an odd choice for director, DGG was still able to inject some nice cinematography into this 'pot comedy'. And he can film an action sequence better then whoever fucked up A Quantum Of Solace. This is pretty much the movie I wanted to see when I saw Hot Fuzz. Also, any movie that references Mr. Majestyk is tops in my book. Grade: A

8. 1/4 The Sting 2 (DVD 1983) It doesn't look good right from the start. The cover art looks like a Danielle Steele movie of the week , I mean fuck, it makes the art of Hancock and Real Genius look like Criterion. Seriously, look at this shit. And who the fuck is Mac Davis? As far as I can tell, the only person returning from the first film is the writer. And he basically regurgitates the original minus the first names of the lead characters. I guess that was to somehow preserve the iconic pairing of Newman and Redford and make the sting of selling out easier to take. Whatever gets you through the night, Mr. Ward. Davis and Gleason just doesn't have the same punch. You got the same set-up. A friend is killed (this time off camera). A con for revenge seems like the best idea. The lamest retread of the point-at-the-nose-so-we-all-know-who-is-in-on-it routine is preformed. They sit around a table and formulate a plan. They win. But not before their mark throws them a curve, just like in the original. There is even a rogue cop, again. Its wouldn't be SO bad if it wasn't 90% the same film as the first. With Teri Garr and James Earl Jone's father. Grade: C-

9. 1/5 Slime City (DVD 1988) Its that same old story we heard a thousand times. Boy meets girl. Boy wants to bone girl. Girl isn't having it. Girl suggests to boy that the prospects of boning might increase if he gets his own apartment. Boy does so. Girl is still frigid. Boy bangs a woman possessed by the ghost of a dead prostitute and gets himself addicted to some magical elixir, without which he turns into a major asshole and also starts to melt. If I had a dollar... Slime City stars the gayest heterosexual since Rock Hudson in Pretty Maids All In A Row. There are lots of great, gooey effects that reminded me of Street Trash, which comes at no surprise since they were both done by the same person. Watch out for THE BEST reaction to being thoroughly slashed across the face with a penknife. Grade: B-

The Subway Horror Troika

10. 1/6 The Midnight Meat Train (DVD screener 2008) In this fast paced society full of endless information and choices, you had better be ready to choose exactly which kind of midnight train you desire. Is it a comedic Midnight Train to Moscow with your conductor Billy Crystal? Perhaps you would prefer a Midnight Sleazy Train complete with oodles of animated rape? Or maybe you would like to sit back and have your head bashed in by a 99% mute Vinnie Jones? If you chose the latter, then you are in luck because Clive Barker and company have created a video brochure for you. Your voyage starts at about 1:30 in the morning in one of New York City's least populated stations. From there you are whisked away on the last train, beginning your Midnight Meat Train experience. When you notice the train take a turn onto an abandoned track, your host, Vinnie Jones, will introduce you to his over-sized tenderizing mallet. You are then treated to a 4 star spa regiment where you are stripped naked (clothes neatly folded and packed away) while your teeth, nails and eyes are removed. Finally you are left hanging upside down on one of our many professional grade meat hooks. I hope you have enjoyed your trip.
Grade: B-

11. 1/6 Raw Meat (DVD 1972) Sure, New York has some issues with their subway system, but they are not alone. Across the pond in 1970's London, they have their own problem in the guise of the most sympathetic troglodyte murdering cannibal ever in filmdom. But if that's a disease, then they also have the cure in the form of Donald Pleasence in one of his best roles. He is borderline unsettling as Inspector Calhoun. And the scene with him and Christopher Lee is akin to Alec Baldwin's scene in Glengarry Glen Ross if it was shot by David Lynch. Okay, maybe that's going too far, but I love that scene. Throw in some nifty camera movements and you have yourself a great film. Grade: A

12. 1/6 Creep (DVD 2004) You would think 30 years would be enough time for London to put the kibosh on any subway shenanigans...but no. This time its not a forgotten cave-in, but some sort of forgotten medical experiment. I actually did like the scene where 'Creep' pantomimes the doctors in the movie's only scene of exposition. However, Franke Potente plays such a bitch you really want for her to die. There is a scene where she is accosted in a train by a guy she talked to at a party and you almost root for the rapist..almost. Pretty sub-mediocre all around. Grade: D+

/The Subway Horror Troika

13. 1/7 Behold A Pale Horse (DVD 1964 Zinnemann) Peck and Quinn return from Navarone and take up opposite sides of the Spanish Civil War. Quinn wins and its off to France for Peck. Years later Peck is tired of his own ideals, but is not forgotten. Quinn sets a trap, and its up to Sharif, as a Catholic priest, to save Peck. This is a movie whose parts are greater then the sum. All the principles are good, but the movie just doesn't seem to click. Its a little plodding and Peck's character as an anti-catholic, atheist communist, doesn't exactly spell sympathy. You can see that this movie is really trying. E for effort. Grade: C+

14. 1/7 The Wrestler (Theater 2008) Sometimes a film will get hyped to the point where, when you see it, even though it is still doesn't meet your expectations. This is not one of those films. This is a powerful film. Mickey Rourke basically plays himself as pro wrestler Randy 'The Ram' Robinson. Like Randy, Mickey was a superstar in his early days of acting. He burned every bridge he could see and fell into obscurity. The parallels of the two are hard to ignore which makes the casting genius. And Rourke puts in a performance of a lifetime. I don't think I have cared about a character as much in a long time. Evan Rachel Wood is astounding as Randy's daughter and Marisa Tomei is 45 years old. 45 years !!! Really one of the best films of the year and one I am still thinking about. Grade: A

15. 1/8 The Driver (DVD 1978) Ryan O'Neal is The Driver, and Bruce Dern is The Detective. They are the best at their respective occupations. Its just a matter of time before they clash. This is one of Walter Hill's best films, possibly his best. Its kind of like Le Samourai on wheels. I like how everything is minimal and gritty. There is no characterization as such; no sets really, just a lot of shot on streets, in warehouses, etc; and the amazing car chases are simple and exciting, no crashing through malls or jumping over rivers. Here's an interesting fact I just boosted from IMDB, Ryan O'Neal says only 350 words in the entire film. Neato. Grade: A

16. 1/9 Return Of The Living Dead (DVD 1985) Another title I've seen loads of times, but is part of my lady friend's zombie curriculum. One of the rare, early films that boast the 'fast zombie' breed. But what made them really terrifying was their ability to reason and talk combined with their sheer invulnerability. When I was a child of about ten or eleven, after seeing Zombi and Dawn of the Dead, I would run 'Zombie Drills' in my house. Sometimes when I was alone, I would time myself gathering food, weapons, case of an actual zombie outbreak. I would be ready. Then I saw Return of the Living Dead, and I knew no matter I did, if these were the zombies in the Apocalypse...I was royally fucked. Grade: A

17. 1/10 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Theater 2008) This movie is like those grainy videos of pinpoint bombings you saw during the first Gulf War. Except with this movie, your heart is the target. Its painstakingly constructed to assault you with surgical strike after strike until you cannot stop that damn tear from welling in your eye. This is what happens when a precision director like David Fincher makes a love story. Button is glorious to behold. There are scenes that are breathtaking. Cate Blanchett is practically bio-luminescent, and I mean that in a good way. Since there is a lot of talk about the effects, there is a better chance this film wont get stiffed on its technical achievements like Zodiac. Though the movie looks beautiful, the performances are solid, etc...there are flaws. Forrest Gumpisms, concept acceptance, epic sap factor, etc...but even with its flaws, I can't help but like the film. Grade: B+

18. 1/11 Gran Torino (Theater 2008) I like this movie alright. I think I see where it is coming from. I am not put off by the language. I just don't think its all that great...pretty good, okay....yeah, but not great. Clint is great (sans grunts). He can still bring it. Unfortunately, some of his co-stars can't. Bee Vang and Ahney Her are terrible, Vang moreso. He is the Hmong Jake Lloyd. That guy from the Drew Carey Show is good. I don't know. Something about the movie just didn't click for me. I mean, martyring yourself and falling into a Christ position. Really? Really ???? Best line: "They don't want to be your bro, and I don't blame them" Grade: C+

19. 1/12 Milano Calibro 9 (aka Caliber 9) (DVD 1972) I am on an unplanned Poliziotteschi bender, starting with this one, the first of Fernando Di Leo's Milieu Trilogy. Basically, to make a Poliziotteschi movie you need some crime and four of the following: a badass opening, boobs, a Go-Go bar, wanton brutality, lots of J & B whiskey (seriously, this shit is everywhere), and Henry Silva. If you have four of those elements, you made the cut. I don't know what criteria makes this a trilogy, other then having the same writer/director...oh wait, yes I so...they are all fucking awesome. This is the first time I have run into Mario Adorf (who stars in Manhunt, further down the list). This guy looks like the Italian Jay Leno. He is also great. He plays a capo to a don who is shaking down a recent ex-con who might or might not have cheated said don immediately before going into the slammer. People get blown up with fucking dynamite à la Will E Coyote. Great ending, plus bonus political subtext through the cops dialogue. Genre Checklist: Badass opening, boobs, A Go-Go bar, wanton brutality, lots of J & B. Grade: A

20. 1/13 Appaloosa (DVD 2008) Does anyone, anywhere, at anytime ever like Renee Zellweger? She exudes this fetid miasma. Every time I see her I want to punch her. And on top of that, I fucking hate her character. And not even for the obvious reason of her duplicity. That scene where she angers Ed Harris at the table, and she tilts her head sideways in that 'ahh-don't-be-mad-at-me-look-at-how-cute-I-am' way...AHHHHH, I want to throttle her. Anyway. I didn't buy the first 45 minutes of this movie. I didn't believe these characters would do the things they did. Its like, we have these interesting characters, but we can't write anything interesting for them to do. It does pick up later in the film, but its still nothing special. Grade: C-

21. 1/14 La Mala ordina (aka Manhunt) (DVD 1972) This one might be the best of the Milieu Trilogy, hell maybe its the best of the genre. Mario Adorf is a small change pimp who gets framed for some missing dope that the Milan mafia stole from New York. New York sends Woody Stode and Henry Silva to kill Adorf, but the Milan mafia wants to kill him before the New York boys find out he is the wrong man. I like this movie a lot. Mario Adorf is amazing. You believe this guy when he says he doesn't know why the mafia wants him dead. Watch for the titty twister scene. Genre Checklist: Badass opening, J & B, wanton brutality, Henry Silva, Go-Go bar, boobs. Grade: A

22. 1/15 Il boss (aka The Boss) (DVD 1973) You need to see this movie for the opening alone. It is crazy brilliant. It involves a porn theater, that's all I'm saying...okay, a porn theater AND a grenade launcher. Henry Silva plays, yup, a cold, merciless, perfect hitman. All but one member of a mafia clan is killed, and its up to our boy to finish the job. This episode guest stars Richard Conte as a mafia bigwig. Sadly, the last of the Milieu Trilogy. Genre Checklist: Badass opening, J & B, wanton brutality, Henry Silva, boobs. . Grade: A

23. 1/15 My Bloody Valentine 3-D (Theater 2009) Not a very memorable horror film. The opening was pretty good, and I liked the credits. But that's about it. The CG looks bad and I fucking hate movies that lie to you in the special way that Haute Tension did. It just pisses me off. 3-D is just used here to try and shine a turd. Grade: D+

24. 1/16 Killer contro killers (aka Killer vs Killers) (DVD 1985) This Polizio begins with something right out of a Grand Theft Auto video game. An SUV chases a dirt bike down a road and then into some fields, ending (in true GTA form) with the lobbing of grenades. I don't remember what any of that has to do with the plot, which involves the recruitment of a team to rob a chemical plant. Its a motley crew of experts. You have The Driver, actually named Ferrari; The Safecracker, played by some guy that looks like a cross between Captain Stubbing and Doctor Bricker from Loveboat AND is a sexual deviant!; The Explosives Guy, which in this case is played by a woman, and The Enforcer, played by Henry Silva. Its almost, sort of, kinda a part remake of The Asphalt Jungle. There is a lounge act that seems like something out of Double Suicide. Pretty good movie, although formulaic. Grade: B

25. 1/17 Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore (aka Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man ) (DVD 1976) Pre-Cannibal Holocaust Deodato directs another great Di Leo Poliziotteschi script. (I mean Di Leo has a lot of good scripts, not that Deodato directs a lot of them) Anyway, this one follows a couple of Italian Dirty Harrys as they try to put the crackdown on a local boss or something. One of the first films of this genre that I watched that didn't 'truly' begin with a badass opening. Instead, it starts with a credit sequence as our heroes riding around Rome on a motorcycle to a really lame pop song. However, that scene goes right into a badass chase after a purse snatching goes skull-crushingly bad. So, its debatable. These cops are pretty immoral, and when they are not hitting on their boss's hot secretary, they are being chewed out by him. A lot of 'I don't like the way you do things, but, I'll be damned, they sure do get results'. Our boys kill, beat-up and fuck their way to the climatic denouement where they are saved from inside a ship set to explode...only to blow it up themselves for shits and giggles after they get off. Grade: A

26. 1/18 Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (aka The Good, The Bad, The Weird) (Internet 2008) I am fan of director Jin-woon Kim (Foul King, A Tale of Two Sisters, A Bittersweet Life). While none of his movies are FUCKING AWESOME, MAN!!!11!!1one, they are all really solid and enjoyable. When I heard TGTBTW being described as Raiders Of The Lost Ark meets X, where X = Treasure Of The Sierra Madre or The Road Warrior or etc...I was intrigued. No film ever lives up to those kinds of comparisons, and this one is no different. You have a treasure hunt movie complete with map. The Good is hunting the Bad, while the Bad is looking for the map that The Weird just might have. The action set-pieces are great, although the epic Mad Max-ish, multi-faction, desert race/chase/fight ending goes on too long and just isn't that interesting in the end. And that's the story of the film, good action, not much else, and goes on too long. The best performance is probably from The Weird, played by that guy from The Host and Joint Security Area. The Bad isn't too bad either. Grade: B-

27. 1/19 Frontière(s) (aka Frontier(s) ) (DVD 2007) This was one of those eight movies to die for. I haven't watched any of them, but I heard a few times that this one was good. And it turns out, its pretty good. After an off camera heist, some French thieves try to make their way to Holland. Its too bad they stay at the one hostel run by an ex-nazi cannibal. I wasn't bored, the gore was fine, no one acted too stupid. I did find it interesting that while the French dialogue was subtitled, the German was not. There isn't much, just a small sentence here, a command there...I just thought I would mention it. Grade: B

28. 1/19 Dawn of the Dead (DVD 1978) "Attention all shoppers: If you have a sweet tooth, then we have a special treat for you. If your purchases in the next half hour total 5.00 or more, we will give you a bag of hard candy free!" Grade: A+

29. 1/20 Don't Open The Door (DVD 1975) I watched this because it was one of the few films whose title starts with 'Don't' that I had not seen. After seeing it I can tell you truly, "Don't watch this film" HAR HAR HAR. Seriously though, its not the best film, but it was a lot of fun to watch. It has a very MST3k aura. I think my lady friend wanted to punch me after I yelled, "Dont open that door" after the eighth door in the film was opened. I couldn't help myself. So a women is called and told her grandma is sick and she should high-tail it to see her right quick. She does, and When A Stranger Calls happens. Grade: F FOR FUN !!!! but really more like C

30. 1/21 The Day of the Jackal (DVD 1973 Zinnemann) It was about time I saw this movie. Its not particularly flashy, but its not ever boring. Its a police procedural that also shows the procedure of the assassin. The film really tries to portray everything in realistic terms. I liked Edward Fox's performance as a suave gentleman with the heart of a methodical killer. The way he dispatches Madame de Montpellier is some real cold shit. Truly, a first rate political thriller. Grade: A

31. 1/22 Act Of Violence (DVD 1948 Zinnemann) Van Heflin seems to have it made. He made it back from the war, his business to taking off and he is shacked up with a sweet Janet Leigh. But when a menacing Robert Ryan comes a knocking from out of the past, everything Heflin has worked for, including his life, could be in jeopardy. Robert Ryan just oozes unstoppable revenge. He is fantastic. Heflin does a good job of portraying a man coming to terms with a past mistake that is slowly eating him from within. Although, he does seem to go off the deep end abruptly, but we can let that pass. A great noir. Grade: A

32. 1/23 Stunt Rock (Theater 1978) Oh boy. This film is something else. I was lucky enough to see, I believe, the only remaining print. And it was so worth it. Grant Page is an Australian stunt man, a pretty good one, too. Brian Trenchard-Smith (director of Leprechaun 3 and 4, amongst others) had just finished a pair of stuntman related films. Together, they join forces with upstart Australian hard rock band, Sorcery, to produce a feature length trailer full of stunts and rock.....STUNT ROCK! Sorcery is not your average rock band...oh no. While wailing out their epic tunes amidst the usual explosions and lights, a fucking live-action wizard fight happens on stage with fire, and swords and fire. The 'plot' follows Page as he lands a gig for a new TV show. He encounters a reporter who is doing some kind of article on people and how they make a living, or something else just as ALF. He goes on to tell her about the awesome life of a stuntman. Also, Page's brother is in Sorcery. So the film just goes from stunt to stunt, to rock/wizard fight, to stunt, etc for 90 minutes. But it is a lot of fun. Strangely, the keyboardist in the film always wears a hood, like and an executioner's hood, and talks like Orko. I was so intrigued by this I emailed the drummer of Sorcery and he told me that David Loch, the keyboardist, only did the keys in the movie, and that he normally does not wear a hood. So now you know. Seriously, check this shit out. Grade: B+

33. 1/24 The Rocker (DVD 2008) Rainn Wilson's first starring comedy comes off as decidedly sub-Will Ferrell, where Will Ferrell is the arithmetic mean of comedy. Wilson is in the band Vesuvius right when they are on the verge of signing a record deal and become rock gods. However, one of the stipulations of the contract is that they kick him out (so the record label president's son can join the band). They do so, and he broods for 20 years. I did like the scene of Wilson chasing his former bandmates. Its absurd, and out of place in a 'straight comedy', but it fits in somehow. Anyway, he then gets a chance to play in his nephews band, that, coincidentally enough, begins to make it big. Overall, its not very good. There are some laughs, but not enough to push it into Ferrell territory. And you really have no sympathy for his nephew's band. Which brings me to the dark underbelly of this movie. You see, the plot is, a guy is kicked out of a band right before they made it big, and he hates it and them so much, that his life is shitty for the next 20 years. But, in order for him to play in his nephew's band, they have to lose their original drummer. He gets grounded right before the band is going to play the prom. Enter Wilson. But what the movie doesn't ever go into, is, Wilson and his nephew's band make it big...but at the cost of their original drummer. And so the cycle repeats itself. Grade: D+

34. 1/25 Mystery Street (DVD 1950) A woman is murdered. Later, her skeleton is discovered on a Massachusetts beach. Its up to Ricardo Montalban as Lieutenant Peter Morales to crack the case. Mystery Street is a great police procedural, and one the earliest I have seen that uses forensics in a realistic way. Hell, it could be retitled, CSI: Boston 1950. The screenplay is top notch, as is the photography. Kudos to Elsa Lanchester who really pulls off the role of the nosy, piece-of-shit super of a boardinghouse. Grade: A

35. 1/28 La Residencia (aka The House That Screamed) (DVD 1969) This is one of the better new-girl-at-creepy-school films. Theresa arrives to a boarding school where the the girls are either running away or planning who gets to bang the delivery boy each month when he arrives. She runs afoul with the head mistress's pet and has to put up with some fucked up shit. And also, there is a killer. This is a great film. Its very stylish and was undoubtilngly inspired by Suspira; however, it holds its own and doesn't come close to 'retread' territory. The acting superb, especially from the iron-willed headmistress and her wuss of a son. I think it is safe to say that Juan Piquer Simón was influenced by this film when he made Pieces. This film is from the same director as Who Could Kill A Child, another great gem that I highly recommend. It's too mad he never made more horror films. Grade: B+

36. 1/29 Los Cronocrímenes (aka Timecrimes) (DVD screener 2008) I love smart time travel films. You know, films like Primer and The Sticky Fingers Of Time. I love films that have a small cast, like Sleuth and Hell In The Pacific. And I also love films that do not need a budget to tell a compelling story, like El Mariachi or Clerks. Timecrimes makes it onto all the lists. The plot is simple. A man is chased and accidentally enters a time machine which takes him back about an hour, thus setting in motion a series of horrible consequences. The film is tight and easy to follow while just skirting the complex. You are never baffled by any paradoxes that can throw the best time travel film into WTF land. And it has boobs. Grade: B+

37. 1/30 Vals Im Bashir (aka Waltz With Bashir) (Theater 2008) For the most part, I did not like this film. Its hard for me to put my finger on the exact reasons. I think what it comes down to is, this is a subject I am interested in and the film made me uninterested in it. I found it dull. The monotonous dialogue was close to excruciating. The animation was simple and no more interesting than what anyone could produce on their own computer with Flash and After Effects. There is a pleasing palette; however, and it is nicely hand drawn. I just didn't care about this guy, and I couldn't get the idea out of my head that the entire thing seemed disingenuous. Grade: C

38. 1/31 Special (DVD screener 2006)


39. 2/2 In The Electric Mist (DVD screener 2009)

40. 2/3 In Bruge (DVD 2008)

41. 2/4 Hot Rod (DVD 2007)

42. 2/6 The Cars That Ate Paris (DVD 1975)

43. 2/7 King Frat (Theater 1979)

44. 2/8 Coraline 3D (Theater 2009)

45. 2/8 The Running Man (DVD 1987)

46. 2/10 100 Rifles (DVD 1969)

47. 2/10 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (VHS 1973)

48. 2/11 Manos: The Hands of Fate (DVD 1966)

49. 2/12 Sik san (aka God of Cookery) (DVD 1996)

50. 2/13 A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box (DVD 1994)

50. 2/14 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella (DVD 1994)

52. 2/19 The Love Butcher (VHS 1975) After watching this, I am fucking pissed I did not see it when it played at a local theater last week. This is a great piece of exploitation, right up there with Maniac. Erik Stern gives a tour de force performance as the titular schizophrenic butcher. He's like a low rent Peter Sellars. By day Caleb, a coke-bottom glasses wearing gimped gardener, tends to the many lawns of a suburban neighborhood. He is a dud with the ladies. But at night, Lester emerges and woos desperate housewives out of their pants onto whatever handy gardening tool is laying around. A pitchfork maybe, or some shears. He seems to suffer the same problem of stolen essences that plagued Brig. Gen. Jack D Ripper in Dr. Strangelove. The police are totally baffled. And rightly so, because all six murders happened within a small area, each with a gardening tool. And each employed the same gardener. Its just too hard to connect the dots! The more I think about it, the more I like this movie. Its a lot of fun. How can you beat lines like: "You emasculate men with your bottomless body pits" or "Cripples. This place is bloody full of them." The Love Butcher is the new flesh. Grade: A

53. 2/20 Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder (DVD 2009)

54. 2/21 Sex Drive (DVD 2008)

55. 2/22 X-Men (DVD 2000)

56. 2/22 X-Men 2 (DVD 2003)

57. 2/23 Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (DVD 1999) I have not seen this film since I saw it for the first and only time, the day before it was released to theaters. I am not the largest Star Wars fan in the world, but I am a fan. I can quote the original three films at-will and I will destroy you at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. But I an no where near as deluded as this poor fellow. I walked out of that theater just before midnight. The real 'first showing' was near. There was a huge line of excited fans, the local radio station was there. I just wanted to tell them to go back. I wanted to tell them they have been mislead. But I didn't. I just went home. The Phantom Menace was so underwhelming, so poorly conceived and executed, that I swore never to watch the rest of the series. And for ten years I didn't. However, since it is close to the ten year anniversary of that cinematic abortion, I thought it might be time to finally just watch the other two and get it over with. But I had to watch this one again as well. And suffice it to say, it still holds up as a total piece of soul crushing shit. Grade: D-

58. 2/23 Star Wars II: Attack Of The Clones (DVD 2002)

59. 2/23 Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith (DVD 2005)

60. 2/25 Doctor Detroit (DVD 1983) Some films are products of their particular Zeitgeist, and this is one damn awesome example. I remember seeing this as a kid, but I forgot most of it (except I still remember the promise of a sequel that never happened in the credits, just like Buckaroo Banzai and the video game Nightshade...anyway) What I like about this movie is, although it is kinda like a Jekyll and Hyde story...ultimately, it isn't. Aykroyd's Skridlow doesn't take a potion to become Dr. D, he does it to get some hookers he had a good time with out of a jam. He may be a meek college professor, but he wants to party. I love the character of Dr. Detroit. I really don't know why. It isn't a particularly good movie. The teacher from the TV show Head Of The Class is in it, as another unlikely pimp...unlikely as in, who is playing the pimp in a movie? You will never see another movie with a musical number like the one in this film. Grade: C+

61. 2/27 Here Comes The Tigers (DVD 1978) A friend I work with set up a day to watch some films by people who later went on to make horror films. This is the film from the makers of the first Friday The 13th. If you listen to the extra features from that film, you know they set out to make a rip-off of Bad News Bears. And they did, badly. Boring is a word to describe this film, but I think FUCKING BORING is more fitting. It has a couple good gags and that's about it. I wish I took notes while we watched it cause we ripped into it, but I can't remember much of it now. Not surprising. Grade: D

62. 2/27 Kenny & Company (DVD 1976) Now, this film is a totally different story (see above). This was the first film by Don Coscarelli, well, second I guess. Anyway, it is really, really good. Its stars Phantasm staple A. Michael Baldwin, has some scenes with fucking Reggie AND the daughter of the fortune teller plays a pivotal plot role. Did I mention it is actually good? Its basically a plotless look at the life of an eleven year old in the late 70's around Halloween. Each day has new trials and lessons. It really is up there with Stand By Me, if a bit less dramatic. The score and soundtrack are great. Thinking about it now, this might be the best film to capture that sense of freedom and discovery that you have at that age. I do not understand why this is not seen more. Grade: A

63. 2/28 Shotgun Stories (DVD 2008)

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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Chilli on Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:03 am

I saw The Spirit. All I can say is dayum, Miller's gone insane!
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby TK-421 on Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:17 pm

Great idea, I've been meaning to keep a journal - guess this is as good a place as any to do it :wink:


1. High Fidelity

Brilliant little comedy, the dialogue is crisp and nothing short of hilarious. The quirkiness of John Cusack's character provides most of the entertainment, his vain insecurities are exploited for maximum effect. Really good stuff. His duo of nerdy, if fairly rude (imagine a toned-down Randall), employees manage to show off their antics as well, and Jack Black does a good turn as an early Dewey (of School of Rock-fame). Was impressed with Iben Hjejles American accent, even if it isn't flawless it's certainly better than what Mads Mikkelsen or Jesper Christensen showcased in Casino Royale. Of course, they didn't play Americans.. still, pretty good accent, and the film is great fun to boot. 8/10


Kind of hard to comment on WALL·E without doing a rehash of the praise it's already seeped in, so I'll just mention that it's one of my favourites of 2008, and manages to tell the most intimate love story since Linklater's Before Sunset using computers and synthesised voice acting. WALL·E himself is probably the most expressive character Pixar ever did, which is saying quite a lot - each rattle and eccentricity just makes him more endearing. 10/10

2. The Name of the Rose

Great historical mystery flick which demonstrates fully that Sean Connery is one of the coolest people alive. The tension between the church and the people, which it exploited completely, comes across very well, particularly in the climax. The atmosphere is thick, and the daily life of the monks is portrayed exceptionally well - in fact, the only real complaint I have is that Christian Slater is rather bland, but the novice/master relationship works around this well enough. A great, big 8/10

3. A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit

This has always been the W&G short I remembered most clearly, but after seeing it again I've come to realise that, while it's certainly charming and inventive enough, it's completely overshadowed by the Nick Park's later work. The pacing is, in quite a lot of scenes, extremely slow, and only really takes off when the duo finally arrive on the moon. The ski-loving something-or-other-machine was good fun, but I missed the typical British humour around the neighborhood. 7/10

4. Alien (theatrical cut)

The quintessential monster slasher flick, and the film I use as a reference for exactly why space is creepy - so darn oppressive! Anyway, the atmosphere is everything in this film, and Ridley Scott manages to build up a sense of impending disaster through delaying much of the action throughout the first half of the film - the pace here is quite slow, and takes time to acquaint the viewer with the locale, and particularly the incomprehensibility of the crashed spaceship on the planet contributes to the viewer's feeling uneasy.
Of course, once the alien is hatched (which, btw, is my pick for scariest scene) things start to heat up for the poor crew, and the plot evolves into your garden-variety slasher yarn, if exceptionally filmed and executed. I wouldn't give it kudos for originality, but the framing, editing and, once more, building up suspence, is nothing short of phenomenal. The final scenes stand out, simply because they 'prolong the terror' - a typical horror film would have had a climax sooner, but here the conclusion doesn't come right away.
Anyway, if I'm going to list every film in here I should probably start writing fewer impressions... Still, couldn't resist - Alien really is one of the greatest sci-fi films. 10/10

Aliens (director's cut)

Continued my Alien extravaganza last night with James Cameron's sequel. While not as frightening or iconic as the original film, it is nonetheless suspensefull and exhilerating - to my mind, this is the action film of the series, a high-octane thriller with nary a dull moment. The aliens are still frightening, although I think multiplying them so efficiently takes away some of the initial terror; obviously they aren't as invincible as we thought, the amount of them exploding in this film, and this cannibalising of the concept did bug me a bit.
Fortunately, the pacing doesn't allow for a lot of these ruminations while actually watching it. Where the original relied on long shots to establish the atmosphere, its sequel uses disorientation through harrowingly edited action sequences, while maintaining an emotional base through the mother-daughter relationship between Ripley and Newt.
It does suffer a bit from a predictable plot, I certainly could have done without some of its more stereotypical characters (Bill Paxton, I'm looking at you!). Still, for sheer adrenaline it's practically unrivaled, and it remains, without a doubt, one of the most obvious candidates for an HD treatment. 9/10

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (unrated version)

Last year, I started watching these 'Apatow' flicks, as they've come to be called - started out with 40 Year-Old Virgin and worked my way through Knocked Up and Superbad, and even though the quality has definitely been varied, I was rather looking forward to seeing this latest one. Jason Segel's script isn't exactly consistently funny, but it does have enough interesting moments and character delevopment to make it worthwhile; Paul Rudd's character was brilliant, shame he didn't have any more screen time.
Peter coping with his heartbreak provides a good deal of comedy, particularly in the beginning of the movie, although his incessant crying comes off as a bit strained halfway through the film. Some of the director's choices are a bit illogical as well, the flow of certain scenes is flawed, but in all it was a very decent film - definitely continues the brand of humour from the previous films in the 'series'. I'll do a teeny 8/10, but that's mainly because I can't be bothered with decimals.

I haven't been watching that many films recently, I got the great, big Buffy the Vampire Slayer box set and I'm going through that.

12. Ghost in the Shell

I'd been meaning to see this one for a while, the entire sci-fi aspect intrigued me. There are elements of the classical dystopian society, but what really carries the film is how it delves head-first into the philosphical implications of replicants, a la Blade Runner; what defines a human being, what is the soul and what constitutes personal identity? It doesn't pertain to a grounded reality like its thematical big brother, and particularly towards the ending it becomes a bit abstract - it certainly requires repeat viewings before all of the details sink in, much like Akira. However, even if its just for its more straight-forward passages, it's highly recommended. 8/10

18. Office Space

Another great comedy, this one regarding work in an office. Unlike the more widely known The Office, with which it, obviously, shares quite a few similarities, it's more staged and exaggerated, and doesn't try to hard to remain realistic. What we have, really, is a rebellion against the oft-parodied button-pushing culture and lifestyle, and much of its humour is derived from the viewer's familiarity with the environment (the main characters' seething hatred of the copy machine in particular).
Office Space is a fairly simple film which owes a good deal of its ongoing popularity to its vivid characterisations and fantastic gags; office humour is still a hit with me. This was my second viewing in about a month, and I suspect this one will move up my list of cult favourites in the future - it's certainly well deserving of the praise generally lathered upon it by the internet's nerdy underbelly. 8/10

21/22. Ae Fond Kiss

My English teacher figured this would be a great film to enlighten immigration for us, so we watched it in class. Now, I could do a rant about watching films in school when your teacher understands nothing of the criteria of enjoying a film properly - OAR, proper screen, avoiding lectures without pausing the film and so forth - but I won't. Some people just don't understand, and that's pretty much that.
Regardless, I did manage to forget about those things while actually watching the film, and my final verdict of the feature falls in its favour. It's certainly nothing groundbreaking, not a masterpiece by any standards, and it does tread water structurally every once in a while, but it's still fairly good entertainment, and if you can ignore how tired the setup has become you should be able to enjoy the drama. Nothing too special, but worth a watch if you're in the mood. 7/10

23. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Hot piss! Whedon does it again, digging out his checkered dance shoes to hand out a gem of a musical to the adoring masses. Although he's often favoured the dark and brooding in his previous work, this Internet-based miniseries serves as ample proof that he's a bona fide genious regardless of genre. This super hero spoof was everything I hoped for and more, the way this stuff should be handled. Dr. Horrible is the most amusing villain since Bomb Voyage, and his social awkwardness and professional failures provide belly laughs for the whole family.
I'd just seen the legendary musical 'Buffy' episode, so my expectations for this one were pretty much through the roof. Not so much because of the music - still not any break-away pop hits - but because of how meticulously layered and humorous the setting of it is. The film boasts more than its share of great gags and snappy dialogue, and the songs are all soaked in invisible glue to make them stick in your head - barring a lobotomy, there's really nothing I haven't tried to stop humming the 'Bad Horse' songs, and I rue the day it turns dull. 9/10, with enough cult potential to make your head spin.

Howl's Moving Castle

I love Miyazaki. God help me, I really do. Completely platonic, of course, but if I ever saw him in the street, I'll be damned if he leaves without a hug. Which is why I can love a film like Howl's Moving Castle, certainly not the most sensible or even accessible from his repertoire, but it's got all the makings of a great film which is pretty much enough for me. Mythology and fantasy go hand in hand, set in a society technologically resembling the late 1800's; in other words, about the same as usual. Still, it's quite a different story to his previous work, and a rather sweet love story in its own right. Sofi's guise as an old lady is a great metaphor, and it's not the only bit of symbolism to be found.
Still, as with most of his films, it's Miyazaki's ability to create a vibrant and charming world around his characters that makes this film so memorable. Calcifer the fire demon is good and feisty, and we get some good maternal themes introduced with the wiz kid. The ending might be a tad confusing, but despite that, it's still Studio Ghibli at the top of their game. God, I hope Ponyo doesn't disappoint. 8/10

25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I wrapped up my little Buffy-marathon last Sunday, finishing off the last few episodes of the seventh season. It's a bit hard to pin the show down to a single grade, or even genre, as it varies enormously in tone and content over its seven-year run - and even from episode to episode. Overall though, it's certainly a series I'd recommend to others, as even the most stale episodes have enough excitement and humour to make watching them worthwhile.
The real strength of the show, however, is its cast. The eternal discussion of Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting talent aside, it's hard to ignore how compelling, and fresh the supporting cast is. The few main characters, Willow, Xander and Buffy, all develop from fairly simple characters to people you can actually identify with, and care about. Anthony Head is, of course, übercool as bookish Brit sensei Ruper Giles, Emma Caulfield's straightforward ex-vengeance demon provides mucho comic relief and the ever-golden Spike steps in as both style and substance in the last couple of seasons.
Any show that ranges from fairly entertaining to bliss everlasting in terms of quality is one to look out for, and while the bulk of Buffy's episodes don't really stand out, it's the exceptional few that elevates it so high above the competition. Whedon's keen sense of pretty much everything carries the series throughout, chuck-full of pop culture references as they ought to be done. It takes a turn for the gloomy in the final few seasons, but even then it had moments to make me chuckle. I'm on the fence regarding a grade, but I'll go with a grand 8/10 and the possibility of upgrading in the future.

27. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Now, I admit I'm a sucker for films like these, epic life parables with glitz and glamour, even though I realise it's become way cooler to hate them. Benjamin Button is a film that doesn't reinvent the formula, but sticks to it, and the result is as good as it's ever been. Comedy and tragedy go hand in hand as poor Benjamin grows younger, meeting a variety of colourful people along the way, finally catching up to the woman he loves as they meet at the middle of their lives.
13 nominations is definitely pushing it, but a sturdy film like this has a decent shot at the title. Cate Blanchett, while great, really only plays second fiddle to Brad Pitt as he gives one of the most memorable performances of his career (and he's Tyler Durden, people - Tyler Durden!). From quiet and reflective to obtrusive and forward, he is Benjamin Button, completely engulfed in the role.
To me, Panic Room has really been the only cock-up of Fincher's since he got creative control over his films, and his latest continues the trend from Zodiac, crafting a great film that might just serve as a well-deserved ticket in with the Academy - although that honour should have come from a different project. 8/10

28. Changeling

A big old yay for two trips to the theatre in as many days! The Clint has already proved his worth as a director, and with this Depression-era abduction drama he once more shows off his stylistic skills, which are nothing short of mad. Changeling is absolutely gorgeous, faded colours highlighting the mood of the piece throughout. What's even better though, is his ability to build up tension and suspense, getting the audience to care for the characters.
Angelina Jolie has never impressed me as an actress, but a lot of that might stem from my only seeing her in dumbed-down films like Beyond Borders and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Her turn as desperate mother Christine Collins was pretty exhilerating though, not to mention damn convincing. I'd say she's still a bit stiff in some of her scenes to go with a statuette, but the nomination is well-earned.
Changeling is a compelling period piece, and certainly the best film about corruption in the LAPD since L.A. Confidential. I can't throw an accolade like 'best drama of '08' yet, but unless its competitors take me completely by surprise, it'll probably be pretty close. 8/10

30. The Insider

Now, I had high hopes for this film, based in part on the extremely positive feedback it had gotten, as well as the talent participating - not to mention the fact that I was christening my brand new 42-inch PX80 with it. What I found when I finally got around to watching it, was a political drama rather than an actual thriller. Nothing bad there, I just saw it expecting something else, which is one of the reasons why I can't really judge it.
The acting is flawless, and the portrayal of the modern-day difficulties in getting a controversial programme aired is most certainly intriguing - although Good Night, and Good Luck did it a tad better in my opinion. What bothered me though, was how unclear certain plot elements were; the FBI are suddenly connected to the story arc, and appear to play a rather large part in the ending, but I never caught on to the reason.
The film is definitely solid, but it would also benefit greatly from multiple viewings, which is why I'll hold off grading it till I've seen it again.

31. Inside Man

As I'd been expecting more of a straight-up thriller with The Insider, I popped Spike Lee's Inside-film in the next day. And, once more, found it to be vastly different than I'd anticipated. Damn talkies.
Anyway, Denzel Washington is way cool - seemed to be a rehash of the 'righteous cop vs. da man' storyline, but then he turned sneaky near the end. An enigmatic Clive Owen steals the show with a carefully laid-out game plan to rival the best heist films, and Christopher Plummer as a repenting Nazi-businessman gave the film a nice twist.
I wouldn't say it's the most exciting film I've seen lately if it wasn't the only film I've seen lately, but it's more slow passages are justified by loads of cool moments. I'm a bit undecided as to the grade, but I'll be harsh and give it a seven - good, could have been better. Intrigued by the sequel, though. 7/10


1. Groundhog Day

My very favourite feel-good movie, and one of the very few I can't imagine growing tired of. Quirky and inventive doesn't quite cut it for the script, Bill Murray takes the cake as a subtle well of eternal comedy fantastically backed by a stellar supporting cast - Chris Elliott is always great, and the usually sinister Stephen Tobolowsky shows off considerable comedic skill.
While one might argue that the more memorable scenes carry the film, I'd say the greatest source of humour in Groundhog Day lies in its endless variations upon the same setups. The scenes with Ned are classic in this regard - while at first trying to avoid the guy, Phil begins to figure out ways to get back at him (the homo-erotic hug being my personal favourite).
Even if you look past the humour (and I won't even bother with the religious allegory), the film is endowed with an essentially sweet story of a man coming to appreciate and embrace life instead of sneering sardonically at it. Definitely a classic in my opinion, and one I'd say will stand the test of time. 9/10

7. Valkyrie

Bryan Singer's period piece is a methodically accurate portrayal of Nazi Germany, giving is a glimpse of the growing exasperation among Army officers as the war drew to a close. Beautifully shot and acted, with a cast to die for - a who's who of great actors headed by Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy and Kenneth Branagh. Nothing short of fantastic in that regard.
The pacing is rather slow, which, through the nature of the plot, allows for a lot of pent-up suspense. Keeping the audience captivated even when they know the ending is an impressive feat, but one Singer manages completely.
I won't say there aren't problems with the film, but they're small enough that they don't particularly detract from one of the finest WWII dramas in years. 8/10

13. Milk

Gus Van Sant's biopic of Dumbledore activist turned politician Harvey Milk is a breathtaking work of art, and the most impressive period piece I've seen in years. It's an honest and moving film, depicting events as they transpired without the tacky sensationalism of similar films. There are no stylished shots and it never feels staged - it's an emotional tour de force, not a visual one. The dialogue and acting has the earnest freshness of improvisation, and that's a rare treat for a film like this.
Sean Penn steals the show with his powerhouse performance as the titular character, creating a vivid portrait of an important historic person. Granted, being unfamiliar with the mannerisms of the real Harvey Milk, I can't judge his performance based on the depiction of his subject, but I cannot imagine the character seen in the film being brought to life with more vigour and intimacy than Penn manages to convey. His is as fine a performance as you're liable to see.
It's been a good long while since I saw a drama of this calibre; we all know how it ends, but as with so many things, it's not the destination but the journey that's important - and Milk is the most moving ride I've taken in a good long while. Even with contending heavyweight Benjamin Button as thematic peer, Van Sant's realism far outshines Fincher's existentialism. Influence by my immediate enthusiasm, I'd go with a full score, although that's subject to future revising. 10/10

21. The Blues Brothers (extended cut)

Brilliant Eightie's classic I watched again with my big sister and her boyfriend. It's not so much the dialogue, or even the gags - which, for the main part, are fantastic - but the music that really makes this gem stand out. There are plenty of great scenes to weigh out the slower ones, of which there are a noticable few. Although it's certainly flawed at times, with parts that haven't aged particularly well, it's still one hell of a good time, made so through the humour, music and strong cast involved in it. Ray Charles' cameo alone makes it worth watching. 8/10

25. Angel

The ending was grand. Not just because it was a fantastic finale on its own, but I haven't seen anything much not related to the Buffyverse for nearly two months straight, so finally getting Angel out of the way was a tremendous relief.
Not, of course, that it wasn't good. It is. The tone is darker than that of Buffy, but even so, there's plenty of giggles to go around, great gags, jokes and dialogue make the show as comical as it is intriguing. The acting was good overall, although both the cast and their characters became more interesting as the series progressed. Most every season has a Big Bad of its own, a main adversary for the heroes to clash against, and the plotlines are usually pretty damn good.
The show thematically (and structurally) resembles its big sister quite a bit, and it did float about a while during the first season, still finding its feet. Once it did though, it churned out high-quality entertainment pretty much all the way through, allowing for a few rotten eggs and some of the whinier cast. What Buffy had though, and what Angel never quite attains (although a particular episode in the fifth season comes real close), was the occasional that stood head and shoulders above the rest, so phenomenally fantastic you're sure there was a ritual sacrifice involved in the creative process. Joss Whedon is a bona fide genious, and while Angel is a brilliant show, it's not his best work.
Anyway, I did a segue a while back without following up on it - finishing Angel was a melancholy experience, because I've seen next to nothing outside of Buffy and Angel since early January, and having seen it all means, quite simply, reaching the end. The relieving part enters the picture right around the humongous stacks of unseen DVDs piling up all around me, and finally being free to see them. Angel is a great show, darkly humorous and quirky in just the proper manner, another one I'll try and get other people hooked on. The quality varies, and, as with any show this long, there are ups and downs along the way, but it's always entertaining and viewed as a whole, quite impressive. 8/10

26. Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

I'm a massive Futurama fan, got all the DVDs, heard the commentaries and I even modded a fansite, so my expectations for the fourth and final straight-to-DVD continuation of the series were through the roof. I've been more or less satisfied with the previous three, although none of them were as brilliant as the parent show at its best, but the fourth one was a disappointment.
Lots of unnecessary jokes, and surprisingly little character development. It's all situational, no time to look inward to provide some finality to it all. Fortunately though, the film still relies on the episodic format enough to allow for radical shifts in quality (and plot), which means that while parts of it were fairly uninteresting, others felt just like good ol' Futurama again, and the ending in particular did give me some closure.
But not so much that I haven't still got my fingers crossed, hoping for a fresh season; or just a new batch of films. I know they've got it in them to do better than this. 7/10

and I know that's a pretty high score for a disappointing film, but it's Futurama, after all; I'd come to expect more, but that doesn't make it a bad film.

27. City Lights

I've only seen a few of Charlie Chaplin's film classics, so I was fairly excited when I came across a lovely collection as a bargain a while back. City Lights was the first of the bunch, so that's where I started out.
First off, it's old. Real, real old, which is apparent not only from a technical aspect, but in terms of pacing, plot and humour as well. It's an overly simplistic film, with slapstick gags stitching together a quite insipid story, and while it's not as rollicking as it once was, the film has stood the test of time magnificently. It's still fun to watch, the romance between The Tramp and the blind girl is still as bittersweet, and the bipolar millionaire still gets in a few laughs (although, seen through a modern lense, he's probably more homoerotic than he was back in the day).
City Lights is inarguably one of the more sturdy entries in the history of cinema, but it has to be seen in the context of its time; it's pleasant, but not uproariously funny. Bears multiple views though, and that's more than can be said of a lot of modern comedies. 8/10


John Woo makes good action, and that just about sums up this film; the plot is ludicrous, and I never really cared for the characters who are, more or less, caricatures, but the action scenes are absolutely brilliant. Not to mention that the film features one of the most ingenious plot devices ever, allowing for the two main actors to switch roles a few times - excellent! I always knew John Travolta was badass, but Nicholas Cage was a pleasant surprise.
Watch with beer. 7/10

I also saw half of Blazing Saddles, but I started too late and fell asleep halfway through. I plan on trying again later tonight.

28. The Frighteners (theatrical cut)

I like Peter Jackson's work, right from his humble yet gory beginnings to his multi-million dollar epics, and this darkly humorous ghost flick just fanned the fire. Ingeniously funny and comfortably scary, it's the sort of film I'd have loved to grow up with.
The entire serial killer-aspect of the story brings the horror aspect of the film more visibly to the surface, and while it is out of tone with the more slapstick-y parts of the film, it definitely suits it. There aren't a lot of surprises along the way, but it's very competently done, and rather effective - plus, Jackson had a pretty great cast going, who turn in some very solid performances. I'll definitely start looking for the DC. 8/10

Bonnie and Clyde

Placing this particular classic among Hollywood's Greatest Hits is definitely overdoing it, but it is a wonderfully crafted tale of two lovers on the lame, and there's no denying the indelible mark it has made upon modern cinema. The more shocking sequences, the graphic morbidity and daringly ambiguous morality, don't hold as much power as they did in the Sixties. We as an audience, have become desensitised to violence on film, and that has taken some of the oomph out of the film.
Even so, the brilliant performances and evocative script are plenty cause for admiration. The way each character is built up, and particularly the underlying certainty of their unavoidable demise, makes watching the film all the more compelling - although it's aged quite noticeable, it's certainly no worse for wear. 8/10

Blazing Saddles

I saw the entire film again last night, this time remaining conscious even through the closing credits. I can see how it got its reputation; cheeky, cheery and it maintains a great sense of odd-ball humour more or less throughout. Mel Brooks works the fourth dimension into the film resulting in a feature that's very much self-aware. It twists a lot of old Western clichés, and through the inarguable charisma of its leading man (backed by the ever-entertaining Gene Wilder), provides a good handful of sincere belly-laughs. It's easy to draw parallels with The Holy Grail, even if Brooks' sense of humour remains too conventional to actually compare the two. 8/10

Galaxy Quest

I'm not real familiar with Star Trek, so a lot of the jokes of this film were lost on me. Still, I recognise good sci-fi when I see it, and the plot is inspired enough, and the cast stellar enough, to warrant a look; there's a lot of cult potential here, particularly from Alan Rickman's character. In fact, the only real complaint I have is that it seems unable to make up its mind whether to be dramatic or comical, and often ends up neither. Still, it's a fun spoof, with all the ingredients of a spectacular space romp; even if they aren't mixed quite right, it's still pretty good. 7/10


Hellboy II: The Golden Army

I've been meaning to host a Hellboy marathon, but after a month of waiting for people to agree on a date, I just went ahead and saw the second chapter of Guillermo del Toro's proposed trilogy. It's got even less to do with the comics than did its predecessor, but giving Mike Mignola's gothic horror yarns a big ol' dab o' show business actually works to the film's advantage; it's a self-contained film with few links to the first one, and the sensationalised plot is apocalyptic enough for my tastes.
Ron Perlman really is the embodiment of Hellboy, bringing to the character the same gruff, tough attitude as was in the comics - even if the machismo was never as evident. The character of Abe gets a dose of puppy love to make him endearing to the audience, but he should have been developed backwards as a character, given an origin story rather than a sappy romantic one. The Hellboy-Liz relationship is more interesting, if a tad puzzling.
Anyho, great sci-fi/fantasy action flick that made my repeat list for sure. I hope Del Toro will see fit to provide a third film once he's finished with Middle-Earth. 8/10

3. Armageddon

I had The Assassination of Jesse James in the player, loaded and everything, but since my menu consisted of pizza and beer, I decided to go with something more fitting. Michael Bay's films are usually mindless, violent romps with high enough entertainment values to add up for their lacking artistic merit, and this description pretty much sums up 'that fucking space rock movie'. The acting, while not necessarily bad (although Liv Tyler isn't particularly impressive), is certainly no more than adequate, and the script provides no real surprises, and a lot of plot points both illogical and improbable.
Even so, I was tremendously entertained during the ride. Coming off the high though, in the final scenes, I sat wondering why on Earth I'd subjected myself to that crap. I've no idea what to rate it, it's equal parts Hollywood trash and exciting action, so I'll just go with a cozy six because it went down well with a slice and a brew. 6/10

4. Forgotten Silver

After watching The Frighteners this weekend, I figured I'd watch the last few of Peter Jackson's films I'd missed out on, so I ordered Heavenly Creatures and today I saw his (in)famous mockumentary. It's the first of its kind that seemed actually believable to me, not self-parodying or even self-aware. It's a shamelessly probable portrayal of an extraordinary pioneer, and so long as you keep in mind that it's all fiction, it's immensely enjoyable.
I wasn't surprised to learn that it had been released as an actual hoax, with loads of people buying into it, because the way it's presented makes it all seem perfectly real. A quite interesting experiment, and a succesful one at that. 8/10


I actually saw the first twenty minutes or so of the film a long time ago, but opted to do something else instead, thinking it merely another overly stylized and criminally self-absorbed sci-fi action flick. This time around, I was a tad cautious coming into it, but I found that it balanced action and plot quite expertly.
The story steals left and right from dystopian litterature, but the fight scenes are spectacular and the cinematography excellent. I haven't a lot to say of the acting, but since the story's set in a society where feelings are outlawed, that's to be expected. So yeah, very entertaining and even enthralling at times with gun fights brilliantly choreographed and beautifully shot. Christian Bale is fucking bad. 8/10

6. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season One

I won the box set last week in an online contest, and it came in the mail the other day. I've always liked the Terminator franchise - granted, mostly when James Cameron was still in charge, but still enough to keep a lingering interest. So when I first heard about this series being made, I saw the potential, but following the third film, also the risk of it sucking. Bad.
After the first few episodes, I couldn't really decide whether or not my fears were justified; the pace was damnably slow, and the whole thing was just shot in a manner that left me completely indifferent. What it lacked, really, was a story to bind everything together, a Big Bad to keep it interesting. The Connors (and River Tam) just wade around L.A. without any goal at all.
Then came Derek Reese, and suddenly, at the inclusion of a character that's just an eensy bit intriguing, the quality of episodes rises. I find myself caught in the storyline, not rooting for the metal men. The last few episodes were really quite good, the finale absolutely inspired - the final scenes, with dark death and mayhem set to Johnny Cash singing about the Apocalypse, were phenomenal.
It started out dull, but having finished the first season, I'm actually looking forward to the next. Whether it's 'worthy' of its mantle as a successor of sorts to the original trilogy is an entirely different matter, but so far I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The grade is influenced by the final episodes, so adjust for enthusiasm. 8/10

In Bruges

Gem of a film, pitch-black humour interspiced with heartfelt drama. The acting is magnificent as well, Colin Farrell is an excellent actor, and it was lovely to hear him talk in his own brogue. Same goes for the rest of the cast, of course, the main characters were all brilliantly portrayed.
It's a hard film to pin down though, as there's a lot of symbolism regarding life and death, but it's just vague enough to make you think you missed it. I held off this entry for a couple of days because I wanted to sort it all out in my head, but finally reached the conclusion that it can be interpreted in a number of ways. Even so, it's certainly a film I'll be coming back to. 8/10

7. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Right, I love a medieval adventure flick as much as the next guy, but putting American Kevin Costner smack in the middle of an all-English cast was just a horrible casting decision. Morgan Freeman is forgiven as his character isn't British at all, but having the lead sport an American accent was just distracting. At least Mel Gibson tried.
There are loads of other points on my list though; it's much too serious for such a silly film and the dialogue all seems forced. It's a double dip of authorial vices, having a script that's perfectly silly without the slightest hint of irony. It would have been much more entertaining to watch sober if it'd been given a healthy dose of self-parodying.
In the end, I just weighed the film after pros and cons, with Alan Rickman, Sean Connery and Brian Blessed in the proper end and everything else in the other. It's moderately entertaining, but if you've got a heightened sense of filmic quality, I'd definitely give it a miss. 6/10

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

I read loads about this one back when it was still in theates, but finally missed it. A few months ago, I picked it up used in a shop, but just shelved it because of its length (and because I was going through Buffy and Angel at the time). Yesterday though, I finally dug it out and saw what I now consider to be one of the finest bipics in recent years.
The pace is slow, it takes its time to establish the characters and their relationships as well as showing off the gorgeous plains in which it's set. The voice-over, while a clichéd plot device, is insightful and even poetic at times, a reminder throughout the film that we're watching something historic, not just another sensationalised escapist western.
Jesse James is a sadistic tyrant, psychologically harassing his men and breaking them down, but there are more humane qualities to him as well. Robert Ford is a young man awestruck and nervous to be in the presence of his great idol, and we see how Jesse's grilling him gradually turns his dreams of fame against him. The motives of the characters are never clear though, the film provides a densely layered character portrait on the strength of its main cast, fodder for numerous debate and research.
The film's strengh lies both in the brilliance of its actors - I was extremely impressed by Casey Affleck, and consider Brad Pitt's turn as the temperamental outlaw one of his finest achievements - but also in the beautiful camerawork, compliments of the legendary Roger Deakins. A criminally overlooked aesthetic masterpiece. 9/10


It's familiar ground for De Niro and Scorsese, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. The tale of two friends caught up in the glamourised underbelly of Las Vegas is as competently constructed as you'd expect from the master, and although it's certainly long, there's never a dull moment. At very few points while I saw it did I feel the urge to look away, go for a snack or do anything at all, really, but keep watching.
The only real complaint one might have is how little innovation the film provides. It's all been seen before, if you imagine a cross between Scarface and Goodfellas you sort of get the idea, but that doesn't detract from the experience in the least because it's so competently constructed.
Generally speaking, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese teaming up is cause for celebration, and while this isn't the greatest of the collaborations, it's still miles ahead of the competition. 8/10

10. Dirty Harry

Finally managed to get one of the Clint's seminal works off of my 'to-see'-list and into my DVD player; Dirty Harry being one of the most oft-quoted films ever, and often included in lists of cinema greats, my expectations were pretty high, but the film managed to deliver on them. Pretty much.
The pacing is slower than average, even taken in context of its era, and there are precious few action sequences. In the few we see though, the misanthropist cop steals the show with astounding displays of badness - he's methodically dirty in his work, but he sure as hell gets the job done, and screw the bureaucrats. The emphasis is on character development though, and establishing the proper atmosphere.
The plot itself isn't particularly imaginative, and relies quite heavily on the bad craziness of its antagonist, a crazed serial killer with the handle 'Scorpio'. This is enough to keep the ball going, but the murders aren't as grizzly or intense as they used to be; modern films have left me more or less desensitised to on-screen violence, and this isn't particularly explicit.
It's interesting to note how the serial killer is portrayed in this film: stark raving mad, with a nervous laugh and unkempt appearance. It's an idealised view of the then-active Zodiac killer, fully confident that someone like him can't elude the police indefinitely. I can only recommend watching David Fincher's intense adaptation of that affair, comparing the two gives an interesting insight into public opinion.
Dirty Harry isn't the greatest cop drama I've ever seen, but I'll defend its status as a classic any day. Like so many films of its time, it feels somewhat dated, but if you're able to forget that and just focus on Clint being badass, you should be plenty entertained. 8/10

11. Hot Fuzz

I'd seen this British cult comedy gem a few times before, but I wasn't convinced of its genious until the other night, when I saw it with my sister's boyfriend. In the past, I'd see it coming off the comedic high that is Shaun of the Dead, and with that kind of a precursor I was in for a disappointment. It's not the same, the humour is more subtle in this unofficial sequel, less pronounced. It took three and a half viewings, but I did finally accept how spectacularly hilarious it truly is. Even though I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to the sort of high-octane adrenaline action flicks it pays reference to, there's plenty for everyone. 9/10

13. The Oxford Murders

I got this for review, being mildly intrigued by the involvement of John Hurt. Fairly ordinary whodunit, it doesn't capture the attention as it probably should. It's not so much that the twists were predictable, they were simply uninteresting. The entire film, in fact, is decidedly bland; not bad as such, and there's some impressive camerawork, but in terms of plot it's fatally lacking. 5/10

14. Slumdog Millionaire

Zowee! Me liked. Danny Boyle is an interesting director; I've steered clear of the less popular entries in his filmography, focusing on 28 Days Later, Sunshine and the incomparable Trainspotting. As with the latter, his depiction of the grim side of society is absolutely enthralling, the life of our protagonist a string of touching anectodes both moving and poignant, tied together as the young Jamal relates the experiences that led him to the fateful quiz show.
The story is somewhat sequential, each vignette of flashbacks providing more insight into the actual story; the true significance of past events aren't clear until the very end. It has a lot of the same qualities that made City of God work so well, but ends on a much higher note. It's not a realistic depiction of life in the slum, merely a heartwarming fable of a child that escaped them.
I still won't comment on the Oscars, having only seen three of the five best picture nominees, but Slumdog Millionaire wasn't a bad choice at all. It's a layered and (from what I hear) realistic take on Indian culture; films like these are few and far between. 9/10

15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - first and second seasons

Got this box ages ago based on the ridiculously high IMDb rating and the comparisons between this and Arrested Development. It's good, great fun, but relies too much on situational humour even though it tries to distance itself from the sitcom-format. Too many obvious build-ups to awkwardness, but the plots are generally quite inspired and brilliantly executed. The repetition of jokes works well, too, and the acting is great - Danny DeVito's character provides a lot of excellent comedy. Looking forward to the next season. 8/10

17. The Strangers

Got this for review. Really didn't appeal to me; it wasn't bad as such, merely uninteresting. We've seen it so many times before, these sorts of torture flicks have been shamelessly propagated since the success of the Saw franchise. It did have some good parts, and if I'd been paying more attention, probably some decent scares as well. On the whole though, I'd say give it a miss. 5/10

18. Watchmen

A lot's been said, and I've done my fair share of ranting as well, so I'll just do a short recap here; the comic probably shouldn't have been filmed, even though it retains the most memorable scenes they're usually altered in some way, usually for the worse. Zack Snyder wasn't the right man for the job, he's far too reliant on a visual style that's unnecessarily extravagant. He made it his own though, but I don't particularly like his vision - in any event, it's nothing like the graphic novel, but if it sparks an interest in the original material, I suppose I can forgive it. I'm hoping the DC will grow on me. 6/10

19/20. Educating Rita

I love it when our English lectures involve watching films. Educating Rita, while not a masterpiece by any measure, is a charming little comedy; both Julie Walters as the eponymous knowledge-hungry girl and Michael Caine as her despondent drunkard of a tutor shine. The editing and music cues were a bit dodgy at times, but on the whole I'd say Lewis Gilbert did a fairly good job. 7/10


Without being at all familiar with the works of Mike Leigh, I saw his latest comedy last Friday. Pretty fun, but neither the plot nor the characters seem to evolve much. Also, while the protagonist was obviously meant to be charming and funny, she came across as downright annoying. Quite good on the strength of the juxtaposition between the inexorably optimistic Poppy and the more cynical, pessimistic world that surrounds her; Eddie Marsan did a hell of a job. 7/10

21. Misery

While I hear Stephen King's books are generally shamelessly ripped in adaptation, what I've seen so far is pretty damn good. Then again, I've steered clear of the supposedly worst ones, instead seeking out the ones with decent reputations. Misery is fantastic. James Caan is brilliant, nervously trying to appease the erratic mood swings of his fairly freaky hostess/captor - and Kathy Bates steals the show completely. Add another layer with the charismatic sheriff's ongoing investigations, and you've got a perfectly structured and impeccably executed horror film. One of Rob Reiner's best. 9/10


Comfortably wacky 80's comedy, good for a fair number of genuine belly-laughs and steady chuckling. The premise is completely ludicrous, but since it's only real function is to set up a bunch of jokes. Parts seem dated and parts are unfunny, but on the whole it's one of the finest flicks from the golden era of spoof films. Gags a-plenty! 8/10

22. Paycheck

I've only seen a few of John Woo's films, but so far the quality of his flicks drop a hell of a lot with each new one. The Killer to Face/Off to Paycheck - started great, but this glorified pseudo-intelligent action thriller tries much too hard to be different. It's fairly good the first hour or so, but once Affleck decides to get back at Da Man it takes a turn for the way, way worse. Uma Thurman is horribly malplaced, and poor Paul Giamatti is caught in the maelstrom. The film itself can't figure out whether to appeal to the intellectual crowd of Philip K. Dick fans or just go with the flow, and do the action junkies. I can't decide on a grade, though - as bad as it was, I was reasonably entertained most of the time. Looking for a brainless brawler? This is for you, but I'd give it a pass, myself. 4/10

23. 1408

Spurred on by the success of Misery, I saw another King horror flick on Monday - and loved it! The familiar 'haunted mansion'-scenario is given a twist as poor John Cusack is terrorised by the otherworldly inhabitants of Room 1408 which is, as the incomparably cool Samuel L. Jackson put it, an evil fucking room. Enslin's slow deterioration into complete madness is brilliantly portrayed, and the horrors he's exposed to are absolutely chilling. It's not fantastic, not even particularly imaginative, but extremely effective. 7/10

24. The Changeling

I was still in the mood for horror last night, so I popped in this George C. Scott haunting flick and sat back. What I was treated to wildly exceeded my expectations, the gothic quality of the old mansion and the nighttime setting create an entirely unsettling experience. The atmosphere, particularly enhanced through the use of the spirit's ethereal voice, is bone-chillingly fantastic. 8/10

25. Deliverance

The unrelenting forces of nature are used rather effectively here, the psychological aspect of Man vs. The Wild is explored well. The canoe trip and what happens along the way takes its toll on Jon Voight's Ed, who starts out fascinated by Burt Reynold's survivalist, but slowly loses himself as events force him to realise his dreams.
The way these manly men react to the emotional strain of their actions is interesting as well; rather than accept it, they transfer it to an external aggressor. Clearly, the more macho you get, the less you understand, or accept, emotions.
Anyway, pretty good. I was hoping for more, the pacing of the narrative is pretty slow, but all in all it's a good 'back to nature'-flick. 7/10

27. Madagascar

Didn't turn out as I had expected it to. Based on what I'd heard, I'd already pegged it as being brainless and devoid of innovation, relying on frequent references to pop culture for entertainment value. Not true, although some of my prejudices were right on the spot - namely, the many references. But they're used quite effectively, and tastefully as well, not as empty substitues for original thought. The plot is absolutely droll, and the third act is exceptionally boring, but the odd gag - and the oft-mentioned penguins - make it work all right. 7/10

The Madagascar Penguins in: A Christmas Caper

The scenes with the penguins were the best of Madagascar, and so far as I've been able to ascertain, the most popular of the flick, so a spin-off was more or less inevitable. This animated short started the trend, which is supposed to continue with a television series. Quite good fun, the camaraderie between the commando-type penguins shines through, but all in all they're just really popular clichés. Nothing new here, but some decent slapstick. 7/10

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

While it's definitely a more even film than its predecessor, the sequel to Madagascar doesn't rise significantly above its roots. Some pretty good music and performances, beautiful animation but an entirely uninspired plot - and I really could have done without the Ross-giraffe/hippo romance. Even so, it's quite a lot better than the first of the series, and quite decent sub-Pixar entertainment. 7/10

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I grew up with the animated adaptation of C.S. Lewis' classic novel, and was fairly intrigued back when this live-action version was released. Back then I was still high on the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings revitalisation of the fantasy genre, so it might have faltered a bit in comparison. On its own though, it's more than an adequate film, the atmosphere is perfectly rendered and entirely compelling.
The relationships between the children is quite well-explored, with a competent cast of child actors. My main complaint with this adaptation is that it tries too hard to reach the same heights set by the aforementioned fantasy flicks, stuffing in epic battles and effects 'inspired' by other films and eventually falling short of the mark. Even so, it's excellent fun for the whole family, an entertaining lite alternative to the more serious films of the genre. 7/10

28. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Adamson continues his Narnia adaptation in much the same style as the first film, if just a tad darker. The children have all matured considerably compared to their first outing in the magical land, as has the land itself. The film is more action-oriented than its predecessor, which makes up for a fairly weak plot. Some minor quibbles about plagiarism toward the ending (a figure emerges in a river to drown the bad guys? Foul!), but on the whole it was remarkably good. 7/10

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is, I believe, a cultural heritage exclusive to English-speaking countries. I've always had a healthy interest in film, but didn't manage to snag Rob Reiner's fairy tale flick until early last year, and I've never seen it mentioned anywhere but online. In the interest of passing it on, I saw it with my mum and sister on Saturday, both of whom liked it.
It starts out innocuously enough, but soon picks up the pace - and quirkiness - as the story unfolds. Many interesting characters, encounters and gags make it a compelling experience for just about anyone, a family film just as interesting to adults as to children. If only I could find a Danish release, I'd be able to get more people watching it, but so far no luck... Anyway, a remarkably solid film, only the effects have aged since its initial release. 8/10

29. AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

Piece of shit. Really. I've been disillusioned with the Alien and Predator franchises, respectively, since they went to hell in the early 90's, further exacerbated with the decidedly shitty action-fest that was Alien vs Predator, but this sequel is really the final nail in their coffin. Horrendous. Really. The original AvP, despite its crappiness, did manage to entertain on some leve, but this didn't even do that. It's not involuntarily funny or anything much at all, just a horrible film that made me feel dirty all over. 2/10

30. The Escapist

Brian Cox steals the show, but the script is severely lacking. Not particularly imaginative or interesting, it did manage to capture my attention throughout its runtime - although that might just have been because I had to review it. Still, its portrayal of prison life is harsh and gritty, with fine performances all round. Decent film. 6/10

31. The Wild Bunch

Peckinpah's vision of the dying West is less enthralling than Leone's, but the camaraderie between the hunted outlaws - not to mention their pursuer's melancholic longing for their friendship - makes it a compelling view. It's deeply concerned with the morality of the Old West, and delves deeper into the ethical ambivalence than does its romanticised predecessors, making it a precursor for the modern, redemptive western. Highly recommended, even if didn't quite fulfil my expectations. 8/10

01. The Dirty Dozen

Good, old-fashioned fun - bad Nazis and good allies, regardless of past misdemeanors. There's really ont a lot more to it than that; we're introduced to our protagonists, who are instantly sympathetic regardless of their crimes, we see them train and prove themselves battle-ready, and finally we follow them on their mission. We notice the twists miles off, but it's less concerned with plot than brawn, which works quite well. Mindless but extremely entertaining. 8/10

02. Where Eagles Dare

Similar to The Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare is a WWII film to be taken at face value; there's not a whole lot going on beneath the surface, but it's a lovely and wonderfully engaging story. Richard Burton is excellent as a British officer whose motives are entirely unclear, while Clint Eastwood plays a less complex, instantly likable American lieutenant whose puzzlement mirrors the audience's own. As the plot unfolds, we're treated to an above-average plot and a lot of great action sequences - I was reminded more than once of On Her Majesty's Secret Service while watching this. Great flick. 8/10

Saving Private Ryan

In keeping with the WWII theme I'd set for myself, I next turned my attention to Spielberg's war epic, a beautifully crafted mastodont of an action film. It's instantly compelling, and sets a pace so high it leaves the viewer completely jostled, waiting for a quiet moment to get one's bearings. It does leave something to be desired in the relationships between the lead cast, focusing on depicting the grueling experience of warfare rather than the reliance soldiers have upon each other. Even so, it's hard to fault a film this satisfying, and what this film lacks in character development, Band of Brothers more than makes up for. 8/10

04. Life of Brian

Life of Brian is one of those golden comedies I've seen more times than I care to remember, but which remains as outright hilarious now as it did the first time I saw it. Immaculately comical in its spoof and deeply satirical humour, the gags and sketches performed here rival the very best work the troupe ever did in their Flying Circus. Whether this or The Holy Grail is their greatest achievement is a question left with the audience and their respective deities, but there's no doubt whatsoever to my mind about the exquisite quality of both films. 10/10

06. Body of Lies

Ridley Scott tackles a lot of interesting projects - I've only gone after the supposed classics so far, but what I've found is a bold director willing to take on an impressive range of genres and styles and accomplishing the task with, at least, technical flourish. Character relations have a tendency to be overlooked in some of his films, but I didn't find this to be a shortcoming of his latest flick, Middle-eastern political thriller Body of LIes. The story of American involvement in the Middle East is explored to a certain extent, as the film keeps a narrative focus on the conditions at hand, rather than presenting us with an overview of the entire war.
Russel Crowe is expediently professional as the authoritative bureau chief, Mark Strong delectably menacing as the gentlemanly Jordanian head of intelligence and Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten his picture off of tween bedroom walls and onto the Hollywood hall of fame - that guy is really coming into his own, with a slew if fine performances and Oscar nods already in the bag. The film itself delves only fleetingly on its subjects, but zooms through the locales without a second glance, which makes for a snappy, entertaining thriller that doesn't exert itself as intellectual stimula. 7-8/10


I'd previously been avowed by director Edward Zwick's later films, particularly the grandiouse The Last Samurai and the effectively gritty Blood Diamond. Turning my attention to his past filmography, I found Glory to be the most interesting entry, and promptly ordered it.
Ages later, I finally saw it. I haven't seen a lot of Civil War flicks, and without having that particular slice of Americana as reference, I was at somewhat of a loss watching this film. It's epic, sure, if a bit dated – the early battle scenes are decidedly dull, the editing doesn't make up for the overly simple setups.
The characterisation, on the other hand, is excellent; through their long wait, we get to know the characters intimately, sharing in their defeats and victories right through to the bitter end. There's no happy ending, but a bitter-sweet portrayal of the hardships of war and the racism of the period.
It's a bit simplistic and a bit dated, but it holds up rather well 20 years on. Denzel Washington got the accolades, but the rest of the cast deliver more than solid performances as well – even Matthew Broderick, who seems a tad miscast at first, brings Shaw to life brilliantly. 8/10

Match Point

07. The Royal Tenenbaums

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Garden State

08. Bottle Rocket


The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Leaving Las Vegas

09. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Everything Is Illuminated

10. Band of Brothers

11-12. Firefly

13. Serenity

17. Lost in Translation

The Darjeeling Limited

18. Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

United 93

19. The Jungle Book


To Kill a Mockingbird

Mystic River











Previously-seen films in italic.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby ZombiesAteMyArm on Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:03 pm

Love doing this so I'll join in.

Bold are first-time viewings, NetFlix-style ratings system as well. Stupid comments follow each movie if I feel like it.


1. 1/1. Mr. Sardonicus-1961: **** - Gotta love William Castle, not among his best but still entertaining.
2. 1/1. Down to You-2000: *1/2 - Blah blah blah stupid
3. 1/1. The Birdcage-1996: *** - Some of it is really funny, the rest isn't. Nathan Lane steals the whole thing.
4. 1/1. The Man Who Came to Dinner-1942: **** - Showcase for Monty Woolley who is hilarious, Bette Davis is surprisingly likable as well.
5. 1/2. Clerks II-2006: ***** - Better than the first one although something tells me I'm in the minority here.
6. 1/2. Heaven's Gate-1980: **1/2 - Way too fucking long. The final gunfight is pretty kickass though.
7. 1/3. Cinemania-2002: ****1/2 - And I thought I was bad.
8. 1/3. Savage Streets-1984: ***1/2 - Death Wish for the 80's with Linda Blair in the Charles Bronson role, it's good but not as good as I was hoping.
9. 1/3. The Furies-1950: ***1/2 - Just an above-average Western, it does have two great performances from Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston.
10. 1/3. A Woman Under the Influence-1974: *** - Liked it more than I thought I would, Gena Rowlands is fantastic.
11. 1/3. The Big Store-1941: *** - Usual Marx Brothers movie, not that good but Harpo and Groucho are funny.
12. 1/4. The Killer That Stalked New York-1950: *** - Average Thriller about a woman with Smallpox running around New York City like an idiot, infecting everyone.
13. 1/4. Birdman of Alcatraz-1962: **** - Jail...JAIL BIRDS...Burt Lancaster is pretty good, so is Karl Malden.
14. 1/5. The Savages-2007: **** - Pretty good, I love Laura Linney and she seems to be fantastic in everything I've seen her in.
15. 1/5. Eden Lake-2008: ****1/2 - England's answer to Ils, it's damn good.
16. 1/5. The Pelican Brief-1993: **** - Twisty entertaining Political Thriller, good stuff. I surprisingly liked Julia Roberts quite a bit in it.
17. 1/6. Factory Girl-2006: * - Boring
18. 1/6. Breaking Point-1976: ***1/2 - Bo Svenson pisses off some mobsters and kicks some ass, it's fun and he bulldozes a fucking house over a cliff.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Leckomaniac on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:24 am

How could I resist? Again, this list includes ONLY films I see for the FIRST time at the CINEMA.

Lecko's Journal Returns!

Time Crimes (finally got released in theaters here in Chicago)
Inglorious Basterds
District 9
(500) Days of Summer

Very Good
Star Trek
Brothers Bloom
Bright Star
Where The Wild Things Are
Fantastic Mr. Fox

H@rry Potter and the HBP

Public Enemies
An Education
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby DDMAN26 on Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:46 am

DDMAN26's Movie Journal

*****- The Cream of the Crop





Date Title Method of Viewing (Director)
1/2 Eagle Eye DVD (DJ Caruso)-A thriller that the more you think about the premise you realize just how thin it really is. Still I was entertained the whole time. ***
1/3 The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T TV (Roy Rowland)-An inventive fantasy musical written by Dr. Seuss himself. It concerns a boy who has a nightmare that he is one of 5,000 boys to play a large piano for the demented Dr. Terwillger played by the great Hans Conried(voice of Captain Hook in Peter Pan). The film contains some wonderful Seussian imagery. The only drawback is the songs aren't very memorable. And since Hollywood is always remaking movies this would be perfect for a future Burton/Depp project. ****
1/16 Spirit of the Marathon DVD (Jon Dunam)-Documentary that follows six different people training for the Chicago Marathon. You have two world class runners, two that have run multiple marathons and two first timers. The movie shows their path and why they want to do this. It's very well told, all the particiapants are likeable and at the end well let's just say something got in my eye. ****
1/19 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Theater(David Fincher) Defintely something different from FIncher and Pitt but I really liked it. I'm not that familiar with the F Scott Fitzgerald story it's based on other than the basic premise. But it was very thought provoking on life and death itself. It's not a perfect film I would have lost the 20 minutes with Tilda Swinton but overall well worth seeing ****1/2
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Chilli on Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:59 pm

My goal is a minimum of 365 films, or 500. On six so far.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Fried Gold on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:14 pm

Chilli wrote:My goal is a minimum of 365 films, or 500. On six so far.

What films are you counting?

Cinema only? Do DVD and TV count?

Or is just films you've not seen before?
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby stereosforgeeks on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:19 pm

Comment Je Me Suis Dispute... (Ma Vie Sexuelle) (My Sex Life... or How I Got Into An Argument) - 9.0
Psy-Warriors - 8.0
Baal - 6.5
Il Divo -8.0
Revolutionary Road - 2.0
Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - 4.0
Baby Mama - 3.0
Ex Drummer - 7.0
La Question Humaine (Heartbeat Detector / The Human Question) - 7.5
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - 6.0
Tokyo Zankoku Keisatsu (Tokyo Gore Police) - 5.0
L' Ultima Preda Del Vampiro (The Playgirls And The Vampire / Curse Of The Vampire) - 5.0
Choke - 4.0
The Day The Earth Stood Still - 9.0
Nothing Is Private (Towelhead) - 1.0
Stoked: The Rise and Fall Of Gator - 6.5
24: Redemption
Une Vieille Maitresse (The Last Mistress) - 7.0
Transsiberian - 4.0
Scum - 7.5
Under The Age - 6.0
Uc Maymun (Three Monkeys) - 8.0
Guernica - 8.0
Cathy Come Home
Surveillance - 3.5
My Bloody Valentine 3-D - 1.0
Dario Argento: An Eye For Horror - 2.0
Tristana - 9.0
Che: Part One - 8.0
Che: Part Two - 8.5
Ne Touchez Pas La Hache (Don't Touch The Axe / The Duchess of Langeais) - 8.5
RocknRolla - 4.0
A Follower For Emily - 7.5
Doubt - 6.5
Valkyrie - 6.0
Zack And Miri Make A Porno - 5.0
Law and Order - 8.5
The Pillow Book - 8.5
Vals Im Bashir (Waltz With Bashir) - 8.5
California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) (California Dreamin' (Endless)) - 8.0
A Skin Too Few: The Days Of Nick Drake - 6.0
Hannah Takes The Stairs - 8.0
Essene - 8.0
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Ribbons on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:36 pm

I guess in case I decide to not be a lazy bum this year, I better reserve my spot here before it starts getting into conversation mode...
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby John-Locke on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:15 pm

Fuck it, I might be bothered to continue adding to this, I've seen a shitload of screeners so far this year.

January (Some at the very tail end of 2008 after Xmas, I can't remember which)
Gran Torino ****1/2
Seven Pounds ***1/2
The Wrestler ****3/4
Ghost Town ***1/2
Surfer Dude (no stars, truly worthless)
Appaloosa ***1/2
Lakeview Terrace **** (very entertaining)
Slumdog Millionaire ****
Revolutionary Road ****3/4
Let the Right One In ****3/4
The Wackness ***1/2
Defiance **1/2
Hunger **** (Never want to watch this one again)
05/01/09 Exit Speed *** (DTV Action Flick that was surprisingly well made and entertaining despite looking cheap, being cheap and being rather silly)
06/01/09 Frost/Nixon ****
06/01/09 Milk ***
09/01/09 Eden Lake **1/2
15/01/09 Pride & Glory **
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby bastard_robo on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:36 pm

John-Locke wrote:Fuck it, I might be bothered to continue adding to this, I've seen a shitload of screeners so far this year.

January (Some at the very tail end of 2008 after Xmas, I can't remember which)
Gran Torino ****1/2
Seven Pounds ***1/2
The Wrestler ****3/4
Ghost Town ***1/2
Surfer Dude (no stars, truly worthless)
Appaloosa ***1/2
Lakeview Terrace **** (very entertaining)
Slumdog Millionaire ****
Revolutionary Road ****3/4
Let the Right One In ****3/4
The Wackness ***1/2
Defiance **1/2
Hunger **** (Never want to watch this one again)

Ha. Im doing the same thing right now!
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Non Union Super Hero on Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:16 pm

1st Time Viewing
Not 1st Time Viewing

There will probably be some SPOILERS, major and minor to follow.



Release the Bats (2005) – DVD – Ummm its kind of like Jackass but with the Bass player of amazing Emo Pop band Fall Out Boy. In particular look out for the triple threat of pepper spray in: the Eyes, Urethra, and Sphincter, followed by said balls and junk being dipped into ice/salve of some sort and then the vile concoction being ingested…Yeah
NO RATING – Hilarious but not “Good”

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) – Internet – I really dig this movie, (and all of Kevin Smith’s stuff, even Jersey Girl) Its quite funny, Craig Robinson is a scene stealing machine, Justin “I’m a Mac Guy” Long has never been better, and Elizabeth Banks plays both the Bitch and Girl everyone wants to love with total Awesomeness. Dutch Rudder FTW.


The Departed (2006) – DVD – Love this movie, however, with each viewing I find pause with a few things, for example when Dicaprio follows Jack to the porno theater for his meeting with Jason Bourne, he gets 2 texts inside the theater while his phone is on silent. But when in pursuit he for some undetermined reason has the volume at 11 tipping off that he’s following Matt Damon leading to an unfortunate stabbing of a bystander. No mind though this movie is kick ass.

The Descent (2005) – DVD – A pretty good movie, nothing life altering, just good solid claustrophobia/monster movie.

Get Smart…Again! (1989) – DVD – I love Maxwell Smart! The Original that is, I’ve got the show on DVD and what can I say Don Adams cracks me up. Although, slightly older and slower this is still super happy fun time even if it isn’t the best of the O.G.


The Wrestler (2008) - Internet - Every good thing I had heard before watching was spot on. Rourke was amazing. I think my favorite performance of the flick goes to Evan Rachel Wood though, she was fantastic, it was only 3 scenes but she made them count, every time her character shows up she does her best to rip the audience's heart right out of its collective chest.


Pineapple Express (2008) – DVD – If I am ever murdered, I now prefer it happen by way of Daewoo Lanos. Pineapple was probably my favorite comedy of this summer, which was jammed with excellent movies bringing the funny.

Boondock Saints (1999) – DVD – I see quite a bit of bile directed at this movie, mostly due to its director being a douche, but I like it quite a bit. The only real thing about it that irks me is a lot of the dialogue replacement is AWFUL. Besides that it’s a pretty interesting often funny but nothing revolutionary piece of vigilante/crime movie.


Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warrior (1987) – DVD – There isn’t much to tell about this, or any other nightmare entry beyond the first. You either like them or not, I do. This has my second favorite “Nightmare” in which Freddy slices open a victim’s forearms and feet, then uses the tendons to walk him out of the building like a marionette to his death.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) – DVD – Every time I watch this movie I feel different about it, sometimes it’s the cat’s pajamas while other times it’s not, in fact the cat is naked. When in such conflict 2 things always remain clear: a) Johnny Depp is an interesting actor who in any role is worth watching. b) This is the best thing that the kid who ruined Spiderman with his swoop hair cut and disco dancing will ever be in.


Hot Fuzz (2007) – DVD – while I didn’t enjoy this as much as Shaun of the Dead, I’m a horror fan, I enjoy this movie more with each viewing. The second best shoot out brought to us by way of Edgar Wright (the first being the slo-mo, no bullets hilariousness from Spaced) is probably one of the best spoofs on a traditional movie cliché ever. Needless to say, I am holding my breath in anticipation of the conclusion to the “blood and ice cream” trilogy.


My Bloody Valentine (1981) – DVD – I had never seen this movie before last night watching the NEW ULTRA MEGA SUPER RECUT EDITION EDITION or what have you with all the splatter added back in. It’s a fairly straight forward slasher; all the keys are there, drunken debauchery, interesting kills, a villain in a mask, heavy breathing (think Darth Vader in the throes of orgasm). I liked the movie, one plot part particularly; different from other movies of the day like Nightmare on Elm Street for instance, the victims didn’t know what was going on until the end. The only person to know there was a killer loose in the town was the sheriff and he wasn’t spilling the beans, which made for a very easy going time, at least until the final 3rd of the flick. Sure it took some of the suspense out as none of the characters had any reason to fear for their safety and acted accordingly but I liked the dimension it added. Also, the mini "train chase" was pretty awesome. I don’t know if I will see the new “3D” extravaganza but this was well worth the purchase.

30 Days of Night (2007) – DVD – Funny story: I went to see this with a friend at the latest possible showing (12:05 am or something to that effect). I’d say about 20-30 minutes in the guy sitting immediately behind us falls asleep. No big thing, I sleep in theaters sometimes myself, only this guy starts snoring with the volume of a wood chipper ingesting a cow, a concrete slab and Homer Simpson's BBQ pit/modern art one after the other. The best part is the person he is with doesn’t do anything, so this continues for about 15 minutes and slowly the entire theater is cracking up finally reaching a fever pitch of laughter that awakens sleeping beauty. BEST EVER!!
Oh the movie…Meh.
4/10 for the show 9/10 for the experience


Scream 2 (1997) – DVD – My favorite of the Trilogy. The deaths were more spectacular, and the story was much better. The twist this time felt more authentic to me. In the first movie the 2nd killer felt really tacked on and pointless. Here the second killer serves a practical purpose beyond just making it seem like the killer is everywhere at once. The finale set on a stage was fantastic. Such a shame that Neve Campbell hasn’t been in anything big since these.

The Strangers (2008) – DVD –At home, alone, dead of night, equals very fun. This movie knocks my socks off each time; the first hour is as tense as any horror movie of the last 15 years. Given that I think the ending kind of spirals down from where it had been. I’m not saying the ending is bad, but i'm not saying it’s great, it feels like the movie didn’t know how to end so they gathered up something fast with the intention of really finishing later, but then forgot to. All that said I can forgive, because the first hour really is brilliant to me.


Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) – For all the weird things introduced in this series to keep Freddy killing, this is my favorite. If you don’t know, Freddy is using the dreams of an unborn infant to kill the friends of the mother. Best Nightmare is hands down death of said child’s father, when Freddy crashes his vehicle into a semi truck. Special kudos to the uber creepy child in this installment (Jacob as played by Whitby Hertford).

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) – Theater – Fun Times. Obviously with conflicting points of view on the “mother site” and my new found admiration for the original, when the thought of going to see this came up I jumped on the chance. I will say this, if you go in expecting anything other than a slasher movie you’re going to be let down. I saw it in 3D, but I think this would play well in 2D, it would be missing some of its charms but it wouldn’t affect what is essentially a good story. Since this is new I’m not going to tread too much into actual happenings but a lot from the original stayed with one notable exception that to me kind of needed to stay (Best kill of the original, too much funny to not have hung out…SAD FACE). I would prefer something original but as remakes/re imaginings/ re what ever happen to be the way of things it is nice to see an old idea expanded and perhaps even improved upon.

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) – DVD – 3D double feature!! This is the older Red/Blue 3D and man oh man, it doesn’t hold up well after seeing the cool new 3D. The set up for the 3D in this is too funny, “here, wear these goofy glasses so the audience will know when to put there’s on.” LOLz. Since this seems to be a running countdown within these mini reviews, and since my favorite is present in this movie: there are 2 really great nightmares in this installment, the first is when Carlos, a character with a hearing aid falls asleep and Freddy turns the volume up to 11 and starts making all kinds of noise, much to Carlos’ dismay, ultimately ending up with some head explosion action. And Finally! My favorite nightmare of the whole series, Freddy pulls Spencer into a video game and nonsense ensues. This is my favorite not because of its campy goodness, or gore, it’s my favorite because Freddy actually says, “You forgot about the powerglove!” and “Great graphics!” Genius.


Feast (2005) – DVD – From the very start this movie brings the guts, the laughs and the scares and doesn’t let up until the credits role. This is one of the most fun movies to just kind of throw on and slowly fall into on a lazy dog dangling afternoon. More Project Greenlight PLEASE!! Or at least the show on DVD!

American Psycho (2000) – DVD – Don’t get me wrong I like this movie, and thank god Christian Bale doesn’t sound like something is imbedded in his larynx, but the “message” here about consumerism and greed, is so heavy handed, it really feels pretty taxing to me. It gets worse with each viewing. Maybe that’s the only way to tell the story, I don’t know, I do know it makes this movie slightly less interesting with each pass. Huey Lewis rules though.

Hatchet (2006) – DVD – A bloody end to a bloody weekend. I don’t know if Victor Crowley belongs in the pantheon of 80’s slasher villains but, he is pretty dope none the less. But the best part of this movie to me is probably the comedy, especially anytime Deon “Bud from the Cosby Show!?!?” Richmond is talking. Along with that slice of fried gold, you get Freddy, The Candyman, and Jason in one very nice throwback, if you like slasher movies what’s not to love?


Du bi quan wang da po xue di zi [The One Armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine] (1975) – DVD – Absurdist Kung Fu played as straight as possible or just something really badass and fun to watch that’s only pretending to be serious? I don’t know, I wasn’t there while they were filming, or alive when it was released. Here is what I do know: This Movie Rules!! If the flying guillotine isn’t the best movie weapon ever I don’t know what is. Add to that the fact that it was welded by a blind man, and you have top 10 villainy. The game street fighter 2 probably owes a character to this, and why are there so many one armed men? It’s like a biblical plague where god took the first born’s arm, it’s amazing.


Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003) – DVD – Oh how I wish the “Whole Bloody Affair” was available in the “colonies”. Sigh. I really love Kill Bill; I think it, as a whole is QT’s best work. The pseudo experimental way the battle at the House of Blue Leaves is presented, cut to black and white and silhouette on blue background, is amazing. The final fight between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu is beautiful, and of course the anime goes without saying. One problem with this segment is how woefully under developed Vivica A. Fox’s character is when compared to the rest of the Deadly Vipers, the Bride, and Bill.


Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004) – DVD – This half of the movie is, in my opinion far superior, to its predecessor. While Volume 1 is an insanity laced gore fest, Volume 2 feels more complete, Bud’s chapter is the finest in the film and Michael Madsen’s work is fascinating. This movie however belongs to David Carradine, Bill is on of the best villains in cinema history, and his position is one most anyone could appreciate, if not out right root for. Special mention to Michael Parks as Esteban Vihaio, I really think that looking at all the characters in QT’s Filmography that this is one very near the top, without too much hyperbole brilliant.


Friday (1995) – DVD – Where for art thou Chris Tucker? I’m going to say it right now; Smokey is the funniest cinematic junkie EVER. To this add one of six or seven rappers turned actors with any skill whatsoever and you’ve got yourself a comedy classic. Of course you can’t forget the myriad of outstanding background characters, but the dynamic created between Craig and Smokey is simply the bee’s knees.

Candy (2006) – I bought this movie a short time after Heath Ledger’s death, I wanted to see his work, because it is truly awe inspiring in movies like Brokeback, and TDK, and Monster’s Ball, but I had never watched it, afraid that the parallels to Heath’s death might ruin what I was seeing. A year after his passing I found out how right and wrong I was. This is a smaller movie, made in Australia that tells the tale of a couple addicted to each other and heroine. Heath is at his cryptic best here, playing in what seems almost child like tones at times before switching to melancholy and eventually heartbroken with what seems for his to be the greatest of ease. This is my favorite type of movie, a Tragic Love Story, all at once painful and hopeful. This is tragic and beautiful and harrowing. Abbie Cornish, a phenomenal actress whom id never seen before but will now surely seek out, plays the titular Candy in a hapless, sexy, manic, devastating way that echoes so real its almost hard to watch. Needless to say I loved this movie for what it is and the way I felt when it finished, its stars and its difference to anything i've seen in a very hypnotic and astounding way. And the closeness to Heath’s overdose did weigh on my mind, but more so his ability overtook, and again reminded me not that he is lost, but what was lost.


Rocky 3 (1982) – TV – We’ve been here before… Is it just me or is Rocky 3 really just Rocky 1 and 2 condensed into a single movie? There are differences but the similarities are glaring. For example, Rocky loses then comes back to vanquish his foe, or Rocky is afflicted by inner turmoil (Adrian sick after giving birth and Mickey dying), yet somehow this inner turmoil gives him strength to go further. Other than 5 this is probably my least favorite of the Rocky movies. (Order for those curious: Rocky 1, Rocky 4, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 5) Mr. T Rules!

Bad Boys 2 (2003) – TV – The Bad Boys franchise needs a 3rd movie. Things blowing up, Martin Lawrence making exasperated faces, Will Smith being…Will Smith, Gun Battles, Hot Chicks, Michael Bay, illegal missions on Cuban soil!!!!!! Tell me what’s not to love? So what if the story is a little weak, not every movie has to tear you down and try to rebuild you in its image.

Coneheads (1993) – DVD – This movie is probably pretty terrible, but I love it. Dan Aykroyd is comedy royalty (Not like a king or anything but Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters 1 & 2 make him like a Duke or a Knight at least) and the numerous cameos (Sinbad rules, Spade, Farley, Hartman, Sandler) make this a fun thing to throw in every now and again. It’s fairly easy to ignore so I can get things done while it’s on, which is aces on a Saturday morning. It’s not the invention of the wheel or Prometheus bringing man fire but what can I say, I like what I like.


Kickboxer (1989) – TV – Ugh… Terrible. How could a movie with JCVD; that ends with a fight scene where the combatant’s hands are covered in glass be so boring?

Major League (1989) – TV – When I saw this on demand my first thought was SWEET! This proves go with your gut kids. I had not seen this in years; in fact I had seen Major League 3 Back to the Minors more recently. I’m infinitely glad this holds up as well as it does. One thing though, why wasn’t Wesley Snipes a huge comedy star? He owns in this. I guess the big money action route was his choice, but he would have been up there with Eddie Murphy in the 80s if he’d have stuck with it.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) – TV – I had not watched this since it first came out. I didn’t really get it then and I still don’t. It has its moments but it really feels like an episode that went out of control. I appreciate the creators’ sense of humor, I really dug BASEketball and Team America, but they just missed me with this.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) – TV – I never watched the show, and after watching the movie I find it hard to believe Sarah Michelle Gellar is even 1/5th as charming in the role as Kristy Swanson was. Add to that the following things: Pee Wee the vampire (in a magnificent, hilarious death scene), Donald Sutherland (in what appears to be his only role as creepy old man who may or may not touch teenage girls inappropriately), Luke “I used to be famous for that one area code show” Perry, the funniest non teen wolf basketball sequence ever, BEN AFLLECK (maybe the biggest WTF moment ever!) and you get, in all seriousness, what I thought was goofy nonsense that seemed right at home because Buffy is such a charming character that she made the absurdity surrounding her the strangest, most perfect compliment.


Bad Boys (1995) – TV – This is better than the second, I think. I 100% stand by my proclamation of a 3rd movie needing to happen as soon as Bay is done playing with his robots.


Juno (2007) – TV – Sigh… I love this movie. Diablo Cody’s voice is enamoring, and its delivery here is picture perfect. Did it deserve all the Oscar hoopla, I don’t know, but I’m glad this movie was recognized because it is very very good on all fronts. Ellen Page seems destined to be like Natalie Portman or Daniel-Day Lewis (I'm not comparing talent, DDL is the best actor alive on this planet) in that I could see her pretty much excelling in anything (As evidenced by her roles in X-Men 3, Hard Candy, Smart People, and The Tracy Fragments. All of which are starkly different from Juno and each other and in which she is a marvelous). But alas THE IMDB only has her listed with 2 projects upcoming (3 for Portman, 1 for DDL [Plus the newly announced Scorsese/Del Toro picture of sure amazingocity], the similarities mount)


300 (2006) – TV – This movie is NOT worth all the fanboy slobbering (then again, maybe Juno isnt worth all of MY slobbering... It happens). Visually impressive, sure. Bloody, check. Action that is often times a marvel, it's there too. However, the story is lacking, the only really well developed character isn’t even involved with the battle (Queen Gorgo, with Leonidas a distant second). The slow motion/hyper speed is so overused in every other scene it simply becomes a tiring exercise by the time the credits roll, which could have also used the speed up/slow down technique…Tsk Tsk Mr. Snyder a missed opportunity. All this out of the way, it isn’t a “bad” movie, it simply is what it is, interesting visuals combined with good action that makes for a satisfying yet throw away bit of entertainment.



Night of the Creeps (1986) – TV – With the reviews of MBV3D a lot of them specifically mentioned this movie and Tom Atkinson as being quite awesome, so when I saw this on demand I watch out of curiosity. Meh… I mean, this was fairly entertaining but not more so than most 80’s horror movies, it doesn’t really transcend what it is from the time production company logos appear. Tom Atkinson is serviceable here much the same as he was in MBV3D. I guess this one just missed me…

*Superbowl (2009) – TV – GREAT game, or maybe more accurately, GREAT second half. I didn’t really have a rooting interest in the game, but I’m from Tampa and love football and had money on it, which I won. I thought going in it would surely be a blowout for the Steel Curtain, and through the first half I was well on my way, but fate conspired, as it does sometimes, against me. Larry Fitzgerald is a BEAST. But in the end a porous, “we haven’t stopped anyone all year, why start now defense did the Cards in. But like I said the game was fantastic. The commercials were ok; I wanted to see something new from UP! not just the old commercial, I thought Transformers 2 looked HUGE, Star Trek looked like Star Trek, Year One looked promising, Fast and Furious looked Fast and Furious, G.I. Joe looked like it might NOT kill the career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Thanks goodness, he ruled in Brick, 500 Days of Summer looks FANTASTIC and Angels in the Outfield is/was DOPE) also, the 3D commercials were sort of disappointing. (Where was Watchmen????)


Henry Poole is Here (2008) – DVD – This movie was excellent. Luke Wilson has probably never been more convincing than he is here and the cast around him (including the infinitely despiseable George Lopez) are also quite good. Major kudos to the casting of Morgan Lily as Millie Stupek I thought this little girl was terrific, not for a child actor, but just really good as an actor. Her mannerisms felt authentic and she really makes Luke Wilson’s character invest in something, before actually believing in any greater power in his life.


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008) – DVD - Sure, maybe I’m a little nerdy for quirky characters in small “indie” funny romances. But this movie is fun, the drunken friend is hilarious, the Dumbledore band mates and “Lothario” are also hilarious, and the “relationship” between the titular Nick and Norah felt real and authentic for those characters who share a plethora of things in common.
“I was kidnapped tonight, by these guys, in this van, talking about going balls deep. Sounds like fun? Not always, SCARY!”


Zach and Miri Make A Porno (2008) – DVD – I’ve already expounded on my love for this movie, but, some things I didn’t mention before: Ricky Mabe is genius, he could be the next shy, quirky, leading man to make it big, a la Michael Cera. Katie Morgan could have a career in “real” movies playing small roles like this; she is likeable and comes off not as a porn star but an actress making porn, incredibly well in this. Brandon Routh should be in comedies more often, he is a perfect straight man for someone like Justin Long to play off of.


Friday The 13th (1980) – TV – FearNet is pretty much sweet nectar from the heavens for horror fans. This movie… not so much. It had been quite some time since I’d seen any Friday the 13th and they don’t really hold up that well to me. The end “fight” scene may in fact be the most preposterous thing ever committed to celluloid. With that said, it was fun to go back; it’s almost unfathomable how different part one is when looked at against the backdrop of the more recent flicks. I can appreciate what was attempted for here but really Ms. Voorhees just shows up in the last reel and somehow, even at the age of going on 65 for sure, she holds her own in a fight for around 10 minutes with a teenager?? Really?

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) – TV – Even though they have the balls to kill a guy in a wheelchair and then push him down a flight of stairs, the important facts about this movie are: Jason shows up in a pillowcase and blood is at a premium, that's about it. To call the characters in this hollow would be an insult to hollow slasher movie characters, and that my friend is pretty bad (and not bad in the good way bad in the, Jesus this sucks way). How did this franchise get to 10 movies, 1 spin-off, and now a remake/imagining/what the balls ever????


The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) – TV – Another tribute to FearNet’s virtues. I’d never even heard of this, John Carpenter penned, Tommy Lee Jones starer, and perhaps with good reason. TLJ is fine in this, but having only seen him in roles where he is older and his face is more “alive” I feel like his performance suffers. Perhaps it doesn’t and I'm just missing the wrinkles but, TLJ seems to be, to me of course, getting ever so better with every day he puts on one of the most expressive faces in the business. Anyhow, this is the story of a somewhat controversial photographer, Laura Mars, who beings having visions of brutal serial killings. As the visions start to slip into her work and being involving people she knows. All the while a detective investigating the case getting ever closer to Laura, and in her vulnerable state, she is without the capacity to halt his advances. And then…well it’s a thriller and there is a plot twist, and since this movie is not talked about that often, I won’t ruin it for you if you care to track it down for a watch. All in all it’s a pretty descent movie that accomplishes what it sets out to in an interesting, all be it see through way.


Ready To Rumble (2001) – TV – UGH. This really is a piece of shit. One point because David Arquette makes me laugh once or twice and a fake professional wrestler mangled King of Rock by Run DMC so bad it made me love the original that much more.

American Gangster (2007) – TV – In a top 10 list of underrated movies in the ‘crime’ category this has to be there, maybe even top 5. Denzel Washington is one of the better villain actors in history and the reasons why are on full display here. His character has so many little things that are almost respectable it seems as though he could be the hero of this piece, especially given how dirty the police force as a whole is, and how singularly flawed Russell Crowe’s Detective Roberts is.


The King of Kong (2007) – Internet – I’m not particularly big on documentaries, they have an appeal the first time through but don’t really do much after that, for me that is. Kong is different, I've watched this 3-4 times and it’s riveting and funny and unique and I enjoy it every time like the first time.


Jaws (1975) – TV – I’ve seen Jaws many times in my life and every time I think, ‘Why/How is this so beloved?’ Until of course Robert Shaw drops one of the most amazing monologues in the history of cinema on to my brain. This speech is so good that it uplifts a slower beginning and simultaneously kicks off an ending third that is pure movie magic. “I’ll never put on a life jacket again”


Friday the 13th (2009) – Theater – Boobies, Drugs, Splatter, it’s all there so we’re good on that end. This version of Jason is to me the worst, not because the performance is bad, but because of the performance that is dictated by the script. Jason setting traps? Jason keeping a girl alive for over 6 months? its not Jason, so much as this is a cold calculating serial killer, who based on the way the story is told, one could almost assume that he planted a bunch of weed just to lure people into the area around Camp Crystal Lake so he could demonstrate is trophy winning archery skills! All that said, it did have boobies, and the acting wasn’t so bad (The 2 ‘token minority’ characters I thought were hilarious and if they’d been allowed to live I would have watched those dudes in a buddy movie about weed and the pursuit of vag any day of the week [Aaron Yu in particular continues to make me laugh whenever he hits the screen]), overall I’d say this is another fair entry into a series that is fairly mediocre top to bottom.


Four Brother (2005) – TV – This movie is absolutely overflowing with interesting characters with talented actors bringing them to life. Marky Mark has become one of the better actors working today and I think could probably slide into 8 of 10 roles and excel. Andre Benjamin is slowly becoming one of the rare rapper/actors who is good bordering on great at both. This said; the dialogue is a little hokey from time to time which is very bad for a revenge movie where the slightest jostle can pull the audience away, it happens here more than once. I want to love this movie but I cant, I’ll enjoy it on a Sunday afternoon, but it won’t and didn’t stay with me into Sunday evening.

Rush Hour 2 (2001) – TV – I like the Rush Hour franchise, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan may be one of the top 5 action/comedy teams ever. This is no exception, it consistently funny and action packed, plus it really seems as though everyone making it is enjoying what they are doing.

The Rock (1996) – TV – If you don’t know, in this movie Sean Connery plays what is essentially James Bond in his golden years, Nic Cage plays The Professor from Gilligan’s Island, and Ed Harris play Ed Harris as a F’n bad ass. IF that’s not enough it’s directed by king of explosions and giant fighting robots Michael Bay. I don’t really know what else to say, if the above description doesn’t make you want to buy or rent this post haste then I don’t know what to do with you! Seriously though I think this is Bay at his best, with material that is wonderful and a cast who are all capable of owning each and every scene they happen to be in.


Babel (2006) – TV – This movie is beautiful and tragic and maybe dangerous. As the set of stories progress through out the movie every possible emotion is touched upon, but its never heavy handed always gentle even in the most brutal and gut wrenching scenes. Loneliness, falling out of love, naiveté, falling back in love, rebellion, regret, heartbreak, bravery, all there, all missing. Incredible. My one hesitation with this film is that I feel as though each story could have been its own 2 hours; there are more to these stories. But maybe it’s because the viewer is only an onlooker that it’s so riveting to me. Maybe if I saw the entirety of these 4 very in-depth stories some of the joy and some of the pain would be removed. Or maybe the characters would feel more like friends or family and the joy and pain is that much greater. It’s a rare and interesting experience to not know at the end of a movie if I want to see more, or if everything I’ve seen is enough or too much.


Balls Of Fury (2007) – TV – I wish Christopher Walken was my dad! Other than Walken the performances in this are solid, and Maggie Q is HOT, but this material is only good for so much. I’ve found the movie funny on every viewing but not as funny as it could have been; much like another sports themed comedy, Dodgeball. A movie like this also kind of needs to be R rated I think.


Live Free or Die Hard (2007) – TV – John McClain = most badass person EVER. Even PG-13 can stop McClain from being super dope, sure there was less blood and swearing, but that made room for a bit of action absurdity (he was on the wing of a jet!!! crashed a car into a helicopter, while the helicopter was in flight!!!!). The weakest in this quadrilogy but no where near as bad as the horse shit that was Indiana Jones and the Unfortunate Cash Grab from last summer.


Choke (2008) – DVD - This movie didn’t play in theaters around me so this is my first opportunity to see what was done with one of Chuck Palahniuk’s weaker literary works. (Purely my opinion the list in order to me goes: Survivor, Invisible Monsters, Rant, Haunted, Fight Club, Choke, Lullaby, Snuff, Diary, for those curious {also Stranger than Fiction was terrific}). I read a review of this saying they didn’t feel as though the director had any feel for the material, a bad thing! I don’t entirely disagree with the sentiment but I whole heartedly disagree with the outcome, I thought the movie was terrific, even if it wasn’t the most all together faithful transcription of the novel. Sam Rockwell and Angelica Huston were both great and made the roles of Ida and Victor feel very real as individuals and a mother and son struggling with who they have been, who they are and who they are becoming. The shining star of the movie though is Kelly Macdonald as Paige Marshall. This character pops off the screen in a way that the book fails to really achieve; she is just fantastic, making the ‘twist’ so much more effective than it could have been with a lesser actress in the role, please put her in more films!!!!!!


Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder (2009) - DVD - I'm a huge fan of the show, and avid supporter of the only slightly less brilliant DVD movies. This is a return to form, the other movies all had high points be it the excellent story in Bender's Big Score, the hilarity of Beast With A Billion Backs, or the nerd love of D&D in Bender's Game. Green Yonder however is a fantastic close to one of the best animated shows ever and an incredible goodbye to its fans. The funny in this movie is tip top, no doubt the best of the 4. The story is fascinating and just complicated enough to be fun while watching. If this is the end for the show it will be missed, but what a way to go out.


Grandma’s Boy (2006) – TV – Funny. Especially the robot voice and the mom from the partridge family being a floozy!


The Stand (1994) – DVD – Really good made for TV miniseries of Stephen King’s epic novel. This little 6 hour swing through apocalypse is highlighted by a plethora of past, present, and future bankable talent…at their not quite worst. When I say this is really good, I don’t mean the acting or the presentation, I mean the story is superb (although gutted if I’ve been told correctly by fans of the book). The devil takes the guise of a backwoods fan of denim apparel while god chooses the oldest woman left on the planet after a government created plague wipes out all put a few hundred people, whose allegiance is split between the two. In the end good conquers evil and we go home happy, kind of. This needs to be remade for HBO or Showtime as a 5 part saga with each part at 2 hours. Cover what’s missing allow some swearing (I don’t know about you but if the world starts falling down around me I think I’d throw a few F’s and B’s maybe a C or two around) and a budget for all the cool looking things that could have been but weren’t and it could be the greatest thing since sliced bread (which rules in case you didn’t know!)



Tamara (2005) – TV – Geeky girl gets killed by accident, but because she was into witches comes back SUPER HOT and extracts revenge. I know what you’re thinking: ‘This movie sucks with the exception of the hot chick.’ As Jules Winfield once said, “Correct-a-Mundo!”

Escape from New York (1981) – TV – Lots of hyperbole about this flick on the internets, I can see why, it’s just not for me. I found Snake to be less than effective as a hero or anti hero and thought Shaft was more than a little distracting as the baddie on Manhattan Island.
P.S. Worst Score in Film History! Worst part of the movie and contributed directly to me not liking it in a very big way.

Sin City (2005) – DVD – This movie just kind of gets it. With Watchmen on the horizon I revisited this hoping that Watchmen is this good. To me the two literary inspirations hold the same meaning…Nothing. I hadn’t really dug into Sin City in print before or since the film reading only a few things, with watchmen all I have under my belt is a single reading. On paper both things are sort of underwhelming. But on the screen, recreated lovingly Sin City takes a turn towards greatness, something I hope Watchmen does this Friday.
Some Thoughts:
1. The Yellow Bastard has to be one of the best villains in “comic book movies”
2. Carla Gugino is really hot.
3. Where the PANTS is the sequel?

V For Vendetta (2005) – DVD – Ahhhhhhh, Natalie Portman how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Although what I hear is that this is not an exceedingly faithful translation of the comic, I couldn’t care less because this movie is AMAZING. The political shifting allowed this movie to be a direct statement on our world after 9/11. It is my strongly held belief that in order for a movie to be truly great it should try and say something more than, “look at the screen for the next hour and a half, drink your coke then return to the world you are used to” Not all good movies do that, some are that and nothing more and I enjoy them to no end. But when a movie decides that it can be more that’s when I really invest, I think this movie succeeds in that fantastically.

Hot Rod (2007) – TV – saw this in theaters, was not impressed. Slightly different take this time around. I found funny in places I didn’t see the first time and am grateful for it. This isn’t Kubrick; it is a fairly funny bit of entertainment.
P.S. The final fight scene, what are the odds they were just trying to win the MTV award for best fight? 4 to 1? Higher?

The Ruins (2008) – TV – Killer plants done right! This is no Day of the Triffids but it gets the job done. The scenes where they are cutting or pulling vines out of someone’s skin were highly affective in giving me the creeps, and making me need a shower because I thought shit was crawling on me. So 1.5 thumbs up. .5 thumbs subtracted for an ending I thought might have been a studio induced cop out.


Planet Terror (2007) – DVD – Grindhouse as a film experiment was to me wholly successful. I wish more people had seen it so the possibility could exist of a pseudo franchise being made of the brand, but alas the very nature of these movie meant the audience was not very big; and the length of the presentation scarred away some would be patrons. Planet Terror taken on its own merits is an often times funny movie, filled to the gills with the kind of low budget ridiculousness that bread the interesting ideas in the actual time frame of the grindhouse theater being mimicked here. Rose McGowan is an awful actress perfectly suited for this roll which almost requires a low talent level. Replace actress with actor and Rose McGowan with Tarantino in the previous sentence and my feelings are the same…dreadful. That said the cast around her and him are all great, and really infuse the movie with life despite a slightly disjointed narrative of 3 stories that come together in an awkward way. But ultimately leads to a pretty great explosion of an ending complete with helicopters mowing down the infected.
WHERE IS MY COMPLETE DVD SET? I WANT THE REAL DEAL. 4 disc set including both movies all the fake trailers (including the fan made contest finalists) all the special features from the original releases and Machete. AND I WANT IT POST HASTE. (And The Whole Bloody Affair while I’m demanding things of the fictitious studio executive in front of me)


The Replacements (2000) – TV – Perhaps its mean to say that the funniest part of this movie is the idea of Neo playing quarterback, but that’s how I feel. I’ll watch this movie pretty much anytime it’s on, but that’s simply because when a movie is this bad it’s hard not to fall head over heels for. (Singing I will survive in jail = gang molestation in the shower for sure, unless you're a football player apparently!)


Fanboys (2008) – Theater – As someone who waited with excitement on the verge of overflow with a group of friends to see The Phantom Menace this movie reaches me on a whole other level. Growing up, coming of age, whatever you want to call it, there is a time when things change and that is what Fanboys is really all about. I loved the nods to geek culture (my friends and I still play N64 despite having access to “better” systems) and I thought the movie was funny throughout, with a slight twinge of “what if”. Anyone who knows what Fanboys has gone through knows that there are multiple versions of the movie and my resistance is only because I want to know what I missed, in the midst of really enjoying what was up on the screen I wonder whether or not something better was left behind. (It isn’t too hard to see why AICN is pimping the shit out of this movie, maybe its lame, shame less self promotion BUT without it I might not have had the chance to catch this on the big screen…)


Watchmen (2009) – Theater - (In the interest of full disclosure: I thought the squid was fucking ALF in the book. How is a single monster appearing out of nowhere in New York going to do anything? Logically speaking, with the United States distracted by the squid, Soviet Russia probably would have launched a full scale attack as soon as they could. To this point I also understand why such bile is thrown around at its removal. The story the book tells is predicated to that end, it’s just that the resolution hoped for after the squid’s appearance is impossible because of human nature.)

As a movie Watchmen is BIG, beautiful, and crafted in a language all its own. Rorschach is an instantly iconic film character that is the driving force of a manic whirlwind of plot that feels, even at close to three hours, like it zooms by. The movie works despite some flaws such as Nixon’s make up being terrible (although I would argue that it is desgined that way purposely to satirize the former President al la MAD magazine), and some of the “popular music” cues being out of place (Unforgettable over the Comedian’s death was awesome though) and some of the acting being less than stellar (Again though I could argue this as being a normal performance simply being surrounded by better ones and looking worse because of it).

Other than Jackie Earle Haley’s star making turn, Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan and Jeffery Dean Morgan as The Comedian were spot on and thoroughly enjoyable. The good Doctor and his monotone delivery spoke real volumes and added to a character that could have come off as nothing more than a blue guy with his nuts hanging out. Instead the way the actor was able to breathe and show emotion despite his voice never rising or falling and his face never in flux is a real testament to Billy Crudup’s talents.

Zack Snyder is not a visionary, he is a really talented visual artist and given top notch material he can excel, as he does here. I won’t be the first to critique the speed up/slow down fight style (which is again used more than it’s called for here) but I hope the others who take shots can also look beyond it and see how much he gives to his projects and can, rightfully, admire his direction. I couldn’t be more excited to see what he has up his sleeves for his first original film and hope for the best.


The Blob (1958) – TV – Fun and ridiculous.

In Bruges (2008) - TV - The trailer for this movie made me expect something considerably less serious, in the tradition of Snatch or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. That’s not what I got. Not that it’s a bad thing but the first time I watched it I was disappointed. Upon rewatching I find my opinion has changed very little. The "little person" subplot was dumb with the exception of one karate chop. And the movie kind of meanders to a rushed ending. The acting is superb showing that if you want Collin Farell to not suck you have to put him in a role of an Irish person because he is more fluid. Everything about him as an actor becomes instantly more likeable. I like the movie, just not a whole lot.

Drumline (2002) – TV – Say what you will, but Nick Cannon IS hilarious, Dave Chappelle knew it all along. He is not a great actor, but he can be really funny. This movie isn’t great but its watchable, especially if you’re into marching band, or classical band with instruments other than guitar (or maybe key-tar, if you’re so inclined) I was in band for 4 years which is to say, I do have an affinity for trumpets, bassoons, saxophones and complicated drum sequences which are clearly not being played by the actors.

I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006) – TV – Directed by Chan-wook Park I knew going in the movie would look really good and tell a story like no other. I was not disappointed. From the opening, which would have fit into every other genre of film making from romantic comedy to horror to a Disney animated feature, all the way through, I was intrigued on the verge of spellbound. The dream scenes did feel a little out of place to me for this story but their beauty made them easy to appreciate on their own. I love Oldboy, and it’s great to see Park stretch out and explore the space as a filmmaker. He exceeds all of my expectations with a slightly tragic but completely masterful film.


Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu (Tokyo Gore Police) (2008) – DVD – Sucked. Out. Loud.

Role Models (2008) – DVD – Funny. Where is Paul Rudd’s place on the list of greatest straight men of all time? I think it has to be top 10 at the least, maybe top 5. “I want to Rock and Roll part of everyday.”

Idle Hands (1999) – TV – The premise to this movie is pretty wacky but for the most part it works. It’s not going to illicit outbursts of hysteria, but it has a few chuckles here and there. Also, the horror is played up nicely and never over done, because this is NOT a horror movie. All things considered Jessica Alba is hot and this movie is ok.


The Last House on the Left (2009) - Theater - Not for me or anyone I know.


The Big Lebowski (1998) – DVD – I haven’t seen every movie ever made, but I’m still going to go out on a limb and say this is top 10 funniest and top 5 most quotable comedy. "He fixes the cable?"

Burn After Reading (2008) – DVD – While not as overtly genius as Lewbowski, the performances in this are great. The whole cast from Clooney and Francis McDormand in the leads to John Malkovich and the always awesome J.K. Simmons in there smaller roles are simply amazing.


I Love You, Man (2009) – Theater – Jason Segel and Paul Rudd both have much funnier credits to their names, but I liked this. It had some seriously funny bits and the entire cast was charming and likeable. J.K. Simmons kills again! "You're my best friend." - Fist bump - Explosion! Seriously, why isn't that guy my father?


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) – DVD – Speaking of better credits, this is one of them for both of the I Love You, Man stars. 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up take the spotlight when people talk about these “Male Romantic Comedies” but FSM is the best of the bunch… and it might not be close. From the initial gag to it’s repeating in the end of the movie this is the epitome of hysteria from beginning to end. I cannot wait to see what Segel does with The Muppets because the Dracula section in this was astoundingly awesome, I would watch a 2 hour movie based purely on what they show here and I wouldn’t think twice about it.


Fanboys (2009) – Theater – Caught this again at a midnight show and lucky me I still had a blast and think that if the movie resonated once it will again, it did for me at least.

The Muppet Movie (1979) – DVD – Great. Really I don’t think it’s necessary to expound on the merits of this movie any further than saying its great, because if you do not agree your dumb.

How High (2001) – TV - Method Man and Red Man are funny dudes. They couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag but they’re funny. Other than that this movie is lowest common denominator cinema…I am quite fond of it. It’s not good but I’d watch it on constant loop for the rest of eternity…if I wasn’t given other more serviceable options.

Labyrinth (1986) – DVD - Jim Henson = Movie God. David Bowie should have been a huge movie star because he is extraordinary in this. Jennifer Connelly was also a joy on screen, and has obviously grown into her abilities and is drop dead gorgeous. This is one of a small list of traditional fantasy films (goblins and magic spells ect.) that I enjoy. And enjoy I do. A lot!

Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? (2008) – DVD - Morgan Spurlock is an amazingly likeable documentarian, unlike say… Michael Moore whose politics are so heavy handed he can’t help but come off looking like a total douche even if he is right. The subject for this isn’t really a man hunt, it’s really a man looking ahead, on the verge of fatherhood he is seeking answers to the world we live in. This shows a greater dialog with Middle Eastern culture and the feelings of the people living through it than any other American produced project since the start of the “war on terror”. It’s not going to solve the world’s problems but maybe it shows off the questions better than some have seen. The Osama Bin Laden as a video game character via Mortal Kombat and putting terrorists on baseball cards felt disrespectful and below what is otherwise an essentially perfect documentary to me.


Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008) – DVD – Excellent movie anchored by Guillermo Del Toro who in my opinion is the best visual artist in film today. The creatures in this are so great, even the short glimpses of the abundance of different creatures in The Troll Market are absolutely amazing. I’d prefer if GDT was making one of the 7-8 projects he has lined up instead of The Hobbit but I’ll take it because if he makes The Hobbit his movie instead of trying to redo what Peter Jackson did then I have no doubts that those 2 movies will be amazing and better than TLOTR which were over blown and kind of pretentious.



Slumdog Millionaire (2008) – DVD – I still prefer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (and Fincher over Boyle almost universally), but this is an exceptional movie. I feel as though it’s a little exploitative in its very nature but maybe it’s just showing what’s there in a light that’s too bright to feel realistic… In either case I like the movie and think it is deserving of a lot of the praise lumped on it, not all, but most. (Also, a movie without a single acting nomination shouldn’t be the best picture winner. To me being the best means excelling at everything. This movie has a lot of really great things going for it and maybe it deserved a nod or two because I thought the cast was great but without receiving any it seems that the academy didn’t think highly of that aspect of the movie. P.S. I don’t believe the argument that the story was more compelling than anything else because its simply not true in a year where Ben Button and The Reader and Synecdoche, New York all came out and had stories that were just as interesting and thought provoking as Slumdog if not more so.)


Citizen Kane (1941) & The Battle for Citizen Kane (1999) – DVD – I put these two together because the documentary really heightened the way I felt after seeing what has been called by no small number of people The Greatest Movie Ever Made.
Just to get this out of the way I don’t agree. I don’t think there is a Greatest… There is no real way to gage how great a movie is. But, you can now count me among the masses that this movie entertained and who will look back on the movie with adoration.
The documentary was as fascinating as any I’ve ever watched, and I think made the movie’s after taste better to me. That back story and intrigue is just astounding, and would probably make for its own really fantastic movie. Just think, a movie that could be regarded as the most perfect piece of cinema ever almost destroyed before it sees the light of day, it’s almost too perfect.
The short story here is that I love this movie and will no doubt revisit it many times now that it is in my collection.


Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) – DVD – Tim Burton is an incredible film maker, even if all of his movies are kind of drenched in the same pseudo style. This is maybe the bloodiest movie ever; at least considering it’s a musical. I do enjoy it, even tough Depp isn’t in top form because he cant sing, nor can he pull of a British accent, and he certainly cannot do both simultaneously.

Donnie Darko (2001) – DVD – I could and in certain situations would talk for days about how amazing Darko is. I won’t, but just so you know I could.


Miller’s Crossing (1990) – DVD – The Coen Brothers’ REAL MASTERPIECE. This movie is great from credits to credits. The opening “ethics” speech is top 5 all time if you ask me, it simply sets the scene perfectly for what is about to unfold. Gabriel Byrn is almost criminally under appreciated for a man with not one but TWO masterful even classic performances on his resume. (The other being The Usual Suspects… Obv)


The Untouchables (1987) – DVD – I am not really sure what the general consensus is about this movie, I gather it is generally well regarded, which I just don’t get. Aside from Sean Connery the acting in this is pretty bad. Kevin Costner fails pretty much every time he is on screen, its car crash in its “don’t want to watch yet can’t look away”-ness.


The Godfather (1972) – DVD – And to wash the taste out of my mouth I watch, what is in my opinion the Best Acted movie in the history of cinema. There isn’t a weak spot in this movie. Pacino is STILL coasting on his brilliance from this and Godfather Two right this second; the man can do no wrong, because Michael Corleone is SO amazing. Oh and Robert Duval is in this too… sigh… Robert Duval may be the actual most underrated actor in the universe. Don’t believe me? Then you are completely unredeemable in anyway what so ever.


The Dark Knight (2008) – DVD – There have been a million and a half different hyperbolic praises thrown at the feet of the super hero movie’s king. I am not going to add to the pile, we all know Heath was great and Bale was brooding and the cast as a whole from evil henchman #1 through Commissioner Gordon was fantastic. We all know that The Joker vs. Batman I the interrogation room scene is an instant classic. There really isn’t much else for anyone to say that could possibly expand on how we think about this movie, so i'm not going to try. It’s great no two ways about it.


Tropic Thunder (2008) – DVD – I actually watched this twice this day, once with the sweet commentary track on, and let me throw this out there: RDJ should play this character on every movie’s commentary track. It’s just the funniest thing ever. He yells at Jack Black for being late like 9 times, and it never gets old.
The movie itself is extraordinary in its ability to entertain without Jack Black being too much of a ham and Ben Stiller acting just well enough that he doesn’t get blown off the screen.


Lonesome Dove (1989) – DVD – The greatest western ever made! That’s what my mom and I think anyway. There is just no other way to describe this movie besides saying its epic and moving. At 6 hours it doesn’t feel like the endurance test it sounds like it could be. Instead the time blows by because the characters of Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call are an amazingly interesting point and counter point and that relationship moves the movie along through a story that is vast and probably, if anything, could have used further exploration.


Space Cowboys (2000) – TV – Ummm. I know this t first glance seems real bad, and it isn’t great. But it’s really fun. When are you going to have the chance to see Clint Eastwood playing and old surly astronaught along side Tommy Lee Jones playing and old surly pilot? NEVER and that’s why this movie is good because the kind of meh plot is carried by the great actors in a sort of twilight to their careers.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby tapehead on Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:56 pm

I'll try, often I end up hating these lists and ditching the whole thing. I'll sort them out a little later into cinema/first viewings and repeats -

Benjamin Button - 5/10. Tecnically masterful, but vapid and too long for the story it tells - a pretty, empty film.
Burn After Reading - 7.5/10 (relative Coen bros rating)
Edmond - 8/10
Grand Torino - 6.5/10
Hamlet 2 - 7/10
House Bunny - 5/10 - actually a good score for a B-movie this silly.
Let The Right One In - 8.5/10
Naked Lunch - 8.5/10
Once - 8/10
Pride & Glory - 6/10
Religulous - 4/10
Revolutionary Road - 6/10 - Deserves a few more, I guess, but it really pissed me off.
Rififi - 8/10
Slumdog Millionaire - 8.5/10
The Day The Earth Stood Still (remake) - 3/10
The Good, The Bad, The Weird - 8/10
The Wrestler - 8/10
Vicky Christina Barcelona - 7.5/10
When the Levees Broke - 8/10
Zoolander - 8/10
Zeitgeist - 3/10

Choke - 6.5/10
Shotgun Stories - 7/10
Evengelion 1.0 (anime) 7/10
Origins: Spirits of The Past (anime)- 6/10
W - Y? (5/10) - Stone may have totally lost it at this point.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Lord Voldemoo on Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:10 pm


Benjamin Button was ok. 7/10
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby MasterWhedon on Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:03 pm

MasterWhedon's 2009 Film Journal
(First time viewings are bolded.)

Broadcast News - 9/10
Twilight - 5/10
Death Race - 6/10
Frost/Nixon - 8/10
Burn After Reading - 7/10
Step Brothers - 6/10
Resident Evil: Degeneration - 4/10
The Dark Knight - 10/10

American Teen - 6/10
Friday the 13th - 7/10
Definitely, Maybe - 7/10
10 Items or Less - 8/10
The Exorcist - 9/10
Watchmen - 8/10
Spy Game - 8/10
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:55 pm

Lord Voldemoo wrote:
Benjamin Button was ok. 7/10

I'd have to agree with you on this. I was a bit underwhelmed with this film and I'm surprised considering all the hoopla it's receiving.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:03 pm

Maui's Movie Madness '09

The Reader 6/10
Doubt 8/10
The Wrestler 8/10
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 6/10
Spirited Away 9/10
Gran Torino 8/10
Revolutionary Road 7/10
Burn After Reading 6/10
Hunger 8/10
Happy Go Lucky 7.5/10
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 8.5/10
I highly recommend this film. It's KCBC approved. Wonderful anime.
Waltz with Bashir 9/10
This animated documentary is psychotherapy for Folman. In a nutshell it is outstanding, cutting edge animation. Incredible stuff!!
The Good, The Bad, The Weird 8.5/10
Loved this film, extremely funny and clever. Weird was my favourite. The shots of the hawk swooping close to the train were brilliant. The granny sleeping in the closet. hahah!
Cronocrímenes, Los (Timecrimes) 8/10
This first 15 minutes of this movie really freaked me out. The binocular stuff was eerie to say the least. I highly recommend Hector (to the power of 3).
Slumdog Millionaire 8.5/10
Transporter 3 5/10
Seven Pounds 7/10
Yes Man 5/10 Best scene in this film was Zooey Deschanel's Spaceland's performance, "In Munchausen By Proxy".
JCVD 7/10 More of an arty film, then action. Still entertaining to see the Muscles from Brussels again on the big screen. He's still looking good at 48.
Twilight 5/10 With a second viewing, this film plays more and more like a high school drama production.
Milk 6/10 Sean Penn is really outstanding in this, definitely deserving of the Oscar nom. The film moves a bit slow in parts and wasn't the emotionally charged piece I expected it to be.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno 7/10 This movie is quite funny. Darth Vibrator, R2D2 with balls??? :lol:
Changeling 7.5/10 Eastwood put together a very disturbing flick. Good performance by Jolie.
Frozen River 8/10 An impressive directorial debut by Courtney Hunt. Melissa Leo delivers a powerful performance. A moving story centering around 2 women, their struggle to survive and provide for their families. A complex look at poverty and racism. Superb film.


Wendy and Lucy 7.5/10 A heartfelt story of survival wonderfully portrayed by Michelle Williams. This film is a real heartbreaker.
Paul Blart, Mall Cop 3/10 This was a screener before anyone beats me up over watching this doo doo. This was such an outright copy of Diehard, only replace Nakatomi Tower with a shopping mall and replace Willis with a bumbling Kevin James. :roll:
Coraline 3D 8.5/10 Fantastic stop motion animation by Selick, great voice casting. 3D effects were super cool! It did deviate from the novella somewhat.
Donkey Punch 5/10
Encounters at the End of the World 8/10 Great documentary by Herzog. A frozen Antartica like you've never seen before.
Planet Terror 7.5/10
Death Proof 8/10
Taken 5/10 Sure, let's see Liam Neeson have a temper tantrum for 2 hours with a story full of plot holes, dumb one liners, and lame villains. I just couldn't buy into Neeson being Superman. As well, a really laughable ending. Trade was 100x better than this film in regards to the teen sex trade.
The Orphanage 8/10 Loved this film. Not only is it a good thriller, it truly speaks to the heart.
Charlie Barlett 5/10 Trying to hard to be a Ferris Bueller with prescription meds.
Rachel Getting Married 8.5/10

Hell Rider 3/10 What a doo doo fest.
Two Lovers 8/10
Sita Sings the Blues 8/10
Gomorrah 8/10 A brutal look at the Italian mob brilliantly executed by Matteo Garrone. Like Hunger, it's a violent movie, extremely well done, but I likely won't be viewing it again.
Cars 6/10 My least favourite of the Pixar films, still some fun moments.
Knocked Up 7/10 Some good laughs.


The Spirit 2/10
Etz Limon (aka Lemon Tree) 9/10
Sin Nombre (aka The Nameless) 8/10
All the Real Girls 9/10
Snow Angels 6/10
The Girlfriend Experience 7.5/10
Fast and Furious 5/10
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 6/10
Crank 2 8/10
simpan (aka Judgement) 9/10
Three Extremes 8/10
City of Ember 7/10
The Foot Fist Way 6/10
The Tracey Fragments 7/10
Duplicty 6/10
The Animatrix 7.5/10
He's Just Not that Into You 4/10
Lost Highway 8.5/10
The LIfe Aquatic of Steve Sizzou 6/10
Zombie Strippers 5/10
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People 4/10
Teeth 7.5/10
The Royal Tenenbaums 9/10
Lakeview Terrace 6.5/10
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 7/10
Observe and Report 8/10
Role Models 6/10
Water 7.5/10
Hunger 8/10
Jackie Brown 8/10
El bano del Papa (aka The Pope's Toilet) 8.5/10
Ong Bak 2 8/10
Oldboy 8.5/10
Rudo Y Cursi (aka Rough and Corny) 7.5/10

Jurassic Park 8/10
The Uninvited 5/10
Dirty Harry 8/10
Castaway 8/10 Seeing Wilson float away in the waves just destroys me. :(
Escape from Alcatraz 8/10
Bottle Rocket 7.5/10
Tales of Despereaux 6.5/10
Powder Blue 5/10
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 9/10
Drag me to Hell 8.5/10
Star Trek 8/10
Terminator Salvation 5/10
Night at the Museum 2 5/10

Falling Down 8/10
American history X 7.5/10
The Hangover 7/10
The Hurt Locker 9/10
Land of the Lost 4/10
The Triplets of Belville 8.5/10
UP 8/10

Cherry Blossoms 7/10
Ran 8.5/10
Ice Age 3 4/10
Transformers: ROTF 5/10
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 8/10
Bart Got a Room 7/10
Eagle Eye 6/10
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 7.5/10
Dr. Zhivago 9/10
The Last House on the Left 6/10
H@rry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 6/10
The Dark Knight 8/10
Rumour Has It 4/10

Ponyo 8/10
Distict 9 8/10
Notorious (1946) 8/10
17 Again 4/10
The Lost Boys 8/10

The Maltese Falcon 9/10
A Scanner Darkly 8/10
Chicken Run 7.5/10
State of Play 6/10
Memento 9/10
Easy Rider 8/10
Blade Runner 8.5/10
Inglourious Basterds 8/10
Key Largo 8.5/10
Rear Window 8.5/10
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Chilli on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:10 pm

14 films down, including 4 yesterday.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Leckomaniac on Sat Jan 10, 2009 5:43 pm

Time Crimes FINALLY came to a theater near me. What an awesome, awesome film! Totally lived up the hype. Makes me REALLY want to go to Fantastic Fest.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:31 pm

caruso_stalker217 wrote:

SHAFT (2000). Still badass.

I never saw this. I'm a pretty big Jackson fan. I mean, I'm not afraid to admit that Mitch Hennessey is one of the coolest characters from the 1990s. So how good is Jackson's Shaft?

:lol: I just read that to myself.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby caruso_stalker217 on Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:17 am


Technically, SLJ is playing John Shaft's nephew, John Shaft. He's definitely a bad motherfucker.

This shit pretty much says it all.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:42 pm

caruso_stalker217 wrote:Man, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT is the shit.

Technically, SLJ is playing John Shaft's nephew, John Shaft. He's definitely a bad motherfucker.

This shit pretty much says it all.

:lol: AWESOME!

Bloo wrote:STARDUST:I saw this movie and fell in love with it when it came out in theatres

Me too. I love Gaiman, so this was on my radar. I still think Daines was perhaps a bit miscast, but I really had fun with this.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Seppuku on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:05 pm

Nachokoolaid wrote:
Bloo wrote:STARDUST:I saw this movie and fell in love with it when it came out in theatres

Me too. I love Gaiman, so this was on my radar. I still think Daines was perhaps a bit miscast, but I really had fun with this.

I think Danes was fine. Dyeing her eyebrows skin tone so it looked like they were shaved off...not so much.
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:45 am

Nachokoolaid wrote:
caruso_stalker217 wrote:Man, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT is the shit.

Technically, SLJ is playing John Shaft's nephew, John Shaft. He's definitely a bad motherfucker.

This shit pretty much says it all.

:lol: AWESOME!

Bloo wrote:STARDUST:I saw this movie and fell in love with it when it came out in theatres

Me too. I love Gaiman, so this was on my radar. I still think Daines was perhaps a bit miscast, but I really had fun with this.

Yeah I'm not a big fan of Danes period, but she didn't annoy me so that's a plus in my book, I did find her accent a bit dodgy though
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Leckomaniac on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:05 am

My journal is updated to include the just-released-in-my-area Time Crimes and Coraline in 3D!

It has been a good start to 09!
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:19 am

Leckomaniac wrote:My journal is updated to include the just-released-in-my-area Time Crimes and Coraline in 3D!

It has been a good start to 09!

Lucky dog!!! :) Mine is updated as well, with more "Waltz with Bashir".
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:30 am

several updates on mine as well only 1 new theatre showing though I hope to catch 1or 2 this weekend
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:38 am

Leckomaniac wrote:My journal is updated to include the just-released-in-my-area Time Crimes and Coraline in 3D!

It has been a good start to 09!

So Coraline was very good? Where would you rank it next to other animated films?
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Re: The Zone's 2009 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:12 pm

Bloo wrote:
7th:THE WRESTLER(currently in theaters)-1ST TIME VIEWING: Darren Afronsky strips down his style for this story of a washed up professional wrestler trying to capture his past glory. This movie rests on the shoulders of Mickey Rourke, still showing that he is a great actor. A highlight for me (besdies the Tormi nudity) was the use of 80s glam metal music. From the opening licks of "Mental Health (Bang Your Head)" to the music Randy The Ram listens to in his van. Highlight scenes for me were the deli scene and when the kids, early in the movie, wake up Randy when he's sleeping in his van and despite his pain and late night, gets up and plays around with them. Both just awesome scenes. Great Great Great movie.

Yeah the deli scenes were great. One was somewhat humourous and uplifting, the other very agitating. I enjoyed all the 80s music too. I haven't heard that song "Balls to the Wall" for quite some time.
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