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The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:10 pm

You all know the drill by now. This is where we catalog the films we see during the year, and then DISCUSS THEM later in the thread (please don't neglect this part).

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Nachokoolaid's 2010 Movie Journal

New viewings in blue.
Repeat viewings in CAPS.


1. Sunset Boulevard - Who would've thought that I'd see a classic film to start the year. I'm sure this would be more impressive if I saw it when it was released, but by today's standards, it just is another film. I think the director played his hard early by showing Holden dead. That should have been a mystery until the end. 7/10.

2. District 9 - Yes, this was pretty cool, but it wasn't my favorite from last year. I'd put Avatar and Inglourious Basterds above it. But it was a fun sci-fi flick, and I think the director has a lot of potential. I think they dropped the ball a bit by making the protagonist, Wikus, so much of an asshole. He was so conceded that I really started to feel like I didn't care if he was successful or not. And I thought it aped a lot from THE FLY, only Cronenberg did it better. 8/10.

3. STAR TREK - Abrams jump started this once dead franchise, and I had a blast with it. All around great film. Probably the most fun in the theater for me, last year. Pine has proven he has the ability to be a star, but Abrams continues his impressive streak of solid work. 9/10.

4. Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side - Awesome. I loved this. It was better than the first Star Wars parody. I was rolling from the opening title crawl, and there were consistent laughs throughout. 8/10.

5. The Hangover - Not as amazingly badass as I had heard, and a lot of the best jokes were spoiled by the trailers (big surprise!), but it wasn't terrible. I don't see a lot of new comedies, so this was probably one of the funnier movies I've seen in a while, but that's not saying a lot. It's far behind stuff like Anchorman, Old School, The 40-Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up, but much better than crap like the Proposal and other stuff like that that came out recently. 7/10.

6. OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU - What a fun flick. I love all the symbolism in this, and Clooney has rarely been more fun than this. The Coens are really two of the more accomplished American filmmakers. 8/10.

7. THE WIZARD OF OZ - My wife said she hadn't seen it since she was 8, and I had it on DVD, so we decided to pop it in. After a few minutes, she goes, "You don't have the color version? They made one in color too." I just laughed. Still love this film, although I've not tried the Dark Side of the Moon trick that goes with it apparently. And the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion are still the shit. 8/10.

8. The Lovely Bones - Stanley Tucci should get a BSA nomination for this, but there's a lot to dislike about what Jackson's done here. I thought he fumbled the murder scene, and some of the "Inbetween" is too abstract for too long. We need a dramatic hook, not a endless series of pretty pictures. A few of his sins of the past (way too much slo mo) really come back to haunt him here. Some great suspense, but this felt too long, and disjointed. Seemed like there was not enough focus on the family dilemma and there was too much time spent with Susie being ethereal and shit. Oh, but Mark Wahlberg was actually pretty good in this, and I don't think I've ever said that except for maybe The Departed. 5/10.

9. WALK THE LINE - Proof that Johnny Cash was really one of the most badass men to ever walk the planet. But also proof that he's not superman. He's absolutely flawed, and that's part of what makes him great. I wonder if Phoenix would have gotten the Oscar if Foxx didn't get it for a very similar role a year earlier. I think Phoenix was better than Witherspoon, but she wasn't bad either. But I really liked that the actors actually sang, and it just wasn't them lip synching to the greatest hits. 8/10.

10. SCREAM 2 - Oddly enough, this film provided me with one of the biggest crowd reactions I have ever experienced in a theater. The crowd was so into it, and they really wanted Dewey and Gail to end up together. Everyone was sure Dewey was toast when he got stabbed ten times. But when they pulled him out of the building, and he was alive on the stretcher and Gail ran to him, the audience started cheering an clapping for like a minute straight. I shit you not. So for that reason alone, this gets a 7/10.

11. Edge of Darkness - What a nice surprise. Well written and very well paced. It was less "actiony" than I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Mel was solid, as was Winstone. Glad Deniro didn't get the part. Winstone has more gravitas these days, it seems. I recommend it. If Man on Fire was Budweiser, it would be Bud Light, but without the trippy editing. It goes down smooth, and it has a least the semblance of a brain, and a bit of heart too. 8/10.

12. SCARY MOVIE 4 - Honestly, Leslie Neilson is one of the only redeeming things about this. And Anna Faris isn't bad either. And I like that it makes fun of Tom Cruise's insanity there for a while. A lot of stupid shit, but it's good for a chuckle on a lazy Sunday. 4/10.

13. FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT - For a sequel that doesn't really star the original actors, this is damn good. I swear that Lucas Black should be a leading guy more. He has a great screen presence in my opinion. And the Vin cameo was a nice surprise that I luckily didn't get spoiled on the internet. That's a first. 7/10.


14. World's Greatest Dad - Bobcat Goldwaith, that crazy fuck from the Police Academy films, has made a good movie about the relationship between father and son. He must have a teenager, or whoever wrote this does, because I work with them daily, and this is a great job of nailing what teenage life is like. And Robin Williams did a pretty stellar job in this. Not a bad flick. Better than I expected. 7/10.

15. Michael Jackson's This Is It - I'm not a huge Jackson fan, in fact I've never owned any of his records or anything, but this was a pretty cool glimpse inside of his world. It was fun, and it looked like he was planning a hell of a last hoorah. And he was still quite talented. 7/10.

16. ROMY AND MICHELLE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION - Not a bad little flick about two dumb chicks. I especially like the dream sequence. And how sort of outlandish it is, and then how the actual outcome is just as "out there" but just in a different way. 7/10.

17. Idiocracy - Not an instant classic like Office Space, but this was better than I expected. Probably my favorite Luke Wilson performance, and it proves one again that Terry Crews should be getting more work. President Camacho kicked ass. For a movie about a bunch of retards, Judge did some clever stuff here. 7/10

18. MONSTERS INC. - One of the overlooked Pixar films, in my opinion. I think it's one of their stronger efforts. I just like the idea of there being an entire world of monsters out there beyond your closet. - 8/10.

19. LITTLE GIANTS - A cutesy little football movie. I saw it when I was young, and I have to admit, I thought the brotherly rivalry between Moranis and Al Bundy seemed quite authentic. But some of this is really stupid. But it's a good movie for kids, and if you missed the moral, they bring in John Madden and Emmitt Smith to make it really obvious. But how come the Cowboys are always the bad guys in football movies? 6/10.

20. JURASSIC PARK 3 - I really think that this could have been so much better. The tone seemed a bit off. The t-rex and bigger dino fight should have been longer. And I'm sort of mad that the t-rex wasn't the main baddy anyway. That new thing seemed almost too sci-fi-ish to me. A stronger ending would have sealed the deal as a solid sequel, but all of a sudden, the US Army and Navy show up on the beach. The end. It's like the production ran out of funding. 6/10.


21. Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut - Definitely better than the theatrical release, but I totally understand why this couldn't have been popular in theaters. And Some of the stuff I really hated about Watchmen when I first saw it didn't seem nearly as bad in my living room. Could have been better, but I think Snyder did OK with the material. 8/10.

22. Couples Retreat - Watching this was almost like going through therapy. There a couple of chuckles, and that was it. Mostly painful. I think the blond chick from Forgetting Sarah Marshall should stop getting work. She's a pretty bad actress, and she was as annoying as always in this. And of course, Vaughn was playing the same guy he ALWAYS does. Pretty poor overall. 4/10.


23. 50 First Dates - Not a bad little rom com. My wife likes it, and we mostly enjoy it because we went to Oahu for our honeymoon, and all the locales in the film are instantly recognizable. And Sandler and Barrymore have decent chemistry. Not the greatest, and there's loopholes galore, but it's okay. (6/10)

24. Where the Wild Things Are - It's my birthday, so I chose a film that would remind me what it's like to be a kid. While is wasn't as great as I had hoped, it's a solid film. Not for kids, but about what being a kid is like. I quite enjoyed it, and I thought that Max Records was superb. Should have got Oscar noms for Cinematography and Adapted screenplay. Jones really built a fascinating tale from a pretty bare bones source. 7/10.

25. REMEMBER THE TITANS - Nice film. It's a great mix of football, interesting characters, and a decent message. It's really easy to watch this any time it's on. And it always seems to be on. 8/10.

26. BACK TO THE FUTURE - Classic. I can watch all of these films over and over. Yeah, I think the first one is the best, but they're all good. And it's completely as good as it originally was. It's just one of those escapist movies that continues to be fun. I can't imagine Eric Stoltz in the lead though. That's so strange to me. 8/10.


27. Precious: Based of the Novel Push, by Sapphire - What a great movie. Great performances. This should be shown to all who don't understand today's youth. I'm a teacher, and I see kids like the ones depicted here quite a bit. In terms of acting, I thought Monique's Oscar was well deserved. This is a great lesson for those also in social work and anything dealing with children. Very representative of the times we live in. I think it will be remembered as one of the better films of the decade. 9/10

28. DIRTY DANCING - Nobody puts Baby in a corner! I like Swayze, but this is pretty cheesy. But it has a good song, and it's decent. Certainly liked Swayze better in Roadhouse though. 6/10.

29. Fantastic Mr. Fox - What a delightful film. I love the sense of humor that runs throughout, and I thought the screenplay was superb, as much as one about a fox robbing from a bunch of farms can be. I was thoroughly impressed. 8/10.

30. Iron Man 2 - Just as entertaining as the original. I had a blast. I thought that it possibly could have been edited down about 5 minutes or so, but it was solid. Rourke and Johannson were both great additions to the cast. Although I thought Cheadle's Rhodes was a bit stiff. I really didn't like him until he had that rooftop scene at the end. All around, another strong entry from Marvel. 8/10.

31. JAWS 3 - We watched it because my wife had never seen it. I hate it about as much as I love the original Jaws. It's certainly the worst out of the Jaws films. Although there is a certain cheesiness and camp to some of it that makes it at least worth a grin. 3/10.

32. Robin Hood - I really enjoyed it. I heard a lot of negativity on this, but it's just as good as the Kingdom of Heaven DC. Maybe a smidgen below. It drug a bit in the middle, but that's my only real complaint. I found myself really liking this. Cinematography was gorgeous.

I wish the marketing would have been upfront with us. Just tell us this is the prequel to Robin Hood, don't call it Robin Hood. Call it something else, and call part two (judging from the end, it seemed like Scott really wanted to make this into a trilogy, or at least make one more that is a more "traditional" Hood story. I mean, the final title card at the end of the film, says, "So it begins," or something similar.) Hell, call the film ROBIN HOOD BEGINS. That's actually fitting. This sort of does to the Hood mythos what BEGINS did to Batman. Now I'm a bit sad that the film isn't doing that well at the box office because I'd really like another one.
I thought that the whole Lost Boys in the woods subplot didn't make sense until the end, when it was clear this wasn't Robin Hood, but a legit prequel. I'm confident that they would have played a much larger role in the next film. I'm just sad now because I really enjoyed spending time with these characters. The "merry men" had a true sense of merriment and camaraderie. There were some great action scenes. The relationships, between Robin and Marion, as well as among the men, seemed real.

I say go see it. I give it 8/10.


33. TOY STORY 2 - I don't know why, but this seemed a lot better than the first time I watched it. I'm going to raise it a point. Everything seemed to work better. Maybe I just stopped comparing it to the first one and just relaxed and enjoyed it. 8/10.

34. AVATAR - I watched this on my brother's 100 inch 1080P projector, with a kickass 7.1 surround sound system. I have to admit, I enjoyed it more than I did in theaters on the largest 3D screen in the country. Still an awesome film. Cameron really understands how to do a blockbuster. 9/10.

35. LORD OF THE RINGS:THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - The best of the rings films, in my opinion, and one of the best epics ever. I can seriously see this being my favorite film until I die many years from now. There's just so much to love about it. Of course, I'm referring to the extended cuts, because I don't even consider the theatrical versions when talking about LOTR anymore. In my mind, the EE's are the "real" versions. 10/10.

36. It's Complicated - Not terrible, but not as good as I expected. I'm a huge 30 Rock fan, so I knew to expect great things from Baldwin, but perhaps I expected a bit much. All of the best laughs were shown in the trailers. But I liked Steve Martin's character. He's the only one that seemed like a real person to me. 6/10.

37. UP - Such a sweet film. That montage of Carl and Ellie's marriage is still one of my favorite pieces of animation ever. Great emotion and storytelling, without a word spoken. Timeless. The rest of the film doesn't quite hold up, but it's still fun. 8/10.

38. The A*Team - I really enjoyed this. My favorite movie of the summer so far. I enjoyed Copley like everyone else, but I don't think his acting was that great. I think he was trying to do a southern accent and failed so miserably that it played into his crazy character of doing "multiple voices," like I've seen people mention. Rampage was the weakest, but he wasn't terrible. And oddly, Cooper was the strongest. But Neeson was really the anchor holding it all together. Oh, and Patrick Wilson was the best thing about the film, hands down. HE completely stole the show. Oh, and did it not bother anyone else that they didn't kill Pike when they had the chance, and he kept being a pain in their ass for the rest of the film? Bothered me a bit. Go see it. 8/10.

39. H@RRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE - I've said all along that Snape has been criminally underused, and it's a shame that he was even put to the back burner in his own film. I mean, the title describes him, but you wouldn't know it by watching it. You would think it was Wizard 90210 or something. Still, it could have been worse, but I can't help feeling that the filmmakers have sort of backed themselves into a corner by not showing any of the flashback/back story stuff and that they've skipped to focus on teenage love. 7/10

40. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE - You know, I liked this a lot more this time around than the first time I watched it. It had a sense of humor that maybe I was just blind to the first time I saw it. It was fun. 7/10.

41. NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VAN WILDER - Not a great film, but it was fun. And it deserves props for being the only film where Tara Reid doesn't appear to be a 100% airhead. (She's only about 60% in this, which for her, is the best of her "career."). And I've like Reynolds since Two Guys, A girl, and a Pizza Place, even though he was just trying really hard to do his best Jim Carrey impression early on. Not a bad film, and worth a few chuckles. 6/10.

42. The Hurt Locker - Not best picture of the year. Not better than Avatar. Not better than most of the other best pic nominees, in fact. I don't see how so many people fell in love with this so quickly. Yes, there were some great moments of tension, and great moments in general, but it drug in places, was boring in others, sort of rambled some, and bored me in a few spots. An average flick overall, is how I would classify it. The fact that this even got nominated (other than technical awards) really surprises me. And IT WON!?!?!?! And Renner wasn't that good either. 7/10.


43. Toy Story 3 - A perfect film. The best Toy Story film (and I never thought it would be better than the excellent original). It was pure entertainment. It had action, laughs, drama, emotion. Great characters, great moments. Great writing. Great animation/effects. Without a doubt, best animated film of the year. Should be up for the Best Picture Oscar if there's justice in the world. And fuck F@t Man Knowles. The ending was amazing. 10/10.

44: INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - What better way to celebrate independence day than watching Hitler's face being turned into swiss cheese. Do I wish there were some differences in the film? Sure. Like showing the Basterds ambush the Germans instead of just showing the aftermath (the prelude to the Bear Jew scene), but what's here is great. And Cristoph Waltz was fucking amazing. 8/10.

45. Wanted - Not a great film, but it was fun. I liked the sexiness that Jolie had, and that McAvoy kid wasn't bad. But honestly, any film that gets Morgan Freeman to yell "MOTHER FUCKER!" gets bonus points. 6/10.

46. GET SMART - This movie's not great, but something about it tickles my funny bone. It could have been better, but for what it was, I enjoyed it. Carrell had great timing in this. 6/10.

47. Kung Fu Panda - This is actually a good Kung Fu film. I actually think this is one of the better animated films I've seen. Hell, in some months, this would be the best film of the month. It was enjoyable, funny, and action packed. Fun times. 8/10.

48. Inception - I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I just saw. What a film. I've been saying that Tom Hardy was going to be a star for a while, and this cemented that. Probably lowers the chances of him being Cassidy in my dream PREACHER film, but oh well. Leo was good in this too. Hell, everyone was good in this. I have to think on this some more, and see it some more, but right now it's a solid 9/10.

49. RUNAWAY BRIDE - Not bad. Not as good as PRETTY WOMAN, but Gere and Roberts do have great chemistry. My wife wanted to watch it. 6/10.


50. THE DARK KNIGHT - Still holds up really well. Nolan is truly a master filmmaker. He just gets how do make compelling stuff. He still could use a bit less shakycam in action though. That's his one weakness. 10/10.

51. Secondhand Lions - Never caught this. Worth seeing just for the scene where an old ass Robert Duvall beats the asses of a few punk kids. But it wasn't terrible, and it seemed a bit uplifting without being real cheesy, which doesn't seem to happen a lot these days. And what the hell happened to Haley Joel Osment after this? 7/10.

52. The Bounty Hunter - Pretty vanilla and by the numbers, but Butler and Aniston have pretty solid chemistry. But nothing special. 5/10.

53. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - What a trip. I'm not usually a Nic Cage fan, but I freaking loved him in this. He was channeling his character from Face Off, and that's not a bad thing. Some of this felt dream like, and when EVERYTHING in the film started going his way, I was almost positive that it would be revealed that he was certainly dreaming. 8/10

54. The Other Guys - Not quite what I was expecting. I went to this mainly for the The Rock and Sam Jackson, and they were awesome in what they were asked to do. But the fact that they died 10 minutes into the film totally deflated it for me. I was expecting something more along the lines of Jackson and The Rock were always beating Ferrell and Marky Mark to the punch and getting all the credit for stuff, and at the end, the other guys have to actually save the day. That was the way this was marketed, and I think that would have been the better film. This wasn't terrible, but I've seen much better. 6/10.


55. Sherlock Holmes - One of the better film Guy Ritchie has made, in my opinion. And I really sort of liked the Holmes/Watson dynamic. I like that it's open for a sequel, and I'll certainly be there for it. Downey has really turned himself into one of the only "reliable" leading men out there. I really enjoyed this. 8/10.

56. Machete -My dad and I went to check this out, and we both had a blast. For me, I'll remember this summer for Toy Story 3, Inception, and Machete. We were smiling nearly the entire time (maybe because we were the only white dudes in a theater full of Mexicans...mmmm). Anyway, it was badass. The Lohan nudity was certainly unexpected, and the Alba almost-nudity was nice, but it still doesn't make up for her being completely miscast in Sin City.

Trejo was good. Girls pulling cell phones out of their vaginas are funny. Fahey was the shit, and Johnson was solid too. And even Seagal was good. Lots of humor, and some creative kills. Go see this film. It's a blast. 8/10.

57. Nacho Libre - Something about Jack Black is appealing to me, and him playing a studly Mexican/Lucha Libre is funny in design and execution. I think I probably like this better than Napoleon Dynamite. 7/10.

58. The Last Song - Mylie Cyrus actually wasn't bad in this. It was a run of the mill sappy crap that is churned out every year, but it wasn't a complete waste. Cyrus shows she could possibly have a career if she takes the right roles and has a lot more guidance. 5/10.


59. HAPPY GILMORE - Adam Sandler back when he made funny films. Seems like he just carries a camera crew around with him and he just films himself, because he doesn't seem to play characters anymore. But this film got so many things right. Shooter McGavin was a great character, and perfectly snarky. (7/10)

60. BILLY MADISON - See above. Sandler was funny once. Although this one's a bit more idiotic, it's still very amusing. (7/10)

61. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Kick ass animated film. One of the very best. Disney was really one a roll in the early/mid 90s. This may be their masterpiece. (10/10).

62. HOME ALONE - A great family film. A likable protagonist. Fun villians. Cooky ancillary characters. More kids movies should be like this, and not so pandering. 8/10

63. Easter Promises - Holy Shit. This is one of my favorite Cronenberg films now. This is a really solid film that felt totally true and genuine. Nothing really felt false to me. And the guy that played the Russian don did a superb job. Totally Oscar worthy. It wasn't a mafioso caricature. It felt like a real man. And of course Viggo really brought his A game. His nomination was certainly deserved. And that bathhouse fight? BRUTAL. 9/10.


64. Over Her Dead Body - Paul Rudd was okay in this, and now I know who Lake Bell is. But this really wasn't that good. Man, that Biggs guy just sort of faded into obscurity. He was pretty shitty in this. And Eva Longoria really does just seem like a bitch. 3/10.

65. CASTAWAY - I usually always catch this once Hanks is already on the island, and I finally saw this from the beginning and I forgot how intense the plane crash was. Nice film, and it really stands up well. 8/10.


66. ALONG CAME POLLY - Not a huge Aniston or Stiller fan, but I thought they were both fairly likeable in this. And Phillip Seymor Hoffman was always a good addition to the cast. 6/10


67. H@rry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - This really feels so much like an incomplete film, it's hard to wrap my mind around it all. I love lots of pieces of this, but I really won't be able to say what I feel until next summer, I think. The acting is MUCH better, but some of the action is much to shaky cam to even be understood. The destruction of the Horcrux was awesome though. Much better than I imagined, but everything else was about what I expected. I have to make special mention of the Deathly Hallows animated portion toward the end. It was for me, by far, the highlight of the film. 7/10.

68. The Expendables - Maybe not QUITE as badass as I was expecting, but this was a really solid action flick that I wish we had more of. I hope this leads to more stuff like this. I loved that entire action scene for the last 35 minutes or so. That thing was relentless. There wasn't really a weak link in the cast either. Hopefully there's a sequel. 8/10.


69. Faster - Hooray for the Rock kicking ass again. Even though the script was pretty terrible and this wasn't really a great film, the Rock needs to do 2 movies like this per year, minimum. The big "twist" was choreographed from a mile away. Not good, but not dreck either. Good enough to waste an hour and a half with your dad on a Friday. 6/10.

70. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus - Damn good film. Nice final performance turned in by Ledger. And damn, Christopher Plummer is the shit in this! He absolutely is amazing. And Tom Waits needs to be in more films, based on this. So many good things in this film. Lily Cole was delicious. The only weak spot was Verne Troyer, whose not the best actor. But it was genius by Gilliam to pull this off after Ledger's death. Awesome film. Gilliam's best in a long time. 9/10.

71. MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET - There are way too many Christmas films at this time of year, but this is one that's nice. I know the remake isn't exactly looked upon too fondly, but Richard Attenborough is so likable. He really seems like Santa (if there were such a man). Classy actor in a classy role. 8/10.

72. GRUMPY OLD MEN - Fucking classic. This is one of my favorite comedies. Lemmon and Mattheau are really legends. They are so good together. This film was like a perfect storm of timing/actors/script, etc. 9/10.

73. DANCES WITH WOLVES - Is it safe to say this is Costner's best film. It's certainly his most ambitious, and he pulls it off. There's some cheesy voice over at a couple of spots, but this is really strong. Equal parts touching, brutal, and humorous. For me it's this or Field of Dreams. There was a point when I was in about 5th grade when this first was released, and it was my absolute favorite film. I had a thing about Native American culture back then. 9/10.

74. THE EXPENDABLES - Fun action film. I hope that if there's a sequel, the characters are fleshed out a bit more. 8/10.

75. True Grit - The chick that played Mattie should be nominated for an Oscar, because as awesome as Bridges was as Cogburn (and he was), she absolutely carried the film. The Academy will also be making a huge mistake if this doesn't win best adapted screenplay. The script was my favorite part of the whole affair. It was witty, sharp, brutal, and most importantly, it felt real. Cinematography was great as well. One of the best westerns in years (since Unforgiven). 9/10.

76. INCEPTION - Damn, Nolan is such a genius filmmaker, and it's evident in how I enjoyed this much more the second time viewing it. It was as if I wasn't concerned with who was dreaming or what, and I just let it all wash over me. I love a film that is open to interpretation, and after a second watch, I think I've come to nearly the exact opposite interpretation that I had upon a first viewing. And that's why this film is special. 10/10.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Pacino86845 on Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:20 pm

2007 Zone Movie Journal
2008 Zone Movie Journal
2009 Zone Movie Journal

2010 releases in bold red


1. Black Dynamite ***1/2
2. Whatever Works ***
3. Daybreakers **1/2
4. Whip It **1/2
5. Galaxy Quest ****
6. Intolerable Cruelty **


7. Un Prophete (A Prophet) ***1/2
8. Up in the Air **1/2
9. American Splendor ***1/2
10. 9 **
11. The Surrogates **
12. Extract **1/2
13. The Wolfman *1/2
14. Avatar 3-D **1/2
15. Big Fan **1/2
16. Couples Retreat *1/2
17. Shutter Island ***
18. The Hurt Locker **1/2
19. The Crazies **1/2


20. Team America ***
21. Alice in Wonderland *1/2
22. Willard ***1/2
23. Hot Tub Time Machine **
24. The Invention of Lying **1/2


25. Burn After Reading ***1/2
26. The Ghost Writer **1/2
27. Date Night **

28. Ronin ***1/2
29. Two Lovers **1/2
30. Kick-Ass ***
31. The Losers **


32. The Hunted **
33. Clash of the Titans 3D *1/2
34. Iron Man 2 **1/2

35. Dead Snow ***
36. Prince of Persia **1/2


37. Get Him to the Greek **1/2
38. Exit Through the Gift Shop ***1/2
39. The Karate Kid (2010) ***
40. Toy Story 3 (in 3-D!) ***1/2


41. Grown Ups *
42. Predators **1/2

43. Before Sunrise ***1/2
44. Good Hair **1/2
45. Inception ****
46. Cyrus **1/2

47. Before Sunset ***
48. Fantastic Mr. Fox ****


49. Dinner for Schmucks ***
50. Wes Craven's New Nightmare ***
51. The Other Guys **1/2
52. The Expendables ***
53. Scott Pilgrim vs the World ****
54. Piranha 3D *1/2

55. The Thing ****
56. The Last Exorcism **


57. Way of the Dragon **1/2
58. Machete **1/2
59. Devil **
60. Easy A *1/2
61. The Town ***

62. Total Recall ****
63. The Thin Red Line ****
64. Bottle Rocket ***1/2


65. The Social Network ***
66. Escape From New York **1/2
67. Unbreakable ***1/2


68. Three Kings ***
69. H@rry Potter and the Death Hallows, Part 1 ***
70. Tangled **


71. Black Swan ****
72. 127 Hours **1/2
73. True Grit ****
74. Tron Legacy (in 3D!) **
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Al Shut on Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:40 pm

First viewings only, and maybe one or two movies I might have seen 20 years ago but can't remember anything about
As usual all movies are in German unless noted otherwise. I'll try to go with the original titles this time.

The rating has been changed to a five point system which makes it more easy for me to place the movies. But it also means movies with the same rating aren't as comparable in quality as before.

1. Tous à l'Ouest: Une aventure de Lucky Luke (01.01 TV 4/5)

2. Reykjavik - Rotterdam (01.01 TV 4,5/5) : At times doesn't quite know if it wants to be serious or not, but instead of feeling that it was uneven it made it unpredictable for me

3. Hui Buh (02.01 TV 1,5/5) : I hate to use such a term but this was bordering on childhood rape. Saved from hate by Christoph Maria Herbst

4. Die Wilden Kerle (03.01 TV 1,5/5): I try not to hate too much on movies that weren't made for me, kids movies being an example, but the only thing that prevent me from giving this zero points was me drawing 300 comparisons in my head. Made a few scenes pretty hilarious.

5. Die Abrafaxe - Unter schwarzer Flagge (03.01 TV 3/5)

6. Der Mönch mit der Peitsche (03.01 TV 2,5/5)

7. The Village (04.01 TV 4/5):

8. The Maltese Falcon (07.01 TV 4/5)

9. Rush Hour 3 (11.01 TV 2/5)

10. Manderlay (12.01 TV 4/5): I can't make up my mind if I would like it better with real sets, but I know I found it far less distracting than in Dogville.

11. BloodRayne (23.01 TV 1,5/5)

12. BloodRayne II Deliverance (23.01 TV 1,5/5)

13. Gonger 2 - Das Böse kehrt zurück (25.01 TV 2/5)

14. A Prairie Home Companion (25.01 TV 5/5)

15. Der Schut (31.01 TV 4/5)

16. Hepzibah - Sie holt dich im Schlaf (02.02 TV 2/5)

17. Kong saan mei yan (05.02 TV 3/5)

18. An American Haunting (06.02 TV 3,5/5)

19. I Am Legend (07.02 TV 3/5)

20. Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (08.02 TV 4/5) Points deducted for being overdone cryptic. Seriously WTF?

21. The Golden Compass (11.02 TV 4/5)

22. Metropolis 27/10 (13.02 VHS recording of a TV broadcast of a theatrical showing with live orchestra 5/5): Great cyborg whore of Babylon, I love this movie. The 'new' material is of decidedly poorer quality but everything beats those damn titlecards informing you about a missing scene (there are still 2 of those :x ) Absolutely loved the extended scenes of 'Der Schmale'.

23. The Badge (15.02 TV 4/5)

24. Avatar (16.02 Theatrical 3D 3/5): I was utterly unimpressed with the 3D which leaves a pretty, possibly even barely, okayish movie.

25. Conspiracy (06.03 TV 5/5)

26. The Last King of Scotland (06.03 TV 3,5/5)

27. Idiocracy (07.03 TV 3,5/5)

28. Shoot 'Em Up (07.03 DVD 2/5)

29. Gargoyle (13.03 TV 1/5)

30. Agatha Christie: Poirot 'The Hollow' (18.03 TV 3,5/5): I'll count this as a movie despite IMDB listing it as a series. Oddly I seem to enjoy those for exact the opposite reasons why I enjoy the Peter Ustinov movie versions

31. Schwere Jungs (20.03 TV 4/5)

32. Alone in the Dark II (20.03 TV 1/5): Words fail me so I will quote a great man:"unfortunate hanging rope falls from forest." It should also be noted that with the new ratings this is a good deal worse than the other movies with just one point.

33. Tucker (22.03 TV 4/5)

34. Stardust (25.03 TV 4/5): Could have been a contender for 5/5 but somehow at times I didn't like the tone of it, mostly when Tristan and Yvaine were arguing.

35. Sofies verden (27.03 TV 4/5)

36. Swamp Devil (27.03 TV 2/5)

37. El laberinto del fauno (28.03 TV 4/5)

38. AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (02.04 TV 3/5): People have very distinctive ideas what an Alien movie should look like. Or a Predator movie. Or an Alien vs. Predator movie. If you can get pass all three of those the movie isn't that bad but not really good either.

39. Bridge to Terabithia (03.04 TV 5/5)

40. 10.000 BC (04.04 TV 3/5)

41. Death Proof (05.04 TV 0/5): Before anyone get's on my nerves for ranking something lower than Alone in the Dark II 0 points is reserved for the kind of hate that is very subjective, personal and probably irrational. That being said: Un-explicit-watchable

42. Ten Canoes (06.04 TV Aboriginal dialog with subs, dubbed narration 4/5)

43. Marple: The Body in the Library (08.04 TV 3,5/5)

44. Ogre (10.04 TV 2/5)

45. Beowulf(2007) (11.04 TV 4/5): I always sympathize with people pissed at a loud party. Still liked it.

46. Marple: The Murder at the Vicarage (15.04 TV 3,5/5)

47. Living Hell (17.04 TV 1/5)

48. Ödipussi (18.04 TV 4/5)

49. Gosford Park (18.04 TV 4/5)

50. Marple: A Murder is Announced (22.04 TV 3,5/5)

51. The Secret of the Inkas (24.04 TV 4/5): Destroyed my attempt to finally watch Galaxy Quest because the song from the Big Lebowski porn shoot (or was it just a party?) caught my ear. But it was well worth it although I had wished for a different ending.

52. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (25.04 TV 2,5/5)

53. The Kovak Box (25.04 TV 3/5)

54. Victim Five (08.05 TV 3/5)

55. Knockaround Guys (08.05 TV 3,5/5)

56. Durchs wilde Kurdistan (09.05 TV 4/5)

57. Im Reiche des silbernen Löwen (09.05 TV 3,5/5)

58. Los Borgia (09.05 TV 3,5/5)

59. 1408 (13.05 TV 3/5)

60. Silentium (14.05 TV Austrian with a few English sentences 4,5/5)

61. Disturbia (16.05 TV 3/5)

62. Hostage (16.05 TV 4/5)

63. Le parfum de la dame en noir (2005) (17.05 TV 3,5/5): I gave this the benefit of the doubt assuming my strong sense of confusion during the beginning stemmed from not remembering much of the first part of this story although I’m sure I’ve seen it at some point. Apart from that I liked a lot of it for it’s somewhat silly humor.

64. The Wind That Shakes The Barley (20.05 TV 5/5)

65. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (23.05 TV 3/5): I really liked the opening but was disappointed when I realized the movie was not about racing. But at least now I know who the Child Catcher is.

66. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (23.05 TV 3/5): The best Boll movie I've ever seen, verging on the passable.

67. Over the Hedge (24.05 TV 4/5)

68. Flyboys (24.05 TV 3/5): I gave it the benefit of doubt that the action scenes would improve if not cut down for TV

69. The Front (26.05 TV 3/5)

70. Blade: Trinity (30.05 TV 0/5): I should have known better, I just don't like Blade movies. This too benefits from the assumption that the action would look better in an uncut version. updated to zero points. A month later I can't remember a single thing that would keep me from hating this.

71. Death of a President (01.06 TV 3/5): Good grades for nailing the documentary style but it focuses mainly on the least important and/or interesting aspect of the fictional assassination.

72. Asterix et les Vikings (06.06 TV 3,5/5): The movie should have been all about the Vikings, those were the most fun.

73. Hollow Man II (30.06 TV 2/5)

74. Sherlock Holmes in Washington (01.07 TV 3/5)

75. The Scarlet Claw (05.07 TV 3,5/5)

76. Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (06.07 TV 3/5)

77. When a Stranger Calls (2006) (07.07 TV 4/5)

78. S certy nejsou zerty (08.07 TV 3,5/5): A bit weird. Guess I’m not used to the devil taking the part of the good fairy in Fairy Tale movies

79. Chasseurs de dragons (09.07 TV 3/5): I really wish they would have kept the animation style of the series.

80. Around the World in 80 Days (2004) (??? TV 3/5)

81. Gale Force (13.07 TV 1,5/5)

82. Alatriste (16.07 TV 4,5/5): Felt a bit choppy, a feeling that I often get from historical movies based closer on reality than I suppose this is. Maybe the whole series of books shouldn't have been condensed to one movie but I still liked what I saw.

83. The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire (17.07 TV 3/5)

84. Charlie Wilson's War (18.07 TV 4/5)

85. D-War (18.07 TV 3/5 Subtitles for Korean parts of the dialouge I suppose)

86. Blood Tea and Red String (20.07 TV 4/5): Bizzare²

87. The Spiderwick Chronicles (22.07 TV 3/5)

88. Renaissance (22.07 TV 3,5/5)

89. Strings (2004) (23.07 TV 5/5): Maybe it's just my soft spot for marionettes but I thought this was truly amazing. Loved how the puppets weren't portraying humans but actual puppets without the movie being about a bunch of toys.

90. The Last Legion (25.07 TV 2,5/5)

91. Before the Devil knows you are Dead (29.07 TV 3/5)

92. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (06.08 TV 3/5)

93. Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand (08.08 TV 3/5)

94. 3:10 to Yuma (15.08. TV 2/5)

95. Vantage Point (29.08. TV 3/5)

96. Sluga Gosudarev (29.08 TV 3/5)

97. The Reflecting Skin (03.09 TV 4/5): What an odd movie

98. Casablanca (12.09 TV 4,5/5): Weird until now I never realized I haven't seen this before

99. The Incredible Hulk (19.09 TV 3/5)

100. The Wild North (25.09 TV 3,5/5)

101. Der Knochenmann (09.10 DVD 4/5)

102. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (28.10 TV 3/5)

103. La vénitienne (29.10 TV 3/5)

104. Luther (31.10 TV 4/5)

105. Ironman (31.10 TV 4/5)

106. Taxi 4 (07.11 TV 3,5/5)

107. The Hive (16.11 TV 1/5)

108. Das Leben der Anderen (18.11 TV 4/5)

109. No Country for Old Men (20.11 DVD 4/5)

110. Reiton kyôju to eien no utahime (20.11 TV 3,5/5): Outstanding (i.e. better than the rest of the movie) score

111. The Mist (some while ago TV 0/5): I only list this now because as a random thought it struck me that switching the channels and missing half the movie because I absolutely loathe it shouldn't prevent it from being listed here.

112. Vals Im Bashir (23.11 TV 5/5)

113. Låt den rätte komma in (25.11 TV 4/5)

114. 28 Weeks later (27.11 DVD 3/5): Shaky cam made it nearly unwatchable for me.

115. Goldene Zeiten (28.11 DVD 3,5/5). Lacks the charm of the director's previous efforts, but still highly entertaining.

116. Match Point (30.11 TV 4,5/5)

117. Sherlock Holmes (2010 DTV) (11.12 TV 2/5)

118. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (14.12 TV 4/5)

119. Serbis (17.12 subtitled TV 3/5)

120. Inception (18.12 DVD 4/5)

121. The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (18.12 TV 3/5)

122. The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (18.12 TV 3/5)

123. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (19.12 DVD 5/5): Why the hell did nobody punch me in the face for not watching this earlier. I'm disappointed in all of you.

124. Hardcover (19.12 TV 3/5)

125. Ridicule (20.12 TV 4,5/5)

126. Ye Yan (21.12 TV 3/5)

127. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (24.12 TV 2,5/5)

128. Persepolis (24.12 DVD 5/5)

129. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (25.12 TV 3/5)

130. 30 Days of Knight (25.12 TV heavily cut! 2,5/5)

131. Peau d'âne (27.12 TV 3,5/5): Way to kill the fairy tale mood with an helicopter

132. Der Henker (28.12 TV 3/5)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Tyrone_Shoelaces on Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:07 pm

*gets comfortable*

1 Bender's Big Score (2007) (DVD)
2 Avatar (2009) (IMAX 3D)
12 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) (DVD)
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) (DVD)
Up In The Air (2009)
18 I Love You, Man (2009) (TV)
The Book of Eli
21 Hamlet 2 (2008) (TV)
29 Legion
30 Edge of Darkness
31 The Lovely Bones

26 Windtalkers Director's Cut (2002) (DVD)

5 Alice In Wonderland (3D)
7 Real Genius (1985) (DVD)
13 Cop Out
16 The Hurt Locker (2009) (DVD)
22 Green Zone

19 How To Train Your Dragon
30 (500) Days of Summer (2009) (DVD)

7 Iron Man 2
11 Fallen Angels (1995) (Blu-ray)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) (Blu-ray)
30 Prince of Persia

20 Toy Story 3 (3D)

11 Predators
16 Inception
27 Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2010) (Blu-ray)

10 Kick-Ass (2010) (DVD)
12 Moon (2010) (DVD)
14 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
20 The Bank Job (2008) (Blu-ray)
28 Days Later (2002) (Blu-ray)
Taken (2008) (Blu-ray)
X2 (2003) (Blu-ray)
26 Piranha (3D)
30 Black Dynamite (2009) (DVD)

3 The House of The Devil (2009) (DVD)
6 Green Zone (2010) (DVD)
The Losers (2010) (Blu-ray)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby justcheckin on Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:49 pm

Justcheckin's Movie Journal 2010
FIRST TIME VIEWS ONLY - 2009 or 2010 unless stated

According to this, I am the least productive in March... hmmmmmm!

****=see it twice
***=worth a rental
**=meh... meh
*=come on... really?


1. Inglorious Basterds**** this was really good!
3. Revolutionary Road (2008)**** amazing story, Dicaprio and Winslet are good together
4. MILK (2008)**** wow such a good movie, wish I had seen it sooner
5. Michael Clayton (2007)**** this was really good, not a new plot but presented a little different
6. Mamma Mia (2008)** glad I didn't pay to see this
7. Nick and Norah's Infinite Play List (2008)***
8. Flannel Pajamas (2006)*** too much like real life, I like movies to lie to me dammit!
9. Sideways (2004)** I image that is what Charlie Brown would be like as an adult
10. Zombieland***** this was awesome!
11. Zombie Wars (2006)* E for effort
12. Dance of the Dead (2008)**** fun
13. Diary of the Dead (2007)**** pretty good actually
14. Ocean's Eleven (2001)*** enjoyed it, finally found time to watch it
15. Zombie Town (2006)*** kinda funny and gross at the same time
16. White Zombie (1932)** they didn't eat anyone... damn you Bela
17. P.S. I Love You (2007)**** very good, cried... a lot... and then some more
18. Carriers*** interesting but really has no purpose... not a zombie movie to clear that up
19. King of the Zombies (1941)* New sub-genre: Racist Horror... Moreland you have no shame!
20. Revolt of the Zombies (1936)*** pretty good old one
21. American Zombie (2007)*** really interesting mocumentary about the undead, more realistic than funny
22. M (1931)**** very cool German flick
23. The Quiet Earth (1985)*** it was all just a little vague but I like the part where the guy wears a silk nighty around town
24. Doomsday (2008)**** I enjoyed this. It was Mad Max meets Midieval Times. Fun Movie, funny zombie style gore.
25. The Omega Man (1971) *** a little cheesy in the 70s kind of way
26. The Last Man on Earth (1964)** didn't really care for this, you let me down Vincent
27. Panic in the Year Zero (1962)*** interesting movie, the timeline is a little short
28. Awaken the Dead (2006)* why did they bother?
29. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)... in progress
30. Australia (2008)**** really good but could it be any longer?
31. Zombiemania (2008)*** I wanted it to delve a little deeper but it had some cool interviews
32. Alice in Wonderland 3D**** very good
33. Phantasm (1979)** I just wasn't impressed, cute kid who is probably 40ish now. LOL
34. The Village Babershop (2008)*** cute story but sort of slow paced
35. The Rage (2007)** this one was a madhouse of gore
36. The signal (2007)***
37. Ocean's Twelve (2004)**** as much fun as the first one
38. The Leopard Man (1943)*** funny how a movie with lots of Mexican characters have white actors... LOL
39. The Ghost Ship (1943)*** ended sort of abruptly
40. Jamaica Inn (1939)***
41. THX:1138 (1971)**** I found this movie to be very cool
42. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)***
43. A Boy and His Dog (1975)*** weird
44. Logan's Run (1976)*** interesting, Farrah Fawcett was a surprise
45. Zombie Honeymoon (2004)**** a good one to watch
46. Versus (2000)***sings* 'everybody was kung fu fighting' - in the woods with zombies
47. I Walked with a Zombie (1943)**** very cool
48. The Body Snatcher (1945)***
49. The Blind Side****
50. Did You Hear About the Morgans?***
51. A Stolen Life (1946)***
52. All About Eve (1950)****
53. Isle of the Dead (1945)***
54. Bedlam (1946)****
55. How to Train Your Dragon 3D****
56. Vengence of the Zombie (1973)** 70s porno music is awful
57. Something's Gotta Give (2003)***
58. Ninja Assassin***
59. Ocean's Thirteen (2007)**** I could go for another
60. 2012**** really cool but I'm glad I waited for dvd
61. Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)**** This one was great... so funny!
62. The Bride Came C.O.d. (1941)** I was expecting a little more
63. My Boyfriend's Back (1993)**
64. Pirate Radio**** really liked it, wish it was a real true story
65. The Crazies (1973)** getting ready for the new version
66. The 7th Victim (1943)***
67. Precious (2008)**** "... and that's all I have to say about that."
68. Legion**** pretty damn fun
69. Ladykillers (2004)***
70. Empire of the Sun (1987)**** honestly couldn't tell this movie was over 20 years old
71. Food, Inc (2008)***** wow, everyone should watch this
72. Shrek: The Final Chapter**** much better than the third one, in fact there should only be 1,2 and 4
73. The Piano Teacher (2002)***wow, right interesting that one... it's in French btw
74. Extract*** funny
75. King Corn (2007)**** good documentary
76. MacHeads *** not the best Mac documentary that I have seen but cool to see anyway
77. Of Human Bondage (1934)** seen better Bette Davis
78. Sherlock Holmes****
79. It's Complicated****
80. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005)***
81. Nell (1994)****
82. Go Further (2003)**** Woody Harrelson documentary, pretty interesting
83. Toy Story 3***** AWESOME! Lots of fun, what I expected
84. Inside Deep Throat (2005)*** Documentary about Deep Throat... interesting
85. The Road***** as good as the book, really really good
86. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)*** cute
87. Despicable Me**** fun movie, Toy Story 3 was better but it is worth watching
88. Camille (2007)*** cute
89. Mr. Wrong (1996)** thank you Netflix for bringing me things I should have never seen
90. The Princess and the Frog*** I expected more but it was still a cute movie
91. Couples Retreat**** pretty funny
92. Mary and Max (2008)**** strange but worth watching
93. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)**** fun to watch on a girls night
94. The Bounty Hunter**** funny
95. The Family Stone (2005)**** one of those funny and sad movies
96. Simon Birch (1998)****
97. Second Hand Lions (2003)****
98. Planet 51** meh
99. The Secret Life of Bees (2008)****
100. Hot Tub Time Machine**** pretty funny
101. The Book of Eli***** my kind of movie, really liked it
102. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief*** liked it but it didn't blow my socks off
103. Happiness Runs*** interesting
104. Objectified**** really cool documentary about engineering/art
105. Kick-Ass**** way more violent than I expected but still really cool
106. 20 Years Later (2008)** had some plot holes imo
107. Leap Year***
108. The Men Who Stare at Goats** not sure that I really liked it, I appreciate it though
109. Valentine's Day*** cute
110. Clash of the Titans**** fun
111. The Godfather (1972)*****I know... don't give me slack, I finally saw it for the first time and of course it was awesome
112. Ever Since the World Ended (2001)* No... just say no
113. Date Night**** funny
114. The Noah (1975)*** reminded me more of Castaway with no resolution and in black and white - beautifully shot
115. The Andromeda Strain (2008 - tv miniseries)****
116. Invasion (1997 - tv movie)**** pretty good... even with Luke Perry in it
117. Cat People (1942)**** pretty cool old flick
118. Curse of the Cat People (1944)** he should have stopped with cat people
119. The Postman (1997)*** it's Waterworld with horses and mail
120. I Hate Valentine's Day** they should have stopped with My Big studly Greek Wedding
121. The Darjeeling Limited (2007)**** loved it
122. The Godfather II (1974)***** obviously good and yes, my first time to see it
123. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)***
124. Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)***
125. The Station Agent (2003)**** I really liked this
126. American Splendor (2003)***
127. Dreamscape (1984)** Mwhahahahah watched this... really cheeseball
128. Food Matters****
129. Twilight (2008)**** finally watched it
130. The Savages (2007)***
131. Twilight: New Moon ****
132. The Last Airbender*** liked it visually, acting is pretty bad
133. 12 Monkeys (1995)***
134. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time**** fun
135. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men** really artistic, hard to follow, not fun
136. The Runaways**** actually liked this, interesting
137. H@rry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1*********** AWESOME!
138. The Cake Eaters (2007)***
139. The Sorcerer's Apprentice** I don't understand the "lets make a crappy movie with cool special effects"
140. Speak (2004)***
141. Twilight: Eclipse**** really liked it
142. Remember Me*** ending blew
143. Grown Ups*** funny, not my favorite but cute
144. The Crazies***
145. Resident Evil: Afterlife**** pretty cool, I liked this franchise even though a lot of people didn't
146. Due Date**** fun
147. Vampires Suck*** funny but of course only if you have seen twilight
148. Eat Pray Love***** awesome
149. Away We Go***
150. Just Wright*** cute
151. The Kids Are All Right**** pretty good actually
152. Inception***** wow, gonna have to watch this a few times

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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DaleTremont on Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:06 pm

2010 Movie Journal

Swedish Vampire (Sexy, Spectacular, Immortal...Svedish)
District 9
Fish Tank
Star Wars: A New Hope
Ballad of a Soldier
The Ghost Writer
The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Harold and Maude
Reservoir Dogs
The Fly
Death Wish 3
Switchblade Sisters
Class of 1999
Muriel's Wedding
Street Law
Water Lilies
Grey Gardens
The Right Stuff
East of Eden
The Hidden Fortress
Kramer vs. Kramer
Wendy and Lucy
Ball of Fire
A Prophet
The Red Shoes
To Be or Not to Be
127 Hours

Gangsta (Badass, but not quite the King)
Southern Comfort
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Straw Dogs
Vivre Sa Vie
Generation Kill
48 Hours
Bande a Part
Withnail and I
First Wives Club
Alien Resurrection
Bourne Ultimatum
St. Trinians: School for Bad Girls (it probably would be just Rock Solid, but Rupert Everett bumped it up a level.)
Grizzly Man
Coco Before Chanel
Luna Park
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
The Cutting Edge
The Runaways
Ponyo on the Cliff
Black Dynamite
Hot Tub Time Machine
Leprechaun in the Hood
Death Race 2000
The Getaway
Death Wish 4
Death Wish 5: Face of Death
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Mission: Impossible
Savage Streets
Death Warrant
Stand By Me
Sherlock Holmes
Double Impact
Leap Year
Hard Target
Rambo First Blood Part 2
Rocky 2
Johnny Handsome
The Lovely Bones
Sin Nombre
Blues Brothers
Dogs of War
Shall We Kiss? (Un Baiser S'il Vous Plait)
The Bank Job
A Streetcar Named Desire
Splendor in the Grass
Body Heat
Made in Britain
K-19 the Widowmaker
Punch Drunk Love
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
My Summer of Love
Last Tango in Paris
The Science of Sleep
On Any Sunday
Dead Man's Shoes
El Secreto de Sus Ojos
You Can Count on Me
The Damned United
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Awful Truth
The Lady Eve
Scarface (1932)
The Vicious Kind
Piranha 3D
Urban Cowboy
The Social Network
The Secret of Kells
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Un
Alice in Wonderland
Toy Story 3
Heaven Can Wait
Marathon Man
The City of Violence (Jjakpae)

Rock Solid (even with Cheezy exterior and some mental defects)
Flame and Citron
The Burrowers
An Education...I honestly didn't know where to put this movie. I think I had overly high expectations purely because of Nick Hornby's involvement. I liked the movie quite a bit, thought it was a nice story that had some interesting things to say about growing up, it just didn't dazzle me. I know it's not the sort of movie that is supposed to "dazzle" you, but much like Carey Mulligan's no nonsense educational institution, I very patiently sat with the movie...when really I would rather have been seduced in spite of myself. Fuck. That is a really cheesy review but I stand by it.
American Gangster
Rachel Getting Married
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Red Heat
500 Days of Summer
Julie and Julia
Whip It
Angus, Thongs, and Snogging
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Домовой (The Ghost)
Jane Austen Book Club
Sleeping with the Enemy
They Live
Dead Snow
A Perfect Murder
Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies, and the American Dream
The Young Victoria
Hit Man
Death Wish II
Death Journey
The Big Doll House
Action Jackson
The Blob
It's Complicated
Big Bad Mama
Tank Girl
Pirate Radio
Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens
Forget Paris
Rocky 3
Brideshead Revisited
The Special Relationship
Role Models
Away We Go
Nine and a Half Weeks
Masters of the Universe
Straight Talk
The Karate Kid (2010)
Show Me Love (Fucking Amal)
Star 80
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Date Night
How to Marry a Millionaire
The Grand
Cairo Time
Scott Pilgrim
The Expendables
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Toy Story 2

Hood Rat (fun for 2 minutes but better left untouched)
Funny People
Post Grad
The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension
The Invention of Lying
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Future World
Women in Trouble
Gentleman Broncos
A Perfect Getaway
Mean Johnny Barrows
Black Cobra
Revenge of the Nerds
When in Rome
Step Brothers
How to Kill a Judge
Bright Star
Jaws 2
Jaws 3
Jaws the Revenge

Spork (Should Not Exist)
Death Becomes Her
Where the Heart is...I don't know what possessed me to watch this, but whatever it was, I think it worked for WalMart.
After School
Letters to Juliet
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby thomasgaffney on Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:49 pm

i like movies.

*Four Christmases - i should be allowed to beat Vince Vaughn with a sledge hammer, once, for each of the 88 minutes of runtime i sat through. (0/5)
*Julie & Julia - i LOVE Meryl Streep. they just should have made a Julia Child biography movie and had Streep channel her for two hours. plus, i should be allowed to track down the real life Julie Powell and beat her for being such an obnoxious bitch. (2/5)
*Extract - DO NOT WATCH! EVER!! (0/5)
*Moon - I put this red because I fucking LOVE this movie! I still have yet to see District 9, but THIS is the fucking best movie of 2009, so James Cameron can go suck a dick and learn how to tell a fucking story. Sam Rockwell's performance was made for an Oscar, so fuck Sony for not bucking up and sending out screeners to the MPAA voters. WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW! (5/5)
*500 Days Of Summer - Awesome, awesome, awesome movie. Yet, another movie from 2009 that's better then Avatar. I never watched 3rd Rock from the Sun before, but I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He would have made a great Peter Parker. Alas. (4/5)
*9 - The animation, I thought, was awesome. The story, not so much. It was like a cartoon Avatar! (1/5)
*Mon Meilleur Ami (My Best Friend) - Good, funny, engaging movie. And Daniel Auteuil was great, as always. (3/5)
*Memento - Love, love, love this movie. Guy Pearce, make more shit like this. (4/5)
*Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil - A fantastic movie! Clint's best directing. Spacey's best acting. Cusack's best acting. The Lady Chablis. (4/5)
*District 9 - Now THAT was a great movie! Not as good as Moon in my opinion, but a MUCH better movie than Avatar. Can't wait to see what's next from Neill Blomkamp. (5/5)
*Mamma Mia! - One of the great, recent stage-to-screen musicals. I can watch this over and over without getting tired of it. Partially because ABBA rocks. Also, Streep can do no wrong. And I don't have a problem with anyone's singing in the movie (Brosnan has been singled out repeated for poor vocals, but I LOVE the version of "SOS" that him and Streep do). I do feel that Christine Baranski's "Does Your Mother Know" is out of place in the movie version. It probably fits, and makes more sense, in the stage production, but they totally cut the side-story about the young kid trying to bang the MILF, so keeping her song to him in the movie doesn't fit. (4/5)

*Paris, Je T'aime (Paris, I Love You) - Interesting, funny, witty, and HUGE fucking tear-jerker, but a great movie that I adored. My favs, that probably had me crying the most are Juliette Binoche's segment, The Bastille segment (with Sergio and his wife's red trenchcoat), and Sophie's segment Place des Fêtes. I also loved Portman's segment, Gus Van Sant's segment, the Coen Bros segment with Buscemi, and Wes Craven's Père-Lachaise segment. The Elijah Wood segment just felt out of place. Also, the movie made me fucking miss Paris like I wouldn't believe. (4/5)
*Memento - Yes, I caught it on cable again. I don't care. Fucking love it. (4/5)
*The Royal Tenenbaums - I like this movie a lot. I can watch it whenever it's on. Not a great as Rushmore, IMHO, but still a really good movie. As for the debate over the music in Wes Anderson's movies... I think Rushmore was more hit and Tenenbaums was more miss. HOWEVER, I do think he needs to do away with all the obscure songs and just let Mark Mothersbaugh score all his flicks. (3/5)
*Forgetting Sarah Marshall - This movie just gets funnier and funnier every time I see it. Jason Segel is fucking hilarious with everything he does. For a while, my ringtone was the song "Psychiatrist" (after he came back from Hawaii - "Everybody hates you... Everybody wishes that you were dead... Cause Peter you suck, Peter you suck). (5/5)
*Coraline - FANTASTIC! I haven't seen UP, so I can't compare the two, but Coraline is a lovely movie and well worthy of any Oscars nominations that it grabbed. A really great job of translating the book to the screen and making it kid/family friendly. I say that, cause I felt the book is one of the most frightening books I have ever read. SERIOUSLY! The voices, while seemingly just "celebrity" voices, were all well done. I especially loved (and barely recognized) French & Saunders as Miss Spink and Miss Forcible. (5/5)
*Serenity - I can watch this movie over and over and over and over. I still prefer the TV show (even with the horrid theme song) because I felt the TV show had a bigger scope and SO MUCH was left undiscovered (two-by-two;hands of blue!). But THIS is an outer-space opera that gave me a sense of wonder similar to what Star Wars gave me as a child. THIS is what the prequels should have been. Mal leading Serenity through the ion cloud into the waiting arms of Mr. Kinky Boots (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and the Alliance fleet, only to be followed by the Reaver armada is still one of favorite moments from 00 movies. I will love this movie forever and be first in line if a second movie is ever green-lit. (5/5)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby papalazeru on Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:18 pm

I'll give this a go for the new year.

I'd like to rate my films out of 100.

I'm currently watching through all Jackie's Chans films from 1971 to 2008. A recent thread here inspired to go back through this career and watch once more.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Fried Gold on Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:57 pm


Superman Returns
The Poseiden Adventure
Star Wars 1-6
The Matrix
The Star Wars Holiday Special
Toy Story 2 3D *****
Edge of Darkness ****
Shaun of the Dead

Up In The Air ***
The Road ****
Hot Fuzz
All the Die Hards
There Will Be Blood
A Single Man ****
The Wolfman ***
Solomon Kane ****
Alice 3D **

The Lives of Others
Capitalism: A Love Story ****
Green Zone *****
The Prestige
The Bourne Ultimatum

Kick-Ass ***
Iron Man 2 **
Four Lions ****

Robin Hood
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The Human Centipede

The Damned United
The A-Team

Scott Pilgrim

The Experiment
Back to the Future

Toy Story 3
Burke and Hare

The Social Network
Winter's Bone

Tron Legacy
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby magicmonkey on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:15 am

Holy shit, I'll do my best to actually update this this year... If not I'll delete like Obi-Wan.


The Damned United - Good cast, well performed but I didn't really feel any real transportive drama or too much other than slight hints of the damned. Maybe it should have just been called filthy Leeds. 3/5

2012 - Dear Gods, why? Kinda not watching and half sleeping made it bearable 2/5

Elf - Pretty dire. Fav's really made a stinker. 2/5

Taking Woodstock - I don't remember reading too many good things about it, but I really enjoyed it and found it tremendously evocative, capturing all the little things that surround and comprise an event. Pretty darn dry humoured too. 5/5

The Limits of Control - Even committed Jarmuschists might have trouble with this one... but it resonated with me in all sorts of funky little ways, but yeah, I was a little disappointed none the less. 4/5

Slavoj Zizek: The Reality of the Virtual - Not as entertaining as Zizek! but it was worth it for his examination ofThe Sound of Music!!!!!!!11111!! 3/5

Zombieland: Fun, but I couldn't help but think I had something better to do. I imagine this films target audience is unable to go see it. 3/5

The Lovely Bones - Really amazing to see a movie again that feels once more like a signatory Wingnut production (not counting the amazing District 9). Ideologically, its a bit weird - granted, but none-the-less it wields a surprisingly emotional punch and I can almost forgive Peter Jackson for the Lord of the Rings walkathonabominations... but, shit , he's lost some ground since Heavenly Creatures... and sadly this can't compare to it favourably. Keep at it tho Jacko!1 4/5

The Lovely Bones- Watched it again... and to be fair it is pretty awesome in just how different it is. 4.5/5

A Serious Man - I attempted a quick analysis in the movies dedicated thread, and I am already jonesing to watch it again! 5/5 but could go to the coveted 6/5 It's supremely well made and I guess you can expect nothing less from the Coens, but they make it look so damn easy. :D

Know your Mushrooms - I now have a better understanding of Mushrooms and fungus. I wanna know more! 4/5

Whip It - Roller Derby as a the new dirty dancing? An all female lost boys?!?! It ruled. 4/5

Whip It The glow of first love was still there, but something was different. Me. No, that's not true, but seriously, its good fun 4/5

Something, something, darkside - I'm not a big family guy fan, and this was ALF, but I guess that's the point and I watched it with my brain in a one level above sleep mode and enjoyed it for just the sheer audacity of it being a thoroughly graphically well done run through of tESb. Its better/funnier than the first one too (substantially actually), but ultimately I found it a pretty low level kinda comfort food 2/5

Precious - Worthy melodrama, which I enjoyed and Mariah Carey stopped singing on roller coasters, showing off her bewbs and postponed overdoses to appear in what was actually a pretty good performance. If you fancy watching a film about a studly chick that's gonna be real-ish then you could really do a lot worse. No really, this is the film for you. 3.5/5

It's Complicated I went to the supermarket midway through and missed the end when I came back. Um... 2/5

Definitely Maybe I wanted to go to the supermarket midway through, well I wanted to go at the start too, but I'd already been. 1/5

Sherlock Holmes Gor Blimey, look at London they're building bridges. Good effects and period detail, minuscule soul but supremely entertaining 4/5

He's Just Not That Into You - BENIFER IS BACK!!11 (albeit with a different Jennifer, TWO OF THEM!11 My Eyes!11). 4/5
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Leckomaniac on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:47 am

I claim this place for Lecko!

Black Swan

HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Never Let Me Go
The Social Network

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Toy Story 3

True Grit
The Kids are All Right

Easy A
The Tourist
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby stereosforgeeks on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:33 pm

1/2/2010 Grosse Pointe Blank George Armitage 1997
1/2/2010 Yattaman (Yatterman) Takashi Miike 2009
1/2/2010 Stingray Sam Cory McAbee 2009
1/3/2010 Up Pete Docter, Bob Peterson 2009
1/3/2010 Misfits (Season 1) Howard Overman 2009
1/4/2010 Ddongpari (Breathless) Yang Ik-Joon 2009
1/4/2010 Up In The Air Jason Reitman 2009
1/4/2010 Brothers Jim Sheridan 2009
1/5/2010 Ai No Mukidashi (Love Exposure) Shion Sono 2009
1/6/2010 Humpday Lynn Shelton 2009
1/7/2010 Brief Interviews With Hideous Men John Krasinski 2009
1/7/2010 Big Fan Robert D. Siegel 2009
1/7/2010 Uncertainty Scott McGehee, David Siegel 2009
1/7/2010 Pandorum Christian Alvart 2009
1/7/2010 Home Yann Arthus-Bertrand 2009
1/8/2010 The Lovely Bones Peter Jackson 2009
1/9/2010 Dare Mo Mamotte Kurenai (Nobody To Watch Over Me) Ryoichi Kimizuka 2009
1/13/2010 El Traspatio (Backyard) Carlos Carrera 2009
1/13/2010 Samson and Delilah Warwick Thornton 2009
1/14/2010 Chi Bi (Red Cliff) John Woo 2008
1/14/2010 Bright Star Jane Campion 2009
1/14/2010 Chi Bi Xia: Jue Zhan Tian Xia (Red Cliff: Part 2) John Woo 2009
1/17/2010 Sherlock Holmes Guy Ritchie 2009
1/17/2010 Deep End Jerzy Skolimowski 1971
1/17/2010 La Teta Asustada (The Milk Of Sorrow) Claudia Llosa 2009
1/18/2010 Barbe Bleue (Blue Beard) Catherine Breillat 2009
1/19/2010 El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes) Juan Jose Campanella 2009
1/21/2010 A Letter To Uncle Boonmee Apichatpong Weerasethakul 2009
1/21/2010 The Road John Hillcoat 2009
1/22/2010 Politist, adj. (Police, Adjective) Corneliu Porumboiu 2009
1/23/2010 The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus Terry Gilliam 2009
1/24/2010 Das weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (The White Ribbon) Michael Haneke 2009
1/24/2010 Treeless Mountain So Yong Kim 2008
1/26/2010 The Informant! Steven Soderbergh 2009
1/27/2010 The Messenger Oren Moverman 2009
1/28/2010 The Damned United Tom Hooper 2009
1/29/2010 Life Is Hot In Cracktown Buddy Giovinazzo 2009
1/29/2010 Dollhouse (Season 1) Joss Whedon 2009
1/31/2010 Gertrud Carl Theodor Dreyer 1964
2/1/2010 Invictus Clint Eastwood 2009
2/2/2010 Detsembrikuumus (December Heat) Asko Kase 2008
2/3/2010 44 Inch Chest Malcolm Venville 2009
2/4/2010 Hok Haau Fung Wan (School On Fire) Ringo Lam 1988
2/5/2010 Dong (The Hole / The Last Dance) Ming-liang Tsai 1998
2/5/2010 If There Be Thorns Michael Robinson 2009
2/5/2010 Motel Flora Michael Robinson 2003
2/6/2010 Chugyeogja (The Chaser) Hong-jin Na 2008
2/6/2010 Leap Daniel Gaudreau 2009
2/7/2010 Afghan Star Havana Marking 2009
2/8/2010 Avatar James Cameron 2009
2/9/2010 Munemoshune No Musume Tachi (RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~) (Season 1) Shigeru Ueda 2008
2/9/2010 Logorama "Francois Alaux, Herve De Crecy, Ludovic Houplain
" 2009
2/9/2010 Aruitemo Aruitemo (Still Walking) Hirokazu Koreeda 2009
2/10/2010 Old Fangs Adrien Merigeau
2/10/2010 Daybreakers Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig 2009
2/11/2010 Zhantai (Platform) Zhang Ke Jia 2000
2/12/2010 Martyrs Pascal Laugier 2007
2/13/2010 Ballast Lance Hammer 2008
2/14/2010 Nagareru (Flowing) Mikio Naruse 1956
2/15/2010 The Tin Star Anthony Mann 1957
2/16/2010 Friday Night Lights (Season 4) Peter Berg, Jason Katims 2009
2/16/2010 Continuum Anand Gandhi, Khushboo Ranka 2006
2/17/2010 The Smell Of Burning Ants Jay Rosenblatt 1994
2/18/2010 I'm Alan Partridge (Seasons 1-2) Peter Baynham, Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci 2002
2/19/2010 Shijie (The World) Zhang Ke Jia 2004
2/20/2010 Gong Gong Chang Suo (In Public) Zhang Ke Jia 2001
2/21/2010 The Secret Of Kells Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey 2009
2/22/2010 A Place In The Sun George Stevens 2010
2/23/2010 The Man Who Changed His Mind Robert Stevenson 1936
2/24/2010 Coldblooded Wallace Wolodarsky 1995
2/27/2010 Ride The High Country Sam Peckinpah 1962
2/28/2010 Elegia Zoltan Huszarik 1965
2/28/2010 He Liu (The River) Ming-liang Tsai 1997
3/1/2010 Aanteni Todd Cole 2010
3/3/2010 The Jerk Carl Reiner 1979
3/3/2010 Devil's Island William Clemens 1939
3/5/2010 Paprika Satoshi Kon 2006
3/6/2010 The Proposition John Hillcoat 2005
3/8/2010 Big Love (Season 4) Mark V. Olsen, Will Scheffer 2010
3/8/2010 Connected Jens Raunkjaer Christensen, Jonas Drotner Mouritsen 2009
3/14/2010 [Rec] 2 Jaume Balaguero, Paco Plaza 2009
3/19/2010 Everwood (Seasons 1-4) Greg Berlanti 2006
3/20/2010 Shutter Island Martin Scorsese 2010
3/21/2010 Survival Of The Dead George A. Romero 2009
3/22/2010 Tsuma Yo Bara No Yo Ni (Kimiko / Wife! Be Like A Rose!) Mikio Naruse 1935
3/22/2010 Burn Notice (Season 3) Matt Nix 2010
3/26/2010 Defendor Peter Stebbings 2009
3/26/2010 Archer (Season 1) Adam Reed, Matt Thompson 2010
3/26/2010 Nippon Konchuki (The Insect Woman) Shohei Imamura 1963
3/28/2010 Being Human (Seasons 1-2) Toby Whithouse 2010
3/28/2010 Kuki Ningyo (Air Doll) Hirokazu Koreeda 2009
3/29/2010 The Killer Elite Sam Peckinpah 1975
4/2/2010 Kurutta Ippeji (A Page of Madness) Teinosuke Kinugasa 1926
4/2/2010 Hausu (House) Nobuhiko Obayashi 1977
4/3/2010 Metropolitan Whit Stillman 1990
4/4/2010 Kiryuin Hanako No Shogai (Onimasa: A Japanese Godfather) Hideo Gosha 1982
4/5/2010 The True Story Of Jesse James Nicholas Ray 1957
4/5/2010 How To Make It In America (Season 1) Ian Edelman 2010
4/7/2010 No Quarto Da Vanda (In Vanda's Room) Pedro Costa 2000
4/8/2010 I'm Here Spike Jonze 2010
4/8/2010 Fard David Alapont, Luis Briceno 2009
4/8/2010 Duo luo tian shi (Fallen Angels) Kar Wai Wong 1995
4/9/2010 Beeswax Andrew Bujalski 2009
4/11/2010 The Searchers John Ford 1956
4/12/2010 I Walked With A Zombie Jacques Tourneur 1943
4/14/2010 Night Mayor Guy Maddin 2009
4/16/2010 Kynodontas (Dogtooth) Giorgos Lanthimos 2009
4/17/2010 Pig Adam Mason 2010
4/18/2010 Keshieye Domem (When It Will Be Silent) Dan Sachar 2010
4/22/2010 Death Wish Michael Winner 1974
4/23/2010 Death Wish II Michael Winner 1982
4/23/2010 Kick-Ass Matthew Vaughn 2010
4/23/2010 Chaharshanbe-soori (Fireworks Wednesday) Asghar Farhadi 2006
4/28/2010 Pierrot Le Fou Jean-Luc Godard 1965
4/30/2010 Yojimbo Akira Kurosawa 1961
5/2/2010 Metropia Tarik Saleh 2009
5/10/2010 Supernatural (Seasons 1-4) Eric Kripke 2009
5/11/2010 Na Srebrnym Globie (On The Silver Globe) Andrzej Zulawski 1988
5/13/2010 Chloe Atom Egoyan 2009
5/13/2010 Supernatural (Season 5) Eric Kripke 2010
5/14/2010 Community (Season 1) Dan Harmon 2010
5/18/2010 Gossip Girl (Season 3) Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz 2010
5/18/2010 Bob Le Flambeur (Bob The Gambler / Fever Heat) Jean-Pierre Melville 1956
5/18/2010 V (Season 1) Scott Peters 2010
5/19/2010 Valhalla Rising Nicolas Winding Refn 2009
5/20/2010 Fringe (Season 2) J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci 2010
5/20/2010 Youth In Revolt Miguel Arteta 2009
5/21/2010 Parks And Recreation (Season 2) Greg Daniels, Michael Schur 2010
5/21/2010 30 Rock (Season 4) Tina Fey 2010
5/22/2010 Heartless Philip Ridley 2009
5/22/2010 High Sierra Raoul Walsh 1941
5/23/2010 LOST (Season 6) J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse 2009
5/24/2010 Chuck (Season 3) Chris Fedak, Josh Schwartz 2010
5/25/2010 Big Trouble In Little China John Carpenter 1986
5/25/2010 Death Wish 3 Michael Winner 1985
5/26/2010 Tsubaki Sanjuo (Sanjuro) Akira Kurosawa 1962
5/27/2010 Ajami Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani 2009
5/27/2010 FlashForward (Season 1) Brannon Braga, David S. Goyer 2010
5/28/2010 Desistfilm Stan Brakhage 1954
5/29/2010 Mystery Team Dan Eckman 2009
5/31/2010 Days Of Heaven Terrence Malick 1978
6/1/2010 Le Pere De Mes Enfants (The Father Of My Children) Mia Hansen-Love 2009
6/3/2010 Visage (Face) Ming-liang Tsai 2009
6/4/2010 Heat Michael Mann 1995
6/4/2010 The Third Man Carol Reed 1949
6/8/2010 The United States Of Tara (Season 1) Diablo Cody 2010
6/9/2010 Hot Tub Time Machine Steve Pink 2010
6/13/2010 Breaking Bad (Season 3) Vince Gilligan 2010
6/15/2010 Skins (Seasons 1-4) Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsley 2010
6/15/2010 They Live John Carpenter 1988
6/18/2010 The Untouchables Brian De Palma 1987
6/20/2010 Treme (Season 1) David Simon, Eric Overmyer 2010
6/20/2010 Nem Vagyok A Baratod (I Am Not Your Friend) Gyorgy Palfi 2009
6/22/2010 Shinboru (Symbol) Hitoshi Matsumoto 2009
6/22/2010 Luther (Season 1) Neil Cross 2010
6/22/2010 Sama Wozu (Summer Wars) Mamoru Hosoda 2009
6/23/2010 Futurama: Bender's Game Matt Groening, Dwayne Carey-Hill 2008
6/23/2010 Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder Matt Groening, Peter Avanzino 2009
6/23/2010 Nem Leszek A Baratod (I'll Not Be Your Friend) 48min Version Gyorgy Palfi 2009
6/24/2010 Toy Story John Lasseter 1995
6/24/2010 Toy Story 2 John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich 1999
6/25/2010 Micmacs A Tire-Larigot (Micmacs) Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2009
6/26/2010 Doctor Who (Season 5) Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat 2010
6/26/2010 The Crazies Breck Eisner 2010
6/27/2010 The Book of Eli Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes 2010
6/29/2010 Serial Experiments: Lain (Season 1) Ryutaro Nakamura 1998
6/30/2010 Party Down (Season 2) John Enbom, Dan Etheridge, Paul Rudd, Rob Thomas 2010
7/1/2010 Sukurappudo Purinsesu (Scrapped Princess) (Season 1) Soichi Masui 2003
7/1/2010 House Of Cards (Season 1) Paul Seed 1990
7/1/2010 Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (The Tatami Galaxy) (Season 1) Masaaki Yuasa 2010 ... e&aid=7243
7/1/2010 Sarai-ya Goyou (House Of Five Leaves) (Season 1) Tomomi Mochizuki 2010 ... e&aid=7248
7/2/2010 Life During Wartime Todd Solondz 2009
7/3/2010 Erufen Rito (Elfen Lied) (Season 1) Mamoru Kanbe 2004
7/6/2010 Black Lagoon (Seasons 1-2) Sunao Katabuchi 2006
7/7/2010 Spooks (Season 7) David Wolstencroft 2009
7/8/2010 AD/BC: A Rock Opera Richard Ayoade 2004
7/8/2010 Bunny And The Bull Paul King 2009
7/9/2010 Man Som Hatar Kvinnor (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) Niels Arden Oplev 2009
7/9/2010 Salvage Lawrence Gough 2009
7/10/2010 Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) Hayao Miyazaki 2001
7/10/2010 The Vicious Kind Lee Toland Krieger 2009
7/12/2010 Panique Au Vilage (A Town Called Panic) Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar 2009
7/12/2010 Hustle (Season 5) Tony Jordan 2007
7/14/2010 Technotise - Edit i ja Aleksa Gajic, Nebojsa Andric 2009
7/14/2010 Hustle (Season 6) Tony Jordan 2007
7/16/2010 Kokaku Kidotai: Sutando Aron Konpurekkusu (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex) (Season 1) Kenji Kamiyama 2003
7/18/2010 Nudo No Yoru (A Night In Nude) Takashi Ishii 1993
7/19/2010 Idi I Smotri (Come And See) Elem Klimov 1985
7/20/2010 Kokaku Kidotai: Sutando Aron Konpurekkusu (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex) (Season 2) Kenji Kamiyama 2005
7/22/2010 Kokaku Kidotai: Sutando Aron Konpurekkusu - The Laughing Man (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man) Kenji Kamiyama 2005
7/22/2010 Kokaku Kidotai: Sutando Aron Konpurekkusu - Individual Eleven (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Individual Eleven) Kenji Kamiyama 2005
7/22/2010 Kokaku Kidotai: Sutando Aron Konpurekkusu - Solid State Society (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society) Kenji Kamiyama 2006
7/23/2010 Inception Christopher Nolan 2010
7/23/2010 Carlos Olivier Assayas 2010
7/23/2010 Fisshu Sutori (Fish Story) Yoshihiro Nakamura 2009
7/24/2010 Toy Story 3 Lee Unkrich 2010
7/27/2010 RahXephon (Season 1) Yutaka Izubuchi 2002
7/28/2010 RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio Tomoki Kyoda 2003
8/9/2010 Brimstone (Season 1) Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris 1999
8/11/2010 Splice Vincenzo Natali 2009
8/11/2010 Centurion Neil Marshall 2010
8/12/2010 Earth 2 (Season 1) Michael Duggan, Carol Flint, Mark Levin 1995
8/13/2010 Hai Shang Chuan Qi (I Wish I Knew) Zhang Ke Jia 2010
8/13/2010 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Edgar Wright 2010
8/14/2010 Goodfellas Martin Scorsese 1990
8/14/2010 Paris, Texas Wim Wenders 1984
8/15/2010 Winchester '73 Anthony Mann 1950
8/16/2010 The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola 1972
8/17/2010 The Expendables Sylvester Stallone 2010
8/18/2010 The Godfather: Part II Francis Ford Coppola 1974
8/18/2010 Kuron Wa Kokyo Wo Mezasu (The Clone Returns Home) Kanji Nakajima 2008
8/19/2010 Sons Of Anarchy (Seasons 1-2) Kurt Sutter 2009
8/20/2010 Shaun Of The Dead Edgar Wright 2004
8/21/2010 The IT Crowd (Season 4) Graham Linehan 2010
8/23/2010 The Night Of The Hunter Charles Laughton 1955
8/23/2010 Salt Phillip Noyce 2010
8/24/2010 Fri Os Fra Det Onde (Deliver Us From Evil) Ole Bornedal 2009
8/25/2010 Pulling (Seasons 1-2) Sharon Horgan, Dennis Kelly 2008
8/25/2010 Shinkokyu No Hitsuyo (Breathe In, Breathe Out / The Necessity of Deep Breathing) Tetsuo Shinohara 2004
8/26/2010 Four Lions Christopher Morris 2010
8/27/2010 The Killer Inside Me Michael Winterbottom 2010
8/28/2010 Sherlock (Season 1) Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat 2010
8/28/2010 The Ghost Writer Roman Polanski 2010
8/28/2010 The Disappearance Of Alice Creed J Blakeson 2009
8/31/2010 Goruden Suranba (Golden Slumber) Yoshihiro Nakamura 2010
9/3/2010 Srpski Film (A Serbian Film) Srdjan Spasojevic 2010
9/3/2010 Futurama (Season 6) Matt Groening 2003
9/4/2010 The Exploding Girl Bradley Rust Gray 2009
9/5/2010 The Godfather: Part III Francis Ford Coppola 1990
9/5/2010 Zendegi Va Digar Hich (Life, And Nothing More... / And Life Goes On...) Abbas Kiarostami 1991
9/6/2010 Twelve Joel Schumacher 2010
9/7/2010 Nema-ye Nazdik (Close-Up) Abbas Kiarostami 1991
9/8/2010 Louie (Season 1) Louis C.K. 2010
9/9/2010 Flickan Som Lekte Med Elden (The Girl Who Played With Fire) Daniel Alfredson 2009
9/10/2010 Luftslottet Som Sprangdes (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) Daniel Alfredson 2009
9/10/2010 Exit Through The Gift Shop Banksy 2010
9/12/2010 The Incredibles Brad Bird 2004
9/12/2010 True Blood (Season 3) Alan Ball 2010
9/12/2010 Hung (Season 2) Dmitry Lipkin, Colette Burson 2010
9/13/2010 Machete Ethan Maniquis, Robert Rodriguez 2010
9/13/2010 Last Ride Glendyn Ivin 2009
9/13/2010 Entourage (Season 7) Doug Ellin 2009
9/17/2010 Urutora Mirakuru Rabu Sutori (Bare Essence Of Life Ultra-Miracle Love Story) Satoko Yokohama 2009
9/17/2010 Frozen Adam Green 2010
9/17/2010 Robin Hood Ridley Scott 2010
9/18/2010 Greenberg Noah Baumbach 2010
9/19/2010 Van Dieman's Land Jonathan auf der Heide 2009
9/20/2010 Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool Of The Dead (Season 1) Tetsuro Araki 2010
9/21/2010 Gonin (The Five) Takashi Ishii 1995
9/21/2010 Boy Taika Waititi 2010
9/21/2010 Wall-E Andrew Stanton 2008
9/26/2010 Red White & Blue Simon Rumley 2010
9/27/2010 Bam Gua Nat (Night and Day) Sang-soo Hong 2008
9/28/2010 Monsters Gareth Edwards 2010
9/29/2010 Carancho Pablo Trapero 2010
9/30/2010 Ip Man Wilson Yip 2008
10/1/2010 This Is England '86 (Season 1) Tom Harper, Shane Meadows 2010
10/1/2010 Enter The Void Gaspar Noe 2009
10/3/2010 Copie Conforme (Certified Copy) Abbas Kiarostami 2010
10/4/2010 The Loved Ones Sean Byrne 2009
10/6/2010 Mr. Nobody Jaco Van Dormael 2009
10/6/2010 Animal Kingdom David Michod 2010
10/7/2010 The Hole Joe Dante 2009
10/12/2010 Bistro Sean Gray 2010
10/12/2010 Ideal (Season 6) Graham Duff 2010
10/13/2010 Predators Nimrod Antal 2010
10/14/2010 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre John Huston 1948
10/15/2010 Catfish Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman 2010
10/16/2010 Winter's Bone Debra Granik 2010
10/17/2010 Red Robert Schwentke 2010
10/17/2010 Survivors (Seasons 1-2) Adrian Hodges 2010
10/17/2010 La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro (Short Night Of The Glass Dolls) Aldo Lado 1971
10/17/2010 Rubicon (Season 1) Jason Horwitch, Henry Bromell 2010
10/18/2010 Day & Night Teddy Newton 2010
10/18/2010 Piranha 3D Alexandre Aja 2010
10/18/2010 Mad Men (Season 4) Matthew Weiner 2010
10/19/2010 Apocalypse Now Redux Francis Ford Coppola 1979
10/22/2010 An American Werewolf In London John Landis 1981
10/22/2010 Ima, Soko Ni Iru Boku (Now and Then, Here and There) (Season 1) Akitaro Daichi 2000
10/25/2010 I Tre Volti Della Paura (Black Sabbath) Mario Bava, Salvatore Billitteri 1963
10/26/2010 Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without A Face) Georges Franju 1960
10/28/2010 The American Anton Corbijn 2010
10/28/2010 Howl Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman 2010
10/30/2010 Night Of The Living Dead George A. Romero 1968
10/30/2010 Dawn Of The Dead George A. Romero 1978
10/30/2010 Phantasm Don Coscarelli 1979
10/31/2010 The Sentinel Michael Winner 1977
11/6/2010 The Social Network David Fincher 2010
11/6/2010 Loong Boonmee raleuk chat (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives) Apichatpong Weerasethakul 2010
11/6/2010 Triangle Christopher Smith 2009
11/7/2010 A Single Man Tom Ford 2009
11/7/2010 The Iron Giant Brad Bird 1999
11/7/2010 Eastbound And Down (Season 2) Ben Best, Jody Hill, Danny McBride 2009
11/8/2010 The Kids Are All Right Lisa Cholodenko 2010
11/8/2010 Black Death Christopher Smith 2010
11/8/2010 Chobits (Season 1) Morio Asaka 2002
11/10/2010 Damages (Seasons 1-3) Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman 2010
11/14/2010 Catfish Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman 2010
11/14/2010 A Bout De Souffle (Breathless) Jean-Luc Godard 1960
11/14/2010 Bored To Death (Season 2) Jonathan Ames 2009
11/15/2010 Kumo No Muko, Yakusoku No Basho (The Place Promised In Our Early Days) Makoto Shinkai 2004
11/15/2010 Weeds (Season 6) Jenji Kohan 2010
11/19/2010 Alien Ridley Scott 1979
11/19/2010 Aliens James Cameron 1986
11/20/2010 Hahaha Sang-soo Hong 2010
11/21/2010 The Housemaid Sang-soo Im 2010
11/22/2010 Easy A Will Gluck 2010
11/22/2010 The Venture Bros. (Season 3) Christopher McCulloch (Jackson Publick) 2010
11/24/2010 Inception Christopher Nolan 2010
11/27/2010 Three Kings David O. Russell 1999
11/29/2010 Alien 3 David Fincher 1992
11/29/2010 Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec) Luc Besson 2010
12/1/2010 Sons Of Anarchy (Season 3) Kurt Sutter 2010
12/1/2010 Byosoku 5 Senchimetoru (5 Centimeters Per Second) Makoto Shinkai 2007
12/2/2010 Terriers (Season 1) Ted Griffin 2010
12/2/2010 Alien: Resurrection Jean-Pierre Jeunet 1997
12/3/2010 Please Give Nicole Holofcener 2010
12/4/2010 The Town Ben Affleck 2010
12/5/2010 Cyrus Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass 2010
12/5/2010 Boardwalk Empire (Season 1) Terence Winter 2010
12/6/2010 Skyline Colin Strause, Greg Strause 2010
12/6/2010 Der Rauber (The Robber) Benjamin Heisenberg 2010
12/6/2010 The Walking Dead (Season 1) Frank Darabont 2010
12/8/2010 Schastye moe (My Joy) Sergei Loznitsa 2010
12/11/2010 Black Swan Darren Aronofsky 2010
12/11/2010 Des Hommes Et Des Dieux (Of Gods And Men) Xavier Beauvois 2010
12/12/2010 Dexter (Season 5) James Manos Jr. 2010
12/12/2010 Ip Man 2 Wilson Yip 2010
12/13/2010 Raising Arizona Ethan Coen, Joel Coen 1987
12/13/2010 The Extra Man Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini 2010
12/15/2010 Haiyang Tiantang (Ocean Heaven) Xiao Lu Xue 2010
12/16/2010 Les Amours Imaginaires (Heartbeats) Xavier Dolan 2010
12/16/2010 Burn Notice (Season 4) Matt Nix 2010
12/16/2010 Misfits (Season 2) Howard Overman 2010
12/16/2010 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Season 5-6) Rob McElhenney 2010
12/17/2010 Tangshan Dadizhen (Aftershock) Xiaogang Feng 2010
12/18/2010 Gigi Vincente Minnelli 1958
12/18/2010 L.A. Confidential Curtis Hanson 1997
12/18/2010 Wisdom Teeth Don Hertzfeldt 2010
12/19/2010 Autoreiji (Outrage) Takeshi Kitano 2010
12/19/2010 Kicking and Screaming Noah Baumbach 1995
12/20/2010 Shi (Poetry) Chang-dong Lee 2010
12/20/2010 Never Let Me Go Mark Romanek 2010
12/21/2010 Jianyu (Reign Of Assassins) Chao-Bin Su, John Woo 2010
12/22/2010 Marti, Dupa Craciun (Tuesday, After Christmas) Radu Muntean 2010
12/23/2010 Somewhere Sofia Coppola 2010
12/23/2010 Buried Rodrigo Cortes 2010
12/24/2010 True Grit Ethan Coen, Joel Coen 2010
12/25/2010 Exit Through The Gift Shop Banksy 2010
12/25/2010 The Nightmare Before Christmas Henry Selick 1993
12/26/2010 Ratatouille Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava 2007
12/26/2010 Akmareul Boatda (I Saw The Devil) Ji-woon Kim 2010
12/27/2010 Rabbit Hole John Cameron Mitchell 2010
12/27/2010 Noein: Mo Hitori No Kimi He (Noein: To Your Other Self) (Season 1) Kazuki Akane 2006
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Seppuku on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:41 pm

First time viewings only.

All reviews translated from their original Japanese.



Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense. Jan 13th. The Name of this Band Is The Face of The Storyteller. With the fan key whitest band ever since Can. And David Byrne gave the music demon exuding an release to the neurosis patient of all paranoias. If it is with Woodstock, the largest music movie you do not not see.

Village of the Damned (orig). Jan 14th. So one of those movies which are referred to being the popular culture where I really have forgotten me did not look at that. As for delightful me this because functioning being done, the sink of the kitchen or fear of the moderate English person who is made because of the movie where the process which has the element of the new wave movie is large it changed in the tradition of the English fear which dries the problem. Inspect that!

Moon. Jan 20th. I brag approving the fantasy scientific novel maniac and that. This Solyaris, you take the element from 2001 and Silent Running, turn to the splendid gold aim coarse item. In addition as for Sam Rockwell perhaps I think the movie with him was seen more carefully (than the batman of methodological variety, Multiplicity) offer the highest many efficiency.

Lone Wolf & Cub V: White Heaven in Hell. January 21st. It transcends something all genres completely in other ones, and lone of the wolf. The movie which it has we should own; If the house of the best pulverization it offers, there is grinding. Art characteristic, concerning the other whichever movie that connects entertainments and the gore so well, being covered completely, by the meditation which death fixes you think of it. These movies of sexual intercourse I love! Five not to have met rather to others standard- it beats them fully- 4 perhaps not as good, after 3rd steps into the next virtue, but so it is I have still not look at 6. But seriously, look at these movies. It was recommended strongly.

Perfume: Story of a Murderer. Jan 21st. This time as for this it is the imagination of my type! It is beautiful, it was warped, being driven and by some investigation, more from the lot of the specification which is our God. Because I avoid that the present place the only explanation which it has and completely as for 1 of the movies whose ten years are best, this thing first-rate " So it is; Perfume" Sounds girly… of the type which I avoid. Mistake I have made; not again

Black Dynamite. Jan 22nd. Ugly idiot! This the method you teasing what, is the dryer from the Sahara. The film of another black exploitation me think of again; the black dynamite where trouble is seen without thinking, it made things clear goofiness how concerning it is. Well, it is good, I may live that.

Friends of Eddie Coyle. Jan 24th. As for me before he writes the storage space dog, the last movie Tarantino where you could see this you are not surprised. My God the manuscript to this movie is large. When Elmore Leonard is in the screenwriting racket, as for this with the movie which he probably will write.

The Green Ray. Jan 25th. Bought set of box by Rohmer after humous post. I can see influence large set down on Tarantino and Before and After Sunset. Smarts of the director are seen inside frames of which the movie was made.

Punishment Park. Jan 27th.

Urgh! A Music War. Jan 27th. Brocktune now I am in the education where you will have acquired your taste in sound.

Lone Wolf and Cub 6. Jan 28th.

Kaidan. Jan 30th.

Cutter's Way. Jan 30th.

Say Anything. Jan 31st.

Sling Blade. Feb 1st.

Fantastic Mr Fox. Feb 5th.

Unforgivable Blackness: The Story of Jack Johnson. Feb 6th.

Inglourious Basterds. Feb 10th. Has known anyone whom I have known and do not say to me? I do not explain in order to leave this one until now the possession. As for that Quentin If so it is not, the part whose processing of the movie is splendid, however, and is of " my masterpiece." That is close rather!

Martin (George Romero). Feb 21st.

Zombie Flesh-Eaters. Feb 26th.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls. Feb 27th.

The Beyond. Feb 28th.

Gambit. March 4th.

The Phantom of the Paradise. March 5th.

The Scarlet Empress. March 8th.

Suspiria. March 10th.

Coming Home. March 10th.

Faust (Murnau). March 15th.

Red Sun. March 16th.

Shutter Island. April 8th.

One, Two, Three (Billy Wilder). April 10th.

Whip It. April 13th.

The Human Condition 1+2+3. April 15-18th.

How to Train Your Dragon. April 17th.

Kynodontas (Dogtooth). April 18th.

Altered States. April 22nd.

The Monkees' Head April 22nd.

Tabu. April 24th.

State of Play (Miniseries), April 23-26th.

BBC4 Docs:
Ivor Cutler - Looking for Truth With a Pin
Edwyn Collins - Home Again
Arena - Brian Eno.

The Angel Egg/Tenshi No Tamago 29th April.

Death Proof. May 3rd.



Carnivale Season 1 - Jan 2-13. Your insanity which comes hiding connect the thanking/apologizing meat festival which is not [seringu] point something. That seems that occasionally is strange because of strange, but in addition being devoted very, the pleasure. I like paice.

The Lives of Others - Jan 2nd. The North Pole bear is cooler; Nail of the foot finger of us. But whether how concerning it can transcend environment and the advertisement where the people are brought up there is very suitable uplifting story and already in the alone human.

Anvil: Story of Anvil - Jan 11th. That is syncs of the anvil where strange how the vertebral stab has been attached. But as for that the best feature there is a group and it is the misfortune type which is not the method of conveying the necessity which makes music, but. Love is felt by all.

Gates of Heaven. Jan 13th. I do not think that we would like you to buried at the pet cemetary. Like this which approximately moves with the people of the insanity which is there. While I love the documentary, the cineaste of the document of range of vision be fixed to be: Errol Morris is this one. The best it is clumsy. Much like Grey Gardens of The Maysles, no human is a normal thing with the camera eye looking onto it.

Schizopolis. Jan 15th. The artist pays the ogre and interesting always following, is possible to drive out the fact that you observe that it cleans to leading fee with direction after. In this case, Steven Soderbergh rather than perhaps being able to imagine the forms of surrealistic daily life, and you having shown those, the movie concerning system, the ceremony and the habit of making. Some oak without hesitation we should see even with some fan of secret, that it does not do the best.

The State of Things. Jan 16th. I like when Wim Wenders how in order to appear with that moviemaking- he convinced Nicholas Ray, Roger Corman, Samuel Fuller- more complete to the circle of many conventional directors. As he has given the paycheck to those in order that he recognizes work, or to show in which rank those, it is. In any case, beautiful looker, the large movie and Paris and Texas where beautiful cinematics, little plotting, but it is pushed in between the Wings of Craving.

Arena: William Burroughs. Jan 17th. Why talk I about it when internet has all the links for us? There are no problem when you just click here and watch away in happiness: Arena documentary.

Carnivale, Season 2. Jan 17-19th. Much good than first season and dramatic. And that being cancelled quickly, although it could, you saw full particulars in order you must shake ignoring last 5 minutes exactly. I always this show's Achilles' heel is being concentrated by the quarrel of the prostitute and their families, of thing which is thought; then the heel which leaves, but I really fear in this mother her you obtained.

Steel Helmet. Jan 22nd. Samuel Fuller, man King of the b movies. Him whom it makes comes across the margin smell amount which he rubs exactly from the fixed dressing as a human, with most all movies, the fact that is loved, it did everything which can do thing: it becomes. And this the cigar passes time of the considerable quantity of badassitude which is crunched; because these are not expressed; because of the professional war movie remains it confuses. However you did not look at large red one…Now it does directly.

The Brothers Bloom. Jan 23rd. Greatness you sound everything almost. I love the Indian archipelago of the characters main. And the screw ribbon is the extravagant woman best! Very pleasant movie that I don't try to place under because of lack of reason.

The Devils. Jan 23rd. As for me it is not possible this is the person indicates to the Big Brother of reputation to be and to believe. As for me, especially after looking at this very strange answering of England to Jodorowsky, the fact that you looked at that straightly is desired. The holy mountain. Perhaps, the nun and it is outboard, but the believing from of Oliver Reed, where this locks that of my type entirely good efficiency whom I'm exposed, that can be present Dada and penetration sexually it presumes that it is surrealistic.

The Good Marriage. Jan 26th. I am like of this Rohmer guy a lot. It may been the not train actors, or the talking of thing which is seem very great dialogue, but it work for me. Sad of his funeral procession.

Witness for the Prosecution. Jan 26th.

Love in the Afternoon. Jan 28th.

Pauline at the Beach. Feb 1st.

Dom Za Vesange/Time of the Gypsies. Feb 2nd.

The Story of Ricky. Feb 5th.

The White Ribbon. Feb 6th.

D.O.A.: Punk documentary. Feb 8th.

American Splendor Feb 9th.

An Englishman in New York. Feb 15th. This just a little to continue to The Government Employee Who is Exposed. It is the TV movie concerning Quentin Crisp of the back section of the homosexual person who was opened; England the homosexual love to law it converted 30s before, directly. The song of Sting is written concerning him, being at the point where the series goes away, John Hurt which replays empty that role takes this. All lines of dialogue Quentin's. As been proverb or mot of the sugar snack from one, the level bit occasionally is felt there are most certain problems: You reserves. That measles it did and stared very, it was true.

A New Leaf. Feb 15th.

Shogun miniseries. Feb 14-16th.

Targets 23rd February.

Wisconsin Death Trip. March 3rd.

House by the Cemetary. March 4th

The Awful Truth. March 7th.

A Serious Man. March 8th.

The Good Fairy (1935). Marth 8th.

City of the Living Dead. March 11th.

Inferno. March 16th.

Braindead. March 17th.

Dig! (2004) March 23rd.

Tony - London Serial Killer. March 31st.

The Buddy Holly Story. April 3rd.

Last Days. April 3rd.

Kick Ass. April 3rd.

The Mechanic. April 10th.

Bad News Bears. April 11th.

Juno. April 19th

Adventureland. April 21st.

I Walked With a Zombie. May 1st.

Transatlantic Feedback: The Monks. May 2nd.



The Host - Jan 2nd. If in the same way the monster movie it is constituted strangely concerning stupidity. And it is not worthy of the exaggeration advertisement which perhaps 2 years before it received a little. That measles it did and watched the clean pleasure and the eye.

Fist of Fury - Jan 14th. Very for someone of enormous legend, blue three didn't obtain the fact that sufficiently almost it fights with that movie. Being strange in this one, inclination that of ol' unpleasant counter day; Japan is not as good as China. This feeling which is held in heart the bad bit. Whether or not as for me? Yes. It presumes; 90s and ' 00s hadn't when the Kung Fu movie can be to be many better, me compared to easy it is satisfied it proved. Don't bring me down, Bruce.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Jan 21st. Elizabeth Taylor is goddess not to lie. As for me many her work until now, but at exactly the gorgeousness which finally it is I'm where I am delightful it's contagion characteristic rising she, you did not look splendid actress thing. But as for this movie sledgehammer and approximately it is not delicate. Because you placed in splendid work, the shame of Taylor. Now it is the time when you say that: As for play movie and they are not; play is made in order to appeal to many of a wider audience re-and it seems that exactly is stupid in me. Whatever actors try and say.

The Wrestler. Feb 1st.

True Stories, by David Byrne. Feb 6th.

Do it yourself: The Rough Trade story. Feb 19th.

American Graffiti. Feb 23rd.

The Hurt Locker March 5th.

The Fabulous Baker Boys. March 14th

Tenebre. March 17th.

The Blue Angel. March 19th.

Versus. March 24th.

Rec 2. 10th April.

Cemetary Junction. April 17th.

The Ghost. April 18th

Lost in Translation. April 24th.

The Hobbit. April 27th.

Heavy Metal. April 27th.

Twice Upon a Time. April 29th.



Breakfast of Champions. January 20th. As for me I Vonnegut's because you read it just, you looked at this movie. With that, those that it is done it has sexual intercourse. Well health. Al baht Finney creaks that dignity that way exactly. Bruce Willis hairs backwards.

The Book of Eli. Jan 26th. I saw this of course Boy and HIs Dog in conversation between Quint and tissues. This is not that. Not movie which of I am trained to be happy.

Public Enemies. 31st Jan.

Cop Out. March 9th.

Return of the LIving Dead 2. May 2nd.



Prison Camp Girls, Jailed for Love. Jan 17th. That was the night of Saturday when I was just a little drank. Therefore appeal me. Actually bad movie, but well...bad.

From Justin to Kelly. Jan 28th.

Lawnmower Man 2. So badly it's badly. Which is expected of movie; unfortunate hanging rope falls from forest.

The Skulls. 17th April.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Vegeta on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:51 pm

I claimn this spot in the name of Vegeta!

I will do my best to keep up the postings.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby buster00 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:49 pm





Avatar (5/10 story, 10/10 3D)




Sherlock Holmes (6/10)

Hancock (8/10)


Kick-Ass (6/10)




Brüno (9/10)

Iron Man 2 (10/10)


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (10/10)

Crazy Heart (8/10)


RED (8/10)

The Hangover (7/10)

Date Night (6/10)


Public Enemies (7/10)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Peven on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:02 pm

in the name of Peven this space is..........Peven's


Inglorious Basterds- 8.5, up to several viewings at this point, Tarantino's exercise in building tension, and he does it pretty well here right out of the gate. also, i see him not only reusing pieces of score from earlier films of his but actually reusing scenes...kind of. it reminds me a little of how Park Chan-wook worked his revenge trilogy, reusing pieces some pieces from movie to movie. i am looking forward to seeing if Tarantino continues this in his next film

One Crazy Summer- 6.5/10, saw this in the theatre when it came out, actually, but just last week picked it up in the $5 bin at walmart and watched it for the first time in many years. not as good as Better of Dead, which had preceded it, but an amusing diversion and Bobcat Goldthwait does his schtick here probably better than any other movie he was in. i actually watched it again with the commentary track and found it to be worth the time, seeing as how Goldthwait is one of the three guys on it, along with the director and the actor who played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds.

Tropic Thunder- 5/10, disappointing. not bad, but definitely disappointing. look, when Tom Cruise plays the funniest character in a comedy it is a sign that the rest of the movie failed to step up, imo. aside from any scenes with Cruise there weren't any that made me do more than chuckle a little. to top it off, i nominate Downey Jr for doing the worst, laziest fucking commentary i have ever heard. listen asshole,if you don't want to do the commentary then don't show up to do it, but don't do it and toally fucking mail it in, because then you are insulting me, the viewer, who paid for this dvd, you arrogant smug dick.

The International- the most boring movie with Clive Owen and people being shot to death that I have ever seen....ok, I didn't even see it all because I fell asleep about 40 minutes in....will update if i am succesfull with my next attempt...if i deem a next attempt worthwhile

District B13- some cool jumping around and punching and kicking stuff but fucking stupid as shit, really, cheap-looking and ALF, and so it comes off more like a stuntman tryout reel rather than a real movie. 3/10

District 9- great movie, really, unusual in style and concept and the little things, the way the blood splatters on the lens of the camera giving it a very organic feel to it which draws you in. doesn't follow the usual story beats you'd expect, because the perspective is so different from one we are used to in an action/adventure story. just fucking brilliant. 9.5/10

Destry Rides Again- an early Jimmy Stewart flick with Marlene Dietrich, it's the movie that serves as the template for Blazing Saddles, as well as all sorts of other westerns and "hero" movies. very watchable and it is a kick picking out all the things that have been riffed on since, one thing in particular, how Madeline Kahn really nailed her impersonation of Dietrich in Saddles. 7/10

Nobody's Fool- one of my favorite all time Paul Newman flicks. great. fucking. movie. but great in a subdued quiet kind of way. set in a small upstate NY town, Bath, and i can vouch for its authenticity, an intimate story with a small cast and scope, but yet it is about more than most movies, because it is it is about the choices we make and how they effect those around us, and their futures, our futures, and how we can always choose to change, at least choose to try to change, no matter how late in the game. 9/10

Hancock-there are some movies that i really anticipate seeing but, if i am not able to see the opening weekend, i don't see for a long time because of all the very opinionated talk surrounding it and that just gets in the way. "Hancock" was one of those movies. i had really looked forward to it and then people just started eviscerating it when it came out. so i had held off watching it. until last night. and I really dug it. i guess i should confess i don't have anything against Will Smith, even though i couldn't stand stand his tv show. but anyway, i really enjoyed the movie, could have used a little work in the 3rd act, sure, but i actually got a kick out of the very ending, embracing the outrageous idea of a "superbeing" fully. 8/10

Gomorrah- the Italian version of City of God. depicts the bleak, brutal life of people who live where organized crime runs everything. good, but depressing. 8.25/10

Notorious- starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, directed by Alfred Hitchcok....need i say more? i had seen this a few times before but it has been a couple years and it was a pleasure watching it again. Bergman is playing a woman with a questionable past in more than one respect who wants to truly change her ways and Grant is playing the worldly, weathered, and cynical government agent who falls for her even though he won't let her or himself really know it, and Claude Raines playing the wealthy german nazi-sympathizing wimpy mamma's boy who has some of the most fucked up hair of any villain i can recall. top notch classic thriller material. 8.5/10

Three Days of the Condor- starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, with Max von Sidow and Cliff Robertson. directed by Sydney Pollack. 70's espionage done right. rivals Godfather for darkly lit scenes, earth tones abound. i always loved this film, even when i saw it as a 12 year old. Redford's character works for the CIA, reading books, looking for ideas that might be used against national security. the office where he works is staffed by a small cadre of bookworms. and one day while Redford is out buying sandwiches for lunch, having gone out the back non-secure door, a team of assassins walks in and wipes the place out, every single person. even the old lady receptionist and even older and feebler security guard. Redford comes back to find everyone dead. and he is a loose end. drama ensues. 8.5/10

Conan the Barbarian-one of the most rewatchable movies ever. great R-rated pulp, swords and tits and ass and giant snakes...and Darth Vader doing "i am your father", only Arnie is no of the most perfect movies in regard to achieving what it wants to be, imo. 9/10


Royal Tenenbaums- have seen it at least 20+ times already before this last time, and i still didn't make it through dry eyed or without chuckling while blinking through a tear here and there. a great way to begin February, a great fucking film. 9.5/10

The Thin Man- 1934, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy
imdb synopsis-"Comedy-mystery featuring Nick and Nora Charles: a former detective and his rich, playful wife. They solve a murder case mostly for the fun of it"

ok, this is a cool little flick, and i have no doubt was the inspiration for the tv series "Hart to Hart", though the tv show is definitely a poor man's to speak. a lot of witty banter between the leads as they oh so casually become involved in and eventually solve a murder mystery. everything is handled with a fairly light touch, never do we really feel our protagonists are in real danger, and yet it is still engaging as we watch the always-with-a-drink-in-his-hand Nick piece together the puzzle of just who killed who while his wife, Nora, does her best watching his back and making witticisms at his expense simultaneously. i found it very watchable, a fun lighthearted sleuthing romp and it is no surprise that they made a series of movies with these two characters doing the same schtick and all with "Thin Man" in the title. who says that sequels capitalizing on success are a recent development in movies... 7/10

"Le Samurai", 1967, starring Alain Delon, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville, written by Melville and Georges Pellegrin, adapted from but not credited from "The Ronin" by Joan McLeod
THIS is what quality film is about. second time i have seen this film and it was even better this time. for starters, there is no wasted dialogue, the antithesis of a Tarantino flick. in fact, the whole film is a clinic in austere film-making. the first line of dialogue isn't even spoken until at least 10 minutes into the film, for instance. we are shown rather than told, the film gives the audience credit for being intelligent enough to understand what we are seeing without it being spelled out for us at every step. the pacing is deliberate but moves the story along in a way that keeps your attention nonetheless. Delon is about as cool as an anti-hero gets, imo, and he looks sharp as shit throughout the film. fucking style, man. this film is a MUST see for anyone who considers themselves a real film-lover, imo. just a great movie top to bottom. 9.5/10

"Curse of the Golden Flower", starring Chow Yun studly and Li Gong, directed by Yimou Zhang 2007
you ever hear about a movie being a "feast for the eyes"? that phrase was created for films like this. gorgeous sets and wardrobe. studly and Gong are very strong in their respective roles, the cold and cruel Emperor and the unfaithful devious Empress. there is intrigue, action, romance, incest, betrayal, brother killing brother, father killing son, attempted suicide, suicide, more cleavage than i can remember seeing in a movie in a long time, i mean, this film has it ALL. 8.5/10
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RaulMonkey's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby RaulMonkey on Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:34 pm

Title (Year released) Director - Date viewed - Format i.e. Cinema, TV, DVD - Rating out of 10
Repeat viewings in Italics.

Seven Samurai (1954) Akira Kurosawa - Jan. 1st - DVD - 10/10
Dogville (2003) Lars von Trier - Jan. 1st - DVD - 10/10
Sherlock Holmes (2009) Guy Ritchie - Jan. 2nd - Cinema - 7/10
Apocalypto (2006) Mel Gibson - Jan. 3rd - DVD - 8/10
Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989) Arthur Penn - Jan. 5th - TV - 6/10
The Pianist (2002) Roman Polanski - Jan. 6th - Blu-ray - 7/10
The Piano (1993) Jane Campion - Jan. 7th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Dawn of the Dead (Director's Cut) (2004) Zack Snyder - Jan. 9th - DVD - 7/10
Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Arthur Penn - Jan. 10th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Bring It On (2000) Peyton Reed - Jan. 10th - HDTV - 8/10
Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) Monte Hellman - Jan. 11th - TV - 7/10
I Love You, Man (2009) John Hamburg - Jan. 11th - HDTV - 8/10
Adventureland (2009) Greg Mottola - Jan. 16th - HDTV - 8/10
49th Parallel (1941) Michael Powell - Jan. 16th - TV - 8/10
Down with Love (2003) Peyton Reed - Jan. 17th - DVD - 8/10
Grizzly Man (2005) Werner Herzog - Jan. 23rd - DVD - 9/10
Key Largo (1948) John Huston - Jan. 27th - TV - 7/10
Do the Right Thing (1989) Spike Lee - Jan. 28th - TV - 8/10
The War of the Worlds (1953) Byron Haskin - Jan. 30th - HDTV - 7/10

The Magnificent Seven (1960) John Sturges - Feb. 1st - TV - 8/10
Dans Ma Peau (2002) Marina de Van - Feb. 3rd - DVD - 9/10
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) Sacha Gervasi - Feb. 9th - HDTV - 8/10
Team America: World Police (2004) Trey Parker - Feb. 10th - DVD - 9/10
Punch-Drunk Love (2002) Paul Thomas Anderson - Feb. 13th - DVD - 9/10
Temple Grandin (2010) Mick Jackson - Feb. 15th - HDTV - 9/10
Tsotsi (2005) Gavin Hood - Feb. 18th - DVD - 7/10
Top Gun (1986) Tony Scott - Feb. 20th - HDTV - 7/10
Coraline (2009) Henry Selick - Feb. 22nd - HDTV - 8/10
Encounters at the End of the World (2007) Werner Herzog - Feb. 26th - HDTV - 8/10
A Serious Man (2009) Joel Coen & Ethan Coen - Feb. 27th - Blu-ray - 9/10

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) Joel Coen - Mar. 3rd - HDTV - 8/10
A Serious Man (2009) Joel Coen & Ethan Coen - Mar. 6th - Blu-ray - 9/10
The Duellists (1977) Ridley Scott - Mar. 6th - TV - 8/10
Shutter Island (2010) Martin Scorsese - Mar. 7th - Cinema - 6/10
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) David Lean - Mar. 8th - TV - 10/10
Walter and the Tigers (2009) Jason Perryman - Mar. 9th - DVD - 8/10
Gomorra (2009) Matteo Garrone - Mar. 9th - HDTV - 8/10
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) John Hughes - Mar. 11th - HDTV - 8/10
The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant (2009) Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert - Mar. 12th - HDTV - 7/10
Crazy Heart (2009) Scott Cooper - Mar. 13th - Cinema - 9/10
Doctor Zhivago (1965) David Lean - Mar. 14th - TV - 10/10
Prom Night in Mississippi (2009) Paul Saltzman - Mar. 15th - HDTV - 8/10
The Lower Depths a.k.a. Donzoko (1957) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 16th - TV - 9/10
Uncle Buck (1989) John Hughes - Mar. 17th - TV - 7/10
Cabin Fever (2003) Eli Roth - Mar. 20th - DVD - 7/10
Killshot (2008) John Madden - Mar. 20th - HDTV - 7/10
Tigerland (2000) Joel Schumacher - Mar. 21st - DVD - 8/10
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) David Lean - Mar. 25th - TV - 10/10
Yojimbo (1961) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 26th - TV - 9/10
Sanshiro Sugata (1943) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 27th - TV - 8/10
All the President's Men (1976) Alan J. Pakula - Mar. 27th - TV - 9/10
Kumonosu-jô a.k.a. Throne of Blood (1957) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 29th - TV - 9/10
Boyz n the Hood (1991) John Singleton - Mar. 30th - TV - 7/10
The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail (1945) Akira Kurosawa - Mar. 30th - TV - 7/10
Titanic (1943) Herbert Selpin - Mar. 31st - TV - 5/10

Stray Dog (1949) Akira Kurosawa - Apr. 2nd - TV - 9/10
Monkey Business (1931) Norman Z. McLeod - Apr. 6th - TV - 7/10
The Hidden Fortress (1958) Akira Kurosawa - Apr. 8th - TV - 9/10
Caché (2004) Michael Haneke - Apr. 9th - DVD - 9/10
Jing wu men a.k.a. The Chinese Connection (1972) Lo Wei - Apr. 10th - DVD - 7/10
Stalag 17 (1953) Billy Wilder - Apr. 10th - TV - 8/10
Zombieland (2009) Ruben Fleischer - Apr. 11th - DVD - 7/10
Funny People (Theatrical) (2009) Judd Apatow - Apr. 13th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Julie & Julia (2009) Nora Ephron - Apr. 13th - HDTV - 6/10
Kick-Ass (2010) Matthew Vaughn - Apr. 18th - Cinema - 9/10
El Topo (1970) Alejandro Jodorowsky - Apr. 22nd - MPEG4 (PSP) - 10/10
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) James Foley - Apr. 23rd - Sony UMD - 10/10
The Losers (2010) Sylvain White - Apr. 24th - Cinema - 6/10

Big Fan (2009) Robert Siegel - May 1st - HDTV - 8/10
You Don't Know Jack (2010) Barry Levinson - May 4th - HDTV - 8/10
Cat People (1982) Paul Schrader - May 6th - TV - 8/10
Irréversible (2002) Gaspar Noé - May 7th - DVD - 9/10
Iron Man 2 (2010) Jon Favreau - May 9th - Cinema - 8/10
Thieves' Highway (1949) Jules Dassin - May 11th - DVD - 8/10
Kick-Ass (2010) Matthew Vaughn - May 16th - Cinema - 9/10
Ikiru (1952) Akira Kurosawa - May 19th - TV - 10/10
Don't You Forget About Me (2009) Matt Austin Sadowski - May 20th - HDTV - 5/10
Running on Empty (1988) Sidney Lumet - May 24th - DVD - 9/10
Dragnet (1987) Tom Mankiewicz - May 25th - TV - 7/10
Terminator Salvation (2009) McG - May 30th - HDTV - 6/10
The Special Relationship (2010) Richard Loncraine - May 31st - HDTV - 8/10

Real Life (1979) Albert Brooks - Jun. 1st - DVD - 8/10
Modern Romance (1981) Albert Brooks - Jun. 2nd - DVD - 8/10
Hoosiers (1986) David Anspaugh - Jun. 3rd - TV - 8/10
People Who Do Noise (2008) Adam Cornelius - Jun. 5th - DVD - 9/10
Batman (1989) Tim Burton - Jun. 8th - Blu-ray - 8/10
Trick 'r Treat (2009) Michael Dougherty - Jun. 10th - HDTV - 7/10
Get Him to the Greek (2010) Nicholas Stoller - Jun. 13th - Cinema - 8/10
Altered States (1980) Ken Russell - Jun. 15th - DVD - 7/10
Tales of the Black Freighter (2009) Daniel DelPurgatorio & Mike Smith - Jun. 15th - Blu-ray - 7/10
Under the Hood (2009) Eric Matthies - Jun. 16th - Blu-ray - 9/10
National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) Amy Hecklering - Jun. 19th - HDTV - 7/10
The Aviator (2004) Martin Scorsese - Jun. 19th - Blu-ray - 10/10
Batman Returns (1992) Tim Burton - Jun. 21st - Blu-ray - 8/10
Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) Howard Deutch - Jun. 22nd - HDTV - 8/10
The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) Robert Markowitz - Jun. 23rd - TV - 6/10
Jackie Brown (1997) Quentin Tarantino - Jun. 26th - DVD - 9/10
Battle Royale a.k.a. Batoru rowaiaru (2000) Kinji Fukasaku - Jun. 27th - DVD - 9/10
Hancock (2008) Peter Berg - Jun. 27th - HDTV - 6/10
The Reader (2008) Stephen Daldry - Jun. 28th - HDTV - 8/10
Batman Forever (1995) Joel Schumacher - Jun. 29th - Blu-ray - 6/10

48 Hrs. (1982) Walter Hill - Jul. 3rd - HDTV - 8/10
Death Proof (Extended) (2007) Quentin Tarantino - Jul. 3rd - DVD - 9/10
The Invention of Lying (2009) Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson - Jul. 4th - TV - 7/10
Manderlay (2005) Lars von Trier - Jul. 5th - DVD - 9/10
Naked Lunch (1991) David Cronenberg - Jul. 5th - TV - 8/10
Rocky (1976) John G. Avildsen - Jul. 6th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Batman & Robin (1997) Joel Schumacher - Jul. 7th - Blu-ray - 3/10
Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) Michael Moore - Jul. 8th - HDTV - 6/10
The Godfather (1972) Francis Ford Coppola - Jul. 10th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Frank Capra - Jul. 12th - TV - 7/10
The Kids Are All Right (2010) Lisa Cholodenko - Jul. 19th - Cinema - 9/10
Predators (2010) Nimród Antal - Jul. 20th - Cinema - 7/10
Inception (2010) Christopher Nolan - Jul. 22nd - Cinema - 9/10
The Usual Suspects (1995) Bryan Singer - Jul. 23rd - MPEG4 (PSP) - 8/10

The Other Guys (2010) Adam McKay - Aug. 7th - Cinema - 7/10
Red Dragon (2002) Brett Ratner - Aug. 7th - HDTV - 7/10
À bout de souffle a.k.a. Breathless (1960) Jean-Luc Godard - Aug. 10th - DVD - 9/10
The Godfather Part II (1974) Francis Ford Coppola - Aug. 14th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Bronson (2008) Nicholas Winding Refn - Aug. 14th - HDTV - 7/10
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Edgar Wright - Aug. 15th - Cinema - 8/10
The Expendables (2010) Sylvester Stallone - Aug. 15th - Cinema - 6/10
Wilder Napalm (1993) Glenn Gordon Caron - Aug. 16th - DVD - 6/10
The Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan - Aug. 23rd - Blu-ray - 9/10

Big Shots (1987) Robert Mandel - Sep. 1st - TV - 7/10
Raging Bull (1980) Martin Scorsese - Sep. 2nd - HDTV - 10/10
The Book of Eli (2010) Albert Hughes & Allen Hughes - Sep. 4th - TV - 6/10
Machete (2010) Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis - Sep. 6th - Cinema - 7/10
Cat People (1942) Jacques Tourneur - Sep. 8th - DVD - 8/10
Observe and Report (2009) Jody Wood - Sep. 11th - HDTV - 9/10
The Godfather Part III (1990) Francis Ford Coppola - Sep. 11th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Run Silent Run Deep (1958) Robert Wise - Sep. 11th - TV - 9/10
The Square (2008) Nash Edgerton - Sep. 12th - DVD - 8/10
Curse of the Cat People (1944) Gunter von Fritsch & Robert Wise - Sep. 14th - DVD - 7/10
Giù la testa a.k.a. A Fistful of Dynamite (1972) Sergio Leone - Sep. 16th - DVD - 10/10
Defending Your Life (1991) Albert Brooks - Sep. 17th - TV - 7/10
The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) Grant Heslov - Sep. 17th - HDTV - 6/10
True Romance (1993) Tony Scott - Sep. 26th - Blu-ray - 9/10

Badlands (1973) Terrence Malick - Oct. 2nd - TV - 9/10
The Social Network (2010) David Fincher - Oct. 3rd - Cinema - 9/10
The Virgin Suicides (1999) Sofia Coppola - Oct. 6th - HDTV - 9/10
FUBAR II (2010) Michael Dowse - Oct. 11th - Cinema - 8/10
Reservoir Dogs (1991) Quentin Tarantino - Oct. 11th - Blu-ray - 9/10
High Plains Drifter (1973) Clint Eastwood - Oct. 11th - TV - 9/10
Role Models (2008) David Wain - Oct. 12th - HDTV - 7/10
Walter and the Tigers (2009) Jason Perryman - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 8/10
Bill the Painter (2010) Matt Cascella - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 7/10
The Bear Facts (2010) Jonathan Wright - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 8/10
Kitakinan - The Land of Everybody (2009) Serge Boudreau - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 9/10
Carpe Diem (2010) Brenda Longfellow - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 5/10
Sahara Sahara (2009) Geoffrey Pugen - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 7/10
Tar Sand Pudding (2010) Xstine Cook - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 6/10
This is Alaska (2009) Gunilla Heilborn & Mårten Nilsson - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 8/10
Save the Farm (2010) Michael Kuehnert - Oct. 16th - Cinema - 7/10
Jackass 3D (2010) Jeff Tremaine - Oct. 24th - Cinema - 7/10
Never Lose Sight (2009) Sarah McNair-Landry - Oct. 26th - Online - 8/10
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) Kelly Makin - Oct. 28th - HDTV - 8/10

Back to the Future (1985) Robert Zemeckis - Nov. 2nd - Blu-ray - 10/10
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Robert Aldritch - Nov. 3rd - TV - 9/10
Back to the Future Part II (1989) Robert Zemeckis - Nov. 7th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Home Fries (1998) Dean Parisot - Nov. 12th - DVD - 6/10
Back to the Future Part III (1990) Robert Zemeckis - Nov. 8th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Metropolis (2010 Restoration) (1927) Fritz Lang - Nov. 13th - TV - 10/10
How to Train Your Dragon (2010) Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois - Nov. 13th - Blu-ray - 6/10
The Karate Kid (2010) Harald Zwart - Nov. 14th - DVD - 8/10
Bright Star (2009) Jane Campion - Nov. 20th - VOD - 9/10
The Bad Lieutenant / Port of Call: New Orleans (2009) Werner Herzog - Nov. 20th - VOD - 9/10
RED (2010) Robert Schwentke - Nov. 21st - Cinema - 7/10
300 (2007) Zack Snyder - Nov. 28th - Blu-ray - 10/10

Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - Dec. 8th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Epidemic (1987) Lars Von Trier - Dec. 12th - DVD - 9/10
Obsession (1975) Brian De Palma - Dec. 12th - DVD - 8/10
Batman Begins (2005) Christopher Nolan - Dec. 16th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Public Speaking (2010) Martin Scorsese - Dec. 20th - HDTV - 9/10
Good Hair (2009) Jeff Stilson - Dec. 20th - HDTV - 7/10
The Harvey Girls (1946) George Sidney - Dec. 20th - TV - 8/10
Me and Orson Welles (2009) Richard Linklater - Dec. 21st - HDTV - 8/10
Kick-Ass (2010) Matthew Vaughn - Dec. 24th - HDTV - 9/10
The Prestige (2006) Christopher Nolan - Dec. 26th - Blu-ray - 9/10
Black Swan (2010) Darren Aronofsky - Dec. 26th - Cinema - 9/10
True Grit (2010) Joel & Ethan Coen - Dec. 26th - Cinema - 9/10
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) Niels Arden Oplev - Dec. 27th - HDTV - 8/10
Out of Sight (1998) Steven Soderbergh - Dec. 27th - HDTV - 7/10
Conan the Barbarian (1982) John Milius - Dec. 28th - HDTV - 7/10
FUBAR (2002) Michael Dowse - Dec. 29th - HDTV - 8/10
The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1932) Frank Capra - Dec. 31st - TV - 8/10

RaulMonkey's 2007 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2008 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2009 Movie Journal
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RaulMonkey's 2012 Movie Journal
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby bastard_robo on Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:24 am

Berserker Fire Mode Edition

First Time Views in Blue

January 3rd:
Up in the Air
January 5th:
Hot Fuzz
January 9th:
January 13th:
January 17th:
The Book of Eli
January 21st:
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
January 23rd:
Planet Hulk
January 24th
Crazy Heart
January 30th:
Edge of Darkness
February 6th:
The Shinjuku Incident
February 11th:
From Paris with Love
February 12th:
The Wolfman
February 13th:
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
February 17th:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
February 20th:
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissuo
Big Fan
February 21st:
Shutter Island
February 25th:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
February 26th:
February 27th:
Cop Out
February 28th:
Cop Out
March 4th:
Gentleman Broncos
March 5th:
Alice in Wonderland
March 6th:
Black Dynamite
Kiki's Delivery Service
March 14th:
Green Zone
Sci Fi Boys

March 19th:
Tommy Boy
March 21st:
The Sweetest Thing
Watchmen (ultimate cut)
March 25th:
Up in the Air
March 26th:
Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak
March 27th:
Hot Tub Time Machine
March 29th:
The Slammin Salmon
March 30th:
Speed Racer
March 31st:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April 1st:
Clash of the Titans
April 2nd:
Highlander: Search for Vengeance
April 3rd:
How to Train Your Dragon
April 10th:
The Quest
April 11th:
Date Night
April 15th
Kick Ass
April 16th:
Kick Ass
April 18th:
Kick Ass
April 25th:
The Losers
April 28th:
District 13 Ultimatum
April 30th:
May 1st:
Back to the Future
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3
May 2nd:
Iron Man
Crank 2
May 8th:
5th Element
Iron Man 2
May 9th:
Iron Man 2
May 26th:
Solomon Kane
May 27th:
Comic Book The Movie

May 28th:
Blood The Last Vampire
May 30th:
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
May 31st:
Payback: Straight Up Dir Cut
June 5th:
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
X-Men Last Stand
June 6th:
The Royal Tenenbaums
June 7th:
Army of Darkness
June 10th:
Matchstick Men
Blade 2
June 12th:
Jurassic Park
June 13th:
June 14th:
Sin City
June 19th:

Jonah Hex
Dark Knight
June 20th:
District 9
June 21st:
Toy Story 3
June 25th:
Knight and Day
June 27th
The Crazies
June 30th:
Kill Bill vol 1
Shaun of the Dead
July 2nd:
The Last Airbender
July 4th:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
July 5th:
Gamera vs Barugon
July 6th:
Clerks 2
July 11th:
My Neighbor Totro

July 12th:
July 15th:
Quick Change
Kick Ass
July 18th:
July 23rd:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Mutant Girl Squad

July 27th:
Sorcerers Apprentice
July 29th:
Batman Under the Red Hood
July 31st:

Tremors 2
The Fantastic Mr Fox
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
August 1st:
Ghostbusters 2
Grizzly Man
August 2nd:
August 3rd:
August 7th:
Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie
August 8th:
August 9th:
The Box

August 11th:
The Other Guys
August 15th:
The Expendables
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
August 20th:
Piranha 3D
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
August 21st:
August 22nd:
August 24th:
Scott pilgrim vs the world
August 26th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
August 28th:
August 30th:
Black Dynamite
September 1st:
The Runaways

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
September 5th:
November 6th:
September 7th:
Back to the Future
Trick or Treat
September 8th:
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
September 10th:
The American
Get Low
September 12th:

September 15th:
Superman/Batman Apocalypse
September 19th:
The Town
October 2nd:
October 5th:
Let Me In
October 13th:
Summer Wars
October 14th:
October 16th:
The Colony
October 17th:
Wild Target
October 20th:
Paranormal Activity 2
October 24th:
Paranormal Activity 2
October 30th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
November 1st:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
November 6th:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Weather Man

November 7th:
Castle in the Sky
Onechanabara Bikini Samurai
November 8th:
Due Date

November 9th:
Scott PIlgrim vs The World
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
November 10th:
Scott PIlgrim vs The World
November 12th:
November 14th:
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
November 19th:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

November 25th:
Zack and Miri Make A Porno
November 27th:
December 2nd:
December 5th:
The Last 3 Days
The Warriors Way

December 9th:
December 12th:
Kick Ass
December 19th:
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Tron Legacy
December 24th:
It's A Wonderful Life
December 25th:
Black Swan
December 26th:
Winnebago Man
True Grit
December 30th:
The Fighter
The Social Network
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:12 am

I got a really cool Alfred Hitchcock box set for Christmas, so one of the things I'm going to try and do this year is get through them all (plus the ones NOT in the box set that I own)


    *MOON-I really enjoyed this Sam Rockwell vechile, I think if I would have seen it a day or two earlier it might have bumped District 9 out of my number one spot. Just a damn good movie.

    *AVATAR-I compared this movie to a tapestry in my big review in the Avatar thread. If you look closely, you'll see the strings and notice the little things, if you sit back and look at the whole thing you see a beautiful story unfolding before your eyes

    *FUNNY PEOPLE-Adam Sandler does the best acting of his carrer and Seth Rogan compliments him well. Unfourtantly the movie runs at least a half hour too long and that's mostly the segment in San Fransico with Leslie Bibb. Cut most of that out and you'd have a really great film.

    *CRIMSON RIVERS-a tightly paced, full on actionner of French Cinema, with some great performances from Vincent Cassel and Jean Reno and some cool creepy atmosphere. An Offical OLEG Movie Club Selection (FRENCH round)

    *BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF-badass and An Offical OLEG Movie Club Selection (FRENCH round)

    *BELLE DU JOUR-Martin Scorsese presents this 1965 French classic. I couldn't get into it but it had some good acting. An Offical OLEG Movie Club Selection (FRENCH ROUND)

    *LE SAMOURAI-this 1967 French noir classic is badass and a keeper. I don't know if it started the "gangster/assassin the follows the rules of the samauri" genre or not, but it heavily influenced lots of modern takes on the theme. An Official OLEG Movie Club Selection (FRENCH round)

    *UP IN THE AIR-Jason Reitman's 3rd feature reminded me personally of Judd Apatow's 3rd feature (which I saw earlier this week) FUNNY PEOPLE. a series of vignettes following around a fairly unlikeable person contemplating his life as he mentors a younger person and pursues love unsuccessfully. And both feature a slow down in about the middle of the 3rd act, only to pick back up once the lead gets dumped. They both feature some great cameos. UP IN THE AIR gets props for Sam Elliott, JK Simmons, Danny McBride, Melanie Lynskey, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Bateman and for a naked Vera Farmiga. A good movie, but I don't think it's Oscar buzz worthy.

    *BLACK DYNAMITE-HELL YES! This movie is great

    *WHIP IT- a sweet cute little sports movie. Predictable, but fun. Surprised the hell out of me how much I liked it

    SABOTEUR- A tight thriller from the Master, kicks off my examination of Hitchcock's movies. I saw this one about 3 weeks ago at work, but this was the first chance to sit down and watch it from beginning to end. Nazis and freaks and a cross country trip and a nice conclusion at the Statue of Liberty that echos North by Northwest

    *SHADOW OF A DOUBT-my film education into Hitchcock continued with this one reportedly Hitchcock's favorite, as well as being praised by David Mamet. I can see why, this is a nice tight thriller with some nice touches of humor (like the father and his friend and always talking how they could kill someone). Thorton Wilder handled the script. It's just a fantastic little movie.

    * MONSTER-IN-LAW- this is what happens when I let my sister and mom pick out a movie. It wasn't horrible, I laughed (mostly at Wanda Sykes and Will Arnett) but it wasn't anything to write home about.

    INTO THE WOODS (Live on Stage)-This may be my favorite musical by Sondheim. And Bernedette Peters is hot as HELL! Just a really good production

    *OT: OUR TOWN- a documentary detailing a Compton High School doing a production of Our Town, the first play done in this school in 20 years. The structure of this is interspersed with footage of the 1977 TV version with Hal Holbrook. Just a really cool documentary. If they ever did a feature version, Michelle Rodriquez needs to be cast as the main teacher.

    REDBELT-goddamn this movie gets better every time I see it

    *THE CAR-Jaws on wheels. A Lot of fun with James Brolin sporting an awesome 70's 'stashe--Offical Oleg Movie Club Selection (VS round)

    CHRISTINE-probably my favorite of the King adaptions, a damn good movie. Carpenter at the top of his game--Official Oleg Movie Club Selction (VS round)

    *THE GAMERS: DORKNESS RISING-a silly stupid movie that looks and is cheap. But as a D&D gamer I had a lot of fun with this. NOT recommended to anyone that has never played D&d and even then I say watch it only for the D&D jokes.

    SUMMER CATCH-a movie full of young actors I don't like (Freddie Prinze Jr, Matthew Lillard, Jessica Biel, Wilmer Valderama) and vetern actors I do like (Fred Ward, Brian Dennehy, John C McGinley, an uncredited Beverly DeAngelo) that just sucks. It was on TV while at work.

    THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY-a great movie. I know there was a remake years ago in the works with Mike Myers I believe. So glad it never got off the ground. This movie may be sheer perfection. Danny Kaye proves what a great actor he is in this movie.
    *BIG FAN-disturbing, slightly deranged, and yet compelling and at times a bit close to home. Patton Oswalt again proves he is more then just a great comedian and supporting work was great too. And Micheal Rapport was fantastic in a very small part. I'm not sure if I buy the ending, would someone really get a year in lock up for paintballing someone? still a great movie

    *THE EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS-it didn't excite me or engross me but it wasn't bad. Burst does do a pretty good job directing I have to say. The story though just didn't grab me.

    *ACROSS THE UNIVERSE- not bad, not great. Julie Taymor is always interesting to watch though

    LETHAL WEAPON-man Donner was at the top of his game during this movie. Great stuff. An Oleg Movie Club Selection (VS Round)

    DIE HARD-this movie never gets old. An Oleg Movie Club Selection (VS Round)

    *Brødre-this was good but I can't say I was overly impressed or feel the need to watch this again (though I will as I plan on watching the American remake). The story was a bit overly dramatic, and despite being almost 2 hours long, I didn't feel it gave time to breath. I was also turned off by director Susanna Bier use of hand held camera work and extreme close ups. And it may have been Netflix's Watch Instantly feature, I'm not sure, but it seemed like there were some weird edits, almost jump cuts or Avid farts, espically at the beginning and during the confrontation with the police. The performances were rock solid and fantastic though.

    FIGHT CLUB-still a work of genius, but not everything works for me even after the twist. I'm thinking of the scene where Norton is locking the door while Pitt and his cronies drag the police commissioner into the bathroom to cut off his balls. Was the door ever locked and if so how did he manage that? Great movie though still.

    BLAZING SADDLES-sure it was edited for TV on AMC. But it's still one of the funniest movies ever made.


    *SEMI-PRO-sue me, I laughed.

    *MIAMI BLUES-not a bad movie, but not a great movie. Some movies I get from Netflix I like to keep several days, watch again, savor in their awesomness. This one went back in the mail tonight after watching it. It has some good stuff, most notably Alec Baldwin kicking ass (and looking like Stephen Baldwin), then getting his fingers cut off with a fucking machete, also Jennifer Jason Leigh's tits make quite a few apperances and they are wonderful. Fred Ward kicks ass too. Ultimately though the story feels like someone was trying to do a riff on Elmore Leonard.

    THE SPIRIT-I know this movie fails on just about every level, but I love the sheer balls out craziness of it. I want the drugs Miller was on while making this.

    *ADVENTURELAND-I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Don't really have anything else to add, but I enjoyed it.

    *FOOL'S GOLD-this was on HBO and I was bored at work. It was what it was. I will admit there were parts where I laughed, but I'm easily amused.

    *JULIE & JULIA-This wasn't a bad little flick. Amy Adams was cute, and Meryl Streep knocked it out of the park. I picked up the book and am not finding it as enjoying as the book. The real Julie Powell comes across kind of bitchy, Amy Adams made her much more likeable.

    ROPE-For a long time I called this my favorite of Hitch's movies. Just a fantastic movie. But I don't know if I'd ll this my favorite. Earlier this month, I really fell in love with Shadow Of A Doubt. But this is still one of my favorites. Obviously this is part of my film education of the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, I have a feeling that by the time this is done, I'm going to love ALL of Hitch's movies.

    *REAR WINDOW-A tight, fantastic little thriller.

    ZOMBIELAND-I got this one in right at the buzzer. I loved it in the theaters (not as good as Shaun and really shouldn't be compared to it), this one works I think a little bit better on eh small screen. The cameo though, not as funny I don't think when you know it's coming.

    THE STRAIGHT STORY-one of my favorite Lynch movies. But it's very strange seeing the Disney logo in front of a David Lynch movie. But it's an incrediable piece of filmmaking.

    *PLANET HULK- Another pretty solid feature from Marvel Animation

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PERAL- You know I kind of forget how fun this movie is.

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST- This one isn't bad but it suffers from trying to tell one story in 2 movies. They should have made each movie a stand alone story.

    FLASHDANCE - When I was a kid, I had an aunt that loved this movie and DIRTY DANCING and watched them all the time, when I'd rather watch BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. I didn't like this movie then, and I'm still not a fan of it. But it is better then I remember. An Offical OLEG Movie Club Selection (VS round).

    SHOWGIRLS - Look past the tits, the asses, the neon, and the bad acting and you have what is a typically dark Verhoveen film about the nature of man. How we will lie chat and screw people over to get to the top, only to find that there is someone there that will screw you over just as quick. The more things change, the more they remain the same. An Offical OLEG Movie Club Selection (VS Round)

    * THE NEW WOLRD - Terrance "Motherfucking" Malick. I do wish they had left out the Mother Earth stuff, as well as the love story of Smith and Pocahontas and focus more on the building of Jamestown itself. But it's like perfect material for Malick's POV. A brilliant film (and I love that portions of Horner's score is cut in favor of classical pieces). I forgot that Bale is in this movie.

    * THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY - This is a fun little comedy and totally unexpected from Alfred Hitchcock. And features some really great performances from Shirley McClaine, John Forsthye, and features a really young Jerry Mathers.

    ARMAGEDDON - I have a soft spot in my heart for this movie. I can't explain it, but it gets to me. It may be my favorite thing Bay has ever done.

    OUT OF SIGHT - I love this movie. Love it, love it, love it. Jennifer Lopez has never been sexier and Cloony never more sauve.

    JACKIE BROWN - Quinty's most mature film. A movie that gets better with age.

    MONSTERS VS ALIENS - I hadn't seen this since it was out in theaters. Not as good as i remembered, but not bad either. Some nice homages and some jokes that just don't work.

    THE HUSTLER - Pure perfection. An Oleg Movie Club Selection (VS Round)

    *THE CINCINNATI KID - A good movie, but doesn't reach the levels of greatness as The Hustler does. An Oleg Movie Club Selection (VS round)

    *THE LARAMIE PROJECT - About a year ago, I read the play at a friend's suggestion and loved it. It finally popped up on my Netflix que unexpectedly and I have to say it's just as good as the play. It really moved this hardened Republican ;) My only complaint is that the star studded cast distracted me at times (i.e. "oh look it Laura Linny" "it's Peter Fonda" "it's Richard Alpert" "fuck it's Ben!" "Amy Madigan" "Faraday", etc)

    THE HOLIDAY - I find this movie cute and it makes me laugh and smile.

    *JUSTICE LEAGUE:CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS - Another good one from DC Animation. I believe I prefer DC's Animated over Marvels at the moment.

    *SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARKSIDE - I'm not a big Family Guy fan, but I really enjoyed this.

    HAMLET (1990) - A pretty good adaptation of The Bard's famous play. An OLEG Movie Club Selection (VS round)

    HAMLET (1998) - Brangah's ultrafaithful adaptation that is just fantastic despite some weird casting choices. An OLEG Movie Club Selection (VS round)

    WATCHMEN (theatrical cut) - I really enjoyed this the first time I saw it, back in July I believe. I hadn't seen it since, and while it's still good, I didn't get the enjoyment out of it that I did the first time. I plan on getting the ULTIMATE DIRECTOR'S CUT sooner or later. I'm not disappointed I have this version, espically considering it only cost me $5.

    LAST MAN STANDING - Just a flat out great Walter Hill flick that tends to get forgotten. Probitation era Bruce tears it up. Plus Bruce Dern and Christopher Walken. I want to do a double feature with this and DePalma's UNTOUCHABLES

    *THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934) - Part of my Hitchcock education and just a great film from Hitchcock. I've had this movie for years and had never watched it. Glad I finally did. Plan on watching the '56 version next in my lessons in Hitch.

    WATCHMEN - Caught this on HBO and my previous comments still stand. Good not great. Missing something, maybe Ultimate is better, I'll get it.

    MATINAEE - Followed a movie about nucular Cold War parnoia in the 80s with a nucular Cold War paranoia movie set in the 60s. Only this one is a lot better. I want to see a movie in Atomio-vision

    THE DIRTY DOZEN - Films just don't get better then this. I don't know if it was the late hour of watching this, or me not feeling 100%, but I laughed more this time then I think I ever have before. Borgnine has some of the best reaction shots during the war games segment when he realizes what Bronson and Co. are doing. I love TCM during Oscar season!

    * COP-OUT - Sorry Kev, probably your worst movie. I laughed, yes, but the end result is weak.

    *SHUTTER ISLAND - An excellent flick from Scorcese. A fantatic performance from DiCaprio. Really enjoyed this movie, on the edge of my seat.

    *EDGE OF DARKNESS - Not a great movie, but I enjoyed it. Part thriller, part detective story, part revenge flick. Mel was very good and it was nice to see him on the screen again

    ZACH AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO - I like this movie but I don't find it as funny after multiple viewings.

    IMAGINATIONLAND - I hadn't seen this in forever and got a bug up my ass to watch it. Still one of the funniest things South Park has done. Not quite up there with BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT but still pretty enjoyable.

    JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK - This Kevin Smith movie, though, I still laugh a lot at. I love Will Ferrell in it and wish he'd do another movie with Smith.

    3:10 TO YUMA - There's a lot I like about this. I love the acting. Bale, Crow, Fonda, Foster, Tyduck, Lerman, even Gretchen Mol in a small part are fantastic. I like about 90% even 95% of the story but there are parts I really don't like. The whole cut through the mountains scene with Luke Wilson could have been and should have been cut. And I'm not sure I buy the end when Crowe kills his crew

    *A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - I really enjoyed this movie. Viggo was great, Harris was great, I thought Hurt was a little over the top, but overall a good flick.

    MATINEE - This has been on HBO quite a bit lately, and it makes me happy. I just love this movie. I think it's one of Joe Dante's strongest movies and it's the movie I point to that made me a movie geek.

    * COUPLES RETREAT - Not a bad movie from long time producer/first time director Peter Billingsly. It's not a comedy that's going to shake up the world and is pretty generic, but I did laugh thanks to a strong cast. And Jean Reno as a sex guru/Steven Segal type was a hoot. I want a whole movie about him.

    A TIME TO KILL - "ES THEY DESERVED TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL" makes this movie. Did a little research on it during the movie, I want to see the alt universe versions with Val Kilmer and RDJ in the Matt Mcoughny roles.

    DR HORRIBLE'S SING-A-LONG BLOG - saw this was on Netflix watch instantly and couldn't resist. I love it so much.

    *GIRL INTERRUPTED - A good movie but not a great move. Angelina shows even then she is a great actress who can easily fall into ever acting.

    *SNATCH - Man I enjoyed the hell out of this.

    *HAMLET 2 - enjoyed the hell out of this as well

    THE PROMOTION - saw this last year and liked it, I think I liked it a little more my 2nd time around.

    * THE KING OF KONG - fascinating documentary, might be one of the best movies I've seen all month.

    *TIM BURTON'S ALICE IN WONDERLAND - I don't know if I liked this or not. It was a visual treat, but the story seemed lacking in a lot of spots. Some really good acting and some that wasn't so good. Like I said, I'm fairly indifferent towards it.

    MY COUSIN VINNY - always fun

    *HOT TUB TIME MACHINE - This was lots of goofy fun. I enjoyed it.

    *CLASH OF THE TITANS - I enjoyed the acting and the effects but man was the story lacking. REALLY lacking. Another draft or two and some thought behind things and it might have been good. I don't blame Lerriter, or Nesson, and Worthington, but man do I blame the writers. Gemma Atherton was nice to look at though

    *BAT LEUTINUENT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS - bat shit crazy fun. My only complaint was not enough Val Kilmer

    *HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - So much better then the trailers and title suggests it to be

    JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK - This movie makes me laugh, it shouldn't but it does.

    CLERKS 2 - A mindless, funny distraction while at friends' house

    ZACH AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO - Shoot me, I like Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith and I think they work well together.

    MALLRATS - A movie that has it's moments of funny

    THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN - Hadn't watched this in a while and forgot how I enjoyed it
    WOLVERINE-A year later and this movie I think has gotten worse, fuck this movie sucks
    X-MEN-10 years later and it's still pretty fucking good
    IRON MAN 2-I liked it quite a bit. Flawed yes, but enjoyable. Downy and Rourke made it for me.
    OBSERVE AND REPORT- I should mark this as something new I've watched, but I'm not. I've tried getting through this about 8 different times and there's been a lot of stop and then start again. I've finally made it through it, and you know what, I actually enjoyed this. I had friends who hated this and let me know in no uncertain terms how much they hated this. So maybe it was extremly lowered expectations, but I really enjoyed this. It worked for me.
    *TRIPPING THE RIFT:THE MOVIE-calling this "the movie" is using the word movie pretty loosely. If you thought the Futurama or Family Guy "movies" didn't work because they strung together episodes, then this REALLY doesn't work as the episodes are strung together by the loosest of plots.
    *CEMETERY MAN-Damn this a weird ass movie. I LIKED it but don't know if I'll ever watch it again
    ROLE MODELS-I really like this movie, but I like my story of taking a new preacher in town to see it in the theaters more.
    THE ROCKETEER- Still the most faithful comic to film translation I've ever seen (with the minor substations of using Locke as Hughes instead of Doc Sampson and changing Betty (i.e. Bettie Paige) to Jenny)
    *THE PASSENGER- crap

June's been hella busy for me so not much movie watching done this month, but I've bought a lot of movies.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

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Yeah, I totally fucked up this time.










DRACULA (1992).



























































HAMLET (1990).











HAMLET (1996).































SCARFACE (1932).




































































































































































































































DRACULA (1992).




























































































SHAFT (2000).













TRUE GRIT (2010).


TRUE GRIT (1969).


TRUE GRIT (2010).







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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DerLanghaarige on Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:13 pm

    #00001 Monsters Vs Aliens (DVD/1st time viewing)
A very, very uneven movie.Sometimes it's very entertaining (The fight against the giant robot in San Francisco), but sometimes it's even for me too silly (The President tries to make first contact with the aliens). "Uneven" is also the right word for the voice actors. We get some great performances from Hugh Laurie and Kiefer Sutherland, but Reese Witherspoon sounds bored and like she would just read her lines. And Seth Rogen...well, if you think he is already unbearable on screen, you will be surprised how much worse he is when you don't even see him! Did I already said "uneven"? Because that's what the script is. While the first half kept me pretty interested, I kinda stopped caring in the second half. I gotta give the movie credit for some cool SciFi design, very cool executed action scenes (Is Dreamworks Animation shifting from being the "pop culture reference studio" to the "great action scenes studio"? First Kung Fu Panda, now MvA!) and a good score. And I would rent the sequel if they make one, even if it's just to know if they have improved by now.)


    #00002 Let The Right One In (DVD/ 1st Time Vewing)
Sorry to be Señor Partypoopero, but I was seriously underwhelmed by it. The movie is 75% the usual, a million times made "My first love"-childhood story and 25% suspense-, atmosphere- and dramatical-punch-free vampire tale without a real payoff. Not to mention that this Oskar-kid creeped me out. He should have been the vampire. And then the way the kids talked. I know it's difficult to make kids talk like real kids on film, but their stiff adult talk annoyed the fuck out of me. Sorry, I got no idea what the fuzz was all about. Apart from some beautiful cinematography, I can't say many positive things about it. Wanna see a good foreign supernatural drama with kids? Watch "The Devil's Backbone" instead!

    #00003 Clerks (DVD)
Still as funny as 12 years ago, when I watched my TV recording of it at least once a week.


    #00004 Mallrats (DVD)
Y'know, I never understood the hate for this movie. It's constantly entertaining (Yes, I even like the game show) and sometimes just fucking hilarious! And Ethan Suplee is the official scene stealer of the movie. I love how he calls a kid first "dumb bastard" and then starts yelling at it.


    #00005 Chasing Amy (DVD)
Originally I didn't plan to revisit the full directorial work of Kevin Smith, but after watching the first two, I thought "Why not?" Well, "Chasing Amy" is for many people the best thing he has ever done and while I see where they come from, I can't really agree with them. Don't get me wrong, it is a a very good movie. Maybe the best RomCom ever and also exactly what "Sex & The City" should have been.It's sexy, it's hilarious, it's original and it feels honest. It just has two big problems: 1)There are 15-20 minutes in the middle part, where we have to abide one awkward speech after another. (Starting with the love confession in the car.) I think Kevin Smith can write great dialogue, but these long speeches in the middle part, are definitely not his finest hour. 2.)Joey Lauren Adams can't act and has an unbelievable annoying voice that only gets worse when she has to scream or cry. And unfortunately she has to do both of it several times. Sorry, you are cute, but you annoyed the fuck out of me. On the other hand I have to say that Ben Affleck was very good. I haven't seen many movies with him, but this might have been his finest acting hour. I'm not talking Oscars here, but he was very natural and believable.
7/10 (would have been more, but that pointless speech marathon in the middle and Joey Lauren Adams just killed it.)


    #00006 The Hurt Locker (DVD/1st time viewing)
Does this one work as a thriller? Fuck yeah! Does it work as a drama? Not so much. The suspense scenes had me on the edge of my seat every time, but I gotta admit that most of the dramatic parts fell very flat. I liked the part where one soldier played with the thought of killing the group leader, because otherwise they might all die because of him. That was the one drama part that I could get behind, but unfortunately they came never back to this.. Another thing that really hurts the movie is the always annoying shaky cam. Yes, even Kathryn Bigelow, the godess of action cinema, now starts to overuse handheld cameras in hope of catching authentic documentary flair. Didn't work here either. At least it wasn't "Bourne 3" or "Battlestar Galactica" bad. You could still very good see what's going on, but it was still far, far away from "24" or "Children Of Men" quality! Another thing that slightly annoyed me were the celebrity cameos. Once in a while we saw a known face between all these unknown newcomers and a few minutes later they were gone. Ralph Fiennes even gets a sitcom-style "Look, it's that guy" introduction, where you don't see his face at first until it gets slowly uncovered! But apart from these flaws it's a great movie!Kathryn Bigelow squeezes every drop of suspense out of the scenes "at work", the actors are doing a very good job and it doesn't try to shove you an opinion into your throat. Although I gotta admit that the ending leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I don't know if they tried to make us worry for him, now that he spends another full year surrounded by bombs and snipers or that they wanted wanted to say "Hey, look at that hero! He gives up his boring life at home and does something very important! We need more people like him!"
8/10 (would have been a 9 without the shaky cam and with more relatable characters)



    #00007 Fanboys (DVD/1st time viewing)
I expected this to be a gigantic train wreck. You know how allergic I react to nerd humor. "Look, it's that guy from _________". "Hahaha, he made a Star Wars reference!" Oh for fuck's sake, leave me alone with that! This kind of humor is for me on the same level as fart jokes. It can be funny sometimes, but most of the time it's not. And of course the trailer, the premise and everything I've heard about the movie didn't make me too enthusiastic. But to my own surprise, I kinda liked it! I laughed several times and every now and then even very loud. And you know what? Even Seth Rogen didn't piss me off! That's a first! No other movie did that before! Okay, but it's not thAT good. The characters are the typical teen comedy characters that we've seen a million times before and after something like 30 minutes, the whole Star Wars talk got very tiresome. Yes, I get it, they are Star Wars fans. No need to prove it by letting them spit out a new quote every 10 seconds. :x And the situations they run into are also pretty standard teen comedy fare. So don't expect any surprises. But I was entertained. It's not nearly as good as, let's say "Road Trip", but it was way more watchable than expected. (And Kristen Bell was hotter than ever! She should permanently change from blonde to brunet.)



    #00008 12 Rounds (DVD/1st time viewing)
Definitely one of the weaker Renny Harlin films. It has a serious DTV feel, mostly because of the C-List star and the unknown and uncharismatic supporting cast. Not too mention the fucking shaky cam and the stupid Avid farts. I gotta give it at least some credit for being an almost nonstop action flick. Once the plot kicks in, they don't waste much time with other stuff, outside of running from one action piece to another. Unfortunately the action is seriously unspectacular to watch, so while I wasn't bored, I also wasn't very excited about what was going on. Oh, and of course it's a shameless "Die Hard With A Vengance" rip off. :P



    #00009 Dogma (DVD)
Continuing my re-visitation of the View Askewniverse with the film, that was for many people (including me) their first encounter with indie-film-phenomenon Kevin Smith. I always thought that Dogma was not nearly as smart ( in terms of religious satire) as many critics (and viewers) thought it was, but that doesn't mean it's not a very entertaining movie. Okay, after more than 10 years and repeated viewings it lost a little bit of its freshness, but I think it still holds up pretty well. (And Alan Rickman just owns every movie!)



    #00010 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (DVD)
This is without a doubt Kevin Smith's dumbest movie, but I think it's still funnier than most other studio comedies of the last decade. Especially if you are into the View Askewniverse and able to catch all the little details, that normal viewers won't get. I mean, even the cameo of Judd Nelson is an in-joke, but he doesn't say or do anything to make outsiders realize, that it is one. I'm not trying to defend the movie to anybody who doesn't like it, because it seriously reduces all trademarks of the View Asknewniverse to the lowest common denominator, adds some fart jokes and celebrity cameos and then just runs with it, but damn, it amuses me every single time!
7,5/10 (biased fan rating)

    #00011 Jersey Girl (DVD)
Smith's first real mainstream movie is also his most underrated. Although it's pretty predicatable and conventional, compared to his other RomCom "Chasing Amy", it feels more complete and satisfying. And most important: It lacks all of these awkward moments that somehow ruined a huge part of "Amy". It's also one of the few movies that portray realistic child behaviour. And the irrefutable proof that George Carlin was capable of giving great acting performances. Seriously, without all the Bennifer hate when the film came out, it probably would have been recieved much better and Carlin would have maybe gotten an Oscar nod. Yes, he's that great! Don't believe the haters. It's a wonderful feel good movie.



    #00012 Flash Gordon (DVD)
What can I say about this movie? It's silly, it's campy, it's crazy, it's creative, it's a wonder- and faithful adaptation of the old serials (don't know about the comics), it's NOT boring for one single second! It's a little bit like a good child's birthday party should be. Everything is colourful and there is always something going on. Okay, to be honest I still got no fucking idea if they planned to make it that campy or if just something went wrong, but one thing is for sure: I love the result! And not in a MST3K way. It's good old fashioned pulp fiction. (Y'know, in the original meaning of the term. Before Tarantino bastardized it.)



    #00013 Clerks 2 (DVD)
I got seriously nothing but love for this movie. I adore every single minute of it and I just love how Smith avoided to repeat part 1, by seriously giving the movie a story and the characters some depth. Okay, I probably like this movie a little bit more than most others for personal reasons. I'm not just talking simple fanboyism here. It plain and simple touched my soul, because it eerily reflects a pretty fresh part of my life (And I'm not talking about the donkeyfucking).

Now, that I finished my re-visitation of Smith's filmography ("Zack & Miri" isn't out on DVD over here till March or so), I also wanna talk about something that I noticed. Many people give Smith shit for being "one note", but I seriously have to say that they are wrong. All fanboy love aside for a few moments, I really MUST say that each of his movies feels completely different than the rest of his work. (I mean as different as films from a director who has a recognizable style can be.) He's not re-inventing himself with every movie, but he seriously tries to not make the same movie twice, although most of them are all connected with each other. Although he has some of his trademarks in every movie, it's impossible to say: "Watch one of his movies and you know all of them." He's maybe not Mr Versatility, but he's a more capable filmmaker than many people (want to) think he is.



    #00014 House Of Frankenstein (DVD/1st time Viewing)
Maybe some of you will remember that I'm still writing a book with reviews of Werewolf movies. I'm WAAAAY behind my shedule, but I'm working on catching up. So today I went on with (kind of) part three in the Wolfman saga. "House Of Frankenstein", is about a Frankenstein wannabe and his hunchbacked assistant (who looks a lot like Tony Shaloub), who steals a traveling chamber of horrors to take revenge on the men who brought him into jail, by using no other than Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster, but really with one exception only his assistant. It's a very unfocused movie, but it feels still more coherent and entertaining than "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman". Especially because of the very touching subplot about the hunchback and his crush on a gipsy girl and wonderful performances from Bela Lugosi (mad scientist), John Carradine (Dracula) and Lon Chaney jr and his sad eyes. (The Wolfman)



    #00015 The Hangover (DVD/1st time Viewing)
I really wanted to love it. I even lowered my expactations, because I knew it wouldn't be THAT funny, as the hype suggests. I like Todd Phillips! "Road Trip" is one of the best comedies of the last decade! And while none of his other movies made me laugh that hard again, I enjoyed all of them so far. Even "School For Scoundrels" made me laugh loud a few times. And well, "The Hangover" wasn't bad. It was kinda entertaining, but...let's say that a comedy has a real problem when it only manages to make me laugh ONCE and it's not just during the end credit, but also because of a Carrot Top cameo! I don't even really know what the problem was. The biggest flaws that come to my mind are that kind of stuff that I'm usually willing to forgive to a certain degree (stock characters, predicatable story), the actors do a good job (don't know why that Zack Galifrakis guy is suddenly supposed to be the funniest man on earth, but he is still way superior to people like Seth Rogen) and as I already pointed out, it's entertaining. But I was just sitting there all the time, watching it without even cracking a smile. My brain recognised that what I saw was supposed to be funny, but it just didn't click. Damn, I never thought that I would rate "Fanboys" higher than this movie, but:



    #00016 Ice Age 3 (DVD/1st time Viewing)
I'm a huge fan of the first movie. It's IMO one of the most underrated animated movies of the last decade. People often dismiss it for any reason as a simple farting-animals-quote-popculture-movie, although it not just lacks any farting, it also has very little popculture. But it has lovable characters, an interesting (though underwritten) story, some hilarious and inspired slapstick moments and a big, studly heart underneath all of it. Part 2 was at least entertaining, but it was way too episodic and unfocused to be really enjoyable. And while part 3 still doesn't reach the class of part 1, it's a huge step into the right direction. The script feels again like a full movie and not just like a string of small, losely connected episodes and it also tries again to make us care for the characters, instead of just letting them tell jokes. But again it feels terribly underwritten. They scratch some themes on the surface, but don't really know what to do with it afterwards. Everything seems just like a plot device, to give a scene or two a little bit more drama. But even Ellie's pregnancy doesn't seem that important, apart from being a MacGuffin in the pre-climax action scene. I was highly entertained by the movie and will definitely check out part 4 when it comes out, but it just hurts me to know that the whole series could be so much better, if they would just invest more time in the scripts. This been said: I gotta give "Ice Age 3" mad props for the dynamic "camera" work. I can't remember another animated movie, that feels so much like it was filmed with a real camera.


    #00017 Clash Of The Titans (DVD/1st time Viewing)
We all know that today's movies are shit. Nothing but Special FX showcases without soul, intelligent script or good acting. 30 years ago were the films just better. Especially beloved classics like the original "Clash Of the Titans". That's what the popular opinion seems to be and I would agree if "Clash" wouldn't be such an unbearable piece of shit. The script doesn't make any sense and seems to be written around the special effects (which are even by 1980 standards unbelievable bad [except the Harryhausen Stop Motion creatures]. I mean, that movie came out after "Star Wars" or "Alien", but looks cheaper than your average 1950's b-movie schlock fest! Even the "Flash Gordon" movie from the same time period looks better!) and the actors are even worse! To be fair, if Maggie Smith or Laurence Olivier had anything interesting to do, they had probably tried to give a good performance. Sheesh, I just wasted 2 hrs with a boring mess that can only be improved by the remake! Seriously, if the remake turns out to work only on a so-bad-it's-good-level, it's already way superior to the original!
2/10 (would be 1, but the creatures were cool)



    #00018 Lady In The Water (TV/1st time Viewing)
Many people tried to warn me, but I couldn't resist. And hey, it was on TV. But to be honest, it wasn't THAT bad. Was it a boring, self-important, sometimes completely nonsensical mess? Shit, yeah! I mean, cereal boxes? Really? But it all came together in a very beautiful way. Because the movie was filled with likable and entertaining characters! The stoners, the half-bodybuilder, the asshole critic and so on. Every time the movie focused on them and not on the "Narf", the movie gained a lot of entertaining value and I just loved how they all played an important role in the end. Unfortunately was Shyamalan way too up his own ass to make an entertaining fantasy comedy in the tradition of films like "Batteries Not Included" and so we spent most of the time with lots of self important and boring bla bla, that almost challenges the typical Tarantino bullshit in terms of shut-the-fuck-up-I-don't-wanna-hear-that-go-on-with-the-cool-parts-of-the-movie-if-there-are-some! Too bad. Underneath what "The Lady In The Water" is now, is a much better film buried and screams for help.



    #00019 Where The Truth Lies (TV/1st time Viewing)
A very good and fascinating movie, that is often a little bit too artsy for its own good. It works very good anyway, although I had a real problem at first, that three or four different characters narrated the movie within five or six different timelines. But I got pretty quick used to it, so I approve on this. It was also good to see a twist-driven movie again, where you couldn't guess every single twist as soon as the opening credits are over, although none of the twists were really THAT shocking. I just don't think that it has that much re-watch value, apart from the scenes where Lohman doesn't even wear a wet shirt. But for now, I rate it:
8/10 (10/10 if you just rate naked Lohman.)



    #00020 El Orfanato (DVD/1st time Viewing)
A pretty good movie. Not very original (A spooky house with a dark past, even spookier ghost kiddies, desperate mother who believes in everything immediately, while the dad acts like a jerk and gives up way too soon...), sometimes way too obvious (Hello, you have to play the game to find your kid! And the opening credits even give away a big hint!), not very logical (Why does she have to play the game anyway? Can't the kids just tell her, since she can hear them anyway? I mean, they can obviously move things all around the house. Why not just write a message?And why locked sackboy her in the bathroom?) and not just a little bit disappointing in the end (All that hullaballo because she accidently locked her son in the secret basement?), but also suffering from what "Return Of The King" has been accused by millions of morons (Yes, "El Orfanato" has SERIOUSLY too many endings and unlike ROTK, where we spent some appropriate time to say good bye to all the characters that we followed on the long journey, it felt here just tacked on.). But on the other hand it's very atmospheric (although apart from the seance scene not very scary), has some great actors, wonderful cinematography, good actors and despite all its flaws a very tight written script. So it's worth checking checking out, but don't believe the hype too much.



    #00021 Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (DVD)
It's been an awful lot of time since I saw it the last time, so I thought I should give it another shot today. I've never been one of the people who hated it with a flaming passion. Hell, I even like JarJar! Anyway, I liked it a little bit better when I saw it around 10 years ago. I still don't think that it's really bad, but it drags a lot (especially in the first half, where they waste a lot of time on Tattooine) and I noticed for the first time how little I care for all the political power play. Not too mention that even the liberal viewer that I am will never forgive Lucas for killing the two best, new characters that early in the series (Maul & Qui-Gon).



    #00022 Thank You For Smoking (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A very entertaining movie, that never gets preachy (although it looked more than once like they would suddenly start to force a moral down our throats) or gets too high on being oh so political incorrect! To be honest, in the end I got no idea what the movie wanted to say. I even accuse it of doing a South Park-esque cop out ("The message is that we are too cool to pick a side"), but it doesn't feel like it wants a reward for doing this (Unlike South Park these days.). But it was plain and simple nice to see a movie, in which the asshole protagonist becomes a better man in the end, without changing that much. I think the only other movie who did that was "Bad Santa".



    #00023 Full Metal Village (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A documentary about the small German farmer village Wacken, which is once a year "invaded" by thousands of headbangers from all around the world, because a famous open air festival takes place there. Now you think it should be interesting to see how all these old village folks and farmers live with that, right? Well, it should be, but in this case it isn't. This was one of the most painfully boring documentaries I've ever seen. You just see pictures of cows and other farm animals, every few minutes some old man or woman explains how he runs his farm, some of them mention that they get along fine with the metalheads, while other mention that they get along fine with the metalheads but still suspect them of worshipping Satan. Seriously, the most interesting part during the 1st hour is when one farmer explains how he loves to sit on a chair and look at the neighbours and then suddenly a cat appears and drinks out of a milk can, while he is talking. When the headbangers finally arrive, it gets at least a little bit interesting. Mostly because some of them do their best to behave as wacky as possible. Especially these two guys. But you would be surprised how fucking BORING this movies portrays a three days Heavy Metal Open Air festival! Seriously! If you are for any reason scared that your kids will listen one day to this "evil satan music", just show them "Full Metal Village" and they will come to the conclusion, that everything that has to do with electric guitars is the most boring thing in the world!

    #00024 Death At A Funeral (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Maybe just a sampler of the most popular, dark humored sitcom gags, but the actors give 100%, you can't do much wrong with stuff like "Guy took accidently a wrong pill and acts wacky" and the movie runs only around 80 minutes.


    #00025 Mazes And Monsters (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Typical 80's TV Movie cheese, but with a good Tom Hanks and an interesting concept. But if you really wanna watch a "fantasy world get way too real in someone's head" movie, watch "Heavenly Creautres" instead.



    #00026 The Oxford Murders (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I'm a huge fan of Alex de la Iglesia, but when a creative and crazy filmmaker like him makes a movie that seems to have all signs on "Mainstream", one should be prepared for a huge disappointment. Well, "The Oxford Murders" didn't disappoint. It's without a doubt his most serious and "normal" movie, but it not just still has several moments of the typical de la Iglesia craziness (the amputee in the hospital, the story about the perfect crime...), it even disproved all my points of critizism, that I collected over the run of the movie in the end. There were some moments that I thought were way too far fetched, like when Elijah Wood developes out of the blue a correct theory about the m.o. of the killer, but in the end it turned out that it wasn't a plot hole, it was a hint!



    #00027 Corpse Bride (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Visually it's one of the most stunning (animated) movies of the last decade, but its biggest problem is, that there is not much going on storywise. The protagonist does most of the movie absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden just decides to give up and drink the poisoned wine. And of course the identity of the corpse bride's killer is anything else than a surprise, but to be fair, they don't play it like a big surprise reveal anyway. But the entertainment value is pretty high. The thin script profits from the short running time and there are some moments in the last 15 minutes, that are downright hilarious. So all in all it's not a bad movie, but don't expect a second "Nightmare Before Christmas". Compared to this one, "Corpse Bride" falls pretty flat.



    #00028 Ghostbusters (DVD)
I don't think that I have to write anything about that movie. If you haven't seen it yet, shame one you. There is no fucking excuse.
10/10 (And i don't rate many movies that high!)



    #00029 Ghostbusters2 (DVD)
Despite having more and bigger flaws, it's a worthy sequel. Vigo is a lame villain who does nothing and apart from the scene where the baby gets kidnapped, it lacks the scare factor of part 1. And after all these years I still can't decide if I like that they took elements from the cartoon show (Janine's & Egon's hair, Slimers change in character). It's even after the millionth time a lot of fun to watch, though. There still more hits in it than misses.




    #00030 Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
The first Tinkerbell DTVCGI movie was forgettable fluff for little girls, but with some stunning art direction and a beautiful score. It was also watchable enough to let every man, who was forced to watch it with their daughters, nieces or younger sisters, not constantly think about suicide. The second movie was the same. Still pretty forgettable (despite an Executive Producer credit of John Lasseter), but wonderful to look at and listen to. And this time the male adult viewers will probably even think less of suicide, because the writer of the upcoming "Wanted 2" cranked up the humor level a little bit. It's not a non-stop laugh fest, but it's filled with some wonderful sight gags and silly jokes. Maybe it's just me, but I chuckled very hard when Tinkerbell fainted, got more and more annoyed by that Zack Efron Fairy and learned a lesson about friendship from two trolls.



    #00031 Willow (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Well, I can see why it is the one Lucasfilms production that nobody seem to talk about. It's not as great as Star Wars or Indy, but also not nearly as bizarre and trashy as Howard The Duck. It is somewhat entertaining, but chockfull of even by 1988 standards lame fantasy cliches, hammy acting, downright cringeworthy dialogue, gaping plotholes and underdeveloped characters. Not to mention that the two "Brownies" are maybe the lamest funny sidekicks I've ever seen. But as a nice piece of 80's cheese for a Saturday morning, it works pretty well. Especially because one part of the showdown consists of two old women wizarding, punching and strangeling the shit out of each other. Even though it has not nearly the sadistic cartoon quality of anything that Sam Raimi has ever done in this area, it's fun to look at. :)



    #00032 All the Queen's Men (TV/1st Time Viewing)
This movie has a very bad reputation and I can see why it didn't click for some audiences, but I gotta admit that it's apart from some very obvious flaws pretty good! It works as a small-scale WWII adventure and is despite its humorous plot not one of these movies, that make a joke out of what happened back then. It never shifts its tone as radically as "Three Kings", but to give some examples, a subplot involves a mentally ill orphan and one scene even goes so far to show how the bombing of German cities often only killed civillians! They also got the characters right. You really root for the bunch of unlikely heroes and in the last act does the movie a great job with putting them in real danger! It also has a great cast. Matt LeBlanc is surprisingly convincing as womanizing hero, Eddie Izzard is IMO funnier than in any other movie that I saw him in, the always-great Karl Markovics is a convincing Nazi-Bastard and Udo Kier totally owns this movie with his small role as horny Nazi! But the best performance gave James Cosmo, as someone who never wanted to be a hero, but just can't do anything else than do the right thing. You laugh at him, with him and don't want anything bad happen to him. Unfortunatley has Oliver Korritke, one of Germany's most sympathetic and reliable actors, not enough to do and Nicolette Krebitz is even worse than usual. Maybe the biggest flaw of the movie is its clunkyness. Something is really wrong with the flow of it and more than once it seems like a first-time-director made it. But knowing that Stephan Ruzowitzky (Anatomie, The Counterfeiters) is usually very capable, something must have gone wrong in post-production. (The DVD has also an alternative cut version, so maybe I should check this one out too.) One more negative thing is the unbelievable in-your-face score, by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, the producer of "99 Luftballons". It grabs you in every scene by your hair, punches you in the throat and yells in your ear: "Can't you hear how funny/sad/heroic this is1?!"



    #00033 Accion Mutante (DVD)
It's been something like 10 or more years since I saw it. While I liked it a little bit better back then, I still think it's worth checking out. But only if you love sadistic, mysognistic and overall completely crazy movies, that don't make any sense at all! Because that's what "Accion Mutante" is. Nothing more, nothing less.



    #00034 Universal Soldier 2 (DVD/1st time viewing)
Really, really forgettable, except for the endfight between JCVD and Michael Jai White. I'm not an expert, but this might be JCVD's best fight ever! Even though he does nothing memorable and gets permanently upstaged by White, but hey, this is so not a bad thing! The movie feels less cinematic than part 1, mostly because it only takes place in and in front of a high tech lab that looks like a warehouse. And then there is a short scene in a stripbar. The story makes no sense. I can' t even believe that Luc Deveraux would seriously supervise the UniSol program, after everything that happened in part 1. Maybe it was a more pleasant experience that it looked like. But it even gets weirder! Apparently the new UniSols still have parts of their old personality on purpose and in the beginning, we witness how one of them tries to rape a woman. But nobody cares about it! Okay, the woman isn't very happy, but everybody treats it like the new UniSols are expected to do this! Another big problem I had, was that the almost-rapist (played by Bill Goldberg) is supposed to become Deveraux's arch-nemesis, who is always after him and tries to kill him, but then he is mostly used as comic relief. Every fight between him and JCVD end with Goldberg being defeated and making a remark about how much he hates that guy! All in all the movie feels more like a pilot for a TV series. (Not one of today's series, where every episode has a movie budget and the writers don'T try to insult the audience's intelligence. I'm talking about a TV show from the 90's.)
4/10 (and it only gets that much because of Michael Jai White!)



    #00035 Talladega Nights (TV)
This one really grew on me. Although I thought that it was already very funny when I saw it for the first time a few years ago, I now think it's fucking hilarious! And it still surprises me how professional the racing scenes are shot. Seriously, that's some A+ action scenes that you have in that silly Will Ferrell comedy!

    #00036 Are We Done Yet? (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Harmless, but bland, mediocre and unoriginal family entertainment, with a sympathetic Ice Cube and a fucking BRILLANT John C. McGinley! Seriously, I constantly laughed throughout the movie and just because of Johnny C! It's easy to see that whoever wrote that movie, spent more time with coming up with ideas for that one character, than with anything else. (Especially because of the [unnecessary emotional] character development in the 3rd act.) And it's even easier to see that McGinley had lots of fun with playing him!
5/10 (normal rating)
8/10 (John C. McGinley improved rating!)



    #00037 Mr Deeds (TV)
If I remember right, this was the last Adam Sandler movie, that made me laugh. Everything that came after it, wasn't that good.



    #00038 The Longest Yard (Remake) (TV)
In my eyes it's one of the more interesting movie failures of the 00's, It'S full of pieces that work for themself, but definitely not as a whole! At first you got this pretty serious attempt of a real remake of "The Longest Yard" and to me this is the part that works the best. It's just a nice, simple, straightforward underdog story, that is very difficult to fuck up. But even though they treat it seriously enough to kill Chris Rock in a surprisingly drastic way, a huge part of the movie is filled with the typical Sandler-humor. Especially during the final game. So we already have two worlds colliding, but then the whole movie is filled with a modern Hip Hop Soundtrack and filmed in a Michael Bay-esque videoclip look. Another thing that works, and even makes the movie IMO worth watching, is the casting. Although I don't buy Adam Sandler as Football Star, (especially not in a surprisngly serious toned movie like this one), you also get Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan (as transvestite), Terry Crews (hilarious as always), Nelly (who is surprisngly good. Not talking Oscars or even LL Cool J niveau, but he was very likable), Nick Turturro, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Great Khali (!!!), Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Brian Bosworth, Cloris Leachman, Burt Reynolds, James Cromwell and William Fichtner! You could make at least three "The Longest Yard's" out of this one movie! One faithful remake, one modern Hip Hop version for the kids, one Adam Sandler comedy. And you could even split the cast between all these three movies and still had enough left for everybody! But they tried to mix it all together and it just didn't work.




    #00039 Land Of The Lost (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
I'm a little bit undecided about it. It's definitely NOT the stinker that many people dubbed it. It has some entertainment values, a few good jokes (although as usual many of them were given away by the trailers), beautiful cinematography. a cool Giacchino score and great production design. Oh, and Anna Friel in a tank top and very short shorts!! On the downside the script has no idea what it wants. It doesn't really work as adventure movie, it's not funny enough to fully work as comedy. The heroes encounter menace after menace, but nothing comes across really menacing. And the jokes are often surprisingly immature, but not the great kind of immaturity (is that even a word) that make Will Ferrell movies usually the most entertaining mainstream comedies these days, it's more about boob or poop jokes. I liked the movie and I can imagine that it might grow on me after a 2nd viewing, but I didn't like it enough to tell everybody around me that I liked it.



    #00040 The American President (TV/1st Time Viewing)
Nice, little film, that works surprisingly good as kinda-prequel to "The West Wing", if you can ignore that President Sheperd's Chief Of Staff looks eerily like later President Jed Bartlett and his girlfriend once apparently worked with Will Bailey, which nobody ever mentioned. But apart from the usual Sorkin-qualities (entertaining dialogue, powerful speeches, his ability to make dry politics look exciting) and a great cast, the movie falls pretty flat. As sympathetic as they were, I didn't really care if the president and his girlfriend stay together and/or he wins the next election. I was entertained, but I didn't care. It's some above-average fluff. Not more, not less.



    #00041 Eagle Eye (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
This could have been a much better movie if the writers had come up with anything more interesting than the generic supercomputer-goes-wild-story, the action scenes and chases wouldn't belong to the worst and most confusing that have ever been put on film and the lead roles weren't so horrible miscast. Michelle Monaghan is cute, but can't act and while Shia LaBeouf comes at least across natural, he lacks every kind of charisma that a lead actor needs. (And his look-ma-I'm-a-big-man-facial-hair was just ridiculous.) Too bad. It had lots of potential.



    #00042 Hard Target (TV)
This might be John Woo's best US-movie (Fuck Face/Off! You suck!). The first half feels unfortunately like a parody (thanks to all the cheesy close-up's, slow-mo's and the unbearable saxophone score), but the second half is just great! Not just full of insane stuff like JCVD punching a snake unconcious or Wilford Brimley as wacky sidekick, it all ends in an insane shooutout-and-explosion-porn! Plus: Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo are such a fucking cool and scary villain duo! And I just love the way how Henriksen bites it in the end. Especially because of his last word! Too bad that the first half kinda drags and Yancy Butler is such an unbearable bad actress.



    #00043 From Beyond (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A nice little mix of Carpenter's "The Thing" and "Hellraiser". Nothing groundbreaking and it definitely lacks the suspense and impact of the two aforementioned movies, but it's entertaining.



    #00044 District 9 (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
Not bad. Entertaining, good directed, some good performances, but not nearly as great or original as many nerds and the Oscar jury say. I mean, Avatar gets still critizised for having an unoriginal story, but District 9, which starts as a normal Mockumentary, then turns into a normal man-on-the-run-from-the-government-movie, ends as a normal action movie and has the overused message that the humans are the real monsters and not the harmless, but scary looking and strange behaving dudes from outer space gets praised as the most original thing ever? And why does Avatar apparently look "exactly like a video game" but nobody complained about the fake looking robot from District 9? But I'm not saying it's a bad movie. Overrated? Fuck yeah! But only because it's been handled as the greatest SciFi masterpiece of the last decade. It's definitely one of the best, but it's no Children Of Men.

    #00045 Wickie und die starken Männer (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
A nice mix of a faithful adaptation of the cartoon show, Bud Spencer violence and the typical (although this time more family friendly) Bully-Herbig-Slapstick. Nothing special but highly unoffensive and definitely enjoyable because of its perfect cast. (99% newcomers and first-time-actors who went through a casting show to get a role in this movie.)

    #00046 The Story Of Brian (DVD/1st Time Viewing)
That's an hourlong documentary about the making of "The Life Of Brian" and the controversy it caused upon its release. It's very interesting, but I wish it wouldn't be just a DVD feature, but a "real" documentary on its own. 60 minutes just feel too short for this subject, even if they packed a lot of interesting and unseen footage into it. It's an interesting watch anyway.




    #00047 The Life Of Brian (DVD)
It's been more than 10 years since I saw this the last time. I still prefer "Holy Grail" because of its higher gag per minute ratio, but I think we all know how funny "Brian" is, which means that I don' have to say anything else about it.



    #00048 Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (DVD)
What Vern said, plus a nice, little "Fuck you, haters" from me.



    #00049 Scooby Doo: Abra-Cadabra-Doo (DVD/1st time viewing)
One of the better Scooby Doo DTV movies. The mystery took a few twists and turns and the writers did a good job to make its solution not too obvious. Pretty much everytime they found a clue which made you go "Oh, so it was done, he/she must be behind it all", a few seconds later an explaination followed, why it must be someone else. Okay, that the real solution turns out to be a little bit too illogical is a slight bummer, but come on, that's one of the core elements of Scooby Doo, so it's not that it would ruin the movie. Visually the film is stunning! They changed the look of the characters back to the original designs, but of course with modern, fluid animation. Think "Scooby Doo On Zombie Island", without the obvious japanese touch. They also used a wonderful, atmospheric colour pattern, that gives the foggy nights in the woods around the old castle a seriously spooly feeling. The only real bummer is that Casey Kasem isn't the voice of Shaggy. To my own surprise they let Matthew Lillard reprise the role, but he is a much better Shaggy than whoever voiced him in "Get A Clue". He's still no Casey Kasem. All in all it was an entertaining Scooby Doo Mystery. Very old-school, without any real ghosts, and very entertaining, if you don't mind the old formula. I hope they bring back Velma's sister one day. I like her.



    #00050 Ninja (DVD/1st time viewing)
My first encounter with Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins. I can see why the action fans like these guys, because the first one is a capable DTV director, who gets the max out of the limited budgets and knows how to make an action sequence look good and the last one is a very impressive fighter, who would in a different era be the star of many big budget action films. The film itself was pretty entertaining. Nothing too memorable outside of the fight scenes, but it was without a doubt an a-class DTV actioner.



    #00051 Pootie Tang (DVD/1st time viewing)
It's dumb and silly, but the good kind of dumb and silly. I just hope for a directort's cut, because it's easy to see that this movie was heavily mutilated. I mean, it run's only 68 minutes! (minus end credits)! But I liked what I saw. I liked it a lot!



    #00052 Wanted (DVD/1st time viewing)
Man, that movie tried so hard to be clever that it hurts. And not even the entertaining kind of clever. More the dead serious we-tell-you-how-much-life-sucks-and-everything-you-do-is-unimportant-cleverness. Worked great in Fight Club, did not work here. Mostly because Fight Club didn't have its head so deep in its own ass (at least not the movie) as Wanted. The most positive thing I can say about it is that it used thousands of slow motions and bullet times without pissing me off with it. And the train crash was fucking insane! But apart from that, I prefer Shoot 'Em Up, when it comes to silly over the top gunfight action movies. That one knew at least that it was silly and had no problem with letting the audience know from the beginning.



    #00053 Galaxy Quest (TV)
I didn't want to watch it yesterday, but as always when it's on TV, I can't stop after just a few minutes and MUST see the whole movie. But it is such a great one! Maybe the 2nd best film of the 90's! The perfect mix of parody and hommage! A hilarious comedy and exciting space adventure with some seriously touching moments and a fucking scary villain who has absolutely nothing likable and who you just wanna see dead! And the cast is so fucking perfect! Tim Allen is so convincing as greasy has-been who becomes a hero! Alan Rickman should have gotten an Oscar nomination. Sigourney Weaver has never been funnier (and sexier)! Tony Shaloub, Darryl Mitchell, Missy Pyle, Justin Long and of course Enrico Colantoni have all so much fun. And Sam Rockwell manages to become the scene stealer in a perfect cast!I said it before and I will say it again and again: Galaxy Quest is the greatest comedy since Ghostbusters!



    #00054 Freddy Vs Jason (DVD)
I don't know, I like that movie. It does many things right. Freddy is scary and sinister again, but he didn't totally lost his comedy-persona. But when he cracks a joke, it isn't as cheesy as in most other Nightmare movies. Maybe the most over the top part is when he plays pinball with Jason. I like that they took the titel of the movie serious (unlike Alien Vs Predator) and spent enough time on the fight between the horror icons. I like that Kelly Rowland befriends the nerd after he tells her what a bitch she is and that this leads to maybe the first and only time in both series that the death of a character seriously makes you feel sad for him. I love the fear in Freddy's face when he realizes that he has to fight Jason in a world that can't control. And of course because Ronny Yu sat on the director's chair, the movie looks beautiful! But there is still something missing. I don't know what it is. It should be a much better movie, but it's entertaining nonetheless.




    #00055 Iron Man (DVD)
I gotta admit that I liked it a little bit less than on my first viewing. I still admire it for its well made action scenes, the great cast and that it doesn't forget to have fun, despite being a movie about terrorism and war crimes. Okay, I always disliked the pretty questionable message of it ("Weapons are bad unless you make sure that only you are pulling the trigger") and never thought that the movie was that special (You gotta admit, it's a pretty run-off-the-mill superhero origin movie), but for any reason I failed to really enjoy it on my 2nd viewing.


    #00056 Never Sleep Again - The Elm Street Legacy (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

It's that 4 hrs Documentary about the whole series. Not bad, but kinda disappointing, because technically it's just a bunch of interviews, where nobody has anything really new to say. It IS pretty interesting though, like when everybody who was involved in part 2 talks about how they didn't realize its gayness when they were shooting it and the "Freddy Vs Jason" interviews have a seriously hilarious and unexpected cameo. I also love how they interview everybody they could find (Like "Girl #9"), although it's frustrating how the people who became famous (Depp, Arquette, Darabont...) didn't have the time or the will to participate in this project. At least they interview every single director, from Craven to Yu. Like I said, it doesn't add anything new but if you are a fan, you might like it.



    #00057 Pandorum (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

The first 40 minutes of this movie are mybe not the most original, but nonetheless AWESOME! Since "The Descent" I haven't felt so claustrophobic, just from watching someone crawling through small spaces. But as soon as the Space Orks appear, it becomes an even less original, but still very good starship horror movie, with some dots of a crazy ass psychological thriller. My biggest problem with it might be the visual side of it. The whole movie is so dark and some scenes are so horribly edited, that I had more than once no idea what just happened. But apart from that, I approve.



    #00058 High Noon (DVD/1st Time Viewing)

Trying to fill some gaps in my movie knowledge by watching classic films of my second last favorite movie genre, starting with "High Noon". A very good movie with a damn fine cast (Larry Talbot!!!)! The biggest surprise is maybe that it doesn't get boring, although it's technically only about a man who walks from house to house and asks his friends and neighbours to help him out. But you just feel the sadness and anger with every rejection he gets. But the movie also has a surprisingly gripping payoff, which is not the saccharine filled, all american sweet apple pie we-changed-our-minds-and-stand-by-your-side happy ending that I expected. Okay, it ends pretty well, but y'know, the betrayal was still there and how the Sherrif and his wife just leave without looking back, says a lot.

    #00059 Dude, Where's My Car? (DVD)
One of my Top 3 comedies of the last decade. It delivers everything "The Hangover" promised, but with that one last inch of creative silliness that the other movie was lacking. And Brent Spiner is much, much, much funnier than Mike Tyson!



    #00060 The Magic Roundabout (DVD/ 1st Viewing)
My sister brought my attention towards this british/french CGI animated movie. It was okay, although they didn't explain any of the character relationships to viewers who never had anything to do with the franchise before. (Apparently this is based on an old french stop motion show from the 60's, which became even more popular in its british dubbed version and Idon't know if the new CGI series was made before or after this movie) So I had no idea what was up with the creepy looking kids that lived together with these crazy animals or the magic Jack in the box without the box who apparently saves your day when you say his name three times. Or what was so magic about the magic roundabout, because it never did anything magical, apart from one thing in the end, which to me seemed to be caused by the magic diamonds that were the McGuffin of this movie and would've worked without the roundabout anyway. You also shouldn't expect an epic adventure story, because the story is kept pretty simple and kid friendly. From time to they put in some weird popculture references that would even make early Dreamworks Animation feel ashamed (A Pulp Fiction quote during a scene that is supposed to be sad? Really?) and add a drug joke (!) or two. The best parts of this movie are seriously the animation (not as detailed or breathtaking as Pixar, but fluid and colourful) and the voice acting. The cast contains names like Ian McKellen, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Tom Baker or Ray Winstone, but the real standout performance comes from...Robbie Williams! Usually when a singer (or other celebrities without acting experiences) take on a voice acting role, it turns ugly for everybody, but Robbie does a VERY good job as sugar addicted, cowardly, shaggy dog with a heart of gold. He goes even so far and tries to not sound like Robbie Williams, which I'm sure gave the advertising department a huge headache. Anyway, I think I would have LOVED that movie as a kid, but as an adult with the ability of enjoying simple kids movie, I was just mildly entertained without getting bored.



    #00061 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (DVD/1st Viewing)
I heard lots of great stuff about it, but NOTHING prepeared me for the awesomness of this masterpiece of animated comedy. I shit you not, over the last 10 years have many animated movies tried to be "just" comedies instead of epic fairy tales or stuff like that, but most of them failed or were missing the last, final piece of inspiration that would have made them unforgettable. I think the best were "The Emperor's New Groove", the first "Shrek" (even if it's today hip to not admit it) and the first 2/3 of "Meet The Robinsons". But Sony Animated Pictures hits a homerun with "Cloudy". Seriously, the gags are downright hysterical (Especially the snowballfight and the rat birds), the disaster is fucking spectacular, the adventure is exciting, the heart isn't too sappy and they didn't forget the most important rule of a small town comedy: Give the supporting citizens personality and make the audience care for them. Yes, I highly recommend this movie.

    #00062 The Princess & The Frog (DVD/1st Viewing)
Another positive surprise, although i didn't like it nearly as much as "Cloudy". The trailers made it look like a desperate try to earn some money with the same old formula that worked great in the early 90's, but became worn out and tired in the late 90's. And the idea of havin a black Disney Princess seemed to be nothing but a lame attempt of political correctess. But to my own surprise they not just variied the formula enough to make it entertaining (Vern's blues/slasher movie analogy comes to my mind), even the choice of the protagonist's ethnicity was more inspired than expected. (Although of course Racism doesn't exist in Disney's version of 1920's America and the only comparable conflict is lower Vs. upper class. And even that one happens in only one scene.). To see a Disney movie that takes place in a somehow real world, where the "princess" is a normal girl, who has to work her normal ass off to live her normal life and fulfill her dream, which is NOT finding Mr Right, was a huge surprise and worked great. And while I loathed the thought of the return of the animated musical, they also varied this formula enough to not give us some sappy ballads, but energetic Jazz songs instead. Okay, as soon as Tiara is turned into a frog too, the film gets more conventional but even then they have some nice surprises. Maybe the biggest one is that one of the typical comic relief sidekicks gets murdered (!!!) in such a cold blooded way, that it would make Don Bluth get a boner. Okay, unfortunately the death of this character leads to a pretty corny and predicatble good bye scene, but you must be a stone cold bastard if you don't have at least one single tear in your eye. But as much as they tried to tweak the formula and surprise us from time to time, there is one thing that I just don't get: I can understand that Naveen (prince turned frog) falls in love with Tiara (hard working girl heroine who becomes a frog too), because she is smart, charming and has a good heart. I just don't get why Tiara falls in love with Naveen! Yes, he is not the douchebag that he seems to be at first, but even if she learns to know him a little bit better during the frog adventure, he just gets a little bit nicer and less douchy. Nothing to fall in love with head over heels as she does. But whatever. I should mention that the villain ruled! Not just because he is such a cold blooded bastard, but also the gimmick with his shadow is so damn cool executed. But my favourite character might be Tiara's best friend, because she made me smile almost whenever she was on screen. She seems like a parody of Paris Hilton and other spoiled rich brats of our time, but with the difference that despite her constant "DADDY!! BUY ME THIS! BUY ME THAT! I WANT. I WANT, I WANT!", she has a good heart and would never do anything to hurt her friends. Anyway, while "The Princess & The Frog" is a well made Disney musical with some original twists and surprises, it didn't won me over complete. Because after all, it was just the same old formula, that became such a tired cliche that people don't even make fun of it anymore. But it's enjoyble nonetheless.
To be continued
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:15 am

Maui's Magnificent Movie Journal for 2010


(500) Days of Summer 3/5
Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) 3/5
Tenten (Adrift in Tokyo) 5/5 Absolutely loved this film, it's brilliant, funny and quirky. I'll definitely be seeking out more Satoshi Miki films.
An Education 4/5 Carey Mulligan delivers one of the best performances of 2009. What a talent she is.
Ddongpari (Breathless) 5/5 Thanks SFG, awesome recommendation and awe-inspiring work by director/actor Yang Ik-Joon.
The Lovely Bones 2/5 Starts off with great promise then spends way too much time in Suzie's trippy 'in between' world. Tucci is amazing in this as is the young actress (Saoirse Ronan) who plays Suzie Salmon.
Whip It 3/5 Kudos to Page. She was the glue for this movie. Just not impressed with the overall execution of this coming of age flick.
Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire) 2/5 Not as good as the 1st film. Acting seemed really stiff throughout.

L'instinct de mort (Mesrine, Killer Instinct) 4/5 Vincent Cassel deserves an award for his portrayal of Mesrine. Brilliant.
L'ennemi public n°1 (Mesrine, Public Enemy No 1) 4/5
Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.
Dorian Gray 2.5/5 Tim Burton should have directed this film. Solid performances by Ben Barnes and Colin Firth. The film was faithful to Wilde's Faustian themes however they altered many parts of the story - me no likey. The portrait coming to life.....not how I pictured it in the book.
It's Complicated 2/5 I'm going to rename this to It's Crapplicated.
Fantastic Mr. Fox 5/5 How many times do we see Ned's helicopter? I counted 3x. Love this movie.
A Serious Man 5/5 Coen Brothers perfection.
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 3.5/5 From the dude that brought us Bend it like Beckham. I rather enjoyed this coming of age flick.
Un Prophete (aka A Prophet) 5/5 WOW! I'd be interested to hear some of your thoughts on the deer sequence. After all the movie is called A Prophet and he does spend 40 days and 40 nights in the hole. ;) Just loved how this guy started off so young and naive then basically became the kingpin of the prison, networking with the various groups inside/outside of the prison. The film was aces!
Das weisse Band (The White RIbbon) 5/5 Repeat viewing. Film is brilliant, nuff said.
Fish Tank 3/5 It was OK, not great. Fassbender and Jarvis are really good in this however alot of predictability in the story with equal doses of cheese.
Ai no mukidashi (aka Love Exposure) 5/5 4 hours of pure craziness, I loved it. Pretty darn funny too.
Yes Man 2.5/5 The movie has it's moments like when Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva (in their band Mun­chausen by Proxy) peform Sweet Ballad otherwise just not that funny.
Sherlock Holmes 2.5/5 Meh.
Mean Girls 4/5 What can I say, this movie is just a whole lotta fun and incredibly silly. Repeat viewing, I own the DVD. :)
Horton Hears a Who 3.5/5 Some crisp animation and a well captured Who'ville vibe from Blue Sky. Cute, funny and great voice casting.


The Glass House 2.5/5
Havoc 3/5 Anne Hathaway did drugs better in Rachel Getting Married.
Precious 3/5
The Secret of Kells 5/5
Amores Perros 4/5
Mary and Max 5/5 A very touching film. The dark tone of the movie is conveyed with a very dull (neutral) colour palette but it's highly effective. This film had me choked up at the end.
Pontypool 4/5
The Box 2/5
Hex (Season 1) 4/5 Love this show. Onto season 2 now.

Shutter Island 5/5
Tipping the Velvet 4/5
The Devil Wears Prada 3/5
Fish Tank 3/5
Alice in Wonderland 3/5
El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) 5/5
Ajami 4/5
The Last Station 4/5
Happy Together 4/5
Being There 5/5
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2/5
The Time Traveler's Wife 2/5
Lolita (1997) 3.5/5 A more faithful adaptation to Nabokov's tale then Kubrick's 1962 version. Irons was incredible, Swan was the perfect nymphette, and Melanie Griffith was just extremely bad.
The Sweet Hereafter 4/5
Exotica 4/5
Leaves of Grass 3.5/5
The Crazies 4/5
Jesus of Montreal 4/5
Afghan Star 4/5

Inland Empire 3/5
The Producers (1968) 4/5
Clash of the Titans (2010) 2/5
How to Train Your Dragon 4/5
The Third Man 4/5
Food Inc. 4/5
Superstar 3.5/5
The Virgin Suicides 4/5
Cache 5/5
Anna Karenina 3/5
Burma VJ 4/5
Fly Away Home 4/5 A young Anna Paquin and Canadian geese. How can you go wrong here?
Kick-Ass 4/5
The Pool 4/5
Leap Year 1/5
Wicker Park 3/5
Kynodontas (aka Dogtooth) 4/5

Chloe 3/5 I'm a huge fan of Atom Egoyan's work. Especially The Sweet Hereafter and Exotica, but this film just fell a little short for me. Julianne Moore was excellent in this.
Iron Man Part Deux 3/5
Tenshi no Tamago (aka Angel's Egg) 4/5
Neko no Ongaeshi (aka The Cat Returns) 4/5
Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror 3/5
I Love You Man 2/5
Madeo (aka Mother) 4/5
You Don't Know Jack 4/5
Sixteen Candles 5/5 I simply adore this film.
La tigre e la neve (aka The Tiger and the Snow) 4/5
Valentine's Day 1/5
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 5/5
Curse of the Were Rabbit 4/5
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion 4/5
Se7en 4/5
Tony: London Serial Killer 4/5 A very disturbing/atmospheric film with an incredible performance by Peter Ferdinando.
Noi 4/5
Frozen 3/5
The Descent 3.5/5
Shrek the Final Chapter 2.5/5
Footloose 3.5/5
Back to the Future 5/5

UP 4/5
Sherlock Holmes 2/5 I'll take Basil Rathbone any day over RDJ's Sherlock. Meh.
The Wolfman 3.5/5
This is It 3/5
When in Rome 1/5 Why I continue to watch these crappy romcoms is beyond me. :?:
Bend it Like Beckham 4/5
I Love You Phillip Morris 4/5
The Road 3/5
Observe and Report 4/5
Watership Down 5/5
Curse You, AquaScum 4/5
The Lion King 5/5
Ginger Snaps 4/5
The Iron Giant 5/5
Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions 4/5
Orphan 2/5
Toy Story 3 5/5
The A Team 2.5/5
Mystery Team 3.5/5
Meet the Robinsons 2.5/5
Ice Age 4/5
Lady and the Tramp 5/5 I've forgotten how romantic this film is.
Sky High 3.5/5

Youth in Revolt 3.5/5
Kevorkian 4/5
Spy Kids 3: Game Over 2/5 This has got be Sly's most idiotic role plus the film feels like regurgitated Tron.
Greenberg 3/5
The Vicious Kind 4/5
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 4/5
The Last Station 4/5
The Last Airbender 1/5
The Bounty Hunter 2/5
The Sound of Music 5/5
Despicable Me 4/5
Inception 4/5
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3.5/5
Super Bad 4/5
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 4/5

Oceans 3/5 Breathtaking underwater photography accompanied by uninspired narration from Pierce Brosnan. Nothing matches the Blue Planet series with Attenborough's skilled/perfect narration.
Grown Ups 2/5
Scott Pilgrim 3/5
Eclipse 2/5
The Last Song 2/5
Tenacious D 3/5
Salt 3/5
The Sweetest Thing 2/5
Monsters vs. Aliens 4/5
Strange Wilderness 3.5/5

Babies 3/5
Waiting 4/5
Summer of 42 4/5
Letters to Juliet 3/5
Bruno 3.5/5
Dirty Harry 5/5
The Expendables 2/5
Jeepers Creepers 2/5
Frozen 3.5/5
L'arnacoeur(aka Heartbreaker) 4/5
My Trip to Al-Qaeda 4/5
Open Water 2 (Adrift) 2/5
The Town 3.5/5
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3/5
Knight and Day 3/5
Love Happens 2/5
Dick 4/5

The Social Network 4/5
The Witches 3.5/5
Shorts 3/5
Obsessed 1/5
Legion 2/5 This film felt a bit like a ripoff of Terminator, only with angels and zombies.
Winter's Bone 4/5
Eat Pray Love 3/5
Sex and the City Part Deux 2/5
Girl Interrupted 4/5
Old Dogs 2/5

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) 2/5
Rob Zombie's Halloween 3/5
Splice 3/5
Alice in Wonderland (2010) 2.5/5
Vampire's Suck 2/5 It definitely did have some funny scenes parodying the Twilight films.
Despicable Me 4/5
The Proposal 3/5
Chasing Amy 4/5
Elf 3/5
Pretty in Pink 4/5
Tangled 4/5
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 3/5

Easy A 2/5
Home Alone 4/5
Four Eyed Monster 3/5
The Town 4/5
Home Alone 2 4/5
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby so sorry on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:59 pm

Quint has posted some 2010 preivew lists that are pretty cool...think of them as checklists!

Part 1

Part 2
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:38 am

I'm going through a Hitchcock collection I got for Christmas, plus some Hitchcock DVDs I've had for awhile.

so I have the original and the remake of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH

should I watch them back to back or take a break? Thoughts, suggestions, dares?
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby thomasgaffney on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:39 am

Bloo wrote:I'm going through a Hitchcock collection I got for Christmas, plus some Hitchcock DVDs I've had for awhile.

so I have the original and the remake of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH

should I watch them back to back or take a break? Thoughts, suggestions, dares?

I vote for back-to-back. Easier to compare the remake when the original is still so fresh in your head.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby vampvlada on Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:33 am

Bloo wrote:I'm going through a Hitchcock collection I got for Christmas, plus some Hitchcock DVDs I've had for awhile.

so I have the original and the remake of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH

should I watch them back to back or take a break? Thoughts, suggestions, dares?

I've seen both and the second is far superior. So watch it first and you will enjoy it. Then get drunk and watch the original. It's good but not nearly as good as the remake. Drink well.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Nachokoolaid on Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:13 pm

DerLanghaarige, I agree with you about Jersey Girl. It got A LOT of flack when it was released, but I really think it's good. In fact, I think you could make a convincing argument that it's Smith's best film. It's Affleck's best performance, I think. And it's certainly Carlin's best. After watching it, I thought that it was a shame that he wasn't utilized more in films.

If there's anyone out there that hasn't watched it because you heard the bad buzz, give it a try. I think it has the most consistent tone, and it the least "up its own ass" of all of Smith's work.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DerLanghaarige on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:47 pm

Nachokoolaid wrote: In fact, I think you could make a convincing argument that it's Smith's best film.

Not sure if it's really THE best film of him. I think what kills it, is that it's a little bit too conventional for this genre, especially the part at the end, when Affleck shows up in the last minute to take place in his daughter's school play. Though it's certainly MUCH better and original than 99% of all other RomComs outthere and I recommend this movie AGAIN to everybody here. Seriously folks, Bennifer was years ago. Get over it and enjoy this wonderful, little movie.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:53 pm

Nachokoolaid wrote:DerLanghaarige, I agree with you about Jersey Girl. It got A LOT of flack when it was released, but I really think it's good. In fact, I think you could make a convincing argument that it's Smith's best film. It's Affleck's best performance, I think. And it's certainly Carlin's best. After watching it, I thought that it was a shame that he wasn't utilized more in films.

If there's anyone out there that hasn't watched it because you heard the bad buzz, give it a try. I think it has the most consistent tone, and it the least "up its own ass" of all of Smith's work.

I gotta agree with you both, it really is a good "mature" film (I mean that being it's a very grown up film not a dirty film) I think working in the constrains of PG-13 helped him
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby magicmonkey on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:54 pm

DerLanghaarige wrote:
Nachokoolaid wrote: In fact, I think you could make a convincing argument that it's Smith's best film.

Not sure if it's really THE best film of him. I think what kills it, is that it's a little bit too conventional for this genre, especially the part at the end, when Affleck shows up in the last minute to take place in his daughter's school play. Though it's certainly MUCH better and original than 99% of all other RomComs outthere and I recommend this movie AGAIN to everybody here. Seriously folks, Bennifer was years ago. Get over it and enjoy this wonderful, little movie.

Ohhh... god... i'm gonna bite. Cheers for the rec guys.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DerLanghaarige on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:57 pm

Bloo wrote:I think working in the constrains of PG-13 helped him

It was originally rated R and only got its PG 13 on appeal (Rightfully so. I would even give it a PG. It's rated "6" over here.)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:03 am

DerLanghaarige wrote:
Bloo wrote:I think working in the constrains of PG-13 helped him

It was originally rated R and only got its PG 13 on appeal (Rightfully so. I would even give it a PG. It's rated "6" over here.)

but wasn't he obligated to give a PG 13 movie by Miramax (or Weinsteins whoever distrubed this movie)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Al Shut on Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:32 am

Maui wrote:L'instinct de mort (Mesrine, Killer Instinct) 4/5 Vincent Cassel deserves an award for his portrayal of Mesrine. Brilliant.
L'ennemi public n°1 (Mesrine, Public Enemy No 1) 4/5

I thought they both suffered a bit from reality sucks syndrome, where a movie that', at least partly based on reality, get's a bit confusing and uneven, with characters not being properly introduced or suddenly dropping out (see also Baader Meinhof Komplex). It surely doesn't help that everyone is always on the run, wearing 37 different hairdos and beards (again see Baader Meinhof). But yeah Cassel is great

edit- and I just now recognized your AV
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DerLanghaarige on Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:06 am

Bloo wrote:but wasn't he obligated to give a PG 13 movie by Miramax (or Weinsteins whoever distrubed this movie)

I don't know, but they worked with Smith more than just once before and I can imagine that they don't expect from him something lesser than R. (I'm just guessing here of course.)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Seppuku on Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:09 am

Peven wrote:Tropic Thunder- to top it off, i nominate Downey Jr for doing the worst, laziest fucking commentary i have ever heard. listen asshole,if you don't want to do the commentary then don't show up to do it, but don't do it and toally fucking mail it in, because then you are insulting me, the viewer, who paid for this dvd, you arrogant smug dick.

Huh?! Phoning in a commentary is either a) pointlessly describing the scene the viewer is watching, as if they imagine that only blind film fans listen to commentaries (i.e. Michael Mann), or b) barely saying anything at all (i.e. 85% of commentaries). Downey did neither. His commentary w/ Stiller and Black was arguably funnier than the movie itself. I especially loved how he turned up the Albert Hallisms whenever Stiller tried to get all serious and directory; the latter had to just give up and ride Downey's inspired trip after a while. If you didn't find the joke funny, that's fair enough, but RDJ more than delivered on that "Man, I don't drop character 'till I done the DVD commentary" line.

Anyway, I'll start up my journal just as soon as I actually watch my first movie of the year...
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bayouwolf on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:14 am

Alright...I'm committed to doing this this year.

Only first time viewings, Theater viewings in BOLD



Avatar (in IMAX) / Set aside your preconceived notions and check your senses at the door. This is a fun ride. (9.5/10)
Alien Apocalypse / Even for a Bruce Campbell flick, this is dried shit on a shitty stick that's made out of made of shit (2/10)
Paranormal Activity / Great idea, good film, poor believability...Who in their right mind taunts a demonic spirit? (6/10)
A Perfect Getaway / Really piss poor film. Another missed opportunity for a great thriller that falls flat over and over again (4/10)
Jennifers Body / In the hands of a better director, this could have been a great it stands (7/10)
The Lovely Bones / Pretty, surreal, and drug out far to long in all the wrong places. (6.5/10)
The Book of Eli / Half-assed storytelling that falls completely apart in the final act. (3/10)
Legion / You've seen this film before. Actually, you've seen the 20 films this blatantly steals from numerous times before (4/10)


The Blind Side / I had no reservations about how this would be going in...Turns out its a damn fine bit of film (8.5/10)
The Wolfman / Not quite true to the source material, but it's got enough to still consider it a decent werewolf flick (7.5/10)
Crazy Heart / Jeff Bridges turns in a great performance as an aging singer dealing with the demons he's created for himself (8.5/10)
Ghost Town / Ricky Gervais is a funny guy and Greg Kinnear isn't bad, but this is a by the numbers supernatural comedy (6/10)
Shutter Island / A good suspense/thriller story. Quality film making reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood (8/10)
Cop Out / Not good, but not all bad. Definitely better than a golf shoe to the eye. (4.5/10)
Alice in Wonderland (2010) / What a bunch of pretentious asswipery. Tim Burton shouldn't ever be allowed to "Re-imagine" another film. (3/10)
Powder Blue / Not even the (very brief) topless scenes by Jessica Beil could make me watch this again. (2/10...Extra point added for said topless scenes)


Green Zone / Not a bad commentary on the search for WMD's in Iraq. Even if it looked like someone let Michael J. Fox film it... (7/10)
Hot Tub Time Machine / Watching this I felt like PeeWee Herman in the movies...IE...I totally nostalgiasmed in my theater seat...(7/10)


Clash Of The Titans (2010) / Horrible...It just barely beats out Alice In Wonderland in this years race to "reimagine" older films...(3.5/10)
The Runaways / Solid flick, but revisionist history at it's best. (and who knew Bella actually had some acting chops?) (8/10)
Kick Ass / It's too soon to call it Summer Popcorn Movie Fare, but that's exactly what it is. Not a perfect film, but loads of fun...(7.5/10)
Moon / Sam Rockwell as himself and himself. In space. With Kevin Spacey as Robot. What's not to like? (9/10)
Date Night / Carell and Fey have chemistry galore, too bad the director kept them muzzled 90% of the time. (7/10)
The Losers / A summer action flick released in the spring. Which kinda works considering it wouldn't be a very good summer action flick. (6.5/10)
How to train Your Dragon / Wow. I'd given up hope on Dreamworks making me feel like Pixar does with it's storytelling. I'm glad I gave them another chance (9/10)


Bitch Slap / I dug the "sexploitation" of it all, even if it was cheesy as hell. (6.5/10)
Iron Man 2 / Even though I dug most of it, it's still not nearly as good as the first one. Typical middle movie syndrome. (7/10)
The King of Kong / Documentary's are always very interesting or very boring to me. This one was the former. Props to the music dept for using "Your the Best, AROUND!" appropriately. (7/10)
Extract / A decent little "indie-ish" flick with some hard to swallow ingredients. Jason Bateman continues to be the guy I hope to become one day (6.5/10)


Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time / Way too long and far too many things going on at the last minute in every action scene. (6/10)
Get him to the Greek / If they'd have just stuck to the humor and left the "relationship" angle out of this, I would have liked it a whole lot more. (7/10)
Jonah Hex / While Josh Brolin brings the broody character to life, everything else about the film sucks it all dry again. (5.5/10)
Toy Story 3 / The animation is top notch, and the storyline is the darkest one yet. It's a fitting end to the wonderful trilogy. (9/10)
The A Team / 80's cheese brought into the new millennium. And I likes me some cheese... (8.5)


Predators / Excellent follow up to the original. It honors the source material without stealing from it. (7.5/10)
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs / Wow...I never I would have thought I would have enjoyed this flick as much as I did. Good stuff. (7.5/10)
Inception / Wow. Most excellent. Phenomenal. Outstanding. See it twice. (9.5/10)
The Sorcerers Apprentice / Much like Spiderman 3, I didn't need to see it, but I'm no worse for having seen it. (5/10)


Dinner For Schmucks / This flick just never quite clicked the way I expected it to. It had it's moments, but not nearly enough. (6/10)
Salt / Not a bad little action thriller, but predictable from about the end of the first act. (6/10)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World / True to the GN. And that's more than enough. (9/10)
The Expendables / Well...It's an action flick with a shit ton of action stars. And shit blows up. A lot. (7.5/10)
Piranha 3D / Over the top gore and some incredible breasts. First 5 minutes were worth the price of admission (6.5/10)
The Time Travelers Wife / Not bad for a chick flick. I really dug the effect of him "going", even if I had to endure his bare ass constantly. (7/10)


Machete / Bayou loved it. Bayou don't need to put no more of a review up. (8/10)
Resident Evil Afterlife 3D / The title has more substance than the film. (5/10)
The Square / A decent little foreign thriller. Although the moral of the story wasn't very clear. (6/10)
Daybreakers / Had they ended it at the OBVIOUS open-ending, it would have been loads better... (5/10)
The Fourth Kind / I know what the director was trying to do...but he failed at almost every turn. Milla is still hot... (4/10)


High kick girl / The more appropriate title for this crapfest would be "On the floor, weeping girl". (2/10)
The Town / Ben Affleck does his best work with BeanTown in the background. Kudos sir. (9/10)
Let Me In / The original was better, but this was still pretty damn good (crappy CGI not withstanding)...(8.5/10)
Jack Ass 3D / It was what it was. Nearly made me puke twice, so it gets a bit better marks...(5/10)
RED / Holy crappola on a stick, was this a fun little flick. Not great, but loads of fun, none the less. (7/10)
House on Haunted Hill (1959) w/ Riff Trax / Now this is what I'm talking about. MST3K, I miss you! (9/10)
Survival of the Dead / Worst. Romero. Flick. EVAR. (2/10)


The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus / I can't say enough good things about this film. Heath Ledger, you left us way too soon. (9.5/10)
Gamer / If it wasn't for the excessive violence, nudity, and Terry Crews, this would have been unwatchable (4/10)
2012 / Not even a wacky Woody Harrelson character could save this one. (3/10)
Tokyo Gore Police / I don't know what to say about this one...I kinda liked it, and I kinda loathed it. (5/10)
Tank / It was cool seeing the places where I used to live. The story was weaksauce though. (6/10)
The Human Centipede: First Sequence / This wasn't horror, or thriller, or torture pr0n, or anything. Well it was one thing...Teh Suxxorz. (2/10)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows / I don't think it's fair to rate this till its done...But it's looking very good so far. (TBD)
The Good, The Bad, The Weird / Another gem I seemed to have missed back when it came out. Very, VERY good. (8/10)
Pandorum / It's like Event Horizon, only worse. (3/10)


Ip Man / A wonderful period film with Kung Fu...Up until the end of the movie, I had no idea this was based on a true story. Fantastic... (8.5/10)
Tangled / I am still not a huge fan of computer generated animation from Disney, but this wasn't half bad, even if the songs in it were. (7/10)
127 Hours / A wonderful film with just enough gore to keep it real, and plenty of story to keep it memorable. James Franco was superb. (9/10)
Black Swan / Hands down, Portmans best performance to date. An amazing and terrifying ride. (9.5/10)
TRON Legacy / Pretty visuals but not a lot of substance. Basically a summer flick that came out in the winter. '82 was better (7/10)
True Grit / Cinematically, this film is superb to the original. However...Bridges, while very good, is no Duke (8.5/10)
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:29 am

Al Shut wrote:
Maui wrote:L'instinct de mort (Mesrine, Killer Instinct) 4/5 Vincent Cassel deserves an award for his portrayal of Mesrine. Brilliant.
L'ennemi public n°1 (Mesrine, Public Enemy No 1) 4/5

I thought they both suffered a bit from reality sucks syndrome, where a movie that', at least partly based on reality, get's a bit confusing and uneven, with characters not being properly introduced or suddenly dropping out (see also Baader Meinhof Komplex). It surely doesn't help that everyone is always on the run, wearing 37 different hairdos and beards (again see Baader Meinhof). But yeah Cassel is great

edit- and I just now recognized your AV

Funny you mention Baader Meinhof Komplex - I just received it from Netflix this week. I guess I'm prepped for a similar film experience then huh?

Re. Mesrine, I think it may have been a bit tonally uneven but I didn't find it that dizzying to watch. I do question whether or not it needed to be a 4 hour biopic though, but hey it's 4 hours of Cassel yeah.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby magicmonkey on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:54 am

I just want to nominate Seppuku's journal entry for a zonie (the cultural awareness one).
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Al Shut on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:17 am

Maui wrote:Funny you mention Baader Meinhof Komplex - I just received it from Netflix this week. I guess I'm prepped for a similar film experience then huh?

I'd say a bit more uneven as they try to be more accurate
Note to myself: Fix this image shit!
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby MauledByZombies on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:27 pm

Hmm... this sounds fun. This is my first ever post here.

I'll add some movies later but for now, I'm reserving this spot.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby thomasgaffney on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:10 am

MauledByZombies wrote:Hmm... this sounds fun. This is my first ever post here.

I'll add some movies later but for now, I'm reserving this spot.

One caveat... No zombie movies.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby MauledByZombies on Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:26 am

thomasgaffney wrote:
MauledByZombies wrote:Hmm... this sounds fun. This is my first ever post here.

I'll add some movies later but for now, I'm reserving this spot.

One caveat... No zombie movies.

Haha. Aw come on. Why not?
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Pacino86845 on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:54 am

magicmonkey wrote:I just want to nominate Seppuku's journal entry for a zonie (the cultural awareness one).

Seconded, Seppuku's a genius!
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DaleTremont on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:31 pm

Maui wrote:Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.

I usually hate assholes who are down on the remakes of brilliant films just because they love the original so much...but I have to be that asshole right now.

See the original, Maui, please!!
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby thomasgaffney on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:50 pm

DaleTremont wrote:
Maui wrote:Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.

blah blah blah love the original so much...blah blah blah.

See the original, Maui, blah blah blah!!

Asshole. :D
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:06 pm

DaleTremont wrote:
Maui wrote:Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.

I usually hate assholes who are down on the remakes of brilliant films just because they love the original so much...but I have to be that asshole right now.

See the original, Maui, please!!

the original is available for viewing on Netflix watch instantly
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Maui on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:28 pm

Bloo wrote:
DaleTremont wrote:
Maui wrote:Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.

I usually hate assholes who are down on the remakes of brilliant films just because they love the original so much...but I have to be that asshole right now.

See the original, Maui, please!!

the original is available for viewing on Netflix watch instantly

Thanks Bloo. I do have Netflix so I will check this out.

Dale, expect a detailed comparison between Brodre (2004) and Brothers (2009) in the next few days.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby John-Locke on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:48 pm

I thought Brothers was a bit uneven, I never for a moment bought Portman as a mother, she showed zero maternal instincts. As a wife it was more or less the same except from towards the end of the film, she did have believable chemistry with Gyllenhaal in places. Gyllenhaal is always great and really carries the film. Maguire went a bit too OTT in places but overall it was a memorable performance.

BUT DAMN! The Climax of the film is one of the greatest climaxes in recent memory, it floored me.
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby Bloo on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:53 pm

Maui wrote:
Bloo wrote:
DaleTremont wrote:
Maui wrote:Brothers 4/5 Didn't know what to expect from this film, but it really blew me away. Acting was superb, an emotionally charged film.

I usually hate assholes who are down on the remakes of brilliant films just because they love the original so much...but I have to be that asshole right now.

See the original, Maui, please!!

the original is available for viewing on Netflix watch instantly

Thanks Bloo. I do have Netflix so I will check this out.

Dale, expect a detailed comparison between Brodre (2004) and Brothers (2009) in the next few days.

it's on my Que as well and have been wanting to compare the two
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Re: The Zone's 2010 Movie Journal

Postby DaleTremont on Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:16 pm

Awesome. Look forward to hearing what you guys think about it.

And I guess I will see this remake even though the trailer looked like a half-baked copy of the original with far less impressive performances :twisted:
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