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Re: Star Wars Box Set rumour (Now with 100% Less Rumor!)

Postby TheButcher on Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:12 pm

STAR WARS: Return of the Legends
Da7e wrote:Got sent these mockups of the original trilogy Blu Rays with the “LEGENDS” banner from a designer who claimed to have made them at the request of Lucasfilm.

For those of you who are just joining us, “Legends” is the distinction made by post-Disney Lucasfilm to separate non-canon Star Wars works (previous novels, comic books, etc) and canonical Star Wars works that relate to The Force Awakens and beyond.

The thing that made these images exciting was that “Legends” banner. It signals that middle ground had been reached between Disney, who owns Star Wars, and Fox, who owns distribution rights for the original trilogy. If we ever see a Blu Ray of the despecialized cuts, they’d likely have the “Legends” banner.

That was enough for us to get excited and contact some people in the know around the net and some folks embedded in industry places where they’d know of an upcoming release the scale of OT Blu Rays.

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Something very big and very 'The Force Awakens'-related is poised to occur on April 16th.
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