Rules: Official Spoiler Policy!

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Rules: Official Spoiler Policy!

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Point of Clarification Regarding Spoilers in this Forum:

1) any spoilers gleaned from other sites, "next episode previews", advance screenings, etc., are tiny texted up to the date of first general public release or airing anywhere in the world.

2) Upon first general public release or airing anywhere in the more tiny texting and no bitching allowed if someone stumbles in and is spoiled.

3) No information that could be seen as a spoiler should be used in avatars or signatures.

4) Tiny texting or spoiler tags/warnings in reviews are still encouraged as per MasterWhedon's instructions below.

For a spoiler tag use

Code: Select all

[spoiler]spoilery stuff (DO NOT MODIFY THE TEXT IN HERE)[/spoiler]
MasterWhedon wrote:Seeing as this has come up, I figure I should clarify the rules regarding discussing SPOILERS in Movie Reviews threads.

It's a difficult situation on a site like this, where early leaked info soon becomes the status quo, but we need to at least attempt to keep some of the mystery in tact for the initial screening of the film in question.

Movie News threads have been clearly marked as to whether SPOILERS are welcome or not, but most Movie Reviews have not been. We are attempting to correct this by making the primary Review thread as SPOILER territory, with the possibility of creating an additional NON-SPOILER thread should the situation warrant it.

That said, I would still ask each and every one of you to consider the following procedure when posting MAJOR SPOILERS (i.e. plot twists, deaths of characters, etc.):

1) CLEARLY MARK that there are SPOILERS to follow. Caps, bold, large font, and color changes are the best way to go.

2) USE TINY TEXT on the critical information. In fact, change the size of the text from 7 (default for Tiny) to 1, to make it virtually impossible for anyone to read without quoting/copy & pasting.

This is an especially important procedure for those in posession of this information before a film's release date (i.e. early reviewer, studio spy, etc.). Please treat this material as sensitive. The early reviews posted on the AICN main page are tagged with SPOILER warnings you must click past to get to the content. We don't have that luxury here. For us, it's an honor thing.

For those who see the film after its release, please still be considerate that some of your fellow Zoners are sprinkled all throughout the world. Some will not have the film in question open in their respective town for weeks, potentially months later, so let's not give away the good stuff if we can help it.

I hope that clears things up. If you need further clarification, you can PM me.

And if all this doesn't work for you, expect one of these in your near future: