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The Zone's 2008 Movie Journal

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This is our 2008 Movie Journal.

By this time, you probably know the drill, but if you don't, refer to last year's (Zonie Award Winning) thread for how to participate.

I chronicle each film I see and give it a score. (new films in bold):


Anyway, it's a great way to keep track of the films you see throughout the year and it makes it simple when you're picking your favorite/worst of the year.

We also choose favorites/worst for each month, so get watching and have fun. I challenge those that didn't make it last year t otry and stick it out this year, and I hope those that made it return for another round.

As before, try to only post once on the first page so people can "save" a place.
Most of all, have fun, and let the debate begin.



1. Sometimes in April - (6/10) Genocide in Africa. Sad, but my girlfriend is obsessed with this stuff, so I watched this. Not something I "enjoyed" but powerful.

2. No Country For Old Men - (10/10) The best film I've seen in theatres in a long time. I hope Brolin and Bardem and Jones get some recognition. As well as the Coens, of course. MY FULL REVIEW

3. Big Momma's House - (6/10) Why do regular TV stations show this so much? I've seen it more than I care to, but my girlfriend and I always seem to stop on it.

4. Master of Disguise - (4/10) "Turtle Turtle." Pretty stupid, but so stupid that it's funny at a couple of part. Only a couple. I admit I laughed when Bo Derek was revealed to be James Brolin.

5. Superbad - (7/10) Not as superbad as I expected it to be (or what I heard it to be) but I laughed out loud a few times because it reminded me of my friends and I in high school.

6. Big Momma's House - (7/10) Why does TBS show this so much? Lawrence was pretty funny in this.

7. Spy Hard - (3/10) One of Nielson's weaker efforts, although kudos go to whoever named the character Dick Steele.

8. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - (6/10) A couple of chuckles, but Sandler's done much better. The amazing thing was to see how swoll Ving Rhames was at his age, although I guess some could have been body doubles.

9. The Bourne Ultimatum - (8/10) Better than the sequel, and at least on par, if not better than the original. I really think Damon has turned into quite the leading man.

10. Ghostbusters - (9/10) One of the coolest concepts for a film. Simple, yet effective. Makes me laugh to this day.


11. The Gameplan - (4/10) The Rock is charming, but this this was so sweet and predictable. Too "kiddy" for me. I want to see the Rock kicking ass. My girlfriend loves crap like this.

12. Remember the Titans - (7/10) A much better football movie. A fun time, with a message for kids. Good job all around.

13. Something's Gotta Give- (8/10) Jack is awesome. The the ultimate ladies man, and even when he plays it for laughs, he's still a pimp. Keanu wasn't terrible either. Was this an Oscar worth nod for Keaton. I don't think so. Decent Valentine's Day flick.

14. Meet the Parents - (8/10) Ben Stiller at his best. I think the writing is what makes this one work. Didn't like the sequel nearly as much.


15. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane - (6/10) Freaky trip of a movie. If you're at all interested in child stars and mental illness, check this out.

16. Death Proof - (7/10) Entertaining, and the car stunts were really cool. That head on collision was insane.

17. Planet Terror - (8/10) Who would have thought that Jeff Fahey would steal the show. Just awesome on so many levels. Although that Tarantino melting penis scene almost made me gag.

18. For Keeps - (4/10) Molly Ringwald teaches us about teen pregnancy in the 80s. My girlfriend made me watch it. Nuff said.

19. Wedding Crashers - (8/10) This has grown on me the more I see it. I guess I'm a motor boatin' sonofabitch.

20. Ask the Dust -(8/10) Some badass Hayek nudity. And Salma and Colin Farrell actually have pretty good on screen chemistry.

21. Duplex - (6/10) Movies about how to kill old bitches (Throw Mama from the Train) always make me laugh. This wasn't bad, even though I'm not the biggest Stiller fan.

22. Saving Silverman - (7/10) R. Lee Ermy makes me laugh really hard in this film. It's so zany, and it looks like the cast is having a blast.

23. Major League - (8/10) One of the best sports comedies of all time. Great cast, and lots of fun.

24. Wild Hogs - (4/10) Predictable, and I usually don't like films that rely on a Deus ex Machina to resolve things, and it holds true here.

25. No Country For Old Men - (10/10) Not quite as shocking as the viewing in theatres, but just as powerful. A DAMN GOOD film.

26. Enchanted - (7/10) A delightful comedy, and it was fun seeing all the Disney references/in jokes. Marsden stole the show for me.

27. Beowulf - (9/10) I orginally rated this a 10, but it was helped slightly by the IMAX 3D experience. The best way to see this, by far. Still an awesome flick.

28. Pan's Labyrinth - (9/10) We need more adult fantasy like this one. Great film.

29. No Country For Old Men - (10/10) I love how all my friends are discovering this now. I love exposing them to it for the first time. Amazing flick.

30. Sahara - (6/10) Decent adventure flick, but you must turn off your brain at the door. A few poorly choreographed fights too.

31. The Good Shepherd - (8/10) One of the better spy movies in a while. Damon is great, and it was good to see Joe Pesci in something, although I think his scene was sort of fluff that honestly could have been cut from the film.


32. The Hudsucker Proxy - (8/10) I like this more and more every time I see it. Along with Shawshank, my favorite Robbins film.

33. There Will Be Blood - (7/10) After all the hype, terribly disappointing. Daniel Day Lewis is good, but some parts were so over acted and laughable (especially Eli)...or some was boring. Very good movie, but not great like some others made me believe.

34. The Man Without a Face - (7/10) Mel Gibson in his first directorial effort I think. Funny, because this is the first time I've seen it since Terminator 3, and that kid is John Connor. Solid film.

35. Catch-22 - (7/10) Arkin makes the perfect Yossarian. The book seemed like a jumbled mess to me, but it seemed to actually work better as a film. Pretty funny and relevant again today.

36. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - (7/10) A damn funny comedy that confirms that this Apatow comedy team knows their shit. The graphic penis shot was a bit unexpected, but I remember Knocked Up had the shot of the baby crowning, so I guess that's par for the course here. I expected the much lauded Beatles scene to be better though.


37. The Stepford Wives - (5/10) I really don't know how Matthew Broderick still gets work. The only thing I really liked him in was War Games.

38. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - (5/10) Ridiculously stupid. Doogie Howser is pretty funny.

39. Revolver - (4/10) WTF. I don't know else how to put it. I had heard some folks say Ritchie was back to form on this, and I was expecting something at least resembling Lock Stock or Snatch. Holy shit. Other than a couple of cool assassinations, this was like "Snatch" allright... snatch that has the clap and you just caught it.

40. Batman Begins - (9/10) That new Dark Knight trailer had me jonesing for some Batman action. I can't wait for the new flick.

41. Starter for 10 - (7/10) Sweet romantic dramedy and McAvoy's performance really makes the whole film worth watching. He's really likeable to me. Can relate, you know, even though I've never been anywhere close to England.

42. Pathfinder - (6/10) Not as bad as I expected, based on the box office. Not a bad little viking flick, but 13th Warrior was better.

43. Little Miss Sunshine - (6/10) I still don't see how this was nominated by an Oscar, and after seeing There Will Be Blood, I lke Paul Dano less here because of his bitchy character in TWBB.

44. Top Gun - (7/10) You've lost that loving feeling. Doesn't quite hold up, but not bad.

45. Die Hard 2 -(7/10) A lot more cheesy one liners than I remembered.

46. Iron Man - (8/10) Downey Jr. and Favreau knocked it out of the park. And that's the coolest Stan Lee cameo ever. Now I can finally go read the Iron Man thread without worrying about spoilers.

47. Kinderarten Cop - (8/10) I love Arnold, and I think this is a cute family comedy/cop movie. And I learned about the birds and the bees. Not really.

48. Fight Club - (10/10) You are not your fucking khakis. I still love this movie, especially the little twist.

49. Darkman - (7/10) Cheesier than I remember, but that's part of the appeal.

50. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - (6/10) Fun sometimes, but you get the impression that it has so much more potential. Jessica Alba, once again miscast (Sin City is even worse miscasting). Stay away from geek properties Jess.

51. My Super Ex-Girlfriend - (6/10) I don't really like either of the leads that much, but I was still entertained enough by this.

52. Batman Returns - (8/10) I love Burton's Gotham City, and DAMN, Pfeiffer was sexy. And Walken had a great excuse to ham it up a bit.

53. To Be or Not To Be - (7/10) Okay, so I love Mel Brooks. I watched To Be or Not to Be for the first time tonight, and he consistently brings the funny. Also, the few dramati parts were nice as well. One of the few Brooks films that actually has a plot and isn't all satire/parody.

54. Underdog - (4/10) Really, this is pretty terrible. I liked the Superman and Lady and the Tramp homages back to back, but really I just sort of enjoyed watching Patrick Warburton. Great for the kiddies.

55. Twins -(7/10) One of Arny's more dated films, but the chemisty between Arny and Devito and the absurdity that they're brothers still works.

56. Blades of Glory - (5/10) Funny, but Ferrell is sports comedies is starting to blend together. Nothing really stands out.

57. I Think I Love My Wife - (6/10) Ok movie. Chris Rock usually entertains, but what was with that damn singing?

58. The Iron Giant - (8/10) Brad Bird really knows how to make solid animated films. I love where the IG flies into the bomb saying "I'm Superman. Poignant.



59. Rambo - (9/10) Finally, a movie with BALLS! Great job by Stallone... all around. He should be proud of this.

60. 300 - (9/10) Another film with balls. Great double feature with Rambo.

61. Knocked Up - (8/10) Rogen and Heigel are a great team. Funny.

62. High Anxiety - (6/10) Mel's homage to Hitchcock, and I lol'ed at a few parts, but I thought it was a bit inconsistent.

63. The Twelve Chairs - (7/10) This movie made me like Frank Langella a bit more. Not bad. I've been on a Brooks kick, and this was a nice surprise.

64. Young Frankenstein- (8/10) Gene Wilder is on top of his game, and so is Brooks.

65. You Don't Mess With the Zohan - (6/10) A good 30 minute sketch dragged out over the length of a feature film. I loved some of the gags, but it all got tired pretty fast. Also, Michael Fucking Buffer played the villian, and I thought that was pretty damn cool.

66. Little Rascals - (6/10) Great update of a kids flick. A few dated jokes (Milli Vanilli?!?!) but some great stuff (Sell you my pickle for a nickle. --What about 2 cents?).

67. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - (8/10) Great to see Indy and Marion again. I was smiling nearly the entire time.

68. Stripes - (8/10) Murray at the top of his game. Great supporting cast. That's the facts, Jack.

69. The Devil Wears Prada - (7/10) Not as terrible as I imagined. I actually enjoyed it, but maybe I was just imagining Anne Hathaway naked. Who knows.

70. Recount - (8/10) I'm not really a political person, but I enjoyed the hell out of this. I knew the ending, and it still did a good job of keeping me interested.

71. Man of the Year - (6/10) A bit preachy towards the end, but I love Robin Williams and Christopher Walken, so this was fun enough. I just noticed I watched political movies back to back. Totally unplanned.

72. Shrek the Third - (8/10) Orginally, I gave this like a 6 or something, but the more I see it, the more I appreciate certain parts of it. It still pales next to the original, but it's not bad.

73. The Shawshank Redemption - (10/10) Tim Robbins best work. Morgan Freeman's best work. Hell, this is pretty much everyone's best work that's involved in this film. Everything just came together. 1994 was the damn year for cinema, huh?

74. We Are Marshall - (8/10) This was much better than I expected, and if it wasn't for so much crying, I might have scored it higher. MM was even tolerable, and I haven't liked him much since Dazed and Confused. Ian McShane should get more work.

75. Remember the Titans - (8/10) Solid football movie about race and coming together to overcome that racism. Two of the better football movies in two days.

76. Braveheart - (10/10) They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!! Still one of my favorite epics.

77. Ready to Rumble - (4/10) This was made right at the height of late 90s wrestling renaissance that was happening, and I have to admit I was a fan. It's like a piece of nostalgia now, since WCW is kaput, but it's still awesome to see Martin Landau go "Sal Bandini...wanna wrestle?" and then proceed to kick ass.

78. Rambo - (9/10) Hooray for Rambo killing everything in sight to solve the world's problems. Go Stallone!

79. Soldier - (6/10) A decent action flick. Busey. Yep, he was not quite insane in this. It was right before he completely lost it. And Russell got swoll in this flim. Seriously, he was in awesome shape.

80. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - (7/10) I didn't enjoy this as much as the original, or as much as I thought I would. The Christian themes were heavy, but I thought Reepicheep was wasted. He could have been so much better. Nice job by the lead little person that didn't believe in Aslan until he saw him at the end.

81. The Incredible Hulk - (8/10) They found a way to get cameos from Bixby, Ferrigno, Downey Jr., and Stan Lee. And it was entertaining as hell. Marvel is on a roll.

82. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - (7/10) Ok, but this was my least favorite book. I actually enjoyed the film more, because it trimmed a lot of the studly from the book.

83. The Truth About Cats and Dogs - (7/10) A likeable love story about animals and mistaken identity. I actually like Uma and Garafalo in this, and that usually doesn't happen.

84. Gladiator - (9/10) Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. /badass.

85. Blade Runner: The Final Cut - (8/10) Yes, this was the first time I saw this. I can see how this was groundbreaking. Honestly, I thought it was beautiful, but there were some bits that seemed a bit clunky to me. It could have had a stronger narrative, I guess. Not bad.

86. Billy Madison - (8/10) "I'm glad I called THAT guy!" Sandler's goofiest, but there was a lot to like here.


87. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - (7/10) Entertaining, and I really only watched it because it was the only thing on. Still, awesome ending battle, and I have to say I enjoyed it more at home than on the 3D IMAX that I first saw it on. There, it seemed blurry and like the technology hadn't quite been perfected yet.

88. Fire In The Sky - (5/10) Some questionable acting, but this is the first film that I can remember that really relied heavily on the "based on a true story" in all its marketing. And I thought the alien stuff was pretty cool.

89. Edward Scissorhands - (8/10) Quirky. Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time believing that a film like this would even get financed today. Bravo to Stan Winston effects.

90. Galaxy Quest - (8/10) One of the more underrated comedies ever, and probably the best sci-fi comedy in existence. That Alan Rickman scene at the side of that dying alien still honestly chokes me up. Good stuff. And again, Stan Winston studios delivers.

91. Man of the House - (5/10) Tommy Lee Jones and some cheerleaders. My girlfriend Tivo'd it, and wanted me to watch. Someone answer me this, why does every actor think that if the film takes place in Texas that they have to butcher a southern accent? I'm looking at you CSI chick!

92. Rush Hour 3 - (5/10) CARTER! LEE! CARTER! LEE! Ad nauseum. Not as bad as I expected, but a shell of the other two, and that's pretty bad.

93. Shoot 'Em Up - (8/10) Wow. I wish I would have seen this in theatres. This was balls to the wall, and the stunts were awesome. Hooray for Owen and Giamatti for doing this. I had a blast. And who would have thought carrots could be so deadly?

94. The Sandlot - (7/10) A good slice of life flick, and it always reminds me of Stand By Me or something like The Wonder Years.

95. Galaxy Quest - (8/10) I had to watch this again. So entertaining. Also, I have to laugh at the bad ADR where Weaver obviously says, "Fuck that" when she sees the chompers and they tone it down to "screw."

96. Knocked Up - (8/10) Solid comedy, somewhat diminished when I found out Heigl is a cunt in real life. "Fuck you hormones. Not Alison, hormones!"

97. Shoot 'Em Up - (8/10) Had to show this to a friend. Crazy stunts for 90 minutes. Not bad.

98. What Women Want - (7/10) Gibson owns this film. I watch it and realize that I would actually dislike this quite a bit with any other actor. But he's awesome in this. A solid rom-com.

99. Looney Toons: Back in Action - (4/10) I used to love Looney Toons. This is like a shadow of that. But it boggles my mind how many celebsthey can get for these films like this. Why can't the same thing work on other films?

100. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - (9/10) Awesome. The characters were spot on (although jarring to hear a different, less fitting voice for Abe) and the effects and action were great. The first summer movie that exceeded my expectations, and my favorite movie of 2008 so far. Awesome.

101. Stuart Little - (5/10) Cute movie with a mouse. Fox's voice fits the character though.

102. The Producers - (8/10) Mel Brooks is the man. It's that simple. Springtime for Hitler is hilarious.

103. The Dark Knight - (10/10) The best comic based film ever, sitting above Spidey 2, Superman, Iron Man, X2, and Batman Begins. Nolan has done an amazing job. Ledger is great, but so is Ekhart, Bale, Oldman, and pretty much everyone involved. Great script. I'm sad Ledger is dead, but he honestly will be remembered for this role. He had me at the magic trick, and I grinned the rest of the film. Amazing.

104. Hancock - (6/10) A cool concept, and I expect Watchmen to deconstruct the superhero film much more effectively. But this was enjoyable enough to waste an hour of my life. It really falls apart in the second half though, and can't decide whether it wants to be a comedy or drama. Some flashbacks to referrenced scenes throughout history (ancient Rome, late 1800s) would have helped tremendously.

105. The Dark Knight - (10/10) This holds up wonderfully on a second viewing. "Do you think you can just come in here and take our money?" "Yeah..." :D Also, props to Tiny Lister. I doubt Dent is dead though, and I expect to see him in the next one.

106. Kicking and Screaming - (3/10) One of the worst Ferrell films, and after The Dark Knight, this seems even worse.


107. The Long Kiss Goodnight - (8/10) Yes, it's cheesy, but this is a really fun film. My favorite Sam L Jackson character, besides Jules. Awesome, over the top stuff.

108. The Usual Suspects - (10/10) One of the best crime films ever. Simply great acting, writing and directing. Oh, and watch the editing next time. There's some great stuff there.

109. Big Daddy - (6/10) Not Sandler's best, but there are a few redeeming things. Like the old man banging his girlfriend and such.

110. Mr. Woodcock - (5/10) I like Billy Bob Thornton, but it seems like he walked through this role. Not as entertaining as I'd hoped for.

111. Under the Tuscan Sun - (4/10) Not a bad little chick flick. My fiance loves it. And Lane is sufficiently hot.




112. The Bodyguard - (6/10) Whitney couldn't really act, but damn she could sing. One of the few films where I think Costner doesn't annoy me. Actually, I like him in a few things, but he can be annoying as shit sometimes. I can't believe this is the film that broke my dry spell here. Ha!

113. Jerry Maguire - (8/10) What happened to Cuba Gooding Jr. He could act at one time, and now he's relegated to making shit. This is really the only thing I like that Renee chick in. She annoys me in everything else.

114. Leatherheads - (6/10) It really feels like this movie was made 50 years ago, but not in a bad way. It had a classic movie sort of vibe. You can really see Clooney's love for the game and the hate for the business of the game.

115. The Other Sister - (7/10) Kudos to Ribisi and Lewis for taking these roles. Certainly a challenge. I saw bits of this when I was younger and thought it was a bit offensive, but seeing the whole thing at once was pretty entertaining.

116. Surf's Up - (5/10) About half-way through this, I thought, "I'm watching a movie about surfing penguns." After you get over the ridiculousness of that, this is fairly entertaining. The ending was actually able to build a bit of tension and drama.


117. Team America: World Police - (5/10) A funny satire for a while, but in the end, I could see how this would work for a 30 minute short, but it dragged a bit for a feature length film.

118. Tropic Thunder - (6/10) Seemed to drag a bit to me. I loved the fake trailers, and the first 30 minutes or so seemed awesome, but it seemed to run out of steam by the end.

119. Akira - (5/10) Someone saw Blade Runner a bit too much, and put their own freaky spin on it. The makers of this need a lesson on the word "narrative." Who knows, maybe something was lost in translation, but this nearly reached the point where I turned it off before it finished, and I rarely do that.

120. Tropic Thunder - (7/10) I'm bumping this to a 7/10. It seemed to grow on me and have bit more heart the second time. And, yes, it's ridiculous, but it was fun. Still felt like it dragged a bit, but not as much as before.


121. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - (7/10) I still don't love this as much as the animated one, but Jim Carrey is awesome, and this grows on me every time I see it.

122. Four Christmases - (6/10) If you like Vince Vaughn, you'll love this. It's really mainly a showpiece for him. And I have to admit, I laughed at the Birth of Jesus reenactment. Although the ending was rushed and formulaic. Not a terrible time.

123. Tarzan - (7/10) One Disney film I never saw, and I enjoyed it very much. The Phil Collins music sucked, and an orchestral score only would have brought this another point, I think. But I loved the animation and the action in this. Plus, it's got stuff for kids and adults.

124. The Thing - (9/10) Hell-fucking yeah. Sue me, I've never seen John Carpenter's THE THING before now, but it was awesome. Absolutely loved it. Spooky, with great tension and effects. So was MacReady the Thing at the end? Awesome!

125. Punisher: War Zone - (6/10) A bit melodramatic, overall, it's worth seeing to see Frank Castle the way he was intended to be seen. Balls to the wall. Some awesome kills, and it doesn't shy away from the gore.

126. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - (9/10) My favorite of the Potter films. Gambon nailed Dumbledore in his first attempt (but has oddly strayed in later films), and Cuaron just seemed to understand Rowling's world. And Oldman as Sirius was great.

127. The Dark Knight - (10/10) Yes, this is still badass. Sad to hear that the Two-Face arc is over though. I thought there was a lot of potential there still.

128. The Spy Who Loved Me - (5/10) I'm not a big fan of Moore's Bond. But it's cool to see Jaws tear a van apart with his bare hands, and that chick is smoking hot.
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I mean second!

I didn't really stick it out or even do a very good job with my journal last year, and I probably won't this year either to be honest, but it's a great thread for movie lovers, even if I only end up trolling it most of the time.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
The Nanny Diaries
Vantage Point
The Descent
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Watching the Detectives
Auto Focus
The Other Boleyn Girl
Erin Brockovich
The Orphanage
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Savages
Charlie Wilson's War
Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
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The Zone's 2008 Movie Journal

Post by bastard_robo »


January 1st:
The Simpsons Movie
Harold and Kumar go to white castle
January 2nd:
Spiderman 3
January 3rd:
Spiderman 3
January 5th:
Jurassic Park
January 7th:
The breakfest Club
January 8th:
January 13th:
The Bucket List
January 18th:
January 19th:
Godzilla Final Wars
January 20th:
There Will Be Blood
January 24th:
Boogie Nights
January 26th:
National Treasure Book of Secrets
January 30th:
Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster
Febuary 10th:
The Host
Febuary 14th:
High School High
Febuary 16th:
Febuary 17th:
Godzilla 2000
Febuary 21st:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Febuary 26th:
Justice League: New Frontier
Febuary 27th:
Darjeering Limited
March 1st:
Blades of Glory
Justice League: New Frontier
March 2nd:
American Beauty
March 3rd:
Clerks 2
March 4th:
King Kong vs. Godzilla
March 6th
Little Miss Sunshine
March 7th:
Morthra 2
March 9th:
10,000 BC
March 13th:
Dan in Real Life
March 14th:
Kung Pow; Enter the fist
March 15th:
Horton Hears a Who
March 16th:
Vantage Point
March 20th:
March 21st:
Frankenstein Conqures the World
March 25th:
Southland Tales
March 30th:
Run studly boy Run
April 5th:
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Godzilla vs. Destroyah
V for Vendetta
April 6th:
Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for Earth
Godzilla vs King Ghidora
April 8th:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
April 12th:
The Adventures of Baron Munchausan
Dark Crystal
April 13th:
April 14th:
Godzilla Final Wars
April 15th:
April 17th:
Treasure Planet
April 19th:
Godzilla's Revenge
April 20th:
Walk Hard
April 27th:
Casino Royal
May 1st:
Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy
May 2nd:
Iron man
May 8th:
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
May 9th:
Speed Racer
May 14th:
Speed Racer
May 17th:
Face Off
The Mummy
May 18th:
Iron Man
May 20th:
Speed Racer
May 22nd:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
May 25th:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Joe Dirt
May 26th:
Speed Racer
May 27th:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
June 1st:
The Machine Girl
June 5th:
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
June 6th:
The Fist Foot Way
June 11th:
Grandma's Boy
June 13th:
The Incredible Hulk
June 15th:
The Incredible Hulk
June 20th:
King Kong vs. Godzilla
The Love Guru
June 21st:
Get Smart
June 22nd:
Kill Zone
Knocked Up
Godzilla 2000
June 25th:
Futurama: Beat with a Billion Backs
Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster
June 26th:
Batman Begins
June 27th:
Happy Gilmore
June 29th:
Batman Begins
July 1st:
Godzilla King of the Monsters
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
July 3rd:
Death Race 2000
July 4th:
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Fight Club
July 9th:
The Mummy
July 11th:
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
July 18th:
The Dark Knight
July 19th:
The Dark Knight
July 20th:
Eight Legged Freaks
July 23rd:
Tropic Thunder
August 1st:
August 3rd:
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
August 7th:
Midnight Meat Train
August 9th:
Ultimate Versus
August 10th:
Hot Fuzz
August 21st:
The Dark Knight
August 24th:
Hellboy 2
August 29th:
Dawn of the Dead (04)
Saw 2
War of the Worlds (05)
August 30th:
Blade Trinity
September 4th:
Godzilla's Revenge
September 7th:
Pineapple Express
September 14th:
Burn After Reading
September 19th:
War of the Gargantuas
September 25th:
Speed Racer
September 26th:
Gamera 3
Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla
September 28th:
Eagle Eye
September 30th:
The Matrix
October 3rd:
Clerks 2
October 7th:
Smokin Aces
October 11th:
Take the Ticket, Ride the Ride
October 12th:
Body of LiesLost Boys
October 16th:
Dead Mans Shoes
October 18th:
A Muppet Christmas Carol
October 19th:
Fright Night
October 21st:
The Incredible Hulk
October 22nd:
October 23rd:
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
October 25th:
Incredible Hulk
October 26th:
The Mist
Pineapple Express
October 28th:
Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds
October 30th:
Chasing Amy
October 31st:
Zach and Miri Make A Porno
November 1st:
The 5th Element
November 2nd:
Terminator 2
Young Frankenstein
November 8th:
November 9th:
Tesuo: The Iron Man
November 12th:
Hellboy 2
November 14th:
November 15th:
Step Brothers
November 16th:
Waynes World 2
November 17th:
Once Upon A Time in Mexico
November 19th:
November 20th:
Ghostbusters 2
November 21st:
November 23rd:
Ghost Rider
November 24th:
November 27th:
Quantum of Solace
November 29th:
Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack
November 30th:
Saw 5
December 3rd:
December 6th:
Punisher War ZoneDecember 7th:
Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
December 13th:
The Hole
December 14th:
District B13
The Day the Earth Stood Still (08)
December 20th:
Amittyville Horror (remake)
Little Nicky
December 25th:
The Spirit
December 26th:
The Great Outdoors
Hamlet 2
December 27th:
Resident Evil: Degeneration
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This is my first attempt at one of these, so I may come back and revise my scoring method if I don't like how it's working out. Anyhoo...

Red = Excellent
Orange = Very Good
Cyan = Pretty Good
Green = Not Bad
Blue = Poor
Brown = Shit

For added user friendlyness, for any films that aren't huge blockbusters, I'm gonna try and add a imdb link to the movie just in case folks want to know more about it (click on the title). Oh, and films I've seen before will be marked with a *


Kenny - Sweet natured mock doc about an Aussie guy in the portable toilet industry. Brilliantly natural central performance by co-writer Shane Jacobson. Glad to have started my movie year with this.

The Deaths of Ian Stone - Fun little sci-fi thriller made up of equal parts of Quantum Leap, Dark City and The Matrix. Lead actor not brilliant, and Lyla from Dexter hams things up as a femme fatal.

Atonement - Beautiful to look at and good performances all round, but the story just didn't do anything for me. The final revelation just left me saying 'yeah, so?'

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection - This only makes good because I was watching it with lowered expectations. Not a patch on the original but perhaps a slight improvement over the second, but it's been a while since I saw that one. Effects for the 'Assblasters' are terrible.

I Am Legend - Not bad, so long as you can put the novel from your mind. Will Smith's charisma just about overcomes plot holes and sloppy ending.

The Tripper - I'm gonna mark this down as poor rather than shit, simply because I fell asleep during it and so didn't see just how much worse it got. Admittedly, it could also have improved, but I feel no need to find out if this is the case. Heavy handed attempts at satire, terrible dialogue and cartoony acting.

Freeway * - Even after Walk the Line, this is still the best Reece Witherspoon performance I've seen. Keifer Sutherland is almost as good, but his part has less dimensions. Great dark comedy with good supporting cast.

The Hamiltons - When 'Directed by The Butcher Brothers' appeared in the credits, my expectations lowered accordingly, but this is surprinsingly good, with a revelation at the end that isn't quite a twist, but does make the film a little more interesting in retrospect.

The Omega Man * - Haven't seen this since I was a kid, when I really enjoyed it. Wish I'd just stayed with the memory of it as was then, rather than now knowing it's a mess of a film full of inconsistant internal logic and one of the most unconvincing onscreen romances I think I've ever seen. The fact that the leader of The Family looks like Jimmy Savile is a plus though.

The Brave One - Unexceptional performance from Foster by her high standards. Terrence Howard's cop is probably the slightly more interesting character. Has the same thing that bugged me about Death Wish, which is that once the character has started down the vigilanty path, punks needing wasted just seem drawn to them like moths to a flame.

Once - Just a gem of a movie. I'm sure I'll watch this a few times.

Gone Baby Gone - Great performances from pretty much the entire cast. A complex story that never gets muddled up due to very good direction and pacing, and an ending that poses some very interesting moral questions.

Unknown - The Usual Suspects meets Cube. Good cast, decent script. Nothing particularly original, but competantly done.

The Hunting Party - Cynical comedy/drama which claims to be based on real events, but with minor details changed. Richard Gere on his Internal Affairs kind of form seems to relish the role.

Across the Universe - I checked this out for morbid curiousity, figuring I'd hate it as much as the trailer suggested I would. Pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying it, mainly because of it's visual inventiveness, but also because the arrangements of the songs are for the most part pretty good. Nothing special script or character wise, but the strong direction more than compensates.

Saw IV - Fell asleep about 40 minutes into this and nothing I'd seen up until that point made me want to finish it.

The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang - If I'd never seen Napoleon Dynamite, then I might have enjoyed this more than I did. I can't remember the last movie I saw that tried to blatantly to copy another. I actually felt kind of bad for the nominal lead actor, as it seemed that he had actually been directed to just mimic Jon Heder's performance in Napoleon Dynamite.

The Pink Panther - First Pink Panther movie I've seen. Was surprised at how little Peter Sellers features in it.

The Golden Compass - Not bad, but so much less than it could have been. Feels like it's always racing to hit the plot points, leaving no time to dwell upon the details that make the book so good. Should never have really tried to make it a kids movie.

Monster - Cheap Cloverfield cash in from The Asylum. Would have been less annoying if the director had resisted the urge every effect available in his software package to simulate camera glitches (there's at least 20 different types used).

Playing God - Decent crime flick with a good cast and script. Good OTT performance from Timothy Hutton.

Zombie Wars - I'm ashamed to say I actually watched this through to the end, just to see where it's bizarre premise would take it. Real bottom of the barrel stuff.

No Country for Old Men - Brilliant. Nothing more to add what so many others had said about his movie.

Charlie Wilsons War - Entertaining enough mainly due to the strenght of the leads. For a story that is critical of not following through once the exciting stuff is accomplished, the film is oddly guilty of the same thing.

Unrest - A decent horror movie probably could be made about medical students being killed by a vengeful Aztec God, but this isn't it.

Bogeyman 2 -I didn't really like the original that much, but as it built towards its climax it went all weird and laughably crazy (Time Travel Closets!!), so I was curious to see where they might go with the idea. Probably not written as a sequel, but had name tacked on under dubious idea that there's a huge fanbase out there for the original Bogeyman movie. Then again, I watched this because of the name factor, so I guess it worked. If it wasn't being marketed as a sequel, it would probably be called Phobia or something. And it still wouldn't be any good.

Split Second - I checked this out after seeing a couple of zoners talking fondly about it. Didn't really do anything for me. I suspect if I'd seen it when it first came out and I was younger, I might have liked it more, but it just looked very dated to me.

Pursued - Fun little thriller with The Fan/Single White Female ellements to it. Christian Slater doing one of his signature Charming Psycho roles.

Hitman- Daft, but guilty fun. Action sequences are well shot. Everything else is badly written and implausible.

Ice Age - This was a surprise to me. I didn't really read any reviews when it came out and just assumed it wouldn't be any good. The animation and writing are great, but I found Ray Romano's performance very flat. I'm sure if he hadn't done Monsters Inc, they would have cast John Goodman.

The Mosquito Coast* - Harrison Ford does some excellent madness and hubris as he destroys his family.

Raiders of the Lost Ark* - At the umpteenth time of view it only just occured to me that Indy doesn't actually save the day. He fails in his attempts to stop the bad guys and they get to do exactly what they wanted to do. Take that Joseph Campbell!!

The 40-Year Old Virgin* - Nice balancing of crude humour and heart.

Little Nikita* - Feels a bit dated now in these post cold war days. River Phoenix's family is hunted by a man that probably worked as Rutget Hauer's stunt double.

Taps* - Lord of the Flies at a military academy. Watch a young Tom Cruise go crazy with a machine gun, before it happens one day in real life.


Last Night* - Just brilliant. Humane and compassionate. Puts most other End of the World movies to shame by the characters actions actually seeming plausible

AvP2: Requiem - Ugh. Horrible and stupid. It literally fucks things up from the 1st minute.

Rambo - Munitions porn. Anybody that claims that there is any political message is a liar.

Radio Bikini - Interesting documentary about the US testing of the atomic bomb in the South Pacific and the callous disregard shown towards both natives and servicemen/guineapigs.

We Own The Night - Unevenly paced with underwritten characters. Nicely shot car chase.

Into The Blue - Cinama version of bubblegum. Happy ending for immoral wannabe drug dealer.

Land of the Dead - Still bad, but strangley not as bad as on 1st viewing. Still don't know where Dennis Hopper's character thought he was going to run to with all that money.

Day of the Dead - Worth it for Bud, the Horney vegetarian zombie. More influenced by 'fast zombie' movies like 28 Days Later than it's actual namesake. Evil zombie scientist dodges 4 people firing automatic weapons.

Sugarhouse - Great performance from Serkis and Ashley Walters Seemed very much like it might originally have been concieved as a play, but does not suffer from that.

Dr Strange - I never really read much Dr Strange, so I couldn't say how faithful this animated origin movie is to the comics, but I found it pretty entertaining.

Juno - I almost wanted not to like this because of all the hype surrounding it, but I couldn't. Though it does have the tweeist soundtrack ever! JK Simmons rocks!

Before Sunrise - Ethan Hawke bugs me, yet I seem to enjoy pretty much every film I see him in. Most odd. In realy life, I might find these characters unbearable to hang out with, but in the movie, I wanted to be around them for a whole lot longer than it allowed for.

Jumper - Decently directed action, but huge plot holes and barely written characters. Doesn't do much to advance the 'Hayden Christensen can act' argument.

Cloverfield - Failed attempt at combining two very different genres, but still has a couple of entertaining points. More thoughts on its failings written here.

Ice Age: The Meltdown - Not quite as good as the first, but still enjoyable. Main problem for me is still Ray Romano's miscasting.

Grizzly Park - Like a film school grad film made by people that should not be allowed to graduate.


Robinson Crusoe On Mars* - Not as good as I remembered, but still fun. Discovery of aliens takes unbalances the nice pace it had settled into.

Restless Natives - Hasn't aged well, but still fun if only for the 'I live there!' moments. Direction a bit heavy handed at times.

The Mist - Brilliant adaptation, great casting and performances and an audacious ending.

Payback: Straight Up - The Director's Cut - Although I don't remember the theatrical cut well enough to pinpoint the differences, I did find this version more enjoyable. There just doesn't seem to be enough of these types of movies being made at the moment.

There Will Be Blood - Good performance from DDL and preacher kid. Soundtrack was kind of annoying.

Knight Rider - Should've made Knight Boat instead.

Batman vs Dracula - Not all that familiar with this animated version of the bat dude, so possible would have enjoyed it more if I was better acquainted with it's continuity.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom* - Age cannot wither them.

House of 9 - Uninspired Cube rip-off. Possibly worth seeing just so you can argue if Dennis Hopper's Oirish accent is the worst ever commited to film.


Vantage Point - Multiple perspective works with mixed succcess. Good car chase action.

Apocalypto - Mad Max in the jungle. Good fun, and some excellent cinematography.

Hidden (Cache) - Maybe I'm shallow, but using all the trappings of a suspense movie and then not actually paying that off bugged the hell out of me.

Diary of the Dead - Crap. The only zombie that this movie shows needs to be put down is the one directing it.


In Bruges - Excellent. Something to offend everyone. Colin Farrel gives a really childlike performance, possibly best I've seen him give.

Accepted - Instantly forgetable by the numbers college comedy. Unremarkable on every level, but with a couple of laughs here and there.

Bad Guy (Nabbeun namja) - Twisted love story that's appalling on the surface, but utterly romantic if you scratch deeper.

Superbad*- Still funny 2nd time round, though Jonah Hill's character seems a little more annoying. McLovin steals every scene he's in.

War Inc - Don't listen to anybody that says this film came out a few years too late. There is no sign that the issues it takes aim at are going away anytime soon. My only real gripe with the movie that it seems like the makers had so much that they wanted to say, that they were unable to focus on one thing and ended up taking a scattergun approach.

Iron Man - A virtually faultless comic book adaptation. Does pretty much everything that could have reasonably been expected. Favreau's seeming comfort with both the action and the story moments is a pleasant surprise.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Undoubtedly an Indy movie, but sadly Lucas' fingerprints are much more evident in this one than in the previous episodes. John Hurt is wasted in a nothing part, but the rapport between Ford and LaBeouf is very good.


Blade Trinity* - Better than when I first saw it, but still the weakest entry in the series.

Street Kings - Good gritty thriller. Almost exact same plot as LA Confidential. Reeves is good, but looks way too healthy for the character he plays.

The Hive- Shite

The Incredible Hulk - Hulk Smash!

Cleaner- Dull and predictable.

Live! - Heavy handed and unsurprising criticism of reality television and it's ultimate destination. Only real surprise is that Eva Mendez can actually act some.

Little Miss Sunshine - Funny enough for the most part. The final beauty pagent scene is disturbing on many levels.

Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) - Spanish time travel movie. Like many time travel movies, the protagonist seeks to alter his fate only to find himself locking himself further into it with each step. There's a very dry, dark humour to the movie, with a great central performance by Karra Elejalde who at towards the end closely resembles Wile E. Coyote in terms of shoulder shrugging resignation.

Red - Great performance from Brian Cox in a slow burning thriller about the morality of revenge.

Pathology - Thought the director seems to think this is happening in the same world as Se7en, it is in fact just Lost Boys, with med students instead of vampires.

Drillbit Taylor - Not a total waste of time, but chances are you'll forget everything about it within a couple of hours of seeing it.

Trail of the Screaming Forehead- Very funny, though some of the jokes wear thin through repetition. Probably a love it or hate it movie.

The Wave (Die Welle)- Excellent. Fight Club, Lord of the Flies and Battle Royale mixed to excellent effect for a cautionary tale about the seductive appeal of facism.

Sleep Dealer - Interesting concept hamstrung by very self contained central character.

Shiver - Good old fashioned 'There something in the woods' type scares.

The Ruins - Totally stupid but still kind of fun.

21 - Not bad, but nothing great either. Could've done with a bit more explanation of how the card counting systems worked.


Batman: Gotham Knight - Mixed bag, best not associated with Nolan's Gotham.

The Happening - Spectacularly stupid.

Film Noir - 2D, mostly black and white CGI detective yarn. With sado masochistic sex!!

Breathing Room - Yet another Cube/Saw hybrid, which shares the problems of it's fellow imitators in finding an interesting shock ending or revelation.

Wargames 2 - More like Enemy of the State 2 for the most part, but manages to connect to some stuff from the original for the 3rd act.

Mr. Majestyk - Bronson shows why you should never come between a man and his melons.

Futurama: The Beast with a billion backs - Not up to it's usual high standard, but new Futurama is still good Futurama

Hancock - Probably the most intersting attempt at a superhero movie to date. Nice to actually be surprised by a plot point in a comic book movie for a change. More time with Smith being a asshole would have been nice though.

PCU - By the numbers college comedy

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Surprisingly good. Annoyingly, I even found Russel Brand amusing!

Mutant Chronicles - Shit. Looks like a bad FPS, with a plot and script to match. One can only assume that the producer must have photographs of all the principals involved murdering an underage prostitute or something.

Redbelt - Good performances, but strangely stilted, even by Mamet's stagey standards.

Lost Boys: The Tribe - Cheesy and stupid. Corey Feldman growls a lot.

The Dark Knight - Fricken excellent

War of the Worlds - Probably better upon a second viewing, with lowered expectations. It moves along nicely for the most part, but Tim Robbins' crazy man in the basement really sucks the life out of the movie.

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder - Boring for the first half of the movie, but gets more entertaining when some whacky anti religion stuff comes to the front. And worth watching just for the song that plays over the credits.

Otis - Black comedy with weird tonal shifts.[/quote]


Wall-E - Just amazing. One of the most confidently directed films I've seen. One of those rare films that reminds you of just how powerful a medium film is.

Them (Ils) - Very good, very tight little thriller.

Felon - Excellent prison flick. Probalby best work I've seen from Stephen Dorff, while Val Kilmer continues to prove that he should still be a regular in theatrical releases.

Puppet Master - Bad acting and not even a wee bit scary. An odd film.

Red Sonja - I watched this with a fair amount of scepticism, but found it to be pretty good fun. I especially like how often the supposedly kick ass title character has to be rescued by a big strong man.

Chaos Theory - Passable comedy/drama thing. Nothing particularly memorable. Pretty restrained performance from Ryan Reynolds.

Hellboy 2 - Good fun. Better than the first. Great production design as you would expect.

The Clone Wars - So so. If I was actually able to view anything Star Wars related with any kind of objectivity, I'd probably have to say it's not very good.

Recount - Quite a restrained movie that manages to avoid spending all it's running time condeming the various parties that helped G W Bush steal the Oval Office.

Highwaymen - Fun little thriller, which shares some similarities with The Hitcher, which was made by the same director. Wonder if Tarantino was 'inspired' by this when creating Deathproof.

Rogue - Decent giant croc movie. Shares some similarities to Black Water. 2 for 2 for the director of Wolf Creek.

Anamorph - One of those annoying serial killer movies where the killer is apparently omniscient and can predict the cops every move. Stupid.

Get Smart - Some pretty good laughs in there, mostly down to Steve Carell's charm.

Kiling Zoe - Adolescent nonsense.


Joy Ride 2 - Nowhere near as good as the first, but still a fairly entertaining diversion.

Boy A - Excellent. Brilliant performance by Andrew Garfield.

Forbidden Kingdom - Jet Lee pees on Jackie Chan. Surely that's some kind of sacriledge. Nothing special, but Jet Lee is pretty funny as the Monkey King.

Eagle Eye - Wargames meets Enemy of the State. A pretty cold, by the numbers affair.

The Grand - Decent mock doc set around a poker championship. Werner Herzog should appear in more movies.

House of Wax - Daft fun. Watched it expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was setter than I thought it would be.

Summer Scars - Shane Meadows lite movie, but still worth watching.

Red Dragon* - Not as good a movie as Manhuner, but a more faithful adaptation of the novel.

Tropic Thunder - Not as good as the trailer suggested, but still worth a watch. Certainly not up to Zoolander level.

Dance of the Dead - Well balanced combination of gore, comedy and cheese.

The Strangers - Tepid remake of Ils. Nowhere near as tense.


Quantum of Solace - Almost as good as CR. Like the direction things are heading in.

Futurama: Benders Game - Probably not as good as the first movie, but better than the second.

Point Blank - Lee Marvin is good as a cold hearted bad ass, but the action is pretty dull.

Burn After Reading - Decent enought fun. Not the Cohens on their top form, but amusing to watch Pitt and Clooney looking stupid.

Donkey Punch - Fun 'accident forces folks into extreme measures' thriller. Events unfold in a predictable but still satisfying manner.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - As an adaptation of Toby Youngs novel, this ins't very successful, but Simon Pegg allows it to function okay as a light comedy of failure.


Boot Camp - Diverting enought drama about teens sent to a 'tough love' camp, which is unsurprisingly run by an unbalanced guy high on his power.

Transporter 2 - Plot is weak, but the action is enjoyably over the top.

The Girl Next Door - Uncomfortable as hell to watch, but very good on a technical and performance level.

Bad Santa* - Still impressed by how easily this film skips between light and dark, sentimental and cynical.

A Christmas Story - Weird little gem of a movie with some nice leftfield humour. The dad rocks!
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Post by Vegeta »


BOLD RED CAPS = Films seen in the theatre
Blue = Films first seen on DVD or TV
White = Repeated viewing

As is customary all ratings will be on the Vegeta Punch Scale:


12/29 The Bourne Ultimatum
12/31 Unforgiven
1/1 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
2/8 The Devil and Daniel Johnston (review)
2/9 Pan's Labyrinth
2/21 Zodiac
5/3 IRON MAN (review)
5/10 Raiders of the Lost Ark
5/15 L.A. Confidential
5/31 No Country for Old Men
7/5 WALL-E (review)
7/18 THE DARK KNIGHT (review)


12/31 The Taking of Phelam One Two Three
1/5 Dazed and Confused
1/5 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
1/8 Superbad
1/11 Lucky Number Slevin
1/14 The Proposition
1/19 The Royal Tenenbaums
1/19 CLOVERFIELD (review)
1/19 Paprika
1/20 Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip
1/21 THERE WILL BE BLOOD (review)
1/26 The Descent
1/27 12 Monkeys
2/2 Se7en
3/1 Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror
3/2 Big Trouble in Little China
3/8 Grindhouse Presents: Deathproof
4/19 Juno
5/10 Indian Jones and the Last Crusade
5/17 Michael Clayton
6/21 Nurse Betty
7/6 Hellboy
7/26 Fight Club
8/16 TROPIC THUNDER (review)
8/16 Knocked up
10/8 Enchanted
10/11 Hairspray
10/15 Once


1/1 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
1/19 Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1/20 Romeo is Bleeding
1/26 The Lookout
2/4 Hostel
2/7 Night of the Hunter
2/16 Gone Baby Gone(review)
2/25 3:10 to Yuma (review)
3/13 Crank
5/3 27 Dresses
5/10 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
5/24 From Beyond
5/25 Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (review)
6/21 Legally Blonde
7/26 Snakes on a Plane
7/26 Live Free or Die Hard
7/27 I Think I Love My Wife (review)


12/25 Shrek the Third
4/24 Robocop 2
5/3 No Reservations
5/24 Black Sheep
6/7 Spiderman 3


5/10 Saw III
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Post by thomasgaffney »

Movie Theater
Cable/On Demand/TV
Movies in BOLD are first time viewings

5 stars:
Star Wars (SE) - 01/01, 01/03, 01/07, 01/27 - Classic. Nuff said. (HBO is only showing the Special Editions, unfortunately)
The Nightmare Before Christmas - 01/01, 01/24 - Ranks up there with the Grinch and the Rankin/Bass shows in terms of Christmas awesomeness. What's This? is my favorite song of them all. Best thing Burton has ever done.
The Empire Strikes Back (SE) - 01/02, 01/10, 01/27 - One of the all-time bests.
Children of Men - 01/04, 01/28 - Cuarón's best (IMHO). Clive Owen's performance here is my fav, even more than Croupier. The long shot when the car is attacked is amazing.
Casino Royale - 01/08 - I was against this movie at first. I wanted Clive Owen to be Bond like no one's business. And I was even more pissed that they weren't going to dye Craig's blond hair for the role. Then I watched it on my flight to Paris in April. Wow. Knocked me off my feet. The best Bond movie in years. Maybe since On Her Majesty's Secret Service, it was that good. I can't wait for Bond 22.
Juno - 01/13 - Fucking awesome! Best movie of the year so far. I love this film! All the performances are top-notch, with none better than J.K. Simmons as Juno's dad. Funny, moving, and heart-warming. HIGHLY recommended. I'll write something more detailed in the Juno thread here.
Fight Club - 01/15 - Possibly one of my top ten films of all-time.
Last King of Scotland - 01/15 - Excellent flick. I never really knew how crazy Idi Amin was. Forrest Whitaker pwns this movie.
Boogie Nights - 01/25 - One of the best movies in the last 20 years. Fantastic direction. Burt Reynolds and Markie Mark at their best. Plus William H. Macy, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julianna Moore, Heather Graham, Thomas Jane, Ricky Jay. What a cast.
Pride & Prejudice - 02/14 - The 5 hour, 1995 BBC miniseries with Colin Firth. PBS has been showing this, broken up into its originally aired segments, so I just popped in the DVD. There isn't a better P&P out there. There isn't a better Jane Austen adaptation made. There might not be a better love story ever. Everyone should see this at least once. Colin Firth rocks this movie like no leading man can rock it. Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet matches his every move (and looks beautiful doing it!). Absolutely fantastic.

4 stars:
Dreamgirls - 01/01, 01/08 - Great flick. Most of the songs are when the group sings. Not every sentence is sung, like in most musicals. Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson are awesome. As is Eddie (robbed!) Murphy.
Sometimes in April - 01/01 - Terrifying, poignant telling of the Rwandan genocide. Less "hollywoodized" than Hotel Rwanda. Idris Elba is one of the best actors working today.
Apollo 13 - 01/19 - Hands down, IMHO, Tom Hanks best performance. I was impressed with how Ron Howard managed to wrench up the tension on a story that I knew the outcome going in.
March of the Penguins - 01/20 - Beautifully told story of the Emperor Penguins quest to reproduce.
American Psycho - 01/24 - Excellent film and, if I remember correctly, pretty close to the book. Christian Bale was phenominal as Patrick Bateman.
Marie Antoinette - 01/26 - Great film. Not Sofia's best, but better than I thought it would be.
Neverwhere - 02/09 - Neil Gaiman's written-for-the-BBC story about a guy who finds a wounded girl and falls from our London (London Above) to a secret, hidden London (London Below). The novel that followed the movie expands on a bit of stuff, but the tv movie is still very good. Highly recommended (especially if you like cheap 80s BBC sfx) for all Gaiman fans.
Bride & Prejudice - 02/16 - Bollywood's take on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, but also a East meets West/Bollywood-England collaboration. A British film made in the Bollywood, musical style with Bollywood actors. Like, the fucking smoking hot Aishwarya Rai. Updated and shifted to India, a much better idea than a straight production of the book which can never be done better than the BBC/Colin Firth version. The look of the film is gorgeous. The music is catchy and doesn't take you out of the film. Overall, a great way to dip your toes in the world of the Bollywood musical without being overwhelmed by the difference in their films from mainstream Hollywood flicks.
Garden State - 02/17 - Zach Braff needs to stick to movies that he has artistic control over, like Garden State and stop acting in crap like The Ex or The Last Kiss.

3 stars:
The Wedding Singer - 01/03 - Probably Sandler's best. How can you go wrong with Billy Idol?
Emma - 01/07 - Gwyneth's best movie and best role (yes, better than her turn in Shakespeare in Love). A fantastic adaption of Austen's novel of not seeing true love right before your eyes. Not as good as Colin Firth's Pride & Prejudice or Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility, but a good movie nevertheless.
Clueless - 01/15 - Another movie based (loosely) on Jane Austen. Funnier than I imagined it was going to be back when I first saw it, I could watch this movie at any time and laugh.
Elizabeth - 01/25 - I can't believe I never saw this before. Good flick about the Virgin Queen and historically accurate, from what I believe.
3:10 To Yuma (2007) - 02/08 - Good, good flick. Pleasantly surprised. I love Bale and Crowe in this. Will write more in the 3:10 thread.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 02/10 - Easily the worst of the Potter movies. Too much time on Umbridge and not enough on the DA or the Order or the ENTIRE prophecy. Will pick apart later in the HP-OotP thread.
The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) - 02/17 - Not a DiCaprio fan, I nevertheless enjoy this movie despite his presence. Gérard Depardieu, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Gabriel Byrne as the aged Musketeers were all excellent. I will have to pick up the book by Dumas at some point.

2 stars:
I Am Legend - 02/19 - Wow. This movie gets -2 stars for sucking ass and 4 stars for Will Smith's performance, so that adds up to my 2 star review. I will post in more detail HERE, but for now let's just say that I hated it.

1 star:
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Post by Lady Sheridan »

My spot!!

Ok, this year I'm going to update it with every film I watch--last year I did only new ones, but I want to see how many repeats I watch and when...


H@rry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Happy Feet
The Patriot (on a puffy shirt kick, what can I say)
The Terminal (trying to give me some United Airlines confidence)
Firefly (finished the set! 10/10)
3:10 to Yuma
Star Wars: A New Hope
Black Book
Doctor Zhivago
Empire Strikes Back
The Kingdom (5/10)
Away From Her (8/10)
Return of the Jedi
A Walk on the Moon
Night Watch
Day Watch (5/10)
You've Got Mail
The Reaping (2/3)
The Boondock Saints
The Ladykillers
Northanger Abbey (tv) (7/10)
Mansfield Park (television) (6/10)

February (My God, I haven't seen a film in the theatre since Sweeney Todd. :P )

Planet Terror
Miss Austen Regrets (6/10)
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (4/10)
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (8/10)
Jane Eyre

Shoot 'Em Up (5/10)
We Own the Night (4/10)
The Other Boleyn Girl (5/10)
No Country for Old Men (8/10)
The Incredible Hulk (4/10)
In the Valley of Elah (8/10)
American Gangster (7/10)
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (8/10)
In Bruges (9/10)

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Post by Lord Voldemoo »



I'm gonna try to actually contribute more than 1 review this year... :oops:

Ok, first showings are in bold. Simple 1-10 rating.

January 1

Turistas- Man, what a shitty way to start the year. I don't know what I was expecting, but this was just flat out horrible. Luckily it was OnDemand and, therefore, free. I had the survivors picked out in the first 3 minutes of the film. Completely predictable. Even torture-porn fans will probably hate this. There isn't even that much blood/gore. Nice eye candy, Melissa George and the girl from The Black Donnellys are really, really hot, and spend most of the film in bikinis (but not nude, pervos). Worst movie i've seen in a long time. 1/10 (1 point given for hot chicks)

January 2
Rome Season 1, first 6 eps. Still great on repeated viewings. Atia's a whore. 8/10.

January 6
No Country For Old Men 9/10. Awesome. See spoilerific review here
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Post by burlivesleftnut »


Teeth - LAFF RIOT!
The Rock
De Ja Vu
The Good German - fantastisch!
Perfume: The Story of a Murder - Awesomez

Ugh, I can't decide if The Good German or Perfume was best. I am gonna go with Perfume.

January Best: Perfume: A Story of a Murder



Michael Clayton - overrated much? p'shaw.
Gone Baby, Gone
American Gangster - omfgawful
In Bruges - jesus this movie was brilliant... why not release it 6 weeks ago for oscar love?
The Hoax
The Heartbreak Kid
Justice League: New Frontier
The Hunting Party
The Kingdom
Superman: Doomsday
The Assisination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Pan's Labyrinth

February's Best: In Bruges
February's Worst: American Gangster



Margot at the Wedding - Baumbach is such a weirdo.
The Covenant!
Alpha Dog - excellente!
Blades of Glory
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Post by havocSchultz »

Running Total (so far): 106 New Movies Watched This Year...

(2 more than my total of new movies from the previous year...)

havoc's 2007 Movie Journal...


Oh well...

Here Lies havoc...

They will be listed (and could change rankings at any given time do to afterthought/coming down...)

So far, I've only decided to do the few that I watch for the 1st time...
And I'll update randomly here and there...
And if I decide to write a review for it - I'll probably do it in the "What have you been watching" thread, but I'll link to it here...

The higher up on the list a film is listed - the higher the quality/rating of it.

(from the best...)

HAVOC Level Event (rating between 9 & 10)
- The Dark Knight
- Hellboy 2
- Rambo
- Iron Man
- Tropic Thunder
- The Incredible Hulk
- Flash Point
- Speed Racer
- No Country For Old Men

Fuck CHAOS (rating between 7 & 8)

- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
- Quantum of Solace
- There Will Be Blood
- Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
- Jumper
- Get Smart
- Futurama: Bender's Game
- Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs
- Kung Fu Panda
- Wanted
- Hancock
- KillZone
- Fido
- Garden State
- Mamma Mia
- 3:10 To Yuma
- Shoot 'Em Up
- The Bank Job
- Journey to the Centre of the Earth:3D
- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
- In Bruges
- The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
- To Live & Die in L.A.
- Stardust
- Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
- I Am Legend
- The Visitor
- Doomsday
- The Orphange
- Eagle Eye
- Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
- Surf's Up
- Sunshine
- The Strangers
- Sweeney Todd
- Fred Claus
- The Golden Compass
- Diary of the Dead
- American Gangster
- Cloverfield
- 30 Days of Night
- Hitman
- Beowulf
- Transporter 3
- The Happening
- Super High Me

Could you describe the RUCKUS (rating between 5 & 6)

- The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
- Australia
- You Don't Mess With The Zohan
- Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
- Fool's Gold
- Never Back Down
- Cleaner
- Hell Ride
- Born to Fight
- Semi Pro
- La Terza Madre
- The Cottage
- The Ruins
- The Signal
- Alone With Her
- P2
- The Memory Keeper's Daughter
- The Invasion
- Dog Bite Dog
- Shrooms
- Southland Tales
- Hot Rod
- Mr. Woodcock
- Balls of Fury
- Death Sentence
- Evil Aliens
- Flight of the Living Dead
- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
- National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
- The Brothers Solomon
- April Fool's Day (remake)
- Dragon Wars
- Babette's Feast
- Saw IV
- Grizzly Rage
- The Shepherd
- The Tripper

I sense a minor ANNOYANCE in the force (rating between 3 & 4)

- Termination Point
- The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior
- Alien Agent
- Mammoth
- Underclassman

Fucking DINER (rating between 1 & 2)

- Zombie Strippers
- Undead or Alive
- Strange Wilderness
- Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horrors
- Transmorphers
- Five Across the Eyes

(to the worst...)
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Post by Flumm »

And from these seeds, a journal of movies shall grow, and bare their fruit apon the land.

Testing, one, deux, drei!


As much as I may dig on reading them, I don't especially enjoy writing formal Film Review, and so my journal for this year won't really go down that kind of route, but as is my whim, I'm changeable, and so likely this be reflected here, in purpose or in design.

In attempting to learn from last go around, however, from the efforts of others, as much as myself, I think it would be a shame for it to be purely an excercise in discipline or punching in and out of the filmgeek workday clock, and so I'll endeavour to ascribe a little of the humanity I'm seeing in the cinematics I'm watching, in these raggedy, splooge-stained pages.

Largely though, it will remain what it says in the title - a Movie Journal.

If and when I do put pen to paper, it will be thoughts over details, feelings over facts, just impressions and musings on the things I have watched. Not so much a binary wrought database, or an aspiring Film Critic's make for glory, egotastically slathered in film-prep phoey, more of a sketch-book in which the thing said, or opinions reached, as as likely to be free-hand and spontaneous as they are laboured over.

Oh, the relevant Authorities, and my Mother's dutifull upringing, urge me to remind you that the films themselves remain unsullied, and no prejudice should be held unto them, or their families, for my crimes yet unwritten.

If you wanna haul me up, or just share in some geekery though, you don't have to hesistate to do either. :roll:

Note: Most viewings are lapped up lovingly from the online-rental well, in which the top catorgory has been flooded with all types of films from all types of genres (if mostly to my tastes), to provide some suprises and living-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-type death-waltz twirlyness in what I watch. A handfull each month are more directly plucked from me following up interests, or from directors/artists that have turned my head, with maybe a couple from the goggle-box, if I'm feeling saucy.

||Movie Journal: 07 Edition||




La Terrra Trema (1948)

- The Earth Trembles

[RE] Manhattan (1979)

L' Innocente (1976)

- The Innocent


Viskningar och Rop (1972)

- Cries and Whispers

Suna No Onna (1964)

- Woman of the Dunes

Alphaville (1965)

- Alphaville, a Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution

La Belle et La Bête (1946)

- Beauty and The Beast

Battlestar Gallactica: Season Three (2006)

Deux ou Trois Choses Que Je Sais D'Elle (1967)

- Two or Three Things I know About Her


Un Coeur en Hiver (1992)

- A Heart in Winter

Sur Mes Lèvres (2001)

- Read My Lips

Une Femme Est une Femme (1961)

- A Woman is a Woman

[RE] Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

Little Children (2007)

Babel (2005)

M (1931)


L'Argent (2007)

- Money


Transformers (2007)

- Damn You, Micheal Bay!



A Woman Under the Influence (1974)


Ah Fei Ching Chuen (1991)

- Days of Being Wild

Persona (1966)

Sans Soleil (1982)

- Sunless

Crumb (1994)

Jean de Florette (1986)

One from the Heart (1982)

Death Proof (2007)


The Reckless Moment (1949)

Stripes (1981)

[RE] Spider-Man (2002)

Francesco, Giullare di Dio (1950)

- Flowers of St. Francis

Partie de Campagne (1936)









This is England (2006)

Paprika (2006)

The Fountain (2006)


Zodiac (2007)

My Left Foot (1989)

Le Doulos (1963)

The Bourne Supremecy (2004)

Roma (1972)

Viaggio in Italia (1954)

- Journey to Italy

Hot Fuzz (2007)







Il Gattapardo (1962)

- The Leapord

Faces (1968)


Last Tango in Paris (1972)

[RE] Blue Velvet (1985)

[RE] Wild at Heart (1990)

Trees Lounge (1996)

Amadeus (1984)

Once (2007)

King of New York (1990)

Dial M for Murder (1954)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Inland Empire (2006)

[RE] Bottle Rocket (1996)

[RE] L.A. Confidential (1997)

Kagemusha (1980)

- Kagemusha the Shadow Warrior

Bad Company (1972)


Micheal Clayton (2007)

[RE] The Rules of Attraction (2002)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1983)

Belle de jour (1963)

Millions Like Us (1943)


Coeurs (2006)

- Private Fears in Public Places





Opening Night (1977) <((


Scener ur ett äktenskap (1973)

- Scenes from a Marriage

Broadway Danny Rose (1984) <((

Gruppo di Famiglia in un Interno (1974) <((

- Conversation Piece

Reds (1981)

The 25th Hour (2002)


When Brendan Met Trudy (2000)







<(( = Last Three Films Added

[RE] = Rewatched

[RE]Miller's Crossing(2000)
Atonement (2000)
Red Shoes (2000)
Kwaidan (2000)
F for Fake (2000)
Pierre la fout (2000)
- Electric Blogaloo
A Nous La Liberte! (2000)
Shame (2000)
Cry Baby (2000)
Waking Life (2000)
Repo Man (2000)
[RE]Once Apon A Time In The West (2000)
- Electric Blogaloo
Malcom X (2000)
Swept Away (2000)
- Electric Blogaloo
Into the Wild (2000)
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Post by WalterBunny »

What the hell. It'll be interesting to chronicle what I waste my time on...
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Post by buster00 »

Here's what I watched (for the first time) in 2008:


1408 (6/10)

Shopgirl (4/10)

Blades of Glory (5/10)

Race with the Devil (6/10)


The Sting II (3/10)

Sleuth (1972) (10/10)

U2 3D (with goggles, 8/10)

An Inconvenient Truth (7/10)

The World's Fastest Indian (7/10)

Underdog (3/10)

Night at the Museum (3/10)


Vantage Point

Enchanted (9/10)

Stranger Than Fiction (10/10)


Inside Man (10/10)

3:10 to Yuma (9/10)

Michael Clayton (8/10)

Reality Bites (4/10)


Iron Man (10/10)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (9/10)


The Incredible Hulk (9/10)

Superbad (8/10)

There Will Be Blood (10/10)

My Fair Lady (10/10)

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) (8/10)


Leatherheads (5/10)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (9/10)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (10/10)

Speed Racer (6/10)

The Dark Knight (10/10)


Tropic Thunder (8/10)


Red Heroine (5/10)



A Quantum of Solace 9/10
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Post by Leckomaniac »

My list will include ONLY films I see in theaters and only for the first time.

In Bruges
Funny Games
Speed Racer
The Fall
The Dark Knight
Let The Right One In
The Good, The Bad, The Weird
The Wrestler
Slumdog Millionaire
Synecdoche, New York

Very Good
I'm Not There
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 days
Still Life
Iron Man
Hellboy II
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
Pineapple Express
Tropic Thunder

The Bank Job
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Diary of the Dead
Eagle Eye
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
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Post by Al Shut »

First viewings only, all german dubbed if not noted otherwise.

I'm going to experiment a liitle with the ranking, the movies that ended up in the same category last year were to different.

I love this movie!
The little Mermaid ('75) (TV) Czech fairy tale movies rule!!!!
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (TV)
Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (TV)

Just short before great
Layer Cake (TV)
Eastern Promises
The Holy Mountain (TV)
Running Scared (TV)

Thoroughly entertaining/interesting
National Treasure (TV)
Sahara (TV)
Bat Island Aventures (TV)
Runaway Jury (TV)
Friday Night Lights (TV)
The Skeleton Key (TV)
Boogeyman (TV)
Joint Security Area (TV)
Rancid (TV)
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (TV)
Gaslight (TV)
Whisper (TV)
Shinobi (TV)
Oxford Murders
Theater of Blood (TV)
Good Night and Good Luck (TV)
Cold Creek Manor (TV)

Mostly interesting/effective
War and Peace (2007) (TV)
Secret Agents (TV)
Holes (TV)
Class of'76 (TV)
The Devil's Backbone (TV)
Der schwarze Abt (TV)
Afro Samurai Directors cut
The Black Dahlia (TV)
Bullets over Broadway (TV)
She Creature (TV)
Cold Comfort FArm (TV)

Only partly achieved what they were supposed to
Films to Keep You Awake: The Baby's Room (TV)
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (TV)
Blood Simple: Director's Cut (TV)
The Aviator (TV)
The Amityville Horror (2005) (TV)
Fantastic Four (TV)
Saw II (TV)
Bubba Ho-Tep (TV)
Dodgeball (TV)
The Ring 2 (TV)

The Others (TV)
The Exorcism of Emily Roose (TV)
The Fog (2005) (TV)
Sasori (2008)

Cache (TV)
Catwoman (TV)

Disqualified from rating because of extreme cuts, damn those German TV stations
The Lost Room (TV)

not sure were to put it
Zodiac (DVD)
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Post by Fried Gold »

In the Shadow of the Moon
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
There Will Be Blood
The Orphanage
The Mist
Teh Dark Knight

Charlie Wilson's War
The Incredible Hulk
Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem
Battle for Haditha
No Country For Old Men (Even on second viewing, knowing what was coming up...I still found the resolution a disappointment)
I Am Legend
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The X-Files 2 - Vancouver Vacation
National Treasure 2
Southland Tales
The Happening
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Post by so sorry »


POTC3 : At Worlds End 4/10
I just couldn't get into any of the POTC movies... Depp's hammy performance was too much for me. I only gave it a "4" because the series is finally over.

300 (DVD) 8/10
Fun, fun, fun movie. I actually fast-forwarded thru the Gorgo scenes (including the sex scene) cause I just wanted the action.

Seinfeld Season 9 (DVDs)
Episodes: 7/10 (weak season overall)
DVD extras: 8/10 some really good goodies (behind the scenes, bloopers etc)

Four Brothers (Cable) 2/10
Marky Mark and some other douchebags take revenge for their mother's death. Thought it was going to be a semi-serious movie (John Singlton, wtf happened to you man?). This was a rediculous, insanely ALF piece of shit.

Ghost Rider (cable) 2/10
I give myself a 7/10 for sitting thru this horrible shit.
Not one possible redeeming thing in this movie.

Rush (cable) 6/10
An early 90s drama of undercover cops (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patrick) who get mixed up in taking drugs in order to bust drug dealers.

Clerks 2 (cable) 3/10
Not much to say other than IT SUCKED.

Trainspotting (cable) 6/10
Always was entertained by this movie, but the dead baby really bothers me, so I usually avoid it when I see it in the cable listings...

Jackass 2 (cable) 6/10
Not a movie per se... I have to admit that I caught this in the right mood. I laughed so hard I almost gagged during a bunch of their skips/pranks/nastiness.

Cloverfield 7/10
Nice movie. Not great, not terrible. Didn't get any emotional attachment for any of the characters, the monster always being right around the block from them was kinda silly (gave me a video game vibe), but still, it wasn't meant to do any more than thrill me, and it did that just fine!

Nacho Libre (cable) 4/10
Dumb. Minorly humorous, but mostly just dumb.

Wild Hogs (cable) 3/10
What can I say? Had some mildly humourous situations, but otherwise a turdburger for sure.


Letters From Iwo Jima (DVD) 4/10
Really boring. Not much else to say.

The Basketball Diaries (cable) 7/10
Good flick. Leo showing some good chops here.

The Recruit (cable) 5/10
A decent performance by Al Pacino, but still a silly dumb movie in the end.

Transformers (rental) 3/10
Wow, what a turdburger. If I was under the age of 16, I might have thought this was a cool movie. But I'm well over twice that age! Piece. Of. Shit.

Leon/The Professional(DVD) 9/10
What a fucking awesome movie. Kick ass AND pulls at the heartstrings? Count me in. Gary Oldman is one creepy fucking dude.


Starship Troopers (DVD) 10/10
This movie rocks on so many levels, from the sublime satire, to the over-the-top satire, to the plain old kick ass blood and guts action.

Immortal Beloved (DVD) 7-9/10
I've watched this probably 5 or 6 times, and my rating of it seems to change each time. Personally, I love his music, and I am moved to tears at the end, when we get to the Ode to Joy (shivers up my spine when I hear that crescendo). But as for the movie itself, good, but not great.

American Pie (cable) 5/10
I'm too old for this movie in the sense that MY coming-of-age teen comedies were the true classics like 16 Candles and Breakfast Club etc. I'm sure American Pie holds a special place in the hearts of many young adults from in their late 20s, but to me its a string of cum and pussy jokes, with some ham-handed message thrown in. And it spawned one of the worst sequel franchises EVAR. PS My rating would be 3 points lower if Pie didn't have Shannon Elizabeth's gorgeous tits prominently displayed for an entire 5 minutes.

Karate Kid (DVD) 9/10
Touching, fun, corny, funny, and with themes that any teenager could relate to at that age. And a young Elisabeth Shue? Yes, please.

Superman Returns (Cable) 4/10

Jarhead (cable) 5/10
Just didn't "feel" for this movie or its characters. story: marines are trained to crave war. Marines get to go to war. Marines sit around and wait for war to start. Marines go home without really being in war. I understand the notion that it was mentally challenging to try and maintain a state of constant battle-preparedness. I understand that fighting off boredom on foreign soil is hard. But in the end, I just couldn't feel any sympathy for these guys. They sat around all day wanting to kill someone and never did. So fucking what?
As far as how it looked: pretty nice. The performances were really good. But I just couldn't get into it.

Idiocracy (cable) 6/10
This could have been so much more. Had Gilliam helmed this leap into the stupid future, it could have been thought-provoking, scary, and touching all at the same time. Mike Judge: not so much. I could never tell if he was going for irony or a "message", or if he was just having fun with a silly comedy. If it was the former, he failed. If it was the later, it was OK. And the chick from SNL as the hooker: horribly miscast.


Smoking Aces (cable) 7/10
Had the potential to be a really fun shoot-em-up flick. However, it ultimately fell short for a few reasons: as soon as I saw Alicia Keys I knew that she wasn't going to end up dead. She was a "good" assassin. The whole plot line about the old FBI agent under deep deep DEEP cover was just unnecessary. The ending was beyond boring and pointless: why bring a fun movie to a grinding halt with all that hurried explanation AFTER all the good parts of the movie are over?

History of Violence 6/10
I enjoyed this movie a whole lot more the first time I saw it. On repeat viewing, it ain't so good. I gave it a slightly above average score 'cause Viggio is a badass.

The Black Dahlia 1/10
Holy crap, what a total POS. Avoid it at all cost. Wtf happened to DePalma???


By far my favorite of the three movies. PJ did a great job of keeping with the story from the book, but upon repeat reviews I can't help but think that what he put on film had a bit to much fun and humour to it. The closest I've evern come to jizzing my pants in a movie theater: when the Fellowship passes over a mountain crest, and we see them one at a time in all their glory. Fuck me that scene was awesome.

LOTR: Two Towers (DVD) 7/10
Good, but not awesome. My second favorite of the trilogy. As with the FOTR dvds, the commentaries and behind-the-scenes and Tolkien history lessons are fan-fucking-tastic.

Indiana Jones blah blah blah Skull (theater) 3/10
Garbage. Can't say I was disappointed, because I wasn't holding out much hope to begin with...


Videodrome (cable) 4/10
I don't know what the hell that was all about. Getting past the ALF age of videotapes, that was still a sillyfest. What exactly happened at the end?

The Incredible Hulk (theater) 8/10
Really really enjoyed the hell out of this. Good stuff.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (cable) 6/10
Interesting, funny at points, disturbing at other points..


Platoon (DVD) 8/10
Charlie Sheen aside, this is a really good movie, but the idea of this movie is what makes it a classic. A truly heartfelt film from a director who needed to get this off his chest...

The Dark Knight (theater) 8/10
Great flick, really fun and beautiful. That being said, stop the insanity with the talk of Oscars and it really being scary...
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Post by magicmonkey »

Here I be...

1. The Bourne Ultimatum

Britain as surveillance state. Damn, if only I had my own CCTV company, I could have perfected it in Britain over the last 10 years then sold it to governments the world over for fun and profits. Great state of the art cinema. It is almost like the great shaky cam debate was wasted over the great static, mounted camera... ah, the irony.

2. Rivers and Tides [Doc]

Ah, isn't nature beautiful and isn't life all about the little things? Like topping dry stone walls with sheep's wool?

3. Apple

4. Jason X
The only thing I can say about this movie, is that the packaging I got with my pirate DVD was aces. I got a free poster and the DVD came in a wicked illustrated envelope! Oh yeah and it all came wrapped in a ziplock bag. :Thumbs up, winking smiley:

5. Bill Hicks : Revelations

"Um, forget about it Bill, it was just the falling of democracy to totalitarianism, let it go". LOL

6. Kim Possible
Um. I kinda enjoyed it.

7.Science of Sleep
8.Riding the Bullet
9.Chronicles of Riddick (Animation)
This rocked, just damn too short.
10. The Wicker Man - Remake
El sucketh more than teh suck could suck with ne'r a tooth to chew with.
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8) 8) 8) 8) 8) = GREAT
:D :D :D :D = COOL
:) :) :) = GOOD
:? :? = OK



1. WALK THE LINE (2005) I never got around to seeing this back when it came out, but I finally got it on my Netflix. I thought it was a good film, but it didnt blow me away. I liked Joaquin's acting the most, he was excellent as Johnny Cash. Reese was very good as June Carter. I was glad to see they didnt lip sync and performed themselves. Robert Patrick is always great at playing mean bastards isnt he? Overall I thought the film started out pretty cool but then got kind of boring towards the middle and end. It basically turned into the typical rock star biopic. Its gotta be kind of tough to put all of that life into a 2 hour film.
:D :D :D :D

2. GANJA & HESS (1973) An experimental, existential vampire art film starring Duane Jones & Marlene Clark. Not a movie you'd want to watch with the family! But a very interesting work of African American cinema. Directed by Bill Gunn. :) :) :)


3.BLADE RUNNER: WORKPRINT (1982) The first preview screening print for the film. Pretty rough looking. After watching all the diff versions my favorite is still The Theatrical Cut w/ narration. Blade Runner is one of the best works of cinema ever made. I simply love it. Ridley Scott is a genius. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Evil Dead 2
American Beauty
Iron Man
The Number 23
Temple of Doom
The Red Shoes
Little Miss Sunshine

One Missed Call
Pirates of the Caribbean : AWE
Forrest Gump
Pay it Forward
Sweet Home Alabama
I, Robot
High Fidelity
Sweeny Todd
The Last Crusade
Birdman of Alcatraz
No Country For Old Men
Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Shallow Hal
Jurassic Park 3
Jurassic Park 2 : The Lost World
The Abyss
The Entity
The Relic
Diary of the Dead

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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1/1/08: THE LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Trilogy. From 10 in the morning to 10 at night. Utterly incredible. I've never seen the Extendeds back to back to back like that, and it just confirms to me that Peter Jackson's a master filmmaker.

1/2/08: EASTERN PROMISES. Excellent crime film, in a way it reminded me quite a bit of THE GODFATHER. Viggo kicks ass. That bathhouse fight was intense.

1/3/08: THE WARRIORS. Never saw it before. Lots of fun. Love the Baseball Furies. And, speaking of baseball...

1/4/08: THE NATURAL. One of my favorites.

1/5/08: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Watched it again. Confirmed a masterpiece.

THREE KINGS: This film may well be the best film of 1999. If you haven't seen it recently, do yourself a huge favor and watch it again. It's uncanny how much this film predicted.

1/6/08: MILLER'S CROSSING. Another favorite. What's the rumpus?

BOOGIE NIGHTS. In anticipation of finally seeing THERE WILL BE BLOOD this week, watched this on IFC. Just as brilliant as ever. Feel-feel-feel-feel-feel... feel my heat!


1/9/08: THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Best film of the Aughts.

1/12/08: THERE WILL BE BLOOD again.

1/13/08: ZODIAC Director's Cut - Noticed a couple of added snippets, but for the most part it flows just like the original.

WE ARE MARSHALL - I'm a sucker for sports movies. I know they're manipulative, but at the same time they're very cathartic for me. This one was no exception. I enjoyed this very much.

CLERKS 2: Yeah, I'm a Smith fan, and I thought this one brought a nice sense of closure to his Askewniverse.

1/14/08: MAGNOLIA - Love this movie too.



1/21: DEATH RACE 2000

1/24: THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS: What a terrific movie.

1/25: RAMBO. Lots of fun.



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MasterWhedon's 2008 Film Journal
(First time viewings are bolded.)

Back to the Future - 10/10
Back to the Future Part II - 9/10
A League of Their Own - 9/10
Juno - 9/10
Waitress - 6/10
Cloverfield - 9/10
Cloverfield - 9/10
Brokeback Mountain - 9/10
School of Rock - 9/10
Encino Man - 8/10
RV - 5/10
Cloverfield - 9/10
Sicko - 9/10
Ratatouille - 10/10
Bio-Dome - 4/10

Star Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the Sith - 8/10
Hook - 8/10
The Signal - 6/10
Blade Runner - 10/10
Kiss the Girls - 7/10
Cast Away - 9/10
The Kingdom - 8/10
U23D - 10/10
Rushmore - 8/10
Contact - 8/10

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - 9/10
Jumper - 5/10
Vantage Point - 4/10
Death Proof - 6/10
Zodiac - 9/10
Planet Terror - 7/10
Chicago 10 - 7/10
The Lives of Others - 10/10
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 9/10
My Neighbor Totoro - 7/10
Into the Wild - 8/10
Just Friends - 3/10

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - 8/10
Justice League: The New Frontier - 6/10
Shine a Light - 7/10
Bee Movie - 6/10
Grosse Pointe Blank - 8/10
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - 8/10
The Ruins - 8/10
Stand By Me - 10/10
King Kong - 6/10
Jurassic Park - 10/10
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 9/10
I Think I Love My Wife - 3/10
From Dusk Till Dawn - 6/10
At the Mouth of Madness - 6/10
The Departed - 10/10
Once - 8/10
Margot at the Wedding - 6/10

Iron Man - 9/10
The Golden Compass - 4/10
Atonement - 9/10
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 3/10
Iron Man - 9/10
Postal - 2/10
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - 9/10
Michael Clayton - 10/10
Spartan - 8/10
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 5/10
Raiders of the Lost Ark - 10/10
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - 9/10
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - 9/10

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 9/10
Knocked Up - 9/10
Kung Fu Panda - 9/10
Kung Fu Panda - 9/10
The Feast of Love - 6/10
The Brave One - 6/10
The Incredible Hulk - 8/10
Ocean's Thirteen - 8/10
The Incredible Hulk - 8/10
Speed - 9/10
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - 6/10
Eastern Promises - 7/10
Beverly Hills Cop - 8/10
The Happening - 6/10
Get Smart - 6/10
School Ties - 9/10
Reservoir Dogs - 8/10

Wanted - 8/10
Wall-E - 10/10
The Goonies - 9/10
Hancock - 6/10
The Darjeerling Limited - 6/10
No Country for Old Men - 10/10
27 Dresses - 5/10
Memento - 10/10
Children of Men - 10/10
Rosemary's Baby - 8/10
Into the Blue - 7/10
Definitely, Maybe - 8/10
The Dark Knight - 10/10
The Mist - 8/10
Jackass Number Two - 8/10
The Dark Knight - 10/10
Tropic Thunder - 8/10

Be Kind Rewind - 7/10
Enchanted - 8/10
In the Valley of Elah - 9/10
The Spiderwick Chronicles - 7/10
Tropic Thunder - 8/10
Mama Mia - 8/10
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 10/10
The Dark Knight - 10/10
Pineapple Express - 8/10
Cassandra's Dream - 8/10
21 - 6/10
Elizabethtown - 6/10
Almost Famous - 10/10
X2: X-Men United - 9/10
The Bank Job - 8/10

Redbelt - 8/10
Eagle Eye - 6/10

Speed Racer - 8/10
Snow Angels - 9/10
The Last Kiss - 6/10
Quarantine - 6/10
The Last Boyscout - 7/10
In the Line of Fire - 8/10
In Bruges - 9/10
Doomsday - 7/10
The Hunted - 8/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 10/10
What Lies Beneath - 8/10

A Simple Plan - 9/10
Zack and Miri Make a Porno - 8/10
Magnolia - 8/10
The Wrestler - 10/10
Shut Up & Sing - 8/10
Religulous - 8/10
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - 6/10
Quantum of Solace - 9/10
Role Models - 8/10
Rachel Getting Married - 10/10
Changeling - 8/10
25th Hour - 9/10
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - 8/10
Ratatouille - 10/10
Madea's Family Reunion - 4/10

Defiance - 7/10
Quantum of Solace - 9/10
Gran Torino - 7/10
Mallrats - 7/10
Slumdog Millionaire - 10/10
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 9/10
Gone Baby Gone - 9/10
Revolutionary Road - 8/10
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 9/10
Just Friends - 4/10
Doubt - 6/10
Milk - 9/10

Top 10 Movies of 2008
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Post by LeFlambeur »

I really enjoyed this thing last year, but it was kind of hard to get my opinion across with just a freakin number, so this year I'm gonna try and give a few thoughts on each movie as well.

Black Book (3)
The film bypasses the usual sanctimony associated with WWII Nazi material and is essentially a self consciously Hollywood spy thriller. Old Hollywood more specifically, but infused with a more modern corporeal sensibility. As the plot twists, the rug is pulled out from the viewer, both narratively and morally. But this isn't the prankish misanthropy of say Lars von Trier, Verhoven never allows the viewer to feel above the characters or their dilemmas. Things are kept on a human level, and the film is often very funny. Multiple and hidden motivations are revealed, power shifts, circumstances change, but people remain fundamentally the same, for better and worse.
The Lives of Others (2)
This impressive directorial debut examines voyeurism and state institutionalized repression in East Germany as a Stasi officer bugs the apartment of a "non-subversive" playwright and observes his life in close detail. The film has a crispness that extends both the spartan environments and rigorous direction. This helps to underscore the degree of scrutiny everyone was under and heighten the suspense. Its also important to note that the films protagonist isn't the affable, successful playwright Dreyman, but the Stasi officer who tries to incriminate him. Spoiler ahead (as though anyone is even reading this) But he does find a sort of redemption: looking into the life of Dreyman he finds what he didn't expect, his own humanity.
Ever the showman, director Brad Bird piles on the set pieces early, making the most out of rat Remy's efforts to elude his potential captors and pursue his love of cooking. The animation is vibrant, controlled, and highly expressive. Many of the best moments are the silent ones in which we simply observe the characters in action. I liked the cool nods to movie past (the scene where Linguini first talks to Remy evokes An American in Paris, the critic looks strikingly similar to Nosferatu). The film shows distinction for getting at the origins of artistic (and critical) ambition, though the rhythms of the plot and characterization felt a bit shopworn.
Election (1)
I was intrigued by Jonnie To's casually strange, curiously lyrical Throwdown, and decided to check out Election. The film follows a somewhat democratic Triad and the election of the next chairman. The Godfather is often invoked (the lighting, the transfer of power narrative, there's even a murderous fishing scene) but where Coppola gave the corruption, violence, and betrayal inherent in gang power a nearly mythic quality, To makes the proceedings dull and impersonal. To's approach maybe more appropriate to the setting, but that doesn't make it any more interesting.
Triad Election (2)
Where the drama of first film centered around the ruthless pursuit of a phallic scepter, Election 2 chronicles the efforts of Jimmy Lee to become chairman, in order to build a bridge between Hong Kong and the mainland, and eventually a family. This makes for richer drama and allegorical implications. Election 2 not only continues the original, but surpasses, expands, and deepens it. I look forward to a third.
The Host (0)
Outside of its sense of irony and the fact that it was made in Korea, I really don't understand why this was so enthusiastically received. I never really felt any sense of dread or awe at the monster attack scenes, they basically roll right off. The family dynamics never resonate (save for the terrific death/re-birth motif in the late scene in which a boy and girl are pulled from the mouth of the monster).The political facets never work their way meaningfully into the film and feel more tacked on than a logical outgrowth of its set up. Unlike other Korean Fare (Save the Green Planet, Park's Vengeance trilogy) the Host never transcends its B-movie origins.
Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1)
It is surprising that Hollywood never beat Herzog to Dieter Dengler's story. Numerous times in Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Dengler says that "death didn't want me," a line that would fit neatly onto a poster "the enemy couldn't hold him, the wild couldn't kill him, death didn't want him!" In many ways, LDNTF feels like a primer for Rescue Dawn, the bombing stock footage is experimented with, Herzog even has Dengler himself re-enact some of the events. Unfortanatly Herzog is more awed than scrutinizing. My reaction to this is naturally colored by my having seen RD first, and I was a bit disappointed to find that there was less explored about Dengler’s life than I had hoped for. LDNTF is more of a sketch that doesn't really get at any thing that RD didn't more perceptively, engagingly, and on a larger scale.
The Sugarland Express (2)
Well known for his visual and emotionally intuitive filmmaking, Spielberg's sharp directorial instincts are on good display in this debut feature. DP Vilmos Zsigmond’s shimmering cinematography makes for some of his best work. Being a Spielberg film, the story naturally centers on the fate of a child, and the efforts to re-unite a broken family. The plot (two misunderstood lower-class parents race to retrieve their child) sounds like something Griffith would come up with, but the material is more affably hair-brained than melodramatic. The Sugarland Express humorously, causally stretches the lengths of credulity. The film's most shocking twist isn't the failure of the parents, but the final reiteration that it was all based on a true story. Between the Fordian direction, the auto-fixation, and core familial concerns the Sugarland express brings a surprisingly wholesome, charmingly American, brand of lunacy.
Rescue Dawn* (3)
thoughts here...
Last Hero in China (0)
Of all Hong Kong filmmakers, Wong Jing has to be the most frustrating. The first half hour of his films usually show promise, but there is no stamina to his movies. The balls to the wall, hectic yet agile first thirty minutes of Last Hero in China is terrific. The invigoratingly kinetic fight scenes (assisted no doubt by Yuen Wo Ping's typically ingenious choreography) pack a strong visual punch. The sets are awash in a thick, gaudy haze of color, further amplified and abstracted by the saturation of the video transfer. The film seems willing to try anything, bawdy humor, and a general broadness in the material abounds, but the irreverence of the early section quickly banalizes, as the jokes grow stale, the pacing derails, and an engaging plot fails to materialize. What most hinders the proceedings is Wong Jing's inability (or more likely refusal) to take the act of making a film seriously.
There Will Be Blood (1)
thoughts here...
The Wind Will Carry Us (3)
Kiarostami crafts here another quasi-parabolic meditation. Shooting in the hills, much of the action is framed at a distance from above, visually the place where the sky would be is replaced by a background of rising earth, impressing upon the viewer a sense of history, and imbuing the motion of the subjects a near cosmic significance. The main character travels with an undisclosed number of assistants to a remote mountain village. They are concerned with the immanent death of an elderly woman in the town, for reasons that are never disclosed. The DVD case explains that they are filmmakers who plan to shoot the burial ceremony, but the film never makes this explicit. Ambiguity abounds, giving the film its fascination, and in a way hindering it. The man finds brief connection when he helps to alert others to the accident in the well, riding on the back of the doctors bike, he converses about all the sort of reflective things the films visuals have inspired. Its a sublime, yet casual sequence, where in many ways the doctor feels like the voice of the film itself.
All that Heaven Allows (3)
While officially centering around the romantic life of its matronly protagonist, the film is actually about a semi-subversive battle between ways of living. It isn't difficult to see where the film's sympathies lie when, upon visiting some of Ron Kirby's more earthy, diverse friends, the main character picks up a copy of Walden, sticks it in front of the camera and proceeds to read an extended passage. The characterizations here are broad, and the dialogue is mind-numbingly simplistic. The film's strength comes from its masterful utilization of the camera. With ATHA Sirk showcases a painterly color palate. There is a strange effect that comes from the studio lighting of that time. Though they were working in color, the general lighting paradigm was still set for black and white, giving the visuals an over attended hyper-reality which fits well to Sirk's melodramatic purposes here. The direction is rarefied, but never inexpressive, all that is needed to be known can be seen visually. Turn the sound off, and this movie would be a masterpiece.

Hiroshima Mon Amour (4)
Teasingly non-literal, daringly achronological, HMA is a monumental collision of the personal and the historic. The film also observes how emotional signifiers are forever etched in our minds upon the places around us. It begins with a series of layered shots of two people together. The hyper close-ups and dim lighting, give them the appearance of coarse sculptures. There is a dissolve where they briefly appear to be covered in ash or snow. The film never quite tops this strange, poetic sequence, impeccably made though it its. The images in the rest of the film have the modernist precision of Antonioni but with the dynamic, easily edited feel of Eisenstein. Before shifting to an affair between a French woman and Japanese man, HMA initially plays like another essay film on the horrors of modern warfare (think Night and Fog 2: my Oriental Vacation). A woman narrates reminiscing and describing what she did or, according to the voice of her lover, didn't see in Hiroshima. Disturbed by the ontological implications of the atrocities of modern war, Resnais creates a groundbreaking examination of how these things affect our being.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2)
thoughts here...
Factotum (0)
This jaundiced adaptation of several combined Bukowski stories observes Henry Chinaski as he drifts through a series of incidental mis-adventures in his half struggle to become and author. The character feels a bit out of place in the more contemporary setting, and the film rarely gets inside of his willful loserdom. The ultra-deadpan presentation plays dangerously close to dead, and is really more blunt than poetic.
Pather Panchali (4)
Very rarely have I seen familial dynamics portrayed simultaneously as perceptively, tenderly, and soberly as it is in this film. Shot on a low budget, the film contains a number of melodramatic aspects, but on the whole it maintains a generally realist demeanor. Ray observes the inadvertent destruction, and causal cruelty that can occur within close knit family group) without denying the importance of such familial bonds. At its best, it maintains the complexity of living while having the universal quality of a fable.
Wings of Desire (3)
An enchanted metaphysical ode to the city of Berlin, Wing of Desire follows angel Damiel as he drifts through the city, listening in on the lives of others. The austerity of the visuals helps to lend a sense of stasis and timelessness to the lives of the angels, and the roaming camera draws us into their privileged yet removed worldview.
The Clock (2)
Intermittently charming and frequently technically virtuosic, what starts out as another banal Brief Encounter story between a GI Joe and an equally dollish city girl, picks up when it temporarily shifts to screwball comedy. Generally the Clock is at its best when at its most hectic.
Magnificent Butcher (1)
Yuen-Woo Ping's fourth directorial effort showcases the unique martial arts styling of pudgy Sammo Hung. What makes this film unique, and a bit humorous is that the film's central hero doesn't fit the typical mode, or character arc more typical of the genre. Ping's choreography and direction aren't as refined or kinetic as it would be later, but it is often entertaining and clever.
Bad Santa* (3)
I re-watched this when I was feeling sick, and when you're sick you tend to be less responsive to things, so its tough to judge my reaction to this movie here. I do remember it being one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen though.
Brazil (4)
Orwell, Hitchcock, Eisenstein, Mad Magazine, capitalist materialism, socialist regimentation, Fascist police, all these and more collide in this baroque, hallucinary, darkly comic, and twistedly visionary film from Terry Gilliam. Brazil has the combination of eccentricity and grandeur that can only come from an intensely personal vision.
Michael Clayton (1)
Playing the political legal thriller as genre, director Tony Gilroy strives for proficiency, yet his instincts as a filmmaker are lacking. Save for a couple of excellent shots (the one where Michael walks away from Karen Crowder comes immediately to mind) the film lacks visual expressiveness. Both visually and narratively, the film revels in the sanctities environments and legal/corporate power games that it pretends to critique. As a corporate fixer, Clayton is assigned to baby-sit a manic depressive power attorney who is planning to sabotage the case he is working on. Arthur Edens could be a distant cousin to Network's Howard Beale, and the film's humorless approach never makes much of the irony that it took a fit of insanity to get anyone to do the right thing for the sake of right.
Persepolis (2)
A coming of age story of a girl who grows up in Iran after the emergence of the oppressive Shah regime that isn't nearly that depressive as the description makes it sound. Indeed, in the face of everything, Persepolis is a surprisingly spirited movie. Initially, the film plays like a politically charged storybook. The movie isn't afraid to critique both middle eastern and western cultural habit. It simultaneously recognizes the necessity, yearning and the privilege of intellectual and feminist expression.
The Bad and the Beautiful (3)
In a poignant moment in Truffaut's Day for Night the director attempts to get his childish actor under control, telling him that "people like us are only happy in our work." It's as much a confession as an admonishment. The Bad and the Beautiful explores this, telling the story of the rise of Jonathan, an ambitious Hollywood producer, filtered through the perspectives of three people who he knew and changed, ala Citizen Kane. This film is more narratively chronological and containing a central character less elusive than Kane. The Bad and the Beautiful's Jonathan is nearly as ruthless when it comes to accomplishing his ends, which as the film goes along are revealed to be less entrepreneurial and more artistic. Vincenti Minnelli naturally brings first rate direction to the proceedings, and makes more out of the self-consciousness of the movie about movies setup than you would expect from an old Hollywood film.
The Player (1)
A sardonic fuck you to the Hollywood establishment, The Player tells the story of a youngish executive who finds success through the elimination of his own conscience. Altman's films attain their finest quality when the camera has room to breathe, wander, and linger on the things that most films would overlook. This is difficult when working to the ends of suspense, which plays a bit awkwardly, though still effectively.

All For the Winner (0)
To its credit this take on the gambling genre that the film God of Gambler's spawned out shines that initial film. The film's depictions of gambling are only slightly more ridiculous but are even more engrossing. Since seeing it, I've read that much of the humor in Stephen Chow's films prior to Shaolin Soccer rely greatly on the ticks and in-jokes of a highly regional dialogue of Cantonese, and it shows. It is clear even here that Chow is a gifted performer (the physical humor is often funny) and during the seemingly jokeless stretches of dialogue you get the sense that he is being funny, but something is missing.
Be Kind, Rewind (1)
thoughts here...
L'age D'or (3)
Here Bunuel punks plenty of targets; religion, class, sexuality, war, with wit, panache and nerve. Though only slightly over an hour the film feels more drawn out and straight forward than the more dense, playful, and phantasmagorical debut masterwork Un Chien Andelou.
A Chinese Ghost Story (3)
From the ravishing opening sequence I fell in love with this film. Sumptuous, chimerical and vivid, the film's visuals are impeccably constructed, while still maintaining that madcap quality that makes HK filmmaking exciting. I would have rated this higher, save for the fact that the underlying tragedy of his falling in love with a ghost never registers as deeply as it should, and the movie doesn't really have an ending so much as it seems to stop happening before cutting to a replay reel of the film's scenes.
Miller's Crossing (2)
This somewhat ironic often cynical gangster film from the Coen brothers follows an Irish gangster as he falls out of favor with the mob boss he advises before working through a series of double crosses. The movie is frequently amusing and the dialogue is dense. Finally the point, and ending remain somewhat elusive. I suspect repeat viewings will prove rewarding though.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (4)
Though many of the film's images have become cultural clichés, CEotTK still retains a few surprises for the new viewer and ultimately proves itself worthy of its reputation. While impressively working to convey how the discovery of alien life would actually feel, the most moving aspect of Spielberg's immanent vision is how its deep childlike beneficence retains verisimilitude. Much of the film seems like a technical exercise, moving through a series of razzle dazzle, gee-whiz light shows, until finally climaxing at a deep spiritual point. In this sense, CEotTK works like a companion piece to Kubrick's Space Odyssey, this film emotional where Kubrick's was cerebral. And where Kubrick's ending used indirect extraterrestrial involvent to abstractly invoke mankind's ultimate transcendence, Spielberg uses this direct intervention to vivify the abstract concept of love.
Good Men, Good Women (2)
A rather convoluted setup for the usually down to earth Hou hsiao-hsien, GMGW observees a young actress preparing to star in a movie (which shares its title with the film's) about a real life Taiwanese political victim in the 1950's, with frequent flashbacks to the actresses relationship with a rural gangster and scenes of what she imagines the movie she will be in will be like. Hou at once conflates and contrasts personal and political history but to what end is never clear. Does he mean to point out the similarities in the lives of the two women, thus underscoring the nobility and ignobility of their respective aims? This would be consistant with what was suggested in his triptych Three Times, and in a number of aspects in his other films. Anyway, I did find this film more engroasing, and even more moving than anything else I've seen from him, which either means I'm getting used to his aesthetic or that this film is denser than anything else he has done. Probably some combination of the two.
Night and the City (1)
This early 50's noir film, awkwardly set in London, tells the sad story of Fabian, an American hustler pushing forty, as his near perfect con slips through his fingers. Nearly everything that happens to Fabian is clear to the viewer a mile away, and in spite of his insufferable boastfulness and general idiocy, the actor (the recently late Richard Widmark) gives him an embarrassing transparentness that occasionally suggests a barely concealed despair. The recently late director Jules Dassin (this is starting to creep me out) shoots London well and stays true to noir form, but I never saw any of the stylistic audacity or downbeat existential condition that makes the genre so darkly attractive.
3 Godfathers (2)
The flight from authorities of three bank robbers attains a certain nobility when they wind up caretakers of an orphaned child in the middle of the desert. Heavy religious overtones abound (we find out late in the film that its even Christmas), as does John Ford's commonly masterful direction, making wonderful early use of Technicolor here.
Lancelot of the Lake (3)
The masterful minimalism Robert Bresson displays here may not be completely transcendental, but its damn fine, and perhaps the most accessible film of his that I've seen. Bresson begins with the crusades, depicting their fighting and pillaging as profane and decadent. Draining theses scenes of their potential vicerality and valor, Bresson arrives at a curiously more objective middle ground. The camera is frequently undercutting these mortals attempts to overcome corporeality. The eerie sight of blood oozing from these tin creatures is impressed upon the viewer by the deliberate unflinching camera, creating some of the most absurd knight based bloodletting this side of Monty Python.
Spider (2)
Cronenberg's depressive look into the mind of a schizophrenic, is in some ways hampered by its own precision. Initially, the ambiguities regarding the visions work to bolster the suspense, the conclusion of the 'memories' would have been obvious had Cronenberg not introduced the idea that they are not memories at all, but rather a narrative being concocted from various sensory input he receives during his day. I'm not sure whether this is a tool to pull the ground out from under us or merely an cerebral exit strategy designed to distract from the Freudian signposts, and dreariness of the illusions. Rightly so, the film is eager to avoid anything conclusive, instead using his condition to evoke a chilling epistemological despair. As haunting and well constructed as it is, it still never attains the depth, suggestiveness or personality that David Lynch achieved in Mullholland Drive and to a lesser extent, Inland Empire.
The Last Days of Pompeii (0)
Martin Scorsese doc My Voyage to Italy has left me with plenty to look for, one of those was an Italian silent epic that I knew had something to do with a volcano. I rented the Last Days of Pompeii thinking it was the one he referred to, but it turns to that it was Cabiria. I should have looked it up. This film may have historical value, but as an experience (or art) it simply doesn't hold up. Taking its cues from painting and the theater, each scene consists of no more than a few extended shots. This would be fine if many of these shots didn't consist largely of dialogue that we can't hear. Even the big eruption at the end disappoints, the seams are well visible and you realize that you haven't seen the last days of Pompeii, you've seen the last days of a bathetic love triangle and pre-Griffith cinematic illiteracy. Good riddance.
Bay of Angels (2)
European as it is, the film is very much informed by a Hollywood sensibility. After the chance cruelties of love depicted in Lola, a film about gambling seems a logical next step for director Jacques Demy. The film depicts gambling not as a past time but as a way of living, perhaps living itself. There's even a bit of a capitalist angle watching the films gambling sequences, I couldn't help but be reminded of the market scenes in L'eclisse this film being playful where the other was austere. The film starts with a long bombastic tracking shot away from a woman along an abandoned early morning bay set to a pounding piano score that will be reprised at various points throughout the movie. Jackie is a material girl, her whitish hair, and opulent style makes her almost an abstraction, especially next to the young man and main character Jean, who looks ripped straight out of a Pickpocket casting call.
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (4)
Keiko stands out of place in Tokyo's world of post-war bar hosting. In an increasingly westernized environment she almost seems to stand as a last example of some kind of lost tradition and nobility. This 1960 Mikio Naruse melodrama follows her efforts to maintain some kind of dignity in a situation fraught with inherent personal compromise, which is only increasing with time as the looming manifestations of age threaten the flimsy security and success of her position. We are quickly drawn into this woman's predicament and the film becomes a thoroughly engrossing experience. The realistic sense of moral discernment and attention to the complexities of character is never less than rigorous. The only thing I felt was lacking here was a personal sense of vision. As well composed and even masterful as the direction was, there was something about it that felt too familiar. It seemed to lack that unique privileged quality of seeing the world through someone else's eyes that you get from someone like say Yasujiro Ozu or Jean Renoir. Or maybe I'm just not familiar enough with him yet. I know that isn't a fair standard to apply, but its the only thing keeping me off the recent Naruse canonization bandwagon.
As Tears Go By* (2)
This awkward but exciting debut is a surprisingly straight genre film that can basically be summarized as Mean Streets in Hong Kong (there's even a pool-hall brawl for crissakes). What's surprising is how easy it is to overlook the similarities while watching the film. The key differences in both style and approach, nearly allows Wong to make the material his own. In Mean Streets religion, sex, violence, and fate all bleed into one another in the Little Italy stomping grounds of Charlie, whom the film is filtered through. Unlike Scorsese, Wong is never able to thematically unify the two narratives (cousin lovin' and the gritty street life), at times ATGB feels like two different films. Some mileage is gotten out of this, as Wong's carefully set-up romance is continually intruded upon by the gangster narrative to both comic and tragic ends. Many of Wong's signature stylistic touches are clumsily reached at here, helping to distinguish the film and foreshadow his later work.

La Strada (3)
A loose yet parabolic tale, in which a semi-crazy young girl is sold to assist a brute in his desperately poor traveling sideshow. There's a heavy neo-realist bent to it mixing well with Fellini's fantastical flourishes. Fellini's wife turns in a silent movie style performance, Chaplin's tramp by way of Lillian Gish. At times her boss Zampanò is nearly as caricatured as Broken Blossoms' Battling Burrows, but the film takes a surprising turn. His late realization of his own humanity at once (makes him sympathetic, satisfies the audiences desire for justice/revenge, and dooms him to a deeper despair than he'd ever experienced, now knowing what he had done and could have had.
The Bakery Girl of Monceau (3)
I think I'm going to like this Eric Rohmer fellow. Of all the New Wavers, he feels like the least self-conscious, the most laid back, and the most interested in direct personal experience, and he is no less well off for it. This brief, anecdotal look at the compromises and chance incidents that can occur in the pursuit of love has a modestly confessional quality, as the narrator discusses his longings, notions, and mistakes. The Rohmer's of his "six moral tales" is stylistically deft yet casual, and has a lightly amusing touch with an ending that stirs one to serious consideration. One can see here the precedent and perhaps origin of Wong Kar-Wai's street-wandering love-lorn musers.
The Sword of Doom (2)
Another impeccably directed Japanese tale of an anti-hero existing within Japanese society in spite of his willfully destructive nihilist tendencies. Visually marvelous, many of the sequences have a pre-anime visual slickness combined with a post-Kurosawa depth of field. In the end he succumbs to madness and things get non-literal as he attempts to slash his way through an endless maze of curtains to kill the ghosts that haunt him, the enemies that really pursue him, and the shadows of his conscience.
A Prairie Home Companion* (3)
Altman's final film takes a unique, though no less worthy approach. Instead of the more typical Renoirian realism we've come to expect, he take us into a realm closer to fantasy. It begins with a shot of the prairie sky with a radio shifting between stations, it is that world that the movie enters, tilting up to the northern lights and dissolving to a puddle reflecting the lights from a Hopperesque diner. A number of the
films characters keep at least one foot in the abstract, and the shadow of death, both literal and cultural, lends an urgency that makes the movie's laid back tone almost defiant. APHC's melancholy serenity would only be
matched a year later by another late master, in Resnais's Coeurs.

The Double Life of Veronique (2)
Hypnotic, inward, and opaque, the movie remains simple yet strangely elusive. I'm tempted to cry solipsism, yet I couldn't tell if several of the film's European cultural invocations (the dancing marionettes, the Polish/French dichotomy, the music the women are involved with) had any larger significance or implications, or were merely decorative but suggestive elements in the women's inner worlds. The dichotomy between the two women is fascinating nonetheless, and the richly textured, heavily tinted cinematography is a jewel to look at.
Shine a Light (1)
thoughts here...
4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days (2)
thoughts here...
If... (2)
Fed up with institutional repression and British patriarchy at large, the movie ends on a note of anarchist wish fulfillment. At turns nonliteral, if mostly concerns itself with the dream lives of a few discontented slackers in an insular and hegemonic boarding school. Its a product of its time, note the playfully juxtaposed magazine images (both commercial and revolutionary) line the walls of the main character's room, with universally modern appeal; who hasn't at some point felt stifled by the systems they exist under? Closer to Weekend (by way of Animal House) than Dead Poets Society, the movie suffers from its week visual sensibility, and the fact that its allegory and rhetoric didn't go any further than its shoot 'em up ending.
The Forbidden Kingdom (0)
thoughts here
Killer of Sheep (4)
This episodic portrait of life in a black community in LA, centers around Stan, a slaughterhouse worker and gentle spirit who's unfulfilling life causes him to become further and further withdrawn. KoS realistic film that isn't necessarily in the form realism, the deep focus imagery is often carefully composed and settled. A carefully observant film who's various insights and discreet revelations are too numerous to list here, Killer of Sheep stands in sharp contrast to most images of black life then and now, its far closer to Satyajit Ray than a certain genre the film was contemporary with that ended in 'sploitation'.
Written on the Wind (1)
Another Sirk melodrama that flirts with high camp. An aggressively Technicolor feature, everything photographed has a gaudy artificiality, that some have suggested was a subversive gesture to underscore the movie's trashy material. Still, Sirk tries to have his cake and eat it too, and things never completely work in either mode.
Sullivan's Travels (4)
A thoroughly modern comedy of rapid-fire wit and sophistication, Sullivan's Travels satirizes liberal intellectual privilege, while heading in some surprising directions. The final epiphany boldly conflates religious and comedic catharsis.
The Big Sleep (2)
Like the book, the inner workings of the plot of the Big Sleep remain illusive. The plot plays like an interconnected series of mystery detective tropes in which the denouement lacks a complete reveal of who was responsible for what. Howard Hawks working well with the actors makes it play as a series of engaging, atmospheric, and suggestive scenes.
Bringing Up Baby* (4)
Bringing Up Baby is dense and quick enough (never pausing for a laugh) to be almost exhausting. Its a work of boundless energy, moving briskly to and through each gag while still being causal enough so that the light absurdity of everything is never oversold. The movie gets a good deal of mileage out of the charms of its actors. Grant is so good as the wound-up professor and Hepburn as the loony heiress that you can almost see alternate careers for them as these different types had the movie not tanked in '34. Keeping the proceedings light and brisk, director Howard Hawks mostly stands back, keeping at long, medium, and tracking shots. His direction is an exemplar of careful timing and understatement (watch how the leopard casually appears in the background at just the right moment).
Almost Famous (0)
Almost. Presenting Rock life as a surrogate family form and path to adulthood, the film itself is about as milquetoast as the band its main character follows. Though he only appears in a few scenes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Lester Bangs gives a refreshing, humorous and sobering counterpoint to the rest of the film's rose-tinted view of the bloated rock of that era.

I am legend (0)
A curious adaptation that discards the original novels social satire and raison d’être, the movie ultimately flounders. The digitally composited environments lack the punch they should, seeing an eroding and vacant New York. The dynamic between Neville and his dog makes for a number of touching moments and some interest is sustained by the film's pragmatic approach, but this is also indicative of the larger problem of the film's take. As good as Will Smith is here (in possibly the best performance of his career) he is simply mis-cast. His Neville's approach to the situation is too clinical, too reasonable. Rather than raging against the dying of mankind’s light, kickin' ass and wreaking havoc on the new vampozombified society, he keeps the flame with a quiet desperation. Poignant (thanks in large part to Smith's abilities as an actor) yes, but it nullifies the original epiphany.
Singin in the Rain* (4)
No Country for Old Men* (3)
Redbelt (2)
The Great McGinty (2)
The preface proclaims that the story is about a man who lied his whole life save for once, and a man who told the truth his whole life save for once, meet and both must get out of the country. The narrative within that story is of McGinty a man who goes from bum to governor by simply agreeing to do whatever the party bosses ask him to without question. A visually straightforward, save for the occasional layered montage and verbally dense, comedy The Great Miginty is clever so that you almost don't notice that the central question is never really answered.
Christmas in July (2)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom * (1)
In order to prepare for the release of Crystal Skull I decided to revisit the Indy Jones movies, which I realized I hadn't seen since I was at least seven years old. For some reason I never latched onto the Indiana Jones movies the same way I did with the Star Wars films. I suspect Temple of Doom might have had something to do with this. Though I vaguely remember having the bejesus scared out of me as a kid, today the hellish sacrificial scenes seem ridiculous and somewhat bigoted. The imperialist nostalgia has always been the sub textual splinter in the Indiana Jones movies and in ToD it is probably the most exorbitant even if at its heart its a Casablanca story, a crisis of conscience in which one man becomes morally involved,(note how the Bogey jacketed jewel thief turns into the village savior throughout the movie).
I Was Born, But... (3)
One of the most surprising things about watching silent Ozu is discovering how easily Ozu's open, casually observational style translates to (or rather translated from, I guess) silent film. There are some minor differences, of course. This means a lot more cross cutting, and a narrower sense of visual focus since the sense of sound is missing, the images have to carry more of the explicative weight, and there is less room for stray moments. As a result, I Was Born, But.. is a tighter, quicker movie than I'm used to seeing from Ozu, not that I'm complaining. IWBB is about, what else, familial dynamics, this time centering on two young brothers whose family has just moved to a new suburb, so that their father can get closer to his boss. Ozu's low angle visual perspective works well to keep us on the same level as the two boys.
Swordsman 2 (3)
The Red Balloon (3)
The Red balloon turns a floating red orb into an anthropomorphized companion to six-year old Pascal. It follows him throughout his day, its iridescent color contrasted with the wet gray tones of the city and its similarly monochromatic inhabitants. Initially the balloon simply follows him around, but as time goes by it appears more and more intelligent, actively pestering a schoolmaster until he lets the boy off, and responding to commands. From this ingeniously simple visual motif, the film constructs a potent allegory.
Last Tango in Paris (4)
Attempting to discuss Last Tango in Paris by reaching into my usual grab bag of adjectives and flipping through my thesaurus for the rest, seem inadequate. I don't mean to say that the film is so magnificent that it is beyond description or anything as ridiculous as that, it's just that the movie, in multifarious, enigmatic, yet very explicit way (there go the qualifiers again) call the viewer to a more personal response, or at least a more in depth engagement with the various intricacies, ambiguities, and ideas, of the movie than I have room for here. It’s not the sex, though the film was a bit scandalous stateside in its time, it plays as relatively tame for anyone who has seen Nasagi Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses, or simply has access to the internet. Pauline Kael wrote that the movie had "transformed the face of an art form" and while history hasn't shown that to be the case, it’s easy to see why she thought so at the time, and wanted it to be so. Last Tango in Paris elegantly dives into the sensual and the absurd (perfect for Kael’s high-trash aesthetic) and shuffles between a post-modernist formalism and naturalistic character study with subtlety and grace. What he had done was certainly unique, but it was with such skill and elusiveness that it was nigh impossible to imitate. Alot of this I suspect stems from the Brando factor. Bertolucci is a virtuoso with a tendency to the formal, and the alchemy he attains with Brando is a rare one.
Raiders of the Lost Ark (3)
If one of the Indy Jones films were preserved for all time (and perhaps thanks in part to South Park it will be) it should be Raiders. I don't think anyone will disagree with me here. It’s the most sharply directed, and narratively tightest of the three (now four), and the one in which most of the film's motifs were presented, only to be retraced (and occasionally expanded upon) later. Some have rightfully complained about its nostalgically imperialist attitude, yet there is a bit of sublimated ambiguity about this. Indy’s rival, Dr. Bellog ,working for the Nazis, suggests that they "aren't really very different." And he may be right. The ending contains a brilliant Hitchcockian punch line and unique (for the film) commentary on history. For all of the fuss over the Ark, it hasn't really gone very far, it was simply changing hands from the powers of a past era to the current ones, from one tomb to another.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade* (2)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(2)
thoughts here...
Naked Killer
My Blueberry Nights (1)
thoughts here...
Lake of Fire (2)
Let us turn now to America's favorite issue, abortion. Fetal termination, baby killing, the Matrix Revolutions, whatever you want to call it, abortion is that nasty little subject that just won't go away. And Lake of Fire. matches it magnificently, capturing its fascination and horrors, its passions and contradictions. Wholly engrossing, horrifying and hilarious, Lake of Fire plunges head first into the heart of America's abortion debate, with a tendency to focus more on the arguers than the central argument. Considering the means of its creation, it isn't surprising that the film's only real conclusion is against absolutist stances. It takes an open, and intensely curious mind to explore a singular subject like this for as long as the filmmakers did. Glib polemics are most often made in haste. After a somewhat unsettling trip into the various protest wars in which the two sides seem pitted in an endless contest to out freak the other, the various academic talking heads, who would be somewhat redundant, provide a well reasoned breath of fresh air, pointing out how the abortion issue is a powder keg of conflicting values. Their sense of remove mirrored my own. Watching Lake of Fire reminded me of a conversation I was naive enough to partake of one day in a High-School speech class. We had finished up our work and I was talking with a few pals, when across the room an increasingly crowded, and loud conversation was taking place. I had been going to school with many of these people for a good while, and so jumping in on the discussion wouldn't be a problem. Confidant, I decided to take it upon myself to resolve the issue, or at least lay a groundwork for peace. "At least we can all admit that abortion should be permitted in instances of say rape, incest, or endangerment to the mother." I interjected. One girl then looked me stone cold in the face and replied "But its MURDER!"
Youth Without Youth (0)
It all starts out promisingly enough. Initially YwY appears a perfect marriage of Coppola's avant-garde and classicist tendencies. The rest of the film is loaded with various structural riffs, narrative tangents, and an ass load of high blown abstract theorizing. All of this would be acceptable, hell exhilarating if Coppola were either a) thinking in images instead of relying on coded dialogue and offhand allusions, b) the film had an emotional through line that kept us close to the protagonist, or c) the film was a short. At times I was reminded of another technically (excellent) overly theoretical, emotionally stunted film concerned with mortality, The Fountain. Like with that film, it’s tempting to simply file this one under "noble failure" and forget about it. Instead, let’s look to history, and a giant, for a more fitting categorization. Over 40 years ago in Andrew Sarris' canon building book The American Cinema, a young pre-Godfather Coppola was labeled under "oneshots, oddities, and newcomers." If nothing else, YwY is an exciting work in that, for the first time in a long time that distinction again appropriate, as well as its note "Coppola may be heard from more decisively in the future."
Come Drink With Me (2)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind* (4)
The collaboration between Kaufmann and Gondry here turned out to be the most fruitful of each of their careers so far, Kaufmann's anxious head games are given a quirky sensitivity by Gondry. Using a sci-fi concept to dissect the course of human intimacy blah blah blah, subjective dream sequences that question human understanding blah blah look you've probably seen this already, it's the best romantic comedy of the decade, so I'm not really going to go too far into this here.
They Live (2)
John Carpenter mashes the 80's action film with the 50's sci-fi satire to scintillating ends in this heartfelt fuck you to the Reagan era. The premise is an Adbuster's thesis given a pulpy grounding. One of the first things you immediately notice is how cinematic the movie is, in addition to the minimal use of dialogue for the film's first act the wide frame is classically utilized. When carpenter uses the wide frame here, he uses the whole frame, no half hearted planning for the tv release. Blank slate Roddy Piper, cast apparently because Kurt Russell was busy, does nail a few of the movies notorious one liners, and does provide a credible working stiff's blandness, his earnestness matches the film's. In the end when his dying gesture is a middle finger to the alien-yuppie empire he just exposed, the film reaches a positive magnificence.
Late Autumn (2)
It's a late season again, this time its Autumn and this time its Setsuko Hara who plays the widowed parent who's daughter everyone feels should be married off. The conclusion is similar but the dynamic is different. Living in the city together they are in many ways symbols of women's new found social liberation in Japan. The pressure to marry comes from a group of old men, friends of the family high up on the social ladder and eager to re-enforce the patriarchal tradition they grew up with.
Autumn Moon (1)
This arty early 90's Hong Kong film takes on a number of tropes and subjects that would be sketched out by Kar-Wai a couple of years later (Alienation, Globalization, a man who can't speak Cantonese recording his life on videotape) albeit in a more languorous, enervated form. There are a few excellent sequences though, one in which a shot of a sleeping girl moves to a flyover of her neighborhood and the city itself, as though the camera is following her sleeping consciousness as it drifts from her room to an unnamed elsewhere. The other key difference is that the central theme comes to be the sense of rootlessness that those born into modern culture feel and how it manifests itself in thier lives.
Transporter 2 * (2)
In anticipation of the Incredible Hulk I decided to revisit Leterrier's sharp sequel to the pathetic first Transporter film. Here Leterrier takes the series Tony Scott meets James Bond cliches to fantastic extremes while still retaining a visual control that surpasses the former and a wit to match the latter.
Pierrot Le Fou (3)
Bellemondo stars in this road movie of sorts, directed in luxurious widescreen and eye-popping technicolor by Godard, Pierrot Le Fou contains all of his signature philosophical musings, dense verbiage, meta-tangents, and especially the stylistic playfulness that marked his strongest decade as a filmmaker.
Diva (2)
This surprising, quirky French genre movie about a young Opera loving postman who unwittingly becomes the carrier of two recordings of great interest to the mob, displays a cool Euro-sophistication and early 80's chic.
Swordsman 3 : The East is Red (2)
An even more daring and wild continuation of the Swordsman series, The East is Red flows even more smoothly, strangely enough. Another terrific example of Ching Siu-Tung's kinetic mercurial sensibility.
The Cat Returns (0)
This can certainly be filed under 'minor Ghibli.' But hey I figured I was scraping the bottom of the barrel when I picked it up. There are a few moments that display a spark of brilliance, and to its credit the film knows what it is, a lot of it has a jokey, fuck it lets see how many cat puns and side jokes we can fit in this turd attitude that keeps it from cringe inducing pretension of the predecessor film Whisper of the Heart.
Kung-Fu Panda (1)
thoughts here...
The Incredible Hulk (0)
thoughts here...
Tokyo Chorus (2)
Here Ozu takes a humorous look at the effects of hard times and the luxury of principle in pre-WWII Japan. Nearly lapses into bicycle thief territory when the father struggles to find work, and there are a number of rather touching moments in which the family is forced to face their situation. Not the first film for Ozu newcomers to see, but well worth exploring to the indicated.
Joy Division (1)
At its best, this documentary creates a vivid collage of Joy Division's music and the forces that shaped it, at its weakest it goes through the 'Behind the Music' motions. Certainly a product of the digital age, the image dissolves sometimes become a bit excessive, but this movie is frequently illuminating, and stylistically strikes a nice balance point between the two films that have re-enacted these events 24-Hour Party People and Control. And this film finds a nearly transcendent closing that neither of the aforementioned films did, in Joy Division, the music is suggested as a beginning, a transformative force for Manchester, instead of an end.
Michael Clayton* (1)
(see earlier entry)
24 Hour Party People (1)
Its not difficult to enjoy a movie this unhinged but the problem with 24 Hour Party People is that it's a movie that despite its insistence never really knows what its about, and never finds out either, if it was ever looking a fault which can be somewhat overlooked considering that 25 years later there still isn't an agreed upon definition of punk; which means the term post-punk which can only be defined as: "that which came after a thing which was never defined in the first place, but we know it had something to do with safety pins, the letter 'A', and Chuck T shoes." Visually the film is, quite frankly, shit. The fast, faux-doc, glibly postmodernist style maintains neither the Godardian self-analysis or documentary immediacy it alternately aims for. Held together by Steve Coogan's portrayal of Manchester enthusiast Tony Wilson, the film plays like a series of sketches based on a number of half-remembered anecdotes, as re-imagined by a record collector. Which isn't inherently bad, the last thing we need is another groan inducingly reverential biopic, especially for one covering the post-punk scene. The irreverent sense of humor, and sporadic proficiency save this movie from the trash bin, but it's a testament to the film's limitations that the only thing it can think of to summarize Ian Curtis' death is to cut to Anton Corbijn's poorly shot jawa processional, speaking of which...
Control (0)
...I should have known that Control would be a weak effort when I sat though Corbijn's pathetic Director's Label DVD (though the vid for Nirvana was good). I also should have known when the first word out of Curtis' mouth in the film was "existence." But I had a running theme going, and to footage looked good. And a lot of the footage is good, capturing that rock photography immediacy and elegance. Many of the films better scenes are the quieter intimate ones. The earliest scenes with a young Ian in his bedroom, absorbing and internalizing rock aesthetics are some of the most insightful of the film, the re-enactments that occur later in the film aren't any more illuminating than Winterbottom's and aren't half as entertaining. Control never thinks deep or feels deep, but if the director did, he certainly lacked the means to communicate it. Since we all know where the film is headed, its useless as drama, and the final scenes (save for the terrific shot of Curtis' shell-shocked bandmates) just feel like exploitation. Unfortunately, like I said earlier, Corbijn has little cinematic instincts, he never draws any connections between Curtis' life and music beyond the most biographically obvious (Oooh, look! He was isolated when he sang Isolation! We know that love is tearing them apart because the song Love Will Tear Us Apart is playing!). Watching Control makes it easy to forget that Joy Division came out of the punk scene. Compared to the more spirited depiction in 24-Hour party people where they slammed it in your face and dared you not to feel something from it, Control is anemic.
When the Levees Broke (3)
Easily Spike's best film in years, When the Levees Broke looks at our other national embarrassment of the decade Katrina; a disaster which eventually became another sad portrait of who matters, or rather who doesn't matter, in this country. What elevates this documentary past angry polemic or simple educational exposition is that above all Lee's film displays a legitimate affection for the city's people.
La Chinoise (4)
Oh those precocious little commie pinkos! Never before or since has a terrorist cell been given such a cinematic dollhouse cuteness. As the title suggests Godard satirizes liberal intellectual privilege, yet there is a fascinating ambivalence in Godards disposition to them. There is a deep identification with their passion and intellectualization of everything, but he can't help but see them as fundamentally silly, even if dangerous. Playing Marxist house, they line their brains with wax philosophical epithets and their walls with pop iconography, true children of Marx and Coca-Cola. It was here that Godard really diverged, moving closer to Marx, later deciding he was never going to take capitalist money again. With La Chinoise, Godard is in top form, shooting off a rapid fire barrage of allusion, free association, meta-cinematic stylings, all forming a visually adept and slyly prophetic look at 60's youth utopianism.
Wall-E (4)
thoughts here...

Here's the Scale:
(4) A masterpiece.
(3) A strong film. Likely amongst the best of its year
(2) Of interest.
(1) Mediocre. I wouldn't discourage you from seeing it.
(0) Bomb. I wouldn't waste my time

* -indicates a repeat viewing
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Justcheckin's Movie Journal 2008
FIRST TIME VIEWS ONLY - 2007 or 2008 unless stated

*****=awesome - own it
****=pretty good - see it
***=average - worth a view
**=slighty better than meh
*=barely worth it
:@=sucks lawn gnomes


1. StarDust****
2. Sweeny Todd*****
3. The Abyss (1989)****
4. Minority Report (2002)***
5. 3:10 to Yuma****
6. Bucket List****
7. Resident Evil: Extinction*** The ending sucked, great otherwise.
8. Super Size Me (2004)***
9. Death Sentence***
10. Sunshine***
11. From Hell (2001)***
12. Helvetica****
13. Once****
14. Eastern Promises****
15. The Invasion****
16. Secret Window (2004)***
17. Vanilla Sky (2001)* I don't know why I bothered, do you?
18. Modigliani (2004)****
19. Martian Child****
20. Elizabeth the Golden Age**** Not as good as the first but a great sequel!
21. Before Sunrise (1995)****
22. Klimt (2006)***
23. Frida (2002)****
24. Chaos*** Could have been much better... to many cliché moments and Ryan Phillippe was a bad cast IMO.
25. 30 Days of Night****
26. Beowulf**** ... 271#578271
27. Grass (2000)***
28. What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2004)**** Very geeky documentary... i liked it.
29. The Blob (1958)**** "Oh Steve!" *bats eyelashes
30. The Blob (1988)****
31. A History of Violence (2005)***
32. Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006)**** Very interesting...
33. No Reservations*** Like Ratatouille but with a kid instead of a rat. Hmmm but worth a watch... chick flickish.
34. Into The Wild***** WOW really good
35. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium*** I liked it but it ended way before it should have.
36. Goya's Ghost****
37. An American Werewolf in London (1981)*
38. House of the Dead (2003):@ That was AWFUL Uwe Boll
39. Deep Sea:IMAX (2006)***
40. Blow (2001)****
41. I am Legend****
42. Juno (2005)****
43. Alvin and the Chipmunks**
44. Snatch (2000)****
45. Cloverfield****
46. There Will Be Blood****
47. Alien Vs Predator Requiem*** better than the first
MayThere seems to be a Jason Statham pattern here...
48. No Country for Old Men***** WOW! LOVED IT
49. In the Name of the King** Uwe Boll, really bad... just turn the sound off and watch Jason Statham run around..mmmm
50. Revolver (2005)****
51. Amelie (2001)****
52. Undead (2005)**seen better seen worse...
53. The Italian Job (2003)**** loved it!
54. London (2005)***
55. 27 Dresses**** of course I liked it... girly flick with lots of LOVE!
56. The Golden Compass****
57. War**** cool
58. Must Love Dogs (2005)*** cute but kinda dull...
59. Family Guy: Blue Harvest****
60. Conversation (s) With Other Women (2005)****
61. Margot at the Wedding****
62. Boogie Nights (1997)****
63. Stanley Kubrick: A life in Pictures (2001)****
64. Lars and the Real Girl****
65. Say Anything (1989)***
66. Casablanca (1942)***
67. Rambo****
68. Dan in Real Life** 40yr virgin but not nearly as funny
69. The Onion Movie** meh
70. Music Within**** I really liked this...
71. National Treasure 2*** First one was better...
72. BeKindRewind *** my fav is still Tenacious D although this was funny and cute
73. Donnie Darko (2001)***really weird
74. Ed Wood (1994)** meh to ok
75. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull**** YAY!
76. Go (1999)*** interesting way to lay out a film, sorta funny
77. The Notebook (2004)****
78. The Ruins*** Awful acting but cool concept
79. Days of Darkness (2007)**B movie zombie... fun to watch with people
80. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins *** really funny, i love Mo'Nique
81. Skin Walkers (2006)** meh
82. The Jack Bull (1999)*** Good made for TV western
83. Life (1999)**** very funny if you haven't already seen it
84. Witless Protection** meh
85. Wall*E***** LOVED IT!!!
86. Deadwater (aka Black Ops)* Just a really badly written B-movie
87. Maximum Overdrive (1986)*** Fun to watch if you have never seen it
88. In Bruges* I quit watching it, it was supposed to be funny... wasn't funny
89. Forgetting Sara Marshall*** first half was really funny, the second half was mushy and meaningful :(
90. Carrie (2002 - TV Version)*** I like the 76 version better but this was worth a watch
91. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)*** really liked it, fun
92. The X-Files**** I really enjoyed it.
93. Sex Drive*** funny
94. You Don't Mess with the Zohan***
95. Fred Claus****
96. Journey to the Center of the Earth*****
97. Hancock***** I really liked this
98. Salem's Lot 1979*just bad
99. Maxed Out (2006)****
100. Needful Things (1993)**** liked it
101. Fido (2006)**** not as funny as Shawn of the Dead but worth a watch
102. Transporter 3***** what a fine man - dayum!
103. Narnia: Prince Caspian*** first one was better... this felt like the battle of Helms Deep
104. Horton Hears a Who*** fun but I kinda fell asleep during part of it...
105. The Dark Knight**** wow... almost too much action...
106. Day the Earth Stood Still**** interesting...
107. Salem's Lot (2004)*** kinda cool in a cheesy way
108. Alice in Wonderland (1985-made for tv)*** saw part of this when I was about 9 years old... found it on netflix... cool
109. The Ringer (2005)****
110. Pillow Talk (1959)****
111. Tin Man ***** This was really cool, glad I finally got around to it
112. Mystic River (2003) ***

This is going to be it for the year. **** 112 ****
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Post by Pacino86845 »

My 2007 Movie Journal

1-4: Four degrees of crap, with 4 being least crappy.
5: Slighly below average, leaning on the crappy side.
6: Average, but may be worth a visit.
7: Good.
8: Very good-excellent.
9: Even better!
10: Not necessarily a perfect film, but exceptionally awesome!

2007 releases appear in red (NA release dates)
2008 releases appear in yellow (NA release dates)


1. The Constant Gardener 9/10
2. El Orfanato (The Orphanage) 6/10
3. Into the Wild 5/10
4. I Am Legend 6/10
5. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising 1/10 Worst 2007 movie I've seen to date. What a piece of shit this was.
6. The Darjeeling Limited 8/10
7. The Lookout 4/10
8. Cassandra's Dream 8/10
9. When We Were Kings 9/10
10. The Great Debaters 7/10
11. Un Secret 4/10
12. Haute Tension 6/10
13. Art School Confidential 7/10
14. Cloverfield 5/10
15. The Terminal 6/10
16. Saw II 2/10
17. Shoot 'Em Up 6/10
18. The Brothers Grimm 6/10


19. The Mist 7/10 My thoughts
20. The Kite Runner 7/10
21. [Rec] 4/10 My thoughts (SPOLER-FREE, but I wrote them up in the Cloverfield thread)
22. Michael Clayton 8/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
23. My Blueberry Nights 1/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
24. Brokeback Mountain 9/10
25. In The Valley of Elah 5/10
26. There Will Be Blood 10/10 My thoughts
27. Run, studly Boy, Run 4/10
28. Atonement 7/10
29. À L'Intérieur (Inside) 3/10
30. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 6/10
31. Jumper 4/10
32. Blue Velvet 10/10
33. The Bucket List 3/10


34. Margot At the Wedding 3/10
35. Lars and the Real Girl 6/10
36. Le Scaphandre et Le Papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) 9/10
37. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters 7/10
38. No Country For Old Men 9/10 (2nd viewing, first was in 2007)
39. 101 Reykjavík 6/10
40. Justice League: The New Frontier 5/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
41. 30 Days of Night 2/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
42. Definitely, Maybe 4/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
43. Southland Tales 6/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
44. Vantage Point 4/10


45. Untraceable 2/10
46. Be Kind Rewind 8/10
47. Scarface 10/10
48. Starship Troopers 10/10
49. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 7/10
50. P2 3/10
51. 3:10 To Yuma 7/10
52. Once 9/10 (2nd viewing, see 2007 journal)
53. Teeth 5/10
54. Miami Vice 7/10


55. Iron Man 8/10 My thoughts (SPOILER-FREE)
56. Doomsday 5/10
57. Control 8/10
58. Reno 911!: Miami 5/10
59. This Is England 7/10
60. Candy 6/10
61. Sling Blade 6/10
62. 24 Hour Party People 8/10
63. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 6/10
64. Speed Racer 8/10
65. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay 4/10
66. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 7/10
67. Raiders of the Lost Ark 10/10
68. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 7/10
69. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 7/10
70. L.A. Confidential 7/10
71. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 9/10
72. Awake 5/10
73. Happiness 8/10
74. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 5/10
75. Ice Age 2 4/10


76. The Forbidden Kingdom 5/10
77. La Fille Coupée en Deux (The Girl Cut in Two) 7/10
78. Scoop 6/10
79. Where the Buffalo Roam 7/10
80. Any Given Sunday 6/10
81. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers 6/10
82. Funny Games U.S. 6/10
83. The Rules of Attraction 6/10
84. What Happens in Vegas 5/10
85. The Happening 1/10
86. Drillbit Taylor 6/10


87. In Bruges 8/10
88. Kung Fu Panda 7/10
89. You Don't Mess With the Zohan 6/10
90. Wayne's World 7/10
91. Misery 7/10
92. 10, 000 B.C. 2/10
93. Frequency 6/10
94. Millions 6/10
95. The Chaser 6/10
96. 21 3/10
97. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2/10
98. White Terror 6/10
99. Savage Grace 6/10
100. Small Soldiers 6/10
101. Breakfast on Pluto 8/10
102. Dead Presidents 7/10
103. Hancock 5/10
104. Rounders 7/10
105. Wanted 3/10
106. Son of Rambow 7/10
107. J'ai Toujours Reve d'etre un Gangster 2/10


108. X-Files 2: I Want to Believe 3/10
109. CJ7 6/10
110. The Incredible Hulk 6/10
111. Superman Returns 7/10
112. The Godfather Part II 10/10
113. Constantine 7/10
114. Robots 5/10
115. Cars 6/10
116. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 5/10
117. The Chronicles of Riddick 6/10
118. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny 6/10
119. Idiocracy 7/10
120. Boyz 'N' Da Hood 8/10
121. Ninth Gate 6/10
122. Primer 7/10
123. Horton Hears a Who 6/10
124. They Live 7/10
125. Step Brothers 6/10
126. Universal Soldier 5/10
127. Outbreak 5/10

September - December (what I could remember, anyhow)

The Dark Knight 9/10
Happy Go Lucky 7/10
Burn After Reading 7/10
Vicky Christina Barcelona 7/10
Wall-E 6/10
Lakeview Terrace 3/10
Body of Lies 5/10
Role Models 7/10
Yes Man 7/10
Valkyrie 5/10
JCVD 8/10
Blindness 4/10
Synecdoche, New York 5/10
The Wrestler 8/10
Slumdog Millionaire 9/10
Kinsey 6/10
Pineapple Express 7/10
Tropic Thunder 6/10
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1/10
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Post by cinephile2000 »

Mulholland Drive
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Bleeding out of my ears bad

From Dusk till Dawn
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
Zatoichi's Pilgramage
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Short Cuts
The Man with the golden Arm
Akeelah and the Bee
Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
Zatoichi's Vengence
101 Dalmations
Sweeny Todd
Night of the Comet
The Ramone's End of a Century
Sister Street Fighter
Reality bites
school for scoundrels
the number 23
The Adventures of Zatoichi
Sister Act
Bee Movie
Theatre of Blood
Zatoichi's FLashing Sword
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Speed Racer
Speed Racer
Iron Man
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Kill Bill Vol 1
Pulp Fiction
The Third Man
the Stuntman
Knocked Up
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Baby Momma
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Princess Mononoke
The Century Plaza
The Maltese Falcon
Little Children
True Grit
30 days of night
The Karate Bullfighter
The Truman Show
Punk Attitude
Tombs of the BLind Dead
A Year of Living Dangerously
Karate Bear fighter
Bleeding out of my ears bad
Happily Never After

Be Kind Rewind
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Feb. 21 movies
All The Presidents Men
To Catch a Thief
The Passion of Joan of Ark
Gangs of New York
Taxi Driver
Torn Curtain
The Man Who Knew To Much
Paris Je Taim
The Road Warrior
Benny and Joon
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.
Under Fire
Kate and leopold
Superman Doomsday
Brothers of the Head
Bleeding out of my ears bad

In Bruges
Spiderwick Chronicles
Bleeding out of my ears bad

Jan. 29 movies
City of God
Fight Zatoichi Fight
A History of Violence
3:10 to Yuma
My Young Auntie
The Big CHill
The Conversation
Barton Fink
The Inside Man
Bender's Big Score
Reefer Madness (the musical)
Shogun Assassin 2
The Most Dangerous
Where's Marlowe
Night of the Creeps
The Station Agent
Transformers the movie
Rock Star
Small Time Dumbledore Bar
Bleeding out of my ears bad

There Will Be BLood
No Country for Old Men
Charlie Wilson's War
Bleeding out of my ears bad
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Post by Bob Samonkey »

Just want to let everyone know that I have a baby and everything that I watch will be 6 months old...

Stardust - A very enjoyable fairy tail.
Shoot em Up - Without a doubt, the most realistic action movie I have ever seen.
Superbad - It was pretty ok. I liked it just fine...
Cloverfield - First movie I have seen in the theater in 6 months. And it was worth it... Good movie
War - Meh. It was an alright movie...
Resident Evil: Extinction - It was alright. By far the best bit was the "white rabbit" cover during the credits...

Sunshine - More campy then I expected it but overall an OK movie
No country for Old Men - My dad wanted to go to lunch and so we decided to go to the Drafthouse. I missed the first 15 minutes of it but it was still awesome. Best movie I have seen so far this year.
War Games - I have seen it before but it was on last night. Even though it is really dated it is still a good movie.
Once - Good movie. Great songs
3:10 to Yuma - I really needed a western so I was able to enjoy this even with some flaws.
Across the Universe - It was not as bad as all the things I have read here. It was heavy handed and not all that well acted but , meh. It was ok. I would give it 2 and a quarter out of 5...
The Public Enemy - 1931 Cagney movie. First time I have seen it. Really liked it. Good criminal movie

Shark vs Eagle - It was an enjoyable movie. Lots of funny in it.
Harry Potter and the OTP - I thought it was terrible. I felt the acting was phoned in and if you had never read the books you would have no idea what was going on as they left out so many plot points... And I do not get why they made the centaurs stupid...
Babyface - 1933 movie featuring Barbara Stanwyck as a woman who climbs the work ladder by sleeping her way up it. Really racy for way back then. (It has a boob grab!) And a little part by a 26 year old John Wayne. Naughty and well done.
Freedom Writers - I really liked Lean on me and Stand and Deliver...
Enchanted - It was a darn cute movie. Defiantly worth owning...
There will be Blood - Great movie. I'm finished...
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - Cute. But not that cute. It was ok.
Gone Baby Gone - Excellent movie. Affleck is a damn fine actor...Man that feels weird saying...
Beowolf - It was pretty good. I wish I could have seen it in 3-d
Next - Um...yeah...It was there...

Futurama: Bender's Big Score - It was really funny for a TV show. It kinda dragged in the middle but overall it was a great show.
Michael Clayton - Wow. Alot better then I thought. Man that was a good movie...
Death at a Funeral - Much like Lupe they put the fun back funeral. A funny British movie.
Sweeney Todd - Depp sounded like his singing coach was David Bowie
In the Name of the King - My first Boll movie! Man I see what everyone was saying. Man that was bad. Really bad. I mean wow...
Juno - It was a good movie. Some annoying lines (honest to blog) but overall an enjoyable movie.
Walk Hard - A silly but slightly funny movie. My wife was high at the time and enjoyed it much more then I did....

Charlie Wilson's War - It was not as bad as everyone said. It was ok but forgettable...
I Am Legend - It was good. It was just not even remotely close to the book...
Indiana Jones and KOTCS - It was ok. Got kinda bored which should not happen during an Indy movie
National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Um...I had to watch it. It was silly...

Before the Devil Knows your Dead - Not good. Really not well done. And watching the same thing over and over again was maddening. Like a really bad version of Memento...
The Brave One - Cheesy movie that my wife made me watch. Would not watch it again.
Jumper - Bad as I thought it was going to be...
Rambo - Is it just me or are some of the special effects actually worse then the original ones
27 Dresses - No its true. I really watched it. I am so ashamed. Cyclops is getting anorexic though...
The Other Boleyn Girl - Man I really need an action movie. This was alright. They really sped through her life though...

Be Kind Rewind - It was like they were making a movie about making a movie about making movies. Meh. The knockoff movies was the best part of it otherwise it was painful...
Hancock - I liked it. It was a dern good Fourth of July movie.
In Bruges - That was a damn good movie. I liked the slow build of the whole thing. But you guys really don't like Americans do you...
Vantage Point - Meh. It was alright. I thought it would be more about different people seeing different things about the assassination and talking about it thus reliving it. Instead we got pause, rewind, watch again. Pause, rewind, watch again...

In Bruges - Really well done. Not what I was expecting. I really enjoyed it.
Persepolis - It was a verynice movie
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs - Much better then the one before. I laughed my back off...
The Mist - I still liked the book ending better but I still really liked this movie
Penelope - It was cute. Move along...
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - Not nearly funny as the first one. But NPH was still fantastic.
10,000 B.C. - Meh.
The Lost Boys: The Tribe - Wow was that bad. Just awful. And cause someone said it was the best part I waited to the end and credits...not worth it. My wife loves the Two Coreys show and wanted to see this as it is mentioned through it. She fell asleep within the first 15 minutes
Pineapple Express - Really good movie. Lots of fun and loved how someone just would not die.
Wanted - Went in expecting a silly movie but was actually impressed. It was much better then I thought it was going to be.
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Bayouwolf's 2008 movie journal

Post by Bayouwolf »

*edit*...UGH....I haven't updated this in a while... Back on task.

Theater in White
DVD in blue

(From best to worst)

Hail to the king, baby (*****)
Army of Darkness
No country for old men.
The Dark Knight
Iron Man

I'm Spartacus (****)
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
Transformers, The Movie
Tropic Thunder
In Bruges
Iron Man
Hell Boy
Hell Boy 2

Snakes. Why'd it hafta be snakes? (***)
Knocked up
Transformers (Michael Bay edition)
Sweeney Todd
The Kingdom review
Be Kind, Rewind

What we've got here is a failure to communicate (**)
The Bucket List

She's gone from suck to blow. (*)
The Pink Panther (2006)
Get Smart
Star Wars -The Clone Wars
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Post by RaulMonkey »

Title (Year released) Director - Date viewed - Name of Cinema, Channel or Video Format viewed
Bold = First time viewed
Movies listed in order of viewing within categories.
All movies viewed in Calgary, AB, Canada unless otherwise noted in Orange.

Aliens (Theatrical Release) (1986) James Cameron - Jan. 1st - DVD
Eraserhead (1977) David Lynch - Jan. 12th - Metro Cinema Society - Edmonton, AB
There Will Be Blood (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson - Jan. 18th - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007) Seth Gordon - Feb. 2nd - DVD
Stand By Me (1986) Rob Reiner - Feb. 22nd - Encore Avenue
When We Were Kings (1996) Leon Gast - Feb. 25th - CBC (recorded Feb. 24th)
There Will Be Blood (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson - Mar. 28th - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market
Death Proof (Extended) (2007) Quentin Tarantino - Apr. 12th - DVD
Smoke (1995) Wayne Wang & Paul Auster - Apr. 15th - DVD
El Espíritu de la colmena (1973) Victor Erice - Apr. 26th - DVD
Jarhead (2005) Sam Mendes - May 26th - DVD
Alien (Theatrical Release) (1979) Ridley Scott - Jun. 1st - Laserdisc
Cool Hand Luke (1967) Stuart Rosenberg - Jun. 9th - DVD
Recount (2008) Jay Roach - Jun. 15th - Movie Central (recorded Jun. 10th)
Back to the Future (1985) Robert Zemeckis - Jun. 26th - Laserdisc
The Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan - Jul. 18th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
The Killing (1956) Stanley Kubrick - Jul. 20th - DVD
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) James Foley - Jul. 31st - Sony UMD - London, UK
300 (2007) Zack Snyder - Aug. 4th - Sony UMD - somewhere between Ledbury and London, UK
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) James Foley - Aug. 6th - Sony UMD - somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean
300 (2007) Zack Snyder - Aug. 6th - Sony UMD - somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Maritimes, and in Halifax, NS
The Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan - Aug. 10th - Empire 8 Park Lane - Halifax, NS
The Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan - Aug. 16th - Cineplex Odeon Scotiabank Theatre Chinook (IMAX)
Network (1976) Sidney Lumet - Aug. 26th - VHS
There Will Be Blood (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson - Aug. 27th - DVD
Man on Wire (2008) James Marsh - Oct. 11th - The Uptown Stage & Screen
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) Quentin Tarantino - Dec. 6th - DVD
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004) Quentin Tarantino - Dec. 6th - DVD
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007) Seth Gordon - Dec. 7th - Movie Central (recorded)
The Aviator (2004) Martin Scorsese - Dec. 27th - Blu-ray

The Ref (1994) Ted Demme - Jan. 1st - DVD
Paris, je t'aime (2006) Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin et al - Jan. 3rd - DVD
The Lookout (2007) Scott Frank - Jan. 6th - DVD
No End in Sight (2007) Charles Ferguson - Jan. 8th - DVD
Sunshine (2007) Danny Boyle - Jan. 9th - DVD
Atonement (2007) Joe Wright - Jan. 11th - Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas - Edmonton, AB
Lynch (2007) blackANDwhite - Jan. 12th - Metro Cinema Society - Edmonton, AB
Greycon4 (2007) Brandon Blommaert - Jan. 19th - Emmedia/403 Noise
Noise Asylum (2008) Ryan McClure Scott - Jan. 19th - Emmedia/403 Noise
I'm Not There (2007) Todd Haynes - Jan. 25th - Landmark Globe Cinema
The Savages (2007) Tamara Jenkins - Jan. 25th - Landmark Globe Cinema
Rambo (2008) Sylvester Stallone - Jan. 26th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Cloverfield (2008) Matt Reeves - Jan. 26th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Casino Royale (2006) Martin Campbell - Jan. 27th - DVD
Red Dawn (1984) John Milius - Jan. 27th - DVD
Joshua (2007) George Ratliff - Feb. 2nd - DVD
Let's All Hate Toronto (2007) Albert Nerenberg & Robert Spence - Feb. 2nd - DVD
Blow Out (1981) Brian De Palma - Feb. 9th - DVD
4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile (2007) Cristian Mungiu - Feb. 22nd - The Uptown Stage & Screen
Jim Brown: All American (2002) Spike Lee - Mar. 1st - DVD
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965) Donald Brittain & Don Owen - Mar. 1st - DVD
I'm Your Man (1996) Roslyn Schwartz - Mar. 1st - DVD
Poen (1967) Josef Reeve - Mar. 1st - DVD
Angel (1966) Derek May - Mar. 1st - DVD
A Kite is a Victim (1977) Elizabeth Lewis - Mar. 1st - DVD
Sleuth (1972) Joseph L. Mankiewicz - Mar. 10th - VHS
The Searchers (1956) John Ford - Mar. 10th - DVD
In Bruges (2008) Martin McDonagh - Mar. 20th - The Uptown Stage & Screen
The Dirty Dozen (1967) Robert Aldrich - Apr. 5th - VHS
The Kingdom (2007) Peter Berg - Apr. 6th - DVD
Shimotsuma monogatari (2004) Tetsuya Nakashima - Apr. 7th - DVD
Straw Dogs (1971) Sam Peckinpah - Apr. 8th - DVD
Inland Empire (2006) David Lynch - Apr. 12th - DVD
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) Andrew Dominik - Apr. 26th - DVD
Iron Man (2008) Jon Favreau - May 3rd - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Blue Velvet (1986) David Lynch - May 11th - DVD
God Said, "Ha!" (1998) Julia Sweeney - May 17th - VHS
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Nicholas Stoller - May 18th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Redbelt (2008) David Mamet - May 18th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Planet Terror (2007) Robert Rodriguez - May 20th - DVD
Apollo 13 (1995) Ron Howard - May 25th - Laserdisc
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) John Frankenheimer - May 31st - Turner Classic Movies (recorded)
Spider-Man 2 (2004) Sam Raimi - May 31st - DVD
Alive (1993) Frank Marshall - Jun. 1st - Laserdisc
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Brett Ratner - Jun. 7th - DVD
Futurama: Bender's Big Score (2007) Dwayne Carey-Hill - Jun. 7th - DVD
The Incredible Hulk (2008) Louis Leterrier - Jun. 14th - Cineplex Odeon Sunridge Spectrum
Cobra (1986) George P. Cosmatos - Jun. 26th - VHS
Back to the Future Part II (1989) Robert Zemeckis - Jun. 28th - Laserdisc
Hostel: Part II (2007) Eli Roth - Jul. 4th - DVD
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) Stephen Herek - Jul. 6th - DVD
Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) Yasuhiro Aoki, Futoshi Higashide et al - Jul. 12th - DVD - Edmonton, AB
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) Peter Hewitt - Jul. 12th - DVD - Edmonton, AB
Le Ballon rouge (1956) Albert Lamorisse - Aug. 3rd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK
Crin blanc: Le cheval sauvage (1953) Albert Lamorisse - Aug. 3rd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK
Le Voyage du ballon rouge (2007) Hsiao-Hsien Hou - Aug. 3rd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK
Step Brothers (2008) Adam McKay - Aug. 10th - Empire 8 Park Lane - Halifax, NS
The French Connection (1971) William Friedkin - Aug. 11th - Portable DVD - somewhere over Canada
Topkapi (1964) Jules Dassin - Aug. 14th - DVD
Un Long dimanche de fiançailles (2004) Jean-Pierre Jeunet - Aug. 15th - DVD
Tropic Thunder (2008) Ben Stiller - Aug. 16th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) Terry Gilliam - Aug. 17th - Encore Avenue (recorded Aug. 16th)
Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Martin Brest - Aug. 17th - Laserdisc
National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) John Landis - Aug. 21st - VHS
Zathura (2005) Jon Favreau - Aug. 23rd - DVD
The Blues Brothers (1980) John Landis - Aug. 23rd - Laserdisc
The Bodyguard (1992) Mick Jackson - Aug. 24th - Laserdisc
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) Woody Allen - Aug. 25th - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market
Charlie Wilson's War (2007) Mike Nichols - Sep. 8th - DVD
Braveheart (1995) Mel Gibson - Sep. 11th - Laserdisc
Burn After Reading (2008) Joel and Ethan Coen - Sep. 13th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) Mervyn LeRoy - Sep. 13th - DVD
Dr. No (1962) Terence Young - Sep. 13th - DVD
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - Sep. 14th - DVD
A Bridge Too Far (1977) Richard Attenborough - Sep. 16th - Laserdisc
Collateral (2004) Michael Mann - Sep. 16th - DVD
In Bruges (2008) Martin McDonagh - Sep. 19th - Shaw Pay-Per-View
The Shadow Play (2008) Austin & Warrington - Sep. 20th - YouTube
Choke (2008) Clark Gregg - Oct. 11th - The Uptown Stage & Screen
Let's Get Lost (1988) Bruce Weber - Oct. 13th - VHS
I'm Not There (2007) Todd Haynes - Oct. 23rd - DVD
Ganja Queen (2007) Leslie Hosking - Nov. 8th - HBO (recorded Nov. 7th)
Superman: The Movie (1978) Richard Donner - Nov. 14th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Innerspace (1987) Joe Dante - Nov. 16th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Stand and Deliver (1988) Ramón Menéndez - Nov. 17th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Quantum of Solace (2008) Marc Forster - Dec. 6th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Lethal Weapon (1987) Richard Donner - Dec. 19th - HDNet (recorded)
Shine a Light (2008) Martin Scorsese - Dec. 20th - DVD
La science des rêves (2006) Michel Gondry - Dec. 21st - Movie Central (recorded Dec. 2nd)
Waiting for Guffman (1996) Christopher Guest - Dec. 21st - Movie Central HD (recorded)
The Karate Kid (1984) John G. Avildsen - Dec. 24th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) David Fincher - Dec. 25th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
The Right Stuff (1983) Philip Kaufman - Dec. 27th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Definitely, Maybe (2008) Adam Brooks - Dec. 28th - Movie Cental HD (recorded Dec. 27th)
Highway 61 (1991) Bruce McDonald - Dec. 28th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
High Sierra (1941) Raoul Walsh - Dec. 28th - Turner Classic Movies (recorded)
Dance Me Outside (1995) Bruce McDonald - Dec. 29th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Hard Core Logo (1996) Bruce McDonald - Dec. 30th - Encore Avenue HD (recorded)
Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Danny Boyle - Dec. 31st - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market

The Final Countdown (1980) Don Taylor - Jan. 5th - DVD
Colour Me Kubrick (2005) Brian Cook - Jan. 7th - DVD
You Kill Me (2007) John Dahl - Jan. 9th - DVD
D-War: Dragon Wars (2007) Shim Hyung-Rae - Jan. 10th - DVD
Michael Clayton (2007) Tony Gilroy - Feb. 1st - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market
Wolf Creek (2005) Greg McLean - Feb. 10th - Movie Central (recorded)
Flags of Our Fathers (2006) Clint Eastwood - Feb. 13th - DVD
Blue in the Face (1995) Wayne Wang & Paul Auster - Feb. 24th - DVD
The Bank Job (2008) Roger Donaldson - Mar. 22nd - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
Commando (1985) Mark L. Lester - Apr. 13th - VHS
Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated) (2007) Len Wiseman - Apr. 19th - DVD
Jackass 2.5 (2007) Jeff Tremaine - Apr. 20th - DVD
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Steven Spielberg - May 23rd - Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market
Always (1989) Steven Spielberg - Jun. 7th - Laserdisc
The Running Man (1987) Paul Michael Glaser - Jun. 22nd - VHS - Ponoka, AB
The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life (1994) Barrie McLean - Jun. 27th - DVD
Mongol (2007) Sergei Bodrov - Jul. 12th - Magic Lantern Garneau Theatre - Edmonton, AB
C____? D____? (2008) Brandon Blommaert - Jul. 19th - Emmedia/403 Noise
In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007) Alex Holdridge - Aug. 2nd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK
When the Road Bends: Tales from a Gypsy Caravan (2006) Jasmine Dellal - Aug. 3rd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK
Pineapple Express (2008) David Gordon Green - Aug. 9th - Empire 8 Park Lane - Halifax, NS
Bird on a Wire (1990) John Badham - Aug. 18th - Laserdisc
Hamlet 2 (2008) Andrew Fleming - Aug. 20th - Cineplex Odeon Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984) Stuart Rosenberg - Aug. 23rd - DVD
Rogue Trader (1999) James Dearden - Sep. 6th - DVD
The Long Riders (1980) Walter Hill - Sep. 6th - DVD
City of Industry (1997) John Irvin - Sep. 7th - DVD
20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang (1933) Roy Mack - Sep. 14th - DVD
loudQUIETloud: A Film about The Pixies (2006) Stephen Cantor and Matthew Galkin - Sep. 20th - DVD
W. (2008) Oliver Stone - Oct. 19th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
The Hoax (2007) Lasse Hallström - Nov. 7th - Movie Central (recorded Nov. 3rd)
Thank You, Mr. President (2008) Rory Kennedy - Nov. 29th - HBO HD
Punisher: War Zone (2008) Lexi Alexander - Dec. 6th - Empire Studio 16 Country Hills
The Tracey Fragments (2007) Bruce McDonald - Dec. 30th - HBO HD (recorded Dec. 2nd)

The Last Samosa (200?) Ryan McClure Scott - Jan. 19th - Emmedia/403 Noise
Fletch (1985) Michael Ritchie - Feb. 17th - DVD
Fletch Lives (1989) Michael Ritchie - Mar. 30th - DVD
Undercover Brother (2002) Malcolm D. Lee - Apr. 14th - DVD
Running with Arnold (2008) Dan Cox - Apr. 19th - DVD
The Dead Girl (2006) Karen Moncrieff - Jul. 1st - DVD
Nude per l'assassino (a.k.a. Strip Nude for Your Killer) (1975) Andrea Bianchi - Oct. 5th - DVD
Mad Dog and Glory (1993) John McNaughton - Dec. 23rd - Encore Avenue HD

Heima (2007) Dean DeBlois - Aug. 2nd - The Big Chill - near Ledbury, UK

RaulMonkey's 2007 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2009 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2010 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2011 Movie Journal
RaulMonkey's 2012 Movie Journal
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Post by bluebottle »


Dead Mary - A Canadian straight to video horror flick.

Not bad, actually. It's like The Thing set in the woods. The script's structure is flawed, and it takes a while to get going. The actors are surprisingly good, and it's got a few really tense moments. If this were made in the 70's, it'd be a classic. 6/10
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Post by St. Alphonzo »

I'll give it a shot this year.

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Post by Tyrone_Shoelaces »

This here be my spot. No cuts! I'll make it look pretty later.

1 No Country For Old Men (2007)
Shoot 'Em Up (2007) (DVD)
10 Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox (2007)
11 Stardust (2007) (DVD)
18 Cloverfield
21 Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006) (DVD)
26 Juno (2007)
31 Atonement (2007)

10 The Maltese Falcon (1941) (TV)
18 There Will Be Blood (2007)
23 Jumper
25 The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007) (DVD)

21 I Am Legend (2007) (DVD)
22 Drillbit Taylor
29 The Bank Job

4 Lila Says (2004) (TV)
5 Doomsday
18 Surf's Up (2007) (TV)
Beerfest (2006) (TV)
19 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Lust, Caution (2007) (DVD)
20 Warbirds (TV)
The Darjeeling Limited (2007) (DVD)
30 My Blueberry Nights

2 Wild Hogs (2007) (DVD)
Iron Man
4 Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle unrated (2004) (DVD)
9 Speed Racer
16 Speed Racer
19 Firewall (2006) (TV)
Inside Man (2006) (TV)
Jackass Number Two (2006) (TV)
21 Kinky Boots (2005) (TV)
22 Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
Hard Candy (2005) (TV)
29 Vertigo (1958) (TV)

1 Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) (Blu-ray)
Crank (2006) (Blu-ray)
300 (2007) (Blu-ray)
12 Kung Fu Panda
18 Circle of Iron (1978) (TV)
Bobby Z (2007) (DVD)
30 Sharkwater (2006) (DVD)

7 Foxy Brown (1974) (DVD)
9 Scanners (1980) (DVD)
10 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) (TV)
11 Superbad (2007) (TV)
18 The Dark Knight
23 The Dark Knight IMAX

6 Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) (TV)
Fall From Grace (2007) (TV)
9 The X-Files: I Want To Believe
10 Feast unrated (2005) (DVD)
Pineapple Express
Rocky Balboa (2006) (TV)
16 Star Wars: The Clone Wars
26 Bubble Boy (2001) (TV)
The Hitcher (2007) (TV)
28 The Brave One (2007) (TV)
30 Tropic Thunder
31 Dan In Real Life (2007) (TV)
Death Sentence (2007) (TV)

6 The Rocker
7 Get Carter (1971) (TV)
9 The Apartment (1960) (TV)
12 Burn After Reading
13 The Most Dangerous Game (1932) (TV)
28 Eagle Eye
How To Murder Your Wife
(1965) (TV)

25 Police Academy (1984) (DVD)
The Mothman Prophecies (2002) (DVD)
29 Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
30 Sex Drive

1 Zack and Miri Make a Porno
10 Role Models
24 Quantum of Solace
26 The Man Who Came To Dinner (1941) (TV)

2 A Night In Casablanca (1946) (TV)
4 Wanted (2008) (DVD)
6 Destination Tokyo (1943) (TV)
18 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) (TV)
20 Gunga Din (1939) (TV)
21 Yes Man
22 The Dark Knight (2008) (Blu-ray)
25 Iron Man (2008) (Blu-ray)
26 Young and Innocent (1937) (TV)
28 Speed Racer (2008) (Blu-ray)
29 Transformers (2007) (Blu-ray)
30 The Black Hole (1979) (TV)
31 The Dark Knight (2008) (Blu-ray)
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Post by stereosforgeeks »

My spot:

Myrin (Jar City) - 8.0
2 Days In Paris - 7.5
The TV Set - 7.0
Wristcutters: A Love Story - 6.0
Ne Le Dis A Personne (Tell No One) - 7.0
In The Shadow Of The Moon - 8.5
The Mighty Boosh (Season 3)
There Will Be Blood - 8.5
Persepolis - 8.5
Sud Pralad (Tropical Malady) - 9.5
Hua Jai Tor Ra Nong (The Adventure Of Iron Pussy) - 4.0
Once We Were Strangers - 8.0
Sud Sanaeha (Blissfully Yours) - 9.0
Nuovomondo (The Golden Door) - 8.5
Futurama: Bender's Big Score - 7.5
Kuroi Ame (Black Rain) - 9.5
Go (2001) - 8.0
Le Feu Follet (The Fire Within / A Time To Live And A Time To Die) - 8.5
Die Hohle Des Gelben Hundes (The Cave Of The Yellow Dog) - 8.0
30 Days Of Night - 6.5
Soylent Green - 7.5
Warui Yatsui Hodo Yoku Nemuru (The Bad Sleep Well) - 9.0
Takahiko Iimura Experimental Films 1962-1964: Ai (Love), Kuzu (Junk), On Eye Rape, A Dance Party In The Kingdom Of Lilliput - 8.0
Smultronstallet (Wild Strawberries) - 9.0
Sang Sattawat (Syndromes And A Century) - 9.0
Milyang (Secret Sunshine) - 8.5
Cloverfield - 7.5
Nyocker! (District!) - 7.5
Lions For Lambs - 6.5
Zivot Je Cudo (Life Is A Miracle) - 7.5
Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner - 8.0
Two-Lane Blacktop - 9.0
Yi Yi: A One And A Two - 10
Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages - 9.0
Dokfa Nai Meuman (The Mysterious Object At Noon) - 9.0
46-Okunen No Koi (Big Bang Love, Juvenile A) 7.5
Rofuto (Loft) - 3.0
Dip Huet Seung Hung (The Killer) - 8.5
Soom (Breath) - 7.5
The Revolt Of Mamie Stover - 7.0
Straightheads - 2.0
Enchanted - 6.0
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Steet - 7.5
Feast Of Love - 6.5

Un Condmane A Mort S'est Echappe Ou Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut (A Man Escaped) - 10
Rappabojou (Love Song For Rapper) - 7.0
2009: Lost Memories - 6.0
Klopka (The Trap) - 8.0
Texas, Addio (Texas, Addios) - 7.0
The Thirteenth Chair - 5.0
Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes Of Time) - 8.5
Fire Walk With Me - 8.0
Spaced (Seasons 1-2)
Inland Empire - 9.0
Twilight Q - 7.5
Tenshi No Tamago (Angel's Egg) - 8.0
Friday Night Lights (Season 2)
Chuck (Season 1)
Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1)
Pushing Daisies (Season 1)
Gion Bayashi (A Geisha) - 7.5
Aien Kyo (The Straights Of Love And Hate) - 9.0
Genroku Chushingura (The 47 Ronin) - 10
Dasepo Sonyo (Dasepo Naughty Girls) - 6.5
Gion No Shimai (Sisters Of The Gion) - 9.0
Run, Fatboy, Run - 6.0
Sleuth - 8.5
Joyu Sumako No Koi (The Love of Sumako the Actress) - 8.5
Tini Zabutykh Predkiv (Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors)- 10
Prison Break (Season 3)
Miyamoto Musashi (The Swordsman) - 8.0
Charlie Bartlett - 6.5
Sayat Nova (The Color Of Pomegranates) - 9.5
My Blueberry Nights - 4.5
Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon (The Diving Bell And The Butterfly) - 8.0
Pickpocket - 9.5
Rambo: First Blood - 8.0
Tokyo Koshin-Kyoku (Tokyo March) - 8.5
Chikamatsu Monogatari (A Story From Chikamatsu) - 9.5
We Own The Night - 8.0
Be Kind Rewind - 7.0
Oyu-sama (Miss Oyu) - 9.0
Lars And The Real Girl - 8.0
Naniwa Ereji (Osaka Elegy) - 8.5
Revengers Tragedy - 7.5
Straight to Hell - 7.0
Zach Galifianakis: Live At The Purple Onion - 7.5
Nightfall - 7.5
Sukiyaki Western Django - 8.0
Die Falscher (The Counterfeiters) - 7.0
Saikaku Ichidai Onna (The Life Of Oharu) - 9.0

Sid And Nancy - 6.5
Paranoid Park - 7.5
Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales Of Ugetsu) - 10
Taxidermia - 8.5
London To Brighton - 5.0
Mah Nakorn (Citizen Dog) - 8.5
Sansho Dayu (Sansho The Bailif) - 9.5
Fah Talai Jone (Tears Of The Black Tiger) - 8.0
Three Businessmen - 7.0
Akasen Chitai (Street Of Shame) - 8.5
Utamaro O Meguru Gonin No Onna (Utamaro And His Five Women) - 7.0
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 1)
La Sconosciuta (The Unknown Woman) - 7.0
The Wire (Season 5)
Hukkle - 9.5
Youth Without Youth - 3.0
Shin Heike Monogatari (Taira Clan Saga) - 7.5
Walker - 7.5
Rambo: First Blood Part II - 7.5
Peeping Tom - 10
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 7.5
Beiqing Chengshi (City Of Sadness) - 10
Zangiku Monogatari (The Story Of The Late Chrysanthemums) - 8.5
Rikyu - 8.0
Opera Jawa (Requiem From Java) - 8.0
Margot At The Wedding - 3.0
Little Dieter Needs To Fly - 7.5
Gattaca - 7.5
Blade Runner - 10
Mouse Heaven - 7.5
No Country For Old Men - 9.0
The Descent - 8.5
Nathan Barley (Season 1)
Gweomul (The Host) - 9.0
Bangiku (Late Chrysanthemums) - 8.5
Ils (Them) - 4.0

Southland Tales - 5.0
La Planete Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet) - 8.5
Bongwater - 2.0
Frisky Dingo (Season 2)
Hapax Legomena I: Nostalgia - 8.0
Veronica Mars (Season 2)
L' Umanoide (The Humanoid) - 3.5
Repo Man - 8.0
Big Trouble In Little China - 8.0
Daisy Kenyon - 7.5
Okasareta Hakui (Violated Angels) - 8.5
Rambo: First Blood Part III - 3.0
D' Wild Wild Weng - 4.5
Nilouhe Nuer (Daughter Of The Nile) - 9.0
Nanguo Zaijan, Nanguo (Goodbye South, Goodbye) - 8.5
Strange Culture - 6.0
Qianxi Manbo (Millennium Mambo) - 7.0
Film About A Woman Who... - 8.5
B. Monkey - 7.0
Living On Velvet - 7.5
Bis Ans Ende Der Welt: Director's Cut (Until The End Of The World: Director's Cut) - 8.5
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - 8.5
Strange Cargo - 7.5
Grand Hotel - 9.0
Kohi Jiko (Cafe Lumiere) - 7.0
Ossos (Bones) - 9.0
La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro (Short Night Of The Glass Dolls) - 6.5
Tong Nien Wang Shi (A Time To Live And A Time To Die) - 8.5
Le Voyage Du Ballon Rouge (The Flight Of The Red Balloon) - 9.0
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 7.5
Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome - 8.0
Gilmore Girls (Seasons 1-7)
Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings Of Desire) - 9.5
The Lineup - 8.0
Kong Bu Fen Zi (The Terroriser) - 8.5
Shoot 'Em Up - 4.0
La Commare Secca (The Grim Reaper) - 7.0
Du Li Shi Dai (A Confucian Confusion) - 8.0
All The Real Girls - 8.5
Flirting With Disaster - 8.0
Rambo IV: John Rambo - 7.5
Sanxia Haoren (Still Life) - 8.5
Hors De Prix (Priceless) - 6.0
Before Sunrise - 9.0
Mad Men (Season 1)
Moana - 9.0
Django - 7.5
Before Sunset - 8.5

Iron Man - 7.5
Se Sei Vivo Spara (Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!) - 6.5
Teeth - 7.0
Ordet (The Word) - 9.5
Qing Mei Zhu Ma (Taipei Story) - 9.0
Maxhumain - 7.5
30 Rock (Season 2)
Scrubs (Seasons 6)
Batalla En El Cielo (Battle In Heaven) - 8.5
The Unknown - 8.5
Bad Lieutenant - 9.5
The Descent - 8.0
Gossip Girl (Season 1)
Shotgun Stories - 6.0
Blindman - 7.0
Diary Of The Dead - 4.0
The Signal - 6.0
Re-Animator - 8.0
Preparatu la bara! (Django, Prepare A Coffin!) - 7.0

Yu Tang Chun (The Story Of Sue San) - 5.5
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? - 8.0
La Terza Madre (The Mother Of Tears) - 4.0
Peep Show (Seasons 4)
Charlie Jade (Season 1)
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) - 7.5
Burn Notice (Season 1)
Masculin feminin: 15 faits precis (Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts) - 9.0
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs - 6.0
Da zui xia (Big Drunk Hero / Come Drink With Me) - 8.5
Viridiana - 9.0
Michael Robinson's Light Is Waiting - 9.0
Michael Robinson's Victory Over The Sun 9.5
Kung Fu Panda - 7.0
The Fall - 5.0
In Bruges - 7.5
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (Seasons 1-7)
Finnegans Wake - 8.5
ReGenesis (Seasons 3-4)
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane - 6.0
Seconds - 8.5
Wall-E -9.0
Wanted - 7.0
Breaking Bad (Season 1)
Hai Tan De Yi Tian (That Day On The Beach) - 9.0
Spooks (Season 6)

Japon - 8.0
La Double Vie De Veronique (The Double Life Of Veronique) - 7.5
Lake Of Fire - 8.0
Nagaya Shinshiroku (The Record Of A Tenement Gentleman) - 7.5
Zhong Kui Niang Zi (The Lady Hermit) - 7.5
My Winnipeg - 8.5
The Hart Of London - 10
Kimyo No Sakasu (Strange Circus) - 7.0
Ying Wang (King Eagle) - 7.0
Xi Meng Ren Sheng (The Puppetmaster) - 8.5
Speed Racer - 6.0
Django Il Bastardo (Django The Bastard) - 6.5
In Treatment (Season 1)
Kazimierz Karabasz - Rok Proba Materii (Material Test) - 8.5
Babylon 5: The Gathering
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Break-Through Heaven Gurren Lagann) (Season 1)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - 7.0
Near Dark - 7.5
Titicut Follies - 9.5
Redbelt - 7.0
The Mutant Chronicles - 2.5
Darker Than Black: Kuro No Keiyakusha (Season 1)
Yukoku (Patriotism / The Rite Of Love And Death) - 9.0
Yu Mian Hu (The Jade-faced Assassin) - 6.5
The Dark Knight - 8.5
Coward Bends The Knee or The Blue Hand - 8.0
The Heart Of The World - 8.5
Ashes To Ashes (Season 1)
Twilight Of The Ice Nymphs - 6.5
Archangel - 7.5
Jiang Shan Mei Ren (Kingdom And The Beauty) - 7.0
The Wackness - 7.0
Rok Franka W. - 8.0
I Drink Your Blood - 5.5
Huo Shao Hong Lian Si Zhi Jiang Hu Qi Xia (Temple Of The Red Lotus) 6.5
Huo Shao Hong Lian Si Zhi Yuan Yang Jian Xia (Twin Swords) - 7.5
The Sweet Hereafter - 8.0
Qin Jian En Chou (The Sword And The Lute) - 6.0
En Karlekshistoria (A Swedish Love Story) - 8.0
Vice Guide To Travel - 6.0
High School - 9.0
Doomsday - 2.0
Du Bei Dao Wang (Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman) - 7.0
Rey Muerto - 7.0
Deadwood (Seasons 1-3)
Douro, Faina Fluvial (Labor On The Douro River) - 8.5

A Caixa (Blind Man's Bluff) - 7.5
Murder One (Seasons 1-2)
Pineapple Express - 7.0
Red Road - 7.5
Robot Jox - 4.0
Aachi-wa Ssipak (Aachi And Ssipak) - 6.5
Viagem Ao Principio Do Mundo (Journey To The Beginning Of The World) - 7.5
Juvenile Court - 10
Midnight Run - 7.0
Belle De Jour (Beauty Of The Day) - 8.5
Stuck - 7.5
The Air I Breathe - 5.0
A fost sau n-a fost? (12:08 East Of Bucharest) - 8.0
La Lettre (The Letter) - 7.0
Brand Upon The Brain! - 8.5
Bound - 7.0
Mister Lonely - 6.5
Le Dernier Combat (The Last Combat) - 8.0
Man On Wire - 8.5
Werckmeister Harmoniak (Werckmeister Harmonies) - 9.5
Kaiba (Season 1)
Felon - 6.5
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters - 9.0
King Of The Ants - 8.0
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 5.0
Je Rentre A La Maison (I'm Going Home) - 7.5
Dagon - 7.0
Leatherheads - 6.5
Space Truckers - 3.0
A Londoni Ferfi (A Man From London) - 8.0
The Wizard Of Gore (2007) - 2.0
Rogue - 6.0
Dante 01 - 6.0
The Venture Bros. (Season 3)
Generation Kill (Season 1)
Dolls - 4.5
Cheung Gong 7 Hou (CJ7) - 7.0
Casa De Lava (Down To Earth) - 8.0
6 Bagatelas -
Ou Git Votre Sourire Enfoui? (Where Lies Your Hidden Smile?) - 9.0
Basket Case - 6.0
A l'interieur (Inside) - 6.0

Fortress - 4.0
Richard Stanley's Black Tulips - 5.5
The Sea Of Perdition - 6.0
Children Of The Kingdom - 5.0
Hardware - 7.0
Dust Devil - 7.5
Da Di Er Nu (Sons Of The Good Earth) - 5.0
A Divina Comedia (The Divine Comedy) - 6.5
Amator (Camera Buff) - 7.5
Basket Case 2 - 5.0
Snow Angels - 6.0
Um Filme Falado (A Talking Picture) - 6.0
The Iron Horse - 8.5
Son Of Rambow - 6.5
W Django! (Viva! Django / A Man Called Django) - 5.5
Plan 9 From Outer Space - 3.0
Weeds (Season 3)
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - 6.0
Vale Abraao (Abraham's Valley) - 9.0
The Thing - 10
LOST (Seasons 1-4)
Pelle Erobreren (Pelle The Conqueror) - 8.0
Evil Dead - 8.0

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Post by godzillasushi »

YES! I am not on the very bottom this time...


Pride and Prejudice - 3/5 - It was a good movie. Pretty watchable version of the story. But why Kiera Knightley for all those best actress awards? I don't understand that.

Mr. 3000 - 2/5 - I caught this on TV and it honestly wasn't as stupid as I expected it would be. It's not like the greatest sports comedy or anything but it does feel genuine and isn't just a bunch of racial jokes stringed together. I thought it was pretty good.

Guess Who - 3/5 - I still like this one a lot. Its got some moments where it gets me laughing. I'm not much of a literal "laugher" when it comes to movies. Usually it has to be really sharp for me to get a laugh out of it. This one gets me here and there. The movie just works for me.

My Big studly Greek Wedding - 3/5 - I didn't catch it when it came out. I heard a lot of good things but I didn't care. It was on TV so I figured I'd finally watch it. Turned out to be good! Especially the end. Some good ideas and plots.

The Wedding Date - 2/5 - This movie does get more trouble then it deserves. It's dumb, of course. But there are some good things about it. For one, the story works well. There's some twists that feel real. And it has charm.

Sunshine - 4/5 - I was thinking about how many science fiction movies actually have anything to do with the sun. That’s fascinating. The single most important thing related to our planet and it’s forgotten amongst the aliens and time travel. We have movies about other planets. And movies about Bender the robot. But not really anything about the sun. And as Sunshine was released around the world, there was I completely ignoring it. When it finally got to the US it fell off my radar. I didn’t have any interest in it. What would it be about that I haven’t already seen? Oh the guy from 28 Days Later did it? Now I really don’t care. Nothing against that movie but it’s also not particularly special near the end, as some would say about this movie. So it comes out on DVD finally and I go looking for it. Trying to understand the praise. No store was carrying it. That’s a sign of a flop. I came across it finally on the shelf in the back. It’s literally a brand new release that is impossible to find. The night I watched it I turned off all the lights. They say you have to watch it in the dark. So I do. Sound up, system on. It starts out already on the mission. Wonderful! So I don’t need to watch a bunch of Earth talk and Armageddon type information. First, the scenes taking place in the ‘sun room’ are some of my favorite images in any movie released last year. The idea that they are addicted to sunlight is brilliant. I don’t watch movies while also understanding the science behind them. I never have. I don’t care. I have been told many times this movie is not very accurate when it comes to that. Okay. But throw that aside and the movie is thrilling. It looks terrific visually. A lot of people have said that it’s nothing special. Why does the ship’s interior need to look like something we’ve never seen before? Some of these sci-fi movies have ships that are basically a giant room with a big window and some monitors. The Icarus ships felt like submarines. I like that. All the special effects were flawless. The sun and the design of the ships were really well done. The idea of using mirrors to protect the weapon and crew was interesting. And the acting was right on. They weren’t action heroes. They were just scientists. Chris Evans especially. He was the only redeemable quality in Fantastic Four and does a great job with his character here. He worries about nothing more then the mission. The fate of the entire world rests on their shoulders and yet human compassion still comes through. He works around that. Cillian Murphy was fun to watch. And the “twistâ€
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1/01/2008 - Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - Never seen it before. Enjoyed it for the commentary on racial stereotyping in America. Some of the jokes were good as well as acting by the two stars. Too many dream sequences and lame sex joke. 6/10

1/18/2008 - Cloverfield - I was SHOCKED to see actual symbolism and story paralells in this film. Going into this I expected to be entertained beyond comparison. I did not expect an actual well made film, which I'm not sure everyone agrees with me on. I think the script and directing were fantastic. Very surprised at the intelligent choices by Matt Reeves, Dr3w Goddard and J.J. Abrams. 9/10 EDIT 2/4/2008 - I am editing my score for this film. I do still enjoy it quite a bit, but after seeing so many great films over the past week or so, I cannot leave a 9/10 on this fun monster flick. I bring it down to 7/10.

1/19/2008 - Juno - Ellen Page looks to be her generation's Meryl Streep. After seeing her in two leads, now, I am convinced of her talent. The script, while great, is a bit overrated. Too many one-liners that just fell flat for me. Michael Cera's character was what completely rounded out the movie for me. 8/10

1/31/2008 - No Country for Old Men - WOW! What can I say that hasn't been said about this film, without repeated viewings? People told me that this is the Coens' masterpiece but (old Sickboy addage "You get old; you lose it") I thought that their best years were behind them. That certainly is not the case. Great script - great performances (especially Bardem) - great story - great direction! 10/10

1/31/2008 - Atonement - The art direction and music in this film were astounding. Briony's theme being typewriter sounds blew me away. Great movie with great performances. Only complaint is that the beginning seemed a little silly after reading the book. 9/10

2/1/2008 - Michael Clayton - (I mean this is the best way) Grisham by way of Mamet. Seriously, has Clooney done any wrong since Batman & Robin (okay there was the Ocean's sequels). This was a tense legal thriller that toyed with my emotions throughout. Films like this and The Contender really are my favorite kind of movies. 8.5/10

2/4/2008 - Gone Baby Gone - I, now, want Ben Affleck to permantly quit acting and focus, solely, on directing. This film was tense. I loved the moral dilemmas and don't know what I would do in Kensey's situation. Also, (very minor spoilers) I have never seen Morgan Freeman look so vulnerable as he did in his last scene. I hate to give it this high of a score, because all of the movies I've seen lately have been great, BUT 9.5/10

2/5/2008 - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Well, the Affleck's certainly had a good year in '07 - artistically. Casey really proved his worth in this by making the viewer see and understand where the aggressive act came from. His creepy stalker was so sympathetic, that I didn't know who to feel for, other than the James children, once the titular sceen finally appeared. I do know, that in that scene, I felt as if my stomach was in as many knots as the three characters in the room. This will be one of my first Blu-Ray purchases. 9/10

2/8/2008 - Eastern Promises - I know I will lose quite a bit of geek cred for this, but I'm just not a giant Croenenberg fan. That being said, I really dug this flick. I don't typically like Mortensen, but he fit the bill 100% as the hitman/driver. Watts was great. And the knife fight scene was intense. 8/10

2/11/2008 - Into the Wild - Great film, but these movies always stick with me a little more than I think the filmakers want them to. I felt guilty, watching this, for my recent TV purchase and, for that matter, all of the stuff that I own. Everybody that Supertramp meets on his journey was someone, I would like to meet. Holbrooks Oscar nod was deserved. I think that Hirsch deserves a little more credit for his work in Into the Wild than most people gave him, as well. 8/10

2/11/2008 - 3:10 to Yuma - I, actually, avoided all messege boards and reviews for this before seeing it, so I don't know how anyone else felt about it. I gotta admit, I was surprised and the traditional style in which this was made. When I saw the trailers, I thought that 3:10 to Yuma was going to be a new-school action flick using the old west as a backdrop. What I saw was more in the tradition of old Westerns. For that I give it credit. However, I was never fully convinced by any of the character's motivations. By the end, I just didn't care who came out on top, so long as the action was good. 6.5/10

2/19/2008 - Sukiyaki Western Django - I haven't seen so many westerns in such a close time span since I had a college course on them. This is certainly the most unique of the westerns I've seen this month. Though I've never seen a Django film before, I really enjoyed this film. I think Miike, with Sukiyaki, has found a happy medium between his ridiculous/funny films (Zebraman, Great Yokai War) and his overly violent pieces (Dead or Alive, Ichi the Killer). Not a great film by any means, but quite a bit of fun. 7/10

2/19/2008 - I'm Not There - There are films that I will acknowledge are great, but they really aren't my thing. This is one of those. Despite being interesting and pointing out my ignorance about this era of folk rock, I just couldn't keep focused. As usual, Ledger was wonderful. I wasn't as impressed as the Academy, however with Cate Blanchette, who I usually love. My score represents my feelings, not what I think it deserves. 6/10

2/19/2008 - Charlie Wilson's War - Great performances, all around. I think around 2000, Julia Roberts stopped doing shit films and has only worked in films that are at least an attempt at greatness. Mike Nichols also handed in a fine piece. I just didn't see that much passion from him this time around. Decent enough for awards season, but very overshadowed by some of the great films last year. 7.5/10

2/20/2008 - American Gangster - I did not think that I would care for this film. I think that Washington is a great actor, but I typically hate his movies. Same with Crowe. Anyway, I thought that American Gangster was surprisingly entertaining and engaging. Unlike H@rry, who rooted against Crowe's character, I was pulling for both. Also, I enjoyed the subtle homages at the Godfather in the score. 8/10

2/20/2008 - Run, Fatboy, Run - Despite all attempts from the script to ruin some of my favorite comedic actors (Pegg & Azaria), I quite enjoyed this little rom-com. Pegg plays the slacker that he's so good at just as well as his Tim on Spaced. SPOILER I didn't, however, like the upbeat ending. But I just like downer endings, myself. END SPOILER 6.5/10

2/20/2008 - The Seeker: The Dark is Rising - What a mixed bag of good and bad this movie was. On one hand the kid was a very good actor - on the other hand, the script didn't give him much to work with. On one hand, the director did a great job (with what he had) - on the other, the plot was pretty cliche. Ultimately, the bad FAR outweighed the good in this. It would have been a gem, if found as a direct-to-DVD flick in Blockbuster. 4/10

2/21/2008 - In the Valley of Elah - Haggis is good. No more, no less. He's not great, yet the Academy treats him as if he is, and I have a feeling that is where all the Haggis hatred comes from. Anyway, Jones, in In the Valley of Elah, deserves his Oscar nom. My God. I had heard that people thought that he deserved it mor for No Country for Old Men and despite that was a better film, his performance in this is better. The pain behind his eyes is unmistakable and heartbreaking. While the script wasn't top notch, Tommy Lee Jones made me believe. 7/10

2/21/2008 - Justice League: The New Frontier - I do not understand the hype behind this Direct-to-DVD. Maybe, you have to be a fan of the comics (not any comics like Massawyrm claims) to like this. But this film reminded me of why I don't read superhero books. I always feel like I'm missing something that was described in another issue. I felt that the animation was mediocre, and the plot seemed to build and build and build to a very short climax. I did like Sisto's voice for Batman, though. My favorite WB animated DC movie remains Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Sorry for this bad review because I know everyone else at AICN loved it but 4.5/10

2/21/2008 - The Painted Veil - I tend to watch a lot of movies at work on a portable device. I found it hard to get any work done while watching this film, though as I could not take my eyes off the tiny little screen. How in the hell was this not nominated for all sorts of Oscars, last year. When it comes to tragic love stories, I felt that this far surpasses this year's Atonement. Great performances from Watts and Edwards and last years greatest cinematography. 9.5/10

2/21/2008 - Black Snake Moan - I know that this was talked about a bunch about a year back, but I don't remember what was said. I liked it. Jackson fits the role perfectly and seemed to embody a blues musician well. The spirit of the south was captured well. Ricci is as good as she always has been (I wish she'd work more often). Good music, good acting, good directing. I think I'll finally get around to renting Hustle and Flow being as I enjoy this director's work so far. 7.5/10

2/21/2008 - There Will be Blood - HOLY SHIT! I have too many wonderful things to say about this movie! I cannot wait to see it again. Good on everyone involved! 10/10

2/22/2008 - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - I should have waited to watch this with my kid. Well, when it comes to modern live action family flicks, I have to say this beat the hell out of Night at the Museum. It was very enjoyable and innocent. As obnoxious as the Magorium character was, at least Hoffman comitted to it. Will definately rent or buy with my son as soon as it is out. Yeah, it was cliche, but it composed itself very well. I'll disagree with all of the reviews I've read about this and say 7/10

2/22/2008 - Turok: Son of Stone - I don't have that much to say about this mildly amusing diversion. The plot was uninteresting, but barely enough to keep me from turning it off. The animation, in my opinion, was better than Justice League. The atmosphere was pretty good. Would have been cooler if it was made as a live-action movie with cheesy '80s special effects. 5/10

2/26/2008 - The Darjeeling Limited - I just enjoy Wes Anderson films. I like the look, the feel, the dialogue, the acting; everything. They are not meant for everyone, but it's almost as if they are made for me. This film was no different. The cinematography was a step up, though. Also Adrien Brody meshed well with the rest of the regulars. 8/10

2/26/2008 - Notes on a Scandal - This is not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a drama about a lesbian couple, but it was a bit more of a thriller. Dench was wonderful and frightening and Blanchett continues to amaze me. I was surprised at the emotional depth that was put into all of the main characters. 8/10

2/26/2008 - Joshua - I don't feel that this film was as tense as it seemed to believe it was. I never felt as if Joshua was any real threat to the child and all of the creepy factor seems to have been overdone in the past. As usual, I dug Sam Rockwell. 6/10

2/27/2008 - The Good Shepherd - I bet this movie looked much better on paper. I actually found myself getting into the drama between Damon, Jolie and the son, but just couldn't care about the CIA thriller stuff. The film should have been one or the other. DeNiro shows that he can direct, but could use a better script. Damon's aging throughout the film was fantastic and I actually believed all of the different ages that he was. He should have got an acting nom for that role. 6.5/10

3/3/2008 - Dan in Real Life - I kept an open mind. I tried to let it have it's desired effect. I like Steve Carrell and Dan Cook was good in Mr. Brooks. I just did not like this movie. I think about it now and think that there isn't really any scenes in this film that I liked. The daughters just made me cringe. Carrell's sappiness didn't do anything for me. Nothing. Yet I can't say I hated it. 4/10

3/4/2008 - Dog Soldiers - With Doomsday impending, I decided to finally get around to this. It's good. It's tense and the werewolves were cool. There's not much else to say about it. 6.5/10

3/4/2008 - Kurt Cobain: About a Son - This was absolutely heartbreaking. None of the documentaries, books or magazine retrospectives can quite paint Cobain the way his own words from his own mouth do. The man wasn't some musical genius - he was a man. Sometimes egotistical, sometimes humble, sometimes funny. Despite not having Nirvana music (though it certainly gives you a thirst for it), the movie doesn't seem to be lacking. The images, though seemed random at times. I actually would have perfered this in purely audio format. 8/10

3/4/2008 - Death at a Funeral - This felt like an old man trying to compete with hyper young comedians. Yeah, it was funny. Yeah, it was absurd. But despite everything, I couldn't shake the feeling that the movie was trying way too hard. 6/10

3/5/2008 - Goya's Ghosts - This was pretty good was some great performances by Natalie Portman (though I hear she regrets the role) and Javier Bardem. The commentary to modern day events was a bit transparent. The cinematography was fantastic. 6.5/10

3/5/2008 - Ripley Under Ground - I was taken aback by the modern day setting of this Ripley adventure. Once I got used to that, I enjoyed the movie, enough. The plot about forged paintings was both interesting and funny. Barry Pepper's Ripley, though, didn't seem like the trouble narcicist we've seen in previous versions. He seemed less cold and calculating and more lucky. Almost like Highsmith's Tom Ripley by way of Ellis' Victor Ward. 6/10

3/11/2008 - The Mist - Stephen King's crazy/evil Christian Lady has really gotten old. I'm sorry, but the idea is tired. As someone who's agnostic, I don't take offense - I am just a little tired of seeing this character, so that King can make the same cliched point book after book, movie after movie. Especially when that kind of Christian is a very small minority of the religion. That aside, the rest of the characters and themes in this movie were very typical of King, but I enjoyed it for the most part. And DAMN the end was ballsy. 6.5/10

3/13/2008 - Grandma's Boy - I'll admit that I really wanted to like this movie. It has all of the Adam Sandler supporting actors who I tend to find very likable even if the jokes fall flat. Likable or not - the jokes didn't just fall flat, the BOMBED. Every fart joke wasn't even good enough to be a groaner. The old ladies getting stoned has been done, and despite the fact that it hasn't been done well, every other time was better than this. The only funny part (amidst a lot of parts that I tried to laugh) was the joke about the guy wanting to own a lion. UGH 3/10

3/14/2008 - School for Soundrels - Well... it was better than Grandma's Boy. I thought that I was in the mood for stupid comedy this week, but I haven't liked the two films I watched. This is coming from someone who thought Hot Rod had an underlying genius. Predictable. Midly funny. Billy Bob makes a good jerk. Not much else. 5/10

3/16/2008 - Horton Hears a Who - For my money, this is the first non-Disney computer animated film to come close to the incredibly high standards set by Pixar. I think the writers and directors knew that some of the books charm would be lost in the translation, and were able to compensate with some charm of their own. Several sequences were downright hilarious. The animation was beautiful. The heart of the story was in tact. Great film. 8/10

3/17/2008 - Southland Tales - I am no Donnie Darko fanboy. I saw it once and was only entertained so I'm not a big fan of Richard Kelly. Anyway, I expected the worst from this one, and that might have had an impact on my thoroughly enjoying this film. The conspiracies, though unbelievable, were very entertaining. The cast soared (even Kevin Smith). The sci-fi/supenatural elements seemed to fit the tone set by the political (sub)text. Very Phillip K. Dick. Some of it, however, felt like a pale imitation of the web comic strip, The Shooting War. 7/10

3/25/2008 - Boondock Saints - If someone had told me what this was actually about, I would have watched it a long time ago. Instead, I thought that it was just a gang-on-gang-violence film. Such a surprise and sooo fun. I will be picking this DVD up very soon. 8/10

3/26/2008 - The Colour of Magic - I have, admittedly, not read a single Discworld novel. They have always been on my to-do list, but I've never gotten around to it. I hear that fans of the books hated this, but I thought that it was a lot of fun, moreso even than The Hogfather. Sean Astin was good and goofy. Death was funny. The production value was far above what I normally expect for a made for television flick. 6.5/10

3/31/2008 - The Sasquatch Gang - Didn't expect much. To tell the truth, all I expected was a Napoleon Dynamite rip-off. I don't know why I watched it. Anyway, despite the ripping-off of all of the recent nerd/outcast/trailer-trash humor, I feel this movie had a lot of heart. Also Justin Long was pretty funny. 6.5/10

4/2/2008 - Appleseed Ex Machina - I guess I would have understood the plot a bit more if I had ever seen the first installment. However, I didn't realize that there was a first installment, until after I looked up the flick on IMDb, after watching it. Even with my confusion, I think I was able to grasp enough of the plot to enjoy the almost anime-PKDickesque flick. And my God, the animation was effing beautiful. 7/10

4/2/2008 - No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - This was good. Not Minghella's best, but extremely entertaining and, as usual for Minghella, beautifully shot. The main actress, who I am too lazy to look up at this point, was phenomenal and had great comedic timing. Not too goofy, not too serious. I really hope this makes it to series, because I would love to watch further adventures. 7.5/10

4/3/2008 - The Kite Runner - Marc Forrster is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. Like Minghella, his films are beautiful, entertaining and very subtle. The Kite Runner was a phenomenal heartbreaking film. What I had heard, before I saw it, was that the best part of the film was the relationship between the two boys, but what struck me was the relationship between the fathers and sons in this film. Each child learned from and emulated his father poetically. 9.5/10

4/4/2008 - Day of the Dead (2007?2008?) - I think, too often, people who demand great, end up confusing mediocre, with bad. After the wonderful remake of Dawn of the Dead, we zombie fans wanted another good remake. Instead, what this is, is mediocre. It's not bad, but it certainly isn't good. One thing that really bothered me, though, is that as soon as the zombies "turned" the flesh looked like it had been rotting for weeks. I think this is entertaining enough, if you really want a zombie fix that you haven't seen yet. 4.5/10

4/5/2008 - Surf's Up - What a good movie! This isn't just better than the typical talking animal cartoon, it is something witty and original that made me laugh. I really liked the approach that was taken in making a 3D animated mockumentary. The characters were all fleshed out well, the jokes worked, and the animation was beautiful. Pixar could learn a thing or two from this and Horton in not taking themselves sooo seriously (even though they're still the best). 8.5/10

4/5/2008 - The Ruins - Normally, I wait for DVD for things like this, but I needed to get out of the house, I had movie theater gift cards and this started at the right time. Everything in this movie was about what I expected. The characters was obnoxious enough to not give a shit if they died, the gore was typical, and the deaths came at a normal pace. One thing I did like was that pretty much one set was used for the majority of the film. This movie was why geeks invented the word "meh". 5/10

4/7/2008 - The Crow: Wicked Prayer - OH! I'm a little bit speechless. I wanted to see this film because I really enjoy Six String Samurai and wanted to see more by Lance Mungia. The script was like a 12-year old goth-kid's wet dream. The acting was just plain bad. The cinematography was jumbled. And it really made the previous sequels look like masterpieces. 2/10

4/7/2008 - The Cottage - One thing I liked about this film, was that the filmmakers didn't seem to take joy in torturing the characters the same way the makers of Saw, Hostel and Wolf Creek do. Instead of this film seeming like a sick release for it's director's, they seemed to enjoy making fun of those kinds of movies. Other than that, the movie was just so-so. Some good jokes, some gory deaths, good acting. 6.5/10

4/7/2008 - Lars and the Real Girl - Sweet movies aren't really my thing but I enjoyed this a lot. Everyone's almost immediate acceptance of Lars' dillusion was wonderful. Whether they did it to be nice or because deep down they knew they had dillusions of their own was an unanswered question that I appreciated in the film. Gosling owned, like usual. Mortimer was great. 7.5/10

4/8/2008 - Terry Pratchett's Truckers - I had never heard of this until 2 days ago. For anyone who loves 80s kid flicks - this is a must see. A great little stop motion film about gnomes who learn to and try to drive a semi truck. Very fun. Very silly. Some of the jokes really fall flat, though. Reminded me of some Raul Dahl books and movies. 7/10

4/16/2008 - The Savages - I expected this to be a little more comedic or maybe a little more Ghost World, probably because of the promo materials that different news sites were showing. However, this is quite the drama. Hoffman as usual owns. Linney's performance was heartbreaking. I was so moved by the very simple story. The fact that the writer broke down middle-class behavior to seem just the same as white trash behavior was refreshing. 8.5/10

4/22/2008 - Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - This was a rough film to watch. Watching the brothers start off low and continue spiraling out of control until the last minutes of the film, was not only hard to watch because of the acts that they were committing, but because of the stress induced by the brilliant direction. Of all of Hoffman's brilliant performances, last year, I think this one might have been the best. 9/10

4/22/2008 - Gen 13 - It's really too bad that this was never released in the United States. It's actually pretty good, and in my opinion, about on par with the stuff that DC is putting directly to DVD these days. The animation was good, the script was cheesy, but sweet. Not wonderful, but not bad. 6/10

4/24/2008 - Appleseed - These movies have complicated plots. Having watched them in the WRONG order, I think that I am not understanding them correctly. Anyway, I effing love the animation. I wish that some western films would use the technology that is used in the Appleseed flicks. Decent symbolism. Good directing. Not taking the script into account in my score because it's my fault that I didn't get it. 7/10

4/28/2008 - Diary of the Dead - oooooohhh. Now, that was a disappointment. I constantly find myself defending Land of the Dead to other zombie fans. This, however, I cannot defend. The script didn't only feel like a first draft - it felt like it shouldn't have been written at all. I mean improvised dialogue would have been much more natural. BUT, I don't know that the actors could have handled it. Also, it really feels like Romero half-assed the found-footage/verite angle. He didn't want to completely give up traditional narrative, so he made excuses for it early in the film. I hate to give a Romero zombie flick this score but 4/10... and that's generous.

4/29/2008 - The Signal - This, I know, isn't a zombie movie, but it is. The crazies don't eat flesh, but they're zombies in a different way, and this take is bad ass. Almost every camera angle and dialogue choice felt carefully chosen to build tension. The violence felt a little bit over the top from time-to-time, but it didn't take me out of the flick too much. Ultimately, i felt that this movie is something that Hitchcock would have made if he was 20-something years old today, just starting out and a lover of horror films. 8.5/10

4/30/2008 - Teeth - I did, like some people get a May vibe from this, in a good way. It was a dark horror-comedy that, despite working completely, for me, I didn't really laugh at. It's more of a funny on the inside kinda movie. Jess Weixler was fantastic. She seemed vengeful and empathetic at the same time. The bloody moments were appropriately cringe-worthy. I really do enjoy this kind of flick. 8/10

5/3/2008 - Iron Man - I have never read an Iron Man comic. I loved this movie. I feel, with some comic book adaptations, that the script panders to people like me, who haven't read the comic. With Iron Man, though, I felt as if it gave me just enough information while throwing nods to the fans. Downey Jr. was kick-ass. The action scenes were something to behold. I actually cared what happened to the characters, unlike Transformers. For me, a Batman fan, this is second only to Batman Begins, for superhero flicks. 8.5/10

5/17/2008 - Aachi & Ssipak - Effing WIERD! Someone posted a YouTube trailer to this a couple of weeks back, in the Zone and I had to see this. Depsite the fact that the YouTube trailer didn't have subtitles, I found myself actually laughing at the jokes. Anyway, I downloaded and watched this. The plot works itself out in a normal way, it's just what the plot is that is strange. An entire movie about pooping, but that part takes itself somewhat seriously. The animation was pure candy and that's what I loved about it. I gave myself a week and a half before reviewing and still don't know exactly if I liked it or not. I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and say yes. 7/10

5/24/2008 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - This did not feel like the worst Indiana Jones movie - it felt like the best Mummy movie. I don't know. I'm predisposed to liking Indiana Jones and Mummy films. Even if Indy was awful, I'd love it. Well, I was disappointed, especially after all the reviewers that I read raved. There were too many parts that felt more Mummy than Indy (the Ant scene, the climax, etc.). Also, I thought team Indy had too many players; Indy, Mutt, Marion, Oxley and Mac. HOWEVER, I've never minded Shia. He never hurt a movie that didn't already hurt itself. But he never really helped one. Anyway, I thought he was great. His fight scenes really reminded me of Ford's Raiders fight scenes. After watching, I went home and watched Raiders (my favorite movie) and my disappointment grew. They didn't feel similar at all. BUT like I said, I'll enjoy Indiana Jones no-matter-what. So I did like it a LOT. Just not as much as I thought. 8/10

6/03/2008 - Funny Games U.S. - This is a tricky one. If you say that you liked this, you become accused of enjoying violence and "torture porn". If you say that you don't like it, you are accused of not getting the point of the film. I haven't seen the original film, but from what I understand, you only need to see one of the two as they are exactly the same. Anyway, when I finished the film, I felt kind of "meh" on the whole thing. I had seen what the director was doing with the violence, but, to me, it came off as a typical thriller. Well, I got bored and looked up interviews with the director and now I have a bit more respect for the film, but not him (if that makes any sense). I do like this film and would say that it's one of the better 2008 films that I've seen this year. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see Michael Pitt give an awesome performance. 9/10

6/03/2008 - The Onion: The Movie - I don't feel that the print edition or online version of The Onion has lost any of it's edge, over the years. It seems to be consistantly fresh and funny. The movie, however, is the opposite of funny. I really wanted to like this, despite all of the bad press it had recieved. Even the jokes that really should have been funny were so poorly executed that they illicited no laughs from me. 2.5/10

6/04/2008 - Tekonkkinkreet - This was beautiful. The art was beautiful. The writing was beautiful. The portrayal of innocence was beautiful. I don't know what I expected before watching this, but I didn't expect to be moved. This is one of the better anime films I've seen and it really shows what animated films can be for adults, unlike what Marvel and DC are releasing on DVD these days. 8.5/10

6/05/2008 - Be Kind Rewind - I don't care what the reviews say. I don't care that the majority of the funny parts were given away in the trailer. This was great. Michel Gondry rules. Mos Def must be the most likeable guy on film today (and his music rules anyway). I like the look. I like the characters. I will recommend this to anyone. 8/10

6/11/2008 - Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs - This was pretty funny. No where near as good as the TV show, but better than Bender's Big Score. There's something about Futurama, for me at least, where even when the jokes are falling flat, I enjoy the world created by the animators. I also thought that the courtship of earth was pretty hilarious. 6.5/10

6/17/2008 - In Bruges - Absolutely wonderful. Colin Ferrell was fucking funny. Brenden Gleesan owned. The town of Bruges was beautifully shot. Ralph Fiennes was great. It gave me somewhat the same feel as Hot Fuzz and Grosse Pointe Blank. 8/10

6/17/2008 - Untraceable - Remember in the late '90s when all of those movies (Bone Collector, Kiss the Girls) were trying to bank on the success of Se7en and Silence of the Lambs? It seems that this one missed that boat by a few years. Everything, with the exception of the big reveal at the end, matches those films to a tee. Lane phoned it in. Hanks, though, was alright. The torture porn scenes seemed forced. 4/10

6/17/2008 - Semi-Pro - I hate it when I used to enjoy a comedian, so much that I find myself trying to laugh at lame jokes in bad movies. I haven't enjoyed a Will Ferrell comedy since Anchorman. There were one or two good jokes in the flick. Harrellson held his own as did Andre Benjamin. But Ferrell has done the same thing for about 4 or 5 movies now with, what appears to be no end in site. 5/10

6/18/2008 - Otis - Small horror/comedies can be loads of fun. May, Teeth and The Woods were all a blast. Otis is in that vain. I had fun with Otis. This film about a guy who kidnaps girls and makes them pretend to go to prom with him has quite a creepy town, but still made me laugh when I was supposed to. Nothing too special, but enjoyable enough. 6.5/10

6/18/2008 - The Incredible Hulk - Very cool. I know Downey Jr. was only in it for less than a minute, but the film felt like a sequel, in spirit, to Iron Man. Now, I somewhat enjoyed Ang Lee's Hulk, but didn't go nuts over it. This Hulk had me reeling at the end - thinking of all the possibilities for the future of Marvel entertainment. Norton was in top form (and that's saying a lot). Roth was sick and badass. Liv Tyler was a beautiful as ever. 8/10

6/19/2008 - The Eye (2008) - This was bad. This was beyond bad. Not only was it a by the numbers horror flick, but it was a sloppy, poorly acted, poorly directed by the numbers horror flick. I don't know if Alba is that bad of an actor or if she was directed so wrong that she couldn't act; one way or the other she was awful. I'll admit two things: 1. I haven't seen the original and 2. I enjoyed The Grudge (American). So I thought I might get a few cheap scares out of this. Boy was I wrong. 3/10

6/25/2008 - Persepolis - Flawless. A couple of years back, my wife and I read the books and last year I was surprised to find out that someone would be willing to take the time, effort and budget to adapt this the proper way. Because of a hectic schedule, we missed this in the theater, but it was on top of my to do list this week. Not only was a single beat from the book, not skipped, but certain elements of the film made me think about the book slightly differently. Another thing I enjoyed was how similar the feel of the child scenes were to those of the Peanuts cartoons. What a wonderful diatcotmy that was. The film was heartbreaking, funny, exciting and beautifully shot. 10/10

6/27/2008 - Wall•E - This film had a lot of layers. The top layer; comedy, was why I went to see this. Of course, I brought my son, but I was going with or without him. I enjoy Pixar comedy more than any other out there, these days. Pixar finds the simple laughs and plays them until your belly hurts from laughing so much. The comedy in this worked. It worked well. Not Toy Story 2 hiliarious, but great, nonetheless. The second layer was the love story. Also great. And finally there were the morals. The one negative review that I read of Wall•E said that the liberal agenda was far to preachy. I don't understand why, when someone says that we need to take care of the planet and live (not just survive) it is considered liberal. Shouldn't that just be a good human message? Anyway, like everyone else, I think that Pixar has another absolute classic. 10/10

6/28/2008 - Batman: Gotham Knight - Well... this was cool and it unexpectedly meshed with the Begins universe. The majority of the shorts in the film really seemed to build to the gang war that we will see at the beginning of The Dark Knight. All of the shorts in this were good, and most of them were great. I particularly liked the section dealing with Killer Croc as I would have a hard time accepting this character in a realistic universe. Anyway, his part definately worked. 8/10

7/05/2008 - Leatherheads - Goofy. I think Clooney does wonderful in dramatic roles, but excels at comedy. I know next to nothing about the beginnings of the NFL but I found the history (real or fake) interesting. Krazinski was good. Zelweger was great. And there was one scene that had me laughing almost to tears. 7/10

7/15/2008 - Hellboy II: The Golden Army - This film was pure entertainment. Something about Hellboy II reminded me of Spielberg and Lucas back when the knew how to have fun. I have seen some great superhero flicks this summer, but this was better than Iron Man or Hulk. The troll market scene, was not overhyped. Everything about the production design had my eyes dancing around the screen. Another thing that I somewhat enjoyed about the movie was the fact that Doug Jones' voice was not too far off from David Hyde Pierce's. This only drove the point home that I already felt - Del Toro is the best big budget director working today. 9.5/10

7/21/2008 - Lost Boys: The Tribe - Surprisingly, NOT BAD. The plot is a little bit too similar to the original and the acting and editing could use some work, but for the most part I was as impressed as I could have been with a direct-to-DVD sequel. Feldman, too, delivered. He was fucking funny. The feel of the original was there as well. And the scene during the credits definately left room for an awesome Lost Boys 3. 6.5/10
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I hereby claim this spot as MINE!

BOLDED = seen before

Damn...I watched soo many movies in late December. Oh well.

Starting right on the button, New Year's Eve flick (but it went past midnight so it counts!)

EDIT: So much for my movie journal! Uh..updated as best I can considering all the time I've missed...


Week 1

The Descent (9/10)- Did what I thought couldn't be done anymore: scared the SHIT out of me.

Ladyhawke (6/10)- Quite liked it. Good action scenes, sweet love story, Rutger Hauer is manly German perfection. Excellent locations.

Carousel (8/10)- Childhood favorite. Still one of the best musicals out there, imo. "If I Loved You" is an amazing song. Interesting to note all those little moments you miss as a kid- namely Billy checking out Julie's ass every 5 seconds.

The Dumbledore Divorcee (8/10)- Fred and Ginger in their first headlining double-bill! Quippy dialogue, moments of screwball comedy, elaborately staged music/dance sequences, and Fred bustin moves like he can't even help it!

Juno (9/10)- Wasn't expecting a lot- thought it would be just another quirky indie comedy...way too precious....but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Ellen Paige/Diablo Cody are my heroes.

This is England (7/10)- Enjoyed it, amazing performance by Thomas Turgoose, diggin' on the punk aesthetic, but didn't hit quite as hard as it might having already seen The Firm, a tonally similar British film that deals with English hooliganism with a bit more depth/sophistication (imo :) )

Week 2

Apocalypse Now (10/10)- Review unnecessary.

The Last Detail (8/10)- Ashby brings his uniquely comic/dramatic take on a quiet, understated, excellent script by Towne, elevated even higher by the presence of Nicholson. (Some should-be-classic lines= "Yodeling in the canyon" and "I am the motherfuckin shore guard, motherfucker!")

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (10/10)- Review

Theatre of Blood (6/10)- Starts off really well, creepy with a whole lotta gusto, esp. because of the peerless Vincent Price. Goes downhill a bit once we learn his grand scheme, mostly due to huge logical stretches we're forced to make. But a jolly good yarn overall.

Ginger Snaps (8.5/10)- Excellent example of why contemporary low budget horror can still be meaningful and entertaining beyond common schlock. Funny, fascinating little teenage werewolf tale. Leads Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle are both fantastic.

Five Easy Pieces (9/10)- My early Nicholson marathon continues! A great reminder of how great he was before he hit his later years and became a parody of himself. Also refreshing to see a movie unfold slowly, taking it's time to develop character instead of move rapidly from plot point A to plot point B. Karen Black was born for her role, simultaneously endearing and maddening, those mascara caked eyes batting at Nicholson like a dope.

Phantom of the Opera (5/10)- A movie that gets worse and worse each time you see it. And yet so utterly watchable. Even while it's so very easy to walk away from. I call it the Paradoxical Cheese. But it does have an abundance of Gerry...

Week 3

Closer (8/10)- Clearly written by a playwright, as the lines are each given an inordinate amount of attention; no overlapping dialogue here, folks! And Natalie Portman continues to posture moment to moment in what eventually comes together as a "performance," but Clive Owen's Larry makes the whole damn thing worthwhile. He. Is. Brilliant.

Enchanted (9/10)- LOVE IT! Sends up Disney without a trace of smugness (let us call it the Anti-Shrek).

Suspiria (7.5/10)- Ashamed to say I hadn't seen it before. Argento gets an A+ for style. Dude knows how to work his locations and the production design is off the hizzle. Loved the wild use of color and how it evoked mood, and the music was creepily rockin. Editing doesn't always get there and the story and writing is laughably I was a bit let down by relatively tame and sparse blood-letting (however I think I'm rather jaded.)

Curse of the Golden Flower (5/10)- Lavish set design, major boobage, silly bit of OTT entertainment.

Witchfinder General (9/10)- Excellent, excellent movie with Vincent Price as a 100% evil motherfucker. Probably his most truly villainous role. Michael Reeves was a director with a whole lotta promise (too bad he had to kick the bucket early.)

27 Dresses (3/10)- Is this what movies have come to??? If it weren't for the saving grace of the lovely Katherine Heigl, this fluffy waste of time and talent (Judy Greer, James Marsden, Katherine H.) would have been a near zero. Someone make a good goddamn romantic comedy already!

Week 4

The Dreamers (9.5/10)- Half drunk-watched. Still one of my personal favorites. Dripping with playful exuberance (and *ahem* other things); Bertolucci is such a visceral filmmaker you can almost smell the decay as Matthew, Isabelle, and Theo become trapped in a world of their own making.


Week 1

Ju-On (8.5/10)

Victor Victoria (7/10)

The Notebook (5.5/10)

Twice Told Tales (8.5/10)


Payday (9.5/10)- I want Rip Torn.

Little Fauss and Big Halsey (6.5/10)- Robert Redford and Michael J. Pollard in a homoerotic biker movie. WTF?!?!

Rocky Horror Picture Show (9/10)- How did I not see this before now? My life is a little more complete.

The Monster Squad (8/10)- Better than the Goonies. That's right! I stick by that.

Night of the Creeps (7/10)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (9.5/10)

Brain Dead (7.5/10)

Wicker Man (8/10)

Hard Boiled (7.5/10)

If... (7/10)

Run Fatboy Run (5/10)- Boo! Simon Pegg, you can do better than that!

Hot Fuzz (9/10)- Upon second viewing, I probably should have put it in my top 10. Amazing fucking movie.

Once Upon a Time in the West (10/10)- Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone at their best, I'd say.


The Searchers (8.5/10)

Mondo Cane (9/10)

Zulu (8/10)

Gremlins 2 (8/10)

The 400 Blows (9.5/10)

The Last Supper (6/10)

High Noon (8/10)

Dirty Harry (8.5/10)

Basket Case (9/10)

Women of the World (9.5/10)- Man am I glad they drew the line at showing those guys gang bang a manatee. Great fucking music and another hilarious Mondo movie.

The Fly, 1958 (8.5/10)- So good. That ending! I can't decide which ending is better, this or the Cronenberg one.

Mr. Majestyk (9.5/10)- Fucking amazing! I had to rewind to make sure that Charles Bronson did indeed fly through a window while simultaneously shooting Al Lettieri in the chest with a shotgun. (And is it just me or is Al Lettieri kinda hot in a really fucked up way? *shrugs* Maybe it's just me.)

House of Wax, 1953 (8/10)

Smoky and the Bandit II (6/10)

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (5/10)

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (3/10)- *sighs* You're better than this, Clive Owen!

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (9.5/10)- Most terrifying movie ever. Not even kidding.

Deep Red (9.5/10)- Way better than Suspiria. Just amazing.

Wicker Man, 2006 (2/10)

Ginger Snaps Back (7/10)

The Cincinnati Kid (9/10)

Legend of Drunken Master (9/10)

The Outlaw Josey Wales (8.5/10)\

Trading Places (8/10)

Lust, Caution (8.5/10)


Sorcerer (7/10)- Holy crap that was a lot of exposition! Still, once the ball got rolling I found myself yelling at the screen "Oh shit! Oh shit!" so any movie that does that gets a big thumbs up.

The Silent Partner (8.5/10)- With this and Payday, it's official. Daryl Duke is the man. And Christopher Plummer plays BOTH a bank robbing psycho Santa and a bank robbing psycho in drag (during which he looked alarmingly like Charles Busch)

The Candy Snatchers (8/10)

Muriel's Wedding (9/10)- Love this movie so much!

Near Dark (8.5/10)

White Lightning (8/10)

Sweet Smell of Success (9/10)

Enchanted- Upon second viewing I think I might have been a bit over zealous with my 9/10 but it's still fantastic.

Some Like It Hot (10/10)- One of my absolute favorites.

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (8.5/10)

Prom Night, 1980 (6.5/10)

Idiocracy (6.5/10)

The Golden Compass (1.5/10)

My Neighbor Totoro (8/10)

The Devil Wears Prada (8/10)- Confession: I've seen this movie about 7 times. It never gets old.

Stray Dog (9/10)

The Magnificent Seven (8/10)

Pygmalion (9/10)- I think I might have actually liked this version better than My Fair Lady. Watching Wendy Hiller's Eliza made me realize the inherent problem with Audrey Hepburn's portrayal: You feel like she's putting on the guttersnipe accent and persona and is only comfortable once she's become Higgins' refined creation. With Hiller it is as it should be: the flowergirl Eliza is her natural state and maintaining the duchess Eliza is a bit of a struggle. And then there's Leslie Howards' Higgins! So different from Rex Harrison. Less dirty old curmudgeon, more true aristocratic snobbery. I loved it.

Iron Man (5/10)

The Lady Vanishes (8.5/10)

Baby the Rain Must Fall (6/10)

The Boxer's Omen (&%$*WTF?!@@!!!!/10)

Smart People (3.5/10)

Speed Racer (9/10)

Howl's Moving Castle (7/10)

Battle Royale (8/10)

Anne of Green Gables 2: Electric Canadaloo (10/10)- Hey fuck you guys! I love this movie.

Anne of Green Gables (10/10)

Duck, You Sucker (4/10)- What. The. Fuck. Seriously that was the weirdest movie I've ever seen. From James Coburn's Irish accent to Rod Steiger's painful mimicry of Eli Wallach to that bizarre catch phrase...I don't know. My friend thinks this is the movie where Leone just got too big for his breeches with no one to edit him and this is what happened.

Yojimbo (9.5/10)

Wolfen (7.5/10)- Hello Edward James Olmos! That's a whole lot of Edward James Olmos!

Strangers on a Train (9/10)

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (8.5/10)- I think this movie can be summed up with Essex's declaration of Elizabeth, "I love her. I HATE her. I adoore her." It's possibly the most perfect melodrama I've ever seen. If it were any other two actors locked up in a room with nothing more than an overt power vs. sex struggle playing itself out before us, it could get horribly tedious. But with Bette Davis and Errol Flynn going head to head, it's absolutely riveting! Riveting, I tells ya! It had me rocking in my seat like a toddler on a sugar rush seeing Fantasia for the first time. I mean talk about roles these people were born to play. Bette Davis' Elizabeth IS a magnetically imperious presence, haughty and probably horny and completely terrifying...except for the horny part (cus you know that vixen Davis got her share of action!) it wasn't a performance so much as an embodiment. And of course with things like All About Eve and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Davis is the QUEEN of aging beauties who succumb to bitterness in the face of the ever expanding crop of youngsters whose youth they can't compete with. And Errol...oh Errol. *swoons* Dashing, daring, rakish adventurer that you are...the only thing stopping you and Elizabeth from being together is you keep cockblocking yourselves with your damn pride! Also, what a wonderful couple for a battle of the sexes! Obviously Bette doesn't take shit from anyone, but neither does Errol, and especially not from a "king in petticoats" (the misogynistic scoundrel! ......*swoons*) And of course you have the lovely Olivia De Haviland and the lovelier Vincent Price...which never hurts. I adooore this movie! Wow. That was a merlot rant. I'm done now :mrgreen: Thank god no one reads this shit...

A Woman Under the Influence (8/10)

Point Blank (7.5/10)

Death on the Nile (6.5/10)

Time Bandits (6.5/10)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (6/10)

Flirting With Disaster (7.5/10)

Full Metal Yakuza (6/10)

Assault on Precinct 13, 1976 (7.5/10)

Sex and the City (5/10)- Disappointing :(

The Machine Girl (5/10)

The Long Goodbye (8/10)

Danny Boy (6/10)- Eh. I love Neil Jordan, and it's a totally respectable first effort. In it's early scenes it's...pardon the pretension but the best way I can think to describe it...haunting. But then it slows to a crawl. And the primary score is a solo sax. Slow + Sax is the official recipe for a movie that's more arty than compelling. Still, it does have my other other love Stephen Rea.

Hang Em' High (6.5/10)

JUNE! Holy crap already??

Space Truckers (7.5/10)

Edge of Darkness, 1943 (9/10)

Prince Caspian (4/10)

Mother, Jugs, and Speed (7/10)

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (7.5/10)

Shark (7/10)

Violent City (8.5/10)

Ran (9/10)

Weekend at Bernies (6.5/10)

Hell and High Water (8/10)

Baby Doll (9/10)

Le Jour Se Leve (7/10)

Brief Encounter (7/10)

Pepe Le Moko (8/10)

Mikey and Nicky (8.5/10)

Run, Man, Run (7/10)

The Incredible Hulk (6/10)

The Yakuza (7/10)

Next Stop Greenwich Village (8/10)

Repulsion (8.5/10)

Baron of Arizona (7.5/10)

Happiness (7/10)

Be Kind Rewind (5/10)

In Bruges (5.5/10)

Persepolis (9/10)

Wall-E (7/10)
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DaleTremont wrote: Ladyhawke (6/10)- Quite liked it. Good action scenes, sweet love story, Rutger Hauer is manly German perfection. Excellent locations.
Rutger's from the windmill country, not the lederhosen country. Although I'll admit, to my ear their languages sound exactly the same.
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DaleTremont wrote:The Descent (9/10)- Did what I thought couldn't be done anymore: scared the SHIT out of me.
not as scary as this review.

still the best thing I've ever written in the Zone
Personally, I'm an atheist in the voting booth and a theist in the movie theatre. I separate the morality of religion with the spirituality and solace of it. There is something boring about atheism.
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Green equals bad
Blue equals good
Orange equals great
Indigo equals amazing

January 2008

POTC: ATW- An absolutely insane film, with plot holes the size of gophers and some really strange pacing issues. Depp and Rush are fantastic, but underused, and it seems to struggle with having to wrap up less successful elements. 2/5
Casino - I didn't watch all of it, but the 75% or so I did catch was pretty damn good. Not as class as Goodfellas, but the duelling narration and acting are top notch, along with some nice stylistic tendencies that bring Las Vegas to life. It does have an odd structure, but that helps the film find its own vibrancy. 4/5
Over The Hedge - Its not an inspiring animated flick, but it does have a workmanlike charm to it. Shatner's got a great voice for animation, and there's some amusing parts that make you think its better than it actually is. 3/5
Antz - Despite every second with Woody Allen being grating, the background of the film is rather good. The rest of the voice cast is also rather on form, particularly Walken, Hackman, Stallone and Glover, who invest a sense of knowing fun in their characters. Could've been a lot better, but there's something interesting themeology at play, ableit in a childish and underthought way. 3/5
Big Momma's House II - Its not a good film, but its inoffensive. Well, except for one horrifying moment and a disturbing dance number. Not bad to waste some time with then, but you do get the impression that they're coasting on the material, and that there's no real humour to speak of. 2/5
Phone Booth - Okay, so the stylistic tendencies grate with the realism they're striving for, but the lead performance is rather fantastic, and the supporting performances are genuine. Its a tense film, and the final monologue/beg from Stu is rather painful and harrowing to watch. 4/5
Snakes On A Plane - Not good in terms of any critical sense, but I love this film. It is stupid, it is ridiculous, it is insanely irrational, and best of all it has Champ and Jules taking on a bunch of Snakes. The cinema experience is better, but the film at home is a definite guilty pleasure. 5/5 for fun, 2/5 for critical analysis
Enchanted - Brilliant. The performances great, the material is inspired, and there's a sense of whimsical fun mixed with an earnest adorability that makes the material shine. Manages to be tongue in cheek and genuine, with terrific performances from Adams and Marsden that radiate with enthusiastic conviction.5/5
Aliens - An outstanding action film. Cameron deviates from the road design of the first, bringing in mass carnage and a military angle. It's been called a Vietnam film with Aliens, but regardless of any (minor) political and sociological subtext, it has well-written characters and brilliant action sequences. 5/5
Charlie Wilson's War - A film based on a true story that would be ridiculous if it wasn't based on a film story. There are definite political echoes and ties to the current climate, a loose 'cautionary tale' for fucking over a country after a dispute has been settled and leaving them to come to the wrong conclusions, which prolongs a general war feeling that has been going on since 1914. Philip Seymour Hoffman is tremendous, Tom Hanks is pretty good, and there is some humour mixed within the politics. A bit too American for my tastes, but there is a worthy film there. It just takes a while to get out. 3/5
Rocky Balboa - a terrific film. While a large numbers of cliches stop it from classic status, Stallone manages to invest a heart and a pathos that is extremely endearing. This is the role he was born to play, and he manages to scrape the saga back from the cheesy (ableit awesome) sequels to the more serious and genuine feel of the first film. 4/5
Sin City - I think this is an absolutely fantastic experience. As a film I don't think it completely works, not like the comic-book does, but they get Miho, Dwight and Marv absolutely perfectly, and it does have the look of the comic-book down pat. 4/5
I Am Legend - I think it's a great blockbuster. Really great. Will Smith is outstanding from start to finish, and there's some excellent action sequences. But as a film (and I classify films, and movies, as separate categories)... it's lacking. While I like the final act, it jars a lot with the earlier stuff. I can see why they went there, but it feels a little bit of a cheat. The ending is very interesting, different from the book but it does fit the title. I'd agree that the CGI was naff (the earlier scenes where he hears them show, once again, that imagination and dark corners beat CGI every time), but I did like how Robert was portrayed. Easily Will Smith's best performance (even the cheesy moments worked, because it was a case of rising insanity rather than 'AW HELL NAW.' So to sum up, could've been better, could've been a lot worse, and Will Smith FINALLY delivers a performance without relying on his charm. 3.5/5
Election - I think Sideways is awesome. A really, really well-made flick about alcoholic wine drinkers. But this... I hate Election. There's no give and take there. I think it's a ridiculously unsubtle film. They seem to think they're enlightening us by using student council to deconstruct politics, but instead of being subversive they prefer everything to be broad. Nowhere is this more evident than the smug performance of Matthew Broderick, whose boyish charm makes it impossible to relate to his character because he's not meant to be boyishly charming. Like American Dreamz, it strives to be funny and political but doesn't manage either. 1/5

February 2008
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I'd like to join except I haven't watched any movies yet this year.

But I'll grade the films I see from A-F. I'm going to do a redo of the movies of my grade set up
3:10 To Yuma-A
This Film Is Not Yet Rated. A-
I Am Legend A-

-Stardust B+
We Are Marshall B+
28 Weeks Later
b]The Kingdom[/b] B-
Smokin Aces[/b B-

Fuck C


Norbit F

Shoot Em Up. F

Juno A
In the Shadow of the Moon A.

Across the Universe B

Victory Thru Airpower B


The Hobbit D


Raiders of the Lost Ark A+
Michael Clayton A
101 Dalmatians A
No Country For Old Men A-

Beowulf B-
The Assasination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford B+




Sorry for just posting now and to be honest I forgot about what I watched in April. I'll go through May and June.


Iron Man-A
Four Feathers(1939 version) A-

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull B+

Prince Caspian C+
Speed Racer C-

F's None


Dirty H@rry A
Kung Fu Panda A-

Gunga Din B+
The Incredible Hulk B+
Rambo B-



Southland Tales
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I am full of those things that pave the road to hell.

Plus, I think I might be suffering some early senility- so I really need this as a memory aid.


30 Days of Night - 4/10
This could have been so cool, dammit- had there been even an ounce of plot or suspense in it. Josh Hartnett can't act. Some of it looked relatively cool. And I kind of liked the way the vampires were portrayed, although the whaling sounds gave me a laughing fit.
I Am Legend - 5/10
I haven't read the graphic book with pictures thingy- but the second half of this movie was bitterly disappointing. First half ok. Liked scene in shop with dummies. Will Smith not completely bad, but also not incredibly good.
Stardust - 7,5/10
Good, solid fairy-tale. Robert De Niro delightful as a fairy too. Sometimes a bit too "epic" (term borrowed with courtesy to MMM666)
This Is England - 9/10
Awesome, awesome. Wrote review in thread.
No Country For Old Men - 9/10
Awesome too. Good material for discussion on meaning of life. Nothing wrong with ending, I thought. It fit well -but it was a tad abrupt.

seppukudkurosawa wrote:Rutger's from the windmill country, not the lederhosen country. Although I'll admit, to my ear their languages sound exactly the same.
thanks Sepp, for the rectification. Rutger is our pride and joy. As to the language distinction: Dutch is when it sounds like gob-spitting.

Dale, please learn this phrase by heart: Godgloeiende godverdomme achtentachtig prachtige grachten.

Thank you.
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Dee E. Goppstober wrote: thanks Sepp, for the rectification. Rutger is our pride and joy. As to the language distinction: Dutch is when it sounds like gob-spitting.

Dale, please learn this phrase by heart: Godgloeiende godverdomme achtentachtig prachtige grachten.
Oh no! How embarrassing :oops: Well, whatever country he's from, Rutger's chiseled jaw, broad chest, steely glare and snow white locks makes me want to travel north! Land of the windmills it is then!

Now, down to business...*clears throat*...Godloeiende godverdomme achtentachtig prachtige grachten...

("Godgloeiende god-far-stupid eighty-eight splendid grachten"?

...that's the best the online translator could give me! Whatever you say, Dee... :wink: )
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Dee E. Goppstober wrote: thanks Sepp, for the rectification. Rutger is our pride and joy. As to the language distinction: Dutch is when it sounds like gob-spitting.
It's no wonder I always feel ill whenever I get back from Amsterdam!

Although chances are that's got more to do with all the prostitutes I go through than anything else...

Damn, did I just mix up the large and small text again?

is full of stars...
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DaleTremont wrote:
Ladyhawke (6/10)- Quite liked it. Good action scenes, sweet love story, Rutger Hauer is manly German perfection. Excellent locations.
I think I remember a highly synthesized/rock soundtrack accompanying this film...
Is that correct...?
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Here's my spot - this year, I aim to actually add every movie I watch, and I'm including DVDs too, since last year I watched a helluva lot of TV shows on DVD boxsets. DVDs (and films on TV) will be marked with a •

Colour Codes:

Most impressive----------------------------------(81-90%)
Great shot kid------------------------------------(70-80%)
Mesa liked it--------------------------------------(51-69%)
I have a "Bad" feeling about this------------(30-50%)


• Tell no-one
• The Life Aquatic
• Battlestar Galactica Season 3
No Country for Old Men

4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
• Death Note 1-37
• BSG: Razor
American Gangster


• Under Siege 2
• Tremors
• Lake Placid
• Rise of the Footsoldier
• War of the Worlds (2005)
• United 93


• Eastern Promises
• King of Kong
• The Host

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you've got to spill more about TELL NO ONE, as I've read some raves about it but sadly hasn't found even a DVD release here in the States.
Personally, I'm an atheist in the voting booth and a theist in the movie theatre. I separate the morality of religion with the spirituality and solace of it. There is something boring about atheism.
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Stardust - 6.5
Resident Evil Extinction - 2.0
The Last King Of Scotland - 7.1
I Am Legend - 6.9
Gone Baby Gone - 8.8
The Kingdom - 4.9
No Country For Old Men - 8.9
Blades of Glory - 7.2
The Hunting Party - 8.0
Charlie Wilson's War - 3.3
Eagle vs. Shark - 1.2
Superbad - 8.7
Human Nature - 7.4
Bram Stoker's Dracula - 7.0
If... - 9.3
Ocean's 13 - 4.0
Half Baked - 5.5
The Spanish Prisoner - 7.8
Sleuth (1972) - 7.2
The Cottage - 6.8*
2001 - 9.8
2010 - 8.8
30 Days Of Night - 3.0
Youth Without Youth - 8.4
The Nines - 5.1
Where Eagles Dare - 8.5

I'd love to hear TITG's thoughts on Tell No One because I was pretty unimpressed with it. The reviews I read were all raves too.

*Treads the same ground as Dog Soldiers but with less panache. As a second feature it's terribly disappointing even though it does show a nice willingness to take on very different projects.
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ok, I'll put some thoughts up tonight in Random Reviews. For now, I'll say that I thought a lot of the reviews heaped a bit too much praise on the movie. I have a very clear idea about what I didn't like, so I'll have plenty to say there (although unfortunately that will require some spoilage on my part). But I still enjoyed it for what it was.
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TonyWilson wrote: Resident Evil Extinction - 2.0
you know, it was just absolutely terrible...but the gf and I had a blast watching it - first hour just flew by, what with all the insults and snark we unleashed upon it.
TonyWilson wrote:I'd love to hear TITG's thoughts on Tell No One because I was pretty unimpressed with it. The reviews I read were all raves too.
well that's less than encouraging.
Personally, I'm an atheist in the voting booth and a theist in the movie theatre. I separate the morality of religion with the spirituality and solace of it. There is something boring about atheism.
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MY SPOT! (top of pg 2 is pretty sweet real estate)

I'm really, really just going to try to try to either watch films I haven't seen before; films I missed in 2007, new movies from this year, "losing my geek cred" films from yesteryear, and, when that won't suffice, films I haven't seen in a number of years...which, hopefully, will lead to more "classics", foreign, and snooty intellectual films that I haven't seen since being forced to (for good or ill) in College. The internal debate, such as it is, is whether set the demarcation line at a minimum of 5 years, or, to make it a serious blast to my film-loving past, a decade.

Film - Year - Director - Hearts (out of 4)
b = first viewing
r = theater


3:10 to Yuma - 2007 - James Mangold - ♥♥♥
One spectacular action set-piece, which, pacing wise, unfortunately comes at the beginning of the film (the long shot of Wade's men as they turn their horses around to chase after the wagon? Lasted maybe 5seconds, tops, but it was exhilarating for both its depth of field and intimacy - felt I was right there in that bloody skirmish). Solid to stunning performances from rather stolid, stoic characters, with Peter Fonda re-defining grizzled and Ben Foster's sky blue eyes able to convey deranged bloodlust, madness, and a deep seated homo erotic adoration of Crowe's charismatic Wade. Real purty cinematography, with a damn solid score, the picture is unquestionably well put together...

But, really, it's the many ways one can read the films multi-tiered/layered allegory that bumps it up from average and, being a remake, obviously been there done that run of the mill Western to a film I somewhere between half and whole heartedly recommend.

Right off the bat we've got a romanticizing of lawlessness, of a son looking for an idealized father figure, someone, anyone, to stand-in for the crippled failure he considers his father to be. The film becomes, by this tacit admission, a stunning rebuke of the standard military recruitment - for why is it we ask the young, the youth, to go and fight and defend various flimsy rhetorical ideals when they should be led by the examples of their elders? It's not some pimply faced teen who should be out hunting Osama, but rather the "men" of the older generation, men who should be setting examples for the youth. That the younger Wade joins the fray could be seen as a quasi-right wing message of how we can win an untenable conflict...well, that's another positive in my allegorical scorecard, for I much prefer the conflicted messages on display here than any sort of rah-rah biased on whatever side of the fence you happen to think is right approach.

In addition, when one considers the youth-anizing of our current clime, how we're not asked to grow up too soon and the ever increasing life span of the average person, then Evans the younger is any 17-19yr. old wishing to "do right", to help out, to rush off to war to defend a world view that they are too inexperienced to realize is a lie. The parallel drawn between Evans risking his life on ideals (sure, he only signed on for the $$, but it became, due to his past, so much more), on leaving a lasting legacy of real heroism rather than the lies he's told his progeny could then be seen as a corrective to the collective lies we tell our youth - about honor, about a code of honor, about...well, insert any axiom handed down from our elders.

We've got a crippled war veteran (friendly fire) who, in the films best line, realizes he was paid for his damaged leg so as to let the powers that be conscience rest at ease (heh, at least he was paid, unlike so many crippled veterans of our more recent skirmishes).

We've got a criminal mastermind hijacking the "tracks" - read that as "oil pipeline" instead and Ben Wade goes from criminal to terrorist.

And a really nifty way to read the film (i.e. - it worked for me, and added much pleasure to, let's face it, a revisionist take that's been re-visioned already) isn't so much that Evans and his son equate to U.S. interventionism (with Wade as charismatic terrorist), but rather Wade and Evans being stand-ins for the Iraqi populace at large. Why would poor (dirt)farmer Evans care that terrorist Wade is fucking with a pipeline that's sure as shit to drive him off his land? Why would he side with a corrupt businessman who's only interest is the $$ Evans owes him (reconstruction as sham - see Haliburton & the corruption of government contracts)- $$ Evans can't possibly pay back with the precious lifeblood of all farmers (water) being choked off from him?

Solid film making coupled with all the ways one can read the film make (the)3:10 to Yuma a ride I was really glad I eventually caught (ugh. sorry.)

The 39 Steps - 1935 - Alfred Hitchcock - ♥♥♥♥
Great Scot, a fucking cut on a pan to mask an interior car scene that was obviously shot on a studio to a location shot of the car driving 1935?!? Endlessly inventive in it's many ways a man can escape capture (my favorite - while in Scotland, a sheep crossing gives our typical Hitchcock innocent on the run the impetus to flee, of course this time manacled to the pretty blonde who's already ratted him out twice already!), showing off Hitch's command of montage and, when it's required for the story, nerve racking longer takes involving fairly complicated camera moves.
Everything comes together in a brisk, economical fashion (85minutes), Robert Donat is an absolute delight, all physical grace and nonchalant blitheness in the face of the crushing forces of fate and world espionage aligned against him, and, when the time comes, this English Cary Grant proves capable of being able to spit words with the best of the "screwballers", as his at first sparring and then inevitable and delightful "romance" with co-star Madeline Carroll over the last 30minutes shows off his range, comic timing, and natural charisma.

An undertone of social commentary runs throughout, especially during the three big audience/crowd set-pieces, and Hitch really pulls out the stops during a sequence when you think Donat has just been shot - it's both seemingly out of nowhere and brilliantly set-up, which is the pinnacle of degree of difficulty to pull off.

The movie throws in some meta references, having characters often comment on how either what's going on around them or the things that Donat describes come straight outta some fiction, which has subsequently been done ad nauseum but retains a lot of charm simply for the era the film was made.

Great, great, great film, moviemaking at it's finest.

Cloverfield - 2008 - Matt Reeves - ♥1/2
Hud spelled backwards is Duh, which is pretty much all I started to insert every time that sub 80IQ having functionally ALF Moose McGee wannabe opened his yammering stupid hole. Essentially playing the by now patented JJ Abrams simpering best friend goody-goody meatbag originally inhabited by Greg Grunberg in various roles in JJ projects, Duh-boy's infuriating vapidness is the most likely reason the giant rancor beast was so rankled in the first place...little wonder the unfathomable beast from 20,000 fathoms deep seemed to always be somewhere in the vicinity of our fucktarded foursome, as it clearly had a well reasoned deep seated grudge against such an abundant waste of life.

The only positives I can say for CLOVERFIELD is that the smoking hot minority chick lived, Michael Giacchino outdoing himself yet again with his simply astounding score that plays over the credits ("ROAR!" Cloverfield Theme) and the 15 or so minutes of Slusho...aside from those, and the utter elation I experienced at Duh and his dunderheaded friends deaths, egad, what an atrocious film.

Blatantly betraying the very hand-held found footage gimmick that supposedly the film's raison d’être at every conceivable turn, presenting a cliche of a cliche of cardboard cutout characters and then not making a single one of them sympathetic, ignoring all sorts of space-time logic with Slusho's mass rampage, something something exploiting 9.11 something...suffice to say I detested the film.

A lot.

ETA: Funniest part of the film? Espying a Smokey Thingie burn...I don't know why, but that gave me the howling fantods.
And, idiot filmmakers, the best thing about monster movies?
The monster. No, it doesn't necessarily need to be explained or have an origin story, but something, anything more than what was shown might've mitigated by hatred.
As it was, I couldn't even really root for Slusho to kill the pointlessly blathering yuppie scum, 'cuz Slusho wasn't really given an explanation.
And if those yammering dunderheads behind this film want to equate the senseless destruction with 9/, geo-political neophytes, lemme tell you something...there's a VERY good reason for terrorism, it's not unexplainable/unknowable.

Day Night Day Night - 2007 - Julia Loktev - ♥♥♥
We come to find out many things about the anonymous heroine of DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT; "She" (as listed in the credits) is 5'6" tall, a size "2 or 3 or 4", with size 9 feet. "She" is remarkably polite (always a "please" and "thank you" for her, excepting one, masked conspirators), her dulcet tones a marked contrast from the cacophony of her intended act, and seemingly quiet shy and reticent in both her appearance and demeanor. "She" is quite fastidious, thoroughly cleansing not only her body but also the few items of clothing she's brought along with her on her one way sojourn to NYC blow herself and a bunch of unknown others up in Time's Square.

Yes, you read that right.

But what we never come close to knowing in this tension filled existential thriller is the big why, the reasons behind her, and her conspirators, intended act of terrorism.

That could be a deal breaker for some, but first time director Julia Loktev is so good at getting inside the head space, via lots of medium to full on close-ups which reminded me lots of under appreciated auteur Lodge Kerrigan and his similar stylistic camera and thematic work in both KEANE and CLEAN, SHAVEN, of pretty darn remarkable and if there's any justice in the world soon to be at least minor film starlet Luisa Williams. An auspicious debut, to say the least...saying more, her stunning features - luscious lips, big 'ol saucer eyes, striking bone structure and dark complexion - might leave her in the b movie to straight to dvd action picture ghetto, playing stereotypical Middle Eastern and/or Latin villainess; which would be most unfortunate, as her naturalistic talent (sans makeup here, which works, 'cuz she kinda bares her soul) would be wasted.

What I really admired about the flick is it's sheer balls to the wall guerrilla filmmaking brio, as the (many) scenes shot right in the heart of busy Time's Square could no way have been approved of by whatever bureaucratic department gives permission to lens in NYC - 1) the budget for this flick would've been astronomical with the permission, and 2) there wouldn't have been nearly as many passerby that stared directly into the handheld near the camera person's hip digital video camera. I particularly liked that aspect of the film...since it's a rarity to see anyone stare directly at the camera, it gives the film an immediacy, a near documentary vibe that so much "reality" tv/films strive for but never achieve. The effect is startling, and it's neat how it's mirrored in the long takes that open the film of a not full revealed "She" wandering about Port Authority in NYC - as she pivots around, ostensibly searching for her contact, the camera is practically on her neck, looking over her shoulder, until, quite suddenly, "she" turns and stares directly into the camera.

The "will she or won't she" ratcheting tension becomes damn near unbearable at times, New Yorkers are shown to be a pretty caring bunch (to the surprise of my partner) and a stunning late film revelation calls into question any pre-supposed notions one might of had of "she". Good flick that I'm not surprised never caught on (not with that plot element) but am glad to have experienced, as I expect some big things from both the director and star.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - 2007 - Julian Schnabel - ♥♥♥ - Some musings here.

Entourage - Season 3 p. II - 2007 - Doug Ellin - ♥♥
Haters are correct, this show has fallen the fuck off. Not nearly as funny, and not that Vince and boys are becoming somewhat domesticated, not nearly enough drugged up debauchery. Too much Johnny D, Ari has become a sniveling vagina, Vince's morals feel false, cheap and corny (why the fuck NOT sleep with that spoiled heiress for $60million?!? You think a quick fuck isn't worth that kind of dough, to make a movie your way, with final cut and everything? Fuck. That. Shit. It's a fucking bald gentleman lie, that).

Eyes Wide Shut - 1999 - Stanley Kubrick - ♥♥♥

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - 2007 - Seth Gordon - ♥♥1/2 - Fetid nerds I have observed...

Lost - Season 3 - 2006-2007 - Abrams/Lieber/Lindelof - ♥♥♥1/2

Nyocker! aka The District! - 2004 - Ã
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Personally, I'm an atheist in the voting booth and a theist in the movie theatre. I separate the morality of religion with the spirituality and solace of it. There is something boring about atheism.
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