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I actually enjoyed watching this. The style takes a little bit of getting used to, but you kind of settle into a rhythm with it. It's somewhat surprising that Netflix cancelled it so quickly, because they clearly poured a ton of money into it. The production design is impressive and the world(s) are realized with incredible detail. Unfortunately, I think the show fell victim to two things: 1) the arch, faux-anime style was weird and off-putting to people who otherwise had no interest, and 2) it turns out that anime fans in general and Cowboy Bebop fans in particular are horrible snobs. They didn't like that the character of Vicious was less mysterious and badass; they didn't like that Ed doesn't show up until the very end of the season; they didn't like that Faye Valentine isn't tall, huge-breasted and doesn't wear candy floss. Regardless of that, it's clear that the showrunners spent a lot of time and effort honoring the original series, and I *think* that people would like it if they gave it a chance.
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